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A Variety of Stupidity


We had a week that was much of the same. A variety of stupidity and jealous hatred.

First up was VARIETY magazine using and twisting Kristen’s words for click bait. Unfortuantely for VARIETY they got caught at it and called out all over the internet.



Washington Post Calling Out Variety

You can read the whole article above but here’s just a sample.


My favorite line?

“Those who demanded Stewart’s blood, though, unleashed the hounds too quickly.”


Yep the dipshidiots jumped on it and made fools of themselves before it all caved in on them.


The only one who was scrambling and trying to save themselves was Variety. Not Kristen. Their “correction” didn’t stop the onslaught of callouts they received.



And some people had the guts to apologize for  their mistake unlike Variety.


No your lame ass correction was not an apology Variety!



Now according to the dipshidiots Kristen would never be able to dig herself out of this mess. She was finished…


Dipshidiots with shit all over their faces again.


Congratulations to Kristen!


No matter how hard they try the dipshidiots can not make Kristen the goat in this situation. Variety was the one that shamelessly used her for click bait to their article. And they got caught at it. Kristen has done nothing wrong. She simply stated her opinion on something and as is typical her words were twisted to make a salactious headline for click bait.


Done with my rant on this. Let’s move on.


  Well with Kristen getting all the attention you just knew narcissist IT had to do something to get herself noticed.

She was waxing poetic on her twitter account…


She woke up thinking who could I plagiarize today is what she means.

giphy (4)

Love the person’s comment calling her out. Guess she thought we wouldn’t notice. Fat chance.



Thankyou ChismosaGC for sending me this. Great job!


Not the first time she’s been caught at it either.


But narcissist IT wasn’t finished yet. This came next…


They had to airbrush the hell out of her to make her presentable. And why oh why did they give her stretch armstrong arms? According to the dipshidiots this trumps Kristen and  Chanel. Only in their dreams.


 And next up is Phyllis/Hopeless and IHeart still not giving up on the GO Campaign email fail.


Mama Nails  and NPP took IHeart up on her challenge to email the GO Campaign. Bet she wasn’t expecting that. IHeart thought she had made it home free.



IHeart then showed us her entire email. Funny how there is no logo on it. Her excuse for this? NPP used a different form than she did. Yeah like that excuse is going to fly.


Phyllis /Hopeless  took another tactic. Just as pathetic as IHeart’s excuse. We didn’t ask the same question as IHeart so they didn’t answer us in the same way. She was actually serious with this.


Both Phyllis/Hopeless and IHeart need to give it up. You were caught in a lie and no matter how much you try nothing is going to save you. Just admit it.


I want you to try not to laugh to hard at the next variety of stupidity. The dipshidiots went to a whole other level.


Digital kidnapping? Baby role play?


They scoured the internet and came up with this shit and attached it to me.

The PRstens have tried the wordpress angle before and Tizzy Razor will get the same response her fellow PRsten did.




Tizzy Razor was having a mental breakdown over this digital kidnapping stuff.



I hope she’s not still waiting for a response from GMA.


The dipshidiots keep accusing me of breaking some law where this concerned. What law exactly? One made up in your own minds?



Hey Tizzy! Just for you. Don’t get in too much of a tizzy over it.


And finally we have this…


Rob in NYC. You know. Where’s he’s been for quite a while now. I’m betting money that look doesn’t last long past filming the movie.


We got other pics as well. I believe some are from earlier in the month and some are more recent. Again Rob has been in NYC for some time now.


They are from different days. Clearly. And why  is that sign not straight but looks like it’s been placed there? And third yes that is Christmas decorations. At the end of January?



Good question. And here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter. Rob has been in NYC for some time now and it could be from closer to the holidays.


Rob looks like he is freezing his butt off! Bet he wishes he was in L.A. with the wife and kids.


And I am willing to admit that they may have not starting filming when we thought. Independent movies adjust start times a lot. Get over it dipshidiots. Again it doesn’t change the FACT that Rob has been in NYC for some time. Hope he has fun making the movie. Good luck Rob!



