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The dipshidiots have had a rough time lately. NO pics or sightings of Rob and IT in over a month. They were desperate for anything.


And desperate people tend to make mistakes. And the dipshidiots made plenty and were busted for it. Let’s get this started…

First up we had to give Syphilis a lesson on Airport terminals once again. She had a problem differentiating between an international airport and the terminals within that airport…


 Syphilis and the other dipshidiots were praying and hoping Rob was headed to London.


Unfortunately that’s not where he was headed…


Rob in NYC supporting his friend Tom Sturridge and his new play 1984.

Now according to Syphilis he took an international flight instead of a domestic one to fly to NYC. She was adamant about him flying international…


NO you leave from a DOMESTIC terminal to fly within the US  to an international airport like Kennedy. What part of this can you NOT comprehend?



Lol. Spyhilis has a pea size brain that can’t comprehend simple things. International terminal for international flights and domestic terminal for flights within the US. Get it?

giphy (1)


Yep. But unless your brain dead like you you don’t go thru international terminal for domestic flight when flying within the US. Try to comprehend. Your stupidity is busted!…



Thanks Syphilis for showing us the domestic flights from LA to NYC. You just proved my point.


The dipshidiots hoped and prayed again that Rob would go to London from NYC after visiting with Tom…



He went back to LA, his home with his wife Kristen. The dipshidiots had to think fast. With NO IT anywhere near LA the best they could come up with is the headless dog supposedly named Solo…


When Syphilis was asked where she came up with the name of the dog this is what she came up with…



Uhm I don’t see IT mentioned anywhere in that post. No mention of who actually owns the dog.


Funny how that dog looks nothing like the dog with Rob…

In fact that dog looks absolutely nothing like the dog IT has been pictured with either…


This just in! We have another entry in the this dog looks nothing like the other dogs sweepstakes!


Well I guess we can be thankful for small favors. IT the other dog nowhere near Rob!

giphy (3)


Find the matching dog. I dare you!


And if that wasn’t enough Posh had a terrible time with her photo shopping Rob efforts!


Posh trying to deform Rob again. Some fools never learn…


Body parts not right is a Posh photo shopped dead give away!

Cut and Paste and black lines brought to you by Posh and her bad photo shop efforts.


I think Posh needs to read up. If it’s at her reading skill level that is!


And get ready because you won’t be able to stop laughing at this next one!


It all started with this…

Rob messing with the media and the dipshidiots. Yep he’s going to tell the paps exactly where he is going to be. Sure thing.


The dipshidiots were all over this. They couldn’t wait for it to actually happen. They had to cover their bases with a troll sighting…


There’s one thing wrong with this…


This is the original post Syphilis cropped her pic from.


Syphilis and her cohorts getting called out for cropping the pic.


But wait it gets better…


And after much begging from Tizzy The sighting trolls changed their tune. Funny tho how that doesn’t explain Syphilis cropping the original before they changed their story.



Written after you cropped the original!


And then we got this…



 Doesn’t look like he left Paris for London after all!


You might want to get a big glass of this ready before I show you what comes next!

giphy (4)

And this is reason to Party!


 Rob and his wife Kristen coming into LAX from the same flight from Paris at the same time!

giphy (5)

giphy (5)


Oh we know why lol!


This had Syphilis in meltdown mode!


Well Syphilis since you asked so nicely…


Yep They were there at the same time. Rob was held back by his bodyguards so the wife could go first. Kristen did an oopsie and almost got into the hubbys SUV. Rob came out a few minutes later and got into the same SUV his wife  Kristen almost got into. Same license number.


So guess what Syphilis?


Videos of Rob and Kristen at airport…





Yep and if either one of them wanted to go unnoticed they could have.


The dipshidiots excuses came flying in at a record pace…

Excuse number one…


When they saw what close proximity this put Rob and kriten on a 12 hr flight they suddenly changed their minds..,

download (1)

They breathed a little easier believing they flew business class instead!

giphy (7)

Excuse number two…

ALL the passengers in cabin saw Rob and Kristen in first class only give each other a familiar nod.




Yeah. I’m pretty sure there was more than a nod!


Excuse number three…


Syphilis has yet to explain where she came up with the 300 number, My guess is a tabloid. Probably Daily Fail her fav. And another thing. NO all 300 passengers weren’t in first class with Rob and Kristen.


