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One Ad, One Product… Many Ads,Many Products…

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Years. The dipshidiots holiday didn’t turn out the way they hoped. Not one picture of Rob anywhere near IT on Christmas Day or New Years Eve.


They had nothing to get excited about. Then came this…


Notice it says a single ad for a single product. The dipshidiots thought it was the second coming. Syphilis got caught exaggerating IT’s involvement with Nike…


Uhm NO she is not and never will be the creative director of Nike’s ENTIRE clothing line. She was in charge of ONE single ad for ONE single product.



And IT proving once again she doesn’t have an original bone in her body. Always plagiarizing anothers work.


Not everyone was a fan of IT’s single ad/video…


According to the dipshidiots that is me in the above post.


Is this me too?


I hate to break it to the dipshidiots but I am not the only person in this world who dislikes IT. And NO it doesn’t make me a racist because I don’t kiss the ground IT walks on.


The dipshidiots have been desperately trying to compare this to Kristen’s work with Chanel…

Big difference. Kristen has done MANY ads for MANY products…






IT will never come close to what Kristen has achieved with Chanel.


The dipshidiots were also very nervous about Kristen’s directorial debut.


To reassure themselves they made claims that Come Swim is about Kristen’s break up with Rob.


NO. It is not about a break up with her husband Rob that never happened.

They also insisted she was talking about Rob in a recent print interview where she is talking about heartache and breakups. Funny tho how Rob’s name is never ever mentioned.


This was said by Kristen tho…


Funny how they over looked it. Probrably too busy claiming the above pics show her kissing Stella to face the cold hard truth that Kristen owns their asses and leads them around by their noses.


And what’s a post without a bogus bs Rob sighting being called out…




img_20170124_150008The wife still wearing hubby Rob’s Jungle sweatshirt.



That sound you hear is the gnashing of the dipshidiots teeth…


And just for giggles Β and to watch the dipshdiots squirm…


Damn Rob give the wife a break!



And I would like to thank everyone for their concerns about my health. I’m doing pretty good with chemo. I’ve had some good days and bad days. I am determined to beat this.




57 thoughts on “One Ad, One Product… Many Ads,Many Products…

  1. It’s say that there are people out there willing to help her do Rob like this. What they want do for the love of πŸ’° and some just can’t stand to πŸ‘€ you happy like twigs just did Rob.


  2. Just seen the set-up PR. Photo of rob & It…for goodness sake Kristen stop your husband being used by this woman its only coursing damage to rob ..can he not say no..its you who needs to support him not her ….so come on ,get on that plane of yours.


      1. Yes your so right…it just makes so angry looking and her with rob…but l do like that he is always holds his wedding ring finger to remember kristen…bless him


  3. Helloooooo,

    Ssoooooo, I got a feeling everything gonna be alright!!!

    Yes dear friends I was checking out Rob’s ring. Sooooo, hell yes, that was a freaking surprise. You me and the world got a peak at Rob’s ban!! What can I say that shit was bound to happen at some point. Unexpected, but this is how I think it all went down. I expect that for both the wearing of the rings is their private commitment. Forgetting to remove them never happens. Yeah, they handle their business, you know.

    Sooooooo, it’s apparent to me that things got “turned up” just before his flight. Poor Rob was at such an disadvantage. Poor guy had to hold it together on the flight into Berlin. Yep, me too, I think he flew in from London. Geez, didn’t you notice that smile just as he was getting into the car in Berlin. Lot’s of us wondered what the hell is he smiling about. Needless to say, the man was taking a stroll down memory lane it’s so obvious. All of us should have such memories. I imaged his thoughts were smoking. Soooooo, the man forgot.. I understand. All is forgiven. That badass Kristen just got it like that. I’m surprise he was able to get his arse off the plane. Aren’t you? Giggles plus some.

    Soooooo, ya’ll, wasn’t it sweet when Jacks held Rob’s hand. Message sent loud and clear. Rob apparently was taken by surprise with all his cuteness. He was looking like the gravy to my grits. Yes, Lord that moment wasn’t wasted on me. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the sesses clicked it up. I’m just sayin


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  4. Dear Arleen, I am sorry to hear your life is turned upside down right now. It happens to all of us with one thing or another. Hope it gets better soon.


  5. I want to know when did twigs becomes Rob wife. Under his mom IMDp they have FDA twigs as daughter in law, also under his father and sister Lizzy. Strange. Can anyone but information on there. Just asking. I know that is false information.


    1. Its GQ and its all so much toilet paper trash! If anyone is married its rk. K had both wedding bands on on Saturday nite live rob had his on on the ride from the airport in berlin.. Has t been boasting about her and rob got married I sure haven’t and believe me if she married rob she would have told the world.

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  6. Hi to all my HKN Haven Friends! I am going to say goodbye due to real life issues of my own. I got a lot going on in my life right now. I am going to miss you all. Keep doing what you are doing here. I am very proud of all my HKN Haven friends! There is one thing that I am taking with me and that Sessed and haters can’t take one thing away from me and cannot stop me from believing is believing RK together forever. I have always believe RK together forever and so does my HKN Haven and RKsStreetTeam friends. RK are my only favorite people and so all my HKN Havens and RKsStreetTeam.
    HKN, Keep fighting! I will be praying for you and so the rest of my HKN Haven friends! I love you all so much.
    Love always,

    Oh yeah, I got a message for Phyllis along with haters friends and Sessed too. They can take their BS and shove it where their sun doesn’t shine!

