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The Plan


The Plan.

Rob and Kristen’s plan. Not our plan. Not the media’s plan. Rob and Kristen’s plan. Sometimes we question the plan. Sometimes we applaud the plan. Sometimes the plan works flawlessly. Sometimes it has some hiccups.

Why do Rob and Kristen have a plan? They believe it is what is necessary to protect their children. That is the first and foremost reason. They also are tired of the media having all the control over them. What better way to get back at the media than taking them for a ride? And for the most part the plan has worked beautifully in that regard. The media laps up what is fed to them and regurgitates it for the Rob and Kristen haters to latch onto as the unvarnished truth.


The media has painted itself into a corner and even if they did realize they were being played they have no way to explain or get out of their lies. So they make up things to keep the truth from coming out. Journalists use Rob and Kristen for hits no matter what the cost to their integrity.


Lotte Jeffs editor of Elle UK and former tabloid writer is a perfect example of this.



Yes dipshidiots. The Evening Standard is a tabloid owned by another tabloid The Daily Fail.


Lotte Jeffs also posted on Instagram to get herself even more attention from it all.


And just for clarification. Rob and Kristen’s home in Los Feliz is not their main residence. It has been used for interview purposes before. This doesn’t give Lotte Jeffs any insight into Kristen’s life.

Yes Alicia HAS been Kristen’s assistant. Also she’s a family member. Cousins to be exact.

giphy (1)

Your nose is growing Lotte Jeffs.

When confronted on her Instagram  Lotte Jeffs claimed to have it all on record.


Syphilis was all over this.


I think someone needs to remind Lotte Jeffs and Syphilis what happened to the last person who claimed to have it all on record/tape…


screenshot_2015-06-16-17-02-39_kindlephoto-5240689 (1)

Yep you guessed it. The tapes were never revealed. I will predict that Lotte Jeffs “record” will have the same fate.


Lotte Jeffs claims Kristen who detests media consumption of her private life suddenly did a 180 and has decided to announce her undying love for Alicia to the media. Oh and trivialize her relationship with her husband Rob.

“When I was dating a guy [Jez note: Robert Pattinson, presumably] I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialized, so I didn’t like it. We were turned into these characters and placed into this ridiculous comic book, and I was like, ‘That’s mine. You’re making my relationship something that it’s not.’ I didn’t like that. But then it changed when I started dating a girl. I was like, ‘Actually, to hide this provides the implication that I’m not down with it or I’m ashamed of it, so I had to alter how I approached being in public. It opened my life up and I’m so much happier.”

On her relationship with Cargile, Stewart says, “I think also right now I’m just really in love with my girlfriend. We’ve broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and this time I was like, ‘Finally, I can feel again.’”

All you have to do is read these so called quotes to know Kristen never said them. Does this sound like Kristen? Nope it doesn’t. I call bullshit.


greer_garson Weird my gramps lives in Malibu, Kristen Stewart has been seen in the market with a man hand in hand, and recently. What kind of game is being played here? JS.

Lol. this is from Lotte Jeffs Instagram. It’s been deleted. What is she afraid of I wonder?

Looks like Rob has been #hidinginplainsight again.


The dipshidiots are extremely angry and stomping their feet  right now. Things aren’t going the way they hoped.


Their predictions over our demise after the Elle article came out just didn’t materialize.We’re all still here and going nowhere.

Rob is filming a movie and they are frustrated at the lack of Rob and IT photo shopped pics  to sustain their beliefs. Therefore all they have to talk about is their Kristen hate 24/7.


IT is still struggling to sustain her career without Rob’s help…


One of her few shows that wasn’t a festival appearance didn’t turn out too well. People begging for refunds after Travis Scott cancelled. Like I said. Still can’t get it done on her own.


IT still having a problem escaping her plagiarism tendencies isn’t helping her career much either.


