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A Ping Pong Table, A High Chair and Rob’s Laugh


A ping pong table, A high chair, and Rob’s laugh. It was quite a week and the dipshidiots were frantic with fear.



Yep THE ping pong table. The one Rob and Kristen took to THEIR house three years ago…



 The dipshidiots still trying to claim it’s Riley Keough…


NO it was not Riley. That was debunked long long ago. Give it up.


There’s something else in this pic that drove the dipshidiots crazy. Guess what it is…

A Baby’s high chair.


Yep that’ll cause a few meltdowns!

Next up Rob’s laugh…

Rob’s Unmistakable Laugh

Yes dipshidiots it’s Rob. No denying it.


 This sent the dipshidiots into a photo shop frenzy.


 Supposedly from the evening of April 16th. Keep that date and the evening part in mind. We’ll get back to that in a moment.

First things first. This girl looks familiar. No?




Once more since the dipshidiots can’t comprehend…



And as for Rob…IMG_20160417_073649


Yep he suddenly has tumors and all kinds of growths.


This girl also photo shopped herself with IT…


What the hell did she do to IT’s face?



Oh but wait it’s about to get even more hilarious…

1 (6)

Remember I told you to remember the date and evening of the other pic? Here’s why. Previous pic was supposedly from April 16th evening. This pic is supposedly from April 17th afternoon…IMG_20160418_130633

Rob has the magical powers to grow a beard in less than 24 hrs. That’s some trick!


Maybes he’s Santa Clause!


Oh it’s so much fun when Phyllis/Hopeless steps in it!


No a BEARD does NOT grow that much in less than 24 hrs! Yes it’s a beard.


A dipshidiot appropriately named once again showed us how easily the photo shop is accomplished. Thanks for your help Donkeyass!


Oh and supposedly Rob is holding a dog  leash in his hand. The poor dog isn’t just missing it’s head this time it’s totally invisible!

Hey maybe he can start a new trend!





This idiot thinks she’s fooling someone.





Yep smart lurker calling them out on their fuckery!


I think they need to realize they are fooling no one with their multiple accounts and fake sightings.


Maybe they need to take a few of these and calm down.

 IT had a new interview in Allure magazine. No mention of Rob by IT and plenty of ass kissing by the so called journalist. Fortunately we were spared the earth mother comparisons this time around.


On the Kristen side of things we had a big nail polish controversy.



Uhm there is no proof whose hand this is. Keep that in mind while the dipshidiots shit their pants over female friends goofing around at a sex toy store. This means they are lovers in the dipshidiots demented world.



Watch as Phyllis/Hopeless steps in it a second time.


Poor Phyllis/Hopeless doesn’t know her left from her right. They can’t be exactly in the same place when they are different hands.


When she couldn’t convince anyone with this stupidity she tried a different picture….

This one isn’t flying either. My favorite part? Kristen’s favorite finger her middle one is definitely not a match lol!


And then there’s Coachella…


Pay no attention to Kristen’s missing arm. Why do the photo shop idiots keep dismembering Rob and Kristen in their photo shop efforts? Do they actually think we wouldn’t notice?




Phyllis/Hopeless stepping in it a third time. Keep digging that hole.


She just can’t help herself. She loves wallowing in it. NO elbow in sight. Confused her left and right again maybe?


Ninja Rob is that you?


Okay I have my doubts about this one but it’s fun watching the dipshidiots squirm over it.


I dare you not to laugh at toilet paper guy.



According to the dipshidiots an inqusitive  party goer overheard has suddenly turned into Kristen making an actual statement. In their dreams.


Yep another reputable journalist from the trustworthy and honest Pop Sugar.


Kristen had a new interview come out also…


Robert and I. Three words that sent the dipshidiots into a tirade. You would think with her recent personality transplant and giving the paps everything they could dream of she would be talking up a storm about her new love Soko. Nope. Not a mention. Not a word. Just Rob and I.


” Because everything I do I do for movies. It’s all that matters, write that down because I will never say anything truer than that”

Pay attention to those words people. Try and comprehend what she is saying. It says it all so clearly.



Mama Nails telling it like it is…


With PQuill putting the finishing touches on handing them their heads.

Bravo ladies!!!! Well done!!!!!

giphy (2)



New Equals Trailer!!!

Annie and Smack were able to attend the Equals screening at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. They have graciously shared some of their pictures with us…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amazing how clear the pictures are. Must be a miracle!


Looks like you ladies had a good time!

And to close this out. The dipshidiots have been having a crap fit over the fact that we are giving to a different charity other than GO. Sorry I prefer to give where I know that  most of the  funds are going to where they are needed and not somebody’s pockets. And secondly which way do the dipshidiots want it? They told us they didn’t want us anywhere near their donated to charity. Can’t have it both ways hypocrites.






