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The Weekly Roundup

This weekly roundup is brought to by assumptions. The dipshidiots were full of them as usual…


Their first assumption?


They say Rob was at this party. And once again NO pic of Rob there. NO proof he was there at all.screenshot_2016-10-15-09-08-10_kindlephoto-44597945

And what would a bogus Rob sighting be without RP360 once again posting pics together that have nothing in common trying to make assumptions.


They weren’t done with the sighting assumptions…


Think being the operative word here. Something the dipshidiots do very little of.


Dogs? I think this troll didn’t research properly before she posted. It’s one fake dog. Not plural.



The sighting trolls don’t do well with smart lurker.


And their next assumption…

The GO Campaign had another split personality moment and changed their minds again. Back to Rob attending…



And  Tizzy the Turd makes her own assumption on who wrote the post….


Yep. Tizzy has powers we didn’t know about. She can see who wrote the post when NO one else can. NO proof whatsoever the official rep wrote the post.


But wait the GO Campaign had some other so called news…


IT will be performing again? Guess they didn’t get embarrassed enough last year. Some fools never learn. Notice the many more under who will chair. How many chairs do they need?…



Another GO Campaign personality just showed up…


Funny NO mention of IT anywhere…


Hey maybe if we wait 24 hrs another personality will show up. Kind of embarrassing that a so called respectable organization can’t get their act together.


And the next assumption is brought to you by two time dumbass of the week winner Syphilis…


Kristen doing some Chanel work in Paris…


According to Syphilis this meant she couldn’t possibly go back to NYC for BLLHW premiere a few days later.

And as usual Syphilis is made a fool of…


Yep. There she is back in NYC.

Someone else was headed to NYC too…

There he is. The dipshidiots were disappointed. NO IT in sight…


To reassure themselves after this major disappointment they had to think of something fast…



You know the drill. Anytime Rob is anywhere near where Kristen is the lesbian fantasies start.


Enter the next assumption. The dipshdiots assume Kristen is talking about her new found affinity for lesbianism.


Oh really. and how do they know this? Funny how we don’t see the question asked. We have no idea what she is talking about.

images (1)

Funny too how Kristen is suddenly so chatty about her personal life with  these journalists but says nothing in video interviews.

And of course the dipshidiots assume you are lesbian lovers if you hold hands with a female friend.


And according to the dipshdiots this is a money shot. Really? You can see lips touching? Nope you can’t. Again assumptions.


Funny tho they don’t want to talk much about this pic…


Oh look Kristen’s supposed new lover with her actual girlfriend.


Syphilis excuse for the pic above.


And this just in…

Kristen supposedly at the airport. And of course the dipshidiots are assuming they are lovers.


According to the dipshdiots assumptions Taylor and Dakota are lovers too.


And one last assumption…


Kristen and the Jungle sweatshirt. It drove the dipshdiots crazy…


Thank you @clared122 for making our point. NO woman is going to be wearing her exes clothes three years later.


 Funny how they assume Kristen did this as a calculated move.


Nope. Just a cute way of supporting her husband and his movie.


Just to rub it in a little. Sharing is caring.

Oh and that’s not the only thing they shared…


Yep It’s a Rob and Kristen cute thing.


And the dumbass of the week is a tie! Tizzy the Turd and Syphilis both deserve the award for their unlimited supply of stupid.



And now get ready!

It’s time for the Rob and Kristen NYFF lovefest!

giphy (2)


Kristen looking stunning!

Safety Pin Cool!


Lovely in Green!


Kristen racked up two more awards!





Everybody say cheese!



And now for the man of the hour!



And that hair! (Funny how it’s much longer than in the photoshopped pics the dipshidiots floated around)

And the prerequisite hair grab.



And  of course the adjusting the pants move.


Posing for the camera.



And as always promo Rob  makes us laugh.



Tom Holland and the chair break.



I guess Tom and Brady are back to being Rob’s friends. Not just co workers of course.

Top-30-Most-funniest-Sarcasm-quotes-humorous-images (1)

Rob and Sienna.


