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The Email Farce

Where to start with this story. Let’s see…

Once upon a time there was a village idiot named Phyllis/Hopeless.


She would spend her days and nights on twitter attacking people and in denial of their truths.

One day while attacking HKN,one of the villagers,Phyllis/Hopeless sent HKN a link to village idiot Lisa’s post on PRsten ,well known by all the villagers as a Kristen Stewart hate site.


HKN’s response to the village idiot Lisa’s claim that Rob and IT would be marrying sometime soon.



This was Phyllis/Hopeless response to HKN calling out village idiot Lisa on her claim.


And then HKN challenged Phyllis/Hopeless to send the email confirming the wedding date.



Promises. Promises.


This is what she sent…


This is an email that another village idiot named IHeart sent to the GO Canpaign.

download (1)


This is the picture she is talking about in her email. This has been discussed over and over by the villagers months ago. The Go Campaign pandering to get donations from the village idiots by repeating false tabloid rumors proves nothing.


This was supposedly the email response IHeart received from the GO Campaign.


Notice that there is no mention of a wedding date anywhere. Phyllis/Hopeless backtracked and said she was talking about them being engaged. Funny no mention of being engaged either.


According to IHeart somewhere in this response the GO Campaign says they got permission from Rob to post that he and IT were engaged. Really? Where is that?


IHeart was feeling the heat as she was called out on the validity of her emails.



Funny how they have a logo here but none on the email supposedly sent to village idiot IHeart.

Phyllis/Hopeless realizing she has been had turns on her fellow village idiot IHeart and lays the blame for the email fiasco at her feet.


IHeart then panics and claims to have an email WITH the GO logo on it.



And once again IHeart refusing to let go of her fantasy that the GO Campaign said they had Rob’s consent. Again where is that at in the email? They must of wrote it with invisible ink. It’s not there.


IHeart said she will gladly send us a new version of the email photoshopped with the GO logo to make it more believable. Don’t bother.


And the village idiots once again convinced no one while making fools of themselves and the villagers lived happily ever after as does Rob,his wife Kristen, Sweet Pea, and Jelly Bean.


The village idiots also claim that Rob was in London.


Their photo shop skills are only getting worse.


rob fake

Will these people ever give up with their lame attempts?


The hat is the least of their photo shop fails. Rob miraculously can put his hand thru an extra tall beer glass! That man has some amazing talents!


The village idiots are desperate to place Rob in London as IT’s birthday gets closer and closer. Here’s a clue for the village idiots.


kristen rob

And you know this drove the village idiots crazy!



Hi Rob!



Just sit back and enjoy. No judging Dior. Rob looks fantastic..



David Bowie passed away today after a long battle with cancer. His music style wasn’t my cup of tea but I have always admired the man for being a true genius.

This is the way I would like to remember him. Just amazing.

RIP David Bowie.

Vector illustration of yellow candle on black background




362 thoughts on “The Email Farce

  1. With the awareness being brought forth with the unfairness and feelings of , “I am God here ” that seems to reign in phonywood, I am so very proud and motivated by the proud, brave, and OH SO TALENTED ACTORS (BLACK and WHITE) that a talented person does not have to become a CLOWN, a LIAR, and a phony (I’m like you embarrassment to show business,} to be accepted by people who really are patrons of the arts. People who know and appreciate an actor who can actually become the character he/she is portraying. Time out for, You act/ do and say what WE want and I’ll get you an award. Nobody will notice… WELL EVERYONE HAS NOTICED AND HAS BECOME AWARE HOW THIS SHAM OF AN AWARD SHOW SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!! ( I have felt this way for a LONG time). DON’T WORRY DESERVING ACTORS?ACTRESSES; EVERYONE KNOWS (while some actors and actresses are deserving) there are tooo many being punished for not playing and being a bafoon, a coward, and an embarrassment to and for wealthy, slack jawed,, self important men ( I used the term loosely) with the morals of jackals, and the lack of good taste for actors, actresses, and good films with well developed characters.


