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Weekly Round Up

It’s time for the weekly round up. And this week’s round up is brought to you by interviews. Print interviews. You know,the kind that the dipshidiots think are the unvarnished truth when it has been proven otherwise many times.


Kristen had a new Interview in The New York Times.

It’s hard to not be charmed by Kristen Stewart’s Los Feliz home, even harder to believe that it belongs to a movie star and not a college freshman. The basement den of her four-bedroom property, which hovers above Los Angeles — at once belonging to and separate from the hazy city below it — is a study in random: a stop sign on one wall, three metal letters — A, S and S — on another, a Batman action figure, a Winnie the Pooh-themed Pez dispenser, a Playboy pinball machine. The room’s centerpiece, an imposing bookcase, is packed with fashion tomes, a few to do with Chanel, for whom she models; monographs featuring the work of Basquiat, Eggleston and Mapplethorpe; books about food, travel and the Beatles; and novels by Dostoyevsky, Hesse and Kafka. A chunk of shelf is devoted to Jack Kerouac, whose character Marylou she played in a film version of “On the Road.”



And of course Syphilis was all over this.


Message to Syphilis and all the other dipshdiots. This is NOT the house that Rob and Kristen live their day to day life in. Any journalist thinking they are getting some insight into Kristen and Rob’s personal life by receiving a tour of this particular house that they own together is being taken for a ride.


Rob and Kristen own many homes. The one that they actually do live their day to day life in  and raise their children in will NEVER EVER be seen by any journalist. The sooner the dipshdiots can comprehend this the less disappointment they will have to face in the future.

She scrolls through pictures of the two of them on her private Instagram account. “Look how cute she is,” Stewart says at one point. “I love her so much.” (Other affectionate comments are unprintable; Stewart swears like a trucker.)

Uhm NO she is not going to let a journalist see her PRIVATE Instagram account. Hence the word PRIVATE.


“People wanted me and Rob to be together so badly that our relationship was made into a product. It wasn’t real life anymore. And that was gross to me. It’s not that I want to hide who I am or hide anything I’m doing in my life. It’s that I don’t want to become a part of a story for entertainment value.”


Kicks deserves a nomination for dumbass of the week with this stupidity.

How can we be to blame for a break up that never happened? Funny how she never mentions said break up isn’t it?


She is talking about what the public sees of her and Rob’s relationship. Basically she’s telling you exactly one of the reasons why The Plan was put into effect.

 There were some other magazine interviews too. All of them pretty much copying and pasting from one  another.

"Elvis battles Alien, Britney weds Satan. Man, who reads this garbage?"


Rob had a new interview too. With The Sunday Times.

Maybe he’s always been an outsider. Maybe that’s why he was good as the societal outcast vampire Edward Cullen. I wonder if a reason to move on, though, was to avoid mammoth global press tours. He shrugs. He enjoyed them, he says. “I just got wasted the whole time.”

And we have another interview where they claim Rob says he was wasted the whole time during Twilight interviews. The media seems fixated on this crap.


They seem to forget how Rob loves to play them. And he does it very well.

“My parents borrowed my house, which I was borrowing from someone else,” he said.
“They kicked me out of it when I got back from [filming in] Toronto. That’s the end of that. I’m now homeless again.”

Like I said he loves to play them. What part of this can’t people get?

Still a favorite.

Pattinson is 30 and may be engaged to the experimental pop star FKA Twigs, depending on which day you check it out on the internet.

Funny how the media can’t make up their mind whether they are or aren’t. Maybe hedging their bets or realizing they were had.


You can bet the dipshdiots aren’t posting this part of the interview over and over again. Doesn’t exactly fit their agenda does it.


We  had some other interesting things show up this week besides bs interviews…


Jamie liking a pic of Kristen. Isn’t that what friends do? Yes he is a friend of both Rob and Kristen.


A sighting of Kristen in West Hollywood. Funny how her hair magically changes color isn’t it? The Daily Fail never disappoints where manipulation is concerned.