Yep she’s friends with the wife too.

Just sit back and enjoy the gorgeousness.



Thanks helen mackey @helenmackey7 for the pics of Rob! And Annie for giving us all the deets!


And to close this out a slide show of Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson NYFF slay!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a good week!



57 thoughts on “The Weekly Roundup

  1. Marijuana is legal in 23 states. Kristen is in a very safe place that allows u to smoke it, nothings wrong with that. But what some of u don’t know is one of Britain’s best known nightclub Vogue Fabric an underground club has been forced to close permanently after its license was revoked following the drug related deaths of two people. People were openly buying and taking illegal drugs on the premises, and that the staff should have been aware of it. Same club fkatwigs use to go to. That’s her prerogative, but stop labeling Kristen as doing something wrong when fkatwigs isn’t any better.


  2. Dear cuz, Since we respect K and R privacy way too much too much to dare ask what we would luv to know or see, could you relay to her that she has a huge group of ladies who feel the truth, love the truth, defend their truth. Is there a way she could let us know she knows we are out here fighting for them to the bone. Could she pls let us know she got the
    This message.

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  3. Hello everyone,

    Bravo Kristen! Didn’t our girl look stunning, no breathtaking last night. Chic! Even that doesn’t say it all. I mean she looked absolutely marvelous darling. The only low note I can associate with it is that it was with Elle. Do I thinks they (Elle) are absolutely exploiting the situation? You can bet your ass I do. For me that is what Josh was talking about in the interview. He, like all of us are wondering if allowing these types to exploit the subject is the way to go. Of course Kristen words were “I’m protecting myself”. Let’s just remember these campaigns were put together months ago. During the same damn time, I might add Kristen was saying she would never discuss her sexual life for the public.

    Hurst publication jumped onto the band wagon and grabbed both nuts. It’s never been about that little thing called her (CAREER). Don’t forget they were the publication that placed Twigs on their cover saying she was the next Prince. Yes folks that is exploitation 101. just sayin

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ladies your comments that were replies to the troll I deleted got deleted with her post. You did nothing wrong. If your comment is a reply to the post deleted it will get deleted with it.Thanks.


  5. HKN why was my comments deflected. I said nothing bad about Kristen interview. Was just trying to let people know what Kristen was saying that she was not gay, and not dating a woman.


    1. Carol, I think all of the replies under a comment that was deleted also automatically get deleted. I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with your response. Alice and Iona’s comments are also gone.


    1. Very amusing how the sessed trolls claim they could care less what we say or think yet their actions prove otherwise. They must have many sleepless nights trying to figure out new ways to get on here. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. you are an idiot CaroKat if that is what you got from the interview. Perhaps you are just here to sow discontent. I think this group is too strong for you to do that

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    2. Did she not say it is not the fact that I am dating a girl or have dated a girl. Kristen is telling you all she is not a lesbian. There are not facts at all it is the media and tabloids that is saying this about her.


    3. Also people have rights no matter who are what they choose for themselves. That we need to change how we feel and talk about people and put them down because of our beliefs. Like the media. Kristen have been label every since the reporter from the mirror UK claims her mother said she was. So the DM.People. Just Jared.etc., are trying real real hard to make it so. Please don’t let me forget Hollywoodlife.


      1. Sorry everyone for bringing it up – I was thinking all those people were blocked. I was first off blown away by the depth with which she talks about things – and the rapport between her and Josh. Second – I think she talks very hypothetically about things “If I….. or if someone…..”. Her conversation was way too chatty to just drop a bomb like “I AM……..”. Was just more interested in people’s take on it all.


      1. Thankyou ..l have been a loyal follower of mr & mrs P. for some yrs l found this site by açcident ..but there are times because of me living in England l feel left out when l see some you going to events which rob and his wife attend…so keep up the hard work all of you because someone like me really needs it ..

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  6. watching and loving WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. I Think these actors (ROB and KRISTEN) are giving us a goooood look of the workings of Hollywood. I pray they will be able to continue being as AWSOME as they are knowing that we love them. I miss looking forward to seeing them on screen on holidays.


