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Weekly Roundup

And this weeks roundup is brought to you by Kristen’s husband Rob…


 Leaving LA on the 22nd.



Notice the shoes. Wonder where he got them from?



His and her backpacks. Sharing is caring.



Syphilis was hoping and praying he was headed to IT.


It didn’t work out quite the way Syphilis hoped…



Cowboy Rob filming in Oregon.


Don’t ask why. Just sit back and enjoy!



Rob. Guns and Guitar.


Here’s hoping Rob will be singing and playing guitar in the movie!


Rob. And a mini horse. Too cute!


Rowing Rob.



Rob doesn’t look entirely comfortable with that hammer. Maybe Tooltime Tim could help him out?



Rob giving a high five to some little girls. Just too adorable.

Can you imagine him giving his girls Sweet Pea and Jelly Bean some baby high fives?



Mia Wasikowska. Rob’s co star in Damsel.


And of course there is always one idiot who claims to know all.


hotel sighting

Okay maybe more than one idiot.

Lovelessvoid got excited by some dm’s sent to her from idot number one.



At first idiot number one is reassuring the dipshdiots that Rob and IT are still together. And Rob and Mia are NOT romantically involved.



Of course their camera was missing in action. Isn’t it always?



So now this person is a member of the paparazzi. And they suddenly change their tune about Rob and Mia. How convenient.


NO Rob and Mia are NOT romantically involved. Grow a brain.


Well it looks like Damsel may have wrapped. What are these twats going to do when he isn’t seen with Mia any longer?


Poor Syphilis still hoping for a reunion.


And what about Syphilis idol IT ? What has she been up to?

Vacationing in Ibiza. She doesn’t seem too concerned about not seeing her supposed fiance in over two months. Too busy giving lap dances.



IT has a new major project. One that she has to beg  people to work on. I’m betting it has something to do with her plagiarism tendencies. No one trusts her. Gee I wonder why.


And then we received this gift. Hilarious!


Looks like she won’t be making the VMA’s tonight.

fka sighting

Syphilis will be disappointed. She swore IT was in Sweden.


We already have three nominees for dumbass of the week,idiot number one and two from above and Syphilis of course. Here’s a couple more more…


Lainey. The bitter tabloid hag who was burned by Nikki Reed and still hasn’t gotten over it.


She goes after RK fans like a dog that won’t let go of a bone.

Seriously. GET OVER IT


And Rose acting all holier than thou. Hypocrite is the word that comes to mind.


And the winner of the dumbass of the…


Idiot number one (@salty_shea) and idiot number two (@lovelessvoid) ! Congrats! You really out did yourselves! Take a bow!


Top-30-Most-funniest-Sarcasm-quotes-humorous-images (1)




And that about wraps it up. I’ll leave you with some more Rob goodies from Damsel!


Something tells me the wife will be trying to steal that hat.



Have A Nice Week!



37 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. HKN, I like this format a lot more than before, great post.

    It bewilders me why the Twigberts think Twigs should be anywhere but in Ibiza, Spain
    or wherever about her own business.

    Love the baby high fives. Thank you for making my day brighter,


  2. I’ve been following the news from Damsel. Rob looks to be in fine health and handsome as always.

    I’m wondering if Kristen’s short blonde hair and some of her actions are practice for getting into JT Leroy’s skin which sounds an uncomfortable and odd life to life in.

    I’ve let a lot of stuff slide and have to catch up on things so I might not have much to say for a while; but I check in every day.

    I hope everyone has a good day. Take care. Bye for a while.


  3. Well I think the photo of baby hands and Daddy’s hands is beautiful, really lovely. Also, that is hard to deny on it’s reality, although the deny patrol will try for sure.

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    1. That’s not Rob and a baby boy. It’s someone else’s Twitter pic that was used. … Or did I misunderstand what you typed ?? I apologize in advance if I did.


  4. Needed to thumbs up that darling photog of young Rob on your page. I think MN had it as well. Handsome teenager = handsome man. In that pic, he had no idea of the adventure he was about to begin 2007. All of it started when he spotted that lovely teenage girl in a small movie called Into The Wild. Oh sigh, better then glass slippers anytime. We reap the benefit of that decision every time we see him on screen


  5. Dear HKN & all the Haven, I don’t normally look at RK’s friends twitter accounts, but did anyone see this on Alicia’s Polaroid Project Account? I copied it word for word! Sorry I don’t know how to post it directly from her account. I’m not very good with technology. This is dated August 12, 2016 so it’s quite recent:

    Alicia Cargile @polaroidproject 1:15PM Aug 12

    She says:
    “Zoning on ocean park… I see a couple jogging. I’m not scorned, I’m hopeful. Love is beautiful. I can’t wait.”