Excuse number four…


So according to Syphilis and the other dipshdiots Rob went to London and then instead of flying out of Heathrow he decided to fly back to Paris and take the same flight back to LA as Kristen.


There is NO evidence of any photo shoot taking place.


Oh and there were some dipshidiots that didn’t go with the Rob went to London for some lovin story …



 The dipshidiots had an excuse for this too…



Yep sitting at the bus stop all alone.


Or still partying with the crew. She doesn’t seem too concerned about spending time with her supposed fiance she hasn’t seen in over a month.


Yep I’m laughing my ass off! The meltdowns have been pure entertainment!



Yes we did! And the dipshidiot meltdown was fun too!

giphy (7)

Jules Stewart gave us some goodies too…

Liking pics of her son in law. How cute can she be!


She liked one of the airport pics too!


You know her liking this one sent the dipshdiots over the edge! They were spewing their hate to her for simply liking pics…




Looks like the only one using Rob for her gain and fifteen minutes is Jamie King the wannabe…



And the dipshidiots now trying to claim it’s not Jules liking the pics. Someone else has control of her account!

giphy (6)

And that about covers this portion of the post. The dipshidiots had to eat a huge portion of karma and it was hilarious to watch them back pedal and make up excuse after excuse.



And meanwhile Syphilis is still hoping lol!


And now I give you Rob and Dior!


Hair grab!


Hair grab in motion.

LMAO! You gotta love him!




Jaw Porn!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Kristen and Chanel!


What a stunner!


How does she walk in those things?


Hair grab wife style Lol!


You know this chapped the haters asses!

Rob is a lucky man!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that about does it for this post. Hope you guys enjoyed the goodies.


Just a hint of what’s to come very soon. We gladly take donations! Tee hee!


See ya next time!


90 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. Hi HKN & EVERYONE….

    HKN hope you are feeling better…..happy thoghts…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻…
    How is everone doing?? Any news? Thanks …Happy Hallowee. 👻🎃👻🦇🦇👻👻🎃🎃


  2. Looks like r t are no more.Yahhhhhhhhhh. Rob seems so happy. Life seems to be going his way. So happy for him. Hope everyone is well. Get better soon hkn. Miss You


  3. hi everyone miss the comments . HKN hope your up and well enough soon to kick butt. I believe r and t are done. Rob is a very happy man. If people do not notice the before and after t they are blind. I am also disbelieving some of the pics we are getting of k and even r sometimes. If the dates on pics are correct k has the slowest growing hair in the universe. R looked very handsome in England at the festival. Wouldn’t it be great if rob won an Oscar. It seems k has been looking tired and stressed lately and has lost more weight. Smartlurker says the pr is over . The brit pack and the ocean gang are visiting each other again. Marcus is staying at robs and riley k and a few of k friends were their. riley took a short video of r backyard. To me the situation has shifted a bit. Would love to see rk just show up together . nite ladies

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Great post Maur. Keep them coming and when Hkn is feeling better she can fill in more details! Still sending positive thoughts to you.


    2. Where do I see the short video you have seen..and l have to agree kristen is looking a little worn out…she need some hubby time but then again she must so proud of him …O’yes looks like miss u know how has been written off rob’s Christmas card list …😂😂.


  4. Dear Hkn so happy to see you are back home and I hope gaining strength to give us all the news we look forward to hearing from you. It’s so quiet here without your posts you are truely missed. Thinking positive thoughts for your health, take care. Lol

    Liked by 7 people

    1. HKN – it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, but wanted to let you know how much I am rooting for you to have a complete recovery from cancer. You brought me a lot of happiness (and flat-out fun) a long time ago, and I will never forget that. I wish you all the strength and perseverance you need to get through this battle. #cancersucks

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Hope you are doing well hkn. K will make a kickass charlies angel . And maybe directing again. And rob with the awards and acclaim about time! Now that that awful women is out of the pic r is so happy. I think him finally hring a pr person has really helped him. Hope to find you back to your feisty self soon the board is not the same without you.

    Liked by 9 people

  6. Ok so the so called media is speading rubbish again..they are putting rob and miss you know who at the church again …poor rob when will he have rid of this woman.


