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Weekly Roundup

This week has been a good one. Lots of positive for us. But it has left the dipshidiots with their panties in a twist.


This is  what started the dipshidiots bad week…


Kristen out and about. No Alicia. That was the first dipshidiot disappointment. Notice the reflection in the window. Doesn’t it look familiar? Think about it…


But wait it got better…


Kristen. Rob’s hat. Need I say more?



Up close…

Yes dipshidiots it’s Rob’s hat.


Next we got this goodie…


Notice no mention of IT.(We’ll get back to that in a minute)


Something the dipshidiots can’t comprehend. No one said in this tweet he was there the same night as Kristen dipshidiots. But then again maybe he was…





The dipshidiots tried to place IT in the sighting. Too bad she wasn’t even mentioned. A dumbass of the week nomination goes out to Pattinson 360 for thinking they could pull this off and no one would notice.


Now of course with everything not going their way the dipshidiots had to come up with something to reassure themselves…


All you have to do is see who she follows to know Princess Jubes is FOS. Nice try dipshidiots…



Guess I’m not the only one wise to her bs.


So the dipshidiots are so desperate they accept back of heads as proof? Rob or a NOT Rob? Supposedly that’s IT in those dreadlocks.


Funny how he’s missing the mole on his neck that is prominent on Rob.


Did he have it surgically removed?


Or forgot to photoshop it in is more likely.


Oops . They forgot to photoshop their surrogate IT in this one.


Mama Nails sums this bs up nicely!

giphy (2)

And this is how low the dipshidiots have sunk with their desperation for anything to link Rob with IT.


This idiot sees this tweet and then tries to pass off one of her own…


images (1)

And this is what they have been reduced too. Rob is not giving them what they want and they have to depend on idiots like this for their reassurance.


Just give it up dipshdiots. You’re convincing no one with this nonsense. If Rob wanted to see IT he would have done so after filming Damsel. He didn’t He went home to his wife Kristen and their children. And NO he wasn’t in LA for work. Save that excuse. It’s not flying.


And the Dumbass of the week nominees are…

1. Pattinson 360 and their lame attempt to include IT in a post where she wasn’t mentioned…

2.Princess Jubes for thinking we would actually fall for her bs tweet…

3. And last but definitely not least the two idiots who tweeted about their tits being seen by Rob…

The dumbass of the week is…

Pattinson360! congratulations for being dumbass of the week and getting caught by your own stupidity! Take a bow!


 Rob’s wife gave us some more pretty…


And that’s about it. I’ll leave you with this cute Rob animation…


Everybody have a nice week!




75 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. I just wanted to say that hasn’t it become so totally obvious by now that every single time we get some peek at or confirmation that R&K were seen someplace at the same time, the foolish obsessed haters miraculously have all of these fake ass pics and videos with Rob and the failed diva. It happens every time without fail except the failure of their Photoshopping which is so amateurish it’s laughable. They continuously make up scenarios and crap to feed their whacked out minds. Ever notice that those that believe RK are married and together never ever have to make anything up. The truth just trickles in as RK see fit to let things be known and seen. Makes it easy for us because we don’t have to try and remember any lies or fake stories to cover our butts. Every single time the sessed just look more and more foolish and childish and above all jealous and envious of what they can’t have. Those haters need to step back and take a long look at their lives and realize they are in some serious mental trouble. There is so much more to life than hating with that much vengeance that if they aren’t careful, in the end they won’t have anything to look back on except their hate filled blackened souls.

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  2. Not sure if I should bang my head on the wall or try to stop the uncontrollable laughter over some of the tweets I’ve read randomly. There was some tweet linked to “the video” and the person actually said (wait for it……………its that good), that Rob was smiling at the end of the video when the papz asked him if he was Tahliah’s husband. LOL!!!! I had to watch the video. Not only did they not ask him a question – a) he looked pissed the whole time, b) the car doors were closed, c) the car was driving away when some guy said one word. How that was twisted into an admission by Rob that he is married to her? If it wasn’t so hilarious I might actually wonder myself what was going on. Honestly – they both looked pretty pissed to be there – certainly not people who had been out enjoying themselves. Wouldn’t enjoying themselves be too “basic” for her???

