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Pillow Talk


This post is brought to you by Pillows. Specifically the kind that Amazon sells for kids.


Tizzy the Turd has a little trouble grasping this…


Let’s try this one more time. It’s always fun to watch Tizzy the Turd make a fool of herself.Yes Amazon sells it as a pillow. It’s also a kids toy.


Why are the dipshidiots so concerned about whether this is sold as a kids pillow/toy?


This is why. It sent them into a panic of epic proportions. They were desperate for any kind of excuse.


And they found one. Doesn’t matter. Many a time in a house with kids and dogs a pillow/toy that originally  was bought for a child ends up going to the dogs.


No matter how many doggy pillow/ toy pictures the dipshidiots find to post it will not change the FACT that the kids pillow/toy on Amazon is an exact match for the pillow/toy in the picture.


The pillow/toy was originally bought for the kids.



The dipshidiots put all their hopes on a new Soko interview.


The dipshidiots made the assumption of course that she is talking about Kristen. Funny tho how she never mentions Kristen’s name. And the so called journalist added Kristen’s name to her question after the fact. Funny how that works isn’t it.

But wait it gets better…


What’s wrong with this picture? The dipshidiots are more than a little blind so they missed this.


Hand in between them so NO they are not kissing. Don’t worry dipshidiots your Soko dreams are going to get crushed even more.



Kristen and Katy Perry hanging out together. Yes dipshidiots it is Katy. The dipshidiots excuse for this not being Katy? Her boobs aren’t big enough and she’s too short. I kid you not.


And then we got this…



Can’t wait to hear the excuses for this. Going to be a real hoot! Guess this means Katy and Soko are lesbian lovers too right dipshidiots? The blond in this pic looks familiar. Soko’s supposed ex ?


A few more things about Soko to close this portion of pillow talk out…


NO Soko is not living with or staying with Kristen. Yes that is a folding bed in this pic. Soko is staying with friends. Try another one dipshidiots



The dipshidiots think this is Kristen in this pic with Soko. Uhm NO.


And now that we’ve covered that side of things lets gather up some comfy pillows and talk some Rob!


First up  we got this…

1 (2)

Supposedly from March 20th.



Yep. Busted. They really thought we wouldn’t catch this? Seriously?



1 (3)

Supposedly from March 24th headed back to London. We have no clue where he was headed actually. The person who posted this suddenly deleted her post. Message to these losers. If your going to post shit you better be able to back it up.




Supposedly from March 27th. Rob and IT having Pizza for Easter dinner. Notice NOT Rob suddenly has hair three days after the supposed airport pic where he’s practically shaved bald. Hitting the miracle grow again?



NO. Rob did not have Pizza for Easter dinner. He was in LA with his wife and children. And that pic is so blurry you can’t tell who the hell it is.The dipshidiots are desperate and are reaching.



This was posted on April 6th but Robjectify is trying to rewrite history and posting it as from March 28th. Yep supposedly Rob was at Heathrow right after that awesome pizza Easter dinner. And he’s suddenly with shaved head again.


Next up we got this…


This sent the dipshidiots into meltdown mode. Rob in LA? Oh you can bet that freaked them out. They went searching on this man’s Facebook desperate to discredit him somehow.

They found this …


This is from years ago and he is now a happily married man with children but according to Phyllis/Hopeless this means nothing.


Yes she actually believes this. Anything to keep her in that denial she lives in.


Phyllis/Hopeless insisted Rob was not in LA. He was in London with IT.


Oh looky here. Rob in LA. Where he’s been since finishing filming. This caused some serious doubt among the dipshidiots.


Their excuses were comical. The woman in the pic is a drag queen. She’s old. Both women are friends of IT’s.


I think the dipshidiots need one of these right about now.


Where’s IT?



This one really sent them into a panic.


Yep their ship is sinking fast. Their excuses for him being in LA? It’s for work of course. And tax/residence reasons. NO. He lives there with his wife and children.


We had one more sighting of Rob.


Rob at an IN n OUT. The dipshidots were hoping it was in Inglewood which is close to the airport. They were desperate for Rob to hi tail it out of LA before Kristen’s birthday.