Here’s the thing. The dipshidiots can lap up the crap that Lotte Jeffs and the other low lifes that would sell their own mother for a few hits  all they want. It’s not going to change the truth. We are not going to suddenly wake up one morning and change our minds. Yes Rob and Kristen are still married and have two beautiful daughters and another baby on the way. A magazine article isn’t going to change these things.


And yes The Plan will continue on. When will it end? Not for me or anyone else but Rob and Kristen to decide. And it’s up to Kristen and her team to decide if and when to call out Lotte Jeffs and her kind. It’s not our call.


And to those people that flip flop at the drop of a hat, running from one side to the other. Pick a lane and stay in it. I’m tired of your indecision.  I try to be patient but if you say something  derogatory about Rob and/or Kristen  you will be deleted. Don’t bother asking me why. You can express your opinion without tearing Rob and/or Kristen down to make it.


The best thing to do right now is swat the dipshidiots away like the irritating bugs they are.


Let them rant and rave and have their fits of rage. Have a good laugh at them. That’s what they are best for. They aren’t going to change the outcome no matter how much they try. And stop letting the crap get to you. Because that’s what is. Crap.



Congratulations Hilary Our next President!Hillary-001



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  1. My Dell is giving me headaches again! The weather is affecting the connection. Have a safe and blessed week everyone, and Nola Girl–stay high and dry! Bunny,, hoping you are doing great,. and busy with Fall School planning. Have a wonderful summer Rob and Kristen with family and friends! I make it a habit to simply ignore the kitty crap coming out of PEOPLE and/or any obvious false made-up troll enhanced tabloid , even the so-called better fashion tabloids. They are selling fewer and fewer magazines and newspapers as the tabloid journalism on screen by cellphone and PC is making millions, with or without the pillars of salt over the shoulder. There is no truthful journalism anymore about anything, even the so called politicos. So, a good sense of common ordinary horse-sense is essential to coping with the obnoxious trending RK stories. I prefer to remember that Rob and Kristen NEVER SHARE their private lives, and keeping things private is a have to for them for security. I made some good home made tacos with all the trimmings so time to go have a big salad with tacos with avocado/green chili dip. Strawberries and cream with cookies for dessert, no sugar but sweetened with natural sweeteners. Ah, the delights of Summer foods and special drinks! Whenever I read something that just stinks, I say to myself, —REALLY? Somehow it always comes from the bottom feeders so it is not real anyway. Saves on the wasted energy of correcting the idiot trolls that are down there at the bottom of the goldfish bowl, swimming in the poop! Stay cool, calm and collected you all, September is almost here! Susie


  2. Wow, I hear crickets on the RK front. Everything is too quiet in this Aug heat. New Orleans is drowning and we are desiccated.Everything around here and the West Coast is brown or burned. Mama Nature needs a lesson in fair distribution 😔


  3. l would like to apologize to everyone who read my comments on People mag, I got there email today and I just looked at it. Apparently there are new pics of Kristen and Alicia, out today. Well they posted one with the Elle story. I know it has taken them a couple of weeks to catch up with
    the other tabloids on it. I left them a message, telling them I would no longer be excepting their emails, I spam them. I mostly went there for the other stories not the ones on celebs, because most them are about the Kardashings, and I’m no fan of there’s never have been never will be. I hope you all will forgive me for giving them the benefit of doubt.


    1. I stopped reading People when they issued the false apology! They’re just another Tabloid IMO publishing Papparazzi pictures and feeding the click bait industry!

