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Court Orders

Lmiss_scumshine. An appropriate name for a mentally disturbed IT ass kisser.



She had an epic highly entertaining meltdown when karma bit her in the ass via her idol IT. This so called human being constantly posts vile and disgusting man nips of Rob’s wife Kristen.When Bunny gave her a taste of her own medicine she couldn’t handle it of course.



A four page rant that probably took her all night to dream up and type was her response…


Okay first up She decided to enter Mama Nails into her fantasy. She used as her source Mama Nails friend. And she writes it up and expects people to buy into this. Well maybe her 40 followers from the IT ass kisser club but no one else is buying it.


Secondly she was asked by who exactly to look into Bunny? And did I mention also it is  illegal to pose as an Law Enforcement official?


No she did not look into any records with out a court order. And no judge is going to give her access on the premise that someone is harassing her poor idol IT and she needs to prove them wrong.



Again  Law Enforcement official or not you can not just access someones birth record! Unless it is you yourself (or your parents if you are deceased) no one else is getting a copy of your birth record with out a court order. Period.


As for the marriage record. This has been explained to the idiots over and over again. A CONFIDENTIAL marriage license can only be accessed by the bride or the groom or court order. And again no judge is going to give you that access to simply proof yourself right.



Robert does NOT have a home/residence in London( Not yet anyway). His main home/residence is in LA with his wife and children.


As for restraining orders and blackmail. Don’t know if this true but wouldn’t doubt it with IT’s penchant for desperate attention seeking behavior.


And no way in hell did this person check anyone’s financials without a court order.



Bunny has been in the education field for over two decades. You actually think she would be hired for that long with convictions?


Again a court order needed to prove this.


NO you have no photo of this document.

o-THE-ART-OF-SAYING-NO-facebookAnd finally it’s kinda funny that she posts no proof whatsoever of any of this bull. We’re supposed to just take her mentally disturbed word for it.


This was just the start of her mental breakdown. When I called her out on the CONFIDENTIAL marriage license info she came up with this gem…


Once again you morons. I AM NOT DEBBIE SHINGLETON! Stop harassing this woman! Now that is something that can get you in legal trouble.

I’m glad you are all jumping up and down with glee and patting each other on the back for finding HKN’s identity. Spreading her address, phone number around amongst you (looking at you OCGirl2000) and feeling quite smug. BUT—–the only problem is you stalked MY Facebook and took MY personal pictures and MY personal info and threaten to talk to MY family and tell them what a horrible whacked out person I am. Except —- now listen up —- I’ll say this slow for you geniuses — I. AM. NOT, I REPEAT, AM NOT HKN. Yes I have talked with her but the last time I checked that doesn’t make me this person. Can you comprehend this? What it does do though is make you guilty of LIBEL. And yes, libel is a crime. So you might want to retract your lies and set the story straight. Pass this on to your little friends who are guilty. Like, OCGirl2000, Kicks32780004, Lmiss_scumshine, etc. Twitter is onto your lies and soon the libel will be known. You got a problem with HKN take it up with her but at least have the guts to admit when you are wrong.


Maybe Lmiss_scumshine can hire Phyllis /Hopeless lawyer relative to help her out lol.


Well if she is illegally looking into Debbie Shingleton’s family then she didn’t find anything. Because again I am not her.


So anyone who has Rob and Kristen together on their Facebook is me?


And I can guarantee you no one is coming knocking at my door as a result of your badly written fan fiction.

Wait didn’t someone over at the looney bin known as PRsten already try this crap? Yep said I would be getting a knock on my door with a cease and desist.Still waiting…


My favorite part. We are damaging poor IT’s not so flourishing career. Are we why her latest single tanked so bad? I’m proud if I was the cause of that.


 Lmiss_scumshine attempted in vain to make it look a little more authentic…



Try not to laugh to hard.


Reveal away bitch. Come on I dare you!



Oh my looks like not all the dipshidiots are on board with Limiss_scumshines fuckery.


Oh by the way I know some people in Law Enforcement too. When I showed them this mess the first thing they said was “That is one scary nut.” They don’t take too kindly too people impersonating one of their own. They also said that what Lmiss_ scumshine is claiming is highly unethical and no self respecting Law Enforcement official is going to a judge with this crap to get a court order. And secondly they would be laughed out of court.


 Somehow Lmiss_scumshine and her buddies think this is going to scare people into not saying what they think of IT. Sorry not happening. She’s still a plagiarizing piece of trash who deserves everything she gets thrown at her. Keep on crying when karma gets handed  to you. Your tears for your poor idol IT amuse me. Boo Hoo!


And now let’s talk about the latest photo shop efforts…


Picture of IT taken in the powder room. Clear as a bell.


Picture of supposedly Rob. Gotta love the disclaimer. Covering all their bases. She had to edit/photo shop it a lot to make it look like Rob is what she saying.



Yep. Delete that China part real quick. Where’s IT? Still in the powder room maybe?


1 (8)

Wow look how clear that pic of Rob on the left is! Amazing!. Funny tho how it goes back to blurry when they have to photo shop their idol IT in.



Amazing how camera phones work with no blur when you’re not photo shopping isn’t it?

