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“It Was A Good Punchline”


 The first in a long line of disappointments for the dipshidiots. Yep she played them. They were a great punchline!



Yep. Kristen confirming that she still doesn’t talk about her personal life. Unless of course she is playing the dipshidiots with a punchline.



Oh but wait Kristen burning the dipshidiots only gets better…


Syphilis was all excited and mental over Kristen’s new do. According to her and her buddies it was because she wanted to look “butch”.



Kristen putting it in the dipshidiots  faces once again with her own words. The new do is for a movie called Underwater that Kristen is currently filming.

Syphilis lost it when she realized Kristen had made her look like a fool.



Once again it was for a movie role dipshidiots!

Doesn’t Rob’s wife look stunning?



And some fools never learn…



Kristen on the set of her new movie Underwater!


And the dipshidiots were so desperate for anything to save their bacon they relied on this piece of garbage from ET…


 Ashley Greene has no career to speak of unlike Kristen. She will drop names at a drop of a hat to get herself some much needed attention. Kind of like another failure…



Now remember according to dipshidiot logic this means your gay. Right dipshidiots?…


According to Syphilis these are all pics from a photo shoot done outdoors. What’s her excuse for this one!


It only got worse for Syphilis…


Funny how she doesn’t mention IT but IT muncher Kristy assumes she was there. One thing wrong with this scenario…


IT is not in London with Rob. She’s in NYC. Syphilis isn’t having much luck lol.


Get the popcorn ready. Syphilis is about to have a huge hissy fit…



Yep she’s still in NYC Not in London.



Nope. She’s in NYC on her cell begging the paps to come find her and take some pics. She’s desperate.


Some people can’t grasp that they’ve been had by a sighting troll.


Syphilis can’t say Rob is in NYC with IT either…


Rob in London.


And some people obviously don’t know when to quit…



Rob has said repeatedly he has homes in both London AND LA. And yes he and his wife Kristen call LA home but they do have property in London also…


Syphilis wasn’t done with her fails yet…



IT was half in and half out for quite a while there. Love how Rob is blocking her form getting too close…



Okay let’s look again. Nope. She’s still not sitting next to him oh blind one…



And one more Syphilis fail for the road…


NO. These two dogs are NOT the same!



And then we have this fool who hasn’t been burned enough already by the tabloids informing her of a wedding date. How many times has this been predicted and never happened? Somebody remind me. I’ve lost count. I’ll be sure to remind this fool when April goes by and a wedding never happens.


There is no engagement and there will never be a wedding.

Get the smelling salts ready!


And now without further ado…

DIOR ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!


Uncle Karl has done it once again. The dipshidiots weren’t too pleased with Uncle Karl being involved with Rob’s photo shoot again…


giphy (1)

Yeah. He really looks uneasy here.



Uncle Karl is friends with both the husband and the wife. Get used to it.


Rob and Kristen both adore Uncle Karl.

Some more pictures of Rob looking uneasy with Uncle Karl…




Are you still upright?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And lastly just because I know it will irritate the dipshidiots…



That’s about it. I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been concentrating on beating the big C. I am almost done with Chemo and looking forward to celebrating when I’m done with it. Hopefully I’ll be able to be back on a regular basis soon. Thank you again for all your prayers. They mean a lot.


And P.S…





64 thoughts on ““It Was A Good Punchline”

  1. Hello good friends of the Haven, happy holiday!

    Soooooooo, what are we gonna do with our favorite couple? All they do is WIN, WIN, WIN! The sky is the limit? Hell no! I BELIEVE! Please join me in lifting my glass in a toast to Robert and Kristen Pattinson. They’ve done good! What adjectives would you use to describe their success and their struggles? Talented, persistent, courageous. Yes, all that, however, I often wonder how you, I, the sesses, or the haterators might fair if the World Wide Web was aimed directly at you 24/7. Scandalous, humiliating things have been said.
    I don’t know. I’d be under my bed maybe. But not Robert and Kristen, naw, naw, they just stared that shit right back in the face w/ Fuck the World Wide Web.(insert both middle fingers here) I love’em for that! Clink!

    Can’t you just imagine all the haterating faces today. That badassed Kristen, that sexy devil, that goddess of Independent Film, always wearing the big girl panties, is all over the internet. That outfit is still just smoking! Rob, with balls of steel and a shit load of cuteness, still in character from the film GT. Yes ladies ConnieRob showed up at yesterday’s event and someone got stared down. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Who knew, right? Needless to say many were slayed and yes honey there was blood. You can bet your ass that what ever was said it won’t be repeated. EVER!

    Yes my friends, just wash, rinse, and repeat. No women on this earth continues to wear her ex’s clothes when they split. Certainly not while they are fully engaged in another relationship. In fact you can say that so much of Rob’s things are being worn you know damn well she has access to his closet. What? And what woman or man would allow a person to wear such items in a relationship? None! Kristen is wearing the hell out of that green jacket with Stella in tow. Those locks she continues to wear, you can bell your ass they are Rob connected, Pre-stella, Annie, or crazy Soko. You think ONLY I NOTICE? Nobody will ask or tell what’s the significance . Yes, ma’ma what about that Madness T. Well, my friends “Madness” is a British 70’s rock band. I’m guesting when Rob returned home from London Kristen pulled what ever, so she cut that big assed shirt in half and tied it on the side, yes that big assed T-S was Rob’s. Of which according to the Krisbian’s posting she has been wearing daily since last Thursday. They don’t get it! Ha. just sayin.


  2. The photos they have in the gossip pages are wrong it the las week in london like 7or 8 may in a event in london for tifanny and 11 may in lax ????????? Look for the photos


    1. Can l have a rant!!! Why is it that the picture are all out there for everyone to see but people still will not except that rob and kristen are married..that feels better.


