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Karma Is Sweet


It’s a wonderful day when Kristen dipshidiots get what they so richly deserve. And that’s exactly what happened on May 19th 2016.




Yep the dipshidiots got desperate and went on the attack. Unfortunately for them these people fought back.




The dipshidiots didn’t take the hint so Ryan Adams gave them more.



The Robjectify and Robsessed fools didn’t  take too kindly to getting called out on their hatred.


Uhm. Yes. He can see your disqus history on a site where he is editor. He can also see your IP address. So go ahead and think your safe posting your crap as Guest or Anon.


The dipshidiots still didn’t give up and Ryan Adams continued to give it back to them. A few examples of the priceless entertainment that ensued…





I don’t think the dipshidiots counted on someone giving it back to them. Karma came to them when they least expected it. I’d like to give Ryan Adams props for taking them on.


Way to go Ryan!!!!!


Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson’s stunning beautiful wife.


Kristen Stewart slayed Cannes as always. The bitter dipshidiots were  miserable all week while we reveled in her many triumphs.

She’s just too adorable!


What is Cannes without barefoot Stew?



You know what drama this started with the haters.


Did you now that if your assistant carries your purse for you on the red carpet it means they are your lover? According to dipshidiot logic it does.



So does carrying her shoes to change into later make you her lover too?


 Olivier Assaysas. Winner of the Palm for best director for Personal Shopper. Guess those so called boos didn’t matter much to the Jury.

Congratulations to Olivier! Well deserved!

giphy (2)

 And now on to Rob. The birthday boy.


Supposedly Rob and Jamie on Rob’s birthday May 13th.Funny tho how Rob has the same clothes on as the Met Gala after party.


Yep It’s those darn Russians in NYC again. Amazing isn’t it?


It was highly amusing to watch the dipshidiots  waiting and hoping in vain for pictures of Rob and IT on his birthday. They got zilch.


And then we got this…


Supposedly May 16th in NYC.

No stem on the glasses and his shirt is all messed up. Photoshop fails as always.


Supposed May 17th in NYC.

Notice how on the left she has a boot on. On the right she doesn’t. Nice try Photoshop dipshidiots.


Rob’s new Dior photo shoot. I think he looks fantastic.

There are some people on this blog complaining that he looks depressed, drug addicted, and it’s all Karl Lagerfeld’s  and Dior’s fault.

download (1)

Karl Lagerfeld had nothing to do with this particular photo shoot. So why are you dragging him into your disappointment with it? Dior is not trying to sabotage  Rob with this photo shoot to get out of it’s contract with him.  Grow a brain. If you are disappointed with this photo shoot take it up with Dior. Not Karl Lagerfeld or Rob.  You can state your disappointment with this photo shoot with out insinuating Rob looks drug addicted or depressed.


This blog is a Kristen AND Rob site. Both of them will be treated with respect on this blog. Any posts that disparage Rob in any way will be deleted. I am not putting up with this. If you are a Kristen only fan there are plenty of sites that will welcome you. I try to be patient but when people DM me that as Rob AND Kristen fans they no longer feel comfortable posting here because of remarks being said about him something has to be done. Again. This will not be tolerated.


These are the two people we are here for. Celebrating their successes and enjoying their happiness.



80 thoughts on “Karma Is Sweet

  1. So very proud of Kristen! She is just what I have always thought her to be; she is strong, beautiful, talented, shy, and humble. I LOVE this actress. Everyone should be aware of her because she is like no other actress-young or old today. she excites me, she makes me want to know more about her. ..She makes me want to see her happy. I LOVE this actress!


  2. well andreanna has been on vee and mc’s page or kevin whomever and she doesn’t believe hkn so why come here? agree with you maur what abunch of dribble,jibber jabber CRAP



  3. Hi to all my HKN Haven friends! I have miss you all so much! I am back! What have I miss here? I hope you all had a great Memorial Weekend! By the way in two weeks I am going to GA! So I will be going on vacation!
    Sessed and haters can screw a lightbulb or a volcano! Again I am waiting for them to have their meltdown.


    1. Yes she is and then there’s this other picture of a lot of Kristen and Robs friends together in Mexico. Marcus and Jamie and CJ and Nettie are just a few.

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      1. Marcus is the only one in the picture with CJ and the crew and Jamie is driving to New Mexico and Nettie is in London


  4. Janie, Miss you too! Have had real life problems and the weather has been super rough hereabouts! Summer is here along with tornado season. ANDREANNA, howdy! Howdy to TAXX, and to BOOTS. I stay away from true HKN twitter, too upsetting. At some point it is truly time to chill and just enjoy RK. Susie


  5. Kristen is MIA. Wouldn’t it be funny if Kristen was right there with Rob at Pierre’s Restaurant and the Russian girl had no idea who she was so she didn’t mention her? You never know.
    I’m missing you ladies who went to twitter and aren’t posting here anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Janie. I’m not putting any credence in the 3 pics since all 3 were taken by Russians. Odd that they are the only ones that seem to have this extraordinary ability to be the sole recipients of getting a photo of Rob. It’s always a Russian girl. And amazingly their cell phones are the only ones that ever work in NY.

