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Rings,Weddings, and Engagements

Rings, weddings, and engagements. The dipshidiots were hilariously concerned about all three. One had them panicked, the other had them pissing their pants with glee, and the other was their back pedal excuse when the second one didn’t turn out the way they hoped…

Let’s talk rings first.Specifically the one on Rob’s finger…


This had the dipshidiots running around in a blind panic.


Tizzy the turd’s excuse was it’s a reflection. Reflection from what?


No it’s not a reflection. It’s simply a husband wearing his ring.


Yep It’s a ring.


Next up is a journalist looking for hits who slyly lets it slip that Rob has a new wife…


Tizzy the turd was all over this like a pig to mud…



Unfortunately it turned out to be a big lie and GQ had to think fast to save face. This is what they came up with. Try not to laugh too hard…


Guidance from Gossip Cop? Yep that’s what they said.You can’t make this shit up….


NO they aren’t engaged either. Again no woman is going to go over a year without wearing her ring if she is engaged…


Tizzy the turd insists that Gossip Cop is Rob’s people…


NO Rob’s people had nothing to do with Gossip Cop making up shit to keep the dipshidiots happy. No proof what so ever Rob’s people have ever said anything about Rob being engaged to IT. NO formal announcement has ever been made. It never will be. Rob is already married. To his wife Kristen.

Oh but wait it gets better.Tizzy the turd came up with an imaginary friend who is associated with GQ. I kid you not…


Supposedly according to Tizzy this is from her friend. Or Tizzy typed it up herself. (I’m betting on typed it up herself.)


Tizzy the turd gets dumbass of the week honors for her exceptional stupidity .

Take a bow. Well deserved.





Rob at Berlindale looking amazing as always.


Hair Grab of course.


Rob and Charlie Hunnam. According to dipshidiot logic they must be gay since they are holding hands.


 The sweater/jacket was getting to him. Time to wriggle out of it.



Hair grab number 2.

Love the long jacket!


Helping a fan catch her tablet! Such a gentleman!


Gotta love trollbert Rob.


Hey at least that means you know who was know where around.





And if this doesn’t put you on the floor nothing will…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No words needed. Just enjoy!

And then it was on to London!


Looking good and being silly. Just like we like him.


Jawline porn.

KSLOVEYOU has gotten to meet both Rob and Kristen! Lucky Duck!



It happens every time!


Unfortunately IT saw a great PR opportunity and showed up…


She came with her publicist. NOT Rob…



 That sound you hear is the dipshidiots teeth gnashing while they cry…


She didn’t come with his parents either…


Rob you did a great job! Let’s give him a hand!


Don’t put the popcorn and wine away just yet…

Just two words…

Kristen SNL!


Boyfriend (Husband). Present tense.

Yep she handed both Donald Trump and the dipshidiots their heads.Played them like a fine fiddle.

The dipshidiots couldn’t seem to comprehend that SNL is satire and is acted, it’s not factual.


Yep. And they lapped up every bit of it.


Kristen slayed!

My favorite skit I think.



And once again the dipshidiots couldn’t comprehend this was a skit and not fact. It’s called acting.

And are you surprised this happened? Bet Rob was laughing his ass off.



Kristen you rock! Fantastic job!



The tabs tried to sell these as being from February 14th…


Funny tho how this is Stella same day same time. Different outfit. You lose dipshidiots.


 Syphilis was fixated on the old pic of sweet pea kicking mommy Kristen…


The dipshidiots desperate lame excuse is it’s a fan making Kristen’s stomach move. That’s one powerful fan! Syphilis wasted her entire evening going on and on about this for some reason. Still doesn’t change the fact it’s sweet pea letting mommy know she’s there.


And lastly we had someone who was once one of us jump over to the darkside. She has her head so far up Tizzy the turds ass I don’t think they will ever find her again…


The dipshidiots once again equate this with my demise. Unfortunately for them their predictions never come true.


Better shake up that eight ball a little more.

Message to the fools. I’m still here and not going anywhere. I will be your worst nightmare for a long long time. You’re chances of getting rid of me are slim to none. IT disappearing into the sunset however is just a matter of time.