The dipshidiots are holding prayer circles and chants as we speak for Rob and IT to turn up at the Met Gala.


Could  IT  top her embarrassing inappropriate dick dress? Oh the  possibilities are endless. Maybe this?..


To IT this would be appropriate.


According to IT’s ethics this condom dress would be appropriate around children..


Just for the funnies!


Actually the odds are better for Kristen turning up at the Met Gala.

Speaking of Rob’s wife…


So much for her coming out. Dipshidiots made fools of as always.

To close this out. Lmiss_scumshine or any of her buddies threats have no effect on me, MamaNails, or Bunny. We are all still here and not going anywhere. We band together when needed.You will NEVER succeed.


As for my identity you have no clue. Not even luke warm. But keep trying. It’s highly entertaining watching you try. And leave Debbie alone idiots!

Annie is in NYC and has a few pics and videos of the Met Gala being set up.

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And that about does it. Ignore the fools and stay positive!




103 thoughts on “Court Orders

  1. I don’t like how this is set up this year…..Not seeing much of anything.
    I prefer my old position of last year which is now reserved for media/paps.


  2. I’m not expecting an epic reunion. Kristen has always said “keep them guessing” in regards to her relationship with Rob. I’m just looking forward to seeing them all dressed up. That is good enough for me. Nothing changes the fact they are married with little girls. JMO


  3. Hello everyone. Prayers and Good wishes going out to everyone who is ill and feeling down.

    It keeps raining here and the yard has needed mowing for days but the ground hasn’t had a chance to dry.

    I was just on Rob’s Google Page and Twigs is now listed as ‘former partner.’

    I wonder why they chose today, the day of the Met Ball to list that.

    Anyway unless Google changes it back, that may be a prelude to emerging news from Rob. I hope so.

    I can’t wait to see TLCOZ. From what I’ve seen and read of the book there’s a chance for some great acting there.

    Catch you all later.


  4. We are here!
    They’ve changed things a bit…..Paps and media only on one side of the street and fans on the other side.
    Vehicular traffic remains. 🙂

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    1. You lucky, lucky ladies. I’m trying not to be envious; but I am, just a bit.

      Have a great day and give us all the news that you can.


  5. Smack and Annie hope y’all have a great time tonight and hopefully you will be getting all of us some great pictures and commentary..


  6. Janie, I am so with you! Don’t know what to think………. Hannah, thinking of you, all will be well…………….Taxx, thank you for sharing your wisdom. Hope DS follows through……………. This site IS a good place for all of us. We share a common interest and I personally don’t care what others believe. I am just baffled at the lengths ( courtgate) some will go to. We are fans, nothing more , nothing less. We believe what we wish and HKN gives us a voice here to share our thoughts. Appreciate that! I value all of you.

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    1. Ms Glinda – I have to agree with you and Janie. It is truly disgusting what that person wrote. We believe in what we want to believe in and they do the same. We aren’t writing commentaries like that person did and accuse different people of things that just scream bs to me

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      1. Smack,
        I must have missed something. I didn’t realize you were also going to the Red Carpet. I’m so excited for you and Annie both. Good luck!


      2. yep going to meet up with Annie. Hadn’t decided until this morning but yep Im going. Just spoke with Annie and she says that people are already lining up to watch. Little too early for me.


  7. Sue you’re right, ignore is the best!
    I would love it Kristen in Chanel and Rob in Dior, a dream!
    And for all skeptics and trolls a continue meltdown. These people love her mendacious crazy game.


  8. Ladies, I believe that all the stories that are started by these trolls are primarily to just play silly little senseless games with this post and with any group that has concluded that Rob and Kristen are safe and happy just living in their private world where they control the narrative, not the disturbed trolls who literally know nothing. I think their main objective is just get attention. They do not have real lives, and just live through their computers. Sad, miserable , lonely lives of negativity where they just have to have the last world. There is no reality in their world because they cannot face the simple truth. We could just avoid their comments and eventually they will just realize they are just wasting their time because nobody is listening anymore. They are talking to themselves, which is a sign of disturbed and confused behavior, and also makes you wonder if they answer themselves. They are befuddled. I just want to enjoy life and my children and friends and my life is very simple, I avoid the temptation to read lies or see phony photos. I really do not have time for that silly business. Life is way too short to waste it . I am looking forward to seeing beautiful Kristen in Chanel and hopefully Rob in Dior. How amazing that would be. I really think they are very smart to keep a low profile of their personal lives because life has basically forced them to. They control their own specifics, and keep the public seriously confused. Have a great week!

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  9. Ladies, I have enjoyed your comments today.

    I don’t like to quarrel and so I don’t. For the most part.

    I like this place and the opinions and views of the other ladies here march more closely with my own than anywhere else.

    I visit when I can, but I’ve never kept a close eye on or even understood the big argument nor the personal attacks against some of the people who support and those who hate this blog.

    What I’m really sorry about is some of the same people who stood together on Justice for Kristen are now bitter enemies with each other. And I think that’s just sad.

    I’m not digging for the truth, which none of us can know.
    I’m just watching Rob and Kristen and cheering them on. It’s what a fan does. At least this fan.

