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Special Report By HKN


This is a special report brought on by the incessant lies and fan fiction by Vern/Scum aka Alex/Kevin.

giphy (1)

Vern/Scum recently did a post on her blog supposedly by the infamous law enforcement officer Kevin. Kevin goes to judges to get court orders on people because they are being mean on the internet to a celebrity. He is miraculously aloud to have access to people’s private information when no legal proceedings have been brought against these people.

Link to Kevin and Alex Report on Hushtruth

Kevin bull shit Fact#1

kevin 1a

NO. There was no commitment ceremony. Are we back in high school with promise rings? And YES they are married. Again look up confidential marriage licence in the state of California. Since Kevin is supposedly a law enforcement officer he should be able to comprehend this right?


Kevin bull shit Fact#2

kevin 1

kevin 2

Have you stopped laughing yet? Vern/Scum aka Kevin keeps stepping in it deeper and deeper the further they go with this lunacy.


Trust me Kristen had no police escort to either of her births.


Kevin bull shit Fact#3

kevin 5

The Federal Watch List? Seriously? So talking bad about IT, a celebrity whose career is in free fall gets you put on The Federal Watch List? Reaching there a bit aren’t you Vern/Kevin?


Kevin bullshit Fact #4

kevin 3

So now we have a new fictional character named Harry who is the the expert on all things Rob and IT related. How convenient for Vern/Scum.


Will Harry meet Sally in the next chapter of this fan fiction?


Kevin bull shit Fact#5

kevin 4

I am NOT Debbie Shingleton and these idiots know it. They keep this up to get the attention they so crave from their fellow haters. I laugh and call them out repeatedly on it because I have nothing to worry about. I am NOT Debbie.


Unfortunately the real Debbie Shingleton is paying the price. Her children being threatened and her address and personal information being put out on the internet. I feel bad for her and wish there was something I could do. Some people seem to think I can wave a magic wand and make it all go away for her. I wish I could. And NO I will not stop defending myself. It won’t change anything and it won’t stop them posting her information.

Β keep-calm-i-m-not-a-miracle-worker

If you are in this fandom let me me give you a piece of advice. Do NOT under any circumstances associate your real name or personal information with anything to do with this fandom. Why on earth would you do this? My name and personal information is nowhere on anything associated with this fandom. This is why I am confident they don’t know jack about me and never will. Please be careful when dealing with these people and what is accessible to them. They have threatened peoples lives in the past.


It seems Vern’s alter ego on Twitter,Scum,has been suspended. Right before she posted her latest Alex/Kevin fan fiction chapter.


Β Vern also keeps claiming to have sent me information two years ago. NO she did not. She is a liar. She has never sent me anything.


One more thing in this report. There is another loon named Kicks who claims to have information on my psychological state. The fictional Alex/Kevin been busy breaking some Hippa laws?


Kicks also has penchant for finding old Facebook groups that haven’t been commented on in 2 years and claims the woman in question is Smartlurker… Oh and Smartlurker, Angelslave Β (Tempest), and I are cousins. She quickly backslid on that one.


Still waiting on her claims of information about me. Another one who is all mouth and no action. No surprise there.


Funny how they make claims of my downfall but it never happens. I think Phyllis/Hopeless holds the record for fails on that one.


They seem to think by finding out our real names it means we are suddenly going to disappear and give

Newsflash. It’s not working. Your’e making yourselves look like fools.

One more message in this report…


Everyone have a nice week!





410 thoughts on “Special Report By HKN

  1. K in the crowd at the dior fashion show or k at lax . I’d put my money on dior. We have seen many outdated pics at the airport . She had 3 large bags in london but came home with just a back pack. K was in londen on Monday Rob was in paris on Wednesday. Wonder where they were Monday and Tuesday. And rob shows up in Paris on Wednesday. MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Makes you think doesn’t it. HKN hope your back is better.

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  2. Hi TAXX! Hi RAE! Hi HKN! Hi Bunny! Bless those families in W.V. Those are wonderful people and seems like the South, Texas, LA, Miss., and the Carolinas have really had some floods that just are over powering! We need rain on the west coast so I hope they get more to put out those fires. Watching houses floating along in flames in W.V. was just too sad. God bless those good people.


