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The Stunt


I give to you The Stunt! Watch as Kristen Stewart takes on her haters and the tabs! She effortlessly reels them in!


Kristen and a friend. Meet Soko the latest entry in the gay friend so that must mean your Kristen’s lover sweepstakes. She’s about to help Kristen play the dipshidiots and the paps big time.


Soko: The paps are here bestie! It’s showtime! 


Kristen: Okay let’s reel those suckers in!


Soko: Are you sure they are going to buy into this?


Kristen: Trust me it doesn’t take much to lure them in.


Soko: Shouldn’t we kiss or something? Wouldn’t that sucker them into it more?


Kristen: Uh . . . n-n-not until it’s absolutely necessary.



Kristen: You get to help me explain this one to the hubby.

Soko: mmm…


Rob: I’m up for a threesome ladies!


Kristen: See I told you! He’s 100 percent perv!


It’s even funnier watching the stunt go down on You Tube.

Some of the dipshidiots actually believe the stunt was a deflection for a secret marriage between Rob and  IT.


Poor Phyllis/Hopeless is still desperate for a ring. Any ring…


According to Phyllis/Hopeless this is proof somehow that Rob and IT are married.


Kristen: uhm babe I can explain…

1096514629 (1)



Get ready to watch Rob do death defying feats! Watch as he incredibly becomes thin as a rail! Watch as he suddenly morphs his chin into something amazing! His hair goes from long to short ! Bring your popcorn!


 On the other side of the coin the other stunt is slowly winding down and the dipshidiots don’t know where to turn. It’s desperate times.


They coordinated fake sightings all over NYC.


And this one named Emily got caught for the second time. No pictures of course and if you go to her timeline she is a jealous Kristen hater.



This is when she got caught the first time. Little did she realize IT and Rob were not even in the same countries as each other when she posted this.



And since the sightings without pics weren’t flying their photo shop buddies had to come to the rescue. Robjectify of course gave them the heads up that the pics were about ready.


And there he is suddenly thin as a rail!


These two pics are about a week apart. SUPPOSEDLY.  Rob and his amazing weight loss skills!



What the hell did the photo shoppers do to Rob’s chin?


Is he related to Kirk Douglas now? That’s some cleft chin!



We also got this gem. Does that even look like IT?




As usual the photo shop crew failed the dipshidiots.


The dipshidiots were also insisting that Rob Lives in London only. He said this in a recent interview…

Numéro Homme: What do you do of your time when you are not filming? You also play music since you were young without having worked on an album…

Robert Pattinson: I just let myself breathe. It is like in love relationships, if we go into it giving it all without any perspective, things are condemned from the start. Polluted. I love letting other domain in on my life, in the creative area. Leaving Los Angeles contributed to my equilibrium as well. When we are there, the brain works weirdly, we imagine that leaving the city for a week will make us disappear from the radars. In England, where I came back to, all the people I meet don’t work in the cinema industry.

He also said he divides his time between L.A. and London.


He has also said he lives in a bin under a bridge.


Do you get where this is going? Rob is not going to tell anybody in the media where he actually lives. His home is in L.A. And NO the house  the dipshidiots know that he bought is not the only house that he and his wife Kristen own. They own several properties in California. They do not at the present time own a home in London.


This interview was done on or about January 19. Keep that date in your mind…


Oh the dipshidiots aren’t going to like this.



Yes he was in NYC in early January.



Gonna love hearing the excuses from the dipshidiots. Although with Phyllis the Hopeless minimal remedial math skills I don’t think she will be able to comprehend this.


And finally let’s talk about how some people connect to Rob and Kristen both.



Yep. Soko knows Rob too. Has for some time. Suck on that dipshidiots.


And  then there’s Dita Vonn Tesse.


The dipshidiots carried on like a bunch of toddlers because Kristen went to one of her shows.


Guess who else knows  Dita Von Tesse? Oh how soon they forget.


Guess who just arrived in Paris?


Charlotte. A friend of both Rob AND Kristen.

Guess who took the pic?


Yep. Rob’s beautiful wife.

Thanks to Bronze for giving me the idea for the title of this post.