    I found out the other day that I have skin cancer. I’m waiting to see which type, and hoping it’s squamus cell not melanoma which is more aggressive.

    I guess what I’m saying is I have a much bigger and more personal picture on my mind these days.

    I wish you all the best and good night good people…R

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    1. Sorry. I hit the R instead of the H just so no one gets confused. It’s a holdover from Do I Dazzle You where many with the same name posted. I guess it’s a habit I can drop now.

      Also I hope you will remember me in your prayers. I’ve never had anything seriously wrong medically. So many are assuring me it’s going to be Ok. But I am in all honesty a little scared.

      Thanks for listening.


      1. Prayers going your way from Marsha. I always enjoyed your comments on justice for Kristen and didy. Let us know how you are doing when you are able. I am thinking of you and hoping for the best outcome.

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    2. Hannah I definitely understand what you are going through but let me assure you, skin cancer is very treatable. I have had cancer once in the thyroid and it was a coincidence that it was caught thanks to other medical stuff going on, I answered a question and they did a CT scan and found a growth. It was a oh it looks like nothing have it rechecked in 6 months. I had a sinking feeling and didn’t wait that long. In 5 months, I had 3 more growths and the little first site was now a quarter size. The thyroid is the super highway of the body, after a needle biopsy it was cancer which I was very insistent to get it out yesterday. When they did the surgery, it was less than a mm from breaking out, if it had gotten out, I wouldn’t be here today. My point is that if it is skin cancer, get it taken care of and do not let them tell you it can wait regardless of what type it is because both are treatable. I wish you well, keep us posted, I will keep you in my thoughts, been in your shoes and I hope you have a good support system. Educate yourself on the reports, ask for a copy of pathology report, use that to look up stuff on it. It will help with your peace of mind and tell you better what you are dealing with, I hope this helps a little. Take care.


  10. I have attempted to wrap my head around all of these attacks on blogs, twitter accounts etc. So, we have one place who splintered off from here because they wanted their own place. OK, no problem, so all is good and they run their blog that is supposed to be about the careers of their particular people they want to chat and preach about honesty and stuff. Then someone boots these activities of looking this or that up and the holes in the story are just not realistic. Especially those of us who have worked in the legal fields. Yet what is preached on one hand is breached by the other hand. It’s contradictory and why now. I keep coming back to why now. Maybe someone can enlighten us, why now? The thing to me is if you don’t care for someone’s point of view, don’t go there. Just ignore them. Do any of these people realize to make it stop, shut your laptop down and live your real life. By attacking someone with what has been laid out, this is beyond being a fan, it’s become obsessive to attempt to control another blogger who last time I checked still has a right to express their opinions. Yet this stuff that was put out is a direct attacks on several people. You don’t need to like someone, but attacking them especially the wrong individual again, I hope she goes after you this time. Hint, by taking pics off of accounts without permission, you are in violation of copy right laws especially of family members. Those who engage will end up on the wrong end of social media. So, I hope people stop this, go back to being fans, but you won’t and it will get ugly. No one has permission to repost this without my written permission. Taxx.

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  11. Good evening to Hkn and r/k supporters I’m new to all what’s going on I really think it’s insane.i don’t understand why is it an issue about if Kristen and Robert is married or have kids mattered. why are all these people so concerned about their personal life it’s none of their business we are just fans that’s it I fell in with love them from seeing twilight.I think all what’s going on is ridiculous and they should leave them alone I love reading mammanails and Hkn blog ,I’ve read how they insulted Kristen over and over and still doing it the things they say about her and the nasty names that they still calls her it’s unbelievable that I gets so mad ,theirs no law saying that we can’t believe in them if they want to believe he’s with ms twigs that’s theirs believe so if they believe that we are delusional well I guess we are that’s why we believe in them and love them both. With all those other actors and actresses out their why Kristen and rob this is my opinion just my opinion love you all can’t wait to see Kristen at the gala good night

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  12. In all this recent back and forth fan war sniping, I just have one thing to say; I find the thought hilarious that ANY judge would have anything to do with signing or making official any stand on any fan issue down right laughable. Well, maybe… no not even Judge Judy.

    Too many people take this too seriously. (and RK used to be for amusement, remember?) Then a few went to taking it seriously and fighting. Divisions occurred.

    Because of stands of absolute beliefs, one of the most popular former blogs is now down to 11 comments in almost a month. Either not many follow her beliefs or they found her narrow vision not to their liking.

    As for slander have any of you read Gossip Cop lately.

    Anyone who is so serious to disprove another fans belief enough to try and involve the justice system in a fan war is just plain Coo-coo for Coco Puffs, Out to Lunch, One Sandwich Shy of a Picnic, Nuttier than a fruitcake, Worthy of a Dunce Hat.

    I visit this site because it’s the only one left where there’s still room for fun. It makes me happy. This is not a crusade for me. It’s a place to share what I like about Rob and Kristen and to listen to other people’s opinions.

    As for ‘insiders’ every site claims one. That doesn’t mean I believe all they say. I believe what I want. I don’t need my mind changed or my thoughts clarified.