  3. Those pictures of Rob at Dior’s Show are wonderful, especially those of Rob and Karl L. together. I really like to see Rob without the fuzz! The shots of a tiny blonde head inside all the crowd near Rob is like a gentle pat on the back to real fans that do not judge RK’s lifestyle or question every detail of their life. Kristen is a busy person and mother, so she is probably expected back in LA for business and family matters. I still think they mostly travel by family jet. I love these two very much and pray for their safety. You can be assured Rob was very pleased his wife came to his Dior show, he is such a gentle sweet man and very handsome, Kristen has always been proud of him! No one may recopy this post, of June 26,2016 of Sue Morris. Have a good Sunday!

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  4. It looks like it was quiet until yesterday.

    I spent a week where I couldn’t get a signal so it was a little rough. I have been fortunate to have parents to live as long as they have yet to see them now, it is a heart breaker. It may take a bit to get out of that trip besides the truck that ran me over, backed up and did it again. All of those with RA, you know what I mean.

    HKN, hope you are better too. Good to be back and catch up.

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  5. Mama Nails, thank you for saying what you did about people following their conviction and standing by what we believe.

    I will always believe that fighting mostly causes more fighting. But that’s just me. I wasn’t scolding anyone for their point of view.
    And I’m sorry if anyone took offense.


    1. Rae so glad you are staying on the board. Glad you are keeping up with that skin cancer . Some people don’t conceder it dangerous My family has lots of it including me so I will keep you in my prayers.

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  6. Rob is more handsome than Jamie Dornan; and Kristen is the ONLY woman I’ve ever thought looked good in red eye shadow and red lipstick.

    I’m just not a fan of red eye shadow. But on Kristen it’s a hit.

    My prayers go out to all of the families of the 23 victims of the flood in West Virginia.

    And for all the people beset by weather related catastrophes; also the people losing their homes in the forest fires out in California.

    I’m going to have surgery for the same place for skin cancer again, and I dread it; but compared too a lot of people’s troubles that’s small potatoes.

    Goodnight, good people, and have a great day tomorrow…R.


    1. Hi everyone good afternoon Rae H this is for you I’ll have you in my prayers good luck I love all of mammanails pictures of Rob he really looks good,Taxx glad to hear from you to love you all


  7. I’m enjoying the many photos of Rob in Paris. Kristen was also beautiful as ever. Smart Lurker on twitter has an interesting collage of Kristen arriving at Lax.

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  8. Another week of outright crazy news and trolls. I am a believer in being a realist about people and using those brain cells to remain a good fan. First, I believe Rob and Kristen have a good relationship and have a little family they protect at all costs. They really do not care about the lies created by others, whoever is selling the newest warmed over shit for sale. People believe what they want to, this is basic head games for the sick puppies, and you either believe or don’t. But, I do not suggest investing time or effort in the negative sadistic twitters, those chicks have deaf, blind, and stupid going for them, along with ugly minds. I think everyone has come and gone and come back to Haven. We come back because , guess what, it is real and it is truthful, along with Mama Nails and Bunny and all our real friends here. This is the object lesson, if you insult the Haven, then you can make them leave. Every time we see old friends coming back, there is a NEW collection of lies from the PEANUT GALLERY. Has anyone noticed the person slinging the shit is not doing well as a singer/dancer- – – – ? Mercy !! No one may recopy or reproduce this comment , Sue Morris. June 25, 2016. I suggest just eliminate what you know are to be badly written lies from the tabloids, who make money on Rob and Kristen Pattinson and their lives. Money by fictitious association is seriously illegal. No one may recopy this post, Sue Morris, June 25, 2016. You all stay cool, calm and collected. You hear?

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  9. Kristen and Rob have the same model backpack from Nike.Robert has orange and Kristen black.Maybe the coat color is a hint.Or, maybe, Kristen’s happy face!


  10. Hi
    Rob in Paris with Karl πŸ˜‰
    He looks great. The suit simply brilliant
    I like him!
    Not every photo is PS. Although Rob looked in the photo strange with the woman.


  11. I certainly don’t think anyone needs to stop commenting here. I think that’s a ridiculous reaction because ppl disagreed or got upset with comments posted.

    If you stand by what you post your should be able to take it of ppl disagree with you.

    If you can’t take the disagreement then that’s your choice.

    Basically what I suggest is that ppl think before they post. If your intentions are sincere most ppl will see that but I’m seeing a lot of needless drama for drama sake. But as I said before this seems to be the usual fandom reaction to long periods of drought. If there’s nothing to discuss about RK ppl create their own drama to fill the void.

    Might I suggest grabbing a chaise lounge on the lido deck or by the pool. I think Twilight is being shown on the outside film screen in a few hours…so grab your beverage of choice as well as your favorite ship location and relax.