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  4. Love the new format HKN. I’ve been sitting here reading everyone’s comments on whether or not Kristen is pregnant for the third time. Well I have only seen a couple pics of her since Cannes, which were taken by professionals. I did see the ones of the coffee run, and they were only a few
    by papz, the Red Rock Cannon pic she was to far in the back to see anything. I do believe she has at least one child, I don’t agree with most of you as to when that one was born thou, I think she had her at the end of March not in April or May. Now from my own experience I can tell you with my first child you couldn’t tell I was pregnant until I was 6 or 7 months along,(I wore a bikini at 5 months and no one could tell) with my second one by that time I looked like I was ready to pop, and with my third one I couldn’t wear my own cloths after 3 months. I think Jennifer Garner said it best a few years ago, when the tabs were saying she was pregnant with her 4 child. She came back and said that after you have 1 baby, you never loose that baby bump. Depending what you wear, it might show more. So I think we need to take a step back and let Rob and Kristen tells us when they decide too. I’m not saying she isn’t or hasn’t had more than one baby, and not every woman is the same with how they carry a baby. This just my opinion on it, no one has to like it or agree with it, but we just need to stop the in fighting, that is what the sessed live for, to see HKN and her followers to fall apart. I know I don’t come here much anymore, my real life has been really busy with grandkids and remodeling my house I just don’t have time. I do check in a couple of times a week to see what is going on. Well have a good weekend and week ahead.

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    1. Forgot to mention, I’ve still haven’t read the Elle article, only what I’ve seen here and there. I did notice that people mag, or some of the other tabloids picked it up. Kind of makes you wonder, what they really know that they aren’t telling us.You would think it would be one of the biggest stories of the year, that they would be right on it. I get emails from people everyday, and when there is big news like someone having a baby or whatever, I get more. But with this story nothing, I even did a search on their site to see if I missed it, and I don’t remember when it was that last story they posted about her but it had been a while. Just thought it was interesting piece of info, to pass along.

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    2. Hi HKN, this is such a beautiful new format, the blog looks incredible!
      Regarding Kristen’s possible pregnancy. I think that she very well could be. I barely showed in all three of my pregnancies until I was about 7 or 8 months, no one outside of my family could tell. Each woman is different & each pregnancy is different. With that being said, it really doesn’t matter whether she is or isn’t, as long as, she and Rob & their little family are healthy and happy.
      Did anyone else hear that Taylor Lautner is now on the tv show Scream Queens with Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis & John Stamos? Nice to have him back from across the pond. Maybe we’ll see more of him hanging with Kristen.
      Chloe M.

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  5. This new format works much better on my cell, thank you oh ship captain. Thanks for those who joined the shade drinking section on deck. That white Russian, shuddering, it’s just a bit sweet, now Strawberry margaritas, heck yeah. Guy needs another beer while at it. It is so quiet out there on the horizon. The Olympics have a lot of our attention which depending on your location, congratulations to all medalists regardless of country. Our ship is in international waters, just being considerate. I am still reading fan fiction for now, it’s just quiet. Back to our chips and dip and drinks under the umbrella somewhere on deck. Seek us out but bring more snacks, those margaritas are potent. Until we get some interesting things see you all around.

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  6. Hi to all my HKN Havens Friends! Sorry I haven’t been here lately I was busy with real life! HKN, I love what you to this blog and the new post ! Great job sweetie! Hugs! As for the rest of my HKN Haven Friends, have a great summer! Stay cool and drink lots a nice cool water!
    As for sessed, haters, and the rest of trouble makers they are idiots and stupid. They don’t know nothing. We as HKN Havens are still standing, strong, kind, and loving people. Great job HKN Havens! We as HKN Havens keep the trouble makers out! I am dropping by to say hi to all my HKN Havens and telling you are doing a great job! I always believe in my HKN Havens! I love RK always and forever. They are my favorite people and that same goes for all my HKN Havens friends!

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  7. HKN great job, the page looks fantastic. 🙂
    But where do you find the number of written contributions from us?
    I clicked on it and immediately landed under your post, I can not found.


  8. Good afternoon to all Hkn and r/k’s supporters I apologize for upsetting everyone on the blog I didn’t mean any harm I’m very sorry have a nice day bye


  9. I hope you all remember that we do not see Kristen at home, only in pictures and that a closer person, Cuz, might have the real picture. Frankly I think Kristen is able the hide pregnancy from the press et al. It really isn’t our business anyway so what is the concern? I think RK deserve their privacy, so debating this subject seems without much sense. I like the new format HKN.