144 thoughts on “A Ping Pong Table, A High Chair and Rob’s Laugh

    1. Glinda – its almost scary the level of obvious hatred and delusion. We are all on here having fun – she has taken her level of attacks to a level that borders on being threatening. When did all of this interest we have for celebrities spill into personal lives and to a personal witch hunt into the identities of people like HKN who has the BALLS to put herself out there and run this for like-minded fans? I have never understood the mindset of these people who attack her and other posters like Bunny, MN, etc. solely because they believe something different. I will never understand why those people keep coming here – if they don’t like the message – its easy – stop coming to the source. Its the same reason why I don’t go to the couple sites that promote RT. I don’t believe it – why would i be interested? Unless you want to see “photos” because it turns out they only show up there…………now THAT’s interesting LOL!!! Done with rant.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of Kristen in Marie Claire’s France magazine on MN’s. I couldn’t help noticing Kristen is wearing her 2 favorite necklaces. Rob must be so proud of her.

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  2. Seriously? That Bi-Hoe person (lovely name BTW) has some serious issues. I hope she gets help. So much of what she wrote is lies and I’m quite sure delusional. She talked about her obsession with Rob to her supervisor? That is just sick. And I will guarantee that she was not able to obtain a court order to view these records “on the grounds that she wanted to discredit an internet blog”. Because really – that is what this is about. Very sad – very sad.

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    1. I agree she is a total whack job. Her “superior” must be Barney Fife because she has absolutely no leg to stand on in obtaining something from a judge to invade the very private and personal lives of RK. She is beyond delusional. And I’m pretty sure if she did get a judge to listen to her insanity he would have laughed her and her “superior” right out of his chambers not to mention he would most likely question their continued positions with law enforcement. I’m thinking her user name stands for bipolar and she is just not taking her meds properly.


  3. I do hope Kristen attends Met Gala. I love seeing her all dressed up looking flawless. No one can pose as good as Kristen when she is on the red carpet.


    1. On Mama Nails, Kristen is scheduled to speak at Jodie Foster Walk of a Fame event on May 4th, LA.
      I agree, Kristen is Queen on the red carpet! She can be at both event….


  4. The MET Gala’s theme this year is Fashion in an Age of Technology.
    Longing to see how that will be interpreted by the attendees…….Should be interesting.

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  5. I have one thing to say . I hope bunny and some of her friends on twitter that are threatened with legal action sue the pants off the nut case. An account with old info and started in 2016. Someone is trying to start new shit with old stuff. Haters must be getting desperate. I’m not looking for rt or k to show up at the met gala. Why would r show his face when he has been so good at hiding it. T would not even garner interest unless she showed up naked. Uck.


  6. Morning.
    I would be very cautious in saying who is going to show up at the MET Gala and with whom they show up.
    That’s all.


  7. This is my opinion, my niece says there is a list out showing who is invited to the met gala. Rob and Kris is invited. But also is twigs plus 1. I’m quite sure twigs will attend. So if this is true you know the papz will make sure that Rob and twigs take a picture together. Rob probably have to be there for Dior. I don’t think Rob will be around her but she will definitely be around him.


  8. Met Gala is Monday, there are pics coming of the setup that is going on now. There is much ado of attendees and we know who some expect will be going to the Met. I hope they have tissues ready because they will need them for their pity party. I dare say, I don’t believe Rob will be there yet if he is he will not be with she who I don’t even need to mention. So there is my little prediction. Just for my favorite idiots, no one has permission to repost this without my written permission from this blog. Taxx.

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  9. Some tabloids are holding on to the RT story for dear life, otherwise they have nothing to report about Rob.

    The news about Good Times was kept so quiet That the film was already finished and some were still wondering when it would start.

    I see this as a pattern for all Rob’s future projects. I think the tabs are catching on to this too. I mean look how long it has been since we saw a pic of Rob that was not in contention as a fuzzy photo shopped mess.

    I think that’s why so many are holding on so hard to the Rob and Twigs thing. Because if Rob doesn’t have a girl friend for the Tabloids to write about There literally is no news about Robert Pattinson.

    He’s refusing to let any news out, not attending some of his movie promos and almost never in fan photos.
    He’s all but shouting I refuse to be fodder for Tabloid mills.

    People are now wondering when High Life will start.
    They could already be in pre-production. The movie could be done before news leaks out.

    I think production companies and Rob himself knows with the tabloid hate aimed at him these days, the best way to handle his movies is to keep it all under wraps until finished. This way everyone wins except the tabs.