 Arleen (Socks) posted this song on her twitter and I just love it. Brings back a lot of memories. And a great way to close this out.






322 thoughts on “The Stunt

  1. Yeah I am with Cory4rk, what the heck are you talking about Suemas1? You just threw up with out any substance or explanation as to what you are saying. How about explaining yourself so we all can understand what you are referring too?


  2. Happy birthday to Kristen Stewart pattinson..wishing you and family all the best..and stay happy and healthy to all the haven ladies..


  3. Good Morning,
    the latest photos of kristen are super hot. She can slip into each role!
    Happy Birthday Kristen and a nice day with family and friends !!!

    All a great weekend!


  4. The sessed need to remember that without Kristen Rob would be little known musician from London who had a bit part in the 5th Harry Potter movie. He was ready to give up acting and concentrate on music until he was offered the role in Twilight which he only auditioned for to meet Kristen. He only was awarded the part because Kristen insisted that he was the only one who could play Edward. Many people threw an absolute fit when he was cast in the part. How would they have him to obsess and drool over if not for Kristen Stewart who they all seem to loathe?

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  5. Good morning to all my HKN Havens! Happy Friday! Sorry for MIA! Dealing with rl of my own and health. And mostly with my shoulder and trying to get rid of my cold. I have been for over a week. Cold and flu sucks!
    Sessed and T singer I could careless. They can have each other. They can screw a lightbulb.

    RK I want to hear more. RK are my favorite people. RK is the only people I care about and together.


  6. Sorry cory4rk I didn’t take it that way I understand what you were saying I agree with you all the way have a good evening talk to you tomorrow


  7. Good morning everyone,musetcb I enjoy the article but there’s one part that I didn’t like was where he said that she’s dating soko. do he know something that her true fans don’t know,I’m just saying from reading this article until she comes out and say something different I’ll alway’s believe that her and rob is still together deep down in heart I believe that the only thing is I’m sorry that they can’t share it with their fans musetcb I love your posts very much love you all socks how are you feeling later


    1. Lydia,fence sitting will drive you crazy. Getting shaky over an interview,is like believing photoshopped pics are real. More crap being shoveled or fed to the interviewer. Remember how often Rob has said, what is printed. Can be 2 diff. Things. Faith in your belief✌

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      1. Cory4rk, I’m not fence sitting I was just saying that I liked the article. But not what he said about her dating soko that’s all it’s just my opinion I love reading all your comments they are so good I love all R/K supporters here on Hkn I don’t know you all but I enjoy reading all the comments that are post here I used to make comments before and I stop for a while until now some people didn’t understand what I wrote anyway I love everyone here so have a good evening until tomorrow


      1. Oh ok. Makes sense now. Smack have you seen the photo of Rob that came out today? I’ve read about it but haven’t found a pic yet.


  8. I read somewhere yesterday that the women in the pic could be robs manager al’s girlfriend Courtney Love and her daughter. Same type of coloring. It is in their old stomping ground chateau mormont . What happened to their no pic policy.Very sneaky.


  9. It’s been so much fun watching the crazy sessed have major meltdowns on Twitter. It’s a matter of time before they make Rob into a womanizer once more. He will never be near Twigs again. The self-centered prima donna is well on her way into obscurity. In the meantime, Rob and Kristen’s stars will continue to rise. They will only get brighter with every passing year.


    1. Lily the poor sessed do appear to be in melt down or is that the R crazies, humm, its hard to keep straight who is who these days. It is looking like they are angry at Robert that he is supposedly cheating on you know who. Lol. So rather than see the truth, they want to call him a cheater. Such fans. We have never wavered and their foundations are crumbling. I almost feel sad for their grief. Notice I said “almost”, yeah they can enjoy their own misery and we get a front row seat to watch. As always no one has permission to repost from hkn my postings nor may you quote me without written permission from me. Taxx


      1. Hello all – been crazy and have not posted but I wanted to tag on to Taxx’s comment. There are those that are throwing him under the boss and then there are those who are saying “He is only in LA because of work – there is no other reason for him to be there. He lives in London blah blah blah…………….” or even better “he has been on vacation in (fill in the blank) with T — he just stopped in LA on his way back for (fill in the blank)”. Really? You know his schedule and the explicit details of why he is where he is? Never mind the fact that T has posted she is rehearsing in London. Oops – I guess they missed that part. I watched a small clip of her dancing……….nothing that I haven’t seen at clubs or even at local dance competitions. I don’t get why everyone is all gaga over her. I’ve noticed that they go nuts when her dancing simulates sex…………that should say something. Ok – enough on that topic LOL. Its freaking hilarious!!! Cheers to all – another busy day.

