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Met Gala 2016

The dipshidiots were bragging for weeks about Rob and IT being in NYC and attending the Met Gala together.


Then we got this news…


Yep Rob’s wife Kristen will be at the Met Gala tonight. It sent the dipshidiots into a tailspin. Suddenly he was in London because he’s terrified at being in the same place as Kristen.




Oh but wait…


Rob in NYC. Maybe… Has hell frozen over and the Russians have an actual pic?



Patrick Pattinson? A twin of Robert Patterson Maybe?

And then we got this one too..



Yeah I guess hell hasn’t frozen over just yet.


Robjectify couldn’t figure out what to do. Is he in NYC or London? They changed the title of their blog post three times. Says so much about their credibility.

So much for the dipshidiots predicting our disappointment.


Rob’s wife is going to slay!


Suppossedly what Kristen may be wearing tonight. She will rock it no matter what she is wearing. We shall see. I kinda like it.

Which  one from past Met Galas did you like best?

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An extra added bonus! Maybe some more getting ready for the Gala pics please?



Looking stunning.

Blonde Stew! Oh Yeah! Bring it!



We have this to keep us going until tonight..


Some more goodies from Annie…

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 I’m hearing some interesting things about tonight. Stay tuned. Things could change so not going to say what but interesting.


Get your snacks and enjoy and have fun with it. Don’t take it all so seriously!




154 thoughts on “Met Gala 2016

  1. Kristen is getting glowing reviews for Cafe Society! I am so happy for her that she is getting the respect as an actress that she deserves. And she looks so beautiful! You go girl😘

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  2. Taxx..You have my sincere sympathy I’m so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and those children.

    As for twitter, I quit twitter because of people like this Tizzy Razor. I can’t deal with people like that without sinking to their level, which I refuse to do. So I quit before I had even made many friends. It’s just not my thing.

    Again, so sorry for your and the children. May God be with you all.

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  3. Happy Mother’s Day ladies!
    I got a late start today. I’ve no doubt the Rob sightings these last few days of Rob in NYC are not real. There is no way he wouldn’t spend Mother’s Day with the mother of his children. I bet he spoiled her today.

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  4. Good morning Musetcb and HappyMothers Day I agree with you I was saying the same thing last night when I was reading what they were saying about Kristen I got so upset I wanted to make a comment before but I didn’t want anyone to say I was wrong but I’m glad that you did it thank you at least I feel better now that it’s not just me I read the link that you posted I love it have a great day


  5. Good morning everyone and HappyMothers day taxx2016 sorry for your lost to you and your family I was there too so I know what it is to lose someone just hang in there love you all


  6. As most who are on Twitter are learning, I lost my nephew of 35 years old. He has 5 children that are now without a father. Tizzy Razor decided on Mother’s day that this would be a good day to be hateful person on Mother’s day to play let’s taunt Taxx. Tizzy, I don’t CARE, you win. I hope you are proud of yourself. So do whatever you want, I don’t care, did you get that, my family is mourning for our loss and for 5 kids without a father, the youngest will never know. So you and all of your friends I commend you for being so lost that you attack people personally. My spouse knows her pic is out there with the data lounge lesbians, I hope you wear your badge of honorless well, that is all you have left to stoop so low. So, enjoy your day Tizzy and all of your little followers who think you are funny and cute. I assure you, take a look in the mirror, ask yourself would you be proud of you or a kid of yours who has fallen into the pits of being so wrapped up in someone else’s life that you forget to live your own. I hope everyone reports what you have done so that everyone knows what an insignificant person you truly are to anyone online and that goes for your little buddies who thinks it’s funny. One more time, Tizzy Razor, I don’t give a damn about your stupid taunts, I have real life people and a family mourning for our loss of a 35 year old who has 5 kids. Go ahead and enjoy your laugh at my expense. I assure you the last laugh will be on you as this will be reposted for all to see what a miserable human being you are to start stuff on Mother’s Day.


    1. Please tell us the Twitter name of the person cause u such distress so we can report her to the Twitter police for abuse. I’m sorry for ur loss. It’s always difficult when there is a loss in the family, but when small children are involved it is doubly difficult. U should not have to put up with her abuse while dealing with such a tragic loss.

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    2. Taxx, I am sadden to learn of the passing of your nephew at the young of 35 with 5 young children. My thoughts and prayers be with you and his family during these trying times.


    3. Taxx 2016 ,I’m so sorry for your the loss of your brother and for his kids,if you need anything please let me know.and how do we report this asshat.

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    4. Taxx I am very sorry for the loss of your precious nephew. My heart goes out to you, his children and family. As for the internet slug well it would have to have a heart to feel remorse for whatever it said to you. But a lot have reported her.


    1. I agree muse and unfortunately the tabs do that for the hits which in the end is all about the money. Only losers with half a brain even believe tabs. But apparently it’s enough to keep the rags in business.


  7. Just a little observation. With the exception of the Met pictures – which were totally as expected – I’ve noticed something. How is it that whenever there is a “sighting” of Rob and Twigs together, there is never a photo. It’s been ages – back to last year (no I don’t buy the birthday pics). Yet when there is a sighting of one of them alone, voila – cameras work again. How do the sessed not see that? Cue the excuses in 3, 2, 1………..

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    1. I agree fishy. Its amazing. If you read the rest of the cooments on the persons facebbok page who said he saw them at a bar ladt night his own friends call bs on his sighting. I think we are getting people who like the attention they get for saying anything that might cause a stir.