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    1. Sorry to here your having to leave us ..but l can relate to having real life issues so you be strong and never forget we are here when ever you need to talk….


  7. And the award for best ‘keep them guessing’ appearance of the year goes to… Seriously loved it. She mentions Rob in present tense then instead of saying the name of current GF she says she is so gay in a tongue in cheek way. Gay means so many things including happy. I just hope gets to host this year too and keeps the game going.
    I also think all the sketches were a bit of the about her personas. The crazy party girl that does crazy stuff drunk, the lesbian, the cute girl in love with the guy, the bombshell, the reporter, the naive kid tricked by the old guy…This episode is so meta that I wouldn’t be surprised if she helped behind the scenes.
    Fell better soon HKN! You got this!

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  8. Hey all ya’ll good folk of the Haven.


    HKN, where there is a will there is a way, girl. Stay positive.

    Sooooooo, all I’m saying is Bravo to Kristen. She did it! So, are you still laughing? I’ve been smiling and giggling all day. Last night during certain parts I literally rolled out of the bed laughing my ass off. I mean the entire thing was just a hoot. But shit, I have to admit I was nervous, weren’t you? But when she said the F word I knew it was going to be ok.

    Soooooooo, do you think Rob was at 30 Rock cheering her on? I do! This my friends was another milestone for Kristen. I think neither hell or high water would prevent his presence. Was he off to the side stage where she was gesturing? Yeah, me too. I think this was an occasion when everybody near or far came out to support her. I think all her friends, his friends. When have you not seen pics of her entering or leaving her hotel while in NY. Always, (Except) this occasion. I Wonder why? Papz all over 30 Rock, the Bowery.
    But no pics my friend. Yes hummmmm, indeed.

    Annnnnnnd, as for the monologue? Ambiguity is thy name sir! It was GENIUS! The writers did an excellent job of giving nothing away. You got it only if you’re part of the fandom and know ambiguity has always defined their relationship where the public is concerned. Reading from the teleprompter Kristen clearly said he’s in love with my boyfriend. Easily corrected if she meant to say EX. She also clearly said I’m so gay, also part of the script. Yeah, nothing new about that narrative. Does one wait to get on SNL to make such an admission. Not if you’re serious. One can argue until the cows come home. Remember this is a couple who lied to Oprah about the nature of their relationship. Yep, there were High-five it all around cause nobody got shit despite attempts to say otherwise. I’m just sayin

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    1. I totally agree. You know, good on them. Everyone’s been warned K = things you do not touch. R = my personal life is not for public consumption. Whether pro or anti married RK, she’s gay brigade, 1,2,3 baba’s or none, it comes down to this, we and the nasty, sessers, Kbians,or just damn haters, we are not part of the “in crowd”, just peeking at glimpses, moments, or shared clothing. Bottom line, not for public consumption. I understand their need to do it = survival

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  9. Hey girl
    I just found out why you have been MIA. I’m so sorry to hear this. Keep your chin up my friend. Thanks for squeezing in time for your blog. I’m thinking of you. πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’•


  10. well k hit it out of the ballpark on Saturday night live. And I love the part where she is so gay.What a crock of bull. But SNL is a satire and that’s what k gave them last nite in spades.She definitely needs to do more comedy. I laughed till I cried. Hope her and rob and the babies enjoy the superbowl . I remember the year she cooked for everybody.

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  11. Hello to our very funny and exceptional HKN! So great to see you out and about! It is really nice to hear Bunny again! I hope it is much better weather in Texas than before! Hi to Socks and Merle! My memories of my husbands chemo were pretty darn tough, HKN, and you are tougher lady! Get plenty of rest and although food may not taste great, there are some great smoothies out there to give your tummy a rest. Raspberries and bananas with vanilla yogurt plus other goodies are soothing. Spinach and artichoke smoothies are good too. Stay strong and we will keep you in our prayers! Much love to the Pattinson family and the Stewarts! God keep our country safe and sound. Susie


  12. Gosh we
    Where have I been, missed your new post completely! So glad to see you post again have missed your feisty self. Happy that you are kicking cancers ass. Maybe baby number 4 WOW! Keep up the great work cause it seems rk are. Hi bunny so glad your back.


  13. Its super quiet with rob,guess he,s busy with the kids..with mum’s so busy someone got to hold the fort….but listen rob don’t get to bogged down with child care stuff have some time with the wife..


  14. Great post as usual HKN but most important glad to see you hanging strong!! With your positive attitude and determination you will kick cancer to the curb. Sending warm thoughts as you fight this battle!

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  15. Soooooooo happy ur feeling well enough to dash down some pearls. Sending strength prayers
    What am I seeing on twitter re Nettie, and a young one? How does on find this?

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  16. We are here,HKN!I wish you all the best for your recovery.You are a wonderful person and Thank you for all you do for us.You have the best team on Twitter!A lot of hugs for you,Ladies!


  17. Great lovely updates of our happy favorite actors Rob&Kris
    So glad to hear you are doing well and my prayers are with you,amen. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years as well.Love to you all take care.With Chinese New Year approaching love that lucky # 4

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  18. You’re on my prayer list HKN. I’ve been C-free for 21 yrs (Breast C) and I’m one of all the other women in world that knows exactly what you’re going through. Believe in wellness and health; positivity in your mind; peace & love within your heart and most of all give faith an enormous role in your life. Love you HKN, you keep us grounded here.

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