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The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!


Yep they were coming . The closer it came to IT’s birthday the more frantic they were to get their photo shop efforts out there.


They didn’t disappoint.


They were in such a hurry they left so many mistakes behind that I lost count. The female bracelet on supposedly Rob’s arm was my favorite. Phyllis/Hopeless excuses for this was priceless. First IT bought Rob a female bracelet and then she turned it into a watch.




And it got even better. So now Phyllis/Hopeless has a son-in-law lawyer and a son who is a dentist. You can’t make this shit up. It’s priceless.


You know it’s bad when even Mama Nails who doesn’t usually comment on these things feels the need to chime in.







 Pattinson360 tried desperately to cover up the bracelet and missing arm hoping no one would notice.



We had our own fun with this fiasco.


Way better than what the Russians came up with. Don’t ya think?



And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse they come up with this.


No ring either. But wait according to Phyllis/Hopeless she never takes it off except for work and going to the gym. Phyllis/ Hopeless excuse for this? She’s waiting on her wedding band.


She’s in for a long wait. Like Forever. Never going to happen.



And they had to update the pic above to include Rob. They love to forget an arm on him don’t they. They do it repeatedly. Amputee Rob.



Forget red circles. Chiburkie has the blue circles down pat! Nice job!


In case you have trouble reading dipshidiots. A list of your mistakes.

Weird Neck.

Two different earrings.


Weird finger.



Yeah this too.


According to the dipshidiots  you can’t photo shop a Polaroid.

Yeah I think you can.



I guess if you can’t then this is authentic right dipshidiots?


You have to give the Russians an A for effort in the photo shop fail department. Oopsie they forgot to photo shop the faux pas engagement ring on IT’s finger again.



Guess they decided to give Amputee Rob a break in this pic.



Guess IT teleported herself to all these places at the same time. Or she has a clone. Now there’s a scary thought.



Things quieted down a little until this came in…  Kristen arriving at LAX from London.


Nice shirt Kristen. Raiding your man’s closet again? Nice ring too.



Panic set in for the Russians. They had to come up with something to counter fast!



Re photo shopping a previous photo shopped pic was the best that they could do? Seriously?



Notice IT’s hair in this pic. Not the same as in their new retouched pic. Looks like they penciled IT’s hair in. Back to the photo shopped back of heads. Not very original. And spare me with the suddenly three weeks later IT’s mom was there. Doesn’t matter if she was. Know why? Rob wasn’t there.

I would like to thank RK’s Street Team and Robsten Rematch for the explanation below of how the Russian trolls are doing this.

photo shop1



9JXjccoO (2)


Rob is in NYC filming a movie. Notice how I said NYC Because Phyllis/ Hopeless can’t seem to grasp the difference between NYC and New Jersey.


Message to Phyllis/Hopeless. Posting filming schedules for New Jersey is not proof that Rob is not filming in NYC. And NO dipshidiots NYC and New Jersey are not in different countries.


I have something else to say about Phyllis/ Hopeless. She constantly calls me a racist but when asked for proof she comes up with nothing. She says her opinion of me is her proof.


Well my opinion of her as a Nazi racist is my opinion and since opinion is proof I guess it’s so. But then again I have more proof than just my opinion. Her posting pics of Hitler and the KKK back up my opinion.


The Save Rob Now loons sunk to a new low even for them by sending a vicious blind to CDAN.

Blind Item #1
He says that he just passed out. His friends say that he overdosed and is lucky to be alive. Either way the drug use the other night by this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor was out of control. They all blame his girlfriend. The actor has dropped out of a few roles in the past year. He blames scheduling but his friends blame the drugs. That A list fame he had thanks to that franchise is slipping quickly through his fingers.


Okay first only in the Save Rob Now loons dreams is Rob an addict. He did not drop out of roles. One movie had finance problems. Nothing to do with Rob what so ever! And second IT doesn’t have enough importance in his life to influence him to use drugs. Nothing is slipping through his fingers. He has three movies filming this year. You actually believe these producers would be signing him on if he was the drug addict you claim him to be? The only thing Rob is is  a wonderful  husband,father, and gifted actor!


And to close this out I have something to say to Porsha White. Trying to get threatening posts through on my blog is never going to happen. They have all been forwarded to Bunny so she can take the appropriate action. This is a warning to any other troll who thinks I will stand for this.


Oh one more thing…


This beautiful drawing by Nettie sent the dipshidiots into a blind panic. To the point that they made up IG accounts just so they could post on Nettie’s IG. Funny how it didn’t get them the response they hoped for. Nettie never says a word about Rob and Kristen or their children.



Yep that about covers it.  The dipshidiots are still squirming over it. It  doesn’t matter who the pic is of. It still doesn’t change anything.


CZDSoNMUwAA0ax8Just because I can.