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  8. This week could be the model of a picture that says a thousand words. I do believe Rob and Kristen just might have planned this picture, but it also could have just happened naturally. It was beautiful. I have been watching Clouds and Camp x-ray on the movie channel. I love the last moments of both. Such perfection and grace in film is unusual The big yellow book! TAXX, I am clapping loudly for your sensitivity and strength, and I hope you have a super Mother’s Day! Hoping everyone here at Haven has a wonderful day. Also thinking about two special people who have great love and respect for each other and enjoy their very special world with their babies and family. Hannah, you truly have a gift in expressing yourself so very thoughtfully, you are amazing.

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    1. Sue Morris…Thank you for your very kind compliment on my writing.

      I hope you and all the ladies of the Haven have a happy mother’s day.


  9. It astounds me the crazy sessed would think Rob would be happy with Twigs. In reality, he would be downright miserable with her due to her narcissism. He would’ve gotten tired of it eventually and kicked her to the curb. Despite the evidence of her narcissism, the crazy sessed continue to deny it and make excuses for her behavior, which is the same thing they always accuse Kristen fans of doing. Talk about hypocrisy. It’s always about what Twigs can get, not what she can give. That’s why many people will never respect her, no matter how much the crazy sessed demand it.

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  10. We can’t rely on Google for facts as they only print what is trending on the net. But the one thing they are good at is keeping up with hits/clicks on Rob’s web page.

    A few days ago Rob was at just a little over 11 million
    hits. Now he’s at more than 16 million since the talk of the split from T started. Clearly she is a negative influence in how he’s perceived in his career.

    Since he has appeared in so little these past two years
    I think it’s a testament to his popularity that he is still listed in double digit millions. That people still talk about him is good news.

    But what tabloid sites say are no indication of how his career is doing as they love to hate and belittle every aspect of his life, both career and private.

    The one thing even many of his detractors agree on is they want to see him back at work. It’s hard to diss Kristen’s career if they can’t point to Rob’s supremacy over her; thus the disenchantment with Rob at this time.

    Now they are even blaming Kristen for giving him bad career advice. According to these nuts Rob hates Kristen and he hasn’t even talked to her in more than two years so how she’s ruined his career they can’t explain but they can say it anyway.

    These are the kind of ideas the fans on Rob only sites say. In summation I can only conclude that the only true fans Rob has are those who cheer for both of them always. Us.

    Robsessed, Robjectify and Gossip Cop are not fans of Rob now. They’re the fans of the Rob of four years ago. In other words fans of the Twilight Rob.

    Rob has often been compared to Paul Newman in looks. Paul seldom made more than two movies a year
    not all of them were hits or even received good reviews.
    PN had his career slumps the same as many other actors before him.

    The Rover was very good. I think the Lost City of Z will be even better. We haven’t given up on Rob; just like we never gave up on Kristen.

    The things those sites hate about us is we keep being right and we can think instead of just running off at the mouth with no regard for the negative impact of the things they say while calling themselves fans.

    They’re the kind of people who used to go to public hanging and have their picnic lunch while waiting for the execution/the show.That’s how I see many of Rob’s fans, especially those from GC and a few others.

    It’s not necessary to put Kristen Down to lift Rob up. We hold them both high because that’s what being a fan is. It’s admiration, not hate or heckling.

    This is kind of rambling, and I hope you all get the sense of what I’m trying to say.

    Have a good Sunday everybody. Talk to you later.

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  11. Good evening ladies of the Haven.
    I just wanted to thank all of you who liked my last post.
    I was very surprised and happy at all the positive responses.

    I noticed that Kristen’s hair was all blonde and fully tamed for Jodie Foster’s Walk of Fame appearance.

    I think she was sending a subtle message to fans. It’s important to look our best and be our best for the people in our private life since they are the people who matter most.

    The Met Ball for all it’s prestige among the famed events of the fashion world is really not that important to Kristen; especially since when all is said and done it ends up being just one more source the gossip sites feed off of: And it is often in so many ways just as unkind to Kristen the woman as it is complementary to the world of fashion.

    Kristen and the other stars present are a gift to the fashion world for the fame and revenue they bring to these designers: Not the other way around, otherwise why use so many actors and actresses as the face of their products. Karl Lagerfield chose the Chanel design that he wanted seen. The fact that Kristen had the grace and the cache to pull it off is to her credit as much as the style is to his.

    I like that Karl uses Kristen to push boundaries in the fashion world. The fact that Kristen could carry it off so well proves she has the unique ability to be who she is in any situation. That’s star power. I haven’t seen that since old Hollywood and Katherine Hepburn who could literally look good in anything.

    Katherine H. was another person to whom acting was the job she did and her private world was the life she loved. She too was herself no matter what critics thought. I think both women understood in their own time that the secret to happiness is knowing who you are and being happy with that.

    Post Script:

    And no Liz Taylor herself, despite her great beauty could not have pulled off wearing Kristen’s latest gown at the Met successfully.

    You people who like to criticize every aspect of Kristen,
    Think about that for a moment.

    Thank you all for listening and…Peace.

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      1. Sidekick 123…I only post here at HKN Haven.
        For my part you are welcome to copy it onto your site if I remain the original author.

        I have had others in the past copy and claim my words as their own which is silly because the original date posted is easily found.

        Everyone reads HKN if only to find fault. But if you want the post to repost it to spread the post for it’s content I have no problem with that. It may help open a few people’s eyes on the truth of Kristen and her career.

        Thank you for liking what I wrote.
        Have a nice evening…Peace.


  12. Additionally, anything I post on this blog, no one has permission to repost anything I place on this blog without my written permission, that means anything I place on here no one has permission to repost from this site.

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  13. Good morning all, we have seen some interesting stuff this week. Many have touched on the Met Gala, Kristen’s guest speaker for Jodie Foster induction into Hollywood Walk of Fame, Jodie could have had it years ago yet she wanted it to consider with a major release of a film directed by her. I applaud her for doing that and I guarantee you Kristen will have similar goals as she really looks up to Jodie Foster.

