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The Truth Is Coming! Panic In The Streets!


It’s been a hilarious  week watching the dipshidiots panic stricken with fear.


First thing that has them panicked?


IT still not wearing her fake engagement ring. The dipshidiots are starting to worry.IMG_20160215_163327_kindlephoto-125867039They have plenty to worry about.


They were hoping and praying for a Valentine’s Day reunion. It never happened. This did instead.


Kristen was in NYC. Visiting the hubby Rob for Valentine’s Day.


Not exactly what the dipshidiots were hoping for is it.



So what was IT doing on Valentines Day instead of celebrating with her supposed fiance?




IT showing everyone what a shy stay at home earth mother type she is.


IT also had a meltdown on her IG.

IT screeching like a banshee.

Take my advice and wear ear plugs if you dare to go have a  listen.


The dipshidiots were desperate to come up with anything. ANYTHING. And what do you think they came up with to protect their IT and Rob delusions? I’ll give you one guess…

Alicia and Kristen of course! That will save our asses.But there was one thing in their way  with that fantasy…


Alicia and her past,current,and future lover Gloria. The dipshidiots  Kristen lesbian fantasies all shot to hell. Panic set in.


They had to think fast…


Stop the presses! Kristen is walking alongside a female! They have to be lesbian lovers!

Seriously.  WHAT. THE. FUCK. 


Agathe Mougin. A french model and FRIEND of Kristen’s.The newest dipshidiot hope for Kristen being a lesbian. Who will be next in line when this bs disintegrates before their very eyes too?


They convinced no one with this crap and crossed their fingers hoping that Kristen would leave NYC soon.



They eventually got their wish. And Kristen once again looking comfy in the hubby Rob’s clothes. The dipshidiots excuse for Kristen wearing Rob’s clothes?

“She stole his clothes and is using them to get herself attention!”

The dipshidiot panic was reaching epic proportions.


They  desperately hoped for just something to stick…


“-If I ever have children, which I plan on, probrably, I’m really not gonna shield them from the world that they live in, so that they can just breed fear.I mean, there’s a banance to it, but…”

A supposed quote from Kristen in a new interview. This interview was done by a pretty much unknown actor named Benn Northover. Kind of like a unproven journalist looking for attention and hits to get his name out there.


Of course Phyllis/Hopeless the jackass whisperer jumped on this immediately as proof that I’m a liar.


NO it isn’t. All it proves is that Kristen plays the media and the dipshidiots like a fine fiddle.



Yes you can control it and confuse them. Which is exactly what Rob and Kristen do to protect their little family from psychotics like jackass whisperer Phyllis/Hopeless.

It’s no surprise that the dipshidiots can’t grasp this concept.


I think the dipshidiots better chalk this up to another time they got played and move on.


But wait. The dipshidiots weren’t done with their desperate flailing yet.


This person didn’t post this on Twitter or Instagram for everyone to find easily. They hid it in a two year old IT video on Youtube. And the dipshidiots expect people to buy this.


If IT had been at the wedding you can bet your sweet ass there would be pics. The attention seeking screecher would have insisted on it.


This is why she would be insisting on some attention getting photos. She’s in desperate need.


And last but definitely not least IHeart trying to get herself called out on her lie for a 4th time . Some people are brain dead and never give up.


Doesn’t matter what department it goes to idiot. It would still have their logo on it. Why didn’t yours? Answer: it was fake. And even if it was real again they never mention Rob or IT in their response. They did not address any of your personal questions. No matter how hard IHeart tries she can’t change this FACT.


Keep digging that hole.

Funny how we took IHeart up on her dare to email GO and now  that she got burned on it she’s desperately trying to save her sorry ass.


Message to IHeart. Admit defeat and get off your broomstick.

And that about does it for this post on the panic stricken efforts of the dipshidiots. Right now at this very moment they are on their hands and knees praying to the gods that their photo shop buddies come through for them next week.