    1. Lol by the looks of it the haters saw them too hence why they are attacking HKN. I guess they think she is responsible for the 2 being their at the same time in the same place. Their antics are so high schoolish and pathetic and laughable.


  3. Hi to all my HKN Havens friends! I am coming back. I always love all my HKN Havens! I miss you all so much. I am also coming back to my twitter. I hope you all missed me! Hugs. Right now I got rl to take off first.
    HKN, Prayers are on your way.
    Love always your Haven friends!


  4. Hello good folk of the Haven,

    I Believe! More today than yesterday! More this week than last week! It’s been a whirlwind month so far. I’m thinking that in Rob’s and Kristen’s efforts to control and confuse let’s just say wigs certainly been blown. Krisbians and sesses all fired up with no place to go. Krisbians are cropping pics, sesses GPS on the fail. The sesses thought Rob was with, Twix, Satan’s mistress. Nope! Will they ever learn? Anything built on a lie is not sustainable. You can’t put a round peg in a square hole.

    Geez, Krisbians Stella is merely one of the gang!!!! Handle it! Want proof? Roll tape: Birthday party, where was Kristen’s love. Yes, it’s obvious her love Rob shot the video. No Stella. Shouldn’t she have been close, real close as she is when they pose for the papz? The A list friend presented, lit the candles on the cake, Suzie. Sooooo, where does that leave Stella? No place. The green jacket told it all.

    Note to the Krisbians: Yes Luv ya’ll know who you are. Stop objectifying Kristen! Have some class. No one deserves that. You laid this egg in 2008 and hatched it in your nest. Just sayin, you’ve done quite enough!

    Soooooooo, I logged on today and the first thing I noticed was the huge photo dump. It’s obvious that someone is throwing a rock to make you look in the other direction while they enjoy their reunion. Good for them. Soooo, you might be asking what Sook? It’s apparent to me that Kristen likely hung out in LA with Rob. Gabby and nettie likely aren’t still in NO as photos suggest. Cj seemed to suggest that he is still in LA. As someone pointed out Kristen’s pics are from around her birthday. Notice how she was pulling one of those water/coffee run(est) photo opt. She made sure the papz took lots of pics. Remember the same thing happen a week before her birthday. Major photo dump placing them in different countries. Rob’s green jacket came out to play and Kristen on NO plaza with everybody + the dog. Oh, the games people play. Hell, I’m glad they do. It’s them saving what is theirs. How far would you go to save what is yours? Me, I would have no cut off.

    Sooooooooooooo, wasn’t Rob bringing sexy back in the latest Dior Photo shoot. Suspenders be damn!!!!! Don’t dare wake me I’m dreammmm. Just sayin

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Thankyou..thankyou..yes its all out there you just have to be abit of a detective and think outside the box just like rob and kristen have to…they both very skill -full in what they want us to see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. To cory4RK…It was a tweet with a sighting
        only afew days after kristen birthday taken in Lola….you my have hunt for it now….the picture had R &K.circled in red ink


      2. thank you cb, was that at the airport? if so I have it. I thought there was another sighting. Okay much thanks for getting back to me.


    1. New sighting of kris at a wedding..Istagram pic.and there’s no mistake of rob in the background..check it out . I feel a100% about this.


  5. Just finished watchinges Rover for the 5th time. I love Robert Pattinson in that movie. He captured and performed his role to.perfection. We have many male actors who are really great, but I would love to.see more actors like Pattinson on the Big Screen. He is a, and.I believe, more people would love to.see.more of him.
    He’s GREAT!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Hi HKN…..Keep going LOVE your posts! Rock On ! 🤘🏻🤘🏻and stay well ✌🏻✌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊😊


  7. I normally don’t comment, but I’m very happy you are doing well. You are one of the good ones and thank you for always making sure the truth is always there. I love the Pattinson Family and I hope one day they show us how happy and united they are!!! 😘

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Yes l too cannot wait for that day when finally we see kristen and rob’s family …it must be only a matter of time ..they can’t hide them forever.


  8. Dear HKN, so happy to see your post. Kristen & Rob look fantastic as always. Kris with her head shaved beautiful! And Rob in Dior totally gorgeous!
    HKN, sending love and prayers your way daily!
    Chloe M.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Can’t express how happy I was to see your latest and greatest update. Just what I needed to hear. I come to your site every night to see if you have posted as then I know you are feeling better. Keep your spirits up and know I am thinking positive thoughts every day! Thanks again.


  10. Thrilled to see this in my email box!! So happy that you are kicking ass and almost to the end of chemo!! You so deserve a big party when it’s done. I send good thoughts out to you daily, and when I see one of your posts, I cheer for you. Thanks for keeping us all up to date. Keep on fighting! Thanks for the fantastic update. As usual you rock it, HKN!


  11. Did you see the picture of Kristen taken by Karl where she is on the table? Look right above Karl*s head


  12. HkN so glad to hear you are beating the big c. I just celebrated my 3d anniversary of being cancer free. Rk and there children are having fun in nola, Rob has become the K’s new movie looks awesome. I saw ts twitter before all her bad stuff was taken down she is truly a skank. Hope r is filming soon. Keep up the good fight!

    Liked by 8 people

  13. One of your very best posts! You’re a testimony to the fact that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Stay strong! Praying for the best in your healing and recovery! Take Care!

    Liked by 6 people

  14. Does my heart good to see your post. Kit butt dear lady. Sending u strength and grit for the last mile. We’re here, when the cloud lifts, and the sun shines for u again, we’ll throw a vertual party

    Liked by 2 people

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