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Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the weekly roundup. It’s been a rather quiet week. That’s what happens when Rob goes Ninja…

ninja (2)

When Rob is Ninja the loons come out.


Loon number one…



Nope. He wasn’t in Australia



Looks like he returned to where his wife and children are.



Poor thing just doesn’t get it.


loveless vid


NO Hun he wasn’t in Australia.

lovelessvoid 1

NO Hun Mia isn’t anywhere near Rob. Damsel is done filming. You’re out of luck. Keep trying.


Loon number two…




Try hard not to laugh.



She just couldn’t stop. Kept stepping in it deeper and deeper.



NO this is NOT Rob.


This is Rob.

In LA. September 2nd or 3rd.


Notice the Labor Day hrs sign in the window. This is how we know it is recent.


Ninja Rob has appeared and the dipshidiots aren’t liking it. He’s not doing what they want.



Nope. She won’t be in California until September 22nd. And her concert is in Oakdale not LA. But nice try there Syphilis.


Why oh why isn’t Rob following IT all over her tour? He’s not working. And NO he’s not in LA for business meetings


He’s spending his down time with his wife and children. Case closed.


Loon number three…


 This nut thinks she is accomplishing something by doing this.


Actually she’s making herself look like a mentally disturbed idiot. These are NOT pictures  of Rob and Kristen’s child!


Loon number  four..


These idiots just keep lapping up the tabloid crap. They can’t help themselves.


Loon number five…


Dear Loon number five, NO they are not has beens. Has beens don’t have people begging to work with them…


Rob just finished a filming a movie and another one will be filming soon. Sound like a has been to you?


And The Haven is doing just fine. I know it kills you that you and your ilk can’t comment and create a disturbance in The Haven. It drives you nuts doesn’t it? The fact that you wasted your time sitting in front of your computer typing up this drivel amuses me. I’m glad you think we rank so much importance that you took time out of your day to do so. Please don’t come by again!


And the dumbass loon of the week is…


Loon Number three! HKnothing!



Sneaky little devil aren’t you Stephen Colbert!


 Last and most definitely least…

IT didn’t show at the VMA’s. We had a lot of fun at the dipshidiot’s expense.



The dipshidiot’s were praising the VMA’s when they thought IT was attending but changed their minds when they found out she wouldn’t be at the VMA’s



And that about does it for this week. Everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday!





41 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. hey everybody! HKN you really are the best. You continually deliver the awesomeness! i do so love all your posts… Gee, that one lady just went on and on…one must wonder why? since she professes such disdain for us all. Why do they bother so? Why is it so wrong to them that like-minded people gather peacefully to discuss in complete harmlessness two people we admire very much. Always such a head-shaking mystery to me. i will never understand it…
    Well anyway, mysteries aside, here’s pookie wishing you all well and even though i’m not the most timely poster in the world, i love you all dearly!
    –much love to the Haven–yourpookie


  2. Jaygem816:
    Will do! :):)
    There will be a Q&A with Kristen and Olivier Assayas at the showing of Personal Shopper i’m going to on October 7th.
    Not so sure any of the stars will be at the screening of TLCOZ but my fingers and toes are crossed. :):)

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    1. Annie, I do not know what this lottery is. I got them via the virtual line via computer. Took many tries and was cut from the 6:00 viewing. We got into 6:15, added show in Walter R Theater. I can only cross fingers and toes, that maybe, cause his love will be in NYC on the 8th??, he might be here also. Rob please just come and say hello (she sobs). So tell me about this lottery and I might meet you there if the times work


    2. Annie, going to 6:15 show at Walter R Theater. Don’t know about the lottery. No I am not blabbing about it to ruin it for others. Hairy Rob hmmmmm, gotta get used to that since I luv smooth.


  3. Hi all.
    Just wanted to let you all know that I will be at NYFF this year and I will be seeing Certain Women, Personal Shopper and The Lost City of Z.
    BLLHTW is by lottery so I will have to wait to see if I get a ticket.
    Hope everyone is doing well.


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    1. Annie-

      That is so exciting! I am going to live vicariously though you. Please report back to us and give us movie reviews. Will you be seeing either R or K or hope to? Can’t wait to see how your week goes. This is something I am really looking forward to!


  4. On a note of excitement,got 2 tickets to LCOZ. That was a journey. Movie in big demand. Super long que. Got locked out twice until they added extra screenings. Grateful I am close enough to see it.

    In this week of remembrance, of 9/11, hug your beloveds in gratitude that you have them safe with you. I know I hugged mine. Have a good week all

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    1. Report back on what you thought of the movie. I am so excited for you (and Annie)!!

