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Weekly Roundup

This weekly roundup  will cover a lot of dipshidiot disappointment. They thought they would be celebrating the last couple of weeks but it didn’t turn out the way they predicted and hoped…

First up the Go Gala hilarity. Rob DID show up at the Gala…


The dipshidiots excuse for Rob’s dyed hair?  He was doing reshoots for Good Time. Uhm He didn’t have dyed dark hair for Good Time. It was permed not dyed.


Does this look anything like the pic above? Nope. Another epic dipshidiot fail.


Even better was Rob at the Gala alone. No IT anywhere in sight. No epic like Syphilis predicted…


Yes despite her denial, she DID predict they would be there TOGETHER.

And the excuse for an IT no show?


Lol. Sure she was. She was sick at the thought of the Go Gala disinviting her after her abuse is tender fiasco.


Fits her to a T.


While IT was sick Rob shined as always…


What’s a Rob event without a hair grab?



Rob and Vin Diesel. A friend to both the husband and the wife.


10th Annual GO Campaign Gala - Arrivals

Just because…


Syphilis had another prediction fail…


She predicted Kristen would be telling all about her personal life on Ellen. Didn’t happen.


Backtracking try to save her ass to no avail.


“Oh fuck.” Perfectly describes the stupidity of Syphilis.


Kristen getting ready for Ellen.





Too cute!


And when neither of the Syphilis predictions panned out the dipshidiots desperately clung to print article crap as fact…


According to the dipshidiots IT confirms her engagement in this article.


NO IT doesn’t confirm anything in this article except that she has lived in the same apartment for seven years.


Funnier yet was Rob’s supposed reaction when asked about wedding plans with IT by People magazine…



There is NO wedding plans. There is NO engagement. NO woman is going without her ring for going on eleven months.


It got even worse for the dipshidiots…


Rob grocery shopping in LA. Guess he was planning on staying a while.


And the dipshidiots had no excuse for Rob staying in LA two weeks after the Go Gala.  His supposed fiance is supposedly sick and he doesn’t go immediately back to her to make sure she’s okay? Really?


Yeah exactly.


The dipshidiots latest effort involves trying to place IT in LA …


To Make it seem even more legit a picture of Rob’s breakfast was taken.


Of course no one at this restaurant has working cameras except to get a picture of his  breakfast plate.


Olivia D claims she lives in Boston but has LA in her header.


A litany of excuses for this slip up came forth when Smartlurker called her out on it. It’s not a pretty sight when trolls get caught at their stupidity.


Pattinson 360 trying hard to legitimize this sighting…


In any case there is NO proof IT is in LA right now. IT herself has said there is NO new music forthcoming.


Who wants to bet we get an update on the chai latte sighting  that includes IT?


Keep trying idiots.


Pattinson 360 is also trying to insinuate that Rob and IT will be attending Sundance together…


Funny tho how the deadline has passed for Sundance and Good Time is still in post production.


MamaNails calling them out once again…



Pattinson 360 wasn’t done with their trolling…


NO they weren’t together while he was filming Good Time. These pictures have already  been called out as photo shopped and the bottom one as Pattinson 360 is prone to do, putting two pictures from two different places and times and claiming they are from the same place and time.


And with that I think Pattinson 360 deserves the dumbass of the week award!



Nosey making assumptions that IT is this stylist’s only customer so this means IT is in LA too.


And then we get this…



She slipped up and was called out on it…



Her husband the Johnny Depp impersonator claimed Kelly Osbourne was at this party too. Funny tho how she has on the sames clothes as another event she attended, the Open Spotlight red carpet.


He backed himself up by posting a video of him and Rob. Funny tho how no IT in either the pic or video.




Another pic of Rob. Notice no mention of IT. But more than one vampire? Hehe.


I would like to thank everyone who sent well wishes while I was in the hospital. I am so glad to be back home and recovering from surgery nicely.


And to close this out some Pics of Kristen on the set of Lizzie!


Gee I wonder who she’s talking to on the phone. Hubby and the babies perhaps?


Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving!




72 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Oh my gosh, how nice to see you back HKN, and are you better? Missed everyone! Turned 74 on Dec.9th! Happy birthday to all December ladies! M y youngest has her birthday on Dec.30th. I absolutely think Rob and Kris are both amazing and hope we eventually see baby pictures! Sniff! Hope everyone is blessed with a loving and warm Christmas, have a safe holiday! Susie


  2. Morning HKN, I was wondering if you are Okay. I had heard you were sick and in the hospital, but I haven’t seen any tweets from you in a while. Someone asked me the other day if you had shut down, I said that I hadn’t heard anything about it. I know I’ve been absent but I too had surgery and then my older sister passed. We all know that RL gets busy sometimes and we can’t be on here. There’s been days that I haven’t been on twitter at all, then some where I go look for a minute and I’m right back off. If you are still sick get well soon.

