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Weekly Roundup

The weekly roundup is brought to you by the dipshidiots crowing thinking they have a victory and showing how stupid and gullible they really are…


It all started with this…


The dipshidiots of course lapped it up. Funny tho we don’t know when or where this picture was actually from. And we couldn’t ask. The person who posted it on Facebook deleted it soon after. Go figure.


This brought  on an avalanche of sightings, pics and video. A couple of days later so they could prepare of course…


And suddenly the dipshidiots fears were calmed. A coincidence? Oh Hardly.


It doesn’t take a rocket science to see what was going on.


Oh goody another back pic. Uhm his legs look a little skinny to be Rob. And can you even tell if that is IT?



Just another coincidence? Uhm NO.


But wait there’s one more for good measure…


The dipshidiots claim this is Rob at the concert. Uhm Funny how his pants aren’t rolled up and his shoes aren’t white. It doesn’t match their other two questionable pics. Back to the drawing board.


And then we got this. Supposedly headed to the airport. Funny tho we don’t know exactly what day this is from. ( I’ll get to that in a minute.)


They look so thrilled with each other.


There were also  videos…


 Rob calls her Twigs in one of the videos.


LOL. Yep he calls her by her professional name to throw the public off. Sure thing. I think Tracygee needs a nomination for dumbass of the week.


What happened with this Tracy?



Oh look the tabloids finally noticed she hasn’t been wearing the fake ring. Newsflash to the tabs. She hasn’t had it on since January. The dipshidiots had to think of a new excuse for the missing ring…


Oh but they were conventional when IT was flaunting the fake ring  and it suited you right Tizzy? Another dumbass of the week nominee.


One more thing about the airport pictures…



Of course he did…(NO it isn’t because of the lighting)


Where the videos come from is a story in itself. One the dipshidiots don’t want to hear…




This Russian site buys videos and then sells them to the tabs. You’ll notice their name attached as a source to one of the videos above when you watch it. No telling when or where or from who they actually got this video.


As usual when it rains it pours fors for the dipshidiots. A few days later and the next batch of bs rolls in…


Supposedly Rob and IT  attended an after party held by Drake. Notice the no photos sign. But the dipshidiots buddies somehow took some…


These are pap pics. No telling where or when they were taken.


What woman puts her hand on another man’s chest in front of her supposed fiance? The kind with no class.screenshot_2016-09-29-10-21-16_kindlephoto-5375068

Kicks trying to use IT and class in the same sentence?


That will get you dumbass of the week nomination.

The dipshidiots tried desperately to connect the dots…


Unfortunately there were no dots to connect…

NO Mention of Rob or IT in this post.


NO mention of Rob or IT in this one either.


NO mention of Rob or IT once again.


Despite no mention of Rob or IT in any of these posts the dipshidiots put them next to the pics that we don’t what day or when they were taken…


Nice try Nancy. Another dumbass of the week nominee.


Validated? By who exactly? Again there is no proof of where or when these old,manipulated,or staged pics and videos are from. Seriously. Get your head out of your asses.


Here’s the thing. No matter how hard the dipshidiots try they aren’t going to change the FACT that Rob and Kristen are happily married with three children and three fur babies. Is the Plan still in effect? It was supposed to be over as far as IT was concerned but it looks like Rob and Kristen changed their minds. That’s their right.It’s not for me or anybody else except Rob and Kristen to decide when it ends. Personally I think it’s on it’s last legs. And if it’s not then so be it. Rob and Kristen will do what is necessary to protect their little family for as long as they think it needs to be done. Again it’s not mine or anyone else’s decision. It’s Rob and Kristen’s decision.



Suzie being cute with a dog. And just for fun something about this pic to make the dipshidiots squirm…




Little girl reflected in the sunglasses? Gee I wonder who it could be?






Of course we can count on Wanda believing the tabloids marriage predictions once again. This gets her and Debrett and Thomas  dumbass of the week nominations. I guess she didn’t learn from them telling her they were getting married in August 2015, December 2015,January 2015.You get the picture…


It’s time for the dumbass of the week award. But we have one more nominee. A well known dumbass…


Syphilis. Showing her intellect once again. She claimed  Muse had jumped ship after she posted this.