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  10. Cory4rk I understand what you are saying but I was the only one that talked about the photos about Kristen look like she’s pregnant I was just saying to the three people that were talking that she don’t look pregnant I just didn’t like what fishyone2 said. Cory4rk you Merle taxx2016,carol was always nice to me and to answer you fishyone2 I don’t know you I love coming here and read all these post this is not the first time this happened to me, I’m not sensative just standing up for myself cory4rk the part where I said I was leaving came out wrong I was mad because I don’t sit down and look at photos all day and that’s what it sound like fishyone2was implying to me if that’s not what she meant I apologize I’m not going anywhere cory4rk it’s nice to talking with you I apologize to everyone you to fishyone2 love you all I don’t like to upset people even dough I don’t know all of you


    1. Lydia, you answered your own concern. Focus on the many. Try not to undermine the value of your opinion over someone else’s. I do not measure my self worth based on another viewpoint gives away too much power. Remember opinions are just that. This is a fan blog. We come here cause it’s about our beloved 2 actors. What happens here does not effect a damn thing in the world. But what it does do is offer a moment away from reality.
      Please just enjoy it for what it is. Be kind to yourself = don’t sweat the little things. Okay kiddo??


  11. Thank you HKN for hanging in there with us and continuing to give us a beautiful Haven to hang out in, and to enjoy! Love the new post, as i always consistently have loved all your wonderful, funny, and righteous posts, lo, these many happy years. Go, beautiful RK! And go Hillary!! Love that lady!! It’s a historic and fantastic time in our nation’s history that a woman is finally nominated for president. i’m just so thrilled i got to see that happen. And love to you too, dear HKN!!

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  12. First Hkn LOVE new format and font. Well done

    Second – Lydia, just be cause a person has a diff opinion is not an attack on yours. It’s just that diff., not better. Take a breath, step back and please put down the defensive wall if you can. Don’t think anyones opinion carries anymore weight then anothers.Chill girl and post away
    My O re this thing, is she or isn’t, already stated,but will add,unless we’re cra wling around in her womb
    (Eeew,beyond creepy thought ) we are all in the hall of opinoon



  13. I don’t know about the pregnancy thing, but I do know that women, even tiny little things, get round in front, certain times of the month. One time I asked my dental hygienist when she was due. You guessed it. She wasn’t pregnant! You only make that mistake once! I never ask, ever.

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    1. I agree – the fact that at times she might seem to be “showing” and others not lends more towards the normal fluctuations of a woman’s body rather than a pregnancy. She is much too small for someone to be far into a pregnancy. Plus – I think that kind of scrutiny of a woman’s body can be very intrusive. I certainly wouldn’t want someone to look at my photos that closely LOL!!!!

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      1. Bfisy(fishy2) For some reason when I read a post that someone mentions anything concerning Rob or Kristen and I respond to what they say, like someone were talking about Kristen look like she was pregnant and now she don’t ,all I said that I saw 3pic’s of her showing, I didn’t sit down and just checked her belly to see if she’s pregnant or not. So you don’t have to say what you said because I’m not intrusive or scrutinizing her photos that closely I just saw them when she at Cannes that’s where I saw them see this is way I stop posting my opinion for this same reason some of you are rude when other people give their opinions and that’s a shame ill stay with mammanails she respects other people’s opinion I don’t know you fishy2 I’ve read a lot of your comments and you say what you want but no one else can give theirs I left before and came back but this time I will not be back , I’m always a Rob and Kristen true supporter until they end


      2. Lydia – calm down. I was not attacking you – it’s called a conversation and bantering back and forth. There are many of us having this conversation – no need to be so upset. A little friendly debate on the subject is healthy – I didn’t say you were wrong just offered a different POV. You take things very personally and threaten to leave all the time.


