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Picture Tuesday


7 thoughts on “Picture Tuesday

  1. I like Rob and Kristen …but one of the things that does make me crazy is all the photos of smoking. I really hope for their Kids sakes they finally do stop and also for their health. Why am I bringing this up is because I noticed the Marlbaro cigarettes sticker on his tricycle seat. I wonder if he has it and will pass it down (the toy of course) to his kids? It would be cute to get a similar photo that way so they could compare it!

    HKN I hope you are feeling better and keep up the great photos and blog. I would tweet you but I am not sure if you ever get them. Feel better!….Sidekick 123


  2. Lovely childhood picture of Robert, who grew up to be a well gifted talented handsome actor.Bless him ,awaiting for his upcoming movies


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