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Weekly Roundup

I’m sorry I’m a little late with the round up. Real life keeping me busy. Although with the hilarity over the weekend it might have been a good thing to wait a few days. My sides were hurting from laughing


It all started with this…


The dipshidiots were in a blind panic…


They were starting to drop like flies…





Something had to be done in a hurry…


Unless Rob has some teleporting skills we don’t know about this is complete bullshit.


This person is a known bull shiter who has posted false sightings before. The dipshidiots chose to ignore this fact and jumped all over this bogus sighting. The funniest part? Him reassuring the dipshidiots…

” iTS goNNA b OK”



Another problem with this sighting? It looks like IT was in London not NYC.


Now according to dipshidiot logic this can’t be true because the picture of IT is old.

images (1)

Uhm yes entertainment sites do this all the time. Including the dipshidiot favorite Gossip Cop. It’s common practice .


Not many people were buying the new Rob and IT sighting so the dipshidiots decided to lay it on thick. A group of sightings came in all at once…



When will these idiots learn to spell Pattinson?


Get it?


And the beggars descend…






No mention of IT in this one so she escaped the begging.

Let’s get this straight. Rob is in LA according to Sean Eckhardt. NYC according to Hugh Heffna who has posted false sightings before. Who should we believe? Sean Eckhardt has no reason to lie. Hugh Heffna has lied about sightings before. It isn’t that hard to figure out people.


One more thing. Do any of these people have cameras on their phones?



Unfortunately the Robsessed prayers weren’t answered. No pics.


This just in…



Yep it looks like IT is still in London. I guess she will flying in for her concert on Thursday from Heathrow not LaGuardia.


IT has had some more bad luck career wise…


One of her lap dancers is spilling the beans…


And now we get to the nominees for dumbass of the week…

First we have Syphilis, a repeat dumbass offender.


ย Syphilis didn’t learn much from her previous prediction fail…


Syphilis is placing all her hopes on Rob showing up At IT’s concert in Oakdale on Thursday. Something tells me she’s going to be disappointed.


And the next nominee for dumbass of the week…


Another tabloid looking for hits at Rob’s expense.


ย And our final nominee…


Her name is Anne. And her bid for attention is attacking me and our site. She wrote a long winded rant on her blog. (It’s since been deleted. So is her Twitter. Posting and running like a coward must be her mantra.) So I am going to show it to you here…




So Anne the badly photo shopped pics from September are what made you jump ship? Gullible you.


And New Years Eve pics sent you over the edge?

If these badly photoshopped pics are what it took for you to jump ship you weren’t on board in the first place.




You wanted to share your story for some attention. But when you got it it was more than you bargained for and you ran like the coward you are.

Congratulations you are hands down the dumbass of the week winner.



And that’s about it for this week. Have a good one! I’ll leave you with some pretty from Mrs. Pattinson. No dipshidiots she hardly looks like a boy.She’s all woman. Rob’s woman. Enjoy…




29 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Ladies don’t jump my bones. I have been reading comments on HKN Twitter account do you really think Rob is at branch concert after not being seem with her for all of these months. The picture I saw with the back of the head is not Rob. I felt her and her people were going to pull something.

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  2. Watched the Iheart radio stream via gossip cop last nite. . I could see rob being their. He could of hid in the audience. Billie Idol was fantastic sia was to. It was in vegas so I see where everyone would think him their. I believe in RK because it make sense. R and T don’t. Cults are for stupid people we are bright intelligent people who have lived life , had children and Knows what is right just by our gut and just by living life . K gives us clues that only the true fans see as such. I feel terrible what they have been thru but would have done the same if I felt my family was in danger. We are very observant fans who can see what the haters can’t and will be their when this whole stinking mess is over. It started with twilight and would be appropriate to end with another movie with them together. That would be a perfect end to the mess and maybe shut some haters up. Can you imagine the meltdown. Love it! Weather 1 2 o3 babies I will always believe unless its proven without a doubt otherwise.

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  3. I really do not understand this lady who seems to want to influence us. She has choice and we all do. I think we just read a typical hater trying to support her own opinions. HKN, I hope she realizes how jealous she is of two normal people, Rob and Kristen Pattinson who do not have time for the long term bullshit she expresses. They are busy living life. Have a safe and happy weekend everyone. Susie

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  4. HKN…I never knew the power we had! Did you?


    I appreciate all the commenters here that do not blindly follow HKN or myself. As I’ve always said ppl follow me and I’m sure HKN not because they blindly believe us but because they see the same things we do!

    It’s very similar to what Kristen says about her fans. That we are all the same.

    We are fans of Rob and Kristen because we have the same taste in things. Both of them have challenged me in the films they’ve done. But they’ve never disappointed me ever! Ultimately I’ve discovered to trust in their judgment. If they think a project is worthwhile I know I’ll enjoy it, love it or at the very least appreciate it!