Chow! til next time!



60 thoughts on “Rings,Weddings, and Engagements

  1. Hey guys,

    Just so you know, there are fan pics all over the net showing Rob out last night with Tom and Selena. According to the fans they went to see “Hamlet”. Yes my dear such a class act. A great departure from clubbing, shopping, or eating as usual, don’t you think? Based on the number of recently done Rob interviews, along with the fact that Selena is also hanging around London, possibly they are still doing promotions. I anticipate a stream of interviews as well as personal appearances coming up on the net. Ooooor, he could be there still working on some other project. Remember, we never know for five or six months down the road.

    Also, I noticed papz pics from New Orleans earlier this week. Kristen is now wearing both padlocks again. What does that mean? It appears to me, based on my observation, Kristen only wears the antiqued lock on certain occasions. I think she wears the antique lock when she and Rob are in different time zones. Think about it! just sayin


  2. Hello friends,

    I Believe.

    Wooooooo, step away from those pics. HKN, I can do nothing but laugh at the twig lesbian pics. Called it! OK, OK, ya’ll gonna have to give me this one. I think I called this bad boy back in 2015. Actually, it was a toss up in my book. Either she was transgender, which is the rumor, you know, and also explains her love FOR the Gay clubs. Oooooor, she was a lesbian. Haven’t I been saying that. Let’s just agree that this shit fits perfectly. That fake ass bat! Yes, ma’am, that’s why Kristen gave this plan the green light. What do the sesses say, “Rob and Twigs be all loved up”. Twigs ain’t got no interest in Rob or likely any other male what so ever in that way. Loved up my ass! The pic of her enjoying play time with the girls proves that. Did you see the pic of her leaving the LCOZ after party. She was hugging the door on the opposite side of the car. Of course Rob, as always, was hugging his door. Empty seat between them. Who does that? How stupid do you have to be to not see what was going on. One of these days sesses gonna learn.

    Twigs, bless her heart, remember when within six months she had it a ALL. Fame out the ass. Music at the top of the charts, being featured at festivals. Mag covers. Time mag artist of the year 2014. She was the most popular female artist in the world. All she had to do was/is stand next to Rob two or three times a year Yep, that’s right, it was a sweetheart deal. You might say, well sook was happened? The botch ain’t got but a wee tiny bit of talent that’s what happened. Once she lost that new girl on the block shine that’s it. She keep trying to give herself the reboot. People are just tired of seeing her Vogue. Also, how many times are the tabs going to put off this wedding. Six or Seven times so far, I lost count. By now some people are beginning to see through that. Guest who they looking at all crazy like? Twigs just wasn’t ready for so much so fast like she thought she was. Rob and Kristen knew that she was going to blow up, I doubt they were ready either. Just sayin

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  3. I remember that Instagram being on the Rob and Kristen Kitchen table, and it was noted that was Rob’s head behind Kristen. A picture of a Rob and Kristen recent kiss would have being quickly removed by RK because they want their life removed from the public. They are very careful about the paparazzi but live a normal life at home away from the rabid press. I love the spunk of HKN and the remarks of our regulars. Thank you HKN for your touches of reality in a truly unreal world. Stay strong. We will pray for your recovery. I love Kristen’s hair, she looks great and she is really beautiful. Rob looks very happy and full of mischief every time I see him. Proud Papa. I really think most of the couples in Hollywood are basically hidden for their own safety. Hollywood magazines capitalize on breaking up couples or declaring people engaged. The only way to play that game is just let them win, and eventually these sick writers mess themselves up all by themselves. Eventually truth wins.

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  4. Just checking in, HKN. I hope things are going well for you. Keep up the good fight. I think of you daily, and when I do, I send out a wish with a prayer that you will be well soon!

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  5. Hey ya’ll,

    Here’s to the haters/twigsessessss, an empty glass toast. (clink, clink) Tonight I know there is only one thing on your tiny hateful minds! Whooooooo the BUCK allowed Kristen Stewart to have this kind of power?!? Certainly not you, dumb botches! That badass Kristen Stewart just took that shit! She grabbed it!! (insert middle finger here) Haaaahaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaa It’s Talent + Intelligence = Success. Ya’ll need to let Twigs know. Twigs said what + what = What????? Yes, Luv, when you click on the Haven the truth will set you free! Yes Luv, this is how we do.

