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Weekly Roundup

This weekly roundup is brought to you by the dipshidiots reaching an all time low. Rob was a NO show at IT’s horror freak show so they had to improvise… 

 They dragged Rob’s family into their photo shopped fantasies. According to the dipshidiots  Richard and Claire put themselves thru the nightmare of attending  IT’s satanic horror show.


And as usual their photo shop buddies cameras can’t take a clear pic.

What’s embarrassing is this person’s sad attempt at trying to convince people.


That is supposedly IT on the right…


Or is it her clone from the horror freak show?



Those pants on Claire look very familiar.


They even photo shopped Lizzie and supposedly her husband. And again a blurry pic where you can’t tell who it is. Lizzie is 5’10, 5’11 by the way.


The dipshidiots grew increasingly angry when they realized NO one was jumping ship over their manufactured horse manure.


There was more disappointment for the dipshidiots to come. IT opened her mouth in a new interview and put her foot in it.



Yes IT actually said that emotional abuse is tender.




IT has been called out all over the internet for her irresponsible quotes.


Good Catch!


Elle tried to save IT from the wrath of putting her foot in her mouth with an article praising her but it hasn’t helped much. Nice try.


The best part was the dipshidiots claiming IT was misquoted,misinterpreted or that the quote was made up. But Kristen quotes are always true right dipshidiots? Hypocrites much?


The next IT disappointment is courtesy of the GO Gala…


The GO Gala had another split personality moment and changed it’s mind on IT performing. Looks like that’s not happening now. The prayer circles by the dipshidiots for IT showing up anyway as a staged pr performance part of the plan are happening as we speak.


Their back up excuse if she doesn’t show is she’s working.


The dipshidiots are hoping for a bombshell on November 11th when Kristen appears on Ellen.


Yep they think she’s going to have a sit down with Ellen and tell her everything about her personal life.


And then there was this…


Syphilis claiming there is a response from Josh but they are waiting for the right time.


More like waiting for NellyNose to finish typing it up. Maybe she should ask IHeart for some help with it. She’s an expert at fake email responses.


And Syphilis gets another win for dumbass of the week with this crap.


Her record for stupidity stands!


We all know how much Rob and Kristen enjoy some Halloween fun. So where were they?


Katy’s party maybe?


Was Rob and Kristen  at Katy’s Party?




Or was he and the wife at this party? Note the daddy joke. Hint Hint.


Or maybe he and the wife were at both?


And one last thing…


Kristen is back to brunette! Bye Bye blonde! Guess the paps will have to throw out all those old pics they intended on dating as recent.


Ninja Rob keep driving the dipshidiots crazy!


 And that’s about it. have a nice week!



69 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Greetings to the ladies at Haven. I have been having medical problems and I really enjoyed reading this post and especially Mama Nail’s input on the HAIR COLOR of both Kristen and Rob. I imagine they both like brown, and would prefer to look natural. I really doubt if they give the hair that much attention with three little ones. This is a really sweet time in their lives and I hope they manage to block out all the nonsense from their private life. I hope everybody had a great Turkey Day and it is time to snack on pecan pie! I have made up my mind to turn the volume down on the very weird politics, as I just cannot handle the situation, it is too far out. Everybody stay well! Susie

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  2. So glad to hear you are home and on the road to recovery! Really missed your your posts and thoughts. Take care and don’t try to do to much to soon. By the way I was lucky enough to get to see Billy Lynn movie yesterday and it was great.
    Kristin killed her part as usual.

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  3. HKN, so happy to see you are home. Take care of yourself. Thanks so much for all you do. Here’s hoping for your complete recovery. If all the thoughts and prayers for you coming from all of us here have helped at all– I intend to keep wishing into the universe for happiness and health for not only you but for everyone else who loves this place.

    On another note: I have noticed that Sue Morris has not been here lately. Sue, I hope you are okay.

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  4. HKN I hope you are getting better prayers and happy thoughts your way!!

    Hey Guys just a thought ….If you have “Sweet Pea ” & “Jelly Bean “for R & K ‘s girls….how about “Sprout” for the boy…I keep thinking of the little sprout in the Jolly Green Giant commercials. What do you think? Thanks


  5. HKN sending healing thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!
    Take care of yourself…. we miss you on your postings but Your well being is more important….Hugs, Love and prayers on its way, too!