  14. I’m sticking my neck out on a limb so here goes. Could Kristen have already had her baby? In July at Cafe Society Premiere when she wore the Little Bo Peep looking dress she looked like she did at the Met Gala 2014. She’s looking slimmer and I just thought maybe she already had it. JMO


    1. My opinion is that she is not expecting again. She has shown no signs. At first……maybe possible? But too much time has gone by and she is still quite slim. It was a fun dream 🙂


      1. I agree. Renee Zellweger’s recent article pretty much covered this topic. There have been times when K was obviously showing signs, but she sure isn’t showing any now nor IMO was she showing signs at Cannes. With each pregnancy, especially ones so close together, it is more than obvious when someone is pregnant– the abdominal muscles need several years to completely heal. K is good but I think that might be something even she can’t pull off. Just my opinion here.


    2. Janie I think it might be a wait and see situation. We are not part of her inner circle. We see peeks,seconds in her full life. I really think K,R,and maybe the moms, are the only “in crowd”. I mean, how lucky for us to see her baba doing a momentary jig during a photo shoot. That was a happy accident at best. K is pretty smart at hiding anything in plain sight. From what I see from a few shots, nothing is evident. Since she has 2 already, this might be it, and we might be speculators of wishful thinking. Hang loose

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      1. Good afternoon everyone its been a while now but Janie, jaygem816, and cory4rk theirs 3pic’s one in her white skirt,and the one in the red, black, white skirt at the Cannes, you can see her belly showing and the other pic is at the airport in her jeans with Alicia there’s another one showing her belly again at the airport again that’s why I say she’s pregnant again if you notice some time she looks it and another time she doesn’t. Love you all this is for you to sanni this is my observation and my opinion

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    3. My opinion: Kristen is not again pregnant.
      If I have observed to myself and other women ( friends ) it will be impossible to hide a third pregnancy. ( Most of the women do not hide pregnancy)
      first pregnancy barely visible, no problems
      second pregnancy is feasible with large clothing
      a third pregnancy, I recognized at every woman, no matter how she was dressed!

      Kristen and Rob are happily married and have two girls without a new pregnancy!!!
      Just my opinion!

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    4. ITA and definitely think she had the baby a few weeks ago. Didn’t HKN confirm that K was pregnant or am I dreaming that. Are we saying she is wrong?


  15. Hi everyone! TAXX, I will bring my favorite drink a strawberry margarita and some chips and dip, but I have to stay under a big wide hat with the sunblock. I used to teach swimming, so I need to brush up on my butterfly a lot! If anyone knows, when does Kristen’s short story come out? Kristen should edit a book of photography and combine with her poems, stories, and paintings, because she is a very amazing creative woman. Believe me, it would fly off the shelves. JMO. Everyone just ignore the political BS, believe me the RIO competition id just lots more fun. We have some amazing gold medalists!

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  16. It is hard to believe Summer is almost gone. I have passed through many times, started a post then thought better of it. As many have experienced, our political arena is a bit too upsetting to many except on those arenas meant for that chatter. This is still HKN’s ship and she has made her view clear and I respect her view and stay to the RK subjects. As we all know, they both have been busy working and during dry spells, boredom sneaks in. Yet there are things to talk about, all of the wonderful reviews of movies coming out for both Cafe Society and Personal Shopper. I think Rob’s LCOZ has a preview out, but I could be off on that. Share the good things we have gotten during dry spells rather than pot shooting that I have seen going on from time to time. Whoever said sitting on the deck enjoying a cold beer, move over, I think I would like something tart, ahhh, how about a Margarita, that sounds good. Got to get the sun block out or I will end up a crispy critter. May I point out that during dry spells, check out some of the fan fiction in progress. It has helped me get through rough choppy waters, maybe it can help others too. It’s nice to see everyone. I am always somewhere on deck, usually in the shade. Ya’ll take care and there are goodies coming, “wink”, just keep a lookout going. Hanging in through all the heat recently then we got 8″ in one day. Go figure. Catch everyone around.