 Rob has been MIA for a while now. They better make sure they know what he looks like for his film role before they attempt their stupidity. They just might get burned.



Remember these two beautiful people and that it’s almost party time. I can feel it.



Damn I forgot!




325 thoughts on “The Truth Is Coming! Panic In The Streets!

  1. I found this on the kristenstewarthdquarters site about tonight. Thought I’d share in case anyone wasn’t aware. Hope we get lots of pictures from it.

    Chanel and Charles Fink’s 8th Annual Pre-Oscar Awards Dinner
    Where: 7:30 p.m. Madeo
    Who’s expected: Chanel lovers like Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Jessica Biel, Eddie Redmayne, Michael Keaton and more
    Why you don’t want to miss it: The intimate annual dinner gathers a starry group for an evening of fashion, film and top-notch food.

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      1. Anybody look closely at Nettie’s Instagram artwork called moon face snowball ( not correct name) look closely at the faces in the center .. One face looks like Rob’s… Or maybe I’m just nutz!


      1. Years ago I used to work for stride rite as a fitter for kids … I would say those are around a 9 or possibly 10 … They are def toddler sized.


      1. Too small to be Kristen’s. I know they look big for a toddler but SP could be a Pattinson. I know my nephew was really big and had really big hands and feet.


      2. Those are most def toddler sized shoes … I worked many years ago for stride rite … I have three toddlers around my house now.. Those are toddler sized .. The 4 yr old kiddo here wears toddler size 11. Those are smaller.

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      3. I can’t tell either way. I come from a family with big feet so I’m sure when we were toddlers thats what size we wore. Lol. But what I do see is that familiar tiled flooring like Dorothee mentioned. So Nettie is still staying with Kristen and Rob in LA. And I also see the sessed are still pressed. As Mark Twain said “it is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.”


      4. Nettie said she’s in LA till March 10th. I also noticed that we can guess it’s Kristen’s hair and head on one of the drawings.


  2. Hi to all my RK together friends! I have been thinking all day. You know Sessed can break us or what ever they are trying to keep us apart or harrass us. But you know what Us HKN Havens are still standing. We still believe RK together and still standing. Sessed and the trouble makers just want to scare us off of here. But again I got news for them. We as HKN Havens are still standing and still believe RK are still together with their families and still standing. I just got that from watching Beauty Shop where Gina at the end when she told Jorge he may break her or imitate her. But she is still standing. Her shop is still open. We just like us HKN Havens still here. I just her quotes. You all should watch that movie and you will see what I mean. Its a very good movie. I love Queen Latifah’s movies. Well I am going to bed now. I love you all and RK! Keep me posted. Night HKN Havens friends!

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  3. I am very proud of all of you! It is so much better to talk things out, clarify things with each other and it has made a difference and darn enjoyable. I am grateful to all of you for trying and doing better with each of us here. This is the HAVEN where we work it out, talk to each other, put yourself in someone else’s shoes for just a moment and we are stronger for it. Let the sesses even think of messing here now, we will show force in the name of decency to each other. We know what we think, we all believe in what we choose to beieve in and no one has the right to tell anyone their opinions don’t count because they do. You worked out a little misunderstanding because of language barriers and I am damn proud of all of you. I hope more who come here get involved in discussions because it makes us all better in listening, sharing our opinions and agree to disagree if need be and that is not a damn cult yet a group who are intelligent people who can talk to each other.
    Night all, this was a good day, it was the date I first met my spouse. Yes we still keep honoring those little treasures. In honoring mine, I got things done I was asked to get done with the aid of a friend, hurt like hell but it lends to this conversation, think of others. I do not give anyone permission to repost this writing by me Taxx to any place but here unless written request is approved by me. Toodles.