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  3. HKN when are you going to talk to cuz. I feel this mess with Rob and It is still PR. I feel like her PR team is making this because she still does not have all of her money and she is behind this.

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  4. I have 3 questions why has shass not posted in a while and bunny and why are there no pics of the gathering or videos. I don’t think r was there. I do believe that r just met her at the airport. How long have rk been in Paris?. I do believe just a few questions.


  5. Cory4rk… Sorry this happened to you. They think they are brilliant. It’s not T that they love so much. It’s the hate for K that drives this Troll train!!

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    1. Ms Glinda,it’s fine. I was just small a small distraction.To attack Hkn or Mn would be fruitless since they have well practiced fangs to either delete or bury with words.
      What I did not like is coming here for dirt, rather then inventing it for themselves which is the usual MO
      I just wanted to alert the troll-letes
      Dizzy Tiz, and her little pack of delusionals, came here for meat. Be aware, don’t care, tick repellent pass and share. Will ward of

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  6. Ladies, troll alert! Just got through rolling in the mud in Twitter.I was quoted, and insulted, how sweet. Appears Dizzy Tizzy et al, are sneaking about RK sites looking for tidbits to putrefy. Must be a dull night for the muckers cause she nipped,tucked,and ridiculed yrs truly and yawl for the sheer gall, of not believing in R&T! OMG, repent ! This stuff shows me, I am glad I have a job and family. She has too much time on her hands. Yup Tiz, lick the poop off your fingers, and get out of here. This has been a paid, personal, announcement. Take care lol

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  7. Sorry forget I feel a sudden person put out the story Rob was gay. I said in a previous comment that her and her people were going to pull something and it happen. People are falling for this BS. DM wants twigs to look good and still want to put Kris down. If Rob goes to NYFF she wants to walk the RC with Rob. She can’t do anything by herself. In my comment I meant sesses. Ladies look at things and see for yourself.

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  8. Good Morning, but something is wrong with this picture. At first Rob was gay he had come out, then coming in to LAX with her after her concert, then at Drake after party. Rob was not on that plane with her. This woman concerts were not going that well then she says she is not going to do any music for three years. Twigs was’nt getting any attention so the Rob thing starts again. Rob does not want to be with this woman. I feel she is saying their contact was still not full feel because she did not get all of her money. Rob’s face tell it all. This woman will do anything to be in the in crowd. Why be all up on Rob like Kris used to be with hand on chest, then turn and do the same thing with another man and bf right behind him. There was no protection there. DM is the biggest and nasty tabloid out and they love them some twigs. My comment is not to be put on any other blog by dessert and you do not have my permission. This is my opinion only.

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    1. I used to have the vomit urge as well. I found the cure. I highly recommend u try it. Lies and fabrications make people who recognize truth, sick, like sour milk.
      I found out for myself,if I stop drinking sour milk, I felt much better. Without one ounce of sarcasm intended. Just stay away from tab and media liars👍👌

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    1. Bless you Ms Glinda. I will be happy just to see him again. Not planning to pounce off balcony. I was so dazzled the last time, I froze like a dumb statue. Since my last moment, he is a married man, a dad=new Rob.


  9. I’m sorry, but I am leaving for good. I can’t take the viciousness against Kristen anymore as I witnessed over at Hollywood Life with people accusing her of making up a story about having anxiety and claiming Rob wants nothing to do with her or Twilight when an article explored the possibility of more films. I shouldn’t have gone over there, but I couldn’t help myself. I need to focus on my own life and not worry about what others think anymore.


    1. Lily – I hope you find what you need. It sounds like HL is the issue but I respect your need to walk away from it all if it’s too much. Take care.


      1. Lily,Merle is right. Don’t you realize you have the inside track on the truth right here. Remember what bs K indured. Look at her, she survived and got stronger. She went through a fire storm of lies now look. She is an accomplished actor,wife of gorgeous, sweet,talented man, and nrw director, and muse. F the lies, powerless if you rise above

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    2. Lily step back if you must but don’ t ever give up. These haters and tabs are all liars. We true believers have to be tough. I was like you to getting mad and frustrated. But I take it as a grain of salt. R is helping t and k is a mom with babies who like rob will do anything to protect them. Many say that they are going to extremes for their kids but I don’t know of any fandom that have such hate as these do. RK love is strong to be able to stay together under such a strain but somehow they have survived. But ther love has always been put to the test. RK look like they have been under a strain but I believe they have been together all summer that’s why rob looks better and t was go nuts for awhile but now r is their to make sure she stays in line again . Their is nothing their between them rt is just for public consumption we no the truth..