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      2. Bfishy- Well said. I particularly liked the In and Out burger drive through and that he was probably on his way to LAX. lol The gang is congregating. Nettie, Katy etc. for Kristen’s birthday and Rob is getting OUT of town? Right. Rob’s in the headlines and the irrelevent comes out of the woodwork attempting to get attention? Too funny.

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    2. I like calling these women the crazy sessed because that is what they are. They want to control everything Rob does and throw tantrums when he doesn’t do what they want. I know there sane sessed who couldn’t care less about what woman he is with as long as she makes him happy. The same goes for what he does. What’s good about the latter is that they don’t approve of Twigs in the least bit. They honestly believe she’d never make a good girlfriend or wife for him. I admire them for that.


  10. Good Morning! It is beautiful here with a high in the 80’s. Today is bill writing day so I may be heard screeching! We seem to have some unwanted folks this month, I think that TAXX2015 is handling this beautifully! Annie, I hear the east is having snow again. When RK are doing their thing, and they do make waves, I love the chaos they create. I am watching Ernest Hemingway type movie THE MACOMBER AFFAIR, with Gregory Peck and he was certainly a beautiful man and great actor. Having a nice morning, ignoring the political news and the talking heads. Susie


  11. These pics are funny, know why, first funky lighting. Then you know they are sideways so they were taken on the down low, next blow them up and what you see, a big woman as in drag who is talking to Robert. So no big deal. Next pic same 2 people only Ms Queen gives him a peck on the check, everything is bigger than life with the Queens. I have been around plenty myself so I can say that. 3rd pic, I can’t even tell if that is him because it sucks so bad. Just so most know, the better music is in gay bars so not a big deal plus they have shows too so who knows what is really going on because basically it looks like someone is trying to stir the pot for nothing.

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    1. Taxx I think the woman you think is a drag is probably Claire Denis, the director of his next movie. She’s kissing his cheek. I believe the brunette talking to Rob’s ear is Kristen with a wig. The shape looks similar.

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      1. Dorothee, Clare Dennis is 69 and very thin, I looked her up. That person in that pic is not Clair Dennis, feel free to check yourself. I still stand by what I said originally.


      2. I did check and compared pics and there’s a similarity. Cheek bones and nose. I don’t know you can tell that woman’s age and weight with two blurry pics. Now it’s my idea. I think it’s more possible than a drag. The woman doesn’t look like Courtney Love at all.


      3. I blew the pics up for clarity, that is how I can tell more detail in the blown up pics except the third was too messed up for even blowing it up. The recent pic of Clare Denis, she is very thin yet I didn’t get a height on her but the one in pic was taller than Robert and much broader than Robert which doesn’t fit with her pic which appears current where I found it. So I will agree to disagree with you on this point.


  12. Good Morning,
    I have for days only looked here because these played BS makes me sick.
    Rob with very few hairs, He probably wanted the perm of shooting
    ” Good Times “ get rid 😉
    The new images, from when are these?
    And Kristen was not in this, or?
    Nice day all.

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      1. Dorothee you might be right about that 3rd picture and that is why I didn’t say it but I was thinking about the same as you. That could very well be Kristen in a wig but pic is so bad I wasn’t going to go there. I do think you might be right on the 3rd pic.


  13. Sorry, I’m not sold on the new pictures of Rob. Since when does he have a flat place on the back of his head then a big bump? JMO


    1. It’s him. The pics are new. Rob is wearing his ring. He knows there were paps. He let himself being seen with women and knows exactly how things are easily twister. He also wants to be seen in LA.

