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I’m Still Standing/Message From The Cuz


Despite what Vern and her law enforcement officers have tried and what Kicks and her PI info have tried I am STILL STANDING. Vern’s Harry the entertainment guru didn’t help her much either.


Funny how that bonus info never materialized. The only thing Kicks did was delete all her tweets. She forgets there’s a thing called screen cap. Still waiting on that info Kicks…


And Kicks looking up more medical terms as her proof.


And as for Vern she also deleted the latest chapter in her Kevin/Alex fiction. Again screen capped…


No. I am not Debbie Shingleton and never admitted to being her. Try again Vern/BiHoeScum. I’ll let the cuz answer your claim that she’s an entertainment reporter later on in this post.

These people have tried and failed at every turn. Know why? They have nothing and they know I know they have nothing. You can’t scare someone when they know you are full of shit. My question is if they are so sure of themselves why are they so afraid that they have to resort to a cast of fictional characters to reassure themselves of their beliefs?


Now on to the sightings. (Well a few of them. The dipshidiots have been very busy. No one could possibly keep up.)


Both of these sightings were supposedly from  Father’s Day June 19th. Guess he was too busy getting pics taken by fans to spend the day with his Dad.


And NO Rob did not get egged and went running from some idiots. But of course the dipshidiots believed this because it places him where they so desperately want him to be.


Now we get to the teen age real estate agent who supposedly showed Rob and IT a house…


Yeah sure you did. In your dreams. Does leave mean you didn’t graduate? Just wondering about your choice of words there.



We even got the floor plan. Smooth move dipshidiots. They seem to forget he already gave up a home because it was too big and more than he needed. But yet he supposedly is going there again.


Are you wondering where they will go with this next?


Tizzy the Turd took this pic from 2014 and turned it into a Rob and IT redecorating his LA home fantasy.


Tizzy the Turd took this pic from a friend of IT’S  designing site and claims it’s Rob’s redesigned home. Seriously.


Notice how nowhere is it mentioned whose home it is. Residential, Hollywood Hills means it has to be Rob’s house according to Tizzy the Turd logic.



Does this look like someone who you would want to redecorate your house?



IT and her pal Hollie ready for a Torture Garden night of fun.



Lol. Okay according to Tizzy this picture of IT from a store seven months ago is furniture in Rob’s bedroom at his house.But she won’t show the bedroom pics.Only in DM. Yeah right.


Syphilis was chomping at the bit to post the non existent pics.


And they wonder why they look like fools? Enough said.

Got your Grey Goose ready?


I am now going to turn things over to the cuz. Enjoy!


Hello everyone. I have a few things to set straight so bear with me. First off to Vern, I am not nor  have I ever been an entertainment reporter. I hope your friends Kevin and Alex didn’t pay too much for that top secret information.

Rob did not get egged on Father’s day. He wasn’t even in England on that day. He was in LA with his wife and daughters. So we’re his parents. They enjoyed the time with their grandbabies.

Rob is NOT house hunting in Hackney. This is a high crime and impoverished city. He is not house hunting in England period. His home is in LA with his wife and children. If he was house hunting he has a realtor he works with who is much older than a teenager. Enough already.

And NO a friend of Fka Twigs is not and never would be redecorating one of Rob and Kristen’s homes. Yes they have more than one home. One recently purchased in England. None in NYC.

A lot of people wonder when the plan will end. My only answer is when Rob and Kristen are ready for it to end. Right now it’s working. The paps and their haters are chasing the illusion that Rob and Kristen are painting for them. It will have to end eventually. My hope would be soon but it’s not my call.

My reasoning for hoping it’s soon has to do with a recent addition and then deletion from the plan. Stephanie Sokolinski also known as Soko. She was brought into the plan to give Rob some much needed relief.She was a dangerous addition from the start. She didn’t know how to keep her mouth shut and loved to babble away on Twitter and Instagram. Secondly unlike Fka Twigs, Soko could care less about furthering her career. She was a loose cannon waiting to go off. Kristen realized this and pulled the plug. To say Soko was upset would be an understatement. 

The situation with Fka Twigs is different. She desperately wants the career. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the talent to get her there. Her latest single flopped badly. There is only so much Rob can be expected to do to prop her up. Rob did not want to attend the Met Gala. Unfortunately he was left with no other choice. I can’t go into details except to say it wasn’t a very pretty sight.

Alicia Cargile is the go to when they need help with the plan. She is a good friend and family member to Kristen. She does her part and plays it well. Her girlfriend Gloria is a sweet lady. 

Rob has been in LA more than people know lately. Spending lots of family time with his beautiful wife and children. They got to spend some special time together in Paris (one of their favorite cities) very recently.

As for the rumors of another addition to their little family I am 99 percent sure that is true. Hopefully they will get that little boy this time around!


Thank you for hearing me out.


And what better way to close this out than with this…

Rob! Dior! Paris!




Rob and Uncle Karl! The dipshidiots didn’t like this too much. They even tried to rewrite history by cropping Uncle Karl out.




One more just because!

Just too cute!


Rob’s beautiful wife Kristen in London for Chanel.



Stunning as always.




Just because I know it drives the dipshidiots bonkers!

giphy (2)


Congratulations to the city of Cleveland! You so deserved this!


Thank you to everyone who voiced concern over my recent medical problems. Still having some problems but much better. Thank you again.




203 thoughts on “I’m Still Standing/Message From The Cuz

  1. I’m reading all about Kristen’s positive reviews and how some people can’t make up their mind which of Kristen’s movies to see first.

    I can’t help but remember the all of the comments that she would never work again. Today she has not one but two movies for her fans and the viewing public’s delight.

    Karma really knocked a lot of hateful people on their but today.

    I’m also loving that Rob is back working with Mia W. Life is good.

    On another topic I’m so sorry for the people in Nice, France who lost loved ones to the madness of one man’s lunatic idea of what is pleasing to God.

    I’m not saying much lately; but I check in every day.

    Congratulations to Annie and Smack, two lucky and very kind ladies
    who shared their good fortune with us.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. maur2014, thanks for the heads up advice about Equals. I do love a good movie with lots of emotional appeal.

        Hollywood is so busy making kid flicks from comic books that I think the major studios have forgotten how to make a good dramatic movie.

        I’ve watched more independent (indie) movies in the past two years than ever before in my life. Most indies depend on story line and acting, instead of CGI, green screen and special effects.

        Have a good day. Peace.

        Liked by 2 people

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