    Now, there is serious attacks going on again on Debbie, the OH person who once again has been dragged into something she is not involved in and that is this blog. It’s the little things that people miss and I said this when I first came here, this is a CA blog because of the time. Something so simple that all these people missed and still don’t get it. This tiny thing can’t be changed because it goes through the company that a blog is run through and it uses that time. So for all of you who keep harassing Debbie in OH, just stop. She has nailed 2 of the idiots on Twitter and the next one is coming. So, any of you other ones on other programs, you keep coming after the wrong person, you will find out just how wrong you are in continuing to attack the wrong person. HKN has shielded herself appropriately because of running a blog you need to do so to protect yourself. Hknhaven is not run by Debbie from OH, I have told you how I know where the key is to knowing where this originates. Hkn has told you she is not in OH and leave Debbie alone
    So, you don’t want to listen to reason then you will pay the consequences. Just ask the 2 from twitter who thought they were untouchable, yeah they have felt what happens when you step way to far off the chart in harassment amongst a few other things. They are lucky they still have their accounts, one may have been shut down since it’s locked so maybe they did lose their privileges. This is not a threat, it is a promise. One more on Twitter will find out very soon what will happen to them. This other group, I urge all of you to stop now. This has gotten way out of hand and Debbie, the OH one you keep attacking, isn’t going to lay down when someone threatened her kids with exposure for something she has no control over nor has she ever been involved with this blog except to tell her side of not being the owner of it. Let this sink in, her kids were threatened, I urge all of you harassing her to stop now. Since I know so many come here to read, it’s best to just put it here. I know those who are stirring up this nonsense come here, read stuff or go to twitter and read stuff then rant on there own blog spot, notice I did not name them unlike some hypocrites who make class then do the same thing. Debbie doestrogen not know that I was planning to write this so I am sorry but I know you are not who they think you are and the accusations just need to stop by everyone. I propose the different blogs involved, do yourselves all a favor and just stop. Pay attention to who you are a fan of and leave other bloggers alone. You are not the fan police!! If anyone wants to take me on again, I will not be nice. I hunted down the last ones who taunted me over my photo of which I was the owner. I never said who they were because I did it privately and that is how it should be done. The rest is up to those who decide if they plan to continue this behavior that is over the line with threatening kids.

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  14. Hi All.. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’m here everyday. My thoughts on the Gala.. Something was definitely “set in motion”.. This whole story regarding their “hug”, and the spin the tabs put with it, like old friends reuniting.. The door is cracking open just a bit.. Maybe someone could go to Cannes to “support” their old friend. JMO- take it or leave it!!!! Enjoy, Happy Mother’s Day!!!! ..dd..


  15. Well, well, ladies. What do my eyes see this early in the morning on Yahoo news, but gasp, horror! (sarcasm) Kristen and Soko have broken up. They were never together in the first place, yet the Sessed ate it up as they ususally do. The Met Gala didn’t go as they planned and the last thing on Earth they wanted to hear was RK hugging at the event. T already mentioned to someone at the gala that she and Rob weren’t together, yet they tried to talk over her. So that’s another pipe dream for the Sessed that didn’t come true. I feel so bad for them right now….NOT! LOL!

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  16. Hi to all my HKN Havens friends! HKN, Love you this post! Great job! Rob and Kristen looks gorgeous at Met Gala. Kristen and Jody Foster looks gorgeous too! I just want to drop by and say hi and love the post. I am going to bed now. Keep me posted! Night! Love you all and RK! Hugs!


  17. Watching Kristen and Jodie Foster on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was a pleasure. The photos of Kristen in Panic Room made me see how much she looked like Jodie as a little girl. Also you could plainly see how much respect and love these two women have for each other.

    No wonder Kristen is so good at acting she had some truly great feminine influences; Jodie Foster, Juliet Binoche, and Julianne Moore: not to mention actors like Robert Di Nero, Donald Sutherland, Sean Penn, Bruce Dern and one of my personal favorite from her film,Welcome to the Rileys, the late and great James Gandolphini.

    Gandolphini and Bruce Dern predicted we were going to see great things from her. They were right. BD also said she was one of a kind.

    I think it’s good to be one of a kind. She may sometimes be misunderstood and under rated by many; but in my view that’s better than getting lost in a crowd as so many young actresses are.

    Kristen isn’t interchangeable or like any other young actress today. No only is she talented but uniquely herself.

    Many of the people she has worked with saw this early on and their intuition about Kristen has proven true over and over.

    Rob was following a long line of acting greats when he said that ‘she’s one of the greatest actresses of her generation.’

    On screen and off, she’s quite memorable.

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  18. Monday night was an example of how two people can put on an act and be very convincing in trying to show you they are a real couple. I have to admit they were good. They fooled a lot of sessed. End of subject.

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  19. I wasn’t going to comment on this but it was said Rob’s limo broke down and twigs and friend said they would pick him up. That twig wanted to make sure Rob was going to be there. That is the reason Rob was in the limo with her and he was not going to walk the red carpet with her. If you notice there were pictures with him on the red carpet by himself. But because he was behind twigs on the red carpet the security guards thought they were together telling Rob you have to move on you two it’s people behind you that along with the papz wanting pictures of them together. I read some comment on another blog that twigs did an interview at the gala and was asked if her and Rob was together and she said no but the interviewer but down what she or he thought would sell. Look at pictures again no interest in either of them together.