  2. Has anyone seen anything yet of Kristen from the Sundance? I didn’t check to see what her schedule is yet but haven’t seen any pics so far.


  3. Hi everyone Haven’t posted in awhile been under the weather. Getting better . I have an interesting point I was reading robs mangers ig good ol al. It seems he is invested in the young turks. Could explain the mention of t and her gogo banquet performance on his ig. Which I think her performance was gag worthy. It also was interesting to see how friendly he is with al turki. Rob and t rode with him one day to Coachella. their was pics.He also seems very interested in t. Lots of money going around . Many pics of al rob and t at Coachella. Just a few observations. I also looked at cab pics of t birthday. Intersting blob behind t when getting in the car and interesting reflection in rob cab window when you zoom in . Many interesting observations if you zoom in. Have a great day ladies!

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    1. Interesting but I don’t know who the Turks are. I don’t keep up with everything so I have to say I’m ignorant on who the heck are the Turks? Rob is very intelligent as is Kristen and they seem to surround themselves with other like minded friends so if his manager is financially investing in the diva at this point in time I’d have to say he’s not very smart. There is not now nor will there ever be a money train leaving her station.

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  4. Good morning,
    I’m looking forward to see Kristen on the weekend. She will certainly be great.
    The airport pictures were interesting with hints. I can imagine very well that Rob, Kristen and the children have visited the family. He is from London to NY and Kristen from there to LA. Possible!
    Andreana I agree with you on all points. And I think that it is completed definitive and no one will have more interest this woman. (Except the Sessed they will continue to promote) for all, can only Rob and Kristen together finish it!
    Nice day. Hugs!

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    1. Sanni – you are right this weekend will be interesting to say the least. The only fans interested in her are the so called Rob/Diva fans who push her agenda over whatever Rob may or may not be doing which is sad. They will continue to promote her for whatever reason they may have. Right now she is a has been. Who stops performing after a year? I have never heard of anything so stupid.

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      1. Smack
        If she has stopped performing she has granted a wish for the entire world… ! Never to hear her name or see her face would be a dream come true.. … But I don’t think from what I have observed, her ego would allow that. I think she believes she is talented…. Delusion… I’m afraid we are in for more as she desperately fights for a ride on the hamster wheel.

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      2. Smack, Andreana
        Rob/Diva fans and Diva have different interests but the same goal. R/D fans just want to keep Rob away from Kristen. Diva wants to stay linked to him for possibly the rest of her life to keep her name in the press. She has one benefit as a result of last year in Feb.. Is anyone knocking her door down wanting her to perform? Doesn’t seem like it. T has no scheduled touring engagements. She should have had the year booked by now and tours planned. There are none. Most people who have a passion for what they do are obsessed and work very hard toward their goals. Last year was a gift to her. People promoted her. She didn’t appreciated it. She thought she deserved it. She didn’t like touring. It was hard work. What she wanted was the fame and attention, like any narcissist, so why would she work? She’s a legend in her own mind. Who works for a year and opens an online store selling memorabilia with their face on it? It’s just PR for her. Her Old/New albums are similar to the trolls Old/New pictures. Nothing new just recycled as new. Anyone who accepts an award that was given the previous year to an unusual dog act, doesn’t get that she’s not being taken seriously in the music industry. Her awards were fan voted. Her fans manipulated the vote for her to win. She still expects to be acknowledged by the music industry for what she’s done in the past while she has nothing going on in the future. What she wants to be is famous like the Kardashians who have no talent but became famous. The sooner she can be severed from any association with Rob & Kristen the better it will be for them and their family. The diva must think she can retire on what she’s made and still stay famous. Maybe her fans will get it eventually. They’re following someone who already given up her career but is still chasing the fame.