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    1. Cool observation,didn’t know Sam had a daughter. But cool. The odds are against it for 4 friends, not related, all sire girls. Since the male does determine the sex via chromosome line-up, if that is still valid, add to the acid or base internal environment of wife at the moment leads me to only one conclusion THEY’RE FORMING AN ALL GIRL BAND 😃😂😂😂😂

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  17. Hope everyone has great weekend! The Rio starts tonight and some Rob and Kristen movies are on this weekend. Keeping my eyes fingers and toes crossed there are no incidents in Brazil. Heat is very high here and feels like Arizona heat. Recent pictures of Kristen on RWN are great, thanks Mama. Susie

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  18. It is nice to see how awesome Kristen is to their fans. Kristen looks very happy!!! Love the pictures!

    It surprises me that this person receives more support from R / K friends. In what terrible situations she has brought R / K…..
    but the support is continued…Holds she actually the threads in her hands? Inexplicable for how long.
    The video is horrible!!!
    Is it true that Jamie has a R / K Fan blocked?


  19. I really wish people would stop taking it upon themselves to police HKN’s blog. Only she has the administrative responsibility to keep or delete post on here along with asking people to not talk about certain subjects.

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    1. We ask because they are not political discussions – they are digs at people. “The only valid candidate……”. Do we really need that here? We are just asking because this an RK blog.

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      1. I personally rather just come here and read about RK and I even enjoy people’s personal stories and comments. I’m not a-political but for me personally I never discuss politics or my opinions on any candidate good or bad. What I have seen is everyone thinks their candidate is the only valid one so its all the same noise to me. They may say it using different terminology but it still amounts to the same. On Twitter I’m able to mute political posts and will keep it that way until after the elections. On here I just skim over the political chat without reading it. Ultimately its up to HKN to say if it’s ok or not to discuss. I prefer it not be here if there’s ever a vote on it though.

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    2. Cindy,gotta agree their is only 1 police officer here
      and it’s not us. But I also see their point. This is an RK blog, not a political arena. It’s obvious Hkn has made it clear way often what her political leanings are. Since this is her world, so I have nothing to add. Do I believe it is a good idea to expound on political beliefs, not really. I think there are plenty of arenas on the net to do that. However I am a visitor on her blog, she will decide her tolerance.Deb 57, just know when you go politcal, know what arena your voicing your beliefs. Might be wiser to stick to an RK topic on an RK fan blog, for your sake if you explore the site, this appears to be a pro Dem. Hilary sight at least from what I have read in the past. This is why, I prefer the wiser route, and voice my politcal opinions,on a political site. For me, I am here for my only fav., gorgeous couple. I try hard to keep it there. The ladies here are very nice to chat with on our neutral topic. Hang loose all.

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      1. Now somebody teach me how to spell. Disgraceful how I can butcher the American language when I am thinking carefully while texting eeek😟😞reads like the LEGAL immigrant I am,😂😂


  20. I think we are all having a negative reaction to this Presidential campaign, and gradually the antagonism will settle down after the election. The country is becoming less patient with different beliefs, different races. We need to focus on the fact that this is America, where we are all equal. I agree discussing politics and/or religion is not a great idea on this post but I am happy a woman has finally been nominated for President. Just like their private life, I doubt if RK would enter the political nightmare and make their decisions public. Many still have not decided and may wait until November when in a voting cubicle. I am very happy that HKN has been so very supportive of RK, because I believe she is 100% right and because we all have a right to express themselves, she also has the right to remove trash from her blog. Thank goodness! I believe it might be great for everyone to just chill. One thing is for sure, no one can really predict RK, and no one can predict this election. We really haven’t a clue. Somehow I think the world will survive if I do not worry about either or fuss about it. The USA will survive and we continue to be a leader of change. God Bless. Susie

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    1. I disagree with your political opinions but that’s not the point of this blog.

      We are here to celebrate RK not to argue about our differing political opinions.

      If we allow politics to hijack our haven, it may not still be standing when the contest is over in November.


