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Weekly Round Up

It’s the Weekly Round Up! Sit back and enjoy all the RK news that’s funny, sweet and heartwarming, and then there’s the ridiculously stupid (We all know where that comes from).

Adir giving Kristen a trim! Hey mommies can always use a little pampering. Right ladies?


rob and kristen sweaterAnd after a day of pampering  getting into the hubby’s comfortable over sized shirt is always a plus…


Hubby’s sandals are pretty cool too. (But maybe a tad big.)


And in career news…


Rob and Kristen both will have films at the New York Film Festival September 30th-October 16th…

certain women

Certain Women  is on the Main Slate of films.

personal shopper

Personal Shopper is also on the Main Slate of films.

The Lost city of z

lost city

Lost City of Z is on the Main Slate and will be shown on the closing night of the festival.

Here’s hoping both Rob and Kristen can attend!


nyff 2

Ryan your’e too cute tagging Rob and Kristen!


And of course one of the jealous dipshidiots had to  make a remark…

2012 funny

Well sienna here’s a newsflash for you…

NPTCBC Website News Flash


From 2013. Maybe a remedial math class might help you?


Oh there’s this too. Enjoy…


And this has gotten sienna nominated for dumbass of the week…


Of course IT herself is in the running too…

IT one


Oh but it gets better…

it two

Yep. Stepping in it again. She never fails to entertain us.



NO dipshdiots that’s not the infamous non-engagement ring. But nice try. They’re  getting a little desperate.


And one more nominee for dumbass of the week…

people magazine

People Magazine.You know those paragons of truth that swore up and down Rob was with Dylan Penn. Copying the crap made up by Lottie Jeffs. Oh by the way no news on that record..uhm tape yet.


And the dumbass of the week is…

it 3

IT of course.


( What the hell is she doing in that pic? Are they performing an exorcism on her?)

giphy (1)

And that about does it for this week. It’s actually been kind of a quiet week. No drama.


See ya next week on the flip side!



57 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up

  1. Dear Haven, We have had one or two cool nights and I am really ready for Fall! Nola, I have had you good folks in my prayers all last week, this flooding is almost biblical in nature, Annie, you are the wise old owl sitting on the branch of a tree saying, –get real. I really think no matter what you think, since when was it our business to get personal about RK and their business? Our business is enjoying their movies/ their music/whatever. Whatever we think matters very little in their life. So please enjoy those movies and I wish I were there to see them too! Hi to Socks and Cindy, have a good week! TAXX, please take care of yourself, I think about you often. Stargazer, how old is the baby now? Have a good evening everyone. Susie


    1. Hi!
      My baby girl is a little stubborn 20 months old now. She and her big brother keep me really busy. One of the reasons I don’t comment as much. Thanks for asking!
      I was thinking the other day that is really funny that Kristen’s most ‘juicy’ interviews are always in print. You would think that if she wanted to ‘come out’ she would do so in her many view interviews…How convenient for the rags don’t you think?
      Hope you and your loved ones are doing great!


  2. Hi HKN and all the Haven,
    —100Proof & Sookie, your posts are wonderful & totally spot on!
    It’s so nice to see all the stunning & beautiful photos of Kristen, but I am so very very tired of all the tp bullshit. I don’t read it, and yet it’s still bothersome. The media takes what Kris says, twists it around until they get a story that works for the benefit of their (the tp’s) bank accounts & the stupid sessed eat it up like candy. Then they question our sanity? Hello…..Earth to Mcfly! Our beliefs have never changed, just like RK’s stance on their private lives have never changed. They never put their private life out there for the whole world to see! Just like 100Proof said in her post about Kristen, “you won’t ever know what really goes on behind closed doors.” Since RK are saying this once again, and they’ve said it a thousand times already; none of these tp’s know a single thing about their private lives, they know absolutely nothing!
    Actually I take that back, the toilet paper media knows one thing for certain, that Rob and Kris never talk about their
    f—ing private lives!
    Chloe M.