Tizzy was all over this too hoping for it to be true…


Actually this is what Muse was talking about…


An IT ass kissing account is biting the dust not Muse. Better luck next time Syphilis and Tizzy


The nominees for dumbass of the week are…

Tracygee,Tizzy,Kicks,Nancy,Wanda,Debrett and Thomas and Syphilis.(Whew.A lot of dumbasses this week.)


And the winner is…



I think she will setting a record for wins.


And to close this out…


Rob. Sweater.Uncle Karl. Dior. How can it miss?



Tuxedo Rob. Nothing more needs said…



Rob.Mr Suave…



Uncle Karl singing Rob’s praises.


High five on that!

And that’s about it. Have a nice week everybody!



43 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. You are right on Bfishy, with this one. There really are very few “new” topics– if any. What makes something unique is the interpretation on the topic. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s interpretation to such a degree that they are interchangeable and are portraying the same thing. We’ll have to see if T can come up with a unique interpretation of the zodiac, or if she is copying someone else’s interpretation. Who knows, she may even surprise US! LOL.


  2. Dear HKN,
    Please take care of yourself and family. All your safety and well-being are always in our prayers.
    Yours sincerely,
    Shirley Hashim and family.


  3. Thank goodness for HKN! The daily hits against R and K are phony and really boring. The money made from hating on RK goes to the magazines and they are always proved to be liars. The truth is that most families in Hollywood move to find peace of mind. RK are able to make a home wherever they are because nobody knows for sure their business, as they like to manipulate their world to shake up very stupid people. They stay ahead of the blogs hating on their life, it is the only way to confuse these really evil people. Every day they see new stories, made up videos, and photos that are making the Russians rich. The Russians seem to want to control everyone’s life, right up to the Presidential Election. What a mess! Keep the people on the East coast in your prayers folks. Susie


  4. Hey ladies, Tara Banks has a show called America next top model. In 2005 she did a shoot on her show called America next top model zodiac calendar signs, (type this ) Tara Banks next top model show on zodiac signs, look at the pictures. Now fkatwigs has a project call rooms on zodiac signs hope she does something original on her own just saying bye


    1. Being inspired by the zodiac is nothing knew – I seriously doubt she saw an 11 year old Tyra episode and copied it. Artist are inspired by many things just as we are. If you see someone in an outfit you admire and then recreate it – is that plagiarism? I went to an art exhibit where all the pieces were paintings of Venice. Is that plagiarism? I think that argument gets old when you are defining the creative process and specifically a theme. Now there are specific times when I’ve seen things she’s done or credit she has solely taken that are questionable – but I think this time your suggestion is a stretch. Just something to ponder.


  5. Does anyone wonder why k quit wearing her padlock necklace except the one from jillian. Only the black thin bracelet. Jewelry means something to k . Suzie has a black thin bracelet to. What is funny I read on line that Tom is the only one not seen with t at all since this mess started. But at the beginning it was a rumor that him and siena are the one that introduced them. To funny how stories are turned. But so glad he was their for K. Kris’s outfits were trendy and suited her but would have loved seeing her in a pretty dress. Of course the dress she wore for woody allen premiere with the white and puffy sleeves lets just say I would have liked something else. But I’m just a fan and k is definely her own women.

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  6. Don’t get what yr asking. Sentence s awkward, but not like person with english as a 2nd, more like a person pretending a 2nd lang. If I am wrong,my apologies. You got the twigs name right though


  7. It’s embarrassing the people who are reaching out to Go Campaign chair – and acting as if they are personal friends. It’s a good program where Rob is involved or not. The website no longer says he is co-chair but that shouldn’t matter. If you believe in the org – support it – whether he is there or not – help out Go campaign because they deserve it. They are quite the hypocritical ones if they no longer support because he may not be there. And seriously………enough with the “Tahliah” talk…she’s not your bff.

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    1. By the looks of the photogs flying about,TS was. Not surprised. he lives here. You know it’s funny, Tom hates photos more the Rob when unsolicited, Everytime they snap he gives that same squint FU stare. Same look diff day. He impresses me as one who will never indured the media. Don’t blame him


  8. So very happy for Kristen. I am glad she is finally receiving the praise she so rightfully deserves for
    the wonderful performances she has given. She was a wonderful actress at a very young age. Most of all I love how she has remained strong, kind, and determined when the very hounds of hell were trying to destroy her. She never retaliated with unkind words or actions. She took everything that was thrown at her with a brave front, although I know some of the hateful things hurt her. She battled on. She is my idea of a strong Young woman. I think this is why she has so many fans.