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      3. Muse excellent post. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes she is now trying to peddle her product and sure lots of musicians have online stores but let’s not forget she was so desperate at one time recently she had to peddle her goods at a flea market and even that probably didn’t go too well for her. Hopefully she can just fade away soon. Hanging on someone else’s fame won’t help her anymore because as a musician she has zero talent and you have to have real talent these days to make it to the top.

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      4. Cindy – I think you point out a very key differentiator. Musicians have online stores which are generally run by their management etc. – hers is awkward – kind of like a cheesy Etsy storefront. All of the selfies of her wearing her own merchandise, the quality of the items, etc. – its just off. Could you imagine Adele posing in an Adele t-shirt and selling them out of her car? It is very amateur. Perhaps she will go back to playing small “clubs” where her style of sexualized movement/dance is encouraged. Its definitely a niche market. Oh – and leave Rob alone – its time for this to be done.

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      5. Muse – thanks for the great post.

        Andreana – I agree with you we would granted the greatest wish of all if she decided to stop performing. It would be a blessing. The hard part right now is to get her away from Rob and Kristen before anything else happens. I think Kristen wearing her wedding ring is a big FU in the diva’s face and the faces of the trolls who turned on her faster than you can tie a shoe lace.

        Cindy – we can only hope that she just fades away without any backlash to the 2 people we most admire and the reason why we are here.

        As for the rest, let the trolls continue with their bs. The more we engage them the worse they get. Lets hope they just fade away also but Im not holding my breath.

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      6. Cindy, Smack Janie,
        Thank you. I think we’re all just sick of her. The Turks mention her Aug. 2015 album on their site. In the music industry it’s an (old album). They have her online store listed. I don’t see her doing anything to sell anything. I guess she felt all she had to do was set up a store, people would buy her stuff by itself. Her peddling those albums at a flea market didn’t seem to register with her why that was happening because she so full of herself. She’s literally a legend in her own mind. The Turks aren’t promoting her like they are the rest of their clients. I’m not sure she even understands that they could sue her for some of their investment back depending on her contract with them. She’s not broke. Sometimes what goes around comes around. She self-released a 2012 album (only a limited amount of albums). 2012? How many of those would you say she would sell? It appears she thinks she’s done all this work and she can just rest on her laurels and keep selling it. Apparently, what’s happened to her hasn’t even remotely hit her being the narcissist that she is. She’s counted on Rob’s PR for over a year. Why would she let it go? It serves her well and she has her minions to perpetuate that. For R&K getting rid of her completely is paramount. I hope they can. Exterminating parasites isn’t always easy, they keep coming back.

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  5. Hi to all my HKN Havens friends! Sorry for being MIA here. I am trying catch up my sleeps! Today I got hurt on the job! I was cutting the potatoes. Then all of sudden I cut my finger! Just thank god I didn’t cut off my finger.
    Fishy, Andreana, Cindy, and the rest of my HKN Havens friends are my favorite people! Great job ladies! I always believe in you! Happy Hug National Day!


    1. Socks you must have a bad luck run going on. Did you get the 2nd cat back? I finally got my own treatment finally today after a week delay.
      My Mom has that angel sitting on her shoulder, she is healing well from her mastectomy. They may get 1-2 feet snow. However, where I am, we may get up too a couple inches of ice. At least some of that heavy heart felt burden is lifted. I hope to catch up soon, looks like a bunch has happened over a weeks worth. Hope all batten down the hatches, all of East coast is in for a ride.


  6. You know what I find funny about all the photoshopped pic is. People mag posted the first one of them walking down the street a couple of weeks ago, but there has been nothing since. No birthday pics, no Christmas pics. Then there’s GC, there has been a few stories out there saying, how Twigs and Rob are breaking up because he wants Kristen back. Well before GC, debunked them almost the second they came out, it’s been over a week now There slacking over there or have they finally came figured out that all their sources is crazies who hang out on the sessed blog. I think things are changing and they know it, Kristen wearing the ring now pretty much where ever she goes. The sweet pic of Rob where you can see the outline of a ring at the end of the chain. The pics from when Kristen was in NYC, where you can see him in them. I really think this going to Rob and Kristen’s year. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I believe something is big is going happen, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store in for their fans next.