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  10. Need to share and super excited. Got 2 tickets for LCOZ for 9:00 showing in the city at Alice Tully Hall. The place listed as, wait 4 it, celeb appearance 4 premier. Dare I hope. It might confirm my private belief that Rob would be in the city cause K is here for a week and Tom and Sienna,Dakota, etc . Plse let it be

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  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    I like the part with the baseball…….lol


  12. A spew of random thoughts as I’ve just been too busy to post this past month. For those haters who think that everyone is leaving this blog because of the lack of posts, its not that. There’s just not that much going on. No promo means no news. The expected “video” and “random picture or two” came out – and honestly, I think most people were expecting something more. Yawn. That is all I can say. Try this if the video is bothering you. Watch it – but two fingers and cover up their heads. Got it? If you didn’t know who it was or had some knowledge of the storyline that has been created, you wouldn’t even think they know each other. Hell – I’ve been on airport elevators and had more interaction with people I don’t know. And the stomping away…………really? For someone who claims to not want fame she sure as hell plays up for the cameras. For Wanda who creates creepily weird narratives on her Twitter about clothes coming off……….umm. Get a hobby sweetie – you are way too invested in them. And I love the people who react to the video by saying “Oh look how protective he is.” Wait what? Did I miss something? They got off an elevator – went separate directions and then got into a shared car. That was it. Finally – to the “they wore lots of clothes because they were on a freezing cold airplane” – when was the last time you flew? I fly a lot for my job – a little hint – they are not freezing cold. Might want to get out – travel a bit – and see that those big airplanes are not so bad. I think everyone was expecting something much more controversial after last weekend and it was kind of “meh”. Fine with me. Hope all are well – enjoy the beautiful autumn weather!! (I might have missed something – but where is Socks?)

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    1. Right here! Sorry I was busy with RL! I am still here! I still support my HKN Haven friends and RK! I had my plate full lately. Just personal needs to get done. Wanda and her shithead friends just love causing trouble and just trying to scare us. I come here when I can. I am ok. I will talk to you all later. I got to make a living and take care of family. I will talk to you later. Keep me posted. Hugs! Later to all my HKN Havens Friends.

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    2. Also, I forgot to mention I have been going thru rough patches of my own. I am ok. Just going thru patches and I am sure some of you know. Anyways, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted! Love you all and RK! Night to all my HKN Haven friends! Hugs!


  13. Someone tweeted “You can’t be a selective fan” only wanting to celebrate the “rainbows and unicorns” and not when things are a little rough. It doesn’t work that way.
    I have never heard of anything so ridiculous. Since when are you not a fan because you just want to lurk and not get involved in all the drama here and on twitter? I’m embarrassed to read twitter sometimes because so many act like little children instead of grown women.
    There are quite of few of us that just want to lurk for a while. It doesn’t make us any less of a fan than you are. We are all in it for the long haul. Just don’t care to be vocal.

    Couldn’t resist. Back to lurking.

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    1. Twitter is by all accounts become the cesspool of social media. Civil discussion is impossible there. People say horrible things to and about one another. It is a sad state of affairs over there, but I also feel it is a microcosm of what so much of real life has become which is even sadder still. I don’t like it either.