256 thoughts on “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

  1. Just saw Kirsten’s beautiful new Chanel pictures .. Her face is simply beautiful…. Gorgeous green eyes… Mama and papa Stew sure made a beauty……. Bet all those sessed haters are gnashing thier big old yellow teeth over those pics…. Lol
    The thought of that kinda gives me the warm fuzzies….LOL

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey sweetie!!!! I was snooping over on GC a bit — and OMG – its hilarious. The hatred on GC towards Kristen is almost pathetic now because they post this gorgeous photo of her – and all you see are desperate attempts to demean her. Its not holding up well and you can definitely see the tide turning. On Robjectify — they are just hilarious. They continue to post obvious old and/or manipulated photos and then create this whole narrative behind it. They are so ridiculously jealous of K that they would rather have R with anyone but her. Can’t wait until they have to eat their words. Toodles!!


      1. I havevto agree with you fishy. I dont look at the trash sites but have gone on robjectify and the trolls are downright scary. I dont think I have ever read a discussion on perms before in my life. It was like you were in a alternative reality.


      2. Ha those goobers on GC and the sessed haters cannot let it go… Kristen makes the toothy gal look really bad by comparison… They cannot deny that or make it less true … Sad really……it must be so difficult for all of them to see the difference between the two … Almost makes me a little sorry for them that the best they can come up with is ” Twig”….. Almost ….. But not really……. … ROFL…. Well back to sipping my koolaid while I enjoy the new Chanel pictures!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think her new photos are beautiful. Kristen is such a natural beauty both inside and outside. No need for airbrushing or PS any of her shoots because she has it all naturally. When a person is ugly on the outside and is even uglier on the inside there just isn’t enough airbrushing to wipe out the ugly. You notice it all because it just can’t be hidden. And a person could be ugly on the outside but beautiful inside so much so that you’d never see the ugly outside because all you see is their inner beauty. Don’t know why I’m posting this but you all know who I’m speaking of having the double ugly stick.


  2. TVGIRL, I just read your comment about the new CHANEL make-up campaign . Can you imagine the women who love eye-make-up and Kristen has gorgeous green eyes with almost perfectly measured lips, and nose, along with a great ability to connect with the camera. That may be one of her best campaigns yet. Rob’s eyes are like beautiful blue jewels shooting sparks out into the world, definitely connecting with those lovely eyes of his wife. Both are very natural people who connect with the public, they are very genuine and a good photographer can see this magnetic spark that we feel when they are speaking. We can also see through the tabloid jungle that seeks to devour truth and reality to make big bucks. I am struck constantly with Rob and Kristen’s desire to respect one another and love each other just the way they are. I know I hope love and respect can return to all our lives to inhibit the growth of hate and disrespect. What the world needs now is love sweet love as THE CARPENTER’S song rang out. This new world of lies and more of the same seems never to learn that more people turn away from hate and lies to find the truth. And, the truth is out there, popping up all over the place, and making us smile a lot! I would love to see Rob model Dior in the hats, caps, and glove dept. He can make a sweatshirt look positively sexy! Rob in a beautiful hat would send hats zooming! Susie

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Dear Muse, Your beautiful and very thoughtful reaction to Rob and Kristen’s first meeting, their sensitive love for each other, and the reality of the amazing love they have for each other which has grown stronger over the past eight years was perfectly expressed. To love and be loved in that way is just a gift from God, for you are really blessed. Those who have known that love can identify with it immediately, and it gives meaning to life. Thank you so much for your sharing of thoughts and it gave me a very big smile, because I remember twenty-five years of real love with a beautiful husband I miss dearly. We all love and want to protect RK from the people who are quite sick in this world. I think RK grows stronger and happier every day and their lives are focused around their family and their work and balancing all the many, many details. I appreciated so much seeing BBC, the babies in the kitchen recent picture. Thank you RK, we are so glad they are fine and my female boxer is about the same size, she is a tad chubby, but very healthy. Rob’s oldest male dog is a big lover! So nice to see fur babies! Susie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sue. I had no idea so many people would even see it. You were truly blessed to have twenty-five years of real love with your husband. I’m certain you miss him everyday. R & K are two very intuitive individuals recognized what they had and have been able to building on it over the year and expand that love to their children and those cut little dogs. They have emerged into quite a lovely family.

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  4. Muse, what a lovely sweet story of Rob and Kristen. They fell in love while their characters fell in love on screen. As Rob has said, he believes in love at first sight; at 21 and 17 it was sealed fate. I agree , its why we are all here. Thank you for putting it into wonderful words.