      1. Bravo!!!! That is exactly the point – this is a haven for us – away from all that rhetoric. It’s disgraceful to HKN to use her blog to promote political positions. I don’t want to know who people support…..I want to keep liking all of you lol!!! If people want to talk politics they should start their own blog.


  21. Nice post! The tabloids are always distorted, but the “regular” media is often distorted, as well. There’s an agenda to serve and money to make. So, not just with RK news, but with political news, take it with a grain of salt.

    I don’t care to bring up politics but I’ll respond when only one side is presented. I completely support R & K but I’m also very conservative. And no, this does not mean that I’m dumb, ill-informed, or uneducated.

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    1. Deb well said, I am a large proponent of thinking and refuse to be a sheep for any reason which includes RK and any aspect of life. Biggest red flag I have is a.telling me how to think, and b blindly following

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  22. Hi HKN , Great Post 👏👏👏👏 I am in it for the long ride …..even though I don’t always post alot. Have a question HKN on your Twitter account there is picture of a really big boat (yacht) ….who’s is it…is it real ? Just wondering (does anyone know)….thanks.


  23. It truly has been so quiet lately – its been great. Even the so called exclusive interview was a blip on the screen. After reading her Instagram account of it…………well, that says it all. And to the poster on your Twitter who said that a tabloid only means the size of the publication — not true. Of course I believe that was Tizzy and she only posts those things that promote her own agenda. A tabloid does relate to size but it also relates to content in most cases. Any publication owned by DM has to be taken with a grain of salt. And I think the comment above about how the only people paying attention to this whole story are gossip rags………….and sessed fans. That says a lot to me. Unfortunately there is very little vetted out celebrity news these days – its all about getting hits by reposting other stories that are sensationalistic.

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  24. Thanks, HKN. Great post! Am still here, not going anywhere. I’ve been in the fandom since the awful thruth and will continue to be in spite of the plan. I’m not expecting a reveal anytime soon. As long as those kids are little and vunerable and it works, I see them doing this. There are a lot of crazies out there, unfortunatly. It’s interesting they only have her gay and talking about it in print, never in person. It’s because (IMO) they know they can get away with it, neither Rob or Kristen will ever actively ask for a retraction, and they know that. I never trust printed interviews anymore, sadly. But boy do I enjoy those photoshoots. HKN, and MN, thank you for all you do, for giving us a place to read the opinion of you and likeminded people. I’ll be here.

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  25. Great Post HKN! I love our ship when it drives quiet.
    Privately, I’m not a long distance runner, but I hope I have a cozy deck chair, and can view the smooth ride until the speedy end is coming
    ( lying ) otherwise I’ll get seasick.
    Tabs are like, nastier green stinking purulent pimple in the middle of face, that nobody wants to have.
    A question what has kristen doing in LA? Was it pictures from filming?


  26. Great post, HKN! In recent years the tabloids have embroidered the life of Rob and Kristen to Pocket more money. Usual crap! No wonder more than anything. I’m always here with you! A hug


  27. Well great post, I won’t be leaving at least not because I don’t believe in Rob and Kristen, but because when I asked people I follow on twitter not to bring politics into the fandom. I was told that isn’t what this blog is about and not to bring it up again. As for Rob and Kristen coming out and saying we never broke up, well I don’t think it will happen until blogs and sites die down. Maybe not this one but others, who are the worst haters to Kristen and the ones who are the worst to Rob. We all know that the tabloids watch these blogs. If they didn’t they would have half of the stuff that is put out there. Like the photo-shopped pics, come from. We all know that they wouldn’t get them other wise. I don’t pretend to know what they are doing in their private life, I do know from watching and reading their interviews over the years, that neither one of them would have done a 180 weeks or months after saying they don’t discuss their private lives or want to be in the tabloids.