But wait it gets better. Guess who else was in West Hollywood?…


Yep. Rob is in LA. with his wife and children. Enjoying some downtime.

The dipshdiots of course were in complete denial. They were hoping that Rob would run straight to IT after filming but it didn’t happen the way they hoped.


It looks like Rob is done filming Damsel.

Some clips from The Childhood Of The Leader. Haven’t seen it yet. But so want to!


And we have yet to hand out the Dumbass of The Week Award. Let’s see who should it be…

It’s a tie! Congratulations to Syphilis and Kicks! So richly deserved by both.


There’s a good chance they could win this award more than once. Many Many times I predict.


And that about covers the weeks news. Gonna leave you with some great pictures that came our way of both Rob and Kristen.






Everybody have a good week!



54 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up

  1. There are two pics of fkatwigs on a boat with sunglasses on, focus in on the second one, next time she takes a picture maybe her friends should tell her to wipe the snow off her nose…… Damn shame


    1. Shwana Clay–
      I didn’t see the photos and I not surprised at all. I was, however, on HKN’s twitter. Her crazed fans are so excited that she’s in Spain, in Ibiza. I have friends that live in London and I used to live in Spain, it’s a very short airplane ride from London to Ibiza. It’s like a $150 dollar, 2 1/2 hour flight. That’s like people that live in LA going to Las Vegas for the weekend. It’s not far at all! Or important! The worst unimportant news ever! Lol…I just had to say that!
      Chloe M.


  2. I saw a cute picture of Rob giving high 5’s to several little girls on beach in Oregon. What a guy! I think i’m done posting.


    1. I also think Kristen gives us signs. The white shirt with blue lettering and Alicia also wearing blue at the same time. That was planned . Just like the Tomboy sweatshirt. She’s telling all we need to know without saying a word you just have to look and listen.

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Just had a thought that made me go hmmm. Did anyone else think about the tweet from the girl who said she was having lunch beside Robert Pattinson and Kelly Ripa and now Kristen is scheduled to be on Kelly Live on Aug. 30th. Any one else think coincidense.


    1. Under normal circumstances when I was more naive, on Twitter and unaware of lying Trolls, and down right fibbers and those creating 5 sec of fame 4 themselves, I would have joined you in our Hmmm moment of Rob,Kristen and Kelly triangle. I agree it looks interesting. Now a bit jaded by dishonest folks creeping about, and I am not referring to you, I am way more skeptical. What I am saying is be careful of folks stating they saw,but no pics. , not all are genuine.


      1. Good obervation Tvgrl. Also a damn stupid comment by the poster😬 Kelly is what,well into her 40’s and happily married. Or is the comment meant to imply the old tab crap that Rob will chase any skirt available or looking. Talk about things that make me go Hmmmm. That was by far one of the more odious markers they put on Rob in the past. Rob has stated often enough, out of his own mouth, he does not do frivolous relationships.
        So the poster, in my eyes, is the 5 min of fame shame


    2. She said they were at the same place eating not having lunch together. She didn’t say who either was with, but they weren’t at the same table. Kristen is promoting her movies that’s going to be at the NYFF, I’ll bet Rob will be on a few of the shows too, since he has a couple of movies there too.


  4. I’m guiet happy that they never
    waited until the storm was over
    And they have learnt to play
    and dance happifully in the privacy
    of their own special world,
    and the media is left dumbfounded! I
    I so hope years ago, when all of the
    media started raining down
    on them, trashing and stripping
    Both of them of any kind of life
    beyond that of a camera lens, would
    finally fooling them all and
    learn to dance in the rain…
    I believe they have…. And guiet
    well at it.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Ok – just had to comment on the latest T news. The whole “new major project” just made me laugh. Why do you have to call it a major project? Why isn’t it just a project or a dance project or something? It reminded me of that line in A Christmas Story where the dad kept talking about his “major” award —- all the build and hype and what did he get? The ugliest lamp ever created. I’m kind of a word person and I thought that particular choice was rather pretentious.