    We’ve all been through a lot and good things are coming our way. COAL is premiering in the states in July, so we’ll finally get to see a Rob movie. Kristen’s got two films coming out this month so the lack of things to discuss will come to an end.

    Not to mention the surprises that Kristen is constantly springing on us. First her attendance @ The Thirst Gala and now a new Chanel make-up campaign.

    The one thing that I know we all want is final confirmation about RK, but that will only happen when RK choose and we’ll never be able to dictate when it will happen. But we all have a choice to make. Are we gonna stick to our guns and ride this out or give up. The choice is up to each of you.

    MamaNails – just keeping it real

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    1. MN I stick, have stuck, will always stick. I know this is true, nobody places doubt in me once I belive in something. This is one of the somethings

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  12. Just wanted to say I hope no one leaves here. We all fought right along with HKN to rid this place of the haters and sessed lunatics and on here we don’t have to see a word they say. They are however all over Twitter but I’ve finally figured out how to block out all of their babbling. There are indeed some awesome ladies here and on Twitter that are great at setting the haters straight. Only one buying their lies are themselves and the few sheep that can only be followers and not research things for themselves. All is well in the RK fandom as all is well for our beautiful couple. Kristen did great in London, you know her 2nd home.

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  13. As for the comment about me slowing down on my blog…forgive me for trying to have a life outside this fandom!

    Plus other than talking about bogus BS it’s been crickets so please tell me what I’m suppose to be posting?

    I don’t feel the need to post crap just to post!

    Kristen showed up in London and I posted the pix we got from her appearance, same as the Thirst Gala…

    But other than the pic of Rob with the producer all the other Rob info is bogus in my opinion and I personally choose to not give that BS any publicity!

    So until there’s something really worthwhile to discuss I’m going to enjoy my summer!

    But it’s always times like this when its too quiet for ppl when the in-fighting starts. Rather than just enjoy the quiet needless drama is created for the sake of drama.

    Well I’m drama free and sunning on the lido deck enjoying the calm seas.


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  14. Carol, I don’t know WTF you got your info but please do not speak for me!

    All you have to do is read my blog and my Twitter account to know where I stand!

    My feet are planted firmly on deck even after ppl have tried to rock my ship! Assholes can try but they’ll have to do better than fictionalized bullshit!


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    1. MN I was not trying to speak for you. I thought I read that somewhere. I do apologize . I was not trying to cause you any harm. I will just read from now on the comments.


  15. seems like everyone is misunderstanding everyone else. We need to back off and take a deep breath and keep the faith. I have been reading so much hate everywhere and I feel the good guys like us are losing faith. believe me I have had doubts and have thought about a lot of things but we really need each other. If the good guys leave that’s us the haters will take over and that is not what this fandom is about. I know it has been quiet but we have been given good k pictures today. She is so pretty. Keep a strong resolve . This to shall pass. RK want to lead a private personal life and sweet k has been leaving us sweet hints with her necklaces and her wearing robs clothes . Her friends leave hints. I know we have been patient and the news has been slow but we can weather this we have before. One good news hush truth has left. One thing to remember while the haters are leaving are rk people are staying strong. No backing off. Have faith HKN, MN Bunny are fighting the good fight we must hang in and support them.

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  16. alice black, it seems I am out of step with the fans here these days.
    It seems every time I say something it’s the wrong thing. So I’m taking your advice; not about twitter: I’ve already tried that and didn’t much care for the experience. So I’m quitting for good. I have loved being a fan of Rob and Kristen. They’ll always have my best wishes and my support as a paying fan. That’s all.

    Everybody take care and have a nice day tomorrow…and Peace…R.


    1. Rae H. You have always been a “Rae” of sunshine whenever you post so please don’t leave!!! I as well as many will miss you! I still have the faith and belief and relish any tidbit of info from HKN, MN, Bunny, Maur, Cindy, Sue, Sookie, Bfishy, The Poison Quill, Sashmarie, Carol, Jane, Tax, Iona, Sanni, Bud Daimond, Remee, Lolo, Pookie, Chiburkie, Socks, RK’s Street Team (blocked me on Tw..?) and many regular posters….

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  17. Carol, oh my gosh, please go back and carefully read my post. I did not say MN,Bunny and Musings for M are anti RK!! You are posting wrong information.