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  3. 100 proof, Your post is great. I am so fed up with the media sh#t of professing Kristen spilling her guts about her personal life. They are so low life. The consumers of this BS are dumber than a box of rocks. smh

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  4. Look at what I just found. It seems some sessed have left ugly comments for Twigs too. This tumblr post about celebrity girlfriends at mentions it. You should post this to the timelines of the sessed and center it on those words. I can’t wait to see what excuses they have for their own doing this stuff like this. It’s amazing what you can kind by searching for proof of death threats made against Kristen.


  5. I’m feeling rather angry right now. Some idiot claimed there is no evidence that people made death threats against Kristen and that her fans made it all up in an effort to make her look like a victim. How can she say that when this article at shows proof? The same person also said Kristen was box office poison and that she couldn’t draw an audience to save her life. She used Cafe Society’s earnings as proof of this. She claimed Kristen’s films would get a wider release if she were more likable. I’m sick and tired of us fans being made to sound like we are crazy. We are just trying to protect her from cruel and heartless people. I want this crap to stop right now.

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  6. I see some back and forth on mags interview write-ups. If I may make a comment. Please realize like never b4. All, and I mean all, media, is biased, whether tv, newspapers mags or tabs. Any person interviewed , their honest statements at the time are like a ball of clay. The writer’s bias,spin, interpretation, or the drive 4 sales, determine how that “clay” will be molded.
    Media are liars, distorters. Believe Nothing in print as total truth

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  7. Hello friends,

    HKN, thanks, change is good. Keep it coming.

    BRAVO to the tenth power for our favorite couple Rob and Kristen. No matter what, in the end they keep their heads up and keep on moving. I feel so inspired most about them in times like these when the media goes low they go high. They remain on tract as if nothing has been said. As fans we should follow their example. After all, the beautiful pics aside, the over editorializing and liberal use of quotation marks in regards to their private life is not novel. This narrative and this type of journalism has followed this couple through out their career.

    Whether it be Elle, Nylon, Variety, or NYT they have all decided that their survival is contingent (in the digital age) on their becoming tabloid(ish). Their mission is to be x17 in substance while retaining a legendary publication status. It seems that every publication tries to up the narrative in order to make it more provocative. Provocation sales. We as fans should not be confused by what sales, but rather stay focused on those things that within the last few years made us all go hummm. For instance, those two little floaties in Kristen’s pool didn’t come with the house.

    Lets all remember the media’s narratives has been described by Kristen as being “clickbait”. I believe her. In any event, as I always say hold to your butts. When Rob starts promoting his films I full expect things to get turned up, again! I mean we still have this wedding to look forward to. I am sooo excited.

    In the film “Nebraska” the father tells his son, they wouldn’t send a letter saying I’d won $1 million dollars if weren’t true. Just sayin

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  8. I will make this very clear to you, robsessed. Twigs had the power to stop the racism leveled at her all along. She could’ve switched her Twitter to protected and disabled comments on her Instagram until things calmed down. However, she didn’t do either of these things. She keeps both accounts wide open to allow the comments to keep coming, so she can continue to play the role of ‘poor little me.’ You continue to play right into her hands. In fact, I wouldn’t surprised if the majority of the comments were made by you. You are so pathetic. Stop portraying yourselves as innocent little angels being mistreated by krisbians because you’re not.


  9. First off, I really love this new format. Excellent job HKN!

    Secondly, I’ve just read what is supposedly an English translation of Kristen’s interview with Elle France. I must say that a couple of things are….puzzling.
    1. The French to English translation is a bit weird, which makes me highly suspicious of the whole thing.
    2. The questions don’t seem to line up with or properly match the answers. It’s almost as if the questions were edited AFTER the interview.
    3. One question/answer is really odd: “You don’t hide your relationships or try to keep it secret. Do you have the feeling that the movie business and the public accept more easily those love affairs than before?” Kristen responds, “….Nobody can have an idea of what I’m doing with my life. I don’t hide, I’m photographed constantly, but at the same time, I don’t give anything away. I am the last person who is going to package a message and deliver it to the masses to be consumed.” In the next answer, she talks about how she doesn’t want to show her private life, only her feelings, when she’s on screen. So, this is bothering me because if Kristen’s saying that she doesn’t hide yet she doesn’t show her private life, then why are the tabs so intent on trying to make the public think that she’s now “dating” a woman. I mean, If the translation is accurate (or close to it), then Kristen has been maintaining her message all along “I know I’m famous and will be papped and written about and I’m fine with that because you won’t ever know what’s really going on behind closed doors.”

