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Weekly Roundup

I’ve been gone for a little while but some things never change. This post is brought o you by bad photo shop efforts, lesbian fantasies, and IT desperately starving for attention. So basically the same as usual…

Let’s start this off by talking about trucks. Red trucks to be specific. Red trucks owned by Rob to go even further…


The dipshidiots like to call it the “freedom” truck. Because they think that two garbage bags and a couple of bikes is all that Rob had at the house he and Kristen were living in.



It’s also the truck Rob and his wife Kristen have traveled in often. Including the above pic.



NO dipshidiots. Nice try. It’s not Lindsey,Nettie Riley, or the man in the moon. It’s his wife Kristen.


Rob appeared recently with the red truck. In LA.

The dipshidiots livened things up a bit by photo shopping IT into the pic…


When they got caught at it Tizzy had a complete and hilarious meltdown…


She wore her hand out frantically drawing arrows and circles…



NO Tizzy no one said it was the new truck. Yes he does have a newer one. He’s had it for awhile now. This one isn’t it.


Next up is what the dipshidiots think is Rob’s house…

NO this is not Rob’s house. There is no Rob’s house. He owns several houses with his wife Kristen. Like husband and wifes generally do. This house is not one of them.

The dipshidiots need to go back to the drawing board with the realtor pics. They aren’t flying.



Nope. That’s not one of Rob and Kristen’s houses either.


Rob attended the LA Dance Project Annual Gala Β and dinner. The dipshidiots of course had to have IT there with him…


Or maybe not.Pay attention to the disapearing IT in the top pics. And why isn’t she sitting next to him? Some kind of disease and no one wants to sit next to her?


Yep. I’d bet money that’s it lol.


The dipshidiots used a donkeys ass as their excuse for the disappearing IT. Donkey Roberto is a known liar and bull shiter. The dipshidiots were an easy target for her. Of course they fell for it.



Posh and her photo shop buddies latest attempt. Notice the black lines around It and Nick. Not very subtle are they. Even Stevie Wonder could see where they photo shopped them in.


Some fools never learn.



Rob and a fan. This picture came in great use for Pattinson 360 and their attempt to place IT next to Rob…


Same pic with IT photo shopped in by Pattinson 360.

Side by side comparison. Can’t wait for Pattinson 360 excuse for this. Outta be a hoot!


Rob supposedly landing at Heathrow…


And it got a little interesting…


The dipshidiots went ape shit thinking this was sweet pea with Rob.


First off she’s a little older than sweet pea and second it was fun watching the dipshidiots losing it over the possibility. Cute pic tho. And thirdly you never know…


And where was IT? She didn’t fly back to London with Rob?


Nope. Too busy giving lap dances again to go with him. According to the dipshidiots this is work.

This is supposedly work too.



IT looking in the mirror at a picture of herself when she gets older. Scary isn’t it?


IT has been taking some pole dancing lessons. Gee I wonder where the plagiarist came up with that idea?



Tizzy is getting a little nervous and Β gearing up the excuses just in case IT doesn’t high tail it to London in time for Christmas lol. Maybe she can take a train at the last minute. She’s been known to do that.


Why did Rob leave her in LA in the first place? He could have stayed. NO he is not working. That excuse is null and void.


The dipshidiots got a letdown with thier Kristen is a lesbian fantasies…


Yep. That is SV/Annie with her actual lover Cara. Once again the dipshidiots lesbian fantasies have blown up in their face.


And of course when they get burned they look for the nearest female to be Kristen’s new lover…


This time it’s Stella Maxwell who did the unthinkable and walked beside Kristen. According to the dipshidiots this makes her Kristen’s latest lover.


Yep their jealousy and hatred of Kristen has lead them down a very dark and useless path!


Oh really? So your’e saying you agree with Smartlurker right Syphilis? She’s in LA? Be careful how you answer…


Which is it Syphilis? In LA or Savannah? Can’t keep your stories straight? Love it when you step in your own shit.


Tizzy couldn’t keep her dates straight either…



Which one is it Tizzy? Be careful how you answer.


And the dumbass of the week is…

Its a tie!


Tizzy and Donkey Ass take a bow! Well deserved!



An old/new outake pic of Rob…


That shirt looks very familiar. I think the wife has stolen it before.


She does like to raid his closet. Tee hee.


As most people know by now I have been having some health issues. The dipshidiots seem to have thought it was the end of me…


FYI to TRI. No one is misleading ppl. Telling them the truth so they don’t have to depend on tabloid lies like you do. Try using using your brain (if you have one) instead of lapping up the tabloid crap.