  18. Good Morning Ladies, I am not a key player in this story, only an observer. My opinion is mine only. I don’t have twitter. I read a few for info on RK. As of late it’s been hate, name calling and micro analyzing every little thing. How can arguing be enjoyable? Seems MN has slowed down on her blog. Not a word from Bunny, who always posted here. Musings by Maya ,nothing for a while. I wonder, if I need a break? I am tired. Tired of all the negative, the PS pics , and tired of pics of the singer and R together. If the haters think RT are together, then they should be happy ,satisfied and leave every one alone and let it be. That is not the case,so it leads me to believe ,they are not that sure at all. I love RK and their careers . I love them together. Sometimes I think ,they should put an end to all the rumors. K has said before, people would just want more and more. Where does that leave it? I hope the charade is worth it and they are happy! My rant over.

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    1. So now MN, Mustang for Maya are no longing in favor of R/K and Bunny what is wrong with everyone. Didn’t MN say she was sick. Everyone can stop blogging about Rob and Kris but I will not I feel and believe they are married and together with a family. I have faith in them.

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      1. bunny, musing for maya author and MN are all alive, well and kicking on twitter. They are still huge supporters of R and K.

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      2. Umm they are still very much around and on Twitter and still Big supporters their thoughts hasn’t changed . They just don’t have much to say on here right now that is all.

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  19. I’m tired of this stuff Rob and Kris are together. All the media and trash rags is trying to make people think that Rob is with twigs. Twigs is in on this all the way because she is not getting what she wants. So she decided to use Rob again at the met gala. All she wants is to be known as Rob gf or whatever. Remember Rob limo broke down he was going by himself. He ended up in the car with her and her real boyfriend because they called to make sure he was still going and informed he didn’t know because his limo was broken and they said they would pick him up. This is the way to get him in the car with her. Think people think. They will do anything to try and keep her tied to him. Her career is not going anywhere. She leaked that so call Imessage. This women will do anything to keep her name out there. Sorry for this long message.

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    1. Funny you mention the Imessage – have you seen it up close? Its not Rob at all – but they post a blurry version to make you think. Its very openly on the guy’s Instagram and its him. Its a cute photo – of him and Twigs.

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      1. Bfishy are you talking about the chat r andt had before leaving for the gala. I’ve always thought that was a not rob. And have you ever looked closely at the pics of rand t as they left for the gala? T was furious her looks would kill someone. I have a feeling leaving by the back door while k left by the front did not appeal to her.

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    2. Hi,
      I thought it was a paid appearance. By Rob or T? That’s the thing I do not understand until today!!!
      Fact Rob does not need, he has the dearest and a most beautiful woman Kristen! There could have shown it, who is his true love. But no, it is further confused.


      1. It was a paid appearance. She got paid. That’s one reason why she was back to England so quickly after the event (forget the make-believe stuff). Job done.

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  20. A few years back, in an interview, Rob was talking about what it was like to be a celebrity. He said the crazy thing about being a celebrity was that there is just as many people who hate you as there are people who like you.

    Today the people who hate him are expressing that hate loudly and cruelly. The people who like him and admire him are for the most part remaining silent. Because they know that their outrage and words of defense will only add fuel to feed the flame of hate and stupidity which is all those who hate seem capable of.

    People with small hateful minds have small hateful hearts and their tiny hearts easily so easily overflow. Right now they are emptying out on hate sites all across social media. Those who think they are helping Rob by defending him and hating the jerks talking trash are wrong.

    If Rob’s true fans remain silent on this matter it will lessen the fun for these idiots and hopefully this crass and savage behavior on the parts of these people will die down.

    At least I hope so. Because I’m tired of seeing the nuts get their jollies
    by hating Rob (a person they don’t even know) just because they can.

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    1. Rae, I Agree with your comment. Lots of good folks who care about RK separate or together, probably do not say much because, as I noticed, even here posters run the risk of rebuttal, criticism or harassment. Many folks are not prepared to handle the emotional flashback that occurres when you


      1. part two, got called away, you say what’s on your mind. For me, I do not give a royal, you know, cause I know I ship, because the ship is true and straight. RK are a beautiful couple,fighting for their world. I think they are gorgeous and support them totally. I have and will continue to believe it was a grand mess of a set-up and they played the hand and won. I will tell this to anyone, robsessed,robjectify,RPI, what ever. Truth is truth, and I will support it. All the photo-shopped crap, nasty attacks on Twitter from sick (you know) do not change truth. That is why I come here. It is a haven, where like-minded folks gather. IMO we should be kind to each other, cause we are a harbor for truth, like MN. Even my best friend thinks I am FOS about this. She swallows the tab-puke. It’s okay, I do not need her support in what I know is truth. So we should stand up to them when appropriate if the nasty’s resurface. Get out the truth swatter and smash them out of here with well placed words. You see, they hate truth = rat poison. Truth is no fun cause it discredits their idea of truth.

