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Fan of The Week

The fan of the week is someone who takes no bull. She doesn’t engage the trolls. She just tells it like it is…

The fan of the week is…



I wish I had her tenacity at ignoring the trolls. Congratulations Bronze! Well deserved!

fan of the week



16 thoughts on “Fan of The Week

  1. Look at the fan pic of Kristen in New York with Fanning and two other ladies, Rob is in the background. I think it is cjs. Also you at the video of Kristen dancing with Cole, I think that is Rod in the back room on the floor.


    1. Well Ruby,keep the hate fresh and alive. Inoted of congrats to Bronze,you keep on hating. So helpful. WE The People made a choice, They Voted their right as a free land. NOW you don’t like how We The People decided,it’s time for incessant complaints,and riotitors on a salary, paid and protesting. SOME image we showing the world. We are a land of voters who decided,so put on yr big boy pants and go Or is our great nation ONLY GREAT if it complies to your standards? Shame on us as citizens. OBahma is just saying what I am writing,the people have spoken, per Obahma,deal with it

      Congrats Bronze


  2. Congrats Bronze, I love how you always post what I’m thinking, but I never know how to say it as well as you do. Very very well deserved!
    Chloe M.


  3. Congratulations Bronze of being Fan of the Week.
    Love reading your posted thoughts on social media dramas,you really know how to spin and make them dizzy, lol


  4. Bronze congrats on a well deserved choice.. I came late to social media and still don’t no how to do things right but love the posts you do allow me to see. Yhanks for the sharing.


  5. congrats Bronze you are one of the followers of rk that remember the beginning and will be their for. the happy ending.Thanks to a true believer!


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