    Noooooo botches I ain’t finished, you thought you had the juice to stop the Queen, ruin her career, dive into her personal life and take a shit. Spread BULLSHIT all over the internet. Besides getting blocked you got nada. Soooooooo, let this be a lesson to you, you never had a buckin chance. You never, ever, ever ever, had the juice. What was meant to be gonna be. She is one in a million.

    Soooooo, here’s to Kristen, glasses raised high! Bravo! She’s still standing! yeah! yeah! yeah! just sayin

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  6. People can and will say what they want, but they must not lie to themselves. They should.admit that KS is indeed a beautiful woman. When a woman can shave her head and still.look like, hot,.gentle princess.. she is BEAUTIFUL!!

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  7. I’ve followed this blog for a long time and I wanted to finally come forward and thank you HKN and others like you for standing for truth. You have stood firm time and again. I believe not based on what I’m told but what I see with my own eyes. All of this reminds me of early Twilight days when Kristen would piggyback down the street with Michael Angarano and Rob would be out and about with Camilla Bell both getting the perfect photo opportunities for PR sake. Both denying they were anything more than friends. There were plenty of us that could clearly see between the lines despite Summit wanting to try and keep a lid on what was really happening as to not damage the franchise. As the movies went on they then used Rob and Kristen’s relationship for their gain. These are too lovely people that I only hope the best for. I hope they have finally found some peace in their private lives. I’ve stepped away from the fandom over the past few years but I’m glad there is a place like this of likeminded people that see and feel the way I do about these two beautiful people.

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  8. Hey,

    PS. Allow me to just throw this out there. Stella M. was working in Paris this weekend. Guest who else flew to Paris after just arriving in LA March 1st, Charlotte Jones. I’m just sayin, something is going on with these two. And I ain’t talking Bff.

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  9. Hello friends,
    I Believe.

    Sooooooo, I hope everyone is doing well. Well wishes especially to you,HKN. Me, just trying to survive this crazy weather. But isn’t it a blessing to be hear to survive it?

    Sooooo, I logged on today to share a couple of things that I found to be just precious.
    I mean as sweet as Honeysuckle. Prepare for sweetness overload. Well, this past week I linked to Vanity Fair Tweeter page to follow up on Emma Stone’s Oscar win. Within the post about Emma they mentioned Andrew Garfield as her (EX). Soooo, I kept clicking down and noticed an interview by Andrew dated Feb. 26th. Well, my friends, Andrew let it all hang out.
    He talked about how in love they both were with each other and how supportive he is of her. I noticed he calls her Emily not Emma. So like someone else calling their love Kris and not hey Twigs. (giggles) At BAFA, when Emma was on stage, Andrew stood up clapping and was just noisy. When you get a minute check it out. Sooooooo, in other words this is another couple trying to keep their careers separate from their personal life. They didn’t walk the Red Carpet together or sit together at any of the awards. I’m just saying Ex my ass.

    The other account I would like to share is about Tom and Sienna. Sienna has an article in Harper’s B.. In this article she says she and Tom broke up 2015. However, she and Tom still live together about 50% of the time. They still go on Holidays together. He has moved to NY so has she for good. Basically, she said nothing that people do who break up. Again, it’s obvious they are on the down low too since neither has engaged other partners since 2015. Well, again I say broke up my ass. Another couple trying to keep their shit out of the tabloids.

    One other thing! Sooooooo, I noticed Charlotte’s back in town. I follow her on IG. When you get a minute check out the post about 5 wks. back. Yes, I have a nose problem, I accept that. But read her post with a photo of she and Stella Maxwell. Possible explanation why she is spending so much time in LA. She just left at the end of January. Ok, ok, ok, dosen’t she seem just a bit overly thankful about her stay!!??!! Yes, friends I went there! just sayin

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  10. Heads up people..please checkout on instagram..a photo of kristen and stella at a dinner.look hard at the man you see only the back of his head but close to kristen..l sure its rob wearing glasses ….they could be dark.

