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Birthday Blunders


Syphilis hyperventilating with excitement.  Unfortunately it didn’t exactly pan out the way she hoped. Let’s just say Lucy pulled the football from her at the last minute…

tenor (1)

This is what had her so excited…


Post didn’t go through?


Or she was waiting for Posh to send her the photoshopped pics. I’ll go with the later scenario.


Oh and of course we got a pic of Rob too.


Tizzy was beside herself…


 The only thing IT loves is her narcissistic self.

images (3)

More than one thing wrong with all of this bs…


First up Rob is photoshopped in. Nice try dipshdiots.

giphy (1)


Secondly why is IT’s top in the cake? Her silicon breasts might catch fire!


 Jamie King a B list actress looking for her 15 minutes by using Rob’s name went running for cover when confronted with her bs…


Bigots? Gee she sounds suspiciously like a dipshidiot. Run Jamie Run…



And they are caught at it again.  So Rob Kardashian and Rob Pattinson have  suspiciously familiar birthday cakes. Just a coincidence of course! Good job people!


 Syphilis making a fool of herself once again…

syphilis dumbass


Lol! Yep she actually posted her own photo stream showing how they photoshop! Thanks Syphilis!


Once last hilarity, brace yourselves….



The whole pic just so we can laugh at RP360 one more time!


My question is if you are so sure they aren’t together why does this scare you so much dipshdiots?

images (4)

And Tomorrow Kristen will slay at Cannes!



See ya again soon!



23 thoughts on “Birthday Blunders

  1. Hello friends,
    Sooooooo, I was thinking today about the name “sesses”. What a bright idea.
    I remember names being tossed around. But sesses is soooo damn appropriate. Whom ever it twas I can do nothing but bow and allow them to drop that mic. I mean what other name would describe the small, insignificant, amateurish, immature fraction of the RP fandom. What else would you possibly call those who when they’re not harassing members of the fandom are harassing R/K friends, family, and media. Yes, even Uncle Karl whenever Rob launches a new promotion. Oh yes Lord, they think Karl and Rob working together says something racist about Karl. Wanna bet? I will win of course!

    Soooooo, I don’t like using the name of the Nazarene, but Jesus what is going on the with Krisbrians? Yes they cropped pic 24/7. But really! Based on the pics I am seeing of the so called “Wrap Party” it appears they are doing a bit of photo shopping too. Geez, I hate to see them jump in the lane with the sesses. However, It’s highly irregular for anyone to be dressed in short pants and long pants at the same party.

    Note to the Krisbians: Just back it on up and get it together for God’s sake. It is what it is.
    Trying to make it look otherwise reflects poorly on you. Resist the devil and he will flee.

    Good friends, ya’ll already know I got my own theories about our beloved couple. Since it was confirmed today that Kristen had already wrapped prior to leaving for Cannes. Isn’t it perfectly obvious that they left the states together, privately. I think they moved everybody to London 1. Of course Suzie went too. She posted up several pics around England all last week and Thursday posted pics in France. Yes ya’ll it is entirely possible that they have arranged with a bit of pre-scheduling not to film at the same time. Oh my, how sweet is that? just sayin


  2. Hello good folk of the Haven,
    I am a HARDCORE BELIEVER. How about you? Yes, I thought so. Sesses standing over there looking at me/us. Can’t do nothing but stare their asses back. We know what a relationship looks like. Most of us have had at least one.

    Soooooooooo, ladies what did we witness today? Rob’s smile was so bright. The man was happy and it spilled out all around him. His entire team was up there with him. So many pats on the back, congrads all around. Except! Yes indeed I’m sure you noticed. What’s great is that he completely ignored the fact as if it wasn’t expected. Think so? Hell naw! I’m sure that the person for whom he anticipated that look and smile made that eye contact at just the right moment. Soooooooo, sook, Kristen was near by? Hell nor high water could prevent it. Of anyone who knew his feelings, of anyone who could mirror those feelings right back. The love of this man’s life, Kristen I’m sure was right where they agreed she would be. Sooooooo, Bamm!

    The tans. How sure are you that Kristen took Rob away for a holiday for this birthday? Yeah, me too. Pretty damn sure! Both completely tanned. Them tans didn’t get there on their own. Nothing but love and sunshine, ya’ll.

    Let’s just flash back for a movement. Roll tape!. The first time both were at the Cannes FF together. Remember the sweetness of the moments they shared. After the showing of Cosmo., he walked to her and they embraced she seemed to whisper something. OMG Yes I know just sweet nothings. No, of course she told him how proud she was. He later said it meant the world to him to know she liked his performance. All that in the mist of the standing O. Shit, some people just got it all damnit! Tell me good people of Haven have you seem such true love and admiration since. Hell naw!!!!! What the sesses call love, or all loved us, AIN’T. What’s really sad they don’t know the difference.

    Note to the sessess: You know who you are. When two people are in love they generally have some level of chemistry working they emit it. IT’S VISIBLE. Two logs staged together is nothing but two logs staged together. Bitch didn’t even stop to offer congrads. Of course no one cares!

    The French apparently recognize Kristen and Rob as a couple or as partners. Those Frencies they always got it going on. I got the distinct feeling that they don’t even know what a Trix is. And that dress?

    Note to Twigs: Trix,girl, next time go with the Dick dress..It’s so you! Just sayin

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  3. Thank you again HKN. So happy to see you posting so quickly and catching me up on all the shenanigens. Here’s hoping your health issues are behind you, I knew you could kick cancers butt. Positive thoughts coming your way as usual!

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  4. So proud and awe of Kristen Stewart. .She looked beautiful and.unique in.her.Cannes red carpet walk. She is her own person.and walks to.the beat of.her.own drum. I believe many women are sick.and tired of.being told they are not.glamorous they have been dipped in.a.batch or pastel frosting. Kristen did.not look like.a mass.produced “movie starlet.

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  5. HKN



  6. When I saw that pic of Rob and the girl, I was so sure Rob’s face was photoshopped. The shape of the face is different (as in it’s too long), the eyes is so sharp, the eyebrows… doesn’t look like Rob really!

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  7. Wpw! Just wow!! Three posts in a row practically. HKN, I am so relieved that you must be feeling much better. Loved this! Rob Kardashian’s birthday cake? LOL. Desperate people, apparently. Thanks much, HKN. Keep getting better everyday! Thanks for this.

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  8. Great post, I seen a pic of Rob at Jamie’s birthday party last month, on April 28, T wasn’t there or any mention of her. There isn’t a pic of Rob in this or mention of his name, but someone posted 2 pics of him there. I would think if he was a really good friend she would have had a pic and his name as one of the guest. Just saying, maybe she is trying to get some free PR. One other thing wouldn’t Rob be in the pic with his birthday cake, if you were truly sending a pic of them “being in love so much” that you took. Just another hanger on, for the free tabloid press.

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