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  20. I’m actually quite happy with what we got. They both attended the same event and the Earth didn’t cracked open like the sessed predicted. They cannot longer fool themselves thinking they cannot be in the same place because they hate each other oh so much.
    Am I disappointed that Twigs is till in the picture? Yeah but for all we know Soko was a message to her to keep her in line. Like ‘you see how easy is to just give your job to someone else?’ Sort of message. Both RK are loyal to a small group of people and somehow Twigs is part of it so maybe they are trying to give her as many chances as possible or there are other repercussions on the contract that need her around for a little while.
    Alternatively they are starting the phase 2 of their plan that is going to be friends/colleagues again in public to maybe ease in in a relationship without all the crazyness and for that is crucial that it didn’t looked like she stole her man back or some other salacious gossip title. I’m more than confused about what is going on than ever, but nevertheless I still believe RK are geniuses and this is part of the plan and will work out great for them and their little family in the future.
    Just my two cents.

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    1. What is up with this Tizzy Razor chic? Is she seriously that unstable? I was scrolling through Twitter and hit her page from another – I’ve seen it before – but now, it looks like she has totally lost it. Again – she makes Phyllis whatever look extremely normal. I mean – this is all fun – but she has some serious issues. Pretty sure she probably has no friends or family looking after her – she appears to spend hours posting over and over again. And she is vile. But the biggest takeaway I got – apathy. She is wasting that much of her life and emotion on people who will never give a fuck about anything she says or does. She can support her story until the end of the day, but does she really think they are aware and that she is doing them any favors? And I love how she switches stories. If a tweet or post supports what she believes – she’s all over it. But when a post is counter to what she wants to be the truth (like the guy who said Rob wasn’t there – and no TR B – he was not some random guy – he obviously was very aware of who T was and got a picture/post with her). Why the need to delete his comment? Because it puts him somewhere other than where you want him to be. So suck on your Big Gulp TR and pound away on your keyboard down in your basement – while the rest of us are seeing this for what it is (celebrity gossip) and don’t let it control our lives. I would feel sorry for you if I could actually stop shaking my head. Sad way to choose to lead your life – but hey, when you’ve got nothing else, go for it.

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    1. It’s only “shocking” because if anyone’s been listening to the Sessed for the last three years, Rob runs in the opposite direction everytime Kristen is in the same vicinity. They forget he is a grown man, almost 30 and would hug who he’d want to hug. This shatters their illusion that he hates her and wants nothing to do with her. They can’t handle this piece of news, let alone the fact that we know they’re actually married and have two daughters. That would send them to the funny farm. Oh,right I forgot, they already have a permanent residency there in the first place. LOL!

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      1. Continue to love your no-nonsense, don’t get your panties in a bunch posts. Thanks.


  21. Any explanation to why Rob took t to met? Tab headlines have started up that they are still together. Last week they were no longer a couple. What’s the reason for another diversion? BS is tiring.


    1. yes it is tiring but if you were engaged to him wouldn’t you be wearing a ring and she wasn’t. That has to tell you something. The excuse that it is with the jeweler to be made with the wedding ring is about 5 months too old. It will get better


    2. And tabs are saying Kristen is maybe dating Miley Cyrus’s ex-girlfriend. Tabs said Kristen had a hard time dealing with Rob, T and Liberty Ross at the gala. Tabs said Kristen cheated on Soko. Tabs report shit all the time. Trolls buy it. Doesn’t mean we have to. As for why… Who cares? Again Kristen was there. Rob was there. I haven’t seen one single photo that implied Rob is romantically involved to T.

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    3. Also there’s that big ole bucket of truth thrown in the faces of the sessed this morning. The guy with t at the after party the 2 went to together when asked if Rob was there with them he plainly and clearly said NO and that he believed Rob was already headed back home. Meaning LA because hotels are not referred to as someone’s home unless they live there permanently. The guy also referred to t as his bae. Hate that ghetto word but he # it. This all goes to the met event not being at all what the sessed wanted it to be. I imagine they will be in meltdown soon.

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      1. I have to agree Cindy. That bucket of truth will get you every time. Too bad the guy felt the need to erase that comment. Unfortunately for him someone got a screenshot of it before it disappeared. As for Kristen having a hard time seeing Rob, Liberty and the diva, she was the life of the party and practically stole the red carpet. She has nothing to hid from.

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  22. Good Morning,
    I love all your comments after the previous day the Met gala.
    It was actually only a point which annoyed me.
    Rob could, how his wife kristen unaccompanied appear at the gala !!!
    It is okay that both do not go on the RC since the end from Twilight , but why with T.
    Reassuring were some pictures, we saw RK together.
    I ask myself whether T went after the the private afterparty with Kristen,Rob and friends, in the Gay Club.
    I have still the hope that we see both together R/K. 🙂


    1. Kristen does NOT need Rob on any man for that matter to shine on the red carpet. She slays. Just before her red carpet moment, we had the info she was going to direct her first short. It’s fact. Kristen creates headlines all the time.She’s not a f*ing baby doll. She was pretty happy and confident. On the other hand, T wouldn’t be noticed without Rob. I think the reason was, once again, to control and confuse. But Rob and Kristen wouldn’t match their outfits and jewelry that much if they didn’t want to show the real couple.

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      1. I did not write that Kristen needs Rob on RC.
        The question was rather why Rob with T.
        It was quiet around Rob and T
        I thought Rob does not like that tabs bs write about him. Boom, now everything again from beginning.


      2. I have to agree with you Dorothee. The things that were evident for everyone to see were done on purpose. Coordinated outfits and cuff earrings. That wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t in contact with each other. Its funny how on the e! live program that Rob and the diva didn’t make the cut but Kristen did. She looked great and today is another good day for her and Jodi Foster. Well deserved and too long of a wait.


  23. At the 2015 Met Ball, the year of the penis gown, Rob escorted T but his outfit looked to be a match for what Kristen was wearing for Chanel’s event in Korea.

    Do you guys think we’re the only ones smart enough to notice that? I think some people just refuse to see.

