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Met Gala 2016 Highlights And A Hug

The Met Gala 2016 was supposed to be our downfall.


The dipshidiots predicted for weeks we would have a rough night with a lot of tears. It didn’t turn out the way they hoped. Mr and Mrs Pattinson threw them some curve balls that they had a tough time explaining.





Kristen Stewart Pattinson


Getting ready for the Met Gala. Blonde Stew is about to rock it and leave the dipshidiots quaking and looking for cover.


And then it was someone else’s turn to get ready.

 Pattinson. Rob Pattinson.


He’s ready for that James Bond audition.


Of course IT had to show. She needs all the help she can get with her latest single tanking.


What the hell is that on her back? Crop Circles?

crop circle

Maybe ET needs to phone home and she’s helping out.


  IT also has a new fragrance coming out.

        Ode de Toilet.  dirty-toilet-12338716


Rob and Kristen both leaving the SAME hotel to go to the Met Gala.


Yes dipshidiots the SAME hotel.



Poor IT . Her career is on life support. If she gets desperate maybe she can give away free samples of Ode de Toilet on her Instagram to drum up some sales!


Gee I wonder where she got the idea for the dress…



Handsome man on the red carpet. He didn’t want to go. He tried everything he could think of to get out of this. He’s tired of the game. But he also will do what he has to do where his little family is concerned.

And about the earrings. Yep it looks like he has ears pierced. I concede this. But NO they weren’t pierced here…


So NO dipshidiots his ears haven’t been pierced since December.


Rob looking amazing.


What’s a red carpet without a Rob hair grab.(Even cuter when he doesn’t have much hair to grab.)



One more time!


And there is his wife keeping a close eye on her man. I guess Phyllis/Hopeless can give up the fantasy that Rob doesn’t want to be in the same zip code as Kristen.


And then there was another thing happened that sent the dipshidiots into a panic that was priceless. The excuses and denials were flying everywhere



Rob and Kristen, husband and wife, shared a hug  at the Met Gala. You know like husband and wives tend to do.



Kristen Stewart on the red carpet slaying as always.


Blonde Stew. Rocking it.


Phyllis/Hopeless said Ruth didn’t want to spend her time with Kristen.

Yeah as you can see that fantasy didn’t work out too well.


Notice anything else in the pic on the bottom?

Mr Pattinson keeping an eye on his wife.



Kristen and Dakota having some red carpet fun.



Awe!!!! Matching ear cuffs! Too cute.


The necklace and bracelet matching too.


Just some fun. And to drive the dipshidiots crazy.


An now on to the after party fun…


Yep Mr and Mrs Pattinson were at the SAME party at the SAME time.


Oh and an edited video to make it look like they were there at different times doesn’t change this FACT.



The dipshidiots hard at work trying to make IT look important.


When in actuality she sat all alone while Mr. Pattinson spent some time with his wife.


Kristen had another event to attend…


Jodie Foster getting her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Love these two together. Hope they make another film with each other one day.



Congrats to Jodie!!!


Some more Kristen news…


I Guess Kristen can cross that one off her bucket list. Way to go Kristen!


Kristen also dropped this bomb on the dipshidiots…


Unfortunately it fell on deaf ears. They still don’t get it.


The dipshidiots found some fresh meat for their Kristen  lesbian hook ups. Their story changes on a daily basis now. There’s Stella who was at the Met Gala, then the next day we got new pics of Alicia…

So of course they had to think fast and change their tune in less than 24 hrs. And they wonder why they can’t be believed.


And there’s Soko whose actual girlfriend Sasha has cheated on her and she totally  went coco puffs over it.


Of course the dipshidiots will swear to you it’s Kristen she is talking about. It’s that invisible ink her name is written in on Soko’s posts.