  7. Great post HKN! I have just been sitting back enjoying all the promo and great reviews for our beautiful couple but wanted to be sure to thankyou and all the great posters for keeping me up to date on the latest happenings, Thanks again.

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  8. Took a while to get over missing Rob at NYFF. Couldn’t speak of for days. Coming back to normal. Liking all the posed PR is feeding paps and sheep. Keeping them guessing is indeed her apparent mantra. Her life,her decision. The obvious similar friends,movie and fashion moguls,etc and charities. These bahbah women are being fed 💩💩💩💩and just gobble it up with gusto. So dumb

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  9. Hello friends,

    Yesterday I attended my second Susan G. Koman Pink Ribbon Luncheon. The food and the atmosphere were absolutely fabulous. It’s was a sisterhood moment when everyone’s first question was how long have you survived followed by a pat on the back or hug. Believe me no matter what your journey or station in life you need that. The talk at my table was my hair. Yes, it is slowly growing back after chemo, but; not like it was. My mentor told me not to shave my head that it’s breaks your growth pattern, but I was Miss know the hell all. Currently, I am fully prematurely gray and wake up everyday looking like Woodstock. Really, no gel or nothing. And I thought having reading classes in every room sucked. Believe me it’s humbling!

    Consequently, I am saying all that to say this. Girl, don’t procrastinate! Annual screenings are an absolute necessity. Often we realize that the quality of our lives is everything far too late. If you haven’t been screened yet this year, get her done!

    Anywhoddle, a few weeks ago about the same time twigs was doing her gig in Bugtuggle, Ca. I clicked on that festival and it linked to her facebook page. On her page I read a comment of someone inquiring whether she (twigs) was suspending her career for the next THREE years. I peered into her IG and read a couple of comments there asking the same question. I never found a answer to that question or origin of that information. The Elle article perhaps? Did so few people read that article? However, my gut feeling is that there is something to it. Not that she is doing it by choice, I think she has lost her recording contract. She (twigs) has had far too many loosing projects. As with CK, your ad must sale jeans in the end. It just can’t be cute Obviously she didn’t. So I didn’t see her name or image listed among those selected for the current or upcoming CK campaign . On the record deal we will see won’t we. just sayin

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  10. What a fantastic Post! Thank you HKN! All of the photos are so beautiful, and of course I love sharing is caring, that is always my absolute favorite. Rob looks as handsome as ever and Kristen becomes more beautiful everyday. The dipshits are running out of ammunition, it’s just a series of repeating the daily garbage they always repeat, which is an underlying hate for Kristen. Kristen wearing her hubbies shirt says it all, RK is Unbroken!
    Chloe M.

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  11. Hey all ya’ll.

    I’m Back in Baby’s Arms…….Patsy Cline. I woke up listening to that song and I can’t get it out of my head. That’s ok, I love me some Patsy Cline. Sweet Dreams of You, are you kidding?

    I don’t know about ya’ll but this election season has given me the blues. I feel so ashamed of the process. Sooooo, I can’t begin to express just how badly I needed a full on R/K fix. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put it out there in full living color. I have you to thank for my full recovery. Now, if I can just stop doing the running man. Giggles!

    Bravo Rob and Kristen! Well played! Let’s just say it isn’t everyday you get the recognition you deserve. I would say their faces said it all. They were as pleased as punch, and why shouldn’t they be? Rob and Kristen without a doubt have the admiration of their peers as well as the RESPECT of the film industry. And yes, those who say Rob and Kristen would could never have achieved so much if they tried to maintain a public relationship. Absolutely!!!! THE PUBLIC IS QUITE HAPPY WITH THE FABRICATED LIFE THE PATTINSONS FEED THEM. For Kristen to be bi-sexual bedding every woman in sight and Rob to be engaged to a washed up performer just feeds the souls. My favorite of all the lies is the revelation that Rob and Kristen live like paupers. He moves around town in a pick up. Rob has no clothes at this home. Empty closet? A first grader could figure that out. What the hell? Every pic of Rob in the airport he is rolling huge bags. What did he have in that big ass suitcase this past weekend. That sucker was huge. It looks to me perhaps Rob was in charge of bring the welcome to the jungle sweatshirt. Perhaps children’s clothes. And oh yes it absolutely did match the smaller piece Kristen been seen with. They have homes in some of the most exclusive parts of that region. But Lotte Jeffs, bless her heart, was fed a load of whooey and she brought it hook line and sinker. You would think a big time journalist would have realized she wasn’t at their home. She was at their house. BIG ASS DIFFERENCE!