Nope still here and going strong. The blog is just fine. Thanks for your concern. And the hits . You do know everytime you come here to see what’s going on you give me a hit right?


My what a bag of hot air you are! Uhm not saying goodbye anytime soon and not anywhere close to done with this place. And Kristen is just fine with what her hubby Rob provides her with. No need for pussy. By the way what happened to SV? Soko? Alicia. Yeah that hypocrite. Move along to the next one. You’ll get burned on that one too.

Message to the dipshdiots…


Yes Cancer sucks but I am whipping it’s ass.



And no morons no one fakes Cancer! Are you mad? Β Oh wait. No you’re that afraid to face the truth about yourselves.


They tell me everything is good and after chemo I should be done with treatment. I hope. I have good days and some bad with it but for the most part coping with it well.

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! I am especially grateful to be here for this one. And hopefully many more to come. God bless you all!



69 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Dear HKN, How are you ? We sure miss you and hope you are feeling strong! Noticed Kristen Stewart is going to be on Saturday Night Live in Feb. 2017, coming right up! Kristen is amazing! I hope I remember to copy this. Everyone stay safe in this rain, ice, snowy weather. Susie


  2. Take a look at Wanda’s hypocrisy at Wanda accuses Kristen of plagiarism and claims she should be sued because of the similarities between Rob’s Dior picture and the one for “Come Swim,” yet she claims that Twigs’s copying others is just drawing inspiration from them and demands she shouldn’t be sued. Wanda, stop pretending you care about Rob. Everyone can see right through you. You are truly pathetic. You are in no position to preach morality. You defend everything Twigs does, even if you know what she is doing is wrong. You and your friends might as well face it. Your idol won’t be remembered for decades after she is gone. However, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher will. They have legacies Twigs can only dream of having.


  3. Hi, all. It has been forever since I last posted. HKN, I hope that you are doing feel and feeling stronger everyday. I have less and less time to check in these days, let alone post, but I happened upon something on Twitter and had to share here. For all of you Rob and Kristen fans, there is a wonderful video a fan captured in Milan of Rob and Kristen. Smartlurker has it on her Twitter. In the video, it sounds like someone is shouting Brazil, perhaps a nod to where Edward and Bella honeymooned. Even better, Rob is wearing Adidas track pants. What a statement to make. I wish you all well and hope that the new year brings you all health, happiness, and glad tidings.

    Side note: I’m not sure why my icon color has changed, but I’m the same Rhiannon that has posted here previously.

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  4. Hkn, noticed a tweet. Hope that means your back for a bit.
    I send you strength prayers daily. If you detect something flying about your head, welcome it in. Just a bit of strength to fight the monster
    Yes, you indeed run the best ship. Won’t think of leaving ever. At least Haven is what it advertises, as a safe place for RK shippers..Cannot say that for all. Noticed the green-eyed self righteous are not so generous at other sites. Believe what I do, or get labeled something unflattering. Focus on the commonality and don’t persecute the differences. Thank you for that, and to all
    the Havenettes for being able to do that,when others are unable,stumbling over their intolerance. Blessings

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  5. Dear HKN, I think that we really need to just be happy for Rob and Kristen and their sweet little family and try REAL HARD to ignore the sick people who try to continue stay close to them and really are not part of their real life. I am especially happy for them and their new movies. I pray HKN is getting stronger, we miss you! I am hoping we do not have a vicious fight in DC, as we need understanding and kindness much more. We need to realize we are all in the same boat and we need each other. We need to stay strong and support our best values and listen to each other. Stay well friends, it’s cold out there! Much love to the RK family. Susie

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  6. Hello friends,

    Soooo, trying to stay warm and keep my power dry. Hope ya’ll are doing the same.
    Sooooo, Why Jesus? While I in the middle of “Little Shop of Horrors” singing by ass off Twigs and Nike flowed into my view. SOOOO, WHY JESUS DID I TAKE THE BATE. I know better! I invite you all to go over to Youtude and watch the recent installment of the train wreck called Twig’s career. Ya. know POTUS says it’s not cool to be ignorant. This child gets so many breaks and opportunities, however, her unwillingness to try to educate herself is staggering. She proves at every turn she don’t know shit and don’t want to know shit. Soooo, your saying Sook, you don’t like Twigs. Is it obvious? I despise her ignorant. There is no excuse for it. You know Twigs is a Narcissist. That’s a mental health disorder.