    That’s my opinion on the Rob silence. And I think it’s a great way to go. Lately rob has been called the tabloid king. This new way of doing things from the Rob camp should put a screeching halt to that crap talk. Way to go Rob!

    Ladies, I hope you all have a nice evening.

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    1. Agreed. My two cents to add — I was having some fun on the internet today and if you search for Rob – the ONLY pictures that come up of him and T are from last year’s Met Gala or the GO Campaign. There are no links to the photos that ONLY show up on Robjectify and a couple other random RT blogs. It shows that the tabloids truly put no validity into those pictures – or else they would use them. Second thought – I don’t hit up Instagram or Twitter but out of curiosity was looking at Soko’s Instagram. Very interesting. She’s actually pretty funny and random but the interesting part was that she posted tons of pictures with her GF – I mean lots and if you search on the two of them, there are lots of pictures on the internet of them openly kissing, making out, holding each other’s breasts – obvious affection. For someone who is so open, isn’t it interesting that there is not even one single photo of K on her IG? Not one. Oh there are cryptic comments that people jump on and assume are about K – but Soko never says they are. If you look for the pda pictures of them…………so tame – “hand holding” – a picture angled with might be one peck of a kiss. But nothing more. Anyways – as MN says, sometimes you just have to sit back and watch the show unfold. That is what I’m doing. I’m making no guesses about Met next week as there are at least eight scenarios jumping around in my head – will be interesting to see which one is true.

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      1. That’s very true. Even the tabs don’t dare to buy the latest BS. Most of them are telling Rob called off the wedding and left Twigs or is about to leave her. And they paint her very negatively. It’s astonishing to see Gossip Cop that keeps kissing T’s ass. I don’t get why when It’s pretty obvious that even Rob doesn’t want to be associated with her anymore. As for Kristen, it looks like Soko is activating the break-up story. While people accused her of being a Twigs 2.0, she never does anything to embarass Kristen. She did what she was asked to do. And as you perfectly noticed, Soko mentions everybody she cares about but Kristen on her SM accounts. So 1: there are not as intimate are we’re supposed to believe. 2: Soko is not disrespectful of Kristen.


  10. My heart is so filled with love for Ms Bunny, HKN, Mama Nails, RKCherie, Remee Cullen, Incassablee, ciera, London calling, musetcb, chiso, tax and all others who are our voices, debunkers, csi’ers (if that’s even a dang word) and strongest supporters of RK not only on their blogs but on twitter as well. I admire all of you. Thank you.

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  11. Really do hope Chris makes another Huntsman with Kristen and are allowed to use their ideas and script. We are having rain, wind, sleet and rotations here in Oklahoma, with a few tornadoes thrown in for fun. We are all staying up here to watch for them. Living in Tornado Alley keeps you jumping.

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  12. I just realized that Amy Jo Johnson was in a similar situation like Rob is dealing with during her stint as Kimberly Hart in Power Rangers. This was before the internet became what it is today. She had fanboys drooling over her gorgeous looks constantly. They were likely sending her letters about their fantasies of being with her sexually. She was embarrassed by them to the point that she left during season three of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and returned to reprise her role one last time in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. For years, she distanced herself from Power Rangers by focusing on her acting and singing careers. In recent years, she has come to appreciate her role as Kimberly on Power Rangers and shows great appreciation toward her fans for being so loyal to the series. She even approved of a fan’s revision of her character. Her humbleness is so much like Kristen’s. It’s another reason I love her so much.


  13. I love what Forbes magazine had to say about The Huntsman. They also called the film a Fractured Fairy
    Tale, defanged and boring with no good reason to exist.

    They also made a point of saying if they were looking for a franchise then they should have carried on with the next story featuring Snow White and explored where the story took them from the original.

    Box office receipts are so far not even half of 2012’s take.

    It’s been four years since the first film In that time Kristen won the Cesar of France and a lot of critical acclaim. So I’m wondering how the money men are justifying their miss step.

    Oh well it’s their loss…not that all that sorry about it.

    I’ll talk to you ladies later.

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  14. Hello this early morning.

    I’ve just been thinking about how many have remarked on how similar the public moves of Rob and Kristen have been during their supposed new relationships.

    Dare I say the moves often seem to mirror each other a bit too much?

    It sort of brings back the words said of Rob and Kristen
    “Perfect Symetry” I think they called their appearance and matching body language.

    Which brings me to another observation, How is it that two people with such obvious similarities end up choosing their polar opposites as significant others to spend time with in public?