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      1. Dorothee,
        You are probably right. He just doesn’t look very tall in the pictures and shape of his head was funny. I’m guessing the girl is trying to hit on him and he shot her down. I did notice a ring also.


  14. I saw the latest “pic” of a shaved headed Rob in LA. That sure has the sessed and haters pulling their hair and crying. How dare Rob not do what they want him to do and be where they want him to be. That philosophy Rob has of control and confusion is working like a champ for him. Wouldn’t change something that works so well for him.

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    1. Rob knows what he’s doing and I love it. He’s definitely separating himself from Twigs and he’s causing a major meltdown among his “fandom”. They’re grasping at straws. It’s time to recognize how intelligent Rob and Kristen are. They’re in control.

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      1. Dorothee – I agree that it separates him in theory, but these photographs have technical issues. Perhaps it to emulate the whole PSing issue that has been a chronic problem with the trolls constantly pumping those out. Rob has High Life coming up in May and a possible Dior event in May. The timing to shave his head seems suspect. I haven’t seen them circulated to the tabs. When he’s never seen and all of a sudden there are pics I would think the tabs would get their hands on them???


      2. Muse, the pics are manipulated because there were people here that were not supposed to and because they have to work on Rob’s hand but it’s legit. The Russians only bought the pics that could create a story. There are only 3 pics when there are 40 on sale from that night. You know why? Probably because Kristen is clearly in some of them. Talking about High Life, the woman who is kissing Rob’s cheek is most probably Claire Denis. I still think Rob knew there was someone taking his pic. If the trolls wanted to manipulate pics, they would put Twigs on them. Robaved his head to get rid of the perm. The spot is just due to the light. Why do you think the Sesseds are overreacting about them. They somehow know they show a reality they don’t like. Rob lives in LA and will never be seen with Twigs again. Again, I believe RK are behind this. Not that the pics show anything wrong but because they know how to sell a story based on a few pics.


      3. Dorothee & Cindy – I agree. I’m certain they know exactly what their doing. It’s been a long time coming. He’s wearing his ring, and anything at this point is a melting down for anyone living in denial and grasping at straws. You may be right about the picture situation. The shoe is on the other foot for a segment of TFI’s Rabid fans who can finally enjoy pics like the ones they’re so fond of pumping out. Would like to see the other 40. Head shaved or not, we know his chia hair will be back. Desperate, is thinking a sighting at In and Out and concluding he may be headed to LAX. It should be noted that Rob is trying to get out of town. It’s TFI clan that squirm knowing Kristen and Rob are in the same city, or on the same coast. Katy & Kristen together. Nettie in town. The pot is getting bigger, and so is the spoon to stir it with. We know whose stirring the pot. I think Kristen is really going to enjoy her birthday this year. Spring has sprung and April & May will be good months!

        Great MTV News article on Kristen. by Teo Bugbee.


    2. Cindy – The pic of R on the plane showed him with a shaved head. (I know) stay with me. This recent pic shows him with some hair. It looks PS’d to me based on the quality of the picture. Whose to say it’s not an effort to show his hair was shaved on the plane, and is now growing out a bit? He has a movie to film in May. Yes, his hair grows fast and it would probably be fine by then but supposing that they move the movie up. Does it seem he’d take a chance unless there was a specific reason to shave it off? IDK.

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      1. Muse I don’t know what it all is for but I find all of this interesting since it’s awfully close to Kristens birthday and their mutual friends like Nettie and Katy show up. I wouldn’t doubt if Rob has something planned for her BD and this might all be smoke and mirrors to get it done.


  15. Good morning everybody it’s nice to see all of you I see everyone is doing fine love you all hang in their have a good day later


  16. I ladies haven’t left just busy with rl. I am getting a real kick out of soko and k. Such a fake. When I see rk have sparks for another person like the sparks that light up the room when rk are in the room together then I will believe its done. But a relationship of love and trust they have for one another is hard to find. They have got this staying out of the limelight together down pat it will be hard for them to come out. But someday like the art museum pic with R with his back to us and k standing by sookie You would miss him. I’m proud to be a fan of both and love their determination.