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      1. Cindy,
        Honestly, my first thought was how can it be that those Russian girls got so lucky to see him and get a picture with him? It was just a scenario I thought about and thought it would be funny if Kristen was there and girl didn’t recognize her. Yeah, it is funny everyone sees him but no one gets a picture. My thoughts on that is no picture it didn’t happen.

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      1. I miss everyone chatting here :(. I don’t have time for Twitter – I can just eek out a few minutes each day to check here once in awhile. So this is my only place to hear what is going on. Is everyone planning to move exclusively to Twitter? I hope that is not the case.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Me too. No matter how many times I say “you don’t have permission to copy”, one poster (TR) is constantly doing that and taking them out of context. Sad how obsessed she is because this is the ONLY place I post. She obviously doesn’t like what we say – pretty pathetic that she continues to read every post and repost……………….Oh well.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hi Smack and Fishy! Sounds like no matter what we post here and even if we tell them not to copy and posting on their blog they are never going to listen. Its like lizards no matter how you talk to them they are never going to listen. I miss chatting all of you here.


  6. New pictures of Rob for Dior with his long hair are gorgeous. He looks very mature. I miss seeing Rob with his longer hair. I miss Rob period. We’re having a drought folks.

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    1. Janie, you took the words and thoughts out of my mouth and brain. I MISS ROB TOOOO (boohoo) this is more then drought, this is Kalahari class drought. Please Rob, come out a little if possible. You have your reasons, and it’s your right to privacy, but the good fans a starving to death, so pleeeease. Okay I had my pouty baby rant.

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  7. I’m loving Kristen’s interview where she talks about not wanting to be categorized “as good for a girl”. She is really coming out of her shell while doing interviews. She’s telling it like it is by being honest with her answers. I hope you get a chance to view it on Mama Nails. Go Kristen!

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  8. Hi
    I have questions,
    someone posts a link on my google page.
    A link where the names Alex and kevin often occur.
    Who is this? And what is that for a page?
    It will there spoken badly about HKN, MN, Bunny.
    Will not post here the link!

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      1. alice – it was on my side, so I must to read it.
        There is not a crap from tabs that I ask here,
        it was normal questions, not bad! Link is delete!
        Iona – Thanks for your nice answer!!!

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  9. Hey everyone, I’ve been so busy with RL I haven’t been able to keep up, in the last week or so. I get on twitter at bedtime and everyone seems to have went to bed or got off. I haven’t seen anyone saying if
    Kristen, or Rob have been actually seen since she came back from Cannes. I know Rob hasn’t been seen except for the photo-shopped pics of someones dreams since the Met. I don’t mind if we don’t get daily or even monthly pics of them, its good for them to be able to hide and not have their pics all over the tabs.
    Tonight I’ve been on twitter tonight, and I have to say that some are believing what the tabloids are saying about Johnny Depp. His wife of 15 months files for divorce 2 days after his mother passes away, and now saying he, abused her. Did any of you see the pic of her ” black eye” if it was ever a black eye is now just red. To me it looks like she rubbed it really hard and scratched it with her nail. Well yesterday the headline was he has asked the Judge to throw out, the spousal support part of the divorce. Today comes the restraining order, because of spousal abuse. Don’t get me wrong I don’t condone any kind of spousal abuse, but like everything else I think we need to give Johnny the benefit of doubt. He was with his ex for what about 15 years, if he was in anyway like that I think we would have heard about it by now.
    Well everyone have a good weekend.


  10. Well, it looks like these nutcases have finally gone off the edge into LALA LAND. It’s great to realize that the Pattinsons are well balanced and don’t give a big poop about what these weirdos think or say. I really love not reading the tabloids, they lie about everyone! Ryan Adams is actually a writer of facts. So nice to read columns like his. This comment is not to be reprinted by anyone. Sue Morris.

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    1. Hey girls hope everyone is well, just stopped by cause I just finished watching Equals . What a story. … Kristen freaking killed in this movie, both of them Nick And Kristen …. Really truly good . Miss you all .Andreana

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Ahhhhh……miss you more. I need you back here my other half LOL!! Hope you are doing well.


      1. Hello sweetie!! I miss your positive voice here but I’m glad you are well. It’s quiet right now which I think is good – but like you I miss the fun banter we have. Stay smiling!!


      2. Fishy, Thanks! Me too! I am being bless. I am going to be a grandma and I am going on vacation! Got to go to my physical therapy. I will talk to you later! Hugs!