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      2. Coryfrk It’s hard to be a shipper now a days and I agree with everything you said. No one I know friends and family believe as I do . Thank god we have like minded people on this board. RK play this game very well. This is there life and are fighting for the right to have one together. The slanderous things said against them are terrible. I feel for them. But they are young and full of fight. Their connection is so strong it is amazing. That’s why I stay here.

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  21. The so called egging pics that were on fb went down and came back under a different name same info just different name. First named used looked like Russian to me. It will be fun to find out who really did this are is just another well placed lying pic like all the others. You no there is a not rob in England that looks just like r but has very crooked yellow teeth. He has been used several times. His hair seems to be alittle darker.


  22. LOL!!!! Read the most ridiculous article ever on PopSugar. They were talking about R and T being together and all the wonderful things they have said about each other and their obvious undying commitment to their relationship. Here is the quote from Rob: On FKA Twigs as a musician: “Just an amazing, amazing artist.” In two years of “being together”, that was the only comment they could find anywhere that he talked about her – and it wasn’t even about her as a person – it was about her as a performer. If people don’t see how obvious this is that he is not going to make relationship statements when he is not in a relationship, then I don’t know how you will ever convince them to open their eyes. The crap I’ve seen on Twitter lately is enough to make you go catatonic: sightings without pictures, houses that they supposedly own, pictures of their dog??? Oh please. The one thing they miss is the obvious – because its easy for them to put Rob with T – she doesn’t threaten their fantasies that he is untouchable. K was always a threat because they could see how deep and true their feelings were/are. Back to just watching – cheers.

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  23. We are really into a heat wave here and from the Weather Channel it looks like the US is really warm in the middle and cooler in East, with wildfires in the West. Seems earlier than last year that we have extreme heat. Green Country is still green from all the June rains. I sincerely hope that beautiful California and the western states get more rain, however Texas has had enough floods to last quite awhile. The truth about Rob and Kristen is they stay under the radar, and only pop up when they want to! I love the newest movies and want them to stay safe and happy wherever they are. I agree SASHMARIE that reading and quoting the tabs and old, old stories/or photos is just restating warmed over puppy poop. I raised AKC Boston Terrier pups for 25 years, so I am familiar with puppy poop, definitely stinky that. So much fuss over absolutely nothing because there is no news, so the tabs issue a rehash of really old stuff. Selling years old stuff makes money too. There is always a willing believer of newly generated puppy poop.


  24. Good morning to all my HKN Haven Friends! Happy Wednesday! Just to let you all know I have been home since Sunday and safe from the trip. I had a the best time of my life! I love Georgia! It’s so beautiful and peaceful place to go there! Now I am going out to take care of real life! Keep me posted! Hugs!
    I love RK and all my HKN Havens all the way! Hope you all have a great cool day! Try to stay cool! Drink lots of water and try to stay hydrated as much as you can. It’s hot out there! Talk to you all later! More hugs!

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  25. Hey everyone, hope everything is going good. I just seen the pics “that were from yesterday”, I think its funny that they are now calling Alicia Kristen girlfriend openly now. If you seen them do think the pants Kristen has on is some of Rob’s, I seem to remember him having some like that. I seen that someone said that the pics were not from yesterday, it don’t really matter if they were or not. Why couldn’t she take a few minutes of her day to go and see her dad. I know if my dad was still alive, I would have taken a few minutes to see him on fathers day. Another thing they put pics out the other day of Kristen and CJ getting coffee, but they didn’t seem to know who he was the then, but today they know him. Isn’t he friends with Just Jared, who is the ones who post both stories, and pics. One other thing we haven’t been getting all the coffee run pics with Kristen and Alicia that we were getting before, kind of makes me thing that Alicia’s real gf has said something about it.
    Well have a good week all.


    1. If the haters had any idea of what having a family means they would have understood that those people with Kristen have been with her for many years. They are a very close group who are part of her family. Kristen’s dad probably thinks of them as his family as well and vice versa. So why wouldn’t they all go visit her dad. Bunny stated those pics weren’t from Father’s Day but a bit before. Haters just can’t stop spreading their hate and discourse daily. It’s what replaces them having a relationship with a loving family of their own. Losers that they are. They are beyond desperate these days which is why all of the fantasies. They go to great lengths to keep their messed up trolling hate going. It’s nice seeing karma take its turn with them lately. That’s gotta hurt.