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    1. maur, I was also thinking it guy with back to camera next to k looked more like backside rob (noticed the butt…haha) vs guy at far right of pic. Even backside rob’s stance. hmmmm, could it be? yes? no? maybe?


  17. I find so funny, those on robj who think they have any clue what I say as to what I mean. If you at robj stop jumping on everyone guy or person, I have seen the tweets. You won’t leave people alone. Have you considered you and your bunch are actually who I was referring too! No you want to make fun of people in general. People despise your pack of nuts and so do I. How does it feel to be pointed out. Let me be clear, any time I refer to Rob “getting on track” its your idiot’s on your blog who constantly hound everyone! I guarantee you Rob hates that behavior and so do I. If you can’t leave any of his fans alone, YOU are the problem not me nor many others. I am sick of certain lonely ones who talk as if they own him and his career. Clean up your own site and leave us the hell alone just as the guys you people jump on their tl and like them, I am sick of you all. You wonder why Rob has fan issues, look at your own backyard and stay the hell out of ours. Many of us watch what you all do or a certain ones do on twitter and its ugly, disgusting. So, one last warning, leave us the hell alone, tizzy you may think you are hidden, you might want to think twice about that since I could just as easy turn the table on you. That is not a threat, its a promise. No one has permission to repost my posts without my written permission. HKN I understand if you think this is overboard and delete it but I am sick of these crazy women who can’t see how they jump all over fans of Robs and I am a fan of Rob but those of you who constantly jump on male or female fans of Robs, you are the problem that I am referring too and it will always be you until you stop it. I will just be blunt as hell until you finally get it, its you robj, police your own blog, stop the reposts and maybe we can all be better fans!!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Taxx, Well said honey. That is because Sessed and Tizzy are assholes and really so stupid! They are bullies, and you know the rest! They don’t like what we believe and continue bully us like calling us names, threaten us, attack us, and you know the rest. We are still standing and strong. I am not going to let them get to me. What they are doing is wrong and they know it. I am going anywhere! I love being here. Here HKN Havens and you are friends to me. Well I got my day to take care of. Love you all and RK! Hugs! Hope you all have a great day! I am going to enjoy my day by resting. Later!

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    2. Taxx – They’ve yet to assimilate that they are the problem because they can’t believe they can no longer control Rob’s life with one lie after another, simply because he refuses to talk to the tabloid media. He’s found the cancer, and has set about eliminating it so it no longer has an effect on his life whatsoever. Perhaps they should be out searching for TFI who has left her fans in the lurch with a lie they’re still attempting to promote.

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  18. Hi RKFans !!
    I am always here, i am lurking everyday !!!
    The stunt is very funny And so obvious !! The haters are in the Hell now : no News from TFI And a show from K !!
    They can’t even appreciate the trailer of TLCOZ !!!
    Have a good day !! And Thanks to RK for their work !!

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    1. Hi Isabella – yes they are. The stunt is so obvious to people who are smart enough to see it.
      Equals will be at the Tribeca Film Festival starting on April 18th. Myself and one other fan that I know of were lucky to get tickets. According to their website, both Kristen and Nic will be there for this performance.
      Can’t wait

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      1. Smack, the little green envy monster is out. Please share what goodies you get to see. That sounds awesome to get to go to a film festival. I am thrilled for you. Again, no one has permission to repost without written permission from me. Taxx.

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    2. I agree with you. It’s funny and obvious, especially after Rob’s stunt. And I think you’re right. Soko is also a diversion tactic that makes TFI irrelevent. Rob is no longer attached to her. The focus is on Kristen and Soko.I think TFI used to remind them she was considered interesting enough to provide them a cover when they needed so that she deserved their help. I think Soko is RK’s f* off to T. And a way to keep the diversion alive. And I’m one to think it was necessary before seeing RK together someday so Rob won’t have to suffer any backlash, at least not more than Kristen. They’re equals in this. No victim. Very important for the future IMO. And I love th way that fake fans keep jumping ship. They were an embarassment anyway.