    In Nike ad, she fully appropriates Hindu/Muslim culture. According to an article I read written by an East Indian, also Hindu, she mixes some clothing style and dance with Hindu and Muslim. (Hindus and Muslim have nuclear size hate for each other) She and her dancers wear Hijabs with veils, and Henna. She took elements of a classical sacred Hindu dance and incorporate parts in her arrangement. As I understand this is very offensive to the Hindu. Both Hindu and Muslim women are (very, very) demur. They don’t shake their their whohaa in public. In this video she is grinding her vag like there is no tomorrow. Why Jesus doesn’t she know better. Creative Dir. are suppose to know better. Where was Nike.

    Again HKN, proving your point. She steals what she can when she can.

    Note to the haters especially Phyllis: Twigs was chosen to do Nike ad for Nike Women’s Zonal Strength TIGHTS campaign. Tights (only), not shoes, tees, bras etc. I would consider that very limited indeed. Now lets looks at other campaigns for which she has been associated. Google Glass cancelled, Apple, declined in popularity after her association. CK ad canceled. Nike, well, bad start. Nike is associated with sweat shops and has not able to shake that image. She fucked up the ad as did with CK the focus is way way to narrow. Besides ya’ll she has no appeal to a larger target.

    Better luck next time twigs. You just striaght up fucked this opportunity in the ass Just sayin

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    1. -Sookie, so incredibly funny! I was having a drink while reading your post, I laughed so hard water came out my nose. Too funny for words!

      Chloe M.


  7. Dear HKN & all the Haven, Happy new year, hope all is well with everyone. HKN your on my prayer list & in my heart!
    My cousin who is also my best friend & more like a sister is also fighting cancer so I know what your dealing with. —Suemorris & Sookie it’s always so nice to read your posts. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot on hkn’s twitter that the crazies are still saying that some of us are racist against “the wanna be singer,” no such luck idiots! You don’t have to be a racist to see that she does not have much talent. Like twiggs I’m part black (my mom is half german, half black) I can’t stand twiggs and think she’s awful & has no talent whats- so- ever! It has absolutely nothing to do with her ethnic background! But if she’s actually helping Kristen & Rob in anyway, & I believe she may have in the past, then she has my respect. On that note, you don’t need much to see that her relationship with Rob is purely business, it’s so obvious it’s rediculous! The sessed hate Kristen & this is their only way to get back at us by saying we’re all racist.
    I think that Rob & Kris are going to go public with the truth sooner than later. RK are giving out many more hints & clues then ever before, so it’s just a matter of time.
    The sessed are in complete denial of the truth, it’s right in front of their faces, and they still don’t see it. There’s no use arguing with morons…just saying.
    Chloe M.

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  8. sookie and sue so glad to hear from you. Sookie got to stay away from those stairs but I fell on the only piece of ice within a mile on my butt so I’m ok. Glad to see the havenettes are doing like me and patiently waiting for rk to resurface. They will and in that on pic on the 10th k’s” girlfriend” not was wearing robs shoes. and k his jacket. Does he have any clothes that he can wear. When he goes missing for a while I think of him being a dad for his kids . I bet he is in hog heaven. Such a sweet man HKN keep fighting your a very strong women and no how to put the haters in their place.

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  9. Hey ya’ll,

    HKN, if it ain’t one thing it’s another. When I first read about your dx and chemo, well what can I say. I’ve been there done that. The physical can be a bitch. The feelings of vulnerability triple bitch. Those days when you want to comb you hair, bathe but you can’t and you hope someone will. YEAH ! So, how do you eat that elephant? One bite at a time. Your spirit seems intact nothing to do now except move forward. The Haven got your back, gurrl. Feel better! Hydrate ! My favorite feel better movie is “Bridesmaids”. It’s a hoot!!!!

    Sue Morris where the hell have you been? I’m guesting you don’t realize now much your words (thoughts) are missed when you don’t post. Sincerely!

    Man O Man it’s a crazy world. I slipped down stairs Christmas day and fractured my wrist and my arse. Sooooooo, this post is being brought to with such pain. But, hey, I had to post. Especially after I noticed the R/K haters, twigsessed, bats started posting up words like racist. They’re such sixth graders. I know, I know, ya’ll say these are grown assed women. Sorry, don’t see that. They got some nerve attempting to call people out as racist for calling out twigs for throwing on her sheets and pillow cases and possibly curtains and throwing a belt around it and that’s suppose to be fashion. Naw the hell it ain’t. She looks stupid. Too bad she doesn’t have anyone, apparently, to tell her so. I mean you can live at “Weaves are Us” as apparently she does. Check her out. That does not mean that you don’t need to pay attention to how you dress. She just always looks such a mess. Like a bag lady.