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    1. agree cb I think it was rob to. There is a pic out there with rob and k kissing and it is very recent. As of yet I do not no the source . It was dropped in an email with no source. But it proves even more that k and r are together. Since k has very short hair and rob also I would think it was in the last month or 2.

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      1. smart question suemas1, I too would like to see all the goodies these folks are claiming. Pls direct Sookie and Maur


      2. I have looked .and looked for the instagram pic that l found some days ago, all that l can remember it was from the evening of the channel/charles finch pre- oscar dinning ..sorry but thats all l can remember..but l did see it and l am sure it was rob next to kristen but you could only see the back off his head.

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  11. What is this twig woman doing..turning up like that poor rob stealing his night she ‘s just a big ..big thorn hooking on all they say about rob’s special night is “quote” don’t they make a cute couple. What about his film..go away lady and let rob be .

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  12. I think defining RK as married or just together by the tabloids seems to be a form of insanity. And trying to include new sidekicks is just a joke. At some point they need to talk about how great their newest movies are! Hoping for a good Oscar night showing diversity of choice. Happy Sunday!

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  13. So glad you feel stronger HKN! I laughed so hard at Kristen on SNL that I cried! She loves sarcasm and confusing the idiots, and Kristen just plain said Rob was hers, and on TV! What an amazing grouping of skits-all were absolutely perfect! Just like I have trouble even thinking about Trump, I have trouble even seeing Twiggs, she is a sad sack of untruth. I just see selfish people in T and T. The fact that RK are a family and have a life makes me very happy. I just think HKN is amazing, an intelligent and caring person who is beating the tar out of cancer! I really think Rob and Kristen totally enjoy confusing trolls. I really love watching them do their worst. This is called survival. I also believe they are both very kind individuals, growing short on patience. Susie p.s. I agree with Kristen, I think Trump has a thing for Rob. Rob is just a beautiful guy and a loving father and husband. Kristen is just a beautiful person in all respects.

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  14. Kristen y rob estan protegiendo su privacidad y la familia que han formado que con ello lleva hacer hasta lo imaginable
    Por ellos mismos se sabra me imagino que cuando ellos crean que es suficiente se dara por ellos o por terceros quien sabe


  15. Hello friends,

    I Believe.

    Sooooo, a couple of weeks ago I logged on to surf around the fandom. Lots of fans with a multitude of opinions. But, one blog reached for me and grabbed my attention. It was Chiburkie. I think of her blog as the quiet in the chaos of the storm (the fandom being the storm). On this particular day she was taking a trip down R/K memory lane. As I read a smile came over my face, as in yes, I remember that. Or wow I forgot that happened. By the end of reading her post I had sort of formulated my own list in my head. For me, I crossed the bridge of no return when Rob was filming “Remember Me” and had come back to LA for a visit. Remember when Rob and Kristen were papz outside the hotel.
    Them + hotel, right. but no assumptions weren’t allowed. Just looking at Rob’s face it was obvious. It was love and his not wanting to return to NY. That was when I knew. I believed.

    You see friends, being such a romantic, I didn’t know if they were together. but I embraced the idea. Then as now, they were never photographed together in public. There was always denials of a relatish no matter who asked. The narrative was that their relatish was a product of film promotion. There was not one thing to confirm anything between them, but I believed.

    Looking back, would I have made different decision about them? Definitely not!!! There are too many reasons to believe. Look at the pic of pregnant Kristen. That’s a substantial baby moving. If you have had a child, you know that. I believe. Her necklace, I maintain is a diaper pen head on that lock. Remember just how timely it showed up. That’s right, right on time. Rob saying “when we moved to London”, then a time later Kristen confirms she has a second home in London. Really, really? Yes, I could go on and on. I embrace it all. just sayin

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  16. II just want to say a great BIG thank you Hkn for this post!! Loved seeing Kristin on SNL I think she really killed it. Then to see Promo Rob again was great except when someone had to push their way into it. No class. Rob of course was a gentleman but sure wish Rob and Kris would do a movie together again, can you imagine the crowd. Also so glad you seem to be doing better.
    I will still be here thinking positive thoughts for you, you go girl.