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  7. just read the post above about T for trash trying to whine about being mistreated as a child because of her race….. Excuse me … But didn’t she grow up in the UK? …. Hello ? … She can smile? Really …. ? Can somebody let this little princess know that she can smile and strip naked and run down any street in the world ..unless Robert pattinson was with her …. NO ONE would look twice at her… Famous? what a huge laugh! Rob is famous … If he had a dog with him ( excuse the pun) the dog would be famous …. By her whittle lonesome NO one would even notice her….. She cannot sing … CANNOT SING! And what she calls dancing .. Most would call what she does lewd gyrating senselessly around a stage… Some body needs to supply this chick with a reality check…. Kristen smiles all the time and is beautiful doing it…. T trash smiling reminds me of my next dental appointment. Fishy if you read this … I love you girl you know it ! But I went there …. And I’m not sorry… Don’t be disappointed with me! Lol

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    1. Oh A – I was going to respond with a big “Ditto”. No worries my friend. I can only hope – as we all do – that this is over soon. Its almost to the point of being embarrassing. Her constant whining about how oppressed she is…………..growing up in the country with dance lessons and school and a loving family. Yep – really oppressed. I have never gotten over the whole “I don’t do basic………..”. That was such a slap in the face to all the people who have believed in her and supported her because obviously she was not doing that well on her own. Or there is the “I don’t understand how celebrity works…………..”. I’m so over her — actually was a long time ago. So – you go girl – I’m right there with you :).

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      1. Whew !!! At least I dropped the offensive bea*** name…. See I do try not to make comments on her ahem… Appearance…. Well I am trying …. 😬 😇 A for effort.? I have nothing positive to say about that ….that …. That. …. girl. But if she slams Kristen ever…. then all bets are off! I will unleash the whole damn zoo on her ass… Ok … Thanks fishy you know I love ya ! Lol❤️💙💜💚💛😉

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      1. Arleen and fishy

        Big thanks girls …. Ya’ll are da best! Proud to be a part of the gang here …. Love to all the haven girls … We all have Moxie! A fine freakin group of strong opinionated … But very lovely ladies… 😘😘💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


      2. Andreana, You are welcome anytime! I am going to bed now. Night hun and to the rest of my HKN Haven friends! Hugs! Love you all and RK! I better get that poster ready for Kristen. To welcome her to Utah. I wish I could go to Park City but have those days! Night HKN Havens friends!


  8. Here’s one last post from me before I go. It’s from LondonCalling2’s tumblr at It describes how manipulative Twigs actually is. She was aware of the crazy sessed’s hate for Kristen and used it to manipulate them into crying racism by throwing the first stone at her first concert in September 2014. They are that gullible to believe she is an innocent victim when it is clear she isn’t. If anyone has a twitter account, post this link to the timelines of the crazy sessed and see how they react. It’d be fun to see them scramble to defend her as always. It astounds me how they think Rob would date such a manipulative woman. He’d kick her to the curb once he realized how manipulative she was. That’s the cold, hard truth. The crazy sessed can’t stand it.

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  9. Dear Haven, I have missed reading posts here and found myself giggling like a teenager about your recent photo shopped creations and it was lovely to see Kristen James Stewart Pattinson in the flesh with a Daddy shirt and a wedding ring flying back to the states. Oh Lord, the weather is getting really funky with ice and snow now so all those flights are getting very few! Hoping everyone is good and sending pats on the back to HKN, MAMA NAILS, BUNNY, and all the strong loving ladies out the telling the truth and loving RK plus Two! Susie from chilly Oklahoma


      1. Or kristenstewarthq. They originally tweeted that she was leaving lax for Utah but if you looked at the pics she was coming from arrivals. They have since changed it to arriving at lax today. I saw that too fishy. She also has her ring on.

