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Weekly Roundup

This was Kristen’s week to shine and the dipshidiots were very bitter. They had to come up with something to divert the attention away from her many accomplishments.

This is the best they could come up with….


Source Developing?


Translation. We need more time to get someone to claim our badly photoshopped effort.



A floating hoodie doesn’t give the dipshidiots much credibility.


So now we know who first posted the developing source pic…



Someone turning up as your developing source hrs later isn’t cutting it either.


 The dipshidiots had a laughable explanation for this source not being credited at first. It’s an Instagram Story…


Nope I don’t. I don’t do Instagram. What I do know despite Tizzy the Turd’s insistence she couldn’t have, is that YES she could have downloaded that pic from twitter onto her phone and then upload it to her Instagram Story, after she saw all the attention it was getting. I’m guessing she has the technical knowledge to download an image to her phone  from the internet and upload it to an Instagram Story.


I’m also guessing that everyone else that was at this concert also knows how to use the cameras on their cell phones. Funny tho how this buddy of Tizzy the Turd’s is the only one who came up with a pic.



Mighty convenient for the continuing dipshidiot bs tho isn’t it? Now they have their perfect excuse.


Oh but let’s not forget the other person in that photoshopped pic. The blonde…


A known bullshitter who has posted many fake sightings. Not buying it…



And RP 360 still posting pics side by side that have nothing to do with each other. There is NO pic of IT at the Seramic concert. None. Nada. In fact there is NO actual proof any pic of Rob and/or IT was taken at the Seramic concert period.


Now while this bs was going on we got this…


Does the man in the lower right hand corner look familiar? He should…



Yep it looks like Rob. The hands are a dead give away…



No, following Kristen haters like Tizzy the Turd is what is considered negative. Why are you so concerned what we think of you if you follow the likes of Tizzy the Turd? Just wondering.


And the dipshidiots lost it over Rob supporting his wife and went into their Kristen is a lesbian spiel to calm themselves down. …



Yep.They had to come up with someone new since Alicia hasn’t been seen with Kristen in a while.

And of course Syphilis was all over this as fact…


The tabloids have told her so it must be true! Funny tho how she doesn’t jump all over these tabloid stories…


And once again the dipshidiots have drawn the conclusion that two women walking down the street together means they are lesbian lovers. I think they need a sex education class on what constitutes a romantic relationship…


And now get ready this will have your stomach hurting from laughing…



Syphilis was all giggles over this…


The dipshidiots were jumping up and down with glee…


But less than 24 hrs later…


And the dipshidiots were having fits…


But wait it got even better…


Our buddy Marie asked them for an explanation and the dipshidiots begged for an answer…



They didn’t like it when they got one. Notice NO explanation for the change in less than 24hrs. NO confirmation of Rob going to the Gala. He can’t. Because by all indications Rob isn’t attending.



Tizzy the Turd in denial is hilarious. Yes Tizzy he’s involved with the GO Campaign. But he is not slated to attend the Gala.


Rob’s movie High Life with Claire Dennis is scheduled to film soon. He will probably be filming  at the time of the Gala. I say probably because this is an indie movie and they are notorious for filming dates changing as we have all learned in the past.


And now get your popcorn ready for a  Kristen NYFF pic spam!


I want those shoes!



Hair grab!


Holy smokes!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Getting her own night!

giphy (2)


Kristen slayed wherever she went!


Oh look who showed up at Personal Shopper premiere supporting his besties wife. Hi Tom!


And suddenly just like that the dipshdiots forget that Tom is Rob’s bestie and he’s only at the premiere to support an ex-costar.


Looks like Rob lost Brady Corbet as a friend too…


Smartlurker handing the dipshidiots their heads!


Congratulations Kristen! You rocked it! I’m sure Rob and your babies couldn’t be prouder of you!


Also thanks to Helen and Annie for giving us updates from the NYFF!


RP 360 was bitter over all the Kristen goodies…


That ugly shade of jealousy green doesn’t look good on you dipshidiots…



Kristen at the airport…


Gee same clothes. Nice try dipshidiots.