    Sorry for the long post, but the more I read about this, the more I’m convinced that THIS is Kristen’s message. And I’m really happy that she’s found a way to live her life her way.

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    1. I didn’t read the article, nor will I, but I agree with you completely. After all the years of following her, hearing and reading what is put out there I don’t believe a word of any of these interviews being put out there right now. I’ve said for a long time now that we won’t know what is real and what’s not until one of them comes out on video, or maybe live, for me to believe anything. At this point the could post pics of Rob and Kristen, with kids and I think I would still questioned it. I seen the pics from the last couple of days where she has blond hair one minute and brown the next. I would have said maybe she had her hair redone if it wasn’t the same one posting the pics. So as I always say it’s going to be a long wait and see. I think some day they when things settle down they will be photographed together like the last 3 years never happen. Like the one season of Dallas yrs ago, it was all a dream. There was never a Twigs or Alicia, but people they were working with and that’s all.


  10. I will continue to see the movies that Kristen and Rob put out.

    I am not a spokesperson for their personal lives and choices and I realize I could care less what those choices are as they have no impact whatsoever on my own life.

    Both Rob and Kristen have movies at the New York Film Festival this year and I hope to see Personal Shopper, Certain Women and The Lost City of Z .
    If their upcoming movies have premieres in NYC, I hope to catch a glimpse of them on the red carpet/promotion tours.


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    1. Annie, for whatever reason, you and I are of like minds. I hope you get to see them both and their movies @ NYFF! I do love me some NYC!

      Before I return to ‘sometime lurker’ status – good folks of the Haven, keep the good folks of South Louisiana in your prayers. It’s Bad down here, and that is no overstatement. I went through Katrina, and I have a fair idea what Bad looks, feels, and smells like. Definitely readjusts your focus and perspective, and I am thankful for that!

      HKN – the new format is lovely.


  11. Having lots of difficulty posting. Me thinks it’s my phone is allergic to safe Haven.
    All I wanted to post was the outrageously funny comparison between the Exosist and Ms T. Hurt myself laughing. I suggest if she continues these aberrations she should perform that stunt before a group of Jesuits, they might be of assistance with her possession 😄


  12. I am laughing really hard right now. Some sessed actually called Kristen a plagirist for having the same hairstyle as another woman. Hey, you idiots. No one can claim ownership of a hairstyle like they can music, art, literature, etc. Hairstyles belong to everyone.

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  13. What a great surprise and treat to read! Thanks for the snapshots of RK, they were super and gosh, they were in and after 2013! I have to say the last picture of T is truly revealing of her mental ability, she looks far-out man! Hi Socks! Glad to see you! Everybody be safe out there, the weather man is not on the job, I think that we might just conclude global warming is affecting us. God bless all you folks having flooding. Remember to hug somebody today, we all need hugs.

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  14. I guess I am not getting what needs to be done on your new format. This is my 4th attempt. A bit tired and lost my sense of humor. Thanks as always for great updates.
    I wanted to share what happened when I read the part of Ms. T and her alluring pose of possessed portions. Too funny and wanted to recommend an exorcist immediately. I am sure I can find one under J in the yellow pages. So funny, she does look in need of help in that shot. I was having my evening Tetley tea break and a mouthful projectiled like pea soup in an excellent movie