  11. Tizzy Razor – you obviously are obsessed with this blog. I’ve warned you multiple times that you do not have permission to repost my comments. Enough. I’m watching you. Try to find something better to do than stalking this blog. You never have the right to post my comments anywhere else. If I want to tweet with you…..i will let you know.


  12. HKN – I was looking at your Twitter – how do you not totally die of laughter over that Kicks poster? She reminds me of some bitch mean girl who THiNKS she is witty and “in the know” – while everyone but her posse just laughs at her. Does she really have such stupid followers that they actually believe she has knowledge about you? Everyone but her handful of minions knows that she is clueless. But she is very entertaining in her middle schoolish attitude. Those are probably her only friends……sad. Reminds me of the poster awhile back who said they had checked ALL public records and couldn’t find info on RK. When my daughter needed a copy of her marriage certificate she had to know when, where, and prove she was one of the people who got married. It’s not that easy to get info – privacy acts, HIPPA, PHI etc.

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  13. Hello everyone,

    I believe.
    HKN, judging from your post you seem like you just might burst! DON’T. I believe their is much much more to come. We know from experience they never stop, they don’t know how to stop Of course they will keep going. This guy is new blood, fresh! He will never be rid of them. It’s sort of funny. Yes, yes, yes, them bitches will hold on thru infinity. Somebody need to tell him.

    Kris….”surrounded by people I love” while filming PS. Just who do you think she referring to. Suzie? C’mon people look between the lines. This second house in London. Rob….”when (we) moved to London”.
    They both were working (filming) in Europe for five months of 2015, Of course they moved the kids & lots of support steff to be where they were. Their words connect too much not to be couple. Yes, I do believe!

    Why video/pics? In every pic they look like two rocks lying side by side. Where is the loving couple? Not in those video/pics They don’t prove shit? They shop, shop, shop! Rob is not your boy from round the block. He’s rich & well known. It’s been like eight yrs. since Rob been the ppz prize. He’s very public on the streets but no ppz pics since Dec. 2015. Nope, nope, nope!!! The ppz got SM, honey. It just don’t fit! They’re full of bullshit.

    I think, Rob is in deep cover he is serious keeping on the down low. No one knows where Rob is except those who need to know. We know he ws in NYC. There is no proof he is still there. I believe he is possibly on his first leg of filming in Europe or doing pre-production work. One more film undercover. Right on! They’re right to do it.

    Note to the sess: Rob’s got better things to do, we get it, why don’t you.. Just sying

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  14. It is good to see a guy return the gibes sent to him highlighting the fact that these two haters are just hot air as far as he can see, just a couple of phony people who think and act like chimpanzees. Why should we ever believe or react to pictures and stories created to stir up the drama llamas? It ‘s all for the tabs to pick up and make those mega bucks on. What seems to be true is both RK are happy, doing very well in movies and representing the best fashion houses, and are basically laughing at the bullshit artists who like to throw shit around. Making negative judgments of Dior or Chanel is rather awkward, it shows a lack of understanding of the subject. Creativity is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, not everybody sees the same thing in the new Dior shoot of Rob. Rob is a very good actor and could sell anything. He likes a dramatic shoot and has the confidence to hit the mark. Kristen is getting more and more beautiful in her shoots, and they both have modeled for a long time, and know how to create a feel. Thanks for this post HKN, you did good! I am so happy to see both Kristen and Rob doing well. I am reminded constantly RK love to baffle them with bullshit, and that these two haters are why RK never ever discuss their real lives. It’s a good thing they fly under the radar by choice. Have a great week!

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  15. Good morning to all R/K supporters, Nice post Hkn I enjoyed reading Ryan Adam I’m glad to see that someone else besides us here on Hkn,Bunny and mamma nails supporting R/k especially defending Kristen I’m so tired of the way they talk about her it tears me up inside about the things they say and the names they also keep calling her. This is my opinion on the picture of Rob and T his left leg is blocking her leg and theirs another picture of him with a young man did anyone else see it. Sorry for posting so long have a good day R/K for ever


    1. Lydia I agree with you. There was a man with them it is the same man that is always with her. Rob was not there with her along. If you notice Rob was not eating anything. You want believe me but I believe this man is her boyfriend or more. Ladies I said I believe because he was with her at the GO and Met gala he stays where people can’t see him like the picture at her birthday in the car covering his face. He is not a body guard. You need to check him out.

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  16. Great post HKN. Thanks to Ryan Adams for monitoring his site, and remaining professional. Kris was wonderful and just shined in Cannes. Congrats to Oliver Assayas , the Palm D’Or co-winner for Personal Shopper. And he mentioned Kris- we love it. I know Rob & Kris and their little family are happy and doing what they love. Have a great week everyone.


