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Looney Lainey and Cannes Tomfoolery!

We have a lot to cover! It’s been a busy and amazing couple of weeks for husband and wife team Rob and Kristen! And of course that means a lot of desperate Tomfoolery!

tomfoolery 1

Because there is so much stuff to cover I will be dividing things into two posts. This first one will be to make fun of the dipshidiots and get a good laugh!

giphy (4)

First up is Looney Lainey. Or should I say Bitter Looney Lainey. When the dipshidiots weren’t convincing us with the photoshopped pics that Jamie King posted they ran crying to their favorite tabloid journalist Lainey.


And this is the best the bitter hag could come up with (or should I say her flunky Maria doing her dirty work)…


First off the reason she didn’t post any screencaps is because the post wasn’t up long enough to receive any racist remarks. I’m calling bullshit. Message to Maria/Lainey. Whore is NOT a racist term. And secondly just because someone doesn’t kiss the ground IT the Twat walks on  doesn’t make them a racist.

giphy (3).gif


Lainey seriously needs to let go of her bitterness towards Twilight fans. Nikki Reed burned you and you need to face it and let it go! Its been years! Stop your crying!


And now without further ado  lets have some fun with the dipshidiots tomfoolery! I’m sure their meltdowns will be forthcoming!


Where does Rob live? …


“R: In London,where I live most of the time,people would rather see the reality show heroes and footballers. And in los Angeles, where I am often, paparazzi make less money because magazines publish photos from Instagram, so it’s better.”

NO he does not live in London most of the time. The other way around. He mostly lives in LA with his wife  and often is in London!


Yep he diverts journalists very wisely.

Rob: Living in LA is like being always on a holiday. I have had too much! (laughs)”

Yep he lives in LA!



Robsessed and RPatt 360 forgot something in their translation of this question…


giphy (6)

Funny how they left out the word fiancee isn’t it?  Hey it could of been worse for them. They could of called her what she is. His wife.


His answer is even more telling. He could of simply said NO when asked if they were in touch. Why didn’t he?


Instead he used Not Really…


Used when trying to avoid a question. 

Yep that about covers it. Not really wanting to let the cat out of the bag just yet!


And one more…


Now why on earth would a man who is single make a joke about alimony?


Answer: He’s married.To Kristen


 Rob  at Cannes picking IT up at HER hotel for a staged pr photo op…


NO proof whatsoever this is Rob’s hotel. Know why? This is not the hotel he and his wife Kristen were staying at!


Next up is IT NOT walking the red carpet with Rob…


IT was relegated to B status. As in Business. Which is why she walked with the crew and Rob’s business manager.


tenor (2)

Actually she was nowhere near him on the red carpet and I have it on good authority that it wasn’t by accident that it happened that way. Rob wasn’t taking any chances after London premiere debacle.


IT was kind of miserable and pouty when she realized she wasn’t going to get a London premiere redo. Her so called fans were a little worried about her…


Let’s talk  IT’s dress…



Syphilis was bragging this up and when confronted with the RTW tag she went ballistic!




But it can be bought off the rack or mannequin as the case may be!…


Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s Ready to Wear. Right off the mannequin! Someone who lives by this store said this dress is no longer on this mannequin. Wonder who bought it? Off the Rack or Mannequin! Available at a store near you!


Inside the venue the dipshidiots got all excited over this…



Funny how his lips aren’t touching her shoulder. And this is way more intimate than anything the staged pr produces…

pattinsonlife&kstewartfans (12)

This was the next desperate attempt at showing romance by the dipshidiots…


Again NO lips touching. But the dipshidiots were determined on this one. It was all they had…Screenshot_2017-05-25-19-31-41_kindlephoto-35566848

Anything to keep their fantasies alive lol!


Nothing the staged pr ever comes up with will top this…



Poor lady had to endure IT’s stench. I’d plug my nose too!


Some of this might help. Maybe not.

giphy (7)


Yeah I think he did . Numerous times…



A dipshidiot tried to pass this off as IT and Rob holding hands…


giphy (1)

And then there’s this…


That sound you hear is the dipshidiots running over themselves to frantically go searching on their computers for alternative facts to prove this wrong!

images (7)

And then there’s the after party…



Yes leaving the premiere. Then he dropped her off at HER hotel and left her there to pout while he went to after party alone. NO pics of them arriving or leaving after party together. NO pics of IT at after party. She wasn’t there. NO more after party pics are coming…


There was a party with some very blurry weird looking pics…


The blond woman towards the front has no face. Just a blur. And then there’s this…


Hey just saying something doesn’t seem right. You be the judge!


Hi Kristen!



Don’t hurt yourselves dipshidiots!