  6. My A – if you are out there reading comments, just wanted to let you know that I miss you – and I’m sure others do too. I’ve not been posting much because there’s not a lot going on – not much to say. I still believe what I believe — but don’t find the need to invest as much time lately because of the lack of any stories. But – I like that!! Just so you know I’m thinking about you – my feisty chica!!


  7. I’m loving the pictures of Rob in his uniform. He looks so handsome. Another Movie I am looking forward to seeing. Kristen is one lucky lady. Mama Nails is right on with Kristen in blue. Read her blog.


  8. Recent pictures of Kristen and Alicia I’m seeing an awful lot of blue. She even has Graveboy on the strap of her cap. Makes you wonder.


  9. It was good seeing Rob again. I love how Kristen made sure she was seen out and about in LA. Keep those sessed guessing. I do think Rob was in LA much longer than three days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have yet to find the time to be on Twitter but do snoop around on HKN’s. I just about lost it reading Phyllis’ comments about Rob. She KNOWS when Rob arrived in LA, she KNOWS why, who, when, where he spent his time. She KNOWS everything. She is super special -good thing we have her to clear things up. Lol!!!! Ok I just couldn’t write that with a straight face. What a looney – I had words with her on the old blog when she would how smart, rich and successful she is and that her family fully supports her cray cray. She is sickeningly entertaining……I’ll give her that. Those are the people RK need to hide from. That and I totally think she is in love with T…..her obsession is epic!


  10. Thank for keeping the truth going and giving RK lovers a place to read that truth. Your insight is so refreshing. Haters will always hate, but believers will always believe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sandy it’s true. When a lie serves your mind set, you can lead them to the truth trough, but they will not drink. I have a dear friend,a fellow Rob adorer, who drank from the poisoned scandal well of 2012, and there is no cure. To her,all we believe, is a toxic dose dose of wishful thinking. It is sad, now we cannot speak about Rob anymore simply our beliefs have a slit path
      She even believes in “air baby”. She is a perfect example of your thought above. We both believe very different things,totally convinced we’re ea correct. Kind of sad


  11. I got your messages Hkn, that I am a victim of the insidious spam monster. I know this has happened to other folks as well
    So trying again. Do you know why this happens?

    Great update and a good chuckle


  12. Lovely update weekly post,very entertaining and love the new format, once again thank you and all you have a wonderful day


  13. Great wrap of the week. I still haven’t found the whole Rob interview.
    I knew the minute I read the first line of the T mags, interview with Kristen, that it was all BS. Any fan of her should have known that too. When he starts off with the whole Rupig thing from 2012, that should tell them something. As for him being at her house, it’s not the first time she has had a reporter there, it won’t be the last. I kind of think now it is part of the whatever plan they have going. Rob has also done the in home interview, remember the one where he only had a chair and 3 blow up beds, and didn’t know where his cloths were. This guy pretty much said the same thing about Kristen house as the one did last year, the one with the poem, that she had no cable and very little stuff there. I think if anyone takes what is said in these interview with anything more than a grain of salt, they deserve what they get. In the end Kristen and Rob are the story tellers here and they will reveal what they want when they want to, and not before the end of the story. Not saying when they actually break up, but when papz and hateful fans leave them alone.
    Have a good week everyone.


  14. hey love we know the K has a private insta, and one for fans that she would never share with a interviewer I was following the one for fans that went private recently as of saturday….great blog -RKareunited


  15. Dear HKN & all the Haven,
    I woke up in tears this morning & feeling quite down because my cousin is very ill & I’m so worried about him. He has 3 lovely daughters & a wonderful wife that love & need him very much & so do I. Then I read this post, which took away my worries for at least a little while. Thank you HKN for always being yourself, & for bringing us these funny, well written, and insightful posts all of the time. I laughed so hard I could barely catch my breath, lol…Dumbass of the week is Priceless!
    Chloe M.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Good Morning Everyone!!! I see we have another great post by HKN. Just loved it. Thanks for all the time that you put into getting this up so that we have a good read.


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