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      1. jaygem, so totally on the mark. It is a cesspool of gang warfare. If you disagree, or hit a trigger button, with ANYTHING, the gang believes in, = Bang, verbal assault. What happened to this a. it is a person’s right to agree to disagree. b. friendly discussion of opposing views is healthy and stimulating. Either you are verbally attacked, blockd, or ganged up on. To me, this is the lowest form of human behavior, below theft, and murder. Cyber bullying is the new norm = base and sad. Chimps have a better social order at times then we do. I say, tolerate our differences, celebrate our similarities. off the Sbox

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    2. Janie – I wonder if that comment was more directed towards people who are supportive one day and then the next declare openly “I’m done with all of this – RK need to do this or that”. First – they don’t anyone anything – we are only fans. I think that when people question what’s going on – maybe the best thing to do is to just quietly watch as you suggest instead of making a big proclamation – only to take it back a day later. Just a thought. Believe me – there are many times when I just roll my eyes at what I see, but I’ve stopped making comments on it and just let it take its course. It often corrects itself along the way. But for anyone out there who does wonder what is going on……………….I really think that’s ok to have those feelings. It doesn’t make you a bad fan – it just makes you human. I can support being human :). Just don’t come back and attack people here (as has happened…….no names) and go after those people you once commiserated with. Find a new blog home and have fun (not you Janie – just fans who believe a different story now). Hope that makes sense.


  14. For once, sessed, will you open your eyes and ears? People don’t wear thick jackets in one-hundred-degree heat. They’d be sweating buckets if they did. On top of that, there is no actual proof Kristen ever blabbed about being with Alicia to Elle, New York Times, or The Guardian. So-called journalists are well known for adding words celebrities never spoke to interviews or twisting the ones they did speak around to create the responses they want. It happens all the time. The reason why celebrities never challenge the magazines is because it’s not worth it. They deny what was said and bring lawsuits against them, but there will be more interviews with words they never spoke or got twisted around in more magazines. Stop with this Rob/Twigs thing right now. It never happened and never will.

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  15. Hello all.
    Just an update on my NYFF 54.
    I’ll be seeing….
    Certain Women
    Personal Shopper
    The Lost City of Z
    Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.
    So exciting!😀

    Hoping everyone is doing well.

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  16. Sorry, but it’s not safe here expressing your opinions. Blog is not what it use to be. Seeing our comments on others twitter account is not cool. I’ll always believe in R/K and the 3 babies. Tired of drama. Just going to be a lurker now. I’ll be back when it’s time to celebrate.

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    1. Janie,I believe I mentioned this b4,but, you have to realize these folks (me included)are devoted shippers. If you wobble and shift yr resolve,someone’s will call you on it. No need 4 U to get twisted. This is a safe place,but with discriminating followers, they will voice their O. And so what, get a thicker skin,and remind yourself,opinions vary, and make for conversation,or criticism. So, buck up little doggie,try not to wait to be offended, stand up 4 yr beliefs and enjoy🖖

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      1. Cory, hi. I’m not flip flopping or anything like that just tired of all the BS. Just taking a break from posting. I don’t post much anyway. Life is too short. I enjoy reading everything HKN and Mama Nails put out there. I love reading the responses from all the girls. Just didn’t want anyone worrying about me as to why I don’t post anymore. LOL

        Who knows tomorrow is another day and maybe I’ll post.

        Love R/K and the 3 babies. Can’t wait for more of their movies to come out.


  17. oh ye of little faith!!!
    That video is old….you can’t just arrive when you are already in the place you are already at. He has been in LA….there was a pic not too long ago of him in LA…..she was in LA on Saturday….at a dance studio. And then there is the weather…..some where from 102 to 105….no way anyone would where all that in that kind of heat. He was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts not too long ago.
    But hey, you want to believing the lying asses of X17….go on. They aren’t using her for anything.
    The yahoos that got all pissy because R was at the Chanel event they K was….is why this stupid thing was dug up & posted. Only… one bothered to check the weather, where either of them were……just posted it & made a story to go with it. Like R said….happens all the time.

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    1. Magnolia flower I agree and there is something fishy about the whole symbiosis festival. . sketchy pics of r and one 2 days after the fact. No pics are links to her performance. No praising her performance. . I went on youtube nothing all symbiosis taken down. Whats going on. My common sense has just went calm to furious. Fka tweeter dead. No pics . Do they think we are stupid. we won’t ask questions. The video is laughable. T didn’t see the big ole black limo in front of her. Something about the video is all wrong including the clothes. Its funny the best pics and videos a Russian website?

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  18. Hello everybody! I’m still a fan and a true RK believer. I still love reading HKN’s updates. But I don’t post here anymore because I was tired of the constant drama here and because of the same people always falling for the same BS. When will you ever learn? It used to be a cool place. RK are going strong. Someone want to distract you from this. Focus on what matters.