    Note to THEM: yep, you know who you are. Check out the comments online about Michele O. Let me school you, that’s racist since apparently you don’t know idiot. Nobody respects Twigs because she has not earned nor deserve respect. Hoping her star will fade? Hell what star? You have to show yourself talented at something and at least have a personality sufficient to sell that talent. None of which she has. Sooooooo, ya’ll need to shut your (no) wedding having asses up!!!!!! Shame is the word that fits here. Yeah, I know you are.

    Ok, Ok, Ok, so my wish for 2017 is that Kristen will continue wearing Rob’s shit. Sooooo, Friday, the 6th a pic showed she is still sporting Rob’s jacket. A new touch, her graphic Tee that says Superior. Sooooo, Rob has a pic where he is sporting a cap that says Superior, NY. Matched set. Coincident ????? I think not. Sooooooooo, since forever, Kristen keeps throwing it in their faces. I read in Billboard that at last count Rob’s net worth was $98 million.and Kristen was not far behind. All that Independent movie, Dior/Chanel money. Yes, they can wear what ever the fuck they want. Yeah, they can live in a house that looks like a dorm in the Hollywood Hills. Ya’ll continue to be stupid bitches! (giggles) Just sayin

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  10. Hope everyone had a peaceful holiday with many good memories! We just had snow with 7 degrees this morning! HKN, hoping you are stronger and that the chemo is over. God bless! I am keeping my eyes, fingers and knees crossed about the new administration. Stay well everyone! Susie


  11. Happy New Year everyone K’s friend suzie went to aussie land for new years wonder how she got their and she is leaving clues again. Hope rk enjoyed their vacation.

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  12. In other news, beloved actress and author Carrie Fisher has died of a heart attack at age sixty. Princess Leia has become one with the Force. RIP, Carrie. You have accomplished way more than most people ever will.

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  13. Late to the well wishes table,but here. Whipping C ass and taking namesπŸ‘. Healing vibes all shippers focus and go.

    Lizzy and her hellons were up my butt via smartlucker, she is indeed in need of care. Tenacious, vicious, and deluded. If anything comes from her or related sources it gets bogused, and mentally shredded.

    Hang tough, we’re with you

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  14. Thanks for the excellent post HKN! Wishing you the very best in your continued fight against cancer and hoping you will be feeling better very soon! Merry Christmas to you, HKN, and to all who share love and support of Rob and Kristen! Happy holidays!


  15. HKN, so happy to get this great post and really appreciate all you do even while fighting cancer. I want to encourage you if I can as I have been cancer free for over 20 years! Take care of yourself and stay positive. I’d like to wish you and all the other ladies a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2017.

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  16. HKN I think you are an amazing person….. you are battling cancer and in spite of it, you presented us with this great post!!! We Havenettes love you!!! You are in my prayers for a full recovery. Merry Christmas to you and to the lovely ladies of the Haven!

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  17. Hi to all my HKN Haven friends! I am still here lately I have been busy with real life. I come here when I can. Love you all and RK! Hugs! HKN, Miss you sweetie! My prayers are with you. You are a fighter. Cancers really sucks! I just came by say hi to all my HKN Haven friends. I believe in you always. Well I am going to bed now. Keep me posted! πŸ’πŸ€—

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  18. Hate that you have cancer but I know that attitude makes up 90% of the cure! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and feel better soon!


  19. HKN….GLAD TO HEAR YOU ARE KICKING CANCERS ASS!!! Hope you are feeling better and we missed you! Merry Christmas and have a good New Years! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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  20. Love the new post HKN ! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayer’s GOD knows who you are and the fight you go through every day,Merry Christmas to you,and all the HKN fans on this blog.


  21. Merry Christmas HKN! I wish you to spend moments of peace and serenity with your loved ones. Retrieves all your strength to heal soon. Hugs


  22. Merry Christmas HKN and to all your friends here on HKN. We all love you and are praying for your full recovery. Everybody remember the Christ in Christmas and do something nice for someone who needs it or won’t expect it. It will bring you joy.πŸŽ„β˜ƒπŸŽ„


  23. Great post as always. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope none of y’all are on Santas naughty list. πŸ˜› As for the sessed well it’s kinda obvious their obsession with HKN and even Bunny and Smart Lurker. The haters are just a bunch of hate filled drama loving fools. They spend an enormous amount of their lives online stalking HKN and her whereabouts and await and hang on her every word. Normal people don’t do that. Normal people don’t photoshop pictures to promote their agenda and then believe their own lies and fakery. The amount of time it takes to keep up with and invent their stories is the biggest tell that they have no real life hence why they are watching HKN’s every move. Who does that right? The house of cards they keep trying to build always falls before they finish. And what kind of human calls it karma that HKN was ill. Apparently one lacking empathy and a heart. That is a vile person. While all of us were and are praying for her to have a full recovery the sessed haters can’t step away from their computer screens long enough to embrace the season and try to be better people. Instead of clicking away on their keyboards try stepping away for 24 hours and see that there is something wrong with the way you obsess over your online hatred and trolling.
    Anywho wishing all of the fandom a very joyous and Merry Christmas. πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ

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    1. I have no doubt the haters got tons of coal from Santa Claus for Christmas. They were very naughty this year and will continue to be that way.