    If I was into the justice system and rules and regulations I’d be a fan of Judge Judy, not Rob and Kristen.

    If some of you enjoy fighting, say on. I can always skip comments. But I thought the reason we moved to Word Press was so there would be less of this Bull to put up with.

    As for twitter and ‘some’ blogs, I came to the conclusion long ago those were places best left alone.

    Rant over. I hope everyone has a nice day. Talk to you later ladies.

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  13. Those folks are quite transparent. They are going off like rockets because of this blog, Bunny, and MamaNails?? Seriously? The tabloids can place their filthy lies in supermarkets and magazine stands for anyone to pick up and they are concentrating efforts here? Because what we believe to be true is so hurtful to R and K? Again, seriously?? So we believe R and K are in love and together with a baby or two and are living their lives righteously and privately– and this has set them off on a vendetta to ruin HKN, Bunny, and MN. That makes truckloads of sense– NOT!!

    Yet, the tabloids have shown Robert to be an immoral womanizing druggie, and they apparently think nothing of that and the lying, photoshopped defamatory photos of him. They have said worse about K — which I won’t even repeat here– because it is so insulting to her and it is so unbelievable it doesn’t bear repeating. OTOH– what we believe about RK is respectful and is certainly not damaging to their reputations. These people are obviously certifiable and are liars in their own right. If they don’t like the opinions we share– opinions that are harming no one and certainly not R and K– even if they were untrue which I don’t believe they are– well, then– they need to ignore us. The less they have to say about us and to us actually works to their advantage since it deflects the attention elsewhere. If what we speak of here is so horrible and hurtful to R and K, then why not do what they are saying they have done behind the scenes (quietly– not published on their blogs and Twitter) so this can be taken care of stealthily and with the least harm to R and K’s reputations? Instead, they get on their high horses and publish such defamatory claptrap about our own which only serves to bring more attention to us and to the truth. How counter productive for them, don’t you think?

    Lastly, and it has been mentioned numerous times before– these folks have no damn “standing” in this matter. If someone wishes to go after others for internet libel, it has to be the individual(s) that are subject of the libel. That would be R and K and possibly T. We already know that R and K are deliberately setting up smoke and mirrors in order to protect their private lives. All the lies and misinformation works for them in the sense that it diverts attention elsewhere and not on what really is. They are obviously not concerned about our beliefs or they would have done something about it already.

    No one else except the individuals being libeled have standing to go digging for information that is protected by privacy and security laws. Any judge who would assist a rogue law enforcement officer or officers in this type of criminal act would be prosecuted as would the law enforcement personnel who eventually accessed the protected data. This is career and reputation killing behavior — for sure. Furthermore, no LEO goes DIRECTLY to a judge to get a court order to get access to normally inaccessible information. The LEO has to make a justifiable case to a prosecutor who then goes to the judge and argues that there is probable cause or reasonable suspicion to get the information. Since these LEO’s have no standing, whatsoever, there is no possible way they would get a court order.

    This whole scenario is bogus and full of more holes than swiss cheese. It appears these folks have an attention-seeking agenda of their own and are counting on the unthinking fools to be led pied-piper-like to their own sites. The piper pipes, the fools follow. However, trying to ruin reputations of innocent people in the process is not acceptable and if they keep this shit up, it will eventually be their undoing.

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  14. Some people when backed into a corner their desperation and panic takes over. They lash out with anything and everything to get out of that corner. There are plenty people out there named Alex and Kevin so if those 2 individuals did in fact do as they claim to have done then I say put up or shut up. If you are that sleazy you’d dig into 2 innocent people’s private lives that their fandom and friends and family knows they want kept private then show us your handiwork. You know like the infamous court order or the judges ruling and approval and all of the evidence you have to support what you presented to that judge in order to obtain his go ahead on your claims. Surely if all of what you say was on the up and up and backed up by facts there would be no problem releasing those documents. After all you made it wide open with your claims of court approved so it’s public record now so show us. It’s ok we all know you can’t because there is nothing to back up your nonsense. Flapping your lips to anyone who will listen isn’t proof of anything other than you crave attention and apparently with all of the recent excitement of both R&K at Coachella and the failed attempt of the romance of Kristen and Soko falling apart by Soko’s own words, well guess that did you in. The evil in all of this is you and any cohorts you may have, although I can’t imagine many want to be your friend. If ever anyone wants to do a paper on crazy internet trolls and haters researching this individual might earn them a Pulitzer. JMO

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  15. The question is why would v and mc do this at this time. Always loved their wisdom before but turned into vile haters. HKn Bunny and mn and of course poor Debbie. give him hell ladies they deserve it.

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    1. What is going on with those two? For people who claim not to care, the language is filthy and the rant is long. What a waste of energy and time.


