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Water. Kristen hatred flows like water in the dipshidiots veins. They are desperate to prove she’s not married to Rob. Trying to make her a lesbian somehow calms their fears. Their latest effort at proving this has gone to new heights. They are all giggling and cackling over an article in the Daily Fail…


They ran to the Kool Aid, yes like it was water.

giphy (1)

They cropped the Daily Fail header out and claimed it was from Elle.


Copied word for word from the Daily Fail NOT Elle.


And here is the actual article from Elle. No mention of Alicia.


Nope the editor doesn’t mention Alicia either.


No mention of Alicia here either but the dipshidiots swear she does.


Screenshot_2016-07-16-12-23-27_kindlephoto-190195235 Syphilis digs that hole a little deeper. NOWHERE in the Daily Fail article is there a direct quote from Kristen.


Maybe if they stomped their feet a little harder it might come true?


Nope. Still no Alicia mentioned.

And if Elle wasn’t enough of a hero to the dipshidiots thanks to the Daily Fail we got this gem…


Have you stopped laughing yet?


Yes they actually compared IT to Prince. The only thing IT has in common with Prince is the one night stand (no lights on ping pong according to IT) she had with him.



Guess it’s not only me who despises IT. Go figure.


She got turned away? The next Prince? How can that be?

Top-30-Most-funniest-Sarcasm-quotes-humorous-images (1)


Well I guess she got in somewhere. Something tells me she was lap dancing  with the men again.

giphy (2)


Maybe more than lap dancing.



Mophead IT and her poodle. Awe come on it’s funny!


Kristen and Rob had a big Fourth of July party. The dipshidiots were seething and tried desperately to turn it into a romantic rendezvous for Kristen and her cousin Alicia…


Stop the presses! Alicia was at the party! So were a lot of other people morons. Including the party hosts Kristen and her husband Rob.

Yes Rob was there. #hidinginplainsight. 


Use these dipshidiots.


Maybe then you can see Rob.

Looks like they had a lot of fun!



Oops Tizzy the Turd got it wrong. What a surprise.


Looks like Bernie was there to me Tizzy the Turd.


Cole doesn’t look too traumatized either.



Kristen at Cafe Society Premiere. Not my favorite look to be honest but still pretty as always.


Kristen at Equals Premiere. Very nice. I like it!

giphy (1)

Promo Stew is the best.


Kristen on Fallon Playing jello shot Twister. Of course the dipshidiots were all over this. They don’t realize that a pregnant guest can request non-alcoholic shots.


Kristen is getting ready to shoot her own short film!


The name of it is Water .


kristen movie

Kristen slaying the haters as always!


What has Rob been up too?



He’s in Utah filming a Western!



First pic of Rob on set of Damsel!

This explains why the dipshidiots have been so bitter lately. Rob isn’t following IT around like a puppy the way they had hoped. In fact he’s been blissfully happy away from her for some time now.


And to close this out some pics from Annie and Helen who went to the taping of the Kelly show that Kristen was on.





Thank you Annie and Helen! Great job!


See ya next time!



232 thoughts on “Water

  1. I don’t care who Kristen “loves” or is supposed to be “in love with”, she is a great actor. I do not for one second those are her statements in the Elle magazine. If they are her words, I should like to hear them while I am watching her mouth. If true she would no t have a problem saying so. I do not believe those are K’s words..

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    1. Good on you Ruby for using common sense. May I suggest you go read MN’s latest post and pap altered pics l. You might find something that supports your,and many others suspensions.If I am not good at something,it’s spotting altered crap. Others have keener black line Duckett eyes.

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  2. Ladies, remember every since the reporter from the UK said Kristen ‘s mother told her that Alicia and Kristen was going together. The reporter couldn’t produce the tape evidence every since then everyone start saying Kristen must be a lesbian. They are trying hard to make it’s seems like she is, because people fought back at the reporter because she lied. Check out all the magazines and tabloids from the UK they are going to make Kristen pay even if they have to lie.

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    1. You know Carol I agree wholeheartedly, the tape never materialised did it? Likely the same will happen with K’s words, she didn’t say them.

      Now the journo on the other hand, will somehow get them into her article, how I don’t know, nor do I care.

      This imo, is click bait at its most devious, how is this magazine going to sell more copies? Yeah, let’s leak a snippet twisting Kristen’s words and – voila, a gazillion copies sold.

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  3. Good afternoon Hkn andR/K’s supporters ,I know that some of you may not like what I’m about to say I just read some of Kristen interviews that she had before and they are all different from the Ellie article I’ve read. In one of Kristen interview she said that she had just moved to a new location and she was happy their. so why would Kristen take a reporter their to have an interview and leave her in their to go vote.that don’t make any sense at all ,A lot of the Ellie article was rewritten from one of Kristen’s old interview especially the part where she talked about some celebrities like their lives like a comic book stories I remember when she said that chole k didn’t like what Kristen had said, the part that she said Kristen say about I love with her girlfriend maybe Kristen must’ve said girlfriends,not girlfriend. If you look back and read all of Kristen interviews she never mention anything about gf’s at all .go to Team Kristen site and read all her interviews before Ellie’s article have a good day love you all


  4. Just saw Society Café. Loved it. Seeing Kristen always smiling and happy. I didn’t like the ending. Hope everyone gets a chance to see it. I also saw Equals and COAL but had to watch it on tv. Both were really good also. Kristen playing Nia was incredible. Nick H. said she had actor hands. She knows how to use those hands to make it real. Have a good week end.

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    1. Janie, I’m off to see Cafe Society in an hour! Can’t wait – it looks like my kind of movie and Kristen looks like she does an awesome job as always!


    2. Janie, saw both last week,agreed, good stuff. Also irritated with CS ending. K’s portrayal illustrated a person of character. The end read she was of shallower stock,often what happens in real life.Hush,hush,mush,mush.


    3. I don’t know why I called it Society Café. Anyway, I’m glad you girls are getting to see it. Kristen never disappoints .


    4. Janie, tvgrl, Cory4rk….I’m so excited CS is playing 6 minutes from my house. It wasn’t scheduled to play here when I checked two weeks ago…and I am making peach jam this week….so will see this coming week. Thanks for the heads up about the ending.


      1. Glad you are going to be able to see it Merle. I always like Woody Allen movies – well some of them!- and I really enjoyed this one. You just can’t take your eyes off of Kristen. She is just beautiful and does a wonderful job playing a character that is so different from her own personality. When she is not on the screen you are just waiting for her to come back. Loved the costumes, hated the ending. Jessie is perfect as the “Woody Allen” character.


      2. tvgrl, it will be my highlight of the week to see Kristen and Jesse in SC since my fingers are pretty weary picking, peeling, chopping, cooking peaches for my jam. I love all the pics of Kristen with the ribbons in her hair, her clothes, and her smile..Looking forward to see Equals, COAL, and PS.
        Sue, we are having a heat wave in California!


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