      It is hard to believe it has been 15 years since 911. That is a day I will never forget.


  5. I can’t say I am surprised some sessed are hooking Rob up with Mia. Not all of them liked Twigs in the first place. In fact, there is a tweet of one saying that she didn’t have a problem with any woman Rob was dating as long as she was white. You’ll have to go to HKN’s twitter account and scroll all the way down to Aug 29 where she is telling lovelessvoid and doblove that they are full of shit in order to find it because I can’t provide a screenshot. When you click on that, it’s right there. This is proof the sessed have also been making racial comments toward Twigs. Who knows how many more there are in addition to the one I found? The sessed need to stop acting like they are innocent little angels being mistreated by RK and Kristen fans. They aren’t fooling anyone but themselves.

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  6. Ladies do anyone of know a wackidoodle who calls herself loveloss Next Chapter? She posted some major off the wall crap in a few messages which had Hkn and myself attached. Unhinged doesn’t do it justice. It’s one thing to attack shippers and cats Hkn,Mn, et al, But this banana also copied Guy Pierce who I follow. That pisst me off. Why involve him?
    Anyway, insight appreciated


    1. I believe she’s tagging the fake hkn account.
      If you hit the tag it’s not hkn’s account. Hkn discussed this in her last weekly blog I believe.


      1. You’re absolutely correct. Just reread the blog. Thanks sorry it slipped my mind. In any event, she’s blocked and I felt the need to apologize to Mr. Guy Pierce cause dumbo cc him as well. Why, no clue,inappropriate. Do we need to show an actor how nuts fans can be? She should,but won’t apologize to him since it has nothing to do with him. What a *#_%! $. Self edit


  7. To the point post as always. So look forward to.ea. one. Noticed the quiet holiday week, bought out an excess of loons all raising their beaks and squawking in unison PROOF,PROOF,PROOF! Sure
    No problem we’ll have town hall get private info. Immediately. You and MN have been barraged with poofus loonious demands. Wonder if they are equally demanding with tab stories and manip photos? Nope their beaks go shut cause they support the crap they want to eat, Let’s call it Loon Food

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  8. Your cataloguing of the loons had me in stitches. Thanks for the laugh!

    Dear HKN, Never a dull moment with you.
    I am always looking forward to your forthcoming posts.

    My best wishes and warmest regards,
    Shirley Hashim

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  9. Great post, love the weekly update. Wonder if Rob and Kristen are aware that they are washed up. Well I think we can see what kind of fan she is, and love she was making this all about you, HKN. Wish she would have named the new hipper stars out there, because I haven’t see much I
    would go out to the movies and pay 10 bucks to see lately. Unless you count the movies I could take my small grandkids too. Unfortunately I live in a small town and we only get the big block busters here. So I have to wait until they are on pay-preview or DVD. Can’t wait to see what the trolls come up with next, since there is proof he’s in LA.
    What the hell are they trying to do ship him with Mia, surprised they haven’t tried to ship Kristen with Jessi, since they’ve done more than one movie together. Wonder did they not see the pics of Jessi and Mia together kissing the other day, or of him dropping her off to go to Utah to shoot the movie with Rob. SMH. Too many stupid people out there.


  10. Lovely hkn post with real deals of every week.So nice to see my LA girl out with friends,and nice to see Mr. Robert pattinson out after along days of wrapping up his upcoming movie projects.Awaiting for all of their events


  11. HKN and ladies, Hello, it’s been a while, always lurking. Love the Weekly Round Up. I still don’t know how you endure these trolls. They are not the brightest of the bunch. They are rattled to the bone! Nice!


  12. Another good one hkn! Rob finally gave us the news we needed. No T no time. Heard rob bought a house in Malibu must of needed a bigger place since the family is growing. But be for real if he bought a house would it be on twitter for everyones eyes and Malibu tends to be super secret when it comes to its celebs. The trolls never stop making me laugh. Keep up the good work hkn.

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  13. Who is that Christa chick? Such a windbag with an overinflated opinion of her blah blah blah post. How you don’t fall over laughing at them is beyond me…


  14. Such idiots those across the aisle really are! And you called it– they are so damn frustrated that you have this place locked down tighter than Fort Knox, and they can’t spew their crap in here! LOL! Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly jaygem. And it’s really just the same old haters constantly changing names running to and fro spewing their hate. There aren’t that many of their ilk left anymore as most have moved onto another fandom where they can start fresh at making asses of themselves. Their ship has sunk. They know it but won’t acknowledge.


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