Woo Hoo! It’s Rob’s turn next!


And we know the dipshidiots will be ready with an overkill of old photoshopped pics and staged fake sightings. We won’t be fooled.


The dumbass of the week is without a doubt not playing with a full deck…


The dumbass of the week is…

Tizzy the Turd!


And that about does it this time around. I will leave you with a couple of supposedly new quotes from Rob in a new interview in a Russian magazine…


Of course the dipshidiots are crying foul on this lol.Of course if it’s their buddy Lotte Jeffs lying through her teeth it’s the truth.  Not exactly jiving with their fantasy that he doesn’t like LA anymore. Not saying the quote is new. Don’t know. It’s included in a new interview. Make of it what you will. But I love that it has the dipshidiots in an uproar.



And he has a wonderful sense of humor to combat the idiots with…




“Our friend Brady” Yes indeed. Thanks Rob for clarifying that…


When it comes to print articles take it with a big grain of salt…


Or the whole bottle.

Everyone have a nice week!



44 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. I do so envy you ..those who are able to be at nyff45..l can only read your comments of you living the dream .😊😊but to see robs jungle sweatshirt on his wife that made my wkend.

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  2. Just got out of BLLHTW….What a movie.
    What a performance by Kristen! OMG!
    Kristen was brilliant in all of her movies that screened at NYFF54 but holy hell in BLLHTW!
    Also, an incredible, incredible performance by Joe Alwyn who plays Billy Lynn.

    Liked by 6 people

  3. Morning all!
    Going to the 3:00PM screening of BLLHTW today.

    Cory4RK………It was pure luck on our part. We had an early lunch and headed to Lincoln Center……heard that the Q&A was still going at WRT and went directly there. It was a case of divide and conquer.

    If you can send your E-mail address to HKN, we’d be happy to share the pics and autographs with you. I am not on Twitter but the friend i was with is…..We will find a way.

    I was at the 6:15 PM showing of TLCOZ at WRT but saw how crowded the lobby of ATH was as we passed by.

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    1. Anne, your very kind to want to share. I am totally happy u had your moment. I am still so deeply dissapointed for missing Rob, I cannot yet grasp how unlucky I was. Even a friend, who only went on a whim, experienced what you did. Rob even shook her hubbies hand in passing.HE IS NOT EVEN A FAN. I am presently wrestling with the green-eyed monster of jealously to put the beast back into its cave. Happy for u, enjoy BL. I will boohoo out

      Liked by 3 people

  4. It was a really great afternoon/evening at NYFF54……Got some great pics of Rob and autographs from Sienna Miller and Tom Holland.
    No autograph from Rob unfortunately.
    TLCOZ was full of great performances by all. Beautifully shot.
    I thought it was quite slow in the beginning but that slowness thankfully didn’t last long.
    I truly enjoyed the film.

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  5. It’seems Rob promo night! Yes, finally, I heard from either someone going or I read it that Rob will be at the 6pm film. I thought it was the 9pm but it could be both times yet more than one seems to think they changed his appearance time to earlier. I don’t know details so go look for yourselves since I am stuck pruning. Well supervising it. Oh and for those who don’t know, trying to send out picks from inside theater, you won’t be able too for some reason. Others who have attended had to wait until they got out before sending pics. So all of you lucky ones who got tickets, hope he is at the 9pm but have also heard that he might not be at that one which would suck or maybe they added his appearance to the 6pm since demand was so high. Money speaks. That is all. Pruning outside recommencedar. For those going, enjoy, am looking forward to an insight with out giving the movie away.

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    1. Went to the 9:00
      All that happened was Gray credited all involved and the the cast walked out briefly. They showed a Hunnam clip thanking and stating why he couldn’t be there. Seems most of theRob time was earlier. SO DISAPPOINTED. Then to make it worse, we went for a quick meal, and missed Rob’s minni red carpet. I strucK out all over the place. Depressed and angry signing off. I see Anne had better forune


  6. I am so glad that I found this site. You tell the truth and are not influenced by the lying tabloid media!! I cannot believe that so many people have fallen for the Soko, Alicia, and now St. Vincent rumours about Kristen. She is way too pretty and feminine to ever be a lesbine and if she was a lesbine then she would never have been with Rob in the first place right?
    I hope that I will be welcome here as a newbie. You all seem so nice and level headed unlike those weirdos at Gossip Cop.