    I could buy this just a teensy bit if just Rob or just Kristen had done this. But both of them? I’m not buying

    I swear it’s as if they’re trying to outdo each other in the my girl’s uglier than you girl contest even down to covering the same ground that the other covered weeks ago in these so public ways.

    It’s almost as if Rob decided, “You guys want me to have a new girl friend, someone you consider more worthy of me, OK I choose a BDSM professional. How do like that? Turns out they liked it fine. Now he’s MIA and the girl could careless.

    Kristen moved on to but not to one of the many beautiful
    women the Krisbians would adore seeing her with, Nope it’s a girl they now call Soko the clown.

    Personally I think Rob are doing what they want and having the whole fan club on at the same time. All the while saying, “Here is my public life for show. But my private life__ no, no, no. You aren’t ever coming near that.”

    That what I see and yeah I’m still looking. I’m just not believing it is all.

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    1. You make some good points. I’ve always been interested in how when there are pictures of one – the other is MIA. Like right now – we have not seen Kristen in quite some time so boom – some “pictures” of Rob pop up placing him…….(not sure where this time). Then we will see probably a flurry of pictures of Kristen near Cannes. And Rob – have we validly seen him in public lately? As someone else pointed out, its probably been at least 3-5 months. At least the Robert Patterson sightings have stopped. That was so obvious – LOL. I hope this subterfuge is getting them what they need – true privacy.

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      1. CJ’s instagram has a pic of Susie (sp?) at Coachella and Rob is in the background standing under a yellow umbrella. Very clear pic of rob! Yeah!

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  15. I’ve noticed on Rob’s Google page that all the tabloids except GC have stopped waving the Rob and Twigs banner.

    I also noticed that around the time this started happening Rob’s Google Page suddenly lost three hundred thousand fans. Twigberts I suppose.

    We don’t need photos, but it seems Twigberts do.
    That’s why all the fuzzy photo shopped pix that tabs won’t touch.

    Truthfully, they (Twigberts) should have got a clue when Robert Pattinson Life closed after the fake birthday event photo shop pic with Rob in shirt sleeves from his ice bucket challenge and everyone else in winter coats.

    Also Rob has been MIA almost ever since then (December 2015) Big clue number two for them.

    Peace everybody.

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  16. Members of the Jehovah Witness stated tonight they are not against surgery in any way, in fact they look for the best surgeons at Loma Linda in California. Prince might of been fighting surgery the same way I do, I really do not want something metal in my body. Almost all manmade knees, hips, etc., have to be replaced after a few years. I keep hoping medicine will create new parts for me, because I am diabetic and have RA with complications with Lupus, creating respiratory and cardiac problems. Lots of people have problems facing having their bones replaced by metal parts–and then there is always massive staph infections, etc. I would rather hurt and use canes than lose a leg from an infection resulting from surgery. Diabetics have more problems, and lupus creates a failure of the body’s resistance to antibiotics. Prince was a serious Jehovah’s Witness and they believe in returning after death just as Jesus was given new life from God. He had a prayer chapel in his home. So many of his fans are just now discovering how very nice he was, and about his happiness in helping others. I am glad he was able to do so much in music. He had a painful hip and still was braving the pain to perform.


      1. I think we are done bfishy, I am pretty sure many grieve in their own way.
        We do see some interesting pics on Twitter. Thanks Smack for the catch up, thank you and anyone else who helped catch me up on the goodies.


    1. Taxx it was all just fake and photoshopped from the idiot trolls obsessed with a fantasy that they just can’t seem to make happen no matter how hard they try. Bless their lil hearts.

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    2. 3 pics taxx. First one Rob and pic is clear. Second pic no face on supposed Rob. Third pic, Rob has stubby blurry fingers and left hand. Also in first two pics luggage isnt the same so its anyones guess what they are trying to prove. Then we have from Saturday the play pic that took almost a day to post because she had to clean up the pic. If thats cleaned up the girl needs to go back to school to learn how to do it. Also, make sure your hair looks the same in both pics so you would think they were taken at about the same time. I dont know what kind of camera phone she used but Annie and I took our pics from tribeca in a dark theater and didnt have the issues they seemed to have.

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      1. Also Smack I enlarged his blurry hand and not only does he have tiny little fingers but you can see pink nail polish on the nails. So it was all a total fail on their part as usual.

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      2. Oh I didnt notice that. They are getting very sloppy. I think all the breakup talk going around must be making them crazy and they are trying and failing to change everyones mind on the subject.

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    3. Taxx – Same trite old PS’d pics. Rob has short stubby fingers. which we know he doesn’t have, & a purse on top of a suitcase. I always leave my purse unattended at the airport. They’re throw stuff out like they’re cleaning house. Wish that were true. Fake Airport pics have him flying to China? Then they think he flew to NY. Putting them in a picture together and dating it will be interesting. Haven’t missed anything.