  24. Glad to hear that you are kicking cancers ads – keep it up. Glad that you had the energy to do this post, excellent as usual. Hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year xxxx


  25. Thank you for your post. Always love hearing your words of wisdom. Sending my prayers and love for a speedy recovery. We need our beacon of light.


  26. Welcome back!! The Kristen headlines lately are particularly ridiculous and if people can’t see that, well, there is no fixing stupid. I love love love that everything is really quiet right now – Rob and Kristen out of sight – doing their thing. Even for Twigs. Now I’ve never disliked her because I believe that everything that happens has been done with many people involved in the decisions. The photoshopping is not done by her – and really, she does not say anything directly to the press – just like RK – she lets it slide. What I do like is that she also appears to be living her life the way she wants. Why the haters cannot appreciate and respect that is beyond me. And finally, for all of them screaming “look – everyone has left”. No – its two things a) there is not that much to discuss right now and b) we actually have busy fulfilled lives and this is not our obsession………unlike some that will not be mentioned. Its sad that they spend hours studying whether we post or not and twisting what is said. I don’t respond to them any more – not worth it. My life is much happier without that drama.

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  27. Thank you for posting, HKN. I wish you all the best and hope the holidays bring you some good cheer and peace. Wishing you a full return to good health for 2017 and beyond!


  28. HKN – Great post! Thank you. I got a great Christmas gift from my bff who has been living with cancer. She’s in remission. She too got herself a big bat and kept swinging. Cancer is a word not a sentence. You have a lot of love and support here. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers for your healing and recovery.
    Merry Christmas Everyone! Cheers to a healthy, Happy New Year!

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  29. It does all our heart good to hear from’ve certainly nailed the so called sightings of you know whoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.we can only hope know that the Pattinson family have a peaceful christmas.

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  30. Great post, hope you kick Cancers ass soon.
    Funny how the haters trolls and such tell us to move on, well I’m not sitting behind my computer 24/7 looking for pics to photo-shop. I think if anyone should move on it’s all the ones you mentioned in this post, at least they need to grow up and stop being bullies. It really disgusting for them to call you a liar about having Cancer, hope karma don’t bite them in the butt. I’ve watched my dad die from cancer, and had one of my friends little granddaughter when she was 5, fight for her life against stage 4 kidney cancer, she beat it and has been cancer free for about 7 years now. Get well soon, we miss your weekly up dates. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the happy friends on here.

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  31. HKN, so glad to see you back!! I am sending out happy thoughts to you!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas (to all the rest of you as well)- here’s to good health and happiness in 2017.

    Absolutely awesome post! Desperate times are here for the haters out there– could they be more obvious? . PS-ing is definitely not their strong suit– those pictures were so pathetically obvious. Clearly, they are desperately (and I mean: DESPERATELY) seeking their safe places in their delusions. The shameful crap they are spewing is making them look like the fools they are.

    Thanks so much KHN for your update. You were sorely missed. You are fighting the good fight– I am cheering for you!!

    Happy Holidays to the Havenettes!

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  32. Thank you for this new post.
    I am glad to hear you are recovering well.
    Wishing you peace,good health and happiness in the new year.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes to all.

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  33. Hkn so glad to hear you are doing well you are to strong to let anything get you down for long. Cancer sucks I no it personally . My faith in rk never diminishes as my faith in you thanks for the good post and glad to have your feisty self back.

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  34. I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and concerns. I am doing much better and hope to be back blogging on a regular basis. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!😘😘😘

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    1. Dear HKN,

      GOD Divine Blessedness blessed your faith in, hopes and prayers to GOD, your kindness, patience and emotional strength (and the prayers, hopes, emotional and moral support from your family, immediate and extended family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and thehknhaven community) hastens your recovery.

      It is good to know you are doing well.

      Only GOD Divine Blessedness gives us miracles.

      A Blessedness blessed Christmas, New Year, today and every day to you and family, immediate and extended family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and thehknhaven community.

      Take care.

      My best wishes and warmest regards,
      Shirley Hashim

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