  16. Thank you HKN for this very complete and amazing account of a truly fanatical person’s attempt to create a lie that will always fail to connect with those who have a brain. There is so much trash out there and we do know we are learning the truth here and that you, Bunny and Mama Nails are protecting the truth and eliminating the buzzkill of the weird ones who obviously are off their meds. This was the important point I think, to just be happy in the knowledge that RK and family are just fine, and wonder if Kristen will wear Chanel to NY and if we see Rob’s blue eyes in NY. Obama had his last News Correspondents Dinner tonight, he was very funny and did not leave out anyone. Have a good weekend you all, we are still in rain and windy weather in Oklahoma. Safe and sound here. Susie

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    1. OH good and since the sessed already placed Rob in NYC I’m going to predict he went ahead of her to get the kids settled and await her arrival. If they now say he is anywhere but NY then they will be busted again with lies. And we all know how they desperately do and say whatever in order for the two to never be in the same city at the same time.

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  17. Hi guys. I usually don’t post but I want to thank HKN and Bunny for being there for me. I am THE Debbi Shingleton. They have invaded my personal Facebook and took my personal photos and have gone through my family and friends lists. They are passing around my picture and phone number. I have contacted Twitter several times. They keep saying the name is irrelevant but they keep using my name and passing it around. I have never even tweeted with these haters. I totally feel like I’ve been invaded. And for what? Because they don’t believe something that others do. Anyhow, just wanted to thank those for having my back and supporting me. I guess the only thing I can do is know that I am who I am. Thanks guys.

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    1. Dear Debbi,

      You, like HKNHaven and Bunny, are the bigger person in taking the higher road. In knowing who you are is your insurmountable strength to take down the social media marauding adversaries logically.

      (Not like THEM having conniptions on social media to be irrelevant relevant. They are yipping on the porch because they can’t run with the big dogs.)

      I believe you have the unconditional support from the many silent ones.

      Take care.

      My best wishes and warmest regards, Shirley Hashim.

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    2. Debbie I looked it up again this morning under twitter rules look up copyright laws, you are the owner of the pics taken from your account so if it happened on Facebook go to Facebook and review their filing procedures for copyright laws. I know it for twitter it can shut accounts down for stealing personal pics, if it was taken from Facebook page then first file with them, then go to twitter. Both sites, read their filing procedures and what constitutes their definitions and file accordingly. This goes for anyone who has had photos taken, you are the owner of said photos and if they were taken without your permission, your account may have been hacked or you have your settings open to the general public. Change your settings to only the people you allow on your site. As many will remember I had an IG account that a few helped them silks too yet they failed to realize I was the owner of said photo and they violated copyright laws. Plus a one or 2 were dealt with privately. So my advice to EVERYONE, check your account security, change it if need be then review filings for twitter and Facebook and follow their guidelines to file if you fall into their categories. The photos Debbie are your copyright materially, they will act on photos that you can show were used in violation to taunt you, a whole big lot of things that all of you should review. Lastly, I suggest you stop engaging any of these people, block them on Twitter and ignore them. This stops this nonsense. There are some who want to engage in this stuff and that is on them. If you want them to stop, starve them out, if anyone wants further, dm me privately. No one has permission to repost this without my written permission. Taxx, I use this to protect my posts, I copy righted it with this at the end. Those who have been busted no better now. If not then they find out pretty quick. On to Met Gala folks!!


  18. The desperation of the person(s) impersonating a LEO and making all of the illogical and false claims towards 3 people that have always been upfront about their beliefs and have never coerced anyone into following their blogs or Twitter, is not being honest or truthful to anyone. Why would any law enforcement officer care one way or the other about this blog or care what HKN’s real name is? Why would they care what Bunny’s occupation is? Neither of these 2 have plastered the Internet with PS pics and made up stories or threatened anyone with harassing tweets and blogs solely devoted to inflaming others towards hate and stalking them 24/7. Nope that’s the sessed haters like the one that has created a big old fantasy about outing people via their LE job. Right like a true LEO would waste their time on that childishness. They are actually way too busy doing their real jobs, you know catching criminals like murderers and rapists and child molesters. Reading comp has always been a stumbling block for the sessed so no one actually believes any of what this idiot is claiming. Way too many holes in that thesis of hers. Criminology 101. Rob and Kristen took all the measures necessary to ensure idiots like that person can never find out about their private lives and so far it’s worked.

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    1. I have to agree with you Cindy. Its a persons desperate cry for help and boy does she need help. Just like the troll that commented on a sighting of Rob in London today. Her take – Rob was going to the Met but then heard that Kristen was going so he ran back to London so he wouldnt have to see her. Their dellusions are getting pretty comical to say the least.

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      1. Wow Smack that is crazy. I saw that he was sighted in London and NY so he must be teleporting again. They don’t even see how embarrassing they are with their lies.

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      2. Rob and his dogs: Trolls say they believe R is a wonderful, sensitive guy, yet they believe he would desert a 5 wk. old dog that he rescued up from a shelter who was in a 4 day holding cell, who Rob named Bear, flew him back to LA with him, R&K both cared for Bear for years, then Rob just gave Bear to Kristen, walked away, he becomes attached to a dog T invented or borrowed by an envious person, named it Lady Bear, and Rob never see HIS dog again? Who really believes that? Rob said wherever his dog is that’s where his home is and Rob’s home is in LA. Those people who believe Rob would desert his dog don’t know this man at all. It would never happen. Rob admitted he had two dogs on the Ellen show after R & K supposedly broke up. They were Bear and Bernie. The two dogs he and Kristen raised together. Cole was later rescued by Kristen after Camp X-ray, and there are pics of Rob and Cole walking on the beach. No matter how they try to emulate R & K’s epic story with made up instances and names comparable to those R&K created, it’s not believable because it’s an obvious lie.

