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Weekly Round Up / A Surprise Guest

This weekly round up is brought to you by Kristen hater assumptions.

And a surprise guest!


First up let’s cover a few assumptions by the Kristen haters.


Kristen, Happy, Sad,Confused Interview with Josh Horowitz

This interview had the dipshidiots jumping and down with glee…


They quickly made assumptions that Kristen did a 180 on her mantra to not talk to media about her personal life…

Oops. looks like the dipshidiots are full of shit again. Here she is is still sticking to her mantra when asked about St. Vincent. Gives the bitch face and walks away with no response. Gotta love her!


When they couldn’t convince anyone of their crap they became desperate and furious…



Yep they spam tweeted Josh hoping he would respond. NO such luck.


Oh but they weren’t finished yet. Next we got this …


Kristen at a Hookah Restaurant/Bar. The dipshidiots assume she’s inhaling weed. Of course Syphilis was all over this.



So according to Syphilis marijuana is illegal but this restaurant/bar is going to risk their license providing Kristen and her group with a weed party?


When this wasn’t working either she came up with this…


images (1)

And the last thing Kristen at Elle Awards event…



Killing it as always.


 Kristen with Dakota. Lol. Nope you can’t not say f*ck  around Kristen.



Kristen’s friends supporting her.


Kristen with Helen Mirren



Nikki Reed, Lamey’s worst nightmare. And what the hell is she wearing? Grandmas moo moo?


And a question. Lotte Jeffs wasn’t invited to this shindig?


Nope. Doesn’t look like it. Gee I wonder why.


And it’s now time for the surprise.


The cuz is here to answer your questions!


The cuz said it’s blue. Baby boy Pattinson. NO she’s not telling his name except that he is NOT a junior. But his initials are RJP. Tee Hee.



Next  Question…


  1. Yes the grandparents are very involved with their lives and adore their grandchildren and the time they get to spend with them. 2. As of right now Rob is in NYC. 3. Kristen puts up with Twigs  and would dearly love for her to be out of their lives. 4. Yes sometimes it is stressful but they know it is a necessary evil to protect their family.

Next question…

Ok here’s a question – any clue as to when this crap is going to be over?

It will be over when they feel their children are safe from threats. The cuz said Rob and Kristen’s patience with it all is wearing thin. The cuz said to hang in there. It’s all being done for a very good reason.

Any new work news for Rob or Kristen?


 Go Indians!


Have a nice week!



52 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up / A Surprise Guest

  1. I would like to join the others in here who are missing HKN and hoping she is healing and is happy. We are days away from Christmas. I wish you all happy holidays and healthy and happy families.


  2. Happy Halloween to all my HKN Haven Friends! 🎃👻 Love you all and RK! Hugs! I always support my HKN Havens. You always count on me. I stand by you 100000000000000%.
    Love always,


  3. Is cuz still about and taking questions? Why has Rob become so low profile these last couple of yrs? I can understand the hate 4 the slime papz, but he seems to be trying so hard to dissappear from eveyone,including folks that care about him respectfully. K had been more negatively hit then him,yet she remains prominent in fashion and appearance. Rob on the other hand,is fading further, and further away apparently by choice. Message, we miss him. I miss him. The industry media dissed them, Mama Nails once said he or any actors owe us nothing but there screen work. Well, I agree and disagree. Part of of the job is to make some effort or presence for their fans. K has been great at it. Rob, at least by me, appears to be avoiding his fans. I know it sounds so arrogent but that is not my intent at all. Why

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He did do the Dior shoots and I think he is going to appear this weekend at the Go event but otherwise I totally agree. I was just saying yesterday that I can’t for the life of me remember the last time he was on a talk show for instance.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think a lot has to do with the fact that Rob made fewer movies than Kristen, thus less to promote, and the movies he has done were not that mainstream and/or he had a small part (Like COAL). And talkshows do look at hit potential too. They’d rather have cast members from a movie that speaks to a broader audience (comedy’s, super hero movies etc) or with a big director. A Woody Allen movie is easier to sell to a general talk show audience than a Brady Corbet movie.
        I think we’ll see more of him with LCOZ. 🙂

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      2. That’s exactly what I mean. I miss those moments so much. HE would stumble through an interview loaded with giggles,laughs, and loads of made up BS. Cute too the bone. THAT’S why I miss it

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  4. Loved it! Nailed it as usual. Hi cuz nice to see you again!
    Did any of you checked the upcoming Twilight auction?
    I couldn’t help but notice that both Bella and Edward wedding attire is missing. Me thinks some people might had kept them safely at home. I mean I can’t imagine anyone owning my wedding dress just like that 😉
    Can’t wait for Rob’s new project

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    1. Good thinking about the wedding attire! I bet they did keep them. After all, Rob was convinced it was a legal wedding since the minister was really a minister!