Poor things. It didn’t turn out the way the dipshidiots hoped. He was in Westwood which is close to a number of Rob and Kristen’s homes.


Guess that means he’s still in LA!


One more thing…


These two men are being attacked again by the dipshidiots. Why? Because they refuse to back down from their story.


Yes they are legit. And this is why they bother the crap out of the dipshidiots so much.


Nellie Nosey attacked and then Phyllis/Hopeless posted this as proof that they lied because he liked some tweets.  Try not to laugh people.



He also liked these tweets. I especially like the first one. Like I said they have never changed their story. And it kills the dipshidiots that they can’t get them to delete. It’s still there for all the world to see. No matter what the dipshidiots  try and do they refuse to budge. I applaud these two men for their tenacity and sticking to their guns.

giphy (2)


And now for some Movie and Career news. First up we got this…


Rob in LCOZ!

Nobody rocks a beard the way this man does. Wow!




Watch the trailer here!


Kristen will be opening Cannes with Cafe Society!woo-hoo

And last but definitely not least…


Rob’s stunning wife slaying as always!





She owns all her haters!


Happy birthday to Kristen Stewart!

Happy Birthday Desktop Background

I’m sure Rob and the baby’s have something special planned for you!

This woman does not deserve the jealousy and hate she gets on a daily basis. To assume that she has suddenly had a personality transplant and has  decided to give the paps everything they’ve always wanted is ludicrous. She will continue to do what she feels she has to do to protect her family and messing with the paps is a bonus gift. She owes you NO explanation for it.


I want to thank her for the joy she gives us and wish her nothing but the happiness she so richly deserves!





247 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Hi Smack!
    Yes, the Q&A was fun.
    Great questions with great answers from the moderator and the audience.
    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn that Kristen decided to let Nick and Drake take the limelight this time around.
    Equals is really Silas’s story (Nick’s character) and yes the scenes between Nick (Silas and Kristen (Nia) are powerful, very powerful.

    If I can get a ticket for Wednesday’s matinee performance, i will see it again at TriBeCa and definitely when it hits theaters here.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I figured that it would be. The crowd was great so I am sure great questions were asked. Yes I agree, Equals is really Silas’ story with a little love from Kristen thrown in.
      Lucky you – I can’t take time off tomorrow otherwise I would join you again. Enjoy if you can and also send pics when you have the time


  2. Morning.
    I would like to address something that is being said on social media. The talk is that the entire cast of Equals attended the TriBeCa premiere.and that is simply not true!
    Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver were not there either.
    Both Nick and Drake mentioned Kristen at the Q & A.
    I am as disappointed as anyone that Kristen was not there but spreading lies on social media is sadly becoming the norm in this fandom.
    Equals was awesome!
    Great performances from Nick and Kristen. Beautiful direction by Drake.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I’m sitting here lmao thinking of/seeing all the crap going on with rob, kris, soko and all the dumb ass twits so called photoshopping skills. I mean, London first and now Coachella…A-Holes!!!! Last year, rob and kris could be seen clearly with the pics coming out from Coachella. This year, kris can be seen with friends BUT not one pic of rob. Last year, he was seen with pics of him arriving….of course, later, he had to be seen with (blank) to continue the pr/confusion plot. This year, NADA. Laughing along with rob and kris, and i’m sure their little ones are giggling too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like fuckin A, but that is an old one lol, plus now I am house broken. I still don’t know when I lost my cursing abilities at home, apparently marriage can do that to you or you get trained and just don’t realize your cursing days slipped away except when I am alone. So, I have a few outlets, like here lol. Good night to all and have a fucken great night (grin).

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi to all my HKN Haven Friends! Sorry for being MIA. Let’s say I had a great 21st anniversary and my 42 birthday weekend! I had fun with my family!
    Sessed, haters, and the rest of the trouble makers can take a hike for all I care! Screw them! They mess with the Bulls they get the horns. I got that quote part from Somekind of wonderful movie!
    I hope you all are ok! Muse, love your comments! Great job! You go girl! Well I am hungry I better go eat with my family! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

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