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      1. And you have to love the observation of Harry Styles being assisted by Kristen’s bodyguard — and that he was arriving from London. What?? Kristen was possibly in London?? We know Paris was only a couple days and after those couple pictures – nothing. And nothing about Rob (I do NOT give any credence to the ridiculous pictures of last weekend). And she continues to wear her ring. Oh my – this is probably driving them crazy and we will have a slew of “sightings” and “newfound pictures” from weeks ago. Funny how people will post pictures immediately (or within a few hours……..ahem) and then miraculously find more later on. Right…………

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      2. Just like they just found that pic from 3 weeks ago. But you are right fishy, they are probably going crazy because she has been seen again wearing her wedding ring and we have pics of the diva without her ring on. This is all so confusing but this weekend should be interesting between Sundance and then maybe Paris for Chanel on Tuesday.

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    1. ?? The article said Kristen arrived just before Harry Styles. After getting Kristen settled in the car he offered help to Harry who was being converged on. What a nice guy! It’s easy to see why Kristen has had him so long.

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      1. You Can Clearly see that Harry Came out first because it’s light outside in the video when Kristen comes outside it’s dark the tabs are only saying that because Kristen pictures came out first and then Harry’s Pics Came Out.


  10. Fact: in Trolling for Dummies 101, after the troll has depleted all of the standard rules for hating on, harassing, stalking, arguing non stop, throwing in some lies and being all around void of any sort of kindness and still can’t change the mind of those they troll, then their final rule states “accuse all of those you are losing arguments with as being one and the same”…..hmmm how’s that working for ya trolls.

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  11. Well I have to say the crazies are just acting worse by the minute. I just can’t imagine living a life the way they do. I haven’t seen that much immaturity in one place since kindergarten class. Anywho I’m thinking that maybe the tshirts “yes” will make their appearance soon since it’s another new year. Hopefully sooner rather than later. And I don’t know for sure but when I read the comments by that robstenchild person well that sure sounds an awful lot like a troll that used to post here a while back. Same speech and asking the same questions they used to ask here almost daily always wanting reassurance. Jmo


  12. Backside Pic of Blond Baby by Nettie. I’m not an expert on reading between the lines, but there’s quite a bit of comments being made on twitter on this blond baby. Nettie has stated that the pic of a “lil fella” is a “creation boy.” Why would I read that to mean “between the lines.” What would she gain by lying to her followers. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in RK, however, if its her answer, out of her mouth (writing) in response to someone on Her account, why would it be questioned? Unless, its not her account. Haven’t RK believers always said something to the effect: If it doesn’t come from the person, we shouldn’t believe what tabs or haters are sending forth. This is jmo.


      1. oh, remember when Riley and Suzie removed their pics of baby, nettie still has this one up on her account. maybe cause its not a frontal view, don’t know. js


    1. I don’t think your understanding what they are saying plus that is Nettie’s Real account the nuts are going insane over there. The Discussion going on is someones thoughts just like you have yours other peeps are writing down their thoughts. Now what she was saying was How Nettie Responded to the person and what she didn’t say that is why peeps on our side are seeing Read Between The Lines. I’m Clearing this Up since my friend who did the Twit longer is not on here to speak for herself.

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      1. Sashmarie, Very aptly put. Some just do not have the spontaneous capability to Read Between The Lines. In simple layman’ term, jumping to conclusions by looking at things without seeing them.


      2. Thank you sash for explaining it so much better than what I had thought. I really appreciate it. I’m glad I can ask or express my thoughts here and get an honest to goodness answer or explanation. Again, to you and everyone here, thank you.


  13. In other news, nine calves have been born to the Southern Resident orcas since December 2014 with the most recent being spotted yesterday. Seven were born in 2015, which hasn’t been seen since 1977. This brings such joy to my heart as things for this endangered population were looking very grim after Rhapsody (J32) was found dead on December 4, 2014. The crazy sessed are so obsessed with controlling Rob that they don’t even notice life is passing by. It astounds me how they accuse RK fans of attacking them when they are the ones doing the attacking. It’s such blatant hypocrisy. They are so out of control on social media. Not even the sane sessed want anything to do with them. I am thinking of moving on from all this. It’s draining my energy seeing their insane ranting day in and day out.