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  4. I have really enjoyed your comments in past two days, especially TAXX and DOROTHEA, but I especially appreciate everyone being just plain nice, and very funny. I remember being young and very much in love, and my husband and I were not exactly twins but we enjoyed trying out the same things together, like getting our hair frosted at the same beauty shop, and I got my ears pierced but Andy chickened out. I never thought about tats but Andy laughed about the famous Rose tat where the name changed abruptly when a friend changed wives one night. I think a tat near a bone, the ankle or wrist would not be a big deal, but might get infected easily, so under the arm between the wrist and elbow might be safer. The thing is doing things together is fun and something to giggle about later, because life needs those funny happenings, whatever they are. I absolutely think somebody is milking a previous business supervisor(s) for any attention they can get from the press to get themselves mentioned. Failure. RK do not do the AA’s, but do go ninja to parties of friends, and they have lots of friends. A lot of stars are not even going to the parties because of the all white AA factor. Whatever they do, we will probably find out later about, because RK absolutely hate getting photographed by assholes. I see them going to a quiet type party of friends, unbothered by press. But that is just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. Socks, hope you are fine! TAXX, so glad your Mom is in a good place to some extent. ISABELLA, you are on the spot right about your super detective work. CINDY and SMACK, you ladies are really funny! I like your input about our trolls and their failed attempts, daily, to create drama. I do think Rob and Kristen think we are all trying too hard to figure out their moves. I feel that they are just two sweethearts in harmony. They have always been pretty tight. I think that bubble has just grown to surround two sweet little babies and they are loving watching them grow. Our children who are extensions of ourselves are our most wonderful creations. Have a happy weekend Haven! Susie

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  5. Hey ladies take a minute and look back at the previous HKN post. I urging you to look at the pic of “curly head” Rob. Notice there is not a pierced eye. Now according to the sessed that is the most recent photo since the Bae bash and he left London for NY. Yep, that right it’s all bullshit. Even if he did not have a stud in, you would be able to see clearly whether his ear was pierced. I am also reading around the net that the pierced ear switched from side to side. hummmm! Sound like sesses Bs.

    I think the stud is part of the Dior LOOK that they are promoting. Just hold on to your butts we shall see in a matter of weeks.

    Also, while it’s on your mine. Consider the fact that the Sefdie Bros.filming schedule was listed as Jan. 3 thru March 1. Since it seems that the Bros were able to do things their way, just maybe they finished early sending Rob’s cute buns to the house. just sayin

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    1. HI Isabella. I saw the pics and yes it’s Rob and Kristen is standing right by him. Do you know when or where the pictures are from? It didn’t say.


    2. I was laughing so hard at Bians who were “upset” because Tara, Ruth and Suzie were there but not Kristen. Ugh? Why do you think all those women were here if not for Kristen, dumbass?

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      1. Wow the sessed prove almost daily that they are lacking in active brain cells. And they are always full and ready with excuses. And in what universe would Tara, Suzie and Ruth be there along with Rob but not Kristen. It’s not rocket science stupid sessed.

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      2. Smack are you saying the sessed said TFI was going to be at that Marmont thing where RK were at earlier or the Oscar thing coming up? Either way she’s not included in RK’s close circle of friends so she’s better off going back to London. Sessed need to get their heads out of the sand and realize their ship in going down fast like titanic proportions. Lol

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      3. ROTFLMAO I get it now Rob is teleporting again as that’s the only way he could have an actual non PS pic of him in LA and the same time have a mysterious man without a face in a brown hoodie all at the same time. That sly ninja..


      4. Sorry I didnt answer you sooner but yes thats what I was saying. Hes getting good at teleporting. Meanwhile Nettie is still in LA and the trolls are losing their shit over on robjectify


      5. Smack I am loving that the tables have turned on the crazy sessed. And the great part is we don’t have to PS or fake or try to make up excuses and lies because RK and their friends are just letting us get the good stuff almost daily now.