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  26. I’ve come to the conclusion that you need to have a thick skin if you are going to post on any social media, Twitter, Facebook and blogs. And don’t even think of going to Gossip Cop and posting anything positive about Kristen unless you want your head ripped from your shoulders. JS

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    1. I will add to your thought, this:

      We could all use a dose of – avoiding knee jerk over reactions to posts from folks who might not have their finger on the pulse of day to day RK and trolldom because not everyone checks the sites daily = patience.

      And on the other side, for the defensive, who can’t wait to be insulted folks. I often spin here, not every reply = personal attack.. I n the words of Eric, of Twilight, chillax and go with it. This is a fan place,not a job interview. Don”t go Lydia, just practice, don’t think anyone here is viscousg


  27. Dear HAVEN, Thanks for your caring, it is nice and we really do all care about each other, even the old ladies with sudden brain freezes! I have a very caring daughter Jackie and sweet dawg named Sugar who keeps me up and at ’em. Sugar is a bit spoiled and is hogging up the cold air in the piano/computer room, feet up in the air, snoring loud and contented. We still have super hot weather and my lawnmower fella mowed just in time for a sudden rainstorm, he was laughing when I told him to get out of the 100plus heat, he was headed for the showers, wet as a puppy dog. Dear Lydia, the ladies are not making fun, they just do not believe any pictures much anymore that do not come from a legit site. The Russian stuff has more or less been illegitimate and I know you were just mentioning the Rob on bicycle shot as inquiry. That sounds like a shot from Australia, and it was super good, as he is active and keeps in shape.(Two years old) Do not get your feelings hurt please! Cooking barbeque beans from scratch, oh my goodness, think of the calories! But it is definitely bean and hot dog days. Watching those NBA finals- go Babies! Susie

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  28. To Hkn and R/K supporters did any of you see the picture of Rob riding a bicycle they say it’s for today in London love you all


    1. Lydia, Lydia, Lydia……that pic is an awful lot like a pic of him on a bike in NY long ago and could have been taken at any time. It was specifically posted today to make you think he was not in LA with his wife and daughters,. That is just a large dollop of goose shit

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      1. Alice black I didn’t say it was I saw it on Twitter i was just asking if anyone else had seen it ,I’m so sorry for I will not post anything else I’m leaving you all can have it . I just read a post on here that Andrea wrote agreeing with Cindy about something she read from another site concerning Rob and Kristen which I’ve also read already but it was nice knowing you all I’m glad that sue is alright that’s all. Good bye it was nice hanging out with youall But I’m going to keep reading mammanails to see what’s going on with R/K


    1. I saw your post and looked up what happened. I loved him in Terminator Salvation and of course on Star Trek as Chekov.

      What a freaky thing to happen. Thanks for the heads up.


  29. Good afternoon to all Hkn and R/k’s supporters, I was reading Twitter today. And all those so call fans of Rob is really unbelievable this is what I have to say remember it’s my opinion,if all these people who think they know’s so much about Rob and this girl how come they don’t know why he and this girl isn’t married yet if he is so in love with her what’s stopping him from marrying her can’t be because of their carriers it’s a year now since they been engaged, they really thing they know him they need to stop and think why he had a lots of time to marry her by now and get it over with and prove all of us wrong but we know why he haven’t marry her and never will. He never talked about her in any of his interviews I’m so tired of their shit and the tabloids writing how he don’t want to have anything to do with Kristen, when did Rob became so openly about where he live I’ve heard him saying in one of his interviews that he will never let photographers near his house or kids, these so call fans need to listen to what he says. Sorry for such a long post I’m just tired of them and what they are doing to Hkn just because she believes in r/k and have so many supporters. Even mammanails they are giving a hard time to one thing I could say is we stick together all of us just had to get it off my chest.I love you all until later enjoy a good Father’s Day with our husbands

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    1. Lydia please stop reading the bullcrap we don’t need those negative vibes here……..
      Also R.I.P To Anton Yelchin taken way too soon he was also one of Kristen’s Co Stars in The Movie Fierce People.

