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Weekly Roundup

It’s another weekly roundup. And for the dipshidiots it’s desperation and fear time…


Rob isn’t doing what they want. And they will look anywhere for reassurance. And where do they look first for reassurance? Alicia of course…


Alicia had a birthday. Her cousin Kristen baked her a cake. The dipshidiots thinks this is confirmation somehow that they are lovers. Yep if you bake someone a cake for their birthday you’re lovers…


The dipshidiots also don’t have the brain capacity to understand that Ojai is an hr and a half away from LA..



Yep Rob could’ve been in LA and then drove the hr and a half to Ojai or Kristen could’ve drove from Ojai to LA. Not an impossible human feat…



The dipshidiots hero Lottie Jeffs recieved some flowers from Chanel. Uncle Karl even signed it. Funny tho she still hasn’t come up with that taped proof she said she had of Kristen actually saying anything about her personal life.




To calm their fears the dipshidiots took solace in this post from Bobby Long begging for people to buy his new album. Including IT. You know you’re in trouble when you have to depend on a man married to a robsessed who fought with Rob and Kristen fans on the internet on her wedding night.



The dipshidiots got all excited about Dakota Fanning responding to this  Bobbly Long post. Yes Dakota is friends with Kristen,Rob,and Bobby Long. What this has to do with anything I haven’t a clue.


Yep Rob is still in LA and it has the dipshidiots panicked. Begging for info.




Begging some more…


Unfortunately all their begging didn’t make IT be in LA with him. She’s in NYC…


Here’s a clue for the dipshidiots. Couples that spend three months apart and don’t make an effort to see other at all generally means they are over.(Or never were in this case.)

Even dipshidiots favorite, Gossip Cop won’t confirm they are still together…

And Gossip Cop’s usual insiders have been unusually secretive recently when asked about the couple’s relationship status. As recently as Thursday, Twigs’ own rep gave Gossip Cop a “no comment.”

Yep Gossip Cop who usually coddles to the Robsessed and repeatedly tells them they are together couldn’t do so this time. Kind of tells you something doesn’t it.

And last but not least is the dumbass of the week…


The dumbass of the week is…



She couldn’t even get Syphilis to bite on this bull shit. And it’s saying something when you can’t even get the ITsessed to believe you.


Congratulations cutebitch! So well deserved!


And that’s about it for this week. See Ya.



Let us never forget those that lost their lives fifteen years ago on 9/11.



59 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Can’t breathe HaHaHaHa Rob is gay!HaHaHa!. If this story is true my mom married an alien. This is robs way of supporting k and they are both giving the middle finger to the haters. Course the guy r decided to be gay with is gorgeous in my day we would say ” what a waste” . I needed this HaHaHaHa

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    1. Where did you see this Maur?! It reminds me of the early days in the fandom when the trolls on Ted’s board insisted R was gay and Tom Stu was his boyfriend:) We have come full circle! LOL! As always, anyone but Kristen.

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      1. Tvlgl seen it on twitter this morning. Pretty soon everyone in Hollywood is going to be gay. . the site it was on was a parody site. I think.


  2. You would think that if Rob and Twigs were really together, that she would be hanging out with Tom, since he’s in NYC. Didn’t someone claim that him and Sennia, set her and Rob up or interduse them. Why haven’t she been seen with Jamie either? Just some thoughts, running thru my head. Wonder if any of them can explain that, or what kind of excuses for them not to be seen together. Anyway just been reading some of the comments here and on Twitter,


  3. Holy Cow! Ye Gods and Little Fishes, can it be true? That today, the bugs on the board charging Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson(Rob and Kristen) are AHEM, keeping company! Now, in short order, ring the wedding bells and stuff a snorkel on old nose ring, this little pink piggy went, wee, wee all the way home, and yes that recent photo shows the sad tale. And, Christine Bailey, you are so right about THE HUNTSMAN, it was not remarkable, and I do like Chris and the Witch! Wasted money and terrible follow up to Snow White and the Huntsman. I do hope they bought the home in question in O-HI, but I have a feeling they have others they love as much. Both Rob and Kristen seem very hands on and probably plan out their life together sensibly and safely. I just think they do not encourage photo shopped stories anywhere, the tabloids needed a bad guy/bad gal, so guess who fit the bill? Kristen Pattinson, the beautiful mother and wife, whose husband Rob Pattinson may both be having a ball with their babies and totally disconnected with the tabloids and are much more into family, friends and their work. We wish them well and I hope everyone is safe and sound this Sunday night. No one may copy or reprint this post of September 18, 2016. Sue Morris PS Hold onto your grab bars folks, the next two months looking very rough indeed! VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT BECAUSE IT DOES. HKN has good judgment, and she tells the truth.