And in our latest legal news…



So now they’re entering fake affidavits into the fiction. Alex and Kevin can’t lose their jobs because they are fictional characters made up in Lmiss_scumshine/ Vern/MC’s mind. And again I am not Debbie Shingleton. Never have been. Never will be. Let me give the legal experts some advice. Threatening Debbie and her children is a criminal offense. Unlike the bull you keep spouting. And lastly you are the last people to call out anyone on bullying…


And to close this out…


Kristen headed to Cannes! Where did you get those oversized shoes Kristen?



Bracelet clue…



Have a good one Kristen!




208 thoughts on “Met Gala 2016 Highlights And A Hug

    1. Yes, congratulations to Olivier Assayas.

      By Cannes rules each film can win one prize only; but considering that Kristen is in virtually every frame of Assayas film (Personal Shopper) plainly his win was a win for her also.

      I’m not familiar with Assayas co-winner but congratulations to him also for his contribution to this year’s winning films.

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      1. Is it pretty much a given that any time a photo of Kristen out and about is released, we automatically get “sightings” of Rob anywhere but where she is? These would be the sightings without photos…..or with photos that are likely not current. I’m thinking Met were the last true photos of him? There is some girl who posted s whole You Tube video that starts “I saw fka twigs……” and proceeds to self promote for 5 minutes. And of course no photos. Gee…..maybe he’s not there.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Bunny is enjoying a vacation from what I’ve seen on Twitter. So she’s good just most likely enjoying time with her family on vacation. As for everything else it’s all good. Cannes was a great success for Kristen, she was beautiful. Haters are pounding their fists because nothing, nada, zilch went the way they wanted. Karma for sure.

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  2. I’ve read all of your comments and I thank you all for your thoughts.

    There’s a lot to be said for the motto, “If you can’t say something nice…..don’t say anything at all.”

    From now on you’ll only hear from me when I’m happy. Which is how it should be I suppose.

    As for Bunny, I’ve also wondered what happened to her.

    I’m also wondering why we have not heard from Sue
    Morris for a while. Does anyone know if she is sick
    or something?

    I think I’ll keep Hannah’s closing words.

    Peace, Everybody. Peace.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ignore the negative comments – I like your posts. If we get into a respectful debate about things – totally fine as long as people can hug it out. I might even create an alternate persona here for my snarky side…….kudos to you for being forthcoming on that. Makes me like you even more!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. , Dear Stargazer, I read your comment of May 18th @ 7:41 p.m. and you are one sensible and realistic lady! I liked the earrings also, and I do think that thoughtful fans should just mellow out. These small things are two real people, obviously very tired of the canned tabloid lies so they, RK, are creating their own propaganda and are throwing some well aimed zingers out there. Kristen is obviously very happy and Rob grins whenever he is near his wife so basically I think we are looking at two very nice people who manage to forgive idiots. They are much nicer than most folks, even after so much hate directed at them for just being in love. What a crazy world we live in, but it’s also beautiful.

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  4. Dear HKN and all the Haven, Just to clarify because I keep reading about people getting attacked for their view points. I hope that I did not affend anyone with my statements, I was just letting everyone know from “my experience only” how campaigns worked when I was a model, and what my friends are experiencing now as fashion models. I was not trying to affend anyone, in anyway. Blessings to all,
    Chloe M.

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  5. Am I reading this right. Are some of the ladies here getting personally offended cause the differ in the Rob’s latest photo campaign? Really???? Your kidding right? Sounds like a rash of “Can’t wait to be offended” has infected the RK community.No, I am not preaching, but let’s get real. Photog. Is a form of artistic expression,wrapped around $ signs. It is massively subjectIve and no reason to go after on another. We have enough haters attacking without turning on ea other. I have seen plenty of layouts with Rob I thought sucked the big one. Amish hat and crock comes to mind. So what! The photographer had a concept, to me it stunk like 2 day old dead skunk. So what JMO. Peace out

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey Cory……I think most people are just expressing their opinions as to whether they like or not. Unfortunately there is some attacking going on towards those who don’t like them. Unacceptable. Also there was an attack on Hannah because she mentioned she posts under two pseudonyms. I love that she was honest and there are times my snarky side wants its own voice. Perhaps we need to take a page from the “if you can’t say something nice…..” manual. I think it will settle down.