    Both HKN & I choose to share our thoughts on blogs and ppl that see things the same way have gravitated to our sites.

    And the funny thing is for a cult we are pretty bad cause we don’t always agree. Isn’t that the true clarifying principle of a cult. That there is one leader and everyone must be in lock step?

    Well guess we missed that lesson in #HowToCult101!


    Oh and I LOVE Kristen’s hair! Love love love it!

    I find the timing of her going full on platinum telling and not anything to do with Chanel but rather that now the Kristen has had her baby she feels comfortable taking the color to her roots!

    I don’t believe for a minute that Chanel dictates Kristen’s look in anyway. They hired her for who SHE is not who they could turn her into.

    Since she’s been with them her hair has been long & brunette, long/two toned red/dark roots, short & more orange then red, short brunette, mid-length brunette, one long brunette pony tale, short/blonde with dark roots and now she’s full on short platinum.

    All of Kristen’s hair choices have been nothing but her own! Yes she had to cut her hair for Equals but that was still HER choice. Though there are times I miss her longer hair she seems to really enjoy having her hair shorter and with running after two now three children, I’m certain it’s easier to manage.

    Can’t wait to see what she decides to do with it next!

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    1. MN, since I am the only one inserting Chanel into the pros allow me to clarify. I no way think
      Chanel influenced this choice. I also agree hair is altered by free choice or movie roles. I noticed your pick up comment.

      It remains my O, I do no like the look on her. The darker hair pops her beautiful eyes and skin, but so what. So I broke cult 101 , disagreeing with one of our cult leaders, hoho๐Ÿ˜Ž. Guess I flunked๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ herd mentality . We just get it.
      Good weekend all

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  5. As I tottle (sp) off to slumber, did you catch the cropped,blond number? Channel made the call and altered it all, and now she looks a bit harsh by gosh. I had a rhyming attack and I can’t do a thing with it. Working with children all day long, rots the adult brain. IMHO, I luv K in almost every length, color or style cause she is beautiful. This look reminds me of the 1930’s bleach blonds of yester year. No liking it

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  6. In her issued soliloquy, this thickhead is revealing:

    1. She is jealous and envious of HKN’s, MamaNails’s analytical thoughts into articulate words thus earning them strong (active and silent) followings albeit the tsunamic fallacies of ToiletPapers since Twilight trilogy (likewise BudDaimond, Chiburkie, TPQuill, SashaMarie, Maya and many more staunch RK blogs);

    2. She is complimenting us, we Havenites are intelligent to sniff out lies;


    3. She is convincing herself to believe her own lies “To be or not to be”…

    HKN, your way with words always gives me stiches. Thank you.

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  7. OK Annie whatever, please note below is a decent definition of cult. Sorry we do not fit your stupid correlation or your misplaced opinion. I am, and I feel sure the others here, are of sound mind and free thinkers. We gather as shippers because we happen to be intelligent enough to see the obvious, which others fail to see and continue to coast down the river in Egypt. So let me spell it out for you.
    a. Rob and Kristen are not divine = they are flesh and blood people
    b. We follow no sacred rites, erected no idols in their image, and are not extremist, you know, HATERS who threatened K with her life like some folks I know. Neither do we drool over Robs body parts, which is the Sessers main meal.
    c. We are not extremists, radicals, or live outside our family or society you ding-bat.
    d. I do have 2 symbols I wear cause I think they are a cool, strong, talented couple. I wear a Bella ring, and occasionally a T shirt Rob’s 1%.
    I agree with HKN you are indeed, the Dumbass of the month. Period

    a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.
    an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers:
    the physical fitness cult.
    the object of such devotion.
    a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
    Sociology. a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.
    a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.
    the members of such a religion or sect.
    any system for treating human sickness that originated by a person usually claiming to have sole insight into the nature of disease, and that employs methods regarded as unorthodox or unscientific.

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  8. Dear HKN, great post as always! This Anne person’s elevator doesn’t go up to the top floor. What cult? She’s just another hateful person who wants someone or something to blame for her own shortcomings!
    Admiring RK, their careers & little family is not the insides of a cult. How delusional are these idiots?

    Regarding the wanna-be-singer: if the sessed are waiting for Rob to show up in Oakdale, they’ve really lost it. They’ll be waiting an eternity.
    Oakdale is such a small little town, they don’t even have real concerts there, its so small.
    Occasionally things like free community theater are available for kids, but its not a big city at all!
    I live in a very small city & Oakdale is even smaller, it’s tiny! If she’s doing bookings in Oakdale she’s really gone down! (which is too bad, because I’m sure Rob & Kris sunk a lot of money into (fka) that project)
    Chloe M.