  7. Sat. I am finally,hopfully getting to see Rob and Huhnan (sp) and Tully Hall. God,sooooo excited. I will make every effort to get photos to share with you all. I do not know how to post if I get lucky, but one of you tech savvy folks to help

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  8. What is going on with the GO campaign. Does it have something with the sessed that they think with Rob being an ambassador that he will bring IT? I feel she is going to insist that Rob finish with the PR by walking the red carpet with him in NY at the LCOZ, to get some more attention.


  9. Everytime l read our hkn comments from u all it gives me so much hope that our couple will one day will just get out of the same car complete with the family….


  10. Great post as usual! Loved seeing all of Kristen’s promo and can’t wait to see Rob’s. Fingers crossed to see them together if they are ready.


  11. I so totally hoped, since his wife and friends are in NYC, he would be here as well. He is already for her tribute, will be for LCOZ (OMG) I am too, going to Tully going to Tully. HKN, thanks so much for always being here, and throwing the pearls of truth about. No matter how many things are presented, all the common friends they have at the discussion, premiers, etc, The denial Niler’s keep chugging along, ignoring the obvious, dancing in the toxic fumes of their own delusion. Go get um Dizzy Tizzy. I prefer the real and logic = two famous, talented people desperately preserving their right to their lives and friend, and fam. Totally get that.

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  12. Dear HKN,

    Thank You for being you, your time and your kindness.

    It is very interesting the Founder & CEO of GOCampaign, Scott Fifer’s reply to “…twicrazreader Don’t fear – Rob’s name has always been on our website! Look
    8.42 am – 7 Oct 2016…” clearly DID NOT state nor specify Rob will be physically in attendance as one of their Gala Chairs on Saturday, November 5, 2016.

    It will be Rob’s priority should he be in attendance unannounced on that day.

    It is basic common sense Rob’s name will be on their website since he is one of their ambassadors.

    Should one respect Rob, please honour your sincerity not only as his fan but your own kind generosity, in contributing to any of the charities that he supports, in his name – Robert Pattinson – whether he is physically in attendance or not.

    On a happier note, Kristen’s effortless individuality at NYFF54 Festival16 for her 3 films, during Kristen Stewart Tribute with pict of Rob’s physical presence, Rob’s forthcoming attendance at NYFF54 Festival16 for his film Lost City of Z (hopefully with pict(s) of Kristen’s physical presence), Rob’s Dior Homme Spring 2017 Campaign, both Rob & Kristen personify classic rebels with style and grace.

    HKN, Looking forward to your next post.

    My best wishes and warmest regards, Shirley Hashim.

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  13. Love this one. I really hope that Rob attending to Kris’s night is a sign of them feeling more meh about who sees them and who doesn’t I think that when they decide to go public it will be so natural that no one will even notice.
    Great post as usual!


  14. Great post HKN
    Hi bfishy I concur with some of what you’re saying, first of all I know what plagiarism means, but are u insinuating that I should have thought about what I said carefully before making a decision or some type of conclusion. Can you please elaborate on
    ( something to ponder about ) because it was just a statement, or let’s say an opinion. 😂


  15. Wow! You sunk the ball right through the backboard with this one! BTW, I bet a number of us could make stick-figure Rob look more realistic than that first PS disaster. They’ve got nothing, their ship is sinking, and their desperation is showing through in spades. That Pattinson 360 tweet is really ridiculous and quite telling that they truly have nothing– and are nothing but extremely desperate. Again, good job– HKN! Really, really love these weekly updates!


    1. Yes!!! Forehead, jaw line, head size, hoodie -it’s one of the worst attempts. Unless he has a very large alien-shaped head lol!!


  16. Great post hkn ! Loved the goodies this week of Kristen. I’m so proud to be this gutsy little womens fan. And may I add beautiful to the max inside and out.

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