    Got to run. Catch you all later.


  24. Vanessa Williams’s “Save the Best for Last” reminds me of Rob and Kristen so much. They found their way to each other in such an unexpected way. They stayed strong when their detractors tried to tear them apart. As you ladies might know, Vanessa was the first black Miss America, winning the title in 1983. After resigning due to a scandal involving nude photos of her, she went on to become a successful singer/actress. She is still gorgeous for being fifty-three years old.


  25. Thank you ladies for your prayers and your good wishes. I appreciate them very much.

    I didn’t watch the Met Ball news on E last night, but I have looked through the photos on the various sites.
    I have to say from what I’ve seen it didn’t impress me
    as much as some have in the past.

    Kristen’s look was not the best she’s ever had but I’m
    thinking the blonde hair may be for the part in the movie about JT Leroy, the woman who scammed Hollywood’s social circles by pretending to be a man who wanted to be a woman. Yeah head spinning I know.

    Kristen has so many magazine covers this year plus all the photos from Chanel. I don’t think anyone is left in doubt that she is indeed a very beautiful woman. Her newest cover on the French magazine ” illimate” is proof of that. She was happy, confident and at ease. I think she had fun which is a side benefit to this PR event for the rich and famous.

    Rob wasn’t at his best in the white jacket and black tie either. I’m beginning to believe no one but the James Bond character can pull off that look. Outside the movies it just doesn’t appeal to me.

    It was good to see so many Twilight stars at the same gathering. I also liked the photo shot of all Kristen’s co-stars posed together: Rob from Twilight and Garrett Hedlund and Joe Alwin from Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Home Walk. Now that’s a mouth full for sure.

    Today there’s a lot of speculation on all social media about the event and Rob, Kristen and Twigs part in it.
    At the end of it all it seems to me that we don’t know anything more today than we did yesterday at this time.


    (1) Rob and Kristen did tend the same after party.

    (2) They wore matching earrings.
    Some say by coincidence. Some say by design.

    (3) But, there is no arguing that Rob’s outfit matched and complemented Kristen’s black and white dress.
    To me that shouts by design.

    (4) The girl he escorted on the red carpet wore more of a champagne color. And next to Rob and Kristen appeared much as an after thought.
    Once again, by design? It seems so.

    (5) Fans, myself included, have got to stop thinking that Rob and Kristen will ever again walk the Red Carpet together. They only ever appeared on the red carpet for the Twilight films because they both starred in them.

    It’s good to write a list of facts about Rob and Kristen once again. Some people may be down today, but not me. Even at a big event like The Met Ball they still managed to send fans a message.

    The media will go on with their stories about Rob and Twigs, which seems to be what Rob and Kristen want.
    But I think they also want to remind us that there is and always will be a deeper connection between them that is strictly private and off limits to the world at large.

    Once again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Peace.

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    1. Hannah,
      Loved your post. SOOO true. I’m beginning to think there will never be fireworks. Their lifestyle has been working for them since 2013. Why would they want to change it now? Rob has always said he would not walk red carpet with Kristen because it would take away from her in her glory. Considerate man.

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      1. Plus, Janie, the story would no longer be about what they wanted or needed to promote, but the fact that they were there together. Brad and Angelina went through that for years.

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  26. At Fishy you Can Find the Photo of rob looking at Kristen on Tumblr and Now there is a pic of Kristen looking at Rob smiling on the side of the carpet MN has that pic

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    1. I just googled Rob and there’s a headline that Rob and Kristen seen each other and hug, happy to see each other because it had been a long time. I don’t believe it because there would be pics of it, and they said it came from a reliable source. I agree with Hannah, I don’t think we will ever see them walk the RC together again.
      I seen the pics of Rob and T and he looked like someone force this farce on him. I watch the live feed from I think NY times, and to me they had to almost throw a rope around him to get him to pose with her, and the look on his face. I looked at the pics later and the way he had his arm around her, he wasn’t even touching her. I seen one pic where they are standing closer together and it was T who leaned in, not Rob, and she looked like she was going to cry. She looked very out of place, there with all the big stars, and her just a want-a-be. I would say you know how they have seat fillers for the award shows when the stars have to go up to give an award, or receive one, well that is what she looked like. Just a stand in for the real love of Rob’s life, because they don’t want their real personal life out to the tabloids. I personally never had my doubts when I seen the pics, the clincher for me was the pic of Rob photo booming T and her real BF, that someone posted on twitter today.
      By the way good post HKN, I don’t know how I missed it, but I have been very busy with my RL. Anyway you called it on the dress, and I think you some how knew what was going to go down on the RC, last night. Keep them coming, I really can’t wait to see what happens next week, in Cannes. On the other hand I wish we would see Rob there to support Kristen, but I won’t get my hopes up. After all Soko has 2 movies there too. Not I think she that Kristen and her will be seen together there, I have been watching what she post on snap chat, and as far as I can tell she hasn’t been anywhere near Kristen since before Coachella.
      Well good night all and hope you all have a good rest of week.

      Liked by 5 people

  27. Evening Friends,

    Getting caught up with what went down at the event yesterday. And I just want to say that I am impressed with the Haven. It seems the sesses still had some doubt about whether we embraced our beliefs. Well, hell yeah we do. Thanks for shouthing that shit out. It takes a real woman with the XXL panties to stand up and repeat with no fear what you believe. There are some sesses and objectifiers who have tried on the big girl panties. But, dummies that they are never realiezed there is a bit more to it than just merely putting on the panties. You really need to make sure them fuckers fit. The way they are all over the net like a headless goose i declare they failed to read the memo.