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  9. What a good post! Thinking about the really silly dimwits buying pictures of Rob and making their own reality from them at $70.00 a whack is definitely going to get my best burp and spray. I wonder if Rob and Kristen don’t get rather nauseated at these very sick people, and their very weird world. I wish RK could make statements, but these looney-tunes would never believe them. Florida, time to duck and cover! Be safe Carolina! Susie

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  10. Morning all.
    Cory4rk…..I’m going to see TLCOZ on October 15th (sat) the 6:15 screening.
    I would have loved to have been at the screening and Q&A for Certain Women on Monday. I saw it yesterday and it was subtle but powerful……..The reviewers are correct when they point out that although all the performances are noteworthy, the Lily Gladstone/Kristen scenes stay with you.
    Lily Gladstone was excellent.

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  11. Hello good folk of the Haven,

    Please join me in offering congrads to London Calling and Hub on the birth of their son. He is the cutest little dude!

    Sooooo, today I have been lurking around the web and geez it appears that the hater sesses still aren’t as pleased as you would think. Obviously, they (think) they got what they wanted. However, read their words they have no confidence in the videos either. Panties are still twisted. They are sooo angry. Why! BECAUSE THEY CAN NOT RECONCILE WHAT THEY KNOW WITH WHAT THEY ARE BEING FED. Of course they can’t help but to recognize when Rob went home to LA after filming he confirmed where his heart was. And by the way, so did she. Apparently, the only reason she bothered to show up on the west coast was work. No love lost there. Friends? Not in his circle apparently.

    After all the video showed up I decided to look into the pay to least photo stock business. It’s huge! My first google yield 45k, the second google yield 70k all over the world. It seems that you can subscribe to least photo/video stock 5 images per day on average. The cost being $59 to $90ish per month on average. They have sections just for celebrities images. Who does this? Web designers and bats with an agenda. Me, I find the cost prohibitive. Me, I prefer to have an El grande Star Buck’s, pumpkin spice, daily. In the pm I have to have my Coke Zero. I don’t have a dime for bs. Do I think bats subscribe to some of these sites, don’t you? I think there are thousands of images video up for grabs. In some cases you only need a head. Just think I believe they thought it was there last chance. Desperation! Bats be crazy!

    Now to Kristen. Tre’ chic is all i’m saying. Sooo, I noticed Suzz joined her in NY. Sooo, where is Alicia? hummm. Sooooo, if that bat, Lotte Jeff, is to be believed. Should not Alicia be in New York not Suzz. In fact by my estimation, Kristen has not been paped with Alicia since August 27th. No coffee runs in over a month. Remember this happened when that bat said Kris’s mom outed her. There were no pap pics of Kristen with Alicia for months. just sayin

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  12. Cory4RK….
    I didn’t see any message from you on the blog. When did you leave it?
    I’m seeing Personal Shopper on Friday…….Kristen and Assayas will be there for the Q&A.
    I’m also seeing TLCOZ and BLLHTW.😄
    Did you see Certain Women?


    1. I couldn’t, I am a teacher we have patent sessions on the 7th. I will have to wait like a greedy peasant for food scraps for my next opportunity. I am free for LCOZ. I wrote that we will be at the 9: 00 show in the Alice Tully Hall. The advert suggested “selected cast members will be present” I live in hope. It could well be just Tom’s significant other since she lives in NYC. But since Rob’s wife is here, I am hoping. We’ll see. That is what I wrote. Which show are you going to?


  13. Hello good folks of the Haven,

    Please join me in offering congrads to London Calling and Hub on the birth of their new baby boy. That little dude is sooo cute!