  15. I seem to have a wee bit of problems suddenly posting. I know from my phone NG. I will try one more time via my desktop.
    Well done HKN, but that has become routine for you lol. Always a pleasure to read your goodies.
    What I have been trying to say all night without success, is I had the misfortune to be seeping some Tetley while reading your latest. I then proceeded to spit it out laughing all over my dining room table. Why, nobody will ask, is the pic of Ms. T having a bad spiritual invasion and in desperate need of an exorcist OMG. I could not control my laughing and out spewed my tea like pea soup vomit. I can recommend a good Jesuit, who makes house calls, if she finds the need


  16. Great post as usual, you wrap the week just right, for someone who don’t have much time lately to see what is going on.
    I was thinking the other day, after I said People hadn’t pasted and copied Elle’s story. Then the very next day we get what you posted above. I think they have someone who comes here to see what is being said. I’ve noticed other times when someone says that either one has been MIA for a few days or weeks, then the next day. Then almost if by magic, a pic pops of one of them with who ever. Anyway you would think people would learn after posting photo-shopped pics of Rob and T. Like I said they are no better than, Hollywood Lies, or GC.

    Is this going to be a weekly post? I really hope so, and what surprise do you have for us. I’m like a kid in a candy store, please tell us soon.

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  17. Good post.
    I could so add to the list of RK being together in 2013 and beyond. I mean it is like so many just purposely choose to ignore things that were seen in 2013…it is like some forget how she met him at the GG after party before he headed to Australia to film The Rover, the fan pic taken in 2013 right after he was done, the movie date or late night snack run, one of my faves…when they stopped to get gas and Rob making that face at Bernie…..the bday party he planned & Nick H. was at, them going to Coachella…..all of that was was in 2013……you have the traveling guitar case that was just with her when she landed at the VFF in Sept. of 2015, her being with R on the Dior shoot that Karl did….just this year…..him being in NY….with her…yep…..crazy ig video where he could be heard laughing in the background, or how about the 4th of July when he can be heard laughing on one of those things posted by their friends and then him actually walking in front of K with the fireworks one….so many things people want to ignore….well…..a certain group of yahoos that is across the aisle.

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    1. Hi everyone!
      Have been MIA for a while. Great post HKN.
      When Rob was doing the Rover, Guy Pearce was interviewed on a radio station and they asked him about Rob. The interviewer mentioned something about his break up from Kristen and Guy chimed in and said that Rob and Kristen are mates. I know this for a fact. The interviewer said “I think we have some breaking news here” Guy was emphatic about his statement but I doubt there was any breaking news sent about it. Just the interview with Guy remains I’m sure somewhere online.
      Nice format HKN and the Weekly Roundup is a nice change.

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  18. I’m curious how the NYFF post that was so upsetting to that one reader is “Rob news” when actually Kristen is featured more than him. Silly reader needs to wake up.


  19. Great post and a very deserving award. That woman has zero talent except in the eyes of a handful of her friends and family. She is not sellable as an artist in any way shape or form and should anyone want to bankroll her well prepare for a loss but the flip side to the loss would be a great tax write off. She’s soon going to find out no one will work with her because of her narcissistic ways.

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  20. As usual, you never disappoint. Fantastic post and funny!! Exorcism pic, yeah!! You nailed it! I am still LOLing over that one!


    1. I join all in thanking you for our weekly update. And hold you personally responsible for spitting Tetley all over my dining room table. I was having it while reading the blurb comparing our fav entertainer to the Exosist. I laughed so hard, my Tetley was exorcised as well. Nice job😆. I know a Jesuit who makes house calls case néed Ms T


  21. Tks,Hkn as always. Like you to know I now have tea,milk 2 sugars All over my dining room table cause ???? Reading your exorcism blurb while having my tea. For some reason my brain found that comparison too hilarious to contain myself. Projectile Tetley everywhere. That shot does look possessed.
    Thanks😂😥😨. I hope in passing time, Rob might like to share WHY, OH WHY, he chose her as the divergence strategy to protect sweet K. That is a most unusual women. Case needed, I know a Jesuit that is available and makes house calls😊


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