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    1. Holy smoke women what a post. My sides are still aching from laughing “stuff a snorkel on old nose ring” really? Too funny and never heard you so animated. Guess your feeling chipper tonight

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  4. HKN – thanks for the kind shout out on Twitter. Much appreciated. I’ve been so absent lately with work and I’m glad to still be seen in such a positive light ;).

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  5. Ladies, I think and I may be wrong but I believe they are waiting on her concert on the 22nd to start the drama. I also believe she will pay a man to play Rob that looks similar to him. To make people believe they are still together. Some fans are betting that Rob will be there. The trolls are crazy.


    1. Wow that’s crazy. Especially since she runs the risk of him actually being papped far away from her which just may happen. She would stand to lose a great deal more if she chooses to play with what little fans she has left. If she truly wants a career she would be better off growing up a bit and making her career a priority and not riding on the coattail of others. But nothing surprises me about her.

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      1. Remember they say we all have a double out there somewhere. This women will do anything to stay with people talking about her and Rob. This woman has problems.


    2. Really Carol? What makes you believe that? I always get a bit leery when it starts to sound, like papa Swan said, “Off”. Please elaborate on your thinking. I would luv to hear it.


      1. Like I said this is my belief no one gave me any information. This woman as done so much in the past I don’t put anything past her or her people.


    3. The concert schedule online shows that IT does not even go onstage until Sunday night at 10:30pm until 11:30pm. So, she has an hour show on a very small concert venue in Oakdale, CA. Performers are not known and most probably in the C or D list category like her.


  6. Another great weekly post HKN. It’s been kinda quiet lately but I like it. Trolls and haters are beside themselves without their incessant PS and lies. Happy Rob is sticking to not being papped and when he is the haters can’t do much with the picture. As for Bunny she is always usually very busy with school so that may be why she is not online very often these days. I noticed Bronze missing too and I always liked her Twitter comments. Sometimes real life just gets in the way lol.

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    1. -Maur2014,
      I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m not sure about Bronze’s last post, but Bunny hasn’t posted in several months. I hope they’re doing well.
      Chloe M.

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  7. i am going to ask a 3rd time, some pls answer. How do you get a photo posted to your name here? come on, some of you have managed pleasssssssssssssssse share.


      1. must be too stupid or cloth icon does not like me. All I get is “Save image, CC image, find image on web. No profile option
        Thank you for trying to help

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  8. R and K vacationed in Ojai before. They spent a romantic weekend away at the Ojai Valley Inn the summer of 2010. It’s a beautiful hotel and they must have great memories there. Maybe some of you weren’t in the fandom back then, but I thought of that immediately when K was spotted there this time. That was also the summer that photos of Rob visiting Kristen at the On The Road set confirmed they were dating (for me)! Those were exciting times in this fandom, lol.

    I haven’t seen Susie post in a while. Anyone know what’s up?

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  9. Hkn, as always, great post. Love this format; reconciling everything about rk (or whomever) into a weekly post is BRILLIANT; helps some of us to catch up. Your fan of the week post is beyond admirable on your part; recognizing friends who support and trust in RK 100%. Thanks again.

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  10. Hi Havenites! First off, thank you, HKN for a great post. I love how you make the sesseds squirm. The bit about Gossip Cop, whose website I’ve not been too in years, is…interesting. When GC, who claims that they’ve got inside knowledge of all things gossip, can’t confirm or deny, you know that something’s up. (Sidenote: GC lies all the time. They said that Tom Cruise and Katie weren’t getting a divorce and they said that Kim Kardashian wasn’t pregnant the first time. We all know how those stories turned out and that’s just the big ones).
    I sense a change is in the air. I feel like there’s something happening behind the scenes to which we’re not privy. Whatever it is, it’s making the haters desperate. Speaking of desperation, I think that the haters are getting increasingly desperate because they sense (or know) that the tide is shifting. Rob, their prince charming, isn’t doing what they want him to do so they’re attacking the Haven and other believers. If they think that the idea of Robsten Is Unbroken is nuts, then why are they so hellbent on attacking HKN etc. (don’t get me started on that pretender named Lainey). If they claim to know the truth, then what does it matter if a few others believe otherwise? I’ll tell you why. It’s because they either don’t know shit or they know something but it doesn’t fit their narrative. My comments are not to be copied or reproduced without my consent.