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      1. If you include me in the “attack” that was no attack in my view. She thought people might be angry and said she understood. I for one was angry and I have a right to my opinion: I consider that trolling, even though I understand that wasn’t the intention. I had picked up already on the similar sounding voices and it was unsettling. I’m glad it works for you all.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks Bfishy for clarification. It read so angry, I worried. Hey to Hannah, I have 3 diff.handles depending how I orig. Registered and SO WHAT. I can’t hide how I write, so I am easy to spot if anyone cares. Not hiding, just being. Chill pills for all😆

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  6. I’m not accepting as Marsha is. I can’t deal with Flip and Flop the two personalities. Sorry—I have liked comments you’ve made in the past, but this is the ultimate in fence sitting. Not trying to start anything. The Internet is a free-wheeling place, to each her own, but conversing with split personalities is not for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Give her a break! Rae/Hannah has admitted to her split personality. No judgment here. I am not real fond of the latest Rob Dior shoot either. That’s okay. Plenty of people do like the photos. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. The campaign is sure to be a successful one even without my admiration or Hannah/Rae’s. I was a bit taken back by Hannah/Rae’s admission, but I think she was brave admitting to it.

      Across the aisle there are many multiple personalities with horrible character who spew nothing but trashy lies, insults and garbage. Yet, none of those morons have ever admitted to the ruse and just invent new ones. I also don’t see Hannah/Rae as someone who is attempting to blacken this board. She obviously got a little hot under the collar for whatever reason, vented in here, and then came back and admitted to the dualism. I for one and not going to take her out. Sometimes people in here have very loose buttons that seem to be easily punched and then post hurtful things to others. Unless the offense is egregious and absolutely uncalled for, sometimes it is best to just let it be. If you don’t like Hannah/Rae, don’t converse with her– you can ignore her and pretend she doesn’t exist in your world. On the important things, we all tend to find common ground. The peripheral stuff is often open to interpretation and on this stuff we may not all see eye-to-eye. The Dior Intense photographs are one of these as is Hannah/Rae’s dual personalities.


  7. Dear HKN and to all the Haven,
    Regarding Robs latest campaign for Dior. I love it! I think its wonderful. These campaigns always start with a story board to convey a certain message for that particular brand. It is not ramdom. ( I was in the fasion industry for a long time as a fashion model, so I know a little about how it works) When I worked as a model everything was planned out usually before they even picked the model not vice versa. And there was usually a board of directors, CEO, & CFO that would work on the campaign as well. Millions of advertising dollars are used to make the perfect campaign and to pay the actor/ model. Its never just the photographer making all the decisions on his own. I don’t think the industry has changed that much in recent years, as I still have friends in the business.
    One photographer would be never be allowed to try to damage Robs reputation when millions of dollars are on the line, even if he wanted too. It would take Dior less then all of 10 seconds to fire a photographer, if they thought that was going on. The company would be seen in a negative light, as well as, the actor.
    Dior is trying to sell a product, make a lot more money then what they’re spending, and they don’t care about tabloids, or rumors, or hear say at all. They care about their customers and making money. Karl probably has final say on everything, but he still has to answer to the board, as well as, shareholders, if this thing goes bust. Its a very long process and they don’t take things lightly.
    Chloe M.

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    1. Chloe, I like them as well
      They fit the Intense theme. All that stating and glaring in black and white. It suites the theme. Better yet, it’s the first time in 3 years R”s hair has been longer then grab grass. He looks, like a mature, drop dead handsome man. No longer a boy-man, I affectionately called him. A model,handsome, father of 2, loving, protective hubbie of beautiful K. And soon to be recognized as a formidable actor, and partner of a creative power couple. Have I summed it up.