    Geez, to be a fly on their walls. A renaissance couple is what I’m thinking. Too strong? I don’t think so. Yes they have redefined what it means to have an full career with independent films. No one has done it better.

    I’m remembering that a well known gossip blogger once said Kristen’s career would be shadowed by Rupert. She said the film industry had long memories about such things. Sooo, where is Rupert? Where is the blogger? Where are Kristen and Rob? Long memories by ass.
    Note to gossip blogger, you know who you are: Damn girl, looks like the film industry forgot not to forget. Just sayin

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  12. thanks Hkn for the awesome post. RK have proved again what a beautiful and talented couple they are. Keep up the good work and k loves playing with the paps.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. I look forward to your post every week to catch up on everything that has been going on as I tend to miss quite a bit. Your biting wit and sarcasm is right up my street and when anybody I come across tries to tell me that RK aren’t together I find myself referring to your comments and pictures to get my point across. Thank you for all your hard work, I love it xx:)

    Liked by 4 people

  14. Spot on HKN! You do a great job of recapping the week of trollology. It was a successful trip to the NYFF for Kristen and Rob. They both looked great! Enjoyed reading all your comments. Kindest regards to all.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Great post, Love how every time Kristen is photographed with a new girl, she is automatically, involved with her. It is such BS, that’s why I haven’t seen most of the pics you posted today. I have even stopped being on twitter for more than a few minutes a day, I get on see what’s up and get right back off. I did love the pics of the two of them at their premieres, Rob looked really good in that suit, and I said a few weeks ago, his hair looked longer than the ones that sessed were trying to pass off. Kristen always looks great on the red carpet. Well I’m going on vacation on Wednesday, to see my daughter and my grandson’s first birthday, on Monday. Then I’m spending a couple of days in Vegas, for me time. Have a great next couple of weeks.

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  16. Thanks for the new post. I just have one thing to say: Congratz Rob and Kristen for trolling the paps and the haters. It’s obvious that Kristen is making fun of the dipshidiots. NYFF gave us goodies. I was really happy to see Rob. He just looks more mature, more serious, and always a bit pensive. And he looks really really good.
    I just have one thing to say about Phyllis and her theory of flights times. 1st, it doesn’t 10 hours from Paris to London. It’s closer to 8-9. Then there’s a thing called jet lag. It’s currently 6:00 AM in Paris. It’s 00:00 in New-York. If someone took a flght right now in Paris, they’ll be in New-York at 8:40 in the morning. When Kristen got her Cesarn a friday night, she left the saturday in the morning, she was in LA for a pre-Oscar party in LA in the evening. So someone lost an opportunity to be silent.

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  17. Loved this! The PR shots for both R and K: beautiful. R’s hair is much longer but it looks fantastic– he looks fantastic. Loved how his hair was getting more mussed as he ran his hands through it many times. Loved the shots showing how they have the same mannerisms. I just loved, loved, loved this one. Thanks, HKN.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Once again HKN. Your roundly week is awesome bringing down the dramas to reality.Loved Kristen premiering her three upcoming movies at the NYFF as well,congrats on her awards too.Beautiful as always on the red carpet.
    As for our handsome man Mr. Robert Pattinson, congrats on your NYFF “The Lost City of Z”.Can’t wait to see both Rob and Kristen movies to watch in the U.S


  19. HKN, You are too awesome for words,the pic’s are awesome too,great job as always.Keep stomping the haters asses,they will go to any length to say Rob/Kris are not together .delusional much?why yes they are and so full of lies.

    Liked by 2 people

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