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  3. Morning ladies 9 below here today brrrrrrr. Well suzie sent an interesting ig posting her and stella strutting to sweet home alabama Sweet of k sending it to us thru suzie. I believe that rk are together somewhere enjoying Christmas. T is supposed to be having parties at r house. Well I could believe it. K always used the house she doesn’t live in as a guest house slash party house why not rob. If t is rk client then r would let her use his house he probably doesn’t live in it anyway. T couldn’t have a party at k’s could she since t is the love of r”s lifeHAHAHA. Happy holidays ladies. And as they say this to shall pass. Have a great holiday.

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  4. Dear All Havenites,
    A blessedness blessed Christmas, New Year, today and every day to all Havenites and respective family.
    Take care.
    Our best wishes and warmest regards,
    Shirley Hashim and family.

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  5. Dear HKN,
    A blessedness blessed Christmas, New Year, today and every day to you and family.
    GOD gives us blessed myriad miracles in the most unexpected ways when least expected.
    Take care.
    Our best wishes and warmest regards,
    Shirley Hashim and family.

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  6. Well ladies hope you all are well seems rob was out buying a van yesterday. Now you no if he didn’t want everyone to know anyone could have got that fan for him. And K looks like she had an accident scraped knees scraped on face nose. Not makeup for the movie wonder what happened. Maybe road trip for family after she is done filming which probably was yesterday according to twitter. R and k and babies need family time. Pictures on suzies ig of her being at Knotts Berry farm . Maybe a nice vacation spot for rk+3 . Have a great day ladies . Miss you hkn.

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  7. PS
    I forgot to mention that part of the latest sessessssss propaganda is that Twigs is mention in her cameo film, Brigthton Beach, as a composer. Yeah, right. Really? My, my, my bless her heart, singer, composer, model. Let’s all hope this time things work out for the fringe artist known by the name Twigs. Hopefully, she has learned she must always credit your collaborators.

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  8. Hello friends,

    HKN. I’m hoping that you are doing well and feeling better every day. You are missed, girl.
    I hope all ya’ll are having a cheerful holiday season. Stay warm, at least, if nothing else.
    Me? Eleven days until Christmas and my bells are not exactly jingling. I know, I know, into each life some rain must fall. It’s rough and tumble, I get it (excuse me while I have a soap bx moment) I just can’t reconcile the Christmas spirit with what I hear and see daily. I refuse to normalize the hatred toward my fellow man I’ve heard the past months. I feel terrorized by fear of not knowing what to expect. The knowledge that your well being is contingent upon what? The whim of someone unhinged. I don’t know about this one, ya’ll. Of course I’ve tied a knot in my rope and I will hang on until a change comes. Until then though, look for me in the RESIST column. Just who are the terrorist?

    Sooooooo, on a lighter note, I see the sessesssssss are pushing the latest propaganda pics. Now I peered at those pics. Giggles x 10. You would think they would have done everything possible to get those removed, taken down. The body language is ice cold between them. There seems to be a number of pics of Rob all smiles, however, with Twigs no smiles. She looks tortured. Soooooooo, are we the RK fateful suppose to believe this is a loving couple? About to be married no less? Bullshit!!!!! Look folks they don’t look that friendly. Merely, getting through a process, I think. At this point who cares that she’s around. I think we have a good handle on what’s up. She needs some help. Poor child.

    Good folk of the Heavenly Haven, now let me tell you what I do care about. Kristen really turned it up on the stone video, didn’t she? Yeah, I giggled when she went down that pole. I’m guesting some “Welcome to the Rileys” throwback moves worked it’s way in. I didn’t know Kristen could shake it like that. And I care about Rob out ;and about in LA (;looking fine as wine) making liars out the many who said he moved to London. Yeah, liars you know who you are. You know what else I care about, the (fact) not fake news, that Kristen is still wearing that beautiful necklace, yelp you know the one. That necklace with the lock with the BABY PEN head. You do notice that that baby never comes off. I bet you real money there are names on the back. Let the sessesssss spread their propaganda. The necklace speaks for it’s self.

    So, ya’ll know Twigs is out begging for a record deal. I am confident that she has been let go from her last contractor. In the music world talent = money. No talent, no money, no record deal . Just sayin

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  9. Dear Hkn I’m with the other girls, worried about the silence. Hope you are just “holiday” busy and are getting your strength back. Take care of yourself.