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  11. Great post as always, thank you HKN! I do have a question guys…not that I care about twigs because I don’t, but I keeping hearing about her being in Ojai, CA (even in this post) but there is nothing in her schedule to suggest that she was there. Did I miss something?
    Oh, & I’m sure that Chanel (Corporate) sends cards and flowers to say thank you to all of their clients who display or feature their clothes & accessories in articles & magazines of all kinds.
    No other journalist has ever received flowers from Chanel before? Please!
    Why is she even showing anyone this? Because the article & the journalist are full of shit!
    She didn’t get flowers & a card from Kristen. If Kristen was so determined on telling the whole world about her great new love life through this article, wouldn’t Kristen herself have thanked this journalist for helping her do just that? Plus not one of her friends or any other celebrity has congratulated Kristen on coming out….that right there, speaks volumes. They even congratulated Taylor Lautner when they thought he had come out.
    It’s just horrible that these so-called journalists aka scumbags get away with what they do. The Urban dictionary says a scumbag is a low life human being who is as worthless as a used condom, that pretty much sums up Miss Lottie Jeffs!
    Chloe M.

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      1. Thank you, HKN for the info on Kris in Ojai. I really got that totally mixed up, and thank you for all that you do for us! Taking time out of your real life to keep us posted each week takes great knowledge, courage, and stamina. I truly appreciate it!
        Chloe M.


  12. The nitwit haters are so enamoured of the fallacies of clickbait tabloids, it comes as no surprise these nonentities are the epitome of pipe dream chasers in its entirety.

    Dear HKN, Thank You for your time.

    My best wishes and warmest regards, Shirley Hashim.


  13. It is amazing how the loudmouths shut the hell up when even GC isn’t on their side anymore– and how the ones who don’t know how to shut up just can’t help but spew such nonsense. I really enjoy these weekly updates, HKN! As usual, another fine post. Thanks for your hard work.

    It is so sad to think about the thousands of lives wasted 15 years ago.

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  14. Reece Witherspoon has a house/ranch in Ojai. I rember that Rob likes to spend time there. Just thinking what a nice getaway for the family. I’ve been to Ojai, lovely place, peaceful, quiet, close to LA, perfect place to have some down time! Private, yeah all the things these ninjas look for, for a Pattinson family vacation.

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  15. Great update, was Kristen in Oaji, for something? or someone just trying to make it seem they are nowhere near each other. And what the hell has T got around her neck? She’s looking terrible these days, not that she ever looked that good.
    I watched the Huntsman movie last night, and I think they made a mistake not having Kristen in it. Its like they rewrote the Huntsmans back story, Oh and I guess could say Kristen was in it for a minute at the very beginning. They show scenes from the first movie which included K. It really wasn’t a bad movie, if you hadn’t seen the first one. You remember at the end of the first one you really thought they were going to make the second one about a triangle well his wife really wasn’t dead. Hope if any of you were planning to see it, I didn’t ruin it for you.
    Well have a safe and happy week.

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    1. Hi Christine. I, too, saw the Huntsman recently but I thought it was utter rubbish. The plot was weak and made no sense, the jokes were corny and painful and it was as if they couldn’t decide if it was a prequel, sequel or both. I’m glad Kristen wasn’t it. It was just plain bad, so bad, in fact, that my husband said at the end, “What the f*ck did I just watch?” We didn’t even try to review/rate it like we usually do with movies.


  16. another good one hkn. I love the necklace mystery. How could rob be wearing kristens necklace. He hasn’t been around her in 3 years. Laughed so hard. Love watching the haters panic!

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  17. Also Lotte never showed us the card with the flowers,as in did it really say “congrats on the Kristen Stewart INTERVIEW”as SHE claims or no card or card from Karl just in appreciation for the pictures of Chanel clothes included in the interview, like something a secretary would automatically do????


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