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      1. Good afternoon Sashmarie I see other people post their opinion on here about going to other sites and come back and write things that read and talked about it and no one never objected or say it’s bull crap but I notice when I do it somebody alway’s objects and I’m not being negative about anything I was just saying what I read on hkn’s Twitter site that’s all I’m sorry you feel it’s bull crap and negative vibes I’ll keep my opinion to myself from now on


      2. Lydia I’m hardly ever on here as it is I say a few things here and there but that does not mean I’m on her constantly to keep track with what everybody on here posts. My whole point was there is enough shit going on in the world right now where when a lot of us come here to just be in a positive environment believe me there is not that many positive blogs to come to. We all have different opinions some or strong than others you can post what you want just cause I say one thing does not mean I’m speaking for the whole board which means I don’t have control on what you post or what people post on here. This is HKN blog meaning she is in charge on what goes down on her own blog. So post away don’t let my one opinion stop you.


  30. Good morning to all my HKN Haven Friends! I am flying home pray for me to be home and safe. Leaving at 5pm.
    Sue honey, I have been praying and worry about you. I am happy you are ok. I better fixed my google account when I get home.
    Happy Father’s Day to Rob, HKN Haven’s Dads, grandfathers, uncles, and men in your life! I will talk to you all later when I am departing and landing.
    Love always,

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Sue, it’s good to know you are back with us.

    I’m a dinosaur when it comes to computers also.

    Bye and have a good day tomorrow.


  32. Sue, I love you to death (damn nit…life, lol) but please DON’T DO THIS AGAIN!!!!! (smiling). Bee Gezzzzzes girl, you had us going here with worry, BUT we are all so glad it was your doggone puter and not you. I just laughed my butt off when I read your explanation. Dang It!!!

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  33. My computer was crashed and I added Google, as the new program kept cutting off and preventing new comments. It was like being frozen in place. Sorry about the worry, I am such a dingbat when it comes to entry and correction. Have a good weekend everyone with Father’s Day tomorrow! Wonder what Rob and Kristen have planned?

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Good afternoon everyone, have anyone hear what’s going on with sue is she sick, What’s going on with those sesses don’t they know when to stop enough is enough I’m so tired of them with the shit they are writing about Rob and Kristen can’t they see nothing is going well for them smartlurker, mammanails and all the others keep proving them wrong. Maybe we should just ignore them and stick to our believes that R/K are together this is just my opinion ,I’m worried about sue she’s in my prayers love you all have a good evening everyone

    Liked by 1 person

  35. I noticed that It’s OK To Be, which I had considered to be an official site reporting on Kristen’s career has stopped posting since May 14th.

    I consider that a little strange since so much has been reported on K’s career here and Mama Nails. Details of events that they use to follow as a matter of course.

    As you say it is a little odd the changes that have happened recently with other sites.


    1. Okay to be you…is not an official site. It is runny a young French woman that is a fan of Kristen’s. Why she hadn’t posted in awhile could be due to multiple reasons. I’ve posted things but my blog is completely different than her’s. Though I do find it interesting that she hasn’t posted about K’s visit to China.

      Given that she’s from France she may be on holiday…at this point I wouldn’t read much into it.

      Neither Rob nor Kristen have an official site to deliver career info to fans. All their fans sites are fan run exclusively.

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  36. Hey havenettes. just wanted to say HooooRaaaay to you all. Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood with the debunking of that BS Imessage going around that proves R/T are definitely in lurve, showing a supposedly white R kissing T’s cheeks when it turns out to be a black R by the name of Alex (sarcasm here) doing the job. I’m pretty sure the only cheeks he’s kissing is his wife, Kristen and baby girls. Thanks to one of our strong supporters for debunking that crap.

    Liked by 3 people

  37. Just so everyone knows I let curiosity get to me and went to that hush site to see what they are all about. I am not the Cindy that posts on there. The irony of them is that they do the exact thing they accuse others of and think what they do doesn’t do any harm to others. But I just needed to make it clear that is absolutely not me on there. I won’t visit it again as it’s barely even alive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy don’t feel bad I went there to and I posted because I had something to get off my chest with former friends here Vern and MC . Lol they did not post my note . It didn’t fit with thier agenda of farting out rainbows and butterflies . People who claim to be in touch with Rob and Kristen AKA kommon and Common… in in a glass house and should most definetly not throw stones! Anyone that believes that horse manure should never ever make comments about what the people here believe. πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ


      1. So true Andreana. It just amazes me the hypocrisy of them to call HKN and others out yet don’t see how degrading it is for them to continue with their own special brand of crazy lies and fantasies. Fan fiction for sure. They can put all the smell good perfume on it they want but they still stink to high heaven.