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  19. HI taxx2015 how are you doing it’s nice to read your comments how are you feeling I can’t wait for his and her movies to come out can’t wait for both of them to go to Cannes in may just hoping I know Kristen have two movies at Cannes this year. I read it on mamma nails blog have a good evening hang in their all of R/Ks supporters love and miss you all


  20. Tizzy since you can’t stay away, this is for all of you at robjectify, are you so sad that you continue to come here and swipe posts. Tizzy!!!, did you not get the hint last time? I drop kicked you once before and here you go swiping my posts again. Do you really want to take us or me on again. I actually feel sorry for you, how sad your life must be that you live in lala land. Shall I continue with how pitiful of an existance your life must be to harbor such hate for people. Please do us all a favor and find yourself someone to love you so you can leave everyone else the hell alone. No one has permission to repost this without my written permission.

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  21. sorry I forgot my manners how’s socks and bunny doing hope they’re doing okay I really miss everyone stay safe


  22. Good evening Hkn and R/K supporters it seem’s like we are losing our R/K supporters what’s going on.Are you all giving up on them I’m not I love them and will alway’s be a true supporter. I watch all their movies his and her’s. And I still believe they are together I read mamma nail blog every day this is my opionon

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    1. I dont know about anyone else Lydia, but I dont appreciate the juvenile ways that the trolls steal our posts, post them on their site and then make fun of them. Really and truly inmature.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree with you smack707 it’s are shame what they are doing they really pisses me off the things that I read is unforgettable yeah they say that we are delusional look what they are doing to Kristen now that’s why I love mamma nail blog she really gets them smack707 it’s nice hearing from you so all we have to do is hang in their have a good night I’ll keep reading Hkn


    2. Hi Everyone, I don’t know if anyone else out there is having thiis problem….but a couple of times when you go to submit a comment on the board it wont always go through….. anybody else have this problem I don’t know if HKN knows about this problem????


    3. Lydia I don’t think we are losing people but it is spring time coming up, people have teal lives to live and less time to devote. Plus until Robert’s movies come out, notuch to see. Sames with Kristen unless you want the other stuff which I do not care about. I think many likely are just busy. Imo.


      1. Taxx2015, I have to agree with you. We are not leaving it’s just slow now that PR is over and fake engagement is over. I think we are tired of same old BS from tabs and what they are saying is not worth discussing. Even the photoshopped pictures aren’t worth discussIng. Rob looks amazing in LCOZ. Boy did they transform him into looking older than he is. It’s a shame we have to wait so long to see their movies. But, It’s worth the wait. I have never been disappointed In any of their movies.


    4. Lydia, No one is giving up anything as far as I know. As long as trolls keep stealing posts from this site, like juveniles, merely to use them as fuel to argue or fight about a moot point, why bother? The issues they want to argue about are false, insignificant, and an exercise in futility when you have better things to do. They’re virtually in the dark at this point with nothing positive or redeeming to say. They’re only goal is to try to refute the truth. We’re not changing our minds and they’re not changing theirs. It’s a stalemate.

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  23. Dear Ladies, What better joke than to again play games with the press so Kristen and Rob can have a more normal life with their family. How frustrating it must get to just do normal things and need a cover story for one or the other because you are protecting your family? This new cover story of Kristen’s is even funnier since she really is a friend of both, And, I see the hand of Rob in this fabrication too. He is able to relax with his tiny ladies and have fun. Why do they have to seed doubt? Well if you had hidden your life away to even have a life, what would you do? I see the joke behind all the pictures, it is a cover for her family and she is a really good actress that enjoys a challenge of pretense that is probably covering a specific business activity. The Pattinson’s are all about movies and music and their family. Even I know that! There is not any other motive than truly messing with the press, which is really & truly Rob and Kristen’s favorite pastime . Anybody remember Alicia ? Well I remember how she was put through the mill to help Rob and Kristen. The lame singer deal was a big mistake they paid for. And now we have a actress with the French touch who likes to clown around like Rob and Kristen and frankly she is a much better cover story but she is a decent actress. April Fools, you all from the Oklahoma version of BS! Even an older lady can see mind games being dished out to a really stupid public that laps it up because they seriously hate Kristen or Rob still yet. There really is a hard core group of trolls out there sharping their tongues and claws for action. Have a safe and happy week and the new Rob movie is a great selection of good actors. My goodness, Rob must be considered a good actor! What do you know?

