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Fan Of The Week

The fan of the week is someone who has already won it once but deserves it again for swatting down the dipshidiots for the pests that they are…


They were after her like the maggots they are this week. They couldn’t handle her calling them out on their bs which was plenty this past week.

The fan of the week is…



fan of the week

Take a well deserved bow my friend!


Keep swatting them down!



15 thoughts on “Fan Of The Week

  1. Smartlurker is relentless! This second award is well-deserved. Congratulations. You could take the medal every week the way you constantly kick those jackasses to the curb!


  2. Yup well deserved.Everyday THEY pounce,fleas on pets
    She acts like Super Swat. Not with force,but with words and wit. I wrote her telling I get my daily giggles from her. I would literally shred shred them,they’re so ooooo annoying. I vote to give her a shield of honor.

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  3. Congratulations smartlurker, always knew you was the one and only person to bring down BS nuisance in all different shapes and sizes,Lola,loving it


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