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  19. And again comes the next disappointment. Nothing seems to be right (T is no longer in the plan)!
    T has the same hairstyle at the airport as a fan image from day ago, therefore, these images will be new. Sorry, but I do not understand that it starts again! Breathe deeply!


  20. Not sure what was going on with those airport pictures but it looked to me like Rob was walking fast to meet her coming off plane. Made it look like they arrived together but really didn’t. As far as the way they were dressed I have no clue. In video papps are wearing short sleeves and shorts. I don’t understand why R/K continue to use her as a diversion. Can’t grasp the idea they are still trying to protect the children. Rags were finally coming to the conclusion that they broke up and now it’s back to them being together. Disappointed.


  21. Hey friends,

    HkN, just keep rocking it girl. You’re a big baller and shot caller who answers to no one. You’re bold for posting all these attempts at “FAN SHAMING”. Folks like Lainey. Hell, I thought she and her gossip blog were extinct! That was really a blast from the past. She can only wish she had your clicks. Someone needs to tell them that “fan shaming” does not work if there is no respect the folks trying to do the shaming. And please please keep holding Lotte Jeffs toes to the fire. I for one want to hear that interview.

    Note to Lainey, Lotte Jeffs, and the rest of the bats. You know who you are:: So Boo you think you know all there is to know about Kristen Stewart. Well, hons, this is what I have observed, feel free to include these in your blogs/publications. One thing about Kristen Stewart, I have never observed her on top straddle a woman. I however, have observed pic of twigs on top straddle a woman. Also, I have never observed Kristen Stewart with a strap on showing the dimensions of her tool. But I have observed Twigs showing off her piece. I’ll be watching to see if you include that in your up coming narratives.

    Yelp I saw the video. Very interesting! Soooo, Rob calls her Twigs, again interesting. Well wait, I’m wondering if he knows her real name. I wonder does he know he is getting married within the next few weeks. Wait, Peeple,Gossip Crap, and other tabs assured the public it was happening! Yes, it had better happen.

    Note to x17: According to accu-weather it was 104 F in the shade in LA today. Twigs was looking super hot in that coat. JUST MAYBE video was taken at some other location at a different time? Ya, see the clothing should be appropriate for the weather. I only inquire because your publication has a reputation for collecting stories from social media, staging subjects, and LYING about it. No, No, I don’t expect a response I just needed to call your ass out for the manor in which you conduct your reporting.

    Today is Monday, lets wait and see how the week goes. I bet we all will be amazed at what a difference a day or two make. Right now the crap looks shakey. Just sayin

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  22. HKN, It’s a wonderment your articulate words always have the desperates in a tizzy without fail. What is the word again? Ah, yes… Jellyfish.

    Who is the hamster performing on command now? Very interesting indeed.

    Thank you HKN. My best wishes and warmest regards.

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  23. Great weekly roundup,The sessed are loosing it big time..They can’t handle the truth hopefully they will all implode on themselves .or just give the lies and P/S up and let R/K live in peace Wishful thinking I know..

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  24. Hkn u should give smart lurker another fan of the week, she is awesome , she never gives up. Smart lurker u go girl u bad, got to give it to u, you kick ass. You all are family stick together.


  25. Great post. Thanks for putting it all together for us. I believe the Chanel sighting and that Echoplex one caused a giant brain fart in the sessed minds. So much so that they are putting out very poor tweets and PS pics to ease their pain from having to contain all that hot air. They are always so predictable with their nonsense and why they don’t realize no one is buying their bull is beyond me.

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  26. Great post had me laughing. First thing I seen when I got on twitter was that pic of Rob and Twigs, the last I knew she had that blond mop of a hair do. They could have maybe made it more believable if they had used one of those pics. I believe the girl who said he was at the event with Kristen, the only thing I wish she had gotten a pic. Of course her just putting it out there she may have cost her job, so if it didn’t I think a pic would have. Do you think that the trolls, who want Rob anywhere but near Kristen will ever give up. My wish for this week is both of them will be in NYC, and maybe come out together, to support each others movies. I know it won’t happen but we can wish for it.

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