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  24. Taxx……..Have you read the book?

    TLCOZ is very much the story of Percy Fawcett (as played by Charlie Hunnam)
    I really hope Charlie Hunnam gets the credit he deserves for what seems to be an incredible performance, if I am to judge from the trailer.

    As I said before, I hope Rob’s role as Henry Costin puts the focus back on his professional life as an actor and I hope the movie does well.
    The trailer looks great.


    1. Annie, I read the book, and after seeing the trailer, I’m really anxious to see the film. It looks like it’s going to be a feather in everyone’s cap.


  25. Morning!
    The trailer (sales piece) for The Lost City of Z looks fantastic!
    Really hope it brings about great things for Rob.


    1. Annie, I hope I see it soon, I am really forward to Lost City of Z. The cast looks great and the story line looks great. We have an idea of how they looked with this being a period piece. I just hadn’t run across it yet, but will be looking for it now. Thanks for sharing.


    2. Annie I just found “Lost City of Z” trailer as well, it looks awesome. Charlie Hunnan looks great, and Robert Pattinson has a bit different role than I thought for but it still gonna be good from what I have seen in the first clip of it. I am hoping this will do what he needs to get going again with the other movies in the pipeline as well.


    3. I have to agree – I saw the trailer and just wow. Heard talk of it might be at Cannes. That would be wonderful. Garner some wins at the beginning is always a good thing


    4. I just saw the trailer too and it was great. Heard talk of it going to Cannes which would be wonderful. I understand the downside of that but if its good enough to be there it should be good enough to stand up for the rest of the year


  26. Kristen is not out with this girl like daily mail is saying. DM is always the first one to bring this mess out. This girl wants ppl to think Kristen loves her. This girl is doing this for attention. I believe Daily Mail is paying her money to do this. Pay close attention to the pictures I feel they have manipulated some of them to go along with their agenda. DM is trying to slander Kristen . Why are they always the first one to come out with these stories. I know you won’t print this but HKN think about this and watch Daily Mail and the Mirror from the UK.


    1. Carol, they have 2 locations and many of the same places. Its same thing different day and I am done with that crap whatever they want to call it. Basically I don’t care about her movie downtime. They both want us to leave them alone on their downtime. I have decided if I can, then I will. There are too many things to live for in my own life that I do not need to wonder, worry or down to it care about K or R’s private lives. Afteral, they have asked for this for years now. So, I am done with what may or may not be going on outside of their jobs which is entertainment and I am going to do my best to live up to that plus live my own life better. This is my own opinion, take it how you wish.


      1. I think we do that taxx. We keep our comments not about their private lives but if their prifessional ones. Its a shame that other sites dont follow along and leave their private lives where they belong private. But I guess thats too much to ask a bunch of women who have nothing more to do but obsess over Robs private life and what it would be like to be attached to him in some way. Wonder how they would feel if other women spoke of their sons that way.


  27. I wish Kristen or someone would buy the rights to the book The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. Then they should cast Kristen as she would be perfect as the heroine in the book. I can so see her as a French freedom fighter in WWII.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vlmolar you can look her management team up and send them an email with that information. You never know, she might like that idea. Never hurts to try and you might get an autograpg pic for your thoughts.


  28. Hello, ladies. I have enjoyed all of your comments; but I haven’t had much to add to the conversation.

    Of all the movies Kristen has coming out I’m looking forward to Personal Shopper the most.

    I like ghost stories and Kristen hasn’t done anything like that since The Messengers with Dylan McDermott
    and John Corbett.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend.


  29. Bunny RK, I hear you have a vermin problem. If you need help with that vermin, I am all ears, no pun intended. There are some out there that go into a tizzy, so if you need help shaving that mess away, I could use a little distraction. By now you are laughing, I hope. Talk to me. I am not sure we are on twitter together so I can catch some tl’s and find you that way or find me (grin)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I saw that Taxx. What desperation that phony must feel to pretend to be someone they are not. And for all of that persons screaming and hollering she is still just a idiotic immature sessed filled with jealousy as its obvious Bunny is someone she wants to be.

      Liked by 2 people

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