    Now as to last night. Well, honey child based on my observations, it was the sweetest thing I have seen in a longggggg time. I am talking Robert Pattinson standing very pulbically at the entrance to watch Kristen walk the Red Carpet. Coincidence my ass! I mean all eyes on Kristen. He did not give a damn who saw him. Yes, I do think that that proved she is the love of his life. I mean I have seen pics where he continues to follow her long after she passes him. He was standing in the entrance just watching her. Geez Louise, that was sooooo romatic. So out done by that. Both that and their wearing the same earrings in the same way. Was that sweet or what?, And pics confirm they were at the same after party. It was all there if you look. Also, someone suggest there are pics suggesting she fell into one of her old haunts, a gay club.

    So Rob and Kris chose not to work the R/C together for their own reasons. They made themselves so obvious despite that. Hell yes Rob showed the world he is still in love with Kristen. They can say what they want. I ain’t made at them. If you are, get a grip.

    Let’s just say Rob’s and Kristen’s evening went and ended perfectly.

    What about the Ms. girl you say?
    I don’t know. The only one who does is the person or people who put that shit together. You can tell they didn’t! Where do you think Rob deposited her while he was watching Kristen. Very telling!!!!! Bless her heart she might as well stayed at home. She was a bust!!!!!

    Now HKN, I noticed you mentioned you didn’t notice a dick on her dress. Let’s just hold up on that. We know she has a dick fetish. Sooo, I bet a dick was somewhere………..giggles. just sayin

    Liked by 10 people

  28. Wow the man jewlery is ok. I find the pr stuff boring now. I do think they are together both partied separately after the met pics and the poses together of Rob and T where there but again neither Rob or Kristen owe there fans an explaination


  29. Good morning, Those who are being critical and some even harsh about people here being annoyed, disappointed and pissed about last night, please give it a break. It’s a natural reaction. It will pass. The people who were upset, you owe no apologies…………For the hell of it , I like earrings on Rob!

    Liked by 2 people

  30. All I can think about from last night is Rob and his earrings! I am so not a fan of man jewelry, so the earrings and the bracelet are hard for me to take. Just seems so not Rob.


    1. This is 2016. Men and women feel more free to be and wear what they want. Personally, I’m glad that some stereotypes are slowly fading away. This is the natural consequences of the gender equality. Concerning RK, I don’t get people’s opinion on tattoos, earrings, looks and jewelry. To me, they’re free to do whatever they want, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. This is not my body. I think the bracelet may be a gift from Kristen. And both wearing matching earrings is a couple thing, so a cute thing. It’s like wearing wedding rings. Kris and Rob are not the conventional couple. They’re edgy. They’ve always been.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, totally agree that they and everyone else is free to wear what they want and like. Just as I am free not to like it. I don’t like it on any man, not just Rob. Last I checked everyone is entitled to an opinion.


  31. musetcb…….
    We all have what I like to call….”WTF moments.”
    Don’t worry about it.
    This fandom is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.
    I am sure the reasons/excuses will be many as to why Rob waited to watch Kristen pose on the steps…….
    Can’t wait for those to start coming in……..Should be priceless!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thanks Annie, I received some personal bad news and what I could have handled made me angry and I took it out in the wrong place. In spite of all the craziness I can usually sort things out reasonably. Last night was an exception. I have and will always support R&K.

      Liked by 2 people

  32. I think the problem is that nobody believes that R / K are not together, that T/R held no hands. I and perhaps other was convinced that everything is over, and he appears with this woman, and that after the BS the last 2 years. You can evaluate every picture or film from yesterday, what was true or played. The question is why is the BS back into play….

    It is no meltdown our side … only open questions that nobody understands!

    Liked by 1 person

  33. To Hkn and everyone on Havens: I want to apologize to everyone for my meltdown last night. I wish I would have had someone to talk to but I didn’t and mistakenly posted a comment instead. I deleted my tumbler and I’m sorry.I am still a RK supporter. I’m sorry.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I saw that people were mad at you, about something you said but I didn’t know what. When I ckecked, I saw nothing so I guessed you deleted stuff. I can’t judge you on something I haven’t read myself. I guess we can all have bad reactions. If you feel the need to express your frustration, which I can get, use DM on Twitter. Even with me if you want to. Another advice, concerning RK, we know by now that it’s good to take a step back and see what happens. We always end up getting good stuff. And yesterday, we got good stuff. I really enjoyed last night events. I thought it was funny and not so serious. Think about it. Rob and Kristen were at the Met together. Maybe not on the red carpet, but you know they were inside.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I always go back to the pictures that happen when they are not on the RC – posing for the press. The pictures of RT leaving the side door of the hotel. Here’s the odd part – when RK were publicly together, you would always see Rob going first and more or less protecting her. In these pictures, T is out in front of him (as if she is the celebrity here……..) and he is quite behind her – even stopping for autographs. Not until they are at the Met is it GAME ON. After the Met, they seemed to be doing their separate things for the most part. Just an observation. I read somewhere that the guy who posted about T on Instagram (with the little video) said that Rob was not there – and then deleted the comment. But people already had seen it. Interesting. Good day everyone.


    2. Muse I never saw whatever it was you said either but don’t sweat it. I know you are a RK supporter. And you can always DM on Twitter too.


  34. I don’t get the meltdowns either….There are pics of Rob looking at Kristen as she posed on the Red carpet….Those pics are clear as day.
    There was no need for him to be caught doing that.

    I refuse to let things/lives/events i have no control over frustrate or irritate me.

    I maintain that none of us have the full story of what is going on.