  17. I appreciate the last posting of Rae and Hannah. Both are positive and related to Rob and Kristen. I believe most tabs are designed just to make money, and as Kristen says should be taken with a boulder of salt. Rob said years ago now, it makes us stupid to read the tabs. I think that we should all perhaps just love and or appreciate Prince’s music, mainly because he said he wanted us to just enjoy his music. It is really not how but that he is gone now. We cannot talk or see him alive. So many great singers have been lost recently. I think remembering his love of music and sense of humor is what Prince might want us to do. That’s what I will remember. I think we should also remember that Rob and Kristen love music and have great senses of humor also, and music is very important to us . Hoping that everyone has a great week, I am running late for church,


  18. Hello ladies, I was looking at all the pro Rob and Kristen sites’ and I want to say I have enjoyed everyone’s input, (for the most part).

    But most of all I want to say now very much I loved all the Paul Newman photos on Mama Nails site and Chiburkie’s summation of the life of the late music legend Prince, ending with the statement: “He never copied anyone else’s work.”

    How rare that is in this day and age.

    Prince had style and he had talent and a vast and adoring fan base.

    Rest In Peace, Prince where legends don’t die, nor ever fade away.

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  19. I think that it’s nice that the more respectable magazines, like Vanity Fair and Variety, refer to Soko as Kristen’s ‘ supposed ‘ gf; sa they should when mentioning her at all.

    I still think Rob and Kristen are together and doing just fine. No crap tabloid will ever convince me differently.
    Not until Rob and Kristen both say, We’re over. We’re so done will I think differently.

    Rob and Kristen both know a great many of their fans feel this way about them. They could settle so much of the gossip this way but they don’t; not because they are catering to the fan bases but because they are using the tabloids to confuse and fool many.

    Everything printed in the tabs since May of 2013 has been a well orchestrated false trail of what many ASSUME to be their real life.

    I don’t know what’s going on in Rob and Kristen’s real life, but I am sure that it’s not what the tabloids print and some fans quarrel about every day.

    In my opinion that’s all flim-flam stories fed to them by Nick and Ruth created with help from close friends, and/or well paid business associates.

    Only the Robwards and the Nonstens and Twigberts are buying it these days…and a few obsessive compulsive nuts on tabloid sites. IMHO.

    Tomorrow is another Monday. Everybody have a good one…Rae.

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  20. When anyone is given advice, it is generally not an order. I still believe any criticism is basically an advice from HKN not just a critic of anyone posting. I read what was said to others this past week BFISHY, and you are not really the judge, and you take yourself way too seriously. I am not angry at anyone, just sad about a very sensitive, very kind man named Prince, who loved people of all colors, and wanted to see change in the system that is unequal to all of us. He will be missed here on earth.


    1. SueMorrison I understand how you feel about Prince. I do share that pain. Please understand they do know the cause of death since it was already let out of the bag. He did not have surgery for his hip issues based on religious beliefs yet he did take pain medication. They have interviewed those on the plain when they made an emergency stop because they feared for his life. What was said and what happened are 2 different things and it was to protect Prince’so reputation. He lived in severe pain and when the toxicology comes back, we will know for sure it was likely an accidental medication issue. I can tell you now, I am required by my pain Dr to have narc ain’t on hand because it is so easy to forget what you have taken if you have not devised a system of checks and balances. This is what I do before anyone loses it, this is not mention to disparage Prince in any way or fashion. Accidents happen and this will be completely known in a few weeks. Shetland English let enough out in an interview that confirms what I likely suspect has happened and it will be as it will be no matter what anyone thinks. I am getting used to a new cell so bare with me as I get used to this thing.

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      1. Taxx…..I couldn’t reply below. My comment was not to you – no worries. And I mean no ill will to Sue. I was just making a correction on a fact she stated but I’m not going to do that again. I didn’t mean to upset her – I’m just a huge Princs fan and wanted to make sure there were no misconceptions – that’s all.


    2. I don’t really understand your point but I definitely do not take myself seriously lol. I was just pointing out a discrepancy in your post about Princd having hip replacement – which is axiom in misunderstanding. I didn’t realize you would react this way – I’ll refrain in the future.


      1. Bfishy who are you referring to? It would be nice to know if you are talking to me or SueMorris. OK, any pointers on a Samsung Galaxy 6 anyone? This little beast is getting on my last nerve.