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  5. Hey ya’ll,

    HKN, just go ahead and take your bow! I continue to be amazed at how well you handle them. Such tearing out of hair. Such twisting of the panties…….woooooo. Bottom line they don’t have a clue as to how to come at you. Try as they may to come over or under, even sideways and damn you’re right there waiting for them. Can’t help but to admire and have a good giggle. Soooo, are you suppose to be waiting for their reply from Josh. (Such dumb asses) Let’s just suppose we know that Josh already replied. Lets just suppose we know what he said, no need to wait. Anyone and everyone who has an association with Kristen knows their stupidity and I assume deal with it appropriately. I have often imaged Karl L. has had ample occasion to be attacked especially after he started worked on Rob’s campaigns as well as Kristen. I think his response goes something like this. “ya’ll can kiss mon Parisian ass! Do they get it? Do you think they get it? One of these old days HKN. perhaps a new generation will come to understand that you ain’t no play pretty and if they come to the big dance, they best be prepared. You wear the big girl panties mighty well!!

    Sooooo, yesterday I took a mental health day, which I highly recommend to everyone. I got up put on my nasty shoes, jumped in my nasty car, and proceeded to the nearest polling place and cast my nasty vote. Let the chips fall where they may. I’m out. To celebrate by freedom I proceeded to Barnes and Nobles and purchased the first book in the series of “Outlander”. Yes, the Starz series got me hooked waist deep.

    Bravo to that Kristen Stewart! Can’t beat that lady, you might as well join her. I have saved the video of her “girl bye” moment for laughs on cold winter nights. Try as you may you cant’ make that shit up. What make it special is that it was at an Elle event. Did Lotte Jeffs see it, bless her heart? Hell yeah that bat saw it. She is going to have nightmares for a while. Just think the entire planet as well as entities on mars knows Kristen set that ass up. Don’t know if it can be said that Kristen planned such a public cracking of the egg, but that’s my version and I sticking to it. Just sayin

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  6. Hi ladies I think the whole mess is contrived by the haters. Changed my mind and believe even more that the pics were photoshopped. T really made a terrible statement to the fact that any kind of abuse is ok. She is one sick person.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re right that Twigs is a sick person. Even worse is the sessed are making excuses for her comments. To them, everyone who is criticizing her is just being mean to her once again. The reality is that she deserves every bit of criticism that comes her way. Abuse of any kind is not okay, whether it is done by a man or a woman. To say abusive relationships are sexy is a slap to the face of abuse victims everywhere. I’m going to listen to Amy Jo Johnson’s songs to get my mind off this. Unlike Twigs, she actually cares about the plight of children, especially that of Canada’s children as she is now a naturalized citizen there. She has her own YouTube channel and does videos for her fans, whom she cares deeply for. She never had to beg people to listen to any of her songs. She performs them, and viewers watch and listen. I love this beautiful soul to death.

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  7. 👏👏👏👏😍😍😍👊👊👊 as always a great post. And as always every time you put out an excellent post the basement dwellers throw a fit and put out cartoons of PS BS. You must be doing something right.

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  8. Have a thought ladies if R wanted to keep up the ruse with t how better to do it than have his parents go to the horror disgusting show in London Rob owes them big time. Hope she is a no show at the gala. Rob needs an academy award for his performance with her. Kristen and StV is a joke . No body chemistry at all. K even put her hands in her pockets so she didn’t have to touch her. Poor RK.


  9. In regard to a recent “work” being shown, something comes to mind, “American Horror Story”, gonna leave it right where I dropped it and that is all I will say about it. Use your own minds to figure that out. Enjoy!

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  10. Much thanks to you HKN and Cuz,this post definitely rocked the sessed boat,and knocked the boat over!again thanks for all you do to keep the truth about R/K out there.


  11. I watched the video of Twig’s latest performance. Um…..I am very open-minded but it felt like someone who was trying too hard to be so different that people would say “Oh – such a visionary – such imagery” – yet it was really awkward. It was grossly disturbing and it felt like she was trying to find the weirdest images and they had nothing to do with her supposed storyline.

    I then decided to read her latest interview. Now – I don’t take everything at face value in print articles, but she made some interesting comments. When Rob was mentioned……”Good luck with that. No questions. No chance. I’m not getting involved.” Not “I’m not responding” – it was “I’m not getting involved”. Comes across to me (and I caveat that this could be wrong….for those people who want to copy my words and highlight on their Twitter….) as if she was saying to not include her in those conversations – she doesn’t want to be part of that storyline – i.e. – its none of her business. Ok.

    Second – How old are you really? “How old are we really?”. Yeah ok – we get it “you are a deep thinker”. Who did she admire when she was young? “Nobody.” Was she inspired by anyone? “No”. Ok – seems rather ungrateful – but whatever.

    Then the final question regarding emotionally abusive relationships. Does she fear returning to that kind of troubled relationship? “Yeah, I think also, that is part of growing up, of becoming a woman.” Oh really – now why would a woman who is supposedly “engaged” to someone make a comment like that. You would if you are not really in a relationship with someone……………..oh snap. Mic drop.