Did you know that holding a plate means you’re cooking for your man? According to Syphilis and the dipshidiots it does…




NO cooking going on here either. Looks like it’s catered to me.

giphy (8).gif

But Rob does enjoy his wife Kristen’s cooking!…

Kristen talking about cooking Italian 2:50 to 3:20

Rob talking about Kristen’s incredible pasta at 3:20 to 3:38


Rob and Kristen talking Loquat crumble…

Kristen at 0:42 to 1:00

Rob saying it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted at 1:00 to 1:07


Rings became a topic of discussion again…


Is this a ring on Rob’s hand? The dipshidiots  went ape shit crazy claiming it’s the hand of Claire Denis.


Looks like a much younger persons hand to me.


IT still wasn’t wearing her fake engagement ring. So much for supporting her man…


Gossip Gop devoted an entire article to reassuring the dipshidiots that IT not wearing her fake ring at Cannes means nothing…



Someone needs to remind Gossip Cop she hasn’t worn the fake engagement ring in over 18 months. The April Fools joke is old news.


The dipshidiots got all excited about a NOT Rob’s backside in a fireworks video…



Funny how NOT Rob won’t turn around so the dipshidiots can get a clear view. It’s clearly NOT Rob.

No need to waste time on the video. Backside of NOT Rob only there too!

And up last Tizzy confirmed for us that yes IT is part of the crew!…

Thanks Tizzy!

Some more pics of IT having fun with her crew. NO Rob…



Two guesses as to who the dipshidiots will say this is with IT. Either Rob or a man who is gay. Her lap dancers are always gay don’t you know.


And that about does it! Hope you had fun! Rob and Kristen Cannes Goodies post coming soon!



25 thoughts on “Looney Lainey and Cannes Tomfoolery!

  1. So very happy you are feeling better. I hope Rob continues to receive the wonderful reviews he so justly deserves. He and Kristen are so talented and gifted.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One other note – the pic of Rob being dropped off at the JW Marriott – he was alone and just carrying a backpack. As if he came from somewhere else and was just there to get ready. Hmmmmm……………..and no pictures of them leaving the hotel together except when that big group of people left to go to the premiere. You know – the crew and cast…………..


  3. I found it rather embarrassing that the sessed were googling “intimate kiss” to prove their theory that Rob kissed her shoulder and it was “the most intimate kind of kiss”. If they think that is the most intimate kiss, I feel sad for them because they obviously have not been kissed intimately. Tells you a lot that they desperately turned to Google — as if that is a source of truth LOL.


  4. Good grief another post so soon! Thank you again for showing/explaining all the pics and stories I had been hearing about at Cannes but couldn’t find on twitter. I just sit here hoping for one photo of the two of them together even knowing that all hell would break loose if they slipped up. So many good things happening for both of them. Yay. Thanks again with positive thoughts still sent your way.


  5. Wow…unquestionably one of your very best, hkn! You killed it girl! You’re feeling your oats and everybody elses! I hear the sound of a champagne cork exploding out of the bottle! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post as always hkn and I’m glad you are feeling better I’ve missed you and hello to all my haven friends out there hope you’ll are doing well too. Twigs hunt rob down. Later lady’s I got to go. Visitors coming.


  7. Well done lady, very funny read. I have seen a lot of this fuckery on Twitter, but luv your comments too much. It was interesting to me you bought up a real sore point, and well said as well. If you dislike T, and express it. It’s not the women you dislike, it’s cause yr a racist. I luv that bashing, excuse for a word. It is so common place weapon whipped out all to frequently when ANYONE disagrees with yr POV. How cheap and convenient. T at best is maybe partially black, but there is other stuff going on in her, whether latin or white whatever, who cares. Dis her and you immediately become the enemy and get yr verbal racist slap. SO SICK OF IT.
    Do you give lessons in the disarmament of that over-used and often incorrect word slap?

    Be well, prayers still flying

    Liked by 1 person

  8. H k N, great post. Love that you are keeping it real. Love that you tell the truth. Glad to see you are feeling like your old self again. Great comments Bunny. Cannot wait to see the little ones.