      2. Cindy
        I read some of the horse s##t they were saying .” They are not married , they have no children,they remain the very best of friends and Rob is with the girl and he is very happy and we support his happiness . Vern claimed that she she saw a baby bump on Kristen when she saw her in Nashville we all read her account of that nite .. Now she claims it wasn’t true after all … She claims she said it because she had been drinking the kool aid back then .. Now she is saying that none of it was true….. Well you can put lipstick on a Pitt bull but it’s still a pit bull …. Kool aid my ass … What she did was LIE …. And it had not one thing to do with freakin kool aid. So it was our fault she lied ? ….What happened to her and MC? They both sound like Hopeless or Phyllis Hardy or what’re ever name the nut case goes by ….. Vern ,MC if you read this I never thought I would be saying this to either of you but I think both of you have graduated from ” drinking kook aid” to eating shit and lots of it …

        Liked by 2 people

  38. Good evening to all R/K’s supporters and Hkn this is for sue are you okay are you sick let’s us know hope you can let us know what’s going on love you all we’ll talk tomorrow


  39. Hi to all my HKN Haven Friends! I am on vacation! I am having a great time in Georgia! Especially in the Deep South! One thing I got to say Georgia have beautiful homes!
    Sue, I will pray that you are ok. I love you!
    Good night to all my HKN Haven Friends! Love you all and RK! Keep me posted! I just came by to check in on all of my HKN Haven Friends! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. NOLAgirl, Thanks! I am having full family time! Today I am going to a family reunion and tomorrow I am flying ✈️ Home!! I really love Georgia! Especially in the south! Hugs!
        Any word on Sue? I hope she is feeling better! I will keep praying for her to get better. Keep me posted! Love you all and RK!


  40. Hi everyone,

    Man O’ man did I need a pick me up today? It’s hot as hell. I have made up my mine no more spanks this summer. I’m just going to let it all hang out. At least I will feel free if nothing else. Prior to coming to the Haven I was surfing the web. It’s depressing. I mean the Grimm Reaper has been on one all year. He just needs to chill, I mean just fuckin stop!

    Yes, I have seen the latest pic of Rob. My opinion, looks like they erased ASAP Rocky, PS in another body and put Rob’s head on it. Am I surprised that they didn’t put Rob’s head on ASAP’s body? Hell yeah. They’re silly like that. Sweet baby Jesus Rob’s feet look smaller than Kristen! Look at the man’s feet next to him. The least they could have done is given him man feet. That’s just wrong on so many levels. What the heck is wrong with them?

    Note to sessed/Ojectifiers: In the future when you PS projects. Use Rob’s body. It’s not right that you substitute yourself, your bf, or father’s body into a photo. Shaking head. Just wrong!

    Well alrighty then perhaps we needed some comic relief. I got my fix. Just sayin


  41. Well ladies I’m so excited. I did some looking at the new pendant k is wearing . It is called a strength necklace . It has a lions head on it with a diamond in its mouth . Their is one called the mama necklace and there is one called baby. So I’m thinking r must have given his wife a new necklace

    Liked by 5 people

  42. Hey I just wanted to add in regards to photoshop that I believe the ppl constantly calling for the original pic are ones that think of the kind of Photoshopping that media does for photoshoot pix.

    But in the case of the photo-Fuckery that is being pushed with Rob as their Ken Barbie Doll…there may not be an original to be found.

    You can literally take Rob’s face from any of the many pix of him and place it on someone else’s body.

    You can take aspects from multiple sources and “create” a whole new image.

    When things like this are done and I do believe they do this more than we are aware…it’s impossible to ever track down the various “sources” that helped them to create their “masterpieces” (in their minds only)

    It’s less that they don’t want us to see the original, it’s more that there are so many “originals” it’s impossible to know what they all are unless ofc you are the Fuckery originator.

    Also please note to be suspicious of any pix being pushed by Russian sites. They are notorious for BS! Not just about Rob but everything. I know I have some great Russian followers but I think they’d be the first to agree about this.

    If you don’t see an image like the one being shopped around yesterday of Rob on any other sites you can guarantee it’s a fake. Not to mention that Jonathan Anderson didn’t have it on his IG account.

    A class-act like Rob…Current King is Dior shows up to your shows after party and poses in a pic with you! Damn straight any designer would be milking that one!

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Yes!!!! You aways say the things we should be noticing as so obvious. The photo not being on IG is such a face palm…………..and you are so on point about PS. There may NOT be an original photo if this is a cut and paste job. Love you Mama.

      Liked by 4 people

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