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    1. OMG—yes Iris you’re so right, lol she’s DAS….marijuana has been legalized in all those states, what are these morons thinking?
      Hooka is not a drug, narcotic or illegal. It’s just flavored tabacco, like mint, chocolate, strawberry.
      These idiots actually believe Kris would smoke marijuana in a public place, they couldn’t be that stupid, could they?
      And comparing marijuana use in a public place, to a minor with fake id, sneaking into a nightclub & ordering a drink is ludicrous, lol. There are thousands of restrictions on marijuana use, especially in a public place.
      I’m sure a bunch of people eating dinner at a restaurant are just going to let Kristen light up a dobbie? lol wtf
      Phyllis is a nut job!!!

      Chloe M.


  12. Good morning to all my HKN Havens friends! Sorry haven’t been here. I have been sick and taking care of RL. I am still here! Grea post HKN! Phyllis is a 💩Head!


    1. Dear Hkn and all the Haven what a great post, and special thanks to The Cuz!
      –AliceClark2450, I would like to know as well what all the bruhaha is with Nikki Reed. I know she and Kris used to be best friends when Kris was still dating Michael, then they seemed to grow apart. As far as Nikki’s outfit, I really liked it. I
      saw it in other photos at different
      angles and it looked really pretty. Kris was the Star and looked so beautiful! Ana Kendrick, Dakota & Lupita all looked beautiful as well.
      As for Kristen giving that bitch look to the journalist and walking off, that was so spectacular! I hope she continues to do that always. What makes it so great is that the journalist was left with nothing, absolutely nothing and everyone saw it, and they still made up shit about St. Vincent being there, but it would have been worse if Kris had said anything. If St Vincent was actually there, where are all the photos? The media would have been all over that story. We got photos of CJ and Suzie, but no St. Vincent.
      Last but not least, regarding Phyllis…it seems like the more we engage with her about what we believe the more she lashes out, and it is because of people like her that RK have to hide their relationship and family.
      Love 💕 to all,
      Chloe M.


      1. Annie was there – she was invited and was sitting by Kristen – along with Emma and Katy. No worries. As for the other person you mentioned……it’s interesting how family photos pop up when a blog post appears they don’t like.

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  13. Spot on again. Thanks for the open forum for questions. My thoughts on Phyllis —– she really makes me chuckle. OF COURSE she would accuse Kristen of getting high at a hookah bar. If you read all of her (Phyllis) posts, she comes across as not very well educated and definitely not urbane enough to understand a hookah bar. I mean – seriously – that was the big thing years and years ago “hookah bars are where people go to get high” – but I thought everyone knew that was not true. I guess that memo missed her little neck of the woods. Phyllis Phyllis —– don’t be so obvious!!! LOL. And OF COURSE she and her cronies thought that tweeting Josh Horowitz would force him to respond……………..that one got a double eye roll. Who the F*ck do they think they are? Hollywood insiders? People with opinions that matter to him? I’m actually embarrassed for them — and slightly amused at the same time. But that pretty much is the case with their rantings as far as I’m concerned — embarrassing and amusing. I love how she says “HKN lies” when pictures show Kristen with Katy Perry. That was not a lie – it was a true. Yes – there were other people there – big deal. So much twisting of words.

    My last question that I forgot to ask is if there is any concern on Kristen or Rob’s part that this whole charade they’ve had to play out in public will hurt their reputations in any way? My gut instinct is that they don’t give a flying f……. about reputations – and they are least of all worried about anyone in Hollywood. But what about their fans and/or other media outlets? Any concern about backlash? My initial response to my own question is that when it all plays out – it will totally make sense why it happened.


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  14. Wow!Wonderful news!Thank you to all the people who keep doing good work to bring us awesome news!I feel like I’m watching a blockbuster:suspense, true love,a lot of children,good guys,bad girls and very good directed!And I get a free ticket!


  15. Thank you dearest HKN for always keeping us up to date and entertained! You are so loved and appreciated. And please thank the cuz for us–enjoy that Grey Goose!
    -love always, yourpookie


  16. Big thank you to HKN and cuz! I can’t imagine how stressful this is for R and K but it is a real testament to their love and commitment to their relationship that they would go to this extent to protect what is theirs. How they manage to balance life with 3 babies, 3 dogs, and two big time careers is amazing. As for baby boy Pattinson’s name, my guess is Robert Jaymes, Robert John or Richard John (both grandpa’s names!) I’m with Cory – I hope I live long enough to see them together again, looking at each other the way they used to! In the meantime, I’ll just keep believing in their love as I have since 2009 and enjoying watching their careers continue to build so beautifully. They are two very special people.

    Liked by 6 people

  17. Thank you and the cuz for bringing us such good news. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your posts. Heartfelt congratulations to Kristen, Rob, and their family! So happy RK have a prince to join their two princesses. Kindest Regards to everyone!

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Robert Jaymes (sp) Pattinson perchance. woohoo. This was so much fun reading. Their world is volcanic at the moment. Hope I live long enough to see the day when enough is enough, and protection is no longer needed. One peek at this gorgeous fam., and wow, can die happy. thanks HKN

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Just love the new update weekly roundup,question question where does it all ends,don’t know but keep it coming,loving the rebounds lol lol. Awaiting for both talented actors upcoming new movies,yummy. Love them both Mr. Robert Pattinson and
    Kristen my LA beauty.


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