    Now as for the politic stuff, agree with me or don’t I, pray that Hillary isn’t our next president. I remember the way she was when Bill was in office. She drug every woman he made passes to thru the mud, call them all kinds of names. The one that said he raped her, well lets just say she wasn’t treated the way someone should be.Then there’s the 4 men who died in Benghazi, and all the lies she told about that. How about her lying about her emails. Just go listen to the what the head of the FBI said, and then compare what Hillary said. She may have been brought up on charges, but the fix was in on that. Not that I would have voted for Bernie Sanders, but he never had a chance because of yet another email scandal. If you really think she didn’t read any of them, lets just say she can tell the biggest lies with a smile on her face. If you think I’m wrong about anything look into it for yourself. Don’t use goggle thou, they’re in Hillary’s back pocket, Use bing or yahoo. One last thing, I don’t think Kristen voted for her, because her friends I follow on IG, were supporting Bernie.
    Well I won’t be commenting anymore, but I will check in from time to time. Have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can we not bring politics here? Its just too contentious and we all need to make determinations on the truth on our own. You have a very strong opinion and I applaud you for upholding that – but there will be people that will disagree and I would hate to see this board become political. I hope we can stick to just the fun stuff – RK.


  28. Yay,captain reporting voluntary duty on this sturdy,steadfast vessel⛵😄,gladly. In for the long haul for years. Thanks to you and.MN, for keeping on course and forbyour great posts putting it together for us.

    On a dissapointed note. Just finished watching COAL. Speaking ONLY for me, R was wasted in a very disjointed,bleak and vague peek at the world of 1917. I am usually the first one to dig in and analyze and enjoy aspects of a flick,even if I did not care for the total film. This was,for me awful. R’s part seemed wasted and irrelevant. Boy I hate saying that. I love his acting and character work. Once you guys see it. PLEASE explain it to me😟


  29. Love the new post. I’ve only actively posting on this blog a few years but I used to lurk on GC and that’s where I found out about this blog many many years ago. So I was a lurker for a long time. I will stay on this ship until our final destination has been reached.


  30. Loved it! Great post. (I’m a lurker mostly).
    I’ve been on the ship since the beginning and I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got all the time in the world.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for being such a good friend and helped to pull me back from the edge of the cliff last week. I should have known and used my better judgment that that didn’t sound like Kristen at all. For someone who’s been notoriously private about her private life, suddenly flip a 180 and “declare” her love for A in a article?!? That’s why we question the validity of said article, not to mention she’s a tabloid journalist. Therefore she has no credibility to begin with. The haters reveled in the article and will once again feel pretty stupid that they got duped by another so-called journalist trying to make a quick buck off of RK.


  31. Such a nice way to end the day, thinking about RK and their lovely family. The painful things that the red headed candidate for President is completely forgotten and I can think about Rob and Kristen and their new movies! Our heat wave is waving away and extremes are still very obvious here and moving around all over. God bless those who were swept away today by the flood. My baby Sugar Lump sleeps as close as she can by my bed, the lightning and thunder are loud here and tonight we have quiet. Sugar is a beautiful female Boxer that gives hugs and licks to anybody needing a hug. I think the world needs a big hug tonight! Susie Big hugs to all of you and also to Rob and Kristen. p.s. HKN, the removal of comments only affected my ATT smartphone, not the DELL laptop at home.


  32. Great post as always HKN! Loved it. Wondering why I can’t see our posts on the side like we have always been able to? Can only see if I go into the post and scroll down to the comments.


      1. I’m wrong. It’s fixed on my iphone but not the blog on my laptop. Am I the only one seeing this? No one else has mentioned it.


  33. Awesome post!! We need to be silent and watch. Rob and Kristen will come out when they choose. Who knows it could be tomorrow or 5 years from now. It is their life. Just think three kids under the age of 5 that in itself is a lot to handle, let alone to do it in the public eye.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Wow! Great post! I was glad to see your attitude is still good after all the BS. People believe pretty much what they want to. RK have had no choice but to totally confuse the weird people out there, their family is all important, and Kristen and Rob would never talk about their private life. That is a fact.

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