Suzie in New Jesrey! Wonder if someone is with her visiting the hubby.



Happy Birthday Suzie!


And what better way to put the finishing touch on this post than with this…


Bear, Bernie, and Cole the fur babies! (That kitchen tile looks awfully familiar.)




338 thoughts on “A Variety of Stupidity

  1. Never done this before read HKN & MN all the time. Love you both and love Rob & Kristen. Had to tell this to someone. Two nights ago I was checking out my R/K sites and came across some using a camera phone taking a picture of Kristen. It had just been posted 7 seconds before I saw it. She was lying on the floor (looked like carpet) with her sunglasses on and whoever was filming caught the small right hand corner of someone sitting next to her, but would only show a tiny bit of blond curly hair. I’m not making this up and have checked, can’t remember where I was and cannot find it again. janehall


  2. Good afternoon everyone how are things going I see our girl looking good I’ve just finished reading all the post I love everything that was posted and I agree with all that youall said about Rob and Kristen muse I love your post very much I enjoyed reading it socks your are in my pray’s I love how our boy is still MIA and Kristen is putting hinds out a little at a time the haters are going to believe what they want and put thing how they wants it I love her new interview I read it on Mammanails blog everything she said it’s the truth from her answers in the interview she knows what is being said about her and what her haters are saying the rags tabloids mags and Twitter that’s why I love her she keeps her head up and keep doing what she wants right now she is protecting him while he is filming they protect each other no matter what I love that about them sorry for such a long post this is my opionon love you all have a good day everyone

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  3. Hi to all my HKN Haven Friends! I have to have a MRI and most likely surgery. They have to burn off some hook, fixed some calcium and possibility a tear to the rotator cuff. As of today I am going to send with my family. Well it’s time for my physical therapy. In the indoor pool this time. I would like your prayers. Hugs.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. S&S you will be in my prayers. Since I had that surgery a few years ago I just want to warn you, afterwards is the worst pain I think I’ve ever been through in my life. It was far worse than the frozen shoulder so prepare yourself. It requires a great deal of dedication to physical therapy which starts the day after surgery and last I think it was 6 weeks. After that surgery I could easily see how a person becomes addicted to pain meds. I had injured my shoulder one day while trying to use it to stop my horse from running me over and over time it froze up on me. Horse won lol. But after all of that it’s wonderful to have full range and motion in that shoulder and arm and I’ve had no problems since then. Not trying to scare you I just wanted to prepare you for what’s ahead if you do the surgery.


    2. Socks, same type surgery that I had a number of years ago. That was the most relief ever had was that surgery. You will wake up with a cold pack think attached to a pump in a cooler to pump ice cold water through it. It was the best after surgery.


      1. Taxx I did wake up with ice packs but not a pump or anything like you’re describing. Once I got home and all of the good drugs wore off it was a horrible struggle for me. And physical therapy was even worse but after it all I am very happy I did the surgery and PT because my shoulder is as good as new.


      2. Cindy it is much better now than what you had and they do it by scope. I did very well with mine but we are all different yet they have made serious advancements. I called it the beer cook ice pack that constantly runs cold water around that shoulder after surgery. It keeps swelling down to minimum. Therpy was not bad either so its better now.


      3. Wow Taxx that does sound better and to think my surgery was in 2008 and look how far they’ve come in less than 10 years. Or maybe I just had the wrong surgeon. 😱


      4. Cindy, I think I must have had a better surgeon, mine was earlier than that, sorry you got short changed, I had a spur that was cutting rotator cuff so it can be bad but Socks, you choose your Dr. Get opinions from others, I have the best ortho in my area and he has saved me from surgies.

        So robJ, are you obsessing over this type of discussions. We actually give a crap about each other unlike some of your extreme nut cases. Steal another post, this is my authorship, it shall not be used without my permission on any other location but here on HKN blog. Taxx!