  7. Hi HKNhaven, I hope you are better..a stupid question for you I was in the supermarket N saw the OK Magazine stating that our Kristen is engaged with a lady which I don’t remember her name is it true??. In my heart I don’t think it is, but it shocked me to see that . Hope to hear new news from you soon!!!


  8. hey all things are very quiet. So sorry about the terrible mess in texas so many brave and courageous people looking out for each other. Makes you proud to be an American. Hope all is well hkn. . Tomorrow another proud day for rob. Miss our lively haven posts!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes a very proud rob…what about the new haircut who has hair that short? Its just a shame that his wife kristen could not be at his side but l’am sure the phone was red hot.My love and prayers to Texas we in England will support you in any way we can..god bless you all and keep you safe.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. I have been over to the dark side…they so worried about Mr& Mrs Pattinson do you know they are always phoning each other..they say it’s only a rumour..laugh !!! I almost cried..

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Hello friends,

    Gosh, it’s been a while. Yes, I know I have missed out on a lot. The first thing I noticed HKN? Hoping you’re ok girl. Looking forward to your return Soooooo, let me tell you ladies since I stepped away from the Haven it’s been real. Over the past few months I took guardianship of my parents and paternal uncle, the kings and queen of Costco and Sam’s. Which required a substantial move on my part, I moved into a rural community with no WIFI infrastructure. Getting it installed? Hell. For me adapting to compete role reversal is different but doable. And I thought empty netting was challenging.

    Sooooo, I have been over the web trying to understand just what the fuck. Am I to understand that haters decided to make a run at the humiliation of the Great One, Mrs. Pattinson. How many times now has that strategy failed? You see friends, there is no humiliating Mrs. P. cause for the hundredth time, Kristen don’t give a good fuck! In reading Rob’s interviews, agreed, he is an angel at the end of the day but basically the part of the day leading up to the end? He floated several stories that have remained untold until this point. It almost as if Connie was riding shot gun in some of those interviews, Connie’s back stories perhaps?

    I’ll continue to peak in when I can, hell I missed the fandom, especially the Haven. I join ya’ll in prays for Texans. just sayin

    Liked by 6 people

  10. This is my third time trying to post..l was just looking around instagram found a very short interview with kristen about her SWIM short film…she wearing some very baggy black trousers and look turned up…very visable when stands up to shake a man’s who is to sit next to her…rob’s wardrobe again.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Wanted to say my thoughts & prayers are with any fellow Texan followers that our in Harvey’s path and that you and your families stay safe and out of harm’s way. I know Cindy you live close to me and I hope you are staying safe as well. I don’t have twitter so I thought I post a comment here.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Pamella thanks and yes so far we’re fine. Our house hasn’t flooded but our street has so it’s impassable right now. The water seems to be draining quickly in the lulls from the downpours. I have never seen anything like this in all of my years here. My heart breaks for all of the people that are having to be rescued. I want to go out and help but can’t even get out. Hope you are high and dry.

      Liked by 7 people

  12. Are any of the posters in contact with Hkn? I am really worried about her and hope she has not had a set back! any news of her would be appreciated, in the meantime will continue to send positive thoughts to you Hkn.

    Liked by 8 people

  13. I’m no longer a regular poster here but stop in to read occasionally. Does anyone know if HKN is ok … ? Its been a while now with no word . I may not post but I really hope all is well … Andreana

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I have tried and tried to put on a message but it doesn’t show so l’ll try again ….have you all seen miss twigs frenchman ..looking into her eyes like he could eat her!!!l’am hearing a big sigh of relief from rob..anyway how are you all especially or leader, how’s the new post coming …l feel this is going to be a curve ball to our not so followers..bring on girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. He didn’t say any of those things. The interviewer said them.
    That is priming you to believe something…. to set you up so they can weave a tale or tomake
    You think the person being interviewed actually said something they didn’t.

    When you read an interview you need to separate who said what and what did each who actually say.

    My guess is she couldn’t get anything of the personal
    Sort out of him and added her own twist. Period.

