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Rob and Kristen Cannes Goodies!

The husband and wife team of Rob and Kristen slayed Cannes! Kristen as a first time director with Come Swim and Rob with a spectacular performance in Good Time!


Let’s start with the Mrs…


Holy Smokes!

Words can’t do her justice.

Just Wow!


Pre Red Carpet posing!


 Headed to the Red Carpet!


Red Carpet Stunner!


Red Carpet stunner from the back too!


Close up of the shoes. (Glad I’m not the one that has to walk in them!)


Posing with the Come Swim crew!


Trying to do the hair grab when you have no hair! It becomes the hair rub! Cute!


Kristen never fails to amaze us!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just sit back and enjoy the slideshow and all of Kristen’s success!




That hat and jacket Kristen is wearing look very familiar…


Yep same hat. Sharing is caring with the husband and wife once again…


Yep still the same hat!


Yep same jacket!


Actually NO it doesn’t fit her just right…

You don’t need to roll up the sleeves on a jacket that fits you just right. Unless it’s your husband’s jacket!

giphy (6)

 The dipshidiots were trying to say Kristen was in Nola for wrap party of Underwater…




Funny tho how that same pic was used in this post too. NOT wrap party!


This WAS actually a pic from the wrap party.

Again, why if you are so sure of yourselves that Rob and Kristen are no longer together are you so TERRIFIED of them being in the same place at the same time? You spend 99 percent of your time obsessed with where Kristen is at any given time.

giphy (1)

Oh and one more thing…

Explain this one dipshidiots! From June 4th. Hi Alicia! Where’s Stella?


Yep the jacket that doesn’t fit her just right appears again. Oversized with sleeves rolled up .

Oh and this. Just to make the dipshidiots squirm…


Starting to show a little!


And that about covers our Kristen portion of things. Congrats to Kristen! Well done!


It’s time for the hubby!…




Yes he is the most wonderful man in all the world and he’s about to take us all on a fantastic ride! Buckle your seat belts and start your engines ladies!…


And you know this about killed the dipshidiots…


giphy (4)

And we have another admitted Twilight fan!…

Hey Taliah! It’s okay! We all loved Rob in Twilight! Josh and Benny you really need to jump on board the Twilight train!


And then we got this!…



Lots of new projects confirmed by Rob! Woo Hoo!


Rob doesn’t wear his sunglasses at night!…


giphy (2)

Jaw Porn!!



Hair grab no. 1…

Adjusting the pants no.1…


Josh,Benny, and Rob…


Just being silly Rob no.1!…

Rob getting ready for the Red Carpet…


And your heart is about to stop ladies!…


Rob. Black tux! Bow tie!…

giphy (3)


Hair grab no. 2…

 Adjusting the pants no. 2…



Good Time team Red Carpet (with extra adjusting the pants moment!)…


Just being silly Rob no.2…


Inside the venue waiting for the film to start…


Josh Safdie lifting Rob up!…


Just being silly Rob no.3…

Gee. A grown man doing shadow puppets. Maybe does it for the kiddos?



I think this shirt is appropriate for RJ. He doesn’t stand a chance!


Some more Rob for your entertainment and enjoyment! Slideshow extravaganza!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also got a new photo shoot for a magazine article Rob did…


He always finds the strangest photographers and does weird photo shoots. It’s like he tries to outdo the last one…


There was one more pic in that photoshoot…



Awe Come on! It had to be done!


And the dipshidiots claimed Rob went back to London with IT after Cannes. More than one thing wrong with that…

Fool no.1…



And know what else is funny? They were at a Shawn Mendes concert the night before in Dublin!…


So these two fools are stating they were at a Shawn Mendes concert on May 30th in Dublin and saw Rob in London early the next morning in London? Neat trick.

giphy (7)

Shawn Mendes was not performing in London Until June 1st. So don’t even try that one for an excuse dipshidiots!


So they were wearing the same smelly sweaty outfits from the concert when they met Rob? Eww!

Boy with Clothespin On Nose

One more callout for these two…


Fool no. 2…



So he was alone not with IT and she didn’t actually see him,he was around the corner.

Got all that?


So she  was around the corner from him but somehow knows what he ordered. She also claims to have a pic but it’s not hers.


This pic has yet to turn up.

And then we have the biggest fool of all. Posh…


What happened to all of the Posh loyal followers and why did they suddenly desert her?…



Sounds like Posh has some incriminating pics of IT she wants to hide until she gets them properly cropped and photoshopped.

giphy (5)


My someone is a little more than worried…Screenshot_2017-06-02-15-17-55_kindlephoto-156858478

These are a few of the HQ pics the dipshdiots and Posh were worried about…


Makes you kind of wonder what the ones they are desperately trying to hide look like doesn’t it?