    Does that sound like someone who is so in love with her (make believe) girlfriend Kristen? I don’t think so. Why don’t people get a clue? All the answers are out there, you just have to look in the right places.
    Chloe M.

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  6. What a good wrap-up of the totally ignorant jealous women who are still in la-la land about Rob and Kristen Pattinson. Time to just accept reality and admit that RK are 100% successful at keeping their world very private and the only folks who know what is happening wouldn’t talk anyway. Rob is looking mighty good and still looks very young to me! Kristen is just beautiful in anything she wears, pregnant or not. My husband always told me I looked even more beautiful when I was pregnant, so I had four pregnancies in 3 l/2 months, because we were very happy and into a young family, I was not quite 21. I lost one child , and had one miscarriage. I think the western will be popular and will hit the ground running. You have to be a very good actor to do comedy, it is much more difficult than a standard script. I happen to think Rob is very funny naturally and his co star is perfect for this movie. Have a safe and happy week ladies! Susie

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  7. That’s right HKN put those idiots in their place. As always a welcome post. Your so so right about Lainey, just rehashes the garbage written by the trash mags and sites, then puts her special spin to it. I’m so happy that I don’t read that crap anymore. Looking forward to your next post.


  8. Good Morning All! Congrats HKN! Another good weekly synopsis! So nice to see Rob continuing to put together a varied library of work that illustrates he can play any part he’d be given. A western comedy should be a good addition. He’s staying true to his dreams professionally and personally. It’s so nice to see that. He devised a plan for his life, and it’s working. For those who think he’s been shiftless or lazy and not pumping out pictures like they think he should, it’s good to remember that often slow and steady wins the race. Rob has some really diverse and interesting movies coming out this year. Can’t wait to see them!

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  9. Another great weekly post, I have to laugh that they think you can’t have 3 babies in 21/2 years. My mom had her first one in Dec, of 1946, and her 3rd one in May of 1948. She use to joke she found out what caused it and she slowed down. I’m next to youngest of 8, the rest of us are 2-4 yrs apart. I even had my 3 in 4 yrs, my oldest turn 4, 2 weeks before I had my youngest, and had a miscarriage, between my 2nd and the 3rd, and they are 18 months apart. Then to make it sound like Mia was cheating on Jessi, that’s low. All I can think is these “woman” are so unhappy in their own life, they have to make every one else unhappy and cheaters. Well maybe you will make Phyllis happy being the dumb ass of the week, and she won’t make fun of the fan of the week. I think that’s why she tried starting stuff with Smart Lurker last week, she was jealous of her getting a high honor. I personally think she should make the dumb ass list every week seeing what she post.
    Have a great week everyone.

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  10. Oooh lost in my dumb ass rant, forgot to high five all those below, who prove having kids close 2gether not only happens, but is relatively common. Cowboy Rob got his wish=He wanted to be a young dad and has the love of his life. Well done sweet,handsome man👍

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  11. Nice sum up Hkn I agree with Nancy A. on the dumb ass award. She deserves a call out. For months,when posting on that site I tried to pitch tolerance for other POV, but NG, she basically suggested I should leave cause we don’t believe the KR+2 wackiness.
    Intolerance costs. I saw it in her post numbers. I never asked or force anyone to believe what I believe, but damn straight don’t discredit it, or don’t let your arrogance slap you in the butt out the door. I now have had a taste of the Syphilis method as well, lordy,lord, I give Hkn all the credit in the world for wanting to deal with her barrage. Don’t have patience 4 nonsense

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  12. HKN love the weekly post ,Girl you need a truck load of Absolute to deal with those idiots on a by the minute bases.Simply Stupid is what they are their hate of Kristen keeps them that way.Rob looks great and not Rob not even close

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  13. Thanks HKN for the weekly update. Seems like k is having a lot of fun with the papps . Seems like everyone is back to playing where in the heck is r. He has really honed his skill of disappearing without a trace.


  14. I am kinda thinking Roe deserves the dumbass of the year award…she use to have TONS of followers, on her last blog…7!!! Woa….why do you think that is? More believers/shippers than “It/Alicia believers!

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  15. Great post. I just don’t get where the idiot brigade get there reasoning for everything. On having 3 kids in 2 and half years it is possible. I mean My mother had my sister in august 1970 and became pregnant with my brother Feb/ March of 1971 so it is not impossible to have kids close together. They need to get a clue. lol

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