  9. Calling someone a spoiled brat isn’t racist either. That’s exactly what Twigs is. She doesn’t care about anyone besides herself. She will do anything to get attention and doesn’t care who she hurts in order to get it. Her ‘fans’ continue to make excuses for her bad behavior. I honestly believe they know what she does is wrong deep down. They just don’t care. They believe she should be allowed to do whatever she pleases without suffering any consequences. They attack anyone who dares to say anything unflattering about her, even if it is a simple ‘I don’t care for her music.’ In fact, they don’t really like her. They only pretend to because she is connected to Rob. Their heads are so far up her butt that they have deluded everyone into thinking they like her. These ‘fans’ include, but they are not limited to Phyllis, Wanda, and Buffy. Once she is no longer connected to Rob, they will drop her like a hot potato. She means nothing to them. I’m off to listen to U2 songs. This year is thirtieth anniversary of the release of the Joshua Tree album. They are doing a tour to celebrate it. Long live U2.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Truly awesome to see you giving it back to the liars and schemers,why can’t they just be happy for Rob that he found the love of his life on the movie set of Twilight.They complete each other and I know that saying is cliche,but they needs to stop projecting something that isn’t there with the other person, they just hate Kristen because she has Rob and they don’t.Thank you for the truth and if that makes me a racist asshole as crazy Lainey said so be least my groups of choice don’t lie or manipulate the facts like they do for there fake world.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. It’s so great to see you back to your feisty, fiery and fabulous self again. Another awesome post for sure. Haters are just that haters. It’s all they know. They are always wrong always getting caught in their lies and manipulations. If what they believe was actual truth they woluldnt have to work so hard 24/7 trying to prove it. Truth is natural and needs absolutely zero dressing it up. It just is.


  12. Good morning to all my HKN Haven friends! HKN, great post! Sookie and Bunny, love your comments! Great job ladies! Hugs!


  13. Hey ladies, yes it’s me again.
    HKN, girl just keep your foot on the gas pedal. They had to know you were coming to punch their ticket. You made sure everybody got some. Way to go girl. Now to the sesses and twigsesses. Ashamed and/or embarrassed. Geez, their girl was cast aside. Yet, it seems that they are overly happy that she was merely allowed to be there. To be in Rob’s present. Is that all she is worth? I saw no honor or respect in how she was pushed aside. Their girl looked broken. It’s obvious her expectations were high but Rob apparently dashed it. I say bravo to Rob he played no games. I’m sure she had both eyes open.

    I am reading that some fans are questioning why Twigs was there at all. Yeah, great question. Last minute. Someone said she didn’t have tickets. In the age of terrorism you got to show you belong. Nick likely begged her ass in but he couldn’t get her ass in the after party. In other words nothing was arranged by Rob for her in advance. So why was she there? It’s my theory that her purpose in wanting to follow him to these types of events, despite how he treats her, is that she’s desperate to transition to an acting career. I think she hopes Rob will “fix it” just hand her another career to fuck over by allowing her to meet directors and producers, etc… The elephant in the room is that he made her a well known music artist, I’m sure he is pissed that she just cast it aside.

    Look guys this is the way I see it, we are spectators viewing public personas. Personas that R/K developed entirely to allow them to lead a private life. The goal is to control and confuse by wearing a jacket that we know to be Robs and keep a straight face. That’s where Rob gets into trouble. Q.Do you have contact with her. A: Not really Jesus dude, get it together. Just sayin

    Liked by 6 people

  14. Awesome post!Any girl/boy/woman/man over 16 years old knows something very simple:a hug for 1.5 seconds does not mean big love.No way!It is more like :Oh,well,now I have to do this!Congratulations to Robert Pattinson and his wife, Kristen!You are the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Great post, In the pic of him “kissing her shoulder” to me it looks like he’s leaning in to hear what she is saying. I seen a video of him kissing the head of his female costar and T no where to be seen. I think the pic of her holding a plate is old, she a lot younger in that pic. As for them staying at the same hotel, I there’s only been one time they have gotten Rob arriving at the hotel and that was the first time when the papz almost hurt Kristen. As for Lainy, I like how she won’t spell out Shit but she has no problems calling us Assholes, she must be racist to call names like that. Shouldn’t the rumor grid, be on 10 instead just at 2, are they that unsure of what they are saying. Oh yeah I noticed they don’t have a comment section anymore, how on earth can they see how well their stories are going without it. Oh well I say good reddens to all the bad rubbish who hung out there.
    As a side note I want to say thank you for posting the pics I’ve heard about but haven’t seen. I contrary to what Lainy says I don’t sit behind my computer screen all day, I do have a very busy life, hell some days I don’t even get on Twitter,or any other social media.

    Can’t wait to see the second half of this post. Hope you are feeling better.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. This was a great post HKN! So glad to see you back here more frequently! We love that you share the obvious and the truth! Kristen and Rob just celebrated BB’s birthday and it won’t be long until RJ is one! Looking so forward for everyone to see these precious little Pattinsons! Yep they are REAL!!!! MORE REAL THAN EVER!!!! Can’t wait until the next one HKN! Is trash the only real word Phyllis knows? Sad! LOL!

    Liked by 6 people

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