      1. Socks, just letting you know my mom had surgery for her rotator cuff several years ago. I helped care for her afterwards, and while admittedly she was in pain after surgery and during recovery, pain medication helped her greatly. Yes they were opioids (such as percocet, vicoden, ect), but she was not addicted to them and has since fully recovered. Work with your doctor to find the best pain management option for you. It is possible to keep your pain under control while you heal, without you needlessly having to suffer. Be honest about your level of pain when talking with the doctor and don’t be afraid to treat your pain with whatever medication you and the doctor feel is best…there is no reason for SHORT term opioid use to have to lead to any addiction. I wish you the best of luck–you’ll do great!!! 🙂


  4. Iheart has been running her mouth as I have heard on robjectify. Just the name of that blog suggests its only about their over invested selves thinking Rob is their’s well Iheart and cronies, guess again since that is all you can do is GUESS, you know nothing about him and never will. His private life is just that, his and not fodder for your sick games. We know how sick you are since you leave a trail of internet puke all over the place online. I am waiting for the day that your little heart faces reality when it smacks the piss out of you. Have a nice day, somewhere else preferably off-line. We all hope you get help, unfortunately, sadly you will likely get worse until your family realizes how sick and lost you really are in this world you have created where you know everything about Robert Pattinson. Sadly you know nothing and I don’t claim to know anything about his private life. I do have an opinion yet you can’t understand that concept so its pointless to discuss. Toodles, I still owe you a debt, just a reminder.

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    1. Yes and that fake comment they are trying to pass off as real just proves how butt hurt the sessed and haters are over all of the real truth about RK that’s being shown to them for the past few months. Kristen is killing them with truth and they just can’t handle it. Sucks to be them.

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      1. Iona exactly. Even she is trying to show them the real her and yet the sessed ignore what she’s trying to tell them as well because we all know the sessed and haters know more about everything than the people themselves. Sarcasm…

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  5. So Kristen jets off on Valentine weekend to NYC ❤️Kristen returned to LA a few days later…. As the story goes .. Wearing OVERSIZED clothes… Well son- of -a-gun
    Isn’t that the same exact hooded sweat shirt I’ve seen Robert Pattinson wearing on occasion? Why yes… Yes I do believe it is. 💣💍🙊

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  6. Hi to all my HKN Havens Friends! I have appt with Orthopedic tomorrow. I need your prayers that they do something about my right shoulder. Truth I cant take anymore pain.I would like my right shoulder back so I can start do my hair and things I love to do. If they decide to do surgery then that is what I have to do. Keep me posted. Love you all and RK. Sorry I am typing with one arm. It sucks. Sorry I wasnt here two weeks due my health. I talk to all my HKN Havens friends! Also, Great job on your comments. Hugs! I always believe in my HKN Havens friends! Night!


  7. Because I do not read the tabloids, any of them, ever, I certainly sleep better and have learned they are really absolutely birdcage liner and worthless to me. I enjoy learning and seeing Kristen wearing Rob’s clothing, her ring, and being able to compare Rob’s clothing side by side. I think it is great he is able to outwit the tabloids to preserve his sanity and to enjoy his family privately and safely. We do see him so very rarely that I wonder what he looks like these days but that is just being curious from my standpoint. Thanks to Kristen we see their fur babies are still alive and well and it is nice to see their best friends are still around and visiting. I am wishing for a rear shot of them together, with the babies someday soon! Kristen just seems to be getting more beautiful every day. I firmly believe that love gives you a special glow or radiance you can almost feel. Both Rob and Kristen shine with their eyes a really amazing way, especially when they smile. I am happy that they have found their very necessary secure world of privacy. Because they undoubtedly want to protect friends and family from the constant glare of the flashbulb, they have a private inner sanctum we will never see. Somehow that really pleases me, they deserve a good life undisturbed by the idiot class. Rob said once that he did not want to be over photographed, and felt each picture of him in private life was stealing something from him. I think he is actually just enjoying making movies without the tribes of tabloid photographers very enjoyable. I remember both crying to be left alone by the press who probably still hound them, both together or alone. No one can understand the ugly viciousness of being tracked unless you have gone through it. Hopefully things are better these days for the ninjas of Pattinson.

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