  14. I just want to say I am so proud to be in this group of R/K fans, thank you HKN,MN,Bunny,Smart Lurker, London Calling and Bronze,you all are attacked on a minute basis never mind daily,by some severely disturbed people just remember.nasty people always get their comeuppance I can’t wait for that to happen.

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  15. Hello to all, It’s time for a rant! I knew there would be BS for the ” birthday” but holy sh*t what a fiasco! My hat off to HKN, MN, Bunny, Smart Lurker, London Calling, Bronze and the rest for continuing the cause. It is so hard communicating with the ” Broken Brain Brigade” I am being redundant . I don’t understand them putting forth the effort to prove something that I think they don’t believe anymore,except for the remarkably dumb and gullible. To be this consumed at the level they are with 2 people they do not personally know is weird. It’s still about K having R and not about their love of the ( Not So Talented One) I agree with what has been said, they can’t compete with K ,and the NSTO is no threat…….. I too am very tired of it all. It’s been said the end is coming soon. Enough will be when RK put an end to it. For some reason it is not time. It is awful the horrible things they are saying about RK. I hate to think some people actually believe them. I thought of leaving to get away from the frustration, but they will not drive me off and I would miss all of you. I am very firm in my beliefs and WILL NOT budge!! Let’s hope ” enough” comes very soon!!……….. Big girl pants FIRMLY, FU*KING in place!!!!!!!!!

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  16. Good morning HKN R/K supporters how is it going this morning well for me I’m not happy for what’s going on with Rob /Kristen let me start with this first with all the shit that is being written about Rob and this girl over the week end in these pictures this is my opionon from what I see and read around the Internet is a lot of bullshit all the headlines and comments are all awful they call HKN followers delusional and crazy and still calling Kristen awful names I don’t understand why they believe that what they say is correct they want to shut down HKN blog but we here supporters are not going anywhere we are going to stick with our believe No matter what they think r/k😃 Are still together and happy I’m sorry for such a long post I’m just piss off bunny I’m thinking about you how are you doing like I said this my opionon I’m tired of all the shite even if Rob a no Kristen clear all this shit they still will not believe them so let’s stick together and keep our support for R/k we are their true fans love you all lets hang in wth them all the way


  17. The Instagram name” “ robstenchild´´
    and ´´aisforosom´´ are Rob and Kristen fans? Or rather not?
    Because I think, to write something on a Instagram so directly is is naughty
    I meant from Nettie Instagram with the child picture.


      1. Yes Smack I don’t either are fans either. A true fan knows the truth and doesn’t go around stalking others like that. Most all of us already have all the proof we need.


    1. Neither are Rob/Kristen supporters, not at all….Robstenchild is a disturbed person who loves to play games and right now she is pretending.


    1. Well Castiva – from what I saw from the sessed when they were asked that question – he has both of his ears pierced!! Remember there was a picture a couple weeks back and his other ear was pierced. LOL!!! Its pretty funny. And now he also wears women’s jewelry………… bracelets.


      1. Smack – its pretty hilarious. I was peeking at Robsessed site —– OMG – so funny. There is a whole discussion going on that “Yes – Rob got both ears pierced” and that T wasn’t wearing her ring because its “a) being sized, b) being cleaned, c) she thought she was going to get mugged so she left it at home, d) she didn’t want to show it off because its so valuable.” There was probably an e, f and g – but I got bored. They are spinning this whole tale and yet – outside of that fan site, nobody beliefs the story they are selling.