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  17. Hello Friends,

    I Believe.

    Soooooooo, yes dear friends yet another example of why we who believe in R/K are unwavering. A lot of things could be said about Robert Pattinson, however, what we all know is that Rob don’t mix bullshit with work. Never has. He is known for being a professional in every way when it come to his films. WE KNOW THIS! What went down last night was just wrong in so many ways. If, and I do mean IF, Rob was ok with that program I’m thinking they would have arrived together for the photo opt. Judging from the video I saw he seemed surprised that she was on the Red Carpet begging for an photo opt.
    Annnnnd, get this, she didn’t beg she pushed someone else to beg. What does that say about a so called relationship. Let’s give it to him he played it off with perfection. But you know in private you can imagine what was said. Ears are still burning. It’s likely there was another screaming match.

    Also, have you noticed there aren’t any images with any member of the cast chatting it up with her. But isn’t that the norm? Check out the distance in the seating at the after party.
    If it’s like they say, wouldn’t he giving her all the attention? The only reason to be seated that far apart is that you don’t want to have to introduce or explain her. As far as he is concerned she’s just some stranger. Like, who is she, Rob, a fan? You know Charlie is sitting there thinking what the fuck? And of course Sienna is at the other end of the table. Like “I ain’t in this”. Otherwise she would be seated next to her. She seems to be always seated at the end of the table and ignored. Why does that always seem to be the case. hummmm, indeed.

    Yes, dear friends the cats out the bag now and refuses to go back in. Of course the tabloids, sesses and K haters will persist with their narrative and their frustration over the fact their girl woke up this morning getting ready for another hustle. While lucky Rob went home to the wifey and worked out ALL his frustrations. just sayin

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  18. Just wondering if anyone noticed the name on the Barista’s shirt in the Meet Cute skit? It is FIKA but the I is so close to the K it looks like FKA. It is in the Meet Cute skit and it is strange that the Barista is the one that is keeping the guy from finding his mate. Or at least he is throwing obstacles in the guys path so he has a difficult time being with his matched mate. Makes me wonder if this wasn’t an innuendo about what FKA is doing to Rob by making it difficult to be with Kristen. FKA seems to pop up when she isn’t wanted and Rob’s body language is starting to show how he feels about her . Just wondered if anyone else saw this. Also it is funny that they used Rob’s mother’s name for Kristen. This brings it more into the family aspect.

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  19. Great post, I think he forgot to take the ring off. I figure that pic is where GQ came up with “New Wife” never concerting that he may actually be married but not to her. I read a few of the articles from the London premiere on how they coordinated their outfits, too how he only had eyes for her. Gag me with a spoon, oh how he was whispering sweet nothings in her ear. More like what the F you doing here. Something else Mrs. Pattinson greeted Sienna Miller like a daughter, but didn’t greet her future DIL, if she did where is that pic. Well we know it there was one the trolls would be shoving it in our faces. As for going to the after dinner seen the pics and she looks like she the odd man or woman out. Know one looking or speaking to her, Rob talking to man beside him and the couple on the side in their own little conversation. Yet the trolls thinks they look loving together. Makes me wonder if they have never had a man look lovingly at them, the way he always has at Kristen, maybe they think that is the normal way a couple acts. Hell even after 20 some years of being divorce from my husband he stills looks loving at me. Just saying if they were together Rob is a very touchy feely kind of guy, we all seen it with him and Kristen, even when all this BS started he was trying to prove he was with her, he was touchy feely with her but more like a close friend. I mean like K and CJ. JMO

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  20. Great post!
    Really since when has Rob needing to be told to take pictures with his lady love? That was just embarrassing for T. Maybe this will end up with announcing their break up. It seems hard for the tabloids to ignore this treatment in a red carpet.
    Keep kicking Cancer’s butt.