    3. You girls are good! That is most definitely Rob. I don’t know how I missed that. Wow, they are getting careless – maybe on purpose. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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  6. HKN or Anybody – I have a question ..If you want to upload a photo here how do you do it?? It will not let me. Is there a reson or do you have to do it a special way?? Please let me know thanks.


  7. You know, Rob loves messing with people and loves create something to talk about and keep us busy wondering while he can live his life peacefully. Don’t pay too much attention to that earring. I have a feeling that its purpose is to make us talk. If I were him, I’d laugh my ass off to see people talking about an earring.
    Like some of you, I wonder if Rob has a tattoo 😉

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    1. And I can almost picture the scene, Kristen saying come on Rob just one small tat and Rob saying no Kris it’s going to hurt and Kristen saying you big baby and Rob relenting to his wife’s desire to be the one to tat him. If my spouse could do tats I’d definitely let him put one on me. But alas I’m ink free only because I hate needles and would probably pass out trying to have it done. 😃

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      1. Socks sorry but I guess I don’t understand your comment. My post was about tattoos and since Kristen is also a tattoo artist I’d think if Rob wanted a tat she’d be the one he’d ask to do it for him.


      2. It’s funny, I picture Rob asking for a tattoo after seeing Kristen getting one, then two,.. and Kristen saying him that Clare could pass out if Rob got a tattoo. Lol. Okay, JK. I was afraid of getting a tattoo because of the neddles and stuff but with tattoos, it’s like having a child, you know it will hurt but when you’re ready and you really want it, you get over it. I got a tattoo. It took 45 minutes to get done. And yes, it did hurt but I was so happy with the tattoo at the end. And I still am. Now, like many people who have a tattoo, I’d like to have more but just like for the first one, I will wait the right time, the right drawing and the right spot on my body.

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      3. Ok good Fishy and Dorothee because I didn’t understand if it was offensive or not. Dorothee I always wanted a tattoo on my ankle area but like I said too chicken. Most of my friends have them and some are real works of art. I’ve done the fake tats a time or two but that’s the limit of tats for me because of the pain part. Lol


      4. Socks, I’m curious what is TMI about tattooing? Did you think.”tat” maybe means something other than an abbreviation for tattoo? Just honestly wondering, no offense intended. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how tattoos=oversharing????


      5. Cindy, oh I thought you when said tat I thought you mention sex. Tat is close to almost saying boobs. That is when I said too much information. Sorry misunderstanding. I didn’t know about tattoo! Tat is close saying tattoos and about boobs. Sometimes you got to laugh at that! Sorry again my misunderstanding.

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      6. Pawpsicle now that was funny..tit for tat.
        Socks it’s all good and glad you clarified for me. I figured it had something to do with the word tat I used for tattoo.


    1. Pawpsicle, Haven’t found Shadow. All I could think is someone let her in their home and took care of her. I don’t have the answers. Its been a month since she has been missing. Even if we have found her. I don’t know how Socks will react. Anyways, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I am beat. The special meds for my shoulder has been kicking in. It makes me sleep too. But it helps with the pain. I love being HKN Havens! Its like being home.


      1. I’m so sorry Socks…I have two fur babies myself so I understand how much a part of the family they become. Yes, it’s probably likely a nice family found Shadow and took her in. Mr. Pawpsicle and I just took in a lost stray ourselves last Fall…so these types of things happen all the time. Give extra ♡ to Socks, and take it easy on your shoulder!


  8. Good morning to all my HKN Havens Friends! Here is what I have I come up with for the sessed, Krisbians, SRNs and the rest of the trouble makers and what I always do. I just ignore them let them watch them fall down from their cracks or having their melt downs. Like what on Beauty Shop Gina say to her sister in law when she keeps get into trouble. In my own words Sessed/SRN/Krisbians/haters are plain and stupid. Like HKN said before they are already having their meltdowns. Here us HKN Havens know the truth. I am always on your side. I have been and always will be on my HKN Havens sides. I am always RK supporter.


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