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  19. The official documents/court order loon is just one example of why Rob cringes when his fan club is mentioned to him.

    Some of them are just plain nuts who must force their opinions on everyone.

    This one is not even coherent and rational enough to even know when she’s making a fool of herself.

    People accuse The Rob and Kristen fans of being delusional. At least we don’t force our views on others like the Robwards and Twigberts do.

    Everything must go their way on their terms and if what they want doesn’t happen they photo shop it into their world. Nuts.

    They’re pitiful and possibly dangerous when crossed.

    No wonder Rob stays MIA as much as possible.

    If I were in Rob’s shoes I’d also wear beards, hoodies, fake noses, and keep two or three doubles on permanent payrole to distract the idiots so I could have a normal life.

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  20. Annie….I failed to mention you, in my last comment, of your wonderful contribution(s) of video/pics to those of us who are so far away to even witness such excitement. Where, it seems, nearly every event that occurs in NYC, you and smack, are lucky havenettes. The rest of us can only lay back in a recliner, close our eyes and ……. dream….(takes in a deep breath and sighs. lol)

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  21. Great post HKN. I’m most positively sure you pissed them off to the moon and back. That newly recruited LE person sure has a lot of explaining to do with his/her followers. lmao. So sorry that miserable person had to include you, mama nails and ms bunny in his/her delusional fantasy to come out with a non-selling published book. lol You did a fantastic job in putting that person on the chopping block.

    Ms Bunny, did you change your name back to bellstar55?

    Anon, thanks for the info on UK’s policy on certificates.

    And, thank you all for being great supporters of R/K.

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Hi love it as always been ill so this is the first time I’ve checked posts this week. I’m positive there are some crazies out there. Poor Photoshopping and those bizarre posts on obtaining legal docs they cannot see just makes me more of a believer. Jean

    Liked by 2 people

  23. I loved the blog HKN and thank you for always standing by me! I actually am almost at 29 years as and Educator! This @Lmiss_scumshine is copying posts and putting on her TL. It is hard to watch a former havenette go to such links. This person is beyond reprehensible and mentally ill. I am sure this will show up on her vile TL. If she was truly a Rob fan, she would respect him more! Bashing and defaming good people is truly sick. To Tracy, I know you hate the RK side of the fan base, and we have major disagreements, but your smart and know how far to cross the line. There is a serious problem with this woman and it is very sad. Oh and NO as long as I have been on this earth, I think I have had one speeding ticket, in my twenties! Bless everyone! Deb, we are here for you girl!

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Bunny, a lot of people stand by you, we are not as talented as HKN to “stick the lies where they hurt” Crazy is as crazy does and I see the evidence every day. What is creepy,scary about these obsessed,regressed subversives is the fanatical destructive invasive drive of these nut jobs. With insects, its simply, a repellent of some sort and gone. With human insects, repellent is not enough. They are tenacious and venomous and we cannot swat them away, its illegal, ignoring does not work, cause like mosquitoes, they keep coming back.
      It is like the tone of our America lately. We have lost our basics of respecting freedom of speech. If someone differs with your beliefs, it has turned into riots, property destruction, and assault on police. What has happened to us? I am ashamed of this new breed. What I saw last night made me weep for our country. And when I see the nut jobs trying to discredit, threaten, attack, and disparage folks like you, Hkn, MNs, it is the same thing. If you believe something different, I will try to destroy you. How sick we have become. hang tight Bunny

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Bunny, In all your years as an educator, have u ever witnessed such juvenile behavior as we are seeing? This has become beyond ludicrous and is down right scary. I applaud u and HKN and the others taking the brunt of this crap and appreciate your insights and willingness to share your knowledge. With this rabid group of “so called fans”, is it any wonder that Rob and Kristen keep their family away from the hyenas!


  24. Another great and informative post HKN. Sometimes it’s scary seeing into the minds of people like that. Rob and Kristen have gone to great lengths to keep their private lives private. If that bi-hoe has any real friends or family in her life I hope they see what she has done and help her.


  25. Smack……..So much equipment and personnel.

    Fifth Avenue is not usually closed off to regular vehicular traffic for the event so it’s interesting having all traffic in the mix………..Tour buses, City buses, green and yellow taxis and cars amongst all those SUV’s with the celebrities and having to pause for the street lights.
    It’s funny having people scream move when traffic stops for the street lights. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It sounds like fun. So glad we were able to connect and do the Equals premiere and hopefully this too. Lets hope that there will be more things to follow. Really enjoyed having you along for the ride.


  26. The crazies have reached a new level of craziness! Yikes, the time she spends making up her fantasy is crazy in itself. These people have black hearts and souls. I will happily stay on the side of truth and love.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Morning.