      2. Bfishy-

        I couldn’t help but notice you mentioning living in the same city/area as Prince. We are practically neighbors! I live in southeastern North Dakota and have made many trips to the twin cities. Back before Prince built his Paisley Palace (way back!) he had a very lovely place on Lake Minnetonka which is an exclusive place to live anyway. Some friends of mine took me on a backroads tour of the lake and showed me where he lived. There was a very high security gate in place. Until all this media attention, I still thought he lived there.

        Although I have never been a Prince fan, per se, I couldn’t help but feel sad to see he died at the age of 57. I knew of his music and some of his songs. With all the attention on him now, I am thinking I missed out on something by not paying much more attention to him. Obviously, he is a legend and will not soon be forgotten, if ever. He was also a very private person. Interesting, how all these people who had contact with him through the years are coming out for their five minutes of fame and spilling his secrets.


    3. SueMorris, I lost a dear friend just barely a week ago. I suspect she is jamming to Prince since she was a fan too. So I like to think those who went before us, they are jamming out now and that helps with all of this loss.


  21. Stargazer, you are right, it is really sweet to see highchairs and puppies and hear Rob’s laughter. It makes all the nonsense the tabs write absolutely disappear to be ignored. Reality bites.

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  22. One of the reasons many are not posting is constant corrections from some who constantly correct others comments. Sometimes it is better to just not say anything. We all have a right to say what we feel. And we are feeling very sad about the loss of Prince, taken from the world so suddenly. Right or wrong about details, everyone knows Prince would not want his personal life exploited by the press. I feel his death was accidental and very sad because he was alone. I wish that he had allowed someone to be with him that night. It’s just very sad that he was not able to be helped when he needed immediate care. We obviously do not know what happened, he was a very private person and it really is not any of our business about the precise details, we may never know that, nor is it our need to. We can only love him and his music. I am reasonably sure RK cared about Prince and we all send him loving prayers this day. Susie

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    1. Calm down Sue. You had some details wrong and I just wanted to clarify. I doubt that is causing issues with everyone posting. When people correct my posts I just thank them because I get things wrong too. If you are overly sensitive about people politely making corrections, you do have options.


  23. Well, well. It’s starting to circulate around the net that R/T have called off their engagement. Kind of hard to do when they were never engaged in the first place, not to mention Rob’s already married to Kristen and they have two children. Of course good ‘ol GC was there to the rescue to debunk a story In Touch Weekly is currently running about their “split”, but it’s starting to filter out online. I wondered how long it would take to start spinning R/T breakup stories and we know the ‘sessed are going to snarling louder than ever. I really feel sad for them….NOT! LOL!

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  24. Have been watching CNN on Prince’s sudden death, I think he died from lung complications following the flu because he really didn’t slow down at all, he kept on pushing himself because he was very considerate of his fans and did not want to skip shows. According to Gordy he never used his elevator, which may tell us of weakness. He had a hip replacement and was always in pain with his ankles and hips. I will miss his music, but most of all I will miss his winks and grins. Kristen and Rob attended one of those small special invitation evening parties where he sang for hours. I remember seeing pictures of them together with Kristen standing on chairs to see him from the back row. I am sure he is with his angels, he lost two children sadly when married. We will all know in a few weeks for sure, but he looked weak in his last pictures. By the way, he did not allow smart phones or cameras around him, so how did they make pictures in London of him and the vamp who cannot sing well? Just curious. Rain stopped for 3 days. to have 80 degree days now. My yard is under water and looks like African or South American jungles! Those spots of clover are almost half a foot tall. KISS and LITTLE RED CORVETTE remind me of being young and dumb, I really loved dancing to PRINCE. He loved his music.

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    1. Please be careful about saying how he died – the coroner’s report has not been released and we don’t want to speculate. Also – he did not have hip replacement because of his religious beliefs – he’s a Jehovahs Witness. Like everyone, we are all in mourning – and especially here in his hometown of Minneapolis.


      1. I don’t think Jehovah’s Witnesses are not against surgery and doctors. That is Seventh Day Adventists. Two different things entirely.


      2. The issue is with blood transfusions – Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in them. I am not familiar with the beliefs of Seven Day Adventists but I’m 100% certain on the surgery issue as stated (I even double checked in Google….just to make sure lol).


      3. Actually, Seventh Day Adventists have no problem with medicine. We have many around here– doctors and dentists who get their education in Loma Linda California at a Seventh Day Adventist college. Jehovah Witnesses on the other hand are not Christians by definition and don’t celebrate birthdays and ban certain types of medical treatment.


      1. This is a shock and sad! I was riding my bike for 3hrs I did my 4miles! Now this! I need to go back out to ride again!