    Liked by 6 people

  35. I wouldn’t get upset over last night. After all what exactly happened or didn’t happen. The only reason there was even a pic of Rob and t is because all of the crazy papz kept yelling and requesting that. It was a posed picture only. Nothing after that. No hand holding no touching no PDA at all and not even seen together after that initial entrance. He left the Met with one of the Twilight stars. There was nothing from last night to believe RK aren’t together. Rob wearing that white jacket and black bow tie made it easy to spot him in several pics watching Kristen not the other. The story is in what we didn’t see last night. Both RK looked gorgeous in coordinated styles with matching earrings and jewelry.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The gala was full of Hollywood A-listers. The most famous people of the planet were there. Those who didn’t know saw RK together inside. The media are barely aknowledging R and T. I even saw a very harsh headline from Awards watch. Just to say that the Sesseds, Bians and trolls are now the only people to ignore the truth (along with those who believe tabloids).

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Yes I agree Cindy. Its what we didn’t see. Unfortunately for Annie and I the crowds and the traffic was so intense we didn’t see much. We did see Ruth walking in ahead of Kristen but that was all. Everyone can believe what they want to but eventually the truth will come out. Unfortunately for the trolls, Rob went out on his own last night and so did Kristen. The diva was at vogue knights the same as last year. So that in and of itself has to tell you something.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Absolutely Smack. Since last night was so vanilla I have to wonder if perhaps Rob only escorted her there because on her own no one would even pay attention to her. And it’s coming clearer that all he did was give her a lift and left her to fend for herself while he kept watch over Kristen.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep thats what it looked like. Just watched the e! Live show from last night and Rob and the diva werent even on it. I saw Kristen and then the show ended. Looks like Kristen ruled the red carpet last night.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hey all – I’m with you. My overall response to yesterday was ……………”ok”. It was fine. I wasn’t really that impressed with the Met Ball dresses this year – very few appeared to really embrace the theme. I think Claire Danes and Zac Posen ruled the runway with that beautiful lit up dress. So question to you – I keep hearing about these pictures of Rob watching Kristen — does anyone know where they saw them? I don’t really tend to track down pictures – but that intrigues me. I also wanted to observe that when I looked at the pictures of RT at red carpet……..kind of boring. In most – he has his arm behind her – but he’s barely touching her. Unlike most of the other couples who showed up – i.e. Zoe Saldana and her delicious husband. Now there’s
        PDA lol. From what I’ve seen, the pictures in public they are near each other, but not so in private – let’s say “not until the cameras are on”. And am I the only one who finds it very interesting that RK were at the same party. Hmmmm…………and let’s not negate the whole jewelry thing (when does K EVER wear an earring except a photo shoot) and the fact that they both chose last night to wear a matching earring/ear cuff. Just observing here. Finally, where is the infamous ring? I’ve seen the responses online that “she doesn’t want to take attention away from her music blah blah blah”. But you are at an event that has nothing to do with your music – why would you not wear it? Except for the fact that you probably had to give it back. Just my thoughts.


  36. Morning.
    The MET Gala had a very different setup this year…..
    The view directly across from The MET steps was reserved for paps and other media and the police were strict about enforcing that.
    Also where the celebrities were dropped off you saw them for a split second before they disappeared into the tent unless they stopped to wave as a few did…………After that you couldn’t see them again until they reached the steps to pose for the cameras……At previous galas that tent was opened so you would be able to see the celebrities as they approached the MET steps.
    Rob and Twigs arrived together, Twigs walked ahead of him but there were two guys behind Rob who greeted him…..It was a split second in time and I couldn’t see anything after that as the tent was closed off until they reached the steps.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Kristen looked radiant. Rob was looking fine. Serious and professional.
    You’re right both Kristen and Rob wore new jewelry. They both wore matchy earrings, one on the left ear, the other on the right ear. Also their outfits were coordinated.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. I don’t get the meltdown and the attacks on Rob. Do people seriously believe Rob would walk the red carpet with Twigs just a few seconds ahead of Kristen without her consent? Have you seen Kristen’s smile yesterday? That’s a very happy lady, radiant and confident, not someone forced to go through hell. That is very telling. I looked at the pics of Rob with Twigs, I did watch the short vid of them preparing. They looked like buddies or brother and sister. Sesseds can celebrate all they want but there’s no romantic connexion nor sexual chemistry between them. On the red carpet, they were nothing but 2 co-stars. Nothing like the show we got last year. If we didn’t have the PDA circus show last year, we wouldn’t mind what happened yesterday. I don’t know the reason for Rob and Kristen to do that again (well I may have an idea but whatever) but it doesn’t really matter because Kristen felt comfortable and fine. So people who are upset and attacking Rob are just upset for themselves because they don’t get what they want. But this is not about us. It’s about Kristen and Rob, what they need to do and what’s good for them. I hated seeing Rob being stressed and miserable. But he looked fine yesterday. Kristen was close, they probably met again inside.Twigs vcouldn’t really be harmful. Those two protect each other.

    Liked by 5 people

  39. One picture that I thought was very interesting – and it was just a glimpse – was the one of Rob standing on what looked like a balcony, smoking a cigarette. Hmmm. Weren’t we told that he is all healthy now and that T had him no longer smoking or drinking – going to the gym, eating healthy. I know it was just a moment – but I thought it was interesting. And I didn’t quite get the video clip because obviously it was just a moment when she was all ready (not of them getting ready together) and it just seemed so…….off. That was a rather personal moment – which I thought was not for sale. I’m probably reading too much into it but I tend to look for the subtle moments – not the things shoved in my face.