    This is a tactic we see over and over. Not just with Rob and or Kristen.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. With all the lying news lately, a third person report — written or oral– says what the interviewer wants the person to say. I don’t believe it, unless I see a video or audio and hear the whole thing in context. They love to spin, spin, and spin to fit both their narrative and agenda.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Kind of hard to be GF/BF when she is with her real BF the singer Tenie on vacation. And they looked real cozy and happy. Can’t believe everything written in those supposed interviews especially when we consider all the past interviews that were proven to be false. That interview reeked of quotes I’ve seen tweeted by known haters/sessed almost verbatim. Most likely where the interviewer came up with the crap. And lastly Rob hasn’t been seen near her for close to 3 months now. And he had lots of down time during these past months yet not one incident or picture of him in London or anywhere near her. What “kind of” relationship is that?

      Liked by 3 people

  16. Hi hkn hope you are well. Rob looked fabulous on the carpet and the whole pr stint. Twilight rob returns!. He has really learned the fine art of lying. His omission of not speaking of k is very noticeable. He keeps up his twitter observations and does not slip. Noticed two things. RK both do the yeahyeahyeah thing. and hearing an Englishman say dude is weird. Just sayin.

    Liked by 5 people

  17. Carol I am certainly no authority on Twigs but saw a picture of Rob’s parents at his NYC premier and she was not with them in the pic.. Rob is doing so much promo for this film and I am loving all the good reviews he is getting. The cover shots of Kristen are beautiful and I look forward to more promo from her soon I hope. Hkn hope you are feeling ok and a new post will be coming our way soon. You are in my positive thoughts.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. I hope.Rob gets the recognition and awards.he HONESTLY deserves. It is my opinion that he was outstanding in Rover. HE DID not get the recognition due him. Good Time is said to be some.of his best wotk….I hope and.expect to see this man rewarded and awarded for the hard work he puts into his.craft.

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Things r abit quite…but it takes time to put post together lets just remember HKN in our prayers….I’m in no doubt that it will be worth waiting for.

        Liked by 2 people

  19. Hey ya’ll,

    I WISH………….
    I wish that people understood boundaries. How hard is it to just stay in your lane. I made the mistake of listening to Pandora while reading Rob’s interview with Howard Stern. I was listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the sky” and Robin Thick’s “Lost w/out you” while reading Robert’s comments about his falling in love with his co-star. (IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO) Yes, agreed, I should that turned that shit off. Then the fact that he knows he WILL never realize freedom where a relationship is concerned. Ok, it touched me. In that movement my heart just broke for them. Why? Because I know that it’s a fresh hell constantly perpetuating it’s self.

    Why can’t people just leave them the hell alone. Allow them some peace. It just has to be some level of hell to always have to look over your shoulder. To be constantly embarrassed by the unhinged seeking out and contacting family and friends spewing crap. The need for Dean and HGB. Yes, I know they seem to cope w/ it quite well. However, I WISH………

    I WISH there was some way to just put that genie back in the bottle. just sayin

    Liked by 11 people

  20. Twigsessed and robsessed, I will say this one more time. I want you to listen carefully. Twigs is a spoiled, selfish, entitled brat who cares for no one but herself. She doesn’t care about you. She doesn’t care about Rob. She believes she can do whatever she wants without suffering any consequences. It’s all thanks to you enabling her victimhood by attacking anyone who dares to say anything negative about her. She has done things a real significant other would never do. She called emotional abuse sexy and tender. She used a charitable cause and a film premeire to promote herself. It was all about getting attention. She will do anything to get it and doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets it. If you think Rob would put up with her in a real relationship, you are fools. He’d tire of her narcissism quickly and kick her to the curb. You don’t care about him. You care about controlling his every move. He needs better fans, and it’s not you.

    Liked by 7 people

  21. ps
    Ya’ll know Robert was pic’ed out last night with a lady FRIEND. Honey, just the two of them sitting on a dark Red couch. Yes girl! Photoshopped? Don’t think so. Rob was sitting there with his ever so cute ass all laid back. Yes, friends he was making her work for it. Wasn’t Robert seen out just a few days ago with another young Starlet? Hummmm, very interesting. Robert is becoming such a playa, playa, from the Himalayas. I guest that means Twigs has been put out to pasture, KINDA. Just wait now, hold the fuck up. I did not call her a cow, NOT REALLY. Everybody knows that if I call Twigs anything it”s “that bat”. And believe it not everytime I call her “that bat” I get the giggles. You might be saying well, Sook, does she remind you of a bat?. Yes, yes she do. just saying

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Hello dear friends,
    Yes Lord it’s too hot for me too. Hummmmm, hummm, humm, hum! Well, I never! Well, yeah, I did once, KINDA. Didn’t Rob say KINDA? Well, I say KINDA my ass. Give me a break. I never thought I would see the day when KINDA meant definitive. Sorry to the dumb asses, but Rob was asked a yes or no question. The fact that he did not answer in the affirmative (yes) but KINDA, means NO! There is no half way in and half way out. Clearly he did not wish to humiliate the lady so he said KINDA. Me, KINDA, would be be very, very humiliating. Like, what the fuck, Rob? By the way the blog All about Robstern has the entire 59 minutes and 54 second of the interview with Howard Stern. Don’t forget your popcorn.