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    1. Hi,Coryo !a)Looking at awesome Kristen Stewart ;b)Waiting for RK+kids +dogs together;c)Again, photoshopped pictures-boring,boring!;c)A lot of work to do at workplace;d)Enjoy the silence.:)


  10. Dear HKN & all the Haven,
    just watched Kristen’s new video on Mama Nails’ site. Coolest video ever and 100% Kristen… sexy, smart, and totally badass !
    Chloe M.

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  11. Didn’t I read somewhere that rk try to arrange so they aren’t filming at the same time so one would be with the babies.? Bet r has his hands full.


  12. For me, I am not going to feed their river (da Nile) by discussing this absurd manufactured relationship. Enough poison pen, is being flung about by them. Oh if u get bored,have a read on RPI. Did u know Hkn is a gay man posing as a women
    leading us down the delusion river. That implies to me, A. we are mind numb robots B. or sheep being a lead by a Judas goat or, C. incapable
    of independent thought. Hmmmm. Don’t you love character assassination 🤔


  13. I really think that Robert Pattinson IS indeed the hottest male star today.. anywhere and anytime. The man has depth, charm, and DAMMMN he is sexy as hell. He’s nice verrry talented. He is Handsome, again verrrrrrrry talented and very talented.

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    1. Absolfreakenlutely RIGHT he is the total pkg. Hansome,adorable,dorky in a cute way,talented, and intelligent. And best, loyal and loving to his wife and brood, and friends. A unique male,in Hollywood for sure👏👍

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  14. ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’ and voila,we have new BullS photoshopped pictures !R and “woman-with abuse -is sexy” were put together and one old man !Poor man has same position in all pictures and his face is illuminated by an unidentified object(maybe an UFO?)!
    Paparazzi have professional cameras and what we see is a comedy!Oh,and BTW in one pic, all women are looking after Rob and NO ONE to “abuse -is- sexy”!Not even some sessed will draw arrows to show something else!Why?Because in a real picture, she is not there with R!Ladies,Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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  15. happy thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy friends and family and think of rk with there ever growing family. If anybody thinks rob is in LA for any other reason than his family first they are crazy. Rob has many business hookups in la but his off time is his own. I don’t believe those pics are anything but ps and not very good ps.

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  16. HKN, Glad you are better! Remember everyone, give thanks for your blessings at this time of year. Your family, friends, and God cannot hear “thank you” too much.


  17. Sessed, I am going to make this very clear to you. Twigs is a little brat who cares for no one but herself. She thrives on attention and will do anything to get it. She was sick to say that emotional abuse was sexy and tender. She basically slapped millions of abuse victims in their faces with that comment. For you to think Rob would want to be with a woman who said something like that shows you have absolutely no respect for him. I dare you to do a Google search and see people chewing her out for this. In fact, I triple dog dare you. The public is no longer fooled by her. It sees her for who she truly is. No amount of damage control can erase the fact she called abuse sexy.

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  18. HKN, I’m glad you are back and on the mend. Wishing EVERYONE a Happy Thanksgiving. You don’t have to live in the USA to have Thanksgiving. Fishy, your post rang true. Sookie, I want to wish you well with your health. Taxx ,Sue, Mary French and many more, miss hearing from you all.


  19. Great post as always,never do read unimportant articles who doesn’t fit in every life style of the social media.What I’m really glad to hear and read that you are feeling much better,and send our love and aloha from Hawaii who loves your article so much.Happy Thanksgiving to you all


  20. Dear HKN, so glad you’re back and feeling better. Thanks for another great post. As usual the sessed are in full psychotic mode, creating fake photos & making up lies, their normal behavior, lol :).
    Anyway, Happy thanksgiving everybody! The holidays are officially here.
    Chloe M.


  21. HKN, So glad your on the mend and back a the helm of our ship,please take care of yourself . Great post as always. The trolls suck ,and have a degree in stupidity, and you have a Master’s at calling them out.


  22. Attention……!!, shipper salute, captain has reboarded the vessel. All
    Accounted for ma’am👏⛴⛴⛴🌬. Prepare to depart though The Troll Sea and Media Ocean of deception

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  23. Welcome back! Hope you continue to heal. Looks like you may have been gone but didn’t miss a thing in crazy, delusional land. Thanks for the update.


  24. HKN! Great to hear you are doing well. Thanks so much for the weekly update. Shaking my head at how easily some of those folks are fooled– and at their arrogance thinking we are as stupid as they are! Thanks again– take care so you recover completely!


  25. Welcome back :). Two comments – the breakfast tweeting girl appears to be from LA and living now in Boston…..but who has their profile pic be a selfie taken in a public restroom with their leg up on the counter? And her parents are the ONLY people who saw them together – nobody else – and weirdly took a photo of random food. Just strange. Finally – notice who starts the whole “his gf was at the party….” comments. Yep good old Imogen……notorious for seeing them together when nobody else does.


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