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Fan Of The Week

This weeks fan of the week is someone who does so much for this fandom she deserves some overdue recognition.

fan of the week

The fan of the week is….


 giphy (2)

She continually hands the haters their heads and touches their nerves. She has a knack for getting them riled up.


She is our premo vetter. She vettes out the sightings and is a star at sniffing out when they are b.s.


Her investigative skills are legendary.


Inspector gadget has nothing on our Smartlurker.

Congratulations Smartlurker!



20 thoughts on “Fan Of The Week

  1. I love your comments Smart Lurker! You are a real support to RK and to HKN HAVEN. It always surprises me how really dim witted the trolls remain, like a bag of rocks exactly. At some point most people just grow a brain. Congratulations!


  2. Perfect choice HKN. Hi all…I am a lurker and an “irrevocably and unconditionally” believer in all things RK. Love this blog as well as Mama Nails. Big fan of SmartLurker whose twitter I frequent for her razor sharp observations and rebuttals with the haters and trolls. Thanks for all you do.


  3. Congrats to Smartlurker. I agree she is without a doubt great at telling it like it is and causing the sessed to scramble like cockroaches when the light of truth is thrown at them. Bravo…👍👏👏


  4. Without a doubt, Smartlurker, the Joan of Arc of RK’s haven. I see her daily brain to brain combats with, well we know who, right Ms. P.? She need properly needs a title,like Sargent of Arms of Shippers United! lol. Well done Hkn, perfect choice


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