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  5. Good morning everyone muse this is for you I really really love your post I enjoyed reading it I saw the same thing from in twilight and fell in love they both of them and will stay and support them together have a good day all R/K lovers and that’s us here on this blog also Mammanails and bunny oh how is she doing you all are in my pray’s

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you all for your kind words. What I wrote was my heartfelt feeling about R & K’s story. I wanted to get back to why I’m here in the first place, and I wanted to contribute something. I appreciate reading all of the comments here, whether I post or not, and they inspire me. We’ve all come together to lend love and support to two people who more than deserve it. The trolls spew hate and grief every day. They target specific RK people out of pure fear and because the lies are crumbling down around them. These people hold their ground and counteract those lies every day, and lately with great cost to themselves. Things are changing. We can feel it. So if we can inspire we become inspired. We’re all in this together.

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  7. Loved it muse.Their love has always been the attraction for me. I truly believe the people that follow rk and their epic love are so very lucky to have picked up on this love. We truly are romantics at heart and love these 2. I hope someday when all is known someone writesa a book about this it would be a best seller.Thanks muse

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  8. Cindy,

    Rob’s career had stalled after his last role in Harry Potter-Goblet of Fire. He was discouraged, and on the verge of giving up acting. His agent told him about a movie called Twilight, and she wanted to get him an audition. He wasn’t excited about doing a “teen” movie, until he heard Kristen Stewart would be part of it, and Catherine Hardwicke would be directing it. Rob had seen Kristen’s movies, with the latest being “Into The Wild”.

    He admitted to having a crush on Kristen. In reading the description of the character, he wondered how anyone could play this part, especially him, but it was his chance to actually meet Kristen Stewart.
    That became the driving force for him in overcoming the fear and insecurity of feeling he wasn’t right for the role. The 21 year old decides to throw all caution to the wind, he flies to another country on his own dime, sleeps on his agent’s couch, is unprepared, doesn’t know much about the movie, feels he doesn’t fit the profile of the character, so why is he there? He wanted to meet 17 year old Kristen Stewart.
    He was willing to put himself through whatever he had to just to meet her They had been casting Twilight for some time. However, Kristen had turned down everyone who had previously auditioned because she felt no connection with any of them. Rob was the last one to audition. He agonized over the description of the character who was “too beautiful to look at”, he didn’t have “a six pack”, and how does one play the “perfect man”?

    He thought he had an idea of how he might play the role, but it was invalidated once he actually met Kristen. She was very different than the description of her character. Doing the audition with Kristen, it became clear that a creative and exciting process had taken over. Whatever Rob projected in that long audition, resonated with Kristen.
    For Rob, he felt she “shocked a performance out of him” and he was positive that all he wanted was that role. Even to the point where he wrote Catherine an email telling her his ideas for playing the part. It proves that “at the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Little does he know, Kristen had already written his name on the script, and expressed to Catherine that there was no one else she could do this movie with. None of it could have happened the way it did if Rob hadn’t followed his heart and ignored what was going on in his head.

    The rest is history. Twilight became an epic love story, focusing on the two main characters. The world identified with what was projected on screen with Rob and Kristen putting everything they had into that movie, but also what was happening off screen between them. It’s honestly the love story of a slightly immature 21 year old, and a mature 17 year old that worked and became a love story within a love story.
    Why wouldn’t they defend it against the cynical naysayers who try to demean it for their own supercilious agenda? It’s not only a part of their professional history, but it’s their personal love story that became epic.
    It’s true that millions of people fell in love with Stephanie Meyer’s books, and the Saga of Edward and Bella, but they also were simultaneously witnessing and drawn to the love story blossoming between Rob and Kristen

    Love stories are to be celebrated not criticized. It a story of hope, and the realization that it’s possible for anyone to experience that kind of love if they follow their heart. It’s simple. It’s the reason we’re here on earth. To love and be loved.

    Liked by 19 people

    1. Muse, simply lovely and true. I loved the books, but without carefully chosen actors, it would collapse like a house of cards. Special,against all odds,passionate love is rarely palatable on screen. When I saw how these 2 consumed ea.before the camera,I said to myself, wow, it looks so real. Cause it was. Especially Rob. He was so fixed and focused on her. Wow it takes real to play real sigh

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Muse
      What you wrote tells the complete story and reason we are all here and so devoted and fiercely loyal… Very beautiful story… 7 yrs and still going strong.

      Liked by 4 people

    3. Muse, Beautiful and so well said. Theirs is a perfect love story and I feel lucky to have watched it unfold. The happiness on both of their faces is proof that soul mates exist. When I get back home in a few days we have to figure out how I can follow you on Twitter! When I tried before you were not getting my request:(

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi to all my HKN Haven friends! HKN,Thanks! Sorry for not being here yesterday. I was completely out of it. I slept the whole Sunday. I am better now.


    1. I totally agree with Cindy, Muse….I just by chance, read your post and it perfectly describe the epic love story of Rob and Kristen and why we fell in love with their love for each other!

      Liked by 1 person

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