    Lily……Those stories/arguments don’t define Kristen, they never have and they never will.
    There are people (especially women) who always want to put people in a box, label them and tell them that’s who they will always be…….As if!
    HKN……Thank you for posting the pics and videos from the prep for the MET Gala………..Should be a great evening.
    I hope to be there watching……..Will know for sure closer to Monday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annie,
      I agree. So nice of you to send some pictures. Watching them hang the draperies is no small task. I can attest to that. Lots of hard work to make something that is so spectacular. Thanks.


    2. Annie, thanks again for the great videos…. so exciting to see preproduction and all the prep that goes into creating the Met Gala! You are a pro with your video…pics.


  28. HKN – Spot on with this great post! This is a perfect example of incredibly stupid. When she got to the part where she was giving a synopsis of IT’s perfect record, I wanted to raise my hand and say, “Excuse me! What about the alleged arrest of IT for biting someone’s ear off?” She probably shouldn’t be nominating IT for sainthood quite yet. If anyone is damaging her career it is IT herself. No one said…”You must plagiarize the work of others to get ahead.” The issue of Blackmailing. Please! Everyday the trolls are posting photo shopped pictures and claiming they’re real. I’m sure IT has a stack of photo shopped pictures that she’d like to sell off for some US greenbacks until she runs up against someone who says….”Oh no you don’t!” We’ll put the breaks on you in a NYC minute. However, some people learn by repeatedly banging their heads against a brick wall because they walk a fine line between sanity and insanity. They don’t realize if they do what they’ve always done they’re going to get what they’ve always gotten. I so sorry that you, MN’s and Bunny are subjected to the inferior, degrading BS that these trolls are serving up. You don’t deserve. it. These people are motivate by fear and fear is just a dark room where negatives are developed and that’s where they are. I’m so frustrated I could write all day but I’ll post my article and depart. Robert Pattinson: MIA On His Terms
    Take care all!

    Liked by 6 people

  29. hkn right over wrong always. Rk should be proud to have such great knowledgeable supporters . Thankyou for giving the sessed the knock out blow. You have truth on your side time will tell and you will win.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. loved the post HKN. Mama Nails and Bunny I am sorry you had to be on the receiving end of this persons rants. I showed the post she sent to my next door neighbor who is a lawyer and he just laughed at me. He informed me that nothing she said she was able to do could be done unless she was the person directly involved. Not even the grandparents can go and request that information. I also love the fact that Tracey told her to know it off. Its funny how this is all this person has to do with her life. Pretty sad if you ask me

    Liked by 5 people

  31. I saw an argument between two people at Indiewire over Kristen’s so-called affair with Rupert. One of them spoke how she believed Kristen was the victim of harassment at Rupert’s hands. The other one called Kristen’s fans delusional and out of touch with reality in which they continue to make up excuse for her ‘bad’ behavior. She went on and on about how Justice for Kristen was full of lies and that Kristen had no class or intergrity and always gave the paps their money shot. She said Kristen was obsessed with Rupert and followed him around like a puppy dog. She claimed the proof of the affair was because of the LA Times, a Pultizer Prize winning newspaper with a long history of journalistic and investigative intergrity. She even said Kristen bought her way back into the filming industry due to the money she made from Twilight. It made me so angry. That’s the problem with the world today. Critical thinking is discouraged. When you attempt to do that, you’re bullied and belittled into silence. It’s not right. I wanted to jump in myself, but I deicded not to. It wouldn’t have been worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Thank you for keeping a positive spin on what is a pretty negative story. I’m not sure what scares me more – that this person thinks she was able to do these things – or that people will believe her. Its one thing to say “I know this – or I know that” – but to state with such conviction that she was able to search court records for this information? I think the really important piece of information she forgot to state is this – what records? Is she saying that she was able to search court records for every city/county/country and/or other jurisdiction? National AND international? That she has access to private financial information on these people? I was speechless last night reading this and thinking “this person probably has friends and family – do they know how off the deep end she has gone”? I have to love it that some of your staunchest objectors even have called her out for her psychotic behavior. We can have fun on here and that’s great – but to take it to the level (in her mind) that she has? It really makes you pause and wonder about the break with reality she is experiencing and it makes me sad. Very sad. It seems like the best thing to do is to ignore her – not engage her at all – and honestly, pray for her and be thankful we can share our support here without resorting to such seriously delusional behavior. She makes Hope look normal………LOL. Thanks HKN for giving us this forum.

    Liked by 3 people

  33. Love ur post l, I normally just lurk but this one has nutcase is seriously deluded. I’m a registrar in the uk. That means I register birth and marriages. There is no way she was able to do that from The states and it doesn’t matter if she is law enforcement or not! To search a birth record in the UK you need the Childs name and date or birth you cannot search by parents name at all! And as for marriage registers only the bride and groom can access there marriage certificates. All our systems can only be accessed by registrars! Lies all lies! All police can search for legal is the signature of the registrar who signed a document to check its legit. Anything else needs a court order.

    Liked by 7 people

  34. That moment when the Robssesses have read so much BS in tabloids that they start to write their own…The circle is complete!

    The idea that someone could get all the confidential information in such a short period of time just to ‘help out’ a friend is not even good fiction is insanity. Maybe the FBI should had ask them to unlock that bloody Iphone they would had done it in a snap obviously. *eyeroll*

    Great calling out the delusionals HKN!