    Look friends all I’m saying is that Rob was put in a shit situation by Voxx and T-Pain. He did nothing to justify anyone dumping this crap on his back. Voxx was looking for hits and T-Pain, by his own admission was struggling trying to make a comeback in the mist of a heavy drug addiction. He was saying anything to get the folks out of his tea. Like a whole lot of people he saw Twigs was engaged on the internet. So did I. Sooooooo, yes Rob said fuck it, KINDA.

    Geez, “Do You Remember The Time”………M. J. the sesses posted pics of Twigs in a ripped white lace dress and said it was her wedding dress. That dress had more holes than Swiss cheese. The sesses argued about that dress for days. Yes friends, that was a few years past, and yes I am still laughing at that shit. Jesus, they are so dumb and desperate.

    Anywhodidle, MN posted a very wise point today about Howard Stern. Agreed, why didn’t Howard mention Kristen and her “lifestyle” changes. Howard is the world’s greatest provocateur. He lives to ask shit like that. The fact that he didn’t mention it. Don’t know! It’s a freakin mystery. just sayin

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    1. I just finished listening to a rerun of R’s interview with HS on Sirius. It was interesting. However, Howard is one of those people that sometimes can’t shut his mouth when he’s interviewing his guest. He didn’t let Rob finish his answers or really talk (very disappointing). The talk about T was puzzling. However, here again– Howard really assumed things that weren’t being said by Rob and HS just ran his mouth like crazy interjecting his POV. Howard led too many of the answers and guided the conversation where he wanted it to go. The non-answer that Rob gave to the question as to whether or not he was engaged literally went off the tracks with Howard steering the engine. (Seriously? Either you are or you aren’t engaged, right?) Howard led the entire conversation with Rob giving general answers based on how HS phrased the lead-up. HS was aggresively leading with his opinions and not necessarily with info initially coming from Rob– or so it seemed to me. Once the conversation got onto that area of Rob’s personal life, Rob simply didn’t clearly answer and Howard being Howard just went off with his own interpretations and directed the very vague responses from Rob as to where Howard wanted the conversation to go. It made it quite easy for Rob to be vague and generalize his responses on that topic.

      However, Rob was very forthcoming in all other aspects of the interview regarding his career decisions. But then, I was extremely irritated because HS kept talking over and interrupting Rob’s responses. I am also interested in what others in here thought. I am sure HKN will give us her take at some point which I am sure we all eagerly await.

      HKN, I certainly hope things are going well for you. I am sending good thoughts out to you daily. Unless I see it in here, I don’t see it.

      On another note: I did see briefly a picture of K’s c-section scar (a week ago or so). There happened to be some pooh-poohing as to it not being on her bikini line which was total nonsense. That was clearly a scar from a c-section– and it was well below K’s belly button which was well-covered by the short top she was wearing. I even googled c-section scar pictures and saw quite a variety of them in various locations on the lower abdomen. Some were very low and others were not. Of course, the damn pic was on my Twitter Feed which is just filled with all sorts of stupid stuff. By the time I got back to try and find that picture again, it was long gone. (Grrh!! Frustrating Twitter)

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Well l listened to it a few times..strange interview , rob had double think his answers …kinda!!…kinda think he’s got some explaining to do.sorry kristen for running my mouth off.


  23. Just noticed on twitter the comparison pictures of the two dogs . No ideas if they are the same dog but both are wearing identical collars with a decorative metal studs or jewelry placed around the collar.