  25. The reason why the crazy sessed are throwing temper tantrums over people giving to a different charity in Rob’s name is because they aren’t in control. They want control over everything, including which charity fans donate to in his name. When they don’t have that, they throw fits like two-year-olds who were denied candy. Of course, they deny it like they do when people show proof of Twigs’s wrongdoings or a charity spending funds in the wrong palces. They are a sad bunch who will throw each other to the wolves to come out on top. That’s the way of narcissists.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rob supports several charities. I think he’d be pleased that fans are supporting them whichever charities they are. The LA Children’s Hospital that assists in helping children and therapy dogs is a perfect birthday gift for Rob. It doesn’t have to be the same charity every year. If fact….it may be a good idea to pick a different one that Rob supports every year.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lily, I never paid attention to it Google or Wikipedia. Novel idea, but maybe Rob changed it, or he told some of his people to change it. If the sessed have tampered with it in the past themselves I guess that’s why they would think to accuse anyone.


  26. Great post as always!Smack and Annie,thank you for sharing your pictures!Reality is very clear :we have almost a family photo!Like it was some years ago:almost a kiss!


    1. No not my pics folks, I just transferred them, Smack and Annie are the pic takers, I just helped get them delivered in one batch. I can’t take any credit at all.


      1. Hey Taxx, where are those pictures posted? I missed seeing them and would really like to if you could direct me to them.


  27. Really loved this post HKN ! Have been sick with allergies and sinus infection, the rains are still making our area flood. Texas , Houston in particular is having a rough time. We used to call it the MONSOONS when my kids were small. New Orleans, near A park and zoo, off Charleston, floods every year. I have to just giggle about the red Chevy truck of Rob’s, his wife Kristen, and the ping-pong table. I love the high chair, the fur babies, and the giggle of Rob’s. There is nothing like reality! Thank you RK, we really love reality! I have to think that really does look like bearded Rob at that California concert, along with Kristen, etc. What a surprise! Have a good week ladies.


    1. Suemorris please send us your rain on to east coast as we are in drought of 4″below and I may not get a garden because of this lack of rain. Sending prayers your way and hope you get better soon. The pollen here is awful.


      1. Taxx I will gladly send this rain your way. I live near Houston and the floods were horrible. People drowned in the quick flash flooding and it was horrible to see. We were stuck indoors as the water on part of our road was up to the mailboxes but thankfully it moved thru quickly. And it broke my heart to watch in Houston a horse stable with 22 horses trying to swim to higher ground. Only 12 made it thanks to people helping out. And then this morning we get hit again. And ridiculously enough some peoples bosses threatened to fire them if they didn’t show up for work. It was terrible. I just hope today is the last of rain for a while otherwise I may have to start building a boat. Lol


    2. Suemorris we got some of your rain. Thanks for sharing, my garden might survive.

      RIP Prince, Doves cried, the world remembers you, there will never be another such as you. All musicians, except maybe one youngster who shall not be named since he showed his ignorance, around the world are grieving and many fans who grew up listening to Prince who was a devout religious man, a vegan meaning nothing from an animal, who loved music and people, who did it his way and it is said the music stored in his place will continue on for generations. I had no idea how many musicians that he wrote songs for and kept it quiet so who knows how big his catalog really is and just maybe his place becomes a museum for all to see, but its to early for much of this except to say Prince gave it all and did it his way, RIP Prince. The world cried yesterday and continues in the days to come.


  28. Thanks HKN for another great post.

    I just wanted to say I love the way they are calling
    The Huntsman a “Fractured Fairy Tale,”

    It is that for sure, Because if ever there was a redundant, needless, dare I even say ‘pointless’ piece of film it is this one.

    What were they thinking?

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Another brilliant post! Annie and Smack, Thank you for the clear pics from the Tribeca Film Festival… and feedback…Going to one of RK FF is being added to my “Bucket List”


  30. Love the post. So many goodies this week, my goodness! The highchair brought me to happy tears and so did “Robert and I.” Thrilled to have seen the Sessed lose their utter shit over that. 😉 It’s the little things, folks. They’re so terribly fragile, it’s pathetic.
    Hoping dear Sweetpea has a wonderful birthday this week, that child deserves nothing but the best. I’ll be thinking of her! Happy for those who got to see Equals, can’t wait to see it myself this July! Squee!