  17. Excellent response to how and what the haters have been last week and beyond. They do show themselves the fool daily. They have a pattern with their hate campaign that is obvious and luckily their numbers are small. The one(s) attacking on Ryan’s blog are treading that fine line of being dangerous or harmful stalkers. To vindictively hate and obsess over this one girl is beyond reality. Anyways Kristen did shine in Cannes.

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  18. Hahaha!!! I actually feel embarrassed for Rhonda and Koala – the posters who tried to serve Ryan. In their attempts to protect Rob and his reputation (right……..) they probably have no clue how stupid they now look. Everyone is laughing at their attempts to discredit him because he called them out on their shit. This just gets better and better as they dig a deeper hole and actually think that others are taking them seriously. Oh we are – seriously entertaining. I hope they keep it up – totally makes for good reading at the end of a long work day. Rhonda especially cracks me up…………………she actually posted a picture of the moment Rob supposedly knew T was the one — LOL!!!! Cheers.


  19. For all the ladies who want to know who is Cristian Mungiu,let me tell you :he is one of the best directors from Romania.He has another movie winning Palme D’or at Cannes – 4 Months,3 weeks and 2 Days -about illegal abortion in 1980’s Romania.
    In the same time, he is the director of Beyond the Hills,a true story about the dead of a young girl in a Romanian monastery. All films show traumatic experiences and struggle to overcome the constraints of Romanian society.
    To Ryan Adams and all people who have a voice to defend Kristen,Rob and protect their family ,you do a great work!Have a beautiful day.

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  20. Just loving all the updates of every episodes posted by haters or fans who deeply love this website. Fan forevermore to Mr.&Mrs. Robert pattinson. Amen to you Mr.Ryan greatly job ahil


  21. I was about to start a Ryan Files post, this is a good summation of his brilliant retort. Go to awardsdaily site to the post(s) on Kristen, there are too many good things to requote also from other commenters/regulars. I am appreciative of a site admin/editor on professional sites to manage their trolls and haters properly, it shows that there are real sensible human beings behind the blogs/sites who care about their content and direction of their sites. Kudos Ryan!

    I love the Peter Lindbergh’s shoot too, he is a well known german director/photographer for his black and white photos. He also did the DiorRob2.0 shoot, and like Chloe said in the last post, it is a whole bunch of people who decide on how to bring out the ‘intense’ theme for Dior Homme’s campaign, I think they managed to do that brilliantly! Rob is a paid model/spokesperson and the intense look/feel totally hit the marks. If you put Karl’s b/w shoot of Kristen’s in Grazia (Italy) together with Peter’s you will see that they are actually quite complimentary in mood and style.

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  22. HKN,Congratulations on a Great Post ! And Ryan Adams Kicks Ass! Kristen ruled Cannes and Rob’s Photo shoot was awesome ,I believe some one said it called Intense .much love to those of you who fight the fight on a daily basis for truth,and our love of Rob/Kristen.

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  23. Great post HKN love you girl. I don’t trust any of the pictures that the haters come up with or the dates that they say the pictures was taken. Cause their not going to tell the truth about when those pictures was really taken. The haters and the papz are all big ass lier. Have a good day ladies. Talk to y’all later.

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  24. Look dont take it the wrong way but I saw the vídeo where Rob and T are in a restaurant and to me they are eating together maybe its business only, and it look like T has a boot cause is Rob’s leg. Only saying what i see. But I love Rob and Kristen

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  25. Great post!!! Go Ryan, glad someone is fighting back against haters.
    I don’t think Rob looks drugged out or depressed, I think Dior is going for the bad boy look.
    I agree if you don’t like one of them there is so many other places you can post and be very welcome.
    Kristen kicked ass at Cannes, as for Alicia being. I think that Ruth had a conflict and K need someone to fill in. We know Suzie couldn’t do it because she joined Jack, on tour. I know CJ was there but he was working with someone else. I think that K has very few people she trust and Alicia is one of the few, therefore could easily fill in for the last few days. I don’t get why the haters start the shit with the hand holding, when there is so many other actresses that do it all the time. Does anyone say they are lesbians, no they think it is cute. There was a pic last summer of Taylor Swift, and a girlfriend on the beach and Taylor was on her back, all that was said is she was having fun with her friend. Kind of pisses me off.
    Well have a good week all. Does anyone know when Rob starts the sci-fi movie? Sorry can’t remember the name of it now.

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  26. In the pic of them eating outside….Rob has his leg in the way and it makes it look like she’s wearing a boot. When he moves it, she isn’t wearing one. Just saying.


  27. One of the best posts ever and lots of belly laughs! Ryan Adam rocks!!! And the photo shopping was beyond a new low!!! Thanks, BB, I needed this today!


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