  24. HKN….👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂🤜🏼🤛🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼KEEP’EM COMING AND ROCK ON !! ✌🏻✌🏻


  25. Loved your post Hkn! Thanks for laying it all out so it was so easy to connect all the bits and pieces. Like so many others have said can’t wait for them to come out together at sometime soon although they may have been just testing the reaction this generated. Fingers crossed they liked what they saw. If I may ask a question I have seen on twitter that Kristen is in Winnipeg, Canada where filming has started on JT Leroy. Does anyone no if this is true? Thanks for your help and all you do. Stay well and positive thoughts for you always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been reading about robsessed turning on Twigs. She never mattered to them. They only wanted her to keep Rob where they wanted. That was away from Kristen. Since she is no longer doing that, they want nothing to do with her. Don’t be surprised if it turns out they were responsible for the majority of the racist comments against her.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. Dear HKN, wonderful post as always, just awesome! Nice to see Kris & Rob finally taking small steps to reveal their relationship. Maybe, they’re sick and tired of all of the games, plus their kiddies are getting older. RK might want to be done with all this non-sense… it seems challenging, exhausting & overwhelming. Always having to hide is not a way to live. I hope they don’t say a thing, and just come out, babies and all. It still won’t shut-up the sessed! They will always have something negative to say, but who cares what they have to say.
    Big kiss HKN, hope you’re doing well, you’re always in my thoughts & prayers.
    Chloe M.

    Liked by 6 people

  27. Great post HKN! When you tell the truth you are not afraid to show it and the lie that has no foundations eventually collapses! Thanks and hugs 🤗

    Liked by 3 people

  28. great to see your post, pls let us know yr beating the crap out of C. We miss you and want u back healthy.
    As to Phyllis – is she from this planet? She is way too dense to withstand Earth’s gravity. I am always overwhelmed at the sneaky, crass way she handles herself. And what a potty mouth, nasty, nasty little wench.
    To our beloved couple, GO GET’um, confuse the shit out of people and enjoy the belly laugh. The shippers salute you!!! For me, fingers ans toes, the smokescreen is over. Ditch the Twig, abdone the gay/bi ruse and try to live your lives in love.

    Liked by 7 people

  29. great post, How stupid is Tizzy, does she now live in America? I’ve been to terminal 4 at LAX, and I flew in from Salt Lake City UT, and changed planes to Dallas Texas, on my way home to Detroit, Woo see I didn’t leave the US, Oh and one of the lay-overs I could have taken was JFK and then back to Detroit. Maybe she’s never flown before, she use that as the next excuse.
    So I went behind enemy lines, I wanted to enjoy the meltdown while it was happening. I just wanted to see what they were saying on GC, I have to say a lot of them have turned on twigs, but I did have to add my 2 cents in. I thought Rob got Katy, in the ” fakeup” and here Kristen and crew – Stella parting with her in Paris. So I kind of had to rub that in, and then the exact same SUV picking them up. Someone replied that it was a coincidence that they both used the same services. I said there has to be hundreds of car services in LA, but they choose the same one. I didn’t see any pics of Stella in Paris, you would think being a model she would have attended one of the shows, or Katy Perry concert, we all seen the pics CJ posted and she wasn’t in any of them.
    Hope your feeling better, can’t wait for the next meltdown to happen, which I can see coming anytime now.

    Liked by 4 people

  30. Thanks, HKN!! Loved this. The big clue was showing themselves arriving at the LA terminal. As was so correctly pointed out, they obviously did that on purpose as there are now private exits. So good to see you back, HKN. I live for your updates. Can’t bear to even look at Twitter anymore. Too much of the idiotic political memes trashing up the place (even more than it was trashed up before). So appreciative that you take that job seriously and do all the dirty work so we don’t have to!! Thanks, again.

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  31. This was so great HKN. There have been so many truth bombs lately it’s hard to keep up. The big thing about Air France is the great amount of time and effort they put in to maintaining total privacy for their 1st class fliers. It’s like their guarantee and had Rob and Kristen wanted to be ninja at the airport they could have so easily not been seen. But IMO their flying together and going through the airport to the waiting vehicles was all deliberate and well planned. The whole thing was so opposite of their norm. They did it knowing what the fans reaction would be. And it certainly did get the sessed to go full out crazy and in meltdown mode.

    Liked by 8 people

  32. Hi HKNHaven,
    Your effortless wittiness had me in stitches.
    It’s highly entertaining seeing the literate illiterates trying to school you.
    Never a dull moment in your blog.
    My deepest appreciation for your time.

    Liked by 4 people

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