  31. Great Post!!! Wondered what you all were talking about the other day, on twitter. I didn’t ask because I got busy and didn’t get back on to early enough. Like Kristen would answer personal questions to a stranger, in public where anyone could be listening in on the conversation. I mean she has slipped a couple of times before, like when she said her bf was English. Or when she said that the French were pissed because her bf just starred in the movie ( Bel Ami).
    As for the article I said it to someone on twitter, I think that she never actually gave that interview, at least now recently. I know she talked about her and Rob, in 2014, which means to me they didn’t break up in 2013. Which goes to what I’ve always said they have never broken up not in 2012, or 13, or any other time they have said they did.
    I just watched a snap chat of Soko’s and I don’t think she was at Kristen’s, some of you know what her house looks like better than me, but there was 2 girls that was about 12, 13, there plus some dogs that wasn’t Rob and Kristen’s. Oh it was from last night, and a cat, I know K used to have one but does she still?
    Well good night all, have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I forgot to say thank you to Smack and Annie, for the nice clear pics. I’m one of those who has a hard time taking good pics with my phone, but I’m learning. I can honestly say thou mine are a little blurry, but they aren’t missing limbs, and don’t make them look like they are growing a something on their necks. I have do better with video’s why I don’t know.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Christine Bailey, Kristen gave her Dad her cat a few years ago when her Dad was sick. He and the cat bonded and she couldn’t take “Max”, I could be wrong on the cats name, away from her Dad since they had bonded to each other so her cat now resides in NY with Papastew. I suspect Kristen visits her Pop and putty cat often since she does go to NY frequently. For those who may not realize but John Stewart works or did work on The Fallen show, the only late night that Kristen Stewart appears on from time to time. I am sure if this is not current information, someone will correct me. No one has permission to repost this without my permission. Taxx.


      1. I honestly don’t know where the info is coming from that PapaStew lives in NY….He’s always lived in LA and since he works mostly in LA, I’m pretty sure he still lives in LA. Last I had heard he was living in Studio City, which for those that don’t know is in the greater LA Area. If someone can show me where this info is coming from I’ll be happy to change my stance.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. MN’s – The rumor that Papa Stew lives in New York is, as always, a convenience tool for the Rabid’s gossip mill to specifically place people where they want them to be so they fit into any diversionary story. Just more trite and redundant gossip to dilute the truth.


  32. Great job, HKN. What a time we’ve had this week. RK have given us so much. They have shared with us in their own way. We got all 3 pups, Rob’s laugh, ninja Rob at Coachella, Kris being stealthy, and Equals trailer. It looks like it is going to be a great movie. I can’t wait to see it. And now some little Princess is about to turn 2 very soon. I’m ready for some birthday cupcakes🎂🎉🎈

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Fantabulous as usual HKN! I actually laughed out loud! Thank you ladies for going to the festival. It’s amazing how desperation makes you get sloppy, aka PS! I didn’t think Twigs face could get any worse, and it was done by the Twigsessed, Oh Lordy! Destruction and Desperation! Again, Bravo HKN!

    Liked by 3 people

  34. Excellent post and I know their PS skills are very lacking. They are never ever right about anything so you’d think after always being wrong and failures they’d eventually give up. And thanks Smack and Annie for the pictures. Giggled when I saw how clear and perfect y’alls pics were. Glad you have a smarter phone than the sessed and their cohorts. Sucks to be them.


  35. This is the biggest in your face to the asses out there that try to tell us what to believe. I am with you all the way!!! After your last blog a hater attacked me about following you and all the other shippers…I told her to go away and I was an educated women that can believe whom ever I want. Why do they have to come on and attack….I don’t go to there sights and then Phyliss got involved and I just quit replying which I intend to do from now on….thanks for all you do this one again was Brilliant!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  36. HKN and all…….Glad you like the pictures.
    As an FYI, the pic of Chloe Grace Moretz was taken on the opening night of TriBeCa (April 13th) for the premiere of The First Monday in May……. NOT at the Equals premiere last night.
    Just wanted to make that clear.


  37. Annie and Smack! Congrats on seeing Equals- it really looks like a movie I would love! And HKN is right about your pictures– really nice and clear. I guess it is those morons “across the aisle” who have permanent phone camera problems! HKN– as usual, excellent post. That high chair and pool table are epic!!


      1. I really enjoy science fiction type movies and the preview that just came out really looks good. Glad to hear you will enjoy it. I can’t wait– will probably end up getting off Direct TV ppv.


      2. Oh good grief! I am sleep-deprived and can’t write! I am glad you enjoyed it. I have found that usually the opinions on here hold true for me as well.


      3. Now I KNOW I will be hitting Direct TV ppv as soon as it offers the movie! The previews show that it has the potential for being a real heartbreaker with Kristin getting caught and all. It is just too bad I won’t be able to see it on the big screen– well no bigger than my flat screen anyway. I live in Timbuktu and none of the limited releases ever show here. (Sad Face)


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