  9. This was quite an interesting post. Great HKN. I think this Anne person is confused on what a cult actually is and what it means to be in one. If one is actually in a cult the main obvious clue to the outsider is that they WORSHIP an individual or object or dogma. (Look up definition of worship). In all of the years I’ve been a fan of RK and a few other celebs I’ve not once witnessed anyone worshipping Rob or Kristen and we don’t think of them as deities. I have only seen great admiration and love and empathy for what they have to endure in the life they’ve chosen to lead. Those are not traits of a cult but they are traits of a loyal fan base. Actors enjoy having fans like that. It also is kind of needed to keep their careers afloat. Just imagine if no one liked,loved,admired or cared about actors where would their careers be? So no Anne you are a very confused person that apparently feels so guilty about how YOU became so over invested in something you created your own personal cult hell and now you can’t get out of it without making it someone else’s fault. And just so you know I’ve not seen anyone worshipping HKN,MN, or Bunny either so your lies are just that, lies. They are the tool you choose to use to make yourself feel better so have at it. It amazes me though how threatened and insecure people get about others that share like minds and enjoy a few actors and appreciate their work. How that equals to a cult is beyond me.

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  10. Great Post ! But when did believing in 2 people loving and being married to each other become a cult.There are some truly delusional peeps out there, and it’s not us.Keep up the fight for truth and justice for R&K.

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  11. Wow, most definitely entertaining HKN. RL has kept me busy but I do pass through and besides that poster and her cult bs, the “FLIES” freak me out lol. Please leave those suckers off, that did give me the freak out roflmfao. I am amazed, we’ll not really anymore, at how people want to blame others for their own failings. Change the wording with gambling, that person would be blaming the house for their gambling problem when no one put a gun to anyone’s head so cry me a river with that pathetic attempt at shifting blame to everyone else but that person who fails to look at themselves for their own shortcomings. Put blame where it belongs. Back to RL, got too much going on but that was a good laugh and distraction for a minute. Thanks for the laughs, please leave the freaky ass flies off. Waving, take care all.


  12. Great job ! Can’t the haters do a better job? But all of the lies do make me laugh. No cult just the truth! RK are somewhere laughing their butts off.


  13. Nice post!
    And good gravy to that person. Seriously. What cult? What brainwashing? And she lived her life through them. She became obsessed with them. Wonder what her real life is like.
    RL takes over so much of my life that I don’t have time to do all that needs to be done.
    What I know, believe, does not have anything to do with HKN or MN or anyone else. I use my eyes….and observe. No one has to believe anything. And for the record…that person who posted those pics of R…..only it wasn’t R…….finally admitted to photoshopping them. That was NOT Rob…..never was. And after she admitted to what she did…..she locked up. So many willing to believe any lie posted…..about R, about K or any celeb….that is what those clickbait sites and rag mags make money….it is from gullible people like that person.
    Anyway, have a good one!
    Magnolia Blossom

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  14. That girl has problems all right. She is also like too many troubled people nowadays who try to act like they are taking responsibility and have become self aware– they really aren’t doing anything of the sort but blaming instead all of their problems on someone else. She sure is giving a helluva lot of power to HKN and MamaNails. Unbelievable and absolutely ridiculous!

    This weekly post is jam packed with information. A poor deluded sick girl and the other crazies who are bouncing off the ceiling because their delusion with FKA is really falling apart. When GC– rag of all rags is off the FKA koolaid– it really is time for them to check themselves at the door. Seriously, the rags can’t even keep the delusion lukewarm anymore–get a clue, people! And now they are calling out Rob as being gay. Oh good lord– the shit just doesn’t stop.

    Keep up the good work, HKN!


  15. Great Post, OMG, I’ve never been a part of a cult before. I’m so glad that she has realize she was brainwashed and couldn’t read or see the BS tabloids put out there for herself. If there is one thing I can say for myself is I’ve never a part of a fandom before this one. I have to say I was on Jennifer’s side when Brad cheated on her with Angie, ( I guess karma is biting her in the ass now. ) I never wore the t-shirt for either side, I really didn’t care for Angie before and still not a fan. If Anne is reading this now I want to ask her if she has ever seen a pic of Blake Liveley’s little girl, or how about Justin and Jessica’s baby. So I can see why we have never seen a pic of their kids, I remember Kristen said in an interview, many years ago, she would never be the one to say her kids name. They also have a close knit family and friends, who would never give out that information. Just last winter what’s her name from Gilmore Girls got outed by a cast member for just having a baby, and no one knew she was even pregnant.
    As for Twigs, being in the USA, wasn’t Rob’s best friend in NYC last week, with his daughter, it was said that Tom and Sienna, introduced Rob and her. Wouldn’t he be maybe hang out with her, how about Jamie, Nope seen no pics of them hanging out or tweets about seeing them together. I would think Rob and Tom would be hanging out if he was in NYC, at the same time. JS
    Have a good week all, and thanks for keeping us up dated, since I haven’t had much time to keep up.


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