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  8. Rae/ Hannah, Well here goes. I agree with Iona. Read her comment, May 20th,7:52. I think you were way over the top with your thoughts about Rob’s latest photo shoot for Dior. You mention buying out contracts, Dior is trying to destroy R and even dragging Karl Lagerfeld into the lot. Seems far fetched and a bit paranoid. Your last few posts sounded too emotional. jmo. Hope you feel better and I’ll let Fishy speak for herself.

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    1. I think that not all of us see the beauty or ugliness in the same mod.In my case, when I see a picture inner compass tells me: I like or do not like.
      Simple..and I think emotions are important, because otherwise I would not be here.
      I appreciate an open mind and to have the courage to say openly what you feel.
      Hannah is one of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s one thing to see the beauty or ugliness of a picture/person/etc. and comment on it, but quite another to say that Dior is trying to destroy Rob and is doing it by making him look like a depressed, sickly, drugged out has-been. Rob has done two campaigns for Dior Homme and apparently in the midst of his dealings with twig Dior signed him to be the face of their 2016 Ready To Wear campaign. Why would they try to make him look bad?

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  9. The latest Rob photos for Dior are for a cologne named INTENSE. The photographer was aiming for that quality, and achieved it. We’ve had in the past Kristen smoking pix, Rob smoking pix, Kristen in a man’s suit, Rob with naked models, etc etc etc—none of this reveals one iota of who they are as individuals or what they feel and think inside or how their profession/industry regards them. Just tossing in these two cents….

    Liked by 8 people

    1. I agree Iona. the pics are great when you think about them representing a cologne named INTENSE. Someone has been obviously reading too much GC and SRN to see something sinister in them. That IMO.

      Liked by 4 people

  10. Thank you to everyone who listens as we from time to time express our frustrations. I wanted to clarify that sitting on the fence is often about “what” is going on – rather than the intent or story behind it. Still believe what I believe and obviously I’m here because the POV shared is the one I support. But its ok to sometimes say “Hey – this bugs me” and to have people support that message without attacking and to courteously nudge people back to feel good about it all. Thank you. I don’t troll other sites but I have seen things on GC in the past that were horrendous. Cheers.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Clarification – I hope it was clear that I appreciate that we can chat things out here and get support from each other. I read my message again and it doesn’t read exactly the way I meant – let’s just say “thank you” for the responses everyone provides. There are no attacks and the nudges are sincerely appreciated.


  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the haters don’t hate Kristen at all, but they’re going along with them because they want to be part of the crowd. They are lacking attention in their lives and will join anything to get that. They get bored eventually and will jump off the bandwagon to find something else to join.

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  12. Chloé, your post is easily one of the best ones I’ve read here for a long time. A. Stargazer, I like yours too. Interesting thought. Sanni, I think it’s time for you to assume completely that you don’t believe RK are a couple anymore and move on. There’s nothing wrong with it but I think you’ll feel better. There are many people in this fandom who believe like you (and I’m not even talking about the trolls but just random fans). Some did pick a side. Some are still fans of both. But they sure enjoy events more like you. You completely missed Kristen at Cannes and it sucks because I didn’t.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Show me a section where it written that R / K are not a couple.
      But okay …. I just like not the uncertainty. ( Game, PR …. ) More I did not written! I’ve often written here about kristen and Cannes …
      Sorry that I see not every image positively, like some.
      Nice day and bye!

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  13. I also find very weird that the moment Twigs is not longer in the picture Kris is out and about with Soko but once she is back Soko who? I’m getting the feeling that they whether sent a message to Twigs that they could make anyone else famous if she didn’t behaved or/and she begged them for another chance. I obviously don’t have any inside info but I do find it a ‘weird coincidence’ As mentioned before RK gain nothing from going public again so this sightings don’t really bother me. As long as Kris looks happy and we get coincidences like the earrings, Karl and other directors connection I’m more than happy.

    Liked by 7 people

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