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  21. Thanks hkn for answering many questions. Hope your chemo is over soon and you give cancer another black eye. Rob doing promo was awesome. T being there not so much. I no they are represented by the same agency but still I could have done with out her face. T looked like she would have liked to be somewhere else. Carol I understand your feelings of wanting to step back. After seeing robs wedding ring and then seeing t at his premiere it is a shock. I have been a hard follower of rk since 2009 and this was a blow after all the good stuff from SNL . but this fandom is not for the week of heart . and never predict what rk are going to do. They are very rich and do what they have to protect what is theirs. When I get upset I just remember all the past good news we have had and go on. What else can we do. I almost left many times but my faith in rk is strong. Hopefully we see some positively from them now. Watch them both disappear for a while. Burt I’m ALSO EXPECTIMG SOME PHOTOSHOP FOR T AND HER HATERS.

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    1. I understand what you are saying, but it hurts that it is getting so much attention off of Rob back. Did he attend after party with him? Just asking. They say there are pictures where are they. I will always be in R/K corner. Why can’t she make it on her own?


  22. Thanks for another great post! Hope this means you are feeling better! I loved all of Kristen’s skits on SNL, but I think my favorite was Courtney. Feel better soon, HKN. We miss you and I am sure the trolls do too!


  23. I am pissed, why did Rob take pictures with Twigs on the red carpet. What she and her publicist did was so wrong and he went along with it. It took away from the movie because all the talk is about Rob and twigs. Is Rob still in a contract with her? All her fans say is she is another HKN babygater and that GQ has confirmed they are married. I am going to step back for a while because of what went on last. Robert needs to just say no. But what he did was the correct way to handle it.


    1. Carol, after all the smokescreen s our couple throw out, why did this throw u? Don’t get that. K playing gay is smoke, GQ retracted their comment, fact. TwIgger at premier, more smoke. Every made up pc of poop the media dishes is fantasy
      BucK up shake it off. My belief these 2 are one is as solid as the ship I sail on = SS RK. fighting for their total privacy imust be with it to them to go through these gymnastics to maintain their family, I say gotcha, but enough signalso to see truth if u loo

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      1. cheese and crackers Cory, were asleep when you texted this. It reads like my nephew typed it (he’s 8). Enough typos to choke
        Thai. Sorry folks, embarassed


  24. Great post as always..been watched Kristen on SNL and i want to stated my opinions on K monologues regarding DT (Trump)
    “To be fair i don’t think DT hated me,I think he’s in love with my boyfriend. The president is not huge fan of me, but it so ok and Donald,if you didn’t like me then, you’re really probably not going to like me now, Because I’m hosting SNL and I’m, like so gay,dude.”

    Ok Trump didn’t like k back then bc RK back together and trump probably don’t K now bc despite Trump advice to Rob ..RK still very much together and by hosting SNL ..K get even with Trump about his tweets…and i don’t think the very controversy word “Gay” K was mention mean for gay as homosexual..
    It’s can be described her feelings being happy/excited/ showy bc these words is the same meaning as gay” you can Google it.
    “I’m, like so gay , dude” as same as ” I’m like so happy/excited, dude”
    Kristen was very brilliant with words..just like her beautiful poietic” poem” and her very meaningful short film “Come swim”
    Ps: 💖💕for RK and for RK loyal fans✌

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  25. Excellent post HKN…Kristen’s debut hosting of SNL was amazing and the 2nd highest rated of the season, losing only a few hundredths of a point to Dave Chapelle. So very proud of her to say the least. And now, we have Rob doing promo for LCOZ and it is so good to finally see him doing what he does best during promo and that is being his old cocky lovable self. I loved Kristen’s directorial debut at Sundance Film Festival with her short Come Swim and so excited and looking forward to her debut as director at the Cannes Film Festival. I hope we can get more filming news for Kristen which she has alluded to earlier in the year. I can’t wait to see Personal Shopper after reading all the amazing interviews with Assayas and Kristen and earlier reviews. So, 2017 has started to be another good year for Kristen and Rob. Thank you for all the time and support that you have poured out on these 2 amazing artists and for continually calling out the trolls and the haters especially those who have promoted the lies with IT and Rob.

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