Would love to see karma bite Posh in her you know where!


tenor (2)

Fingers crossed it happens!

And that about wraps it up for this time! Hope you enjoyed Rob and kristen at Cannes! They were fantastic and congrats to both of them! A job well done!

tenor (3)

See ya again soon!



37 thoughts on “Rob and Kristen Cannes Goodies!

  1. You know guys I am beginning to think that something has happened to Bear. Last year at the 4th party. No Bear. There was no sight of him in New Orleans but we saw the other two more than once. Did Kristen take two dogs and leave one behind? I think not.
    Gut feeling Rob is sporting a new rescue dog. I’ll bet you. You would have to be crazy to believe that Rob is dog sitting the bat’s weird mutt, Solo. What kind of weird fn name is that? The coloring is all wrong, sesses!

    He said “I walk my dog”. I believe him on that one. In Malibu of all places where we know Kristen and Rob have a home. just saying


  2. Question?

    Who was first to be likened to James Dean, Kristen or Rob?

    Yes, my friends lets go back way, way back when Rob was doing promotions for “Remember Me”. Rob and co-star on the View. Barbara Walters almost stopped Rob’s heart when she told him that she knew James Dean and there was a likeness. You could have sold Rob for a Penny. It seems Barbara heard that Rob was a big fan. So, all these years later it’s Kristen’s turn. Those guys! Everything they share becomes “their” thing.

    Who wore the pinkest lipstick last night, Rob or Kristen?

    Well, based on the pic that someone boldly posted up, it obvious they both were wearing passion pink lipstick. Please be advised his lips didn’t get that pink just with a peck. He may have nodded in front of passengers, but Rob was getting the sugar up in first class behind closed doors. Look at the pic. Same color lips only Rob’s is all smudged all around his lips. Yes it’s damn funny. You got to see it.

    Who came out yesterday with some too big ass pants on, Rob or Kristen?

    Rob’s fit perfectly, yes they were looking mighty fine. But, Kristen’s fell way way way down to her Bikini line. Now, just between us why would that be? Yes, my friends it’s another case of (if the pants are too big, they his). While you’re looking pay close attention to the bikini line. That seems to be an incision line and resulting scar. (?)

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  3. Say it’s really true Hkn!! So excited to read the postings but can’t wait to have you lay it all out with pictures and everything. Hope you are feeling better. Take care and I am sending positive thoughts your way.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hellooooooooo good folk of the Haven!

    SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Who knew this shit was about to go down? Not me. Wooooooo, girl, I had to check myself before I wrecked myself. They just kicked it up a notch. Were you ready, you knew this day was coming? Me, hell no, I was NOT ready, dammit. Leave it up to them to be popping shit over on folks. Child, I could do nothing except light in into the Kentucky burbage. Now, I’m gonna do my dance!. Go head, Go head, Go head, Go head, Go head, Go head, Go head.

    Bless the sesess tiny little hearts but my mama told me it be that way sometimes. Yes, yes it do.

    Just follow the bouncing ball. Stella, girl, I think you better call up Tyrone, call him, and tell him to come over and give you a ride home. Call him.

    Here’s the middle one for the sesses and haterators. In yo face! CLINK! just sayin!!!!!

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  5. Well the fashion shows are over and rk looked fab. Rob looks happy and healthy. K looked a little stressed but still beautiful . My opinion I think rk are in a good place now. Disappearing more frequently at the same time. Enjoying there life they should.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Those last pics of Twigs standing on the steps, maybe it’s just me but she looks drunk and there are hands there as if to reach out and pull her off the steps. Just saying, doesn’t look like she’s dancing there.


  7. PS
    Have you all noticed that Kristen has started to wear her I-fit again. You know that black ban she wears (always) on the left arm. Yep, it could very well mean that. just sayin

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  8. Hello dear friends, Happy 4th,

    Sooooo, this is the second time I’ve attempted this post. Why?….. I’m too ashame to tell you! Sooooooo, what are we gonna do with our favorite couple? All they do is WIN! WIN! WIN! Sooooo the sky is the limit? Naw, naw, hell no. I BELIEVE. Please join me in lifting a glass in a toast to Robert and Kristen Pattinson. Yes, my friends they’ve done well. What adjectives would you use to describe their success as well as their struggles? Talented, persistent, courageous. Yes, agreed all of those, however, I often wonder how you, I, the sesess, or the haterators would fair if the World Wide Wide targeted you directly 24/7. Scandalous, humiliating things have been said and/or written. I don’t know. I might have spent the last eight years under by bed maybe. But not Robert and Kristen they’ve spent the last eight years staring that shit right back in the face w/ fuck the www (insert both middle fingers here). I love’em for that! Clink!