  6. Any update on Hkn?? Sending healing thoughts and best wishes. FIERLESS leaders cannot be down 4 long. I quote a beloved movie of mine “Captain,my captain” I salute you

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  7. HKN, hey girl. So sad to log on and see that you are not well. I’m sending you well wishes in hopes that you’ll have a speedy recovery. Geez, we miss you soooo! Just sayin

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  8. Sorry to hear of your hospitalization…please except my best wishes for a speedy recovery…l so understand now about our up -dates from you.. and again hope all goes well and hope you are not too long away from us.

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  9. Dear HKN, I am so sorry to hear you are in the hospital. I was concerned something was wrong when I didn’t see any new posts. Please take care, miss you. Always appreciate your efforts.

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    1. HKN, get well soon. My thoughts are with you– for what it is worth. I truly appreciate all that you put into this blog and hope you are back to good health quickly. (Ms Glinda, thank you for posting this. It has been so quiet here and I worried that something may have happened. So, thanks for letting us know.)

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  10. I can assure you cb that Rob’s fan site that replied to you has NO idea why Rob’s hair is dyed anymore than we do!

    It’s a likely GUESS that it’s for an upcoming role but that’s all it is! Not sure what other reason they could possibly come up with given most of ppl running must of the Rob only fan sites point of view on things going on in Rob’s life.

    The film we know is next on Rob’s agenda is Idol’s Eye. But that doesn’t start until February so unless there’s another film he’s sneaking in before I.E. it’s just as likely that he’s just messing with his hair.

    Unless Rob is going for a completely different look for IE this time around he’s gonna need to back to lighter hair along with growing out his mustache.

    It’s not like Rob needs to “test” out a hair color. He’s had his hair dark like this before for Life and Little Ashes so he knows what he looks like with darker hair.

    I just think it’s an interesting “coincidence” that right after we see that Kristen has reverted to her darker locks Rob shows up with hair practically if not exactly the same color as Kristen’s.

    I think that “coincidence” tells us more of what we need to know then any of Rob’s fan sites are likely to know. JMO

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    1. Hi MN,
      You’re totally right!
      I doubt any Rob only fansite could possibly have more information then you and HKN and I totally agree with you about RK’s hair color. It’s a little more than coincidental that they both have the same exact hair color at the same exact time.
      Chloe M.


  11. I’d like to respectfully ask why in the world you would bring that story here. Rob gets enough criticism about this whole situation, even though he’s been removed from it for months. I thought this was a place to celebrate Rob and Kristen not to discuss tabloid crap.

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    1. En pointe, Suemas1!
      And in this particular HKN’s Weekly Roundup is about haters’ overflowing stupidity ingesting tabloid crap and bullshit.


    1. Bye 🎃🎃hello 🦃 soon 🎄everyone 😄😄!! Can’t wait for the next blog! will be on pins📌 and needles 💉( closest in emoji …lol😜😘)!!


  12. Hey ya’ll,

    HKN, yes, yes, yes, another occasion for you to put it all out there, POW! Just keep holding them feet to the fire. Keep them panties a twisting, girl.

    Soooo, today friends I decided that I will not be held hostage to be stressed out by the news. Yes, that right, I’m turning that shit off until Nov. 9th. Soooo, off with NPR and on with me some Jill Scott. “Is it the way you love me, bebe?” yes lawd. I highly recommend it.

    Sooooo, have ya’ll noticed that Kristen is in Paris today? It seems she is doing promo. LA one day Paris the next. It must be nice. Soooo, I am wondering why Kristen is wearing that BIG ass jacket. I mean hanging off you big. One thing I can tell ya’ll for sure it ain’t Annie’s and it ain’t Alicia’s, Kristen is the only women in the world who can wear Chanel and throw Rob’s big ass jacket over it and keep trucking. I love it! just sayin


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  13. 1st thank you for my fav toddler pic of THE ROB. ALWAYS my absolute cutie, pout and all. Second always thanks on updates. I like that pants catch on mom. Gee she appears to have limited wardrobe to wear the exact same thing.
    NOT😝. Maybe.her funeral wear 4 has beens.
    Rob, come out,come out where ever u are. WEAR your wig,glasses,and fake nose it is Halloween week. Looking like Alicia is effective 😎😂


  14. If T really believes that stuff about abuse, she’s far gone! Who even says that stuff, anyway? The PS pics are so lame– one would have to be double daft to believe that crap. HKN, these weekly updates are really great. Thanks so much for the work you do.


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