    Liked by 3 people

  35. Looks like Lmiss_scumshine is dilligently writing for her PhD. OF PATHETIC CYBERBULLYcology paper to outshine her ‘friend’ who has a Master of Science in Criminal Justice.

    Very likely this inconsequential had been kicked to the curb way long back by the ‘friend’ who also happen to have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Psychology.

    TraceyG, the Headmistress of The House of Robsessed, with great pleasure informed Lmiss_scumshine was failed due to residual presentation.

    LOL! The irony is so ironic.

    My respects and felicitations to HKNHaven, MamaNails, TPQuill, Chiburkie, BudDaimond, Bunny, SashMarie (there are many more) for your honourable articulacy about Robert and Kristen Pattinson and their young ladies.

    Thank you for your time, patience and kindness.

    Dear Haven, I’m always so looking forward to your forthcoming blog.

    My best wishes and warmest regards, Shirley Hashim.

    Liked by 7 people

  36. Where to start, I know not everyone who follows you live in the USA, but the ones that does has the 1st amendment, on our side. I didn’t know you could get a confidential marriage license in Cali. I do know that you have to be a parent, or legal guardian to get a birth certificate, or work for CPS. You also need the name and date the child was born. I looked it up a couple of years ago, I didn’t get anywhere. I would like to know what web site she used to find out if Bunny was related to Kristen. Did she go to ancestry. com, because you would have to know certain things on there. Been there did that to find out about my fathers family. In fact I didn’t get very far, my daughter had a friend that use to work for them and help her do the search on both sides. If she’s so sure of what she has why don’t she show us the court order, according to her she has her permission.
    Boy that head line really put the sessed and Twigs lovers in a tizzy, I really like Cosmo’s little article on it, they did say that because it was put out by, InTouch, to take with a grain of salt. What I like the most was the last line, Of course they haven’t been seen in Public since Nov, of 2015. Now I say, if they were ever together and had not broke up, wouldn’t you think that Rob would appear in public with her. I mean when all the BS went down in 2012 about Rob and Kristen breaking up how many times did we see pics of them together. Look at how many headlines there was while he was in Aussy, filming the Rover, that he wouldn’t take her call’s and wouldn’t let her come visit him because, he needs time to decide what he wants. What did they do within in the first few days he was back, they went out and a fan got a pic with them. I’m just saying if in fact there was anything more than a ruse, I believe he would put a end to what the tabloids are saying. I know he don’t like them and tells everyone not to believe what that print or post, which ever way you can get it.
    HKN, Bunny, Mama, sorry that you are being attacked, by someone who has spent a lot of time to write this up, to make it look like it was someone who knew what she was talking about. Oh by the way, I do go and look at things for myself. I like HKN’s post and love to read them as well as Mama nail’s post. Bunny, I follow you and love hearing from you too. Please keep up the good work you all do.

    Liked by 5 people

  37. Scumshine needs to re-take civics classes as it is quite obvious that she or he has absolutely no idea how the legal process functions. As usual, great post. It is quite frightening to think this person is out in the general population poisoning society with this ignorant nonsense.

    Thanks for the update, HKN!

    It is hard to believe an entire year has gone by since the MET last year when T was parading around in that unbelievably ugly dress– so low class. She is hardly original– using the peace sign in the fan pics– she is copying K once again. She is a plagiarizing freakanatic.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. OMG, HKN- you outdid yourself. You go Girl. Anyone that believes this idiot could obtain a court order to obtain Rob & Kristen’s records is as big a fool as she. We know that they are married and have 2 beautiful girls. How could anyone find that repulsive? Only people who have hearts full of hate. I’m so sorry that you, MN & Bunny have to put up with this lunacy . Thank you for standing strong.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. So, funny how she keeps saying she checked the records nationally and internationally. As if there is a database of all the other countries marriage licenses and property deed owners. MAYBE a country might share information case by case, but definitely no database that US law enforcement would have access to. It doesn’t even sound plausible…

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Once again I love the post! Again I usually don’t speak out but I have to say you ladies are awesome! I read all the time and can’t see why those crazies are on your twitters if they don’t believe what we all do. Just know you ladies rock! Also thanks for allowing me to watch and believe with you! Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  41. I kept seeing the word “truth”, now where have I heard this, oh wait, hush and truth and wow. Scum you have no idea how karma will come for you, but she will. I part with this, when you point a finger at someone else there are three pointing back at you meaning your idiocy will come 3 fold. It’s up to karma, she can be vindictive little beast but she has your name, may she not have mercy on you for this vileness. You embarrassed yourself especially when Tracy calls you out and she really does not like hkn, but Tracy told you to just stop. Now that is serious karma when you get called out by your own type.
    No one has permission to repost this without my written permission which no one will ever get. Taxx

    Liked by 4 people

  42. Thank you HKN,Mama,Bunny,RK’s Street Team and all you wonderful people for keeping it real and the Truth out there.What is wrong with that special group,and why oh why can’t they accept who their idol is with ,I feel so bad for Rob/Kristen,Thank God they have the friends and family that they do to keep them safe.

    Liked by 1 person

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