    Ladies, soooo I was online just a lurking. I mean, you would think that haters would be far more happy than they actually are. Obviously they think they got what they wished for, Sooo, why aren’t they satisfied. Geez, their panties are still twisted. (giggles) Twisted because they can’t stop waiting for (us) the believers to vet all of their handy work. Yelp, heads are exploding because we are hard eggs to crack. I googled the number of online photo/video stock companies online. My first google yield was 45k. The next was 70K. Being that it is more than possible to purchase/rent photos and video stock footage that can’t be dated. I don’t believe shit. For me it seems cost prohibited, but; some people will do anything to pull the clicks. Me, I like El grande Star bucks, pumpkin spice, every morning and Coke Zero in the am. Who do I need to convince? It seems you have to pay a monthly fee, average $59 to $90ish per month for access to 5 images daily. Will they pay it. Yes, them bats is crazy.

    Wasn’t Kristen looking great last night, ultra chic. Isn’t it funny haha that Suzie joined her in NY and not Alicia. I mean Lotte Jeffs did tell the world that Kristen was so in LOVE! Soooooo, I would expect Kris not to leave her lover behind, especially since she outed herself. But of course you realize, by my estimation, Alicia has not been seen with Kris since August 27 when they were at the pet shop. It sorta like when that bat said Kris’s mother outed her, remember?
    That time Alicia wasn’t seen in 2 to 3 months. Just sayin

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  14. Great update as usual. I just watched that video, it said they came out of terminal 4, that’s where I landed last year and it must have change a lot. I had to ride in a shuttle to terminal 6 which at the time was where I had to go to find out where my next flight took off from. There were no cars out there and you had to have a ticket to get anywhere near it. I know they were doing a lot of construction there so maybe they’ve change. It didn’t bother me that, that video showed up, like I said we don’t know when it was shot. Musetcb, and I talked about it, I’ve said for sometime now that we won’t ever get a pic of Kristen and Rob together until they are ready. I don’t really think that Kristen’s fans ever bought that she is now dating girls, and they had to hull out Twigs again. She looks totally annoyed that she is being put out there for the papz and tabloids. To me it look like she wanted to be anywhere but there. If you think about it how much has been said on her and twitter about Rob and Kristen being together in LA, for a couple of months now, and when was she last seen with Alicia? I honestly believe until they rid themselves of the fans, such as the ones you mention here and Sessed, they will keep pulling these stunts. Plus who’s to say Kristen wasn’t at the festival too.. Just because there weren’t any pics, we all know she fly under the radar, like know one else. Just look how she got to NYC, and she wasn’t photographed at a airport leaving or arriving. JS

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  15. The dipshidiots were in full force this week, but as usual you were superb HKN, keep up the good work.
    Another brilliant Post!
    Chloe M.


  16. Great update ! It’s truly sad how desperate the sessed are to keep their lies alive.they just can’t have R&K married ,happy and with children. Sucks to be them.


  17. Great post as always.Love the 2017 Dior campaign of our mysterious man Mr. Robert Pattinson.As for my lovely LA girl Kristen busy busy busy schedule for the upcoming film festival


  18. Woohoo gnat swatter prose. Luv it. Pls help ladies,even with a magnifier I can’t make out the baby girls. What am I not looking at correctly


  19. Thanks hkn for the terrific post. The instagram with suzie and butters not only do you see that little girls but you hear k voice! I no when the Russian come on strong its another pr push for t. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear as they say. And she is not gonna make it big no matter how hard they push. With no pics ot t or promo for her performance at the gathering Don’t think she performed or if she did it wasn’t note worthy just like all the latest performances of hers.

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  20. Thank you for another post. I’m just not sure what it means at the end. Are the pics and vids old or not, is it another try from the russians or Rob and Kristen still working on the plan? I would say the after party pics look very weird and the airport vid is not recent. My opinion is that somebody know about the third and new addition. They just want to mess up with Rob who has been MIA for a while. It’s easy to use him and old images. We don’t how he looks like nowadays. To me it’s just pure distraction.

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  21. Ok – I don’t tend to look too closely at pictures………..but those last ones made me go “wait – what?”. Look at the one where T supposedly has her hand up on Rob (upper left corner of six photos together). Basic anatomy here – with where his head/neck are at – there is no possible way that is his chest. It just doesn’t fit correctly. On the one where her hand is up on the other guy – it looks to me like Rob’s head was just added to the photo – and honestly, she seems quite connected to the bald-ish guy – nothing wrong with that. There is no reason to drag Rob into it to make it look like she was leaning on him. Just my thoughts.

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