    Imagine along with me all the haterating faces out there today. That badassed Kristen, that sexy devil, that goddess of Independent Film, always wearing the big girl panties, is all over the internet. That outfit is still smoking. And Rob, Jesus help me, with balls of steel and a shit load of cuteness, still in character from the film GT. Yes ladies ConnieRob showed up at yesterday’s event. Resulting in some unlucky getting stared down. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Who knew, right? Yep, that’s right friends Rob is taking no more shit from the papz. Needless to say many were slayed and yes honey there was blood. It’s safe to say that what ever was said it won’t be repeated. Ever!

    Yes my dear friends, wash, rinse, and repeat. Just how many times must we in the R/K community have to say absolutely NO woman on this planet will continue to wear (almost daily) their ex’s clothes or other personal items for “years” after they split. Hell, how simple is that? Pretty damn simple. Well, what about Stella they say. They do hold hands. Stella is most likely Barbara Palvin’s partner. They not only hold hands there are pics of them hugged up. And yes Kristen is wearing the hell out of the green jacket with Stella in tow. What does that tell us about Stella? I do notice Kristen can hardly move for her. Remember the big ass “Madness” T-shirt. “Madness ” is a 70’s British rock ban. Just based on the fact that Kristen cut that shirt in half and tied it to the side tells me she did not buy it for herself. It’s way too big. You can bet your ass she took it. Again, poor guy! And my friends based on the cropped/chopped up pics the Krisbians are posting up, Kristen’s been wearing that T since last Thursday. Really? They’ll never get it. just sayin

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  9. Rob has the worst fans of any celebrity I have ever seen. They are throwing temper tantrums over him not being invited membership to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences while Kristen was. He does not deserve that.


  10. Loved the post and all the comments from the other ladies ! Sookie’s posts always leave me feeling so good and positive. May I say I believe as well. Thanks for all your hard work Hkn and keep it coming I love it. Take care of yourself and stay well.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes..excellent post … ok fellow hkn followers l have been looking hard at the 6 photo shoots of rob …
      Question ..What is rob looking at in the shoot number 4. ??


  11. Great post HKN and I’m glad you are feeling better..I am also happy for Rob & Kris if they are having another baby…I hope after this one they come out to shut everyone’s mouth!!!. Love all the Cannes pictures!!! Congrats to the couple👏👏👏😊

    Liked by 2 people

  12. So very.proud.of this.young woman. She never feel in awe of her. I.believe there needs to be more celebrates as.well as private.citizens speaking. out.for.gun.control. much violence, what.could possibly stop people from speaking out for.gun.control.
    ? Brave woman Kristen!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Hey friends,

    Sooooo, HKN thanks for taking the time to pull these pics together. We now have a permanent record of just what went down and how it went down. I just finished my check up with my Oncologist. White and red blood cells are back to normal. He say he don’t want to see me for another year. How fucked is that? Scared? Fuck yes! I need to borrow some of your true grit. Keep it coming.

    Soooooo, is it just me, or are ya’ll also picking up some fishy vibes? I may have been born at night just not last night. I mean, each and every time I log on, new bullshit. I don’t remember so much shit slinging in a while. Some folk are taking it all in hook line and sinker. Not I! All the pics and videos dropped in a matter of days points to only one thing. A hemping pile of dumb asses is being played. Control and confuse? Ya think? Why yes I most certainly do, absolutely. Putting Alicia back into play was a dead giveaway. Kristen loves it when fans get on the net talking shit about her. Shaking my heard. Yes, friends especially when a twigsesses fesses up to buying pics. She ain’t the only one. Broke bitches I bet. They ain’t fooling me!

    Soooooooo, I picked up Amy Schumer’s memoir today, “the Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo”. Ya’ll!!!!!!!! Ok so I got home put on my Sade and started reading. The book starts with Amy writing an open letter to her Vagina. She said it had a preference to be called pussy and it’s gone down hill from there. Amy is craZZZZZZy. I am so enjoying it. I just finished Patti Smith’s “M Train”. It was great. Patti is ultra interesting. I’m just starting my summer of Memoirs.

    Yes friends staying focused. Remember the web account when Rob posted seemingly little gift reminders for Kris. Chanel black nail polish, cook ware, a onezy. Yep! just sayin

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  14. Love the pics I didn’t see most of them before. I guess they missed the pic of Rob in Paris having lunch with that director, either. I heard about the pics of K with Alicia and I have to say they really don’t look like her from the back. If you look closely looks like she shaved the back of her head.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. —Christine, I’m with you it doesn’t really look like the back of K’s head. I wonder if her double fills in for more than just film projects at times.
      All of photos of Kris and Rob in Cannes are so lovely. Thanks HKN for the post, it’s great as always. I hope you’re doing well.
      Chloe M.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. It really is wonderful to see you back here. This is one of the few places I even go to anymore. I love the RK news. This was awesome. I hope things just keep looking up for you. Loved this.


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