    1. fishy – I wasn’t standing outside when they came but according to Annie, the diva walked ahead of Rob and what was an interesting observation because we had seen it all night, couples getting out of their cars and they were either holding hands or arms, Rob and the diva did none of that. I guess we will have wait and see what else appears

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Bfishy your are right it did seen if they were putting on a show they did not get ready together they were in the same hotel as k There some photos of them coming out the side door as k came out the front door


  40. Good Morning.
    Kristen and Rob look fantastic in her dress!!!!
    Kristen smiled heartily.
    Unfortunately, our hope and our wishes are not fulfilled.
    More a slap in the face for his and her fans.
    He takes a 6 months break, then show up with that monster? T dress was horrible! PR? No. No more after this time….
    Was the contract, PR not finished!?
    I have read it many times and we never see them again together!!!
    What is it now? I’m sick of this game.
    You can protect a family (children) as public, famous married couple.
    It is only a silly, childlike play with the fans. Not more!!!
    And our expected time will never come… enjoy, can the other side… Since 3 years! We continue to wait …. again and again….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanni,don’t lose your faith in RK!From the paps pics,didn’t you see Rob and WannabeFamous exit way from hotel?It’s seems back door!I saw a very hilarious scene:R in signing session and wannaBesomething going ahead to the car!Take things how they come from RK.Kristen is very happy and beautiful and a real lady!


      1. Until now was the things coming from R / K in order. But what are the small things when we get then all good things fivefold negative returns!?
        With a person I do not like, I could not go repeatedly over a red carpet. Or friends (Jamie Strachan) photographed T disgusting tattoos!
        I have the believe in Rob and Kristen, but now it is time for us once to see positive obvious photos!!!
        Our time will come, it was often ….


    2. Some trolls have tried to hack my Gmail box and Twitter account. Some trolls threat HKN, MN, Bunny and other vocal fans daily. Those same trolls are a danger. With the crazy obsession surrounding Kristen and Rob, no I don’t think they can protect their family by being public. The pressure needs to calm down first. We don’t know why Twigs was there but I think it’s more about RK than about her. Of course she was thrilled but she has nothing to promote nowadays and what she has coming up doesn’t involve Rob’s intervention. Was she really blackmailing the media and so Rob took her to the Met to shut her mouth? Or is it just another chapter of the “F* them all” movie directed by RK? Don’t know but eith way, no need to freak out.

      Liked by 3 people

  41. Dear HKN and to all the Haven,
    I’m with all of you, so extremely tired of seeing …the wanna be diva,.. “yuck” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel regarding this investment project. So I can’t even imagine how R/K must feel. But, as a true fan I will totally support them in all of their decisions! We have no idea why this woman is still around, she must be quite the trouble maker.
    On a lighter note, both Robert and Kristen looked fabulous tonight!
    The sessed must be going crazy right about now, because there is no way in hell
    “a broken-up couple” would ever wear matching earrings, or anything else that was matching for that matter at a special event like this. One of them would have taken the matching item off! Earlier this week Mama Nails showed pap photos on her blog of them wearing matching tee-shirts, (and she never shows pap photos, thank you Mama Nails) now today matching earrings.
    Plus, you can see how attentively Rob was looking at Kristen in another set of pap photos. He’s totally smitten with her even after all of these years!
    Those two know what they’re doing, they’re fooling all the people that need to be fooled. They’re trying to collect on a very bad investment, they’re protecting their precious little family, and I am just going to sit back, wait, and enjoy the ride while they conquer the world!
    Chloe M.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Ok – I’ll bite – what pictures of Rob watching Kristen are you referencing? I did not see those.


  42. If you look real hard Rob was not happy being put. In this situation with twigs. If I’m mistaken Rob walked up behind her on the red carpet and the papz insisted on a picture of them on the red carpet together and twigs liked that. With the way Rob is he went along with it being a gentlemen .


    1. Carol I saw the same thing to I even heard the guy telling him to I agree with you both rob and Kristen looked so studding and the matching earrings and him standing over in the corner looking at her have a good night


  43. Good lord Rob wore 3 earrings that I could see. Feeling better. R/ T looked miserable. So different from the show they put on last year. Kristen was adorable. She has so much confidence in herself. Love her.

    Liked by 3 people

  44. Dear Gracious! Kristen looks amazing! Just stunning! Did you watch the video? The confidence, the swagger, and the class… I could go on… I love everything that she is representing tonight.

    Liked by 4 people

  45. Janie, don’t apologize , I’m with you all the way. WTF? I don’t know. I’d be lying if I said, I’m not disappointed.


  46. Don’t mind me I get over invested and emotional when it comes to R/K. I think it sucks that they are putting us through this again after we thought it was all over. Rant over.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks fishy. I rant then feel like an idiot afterwards. There is a reason for all this I only wish I knew what the purpose was.

        Liked by 1 person

  47. Rob wearing earrings and a gold bracelet. Are we sure this is Rob? In March CJ wrote on his witter that “sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to.” Is something going on that we don’t know about? I know you have whiners but right now I couldn’t be more confused and not ashamed to say so.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. CJ was talking about something totally different and Janie take a breather if this getting to you then go take a break and then come back when you have a clearer head cause I’m not One Bit Worried. Keep your Head up love don’t let the Doubts get to you.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Plus a little Met tidbit…..there is no press inside and apparent “couples” are not seated together. Interesting that in the coverage I watched, no mention at all of R or T. I also hope those earrings are not real lol. Oh well – I’m still enjoying the show.

        Liked by 1 person

  48. There is a video of Rob and t in her dressing room. They are talking and then holding pinky fingers. Someone explain what is going on. This is never going to end if he walks the red carpet with her.


  49. It is like you read minds! I was just ready to google to find info on this and you gave us a great start, HKN!! It is quite exciting to think that Kristin is back at this event. She rocks this every time she attends.

    Annie, thanks for being there for us! Love the videos. You take great ones.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a test. They don’t need to walk together or even photograph together just being in the same event and see how the fans react to know if is worth it to come out or wait a bit more. I hope people are over this and don’t make a scene so they can finally relax…just my two cents. Time will tell.
    Great post as usual!


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