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      2. Funny how when Rob is actually pictured in a real non PS picture he never has an earring on nor tiny holes where one would be. Also something to consider about that “ring” is that many times jewelers and designers will loan out a piece of their work to actors and people in the public eye. It’s loaned out for a specific time frame and insured in case it’s ever lost or stolen. So it’s possible that the ring was a loaner to garner free advertisement and since the contract with singer is over so is the on loan contract hence why it’s not being worn any longer. And that ring got lots and lots of notice which was the goal from the designer I’m sure.

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      3. Cindy – brava!!! One of the most rational explanations that I really had never thought of (besides just wanting attention……..) for why she had that ring. True or not – I thought it was brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

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      4. Thanks fishy. I have always felt that from the time the ring showed up and the loans are usually short time, few months. I know this because in my occupation I have worked with Swarvoski Chanel ferragamo Dior Kate Spade and many other high fashion accounts in the jewelry and accessories lines. Heck I have worn loaners myself from these same companies and I’m a nobody so mine were never the real high dollar pieces. But it happens all of the time.


      5. I can’t believe we’re still dissecting their pictures. I guess because they’re so blatantly obvious and effortless. We’re either getting better or they’re getting worse. They don’t appear to really care. Maybe they’ve reached the height of their capability? It’s amazing the amount of excuses and lies that they can come up with, they are pretty funny, and that extends to missing body parts in a picture. (oh well, he didn’t need those anyway) Now they have to remember to pierce both of Rob’s ears when photoshopping a picture, or if they just get one earring in the picture I guess the other could be out being cleaned, (come to think of it I think it had turned black in the car pic) or Rob’s afraid of getting mugged. Yep, they’re really want that earring. The ladies bracelet was rich. Was it really a ladies arm that they accidentally photoshopped into the pictures instead of Rob’s, or did someone get carried away with being extra creative? T jumped around an did contortions on stage with that ring on. Who would do that with a ring that was supposed to be so expensive? No one. The thing with lying is you have to keep lying and telling one lie after the other to cover up the first lie which is why it’s getting funnier all the time.


  18. We lost a member of my most favorite band, Glen Fry. I am not surprised at Jada and Spike from staying away from the Oscars. Samuel Jackson should have gotten one I feel. I really do not want to watch them this year. My reason is different but essentially if a primary supervisor of the Oscars is black and yet unable to see a few new black honorees of the Oscars in two years, there is a reason. I am sorry if I am saying something that offends, but remind you another year and nothing for Kristen or Rob here in the USA, and they are honored almost everywhere else. There needs to be more flavor for sure. Sorry, I am just so tired about being tired of the same old buzz. I am going out and buying some classic Glen Fry. Music is good for the soul. I think some Roberta Flack is needed today. Susie

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  19. Good morning to all my HKN Havens friends! I am going to hang out here til Twitter is fixed for today! First I am getting ready for work and then talk to you all later! Hugs! Keep me posted! Later! By the way I didn’t get one good night sleep last night! So after work I am going to come home and sleep! Later!


  20. Bunny, so sorry to see you being threatened. These people should not be allowed to get away with this terrible behavior. I just don’t understand people with so much hate for a sweet couple just trying to enjoy their love, their relationship and their family. You and HKN have been steadfast in supporting the truth and we appreciate you both. Stay strong!

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  21. Bunny sorry your family got threatened. you go get them girl. it just puzzles me why they are still rabbi about Rob and Kristen. They let other people fade into the sunset why not those two. They should be able to have a life. Am glad she is wearing her wedding ring. maybe one day all will be revealed. a little at first then a punch in the gut to the haters. Thanks for fighting the good fight H K N and Bunny and Mama Nails.

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  22. Ladies,

    Pss: Just one thing. This is our fandom not the bitches who merely claim it. The up side of all that has been put out into the web-a-sphere about Rob and Kristen is that the world knows the reputation of these so called “fans”. You think word on them hasn’t made the rounds? Dane and Frances are just two who have chosen to speak out about it. The fact that they are unhinged and bullies, well; that shit is every where. Yes, it’s a weak ass attempt to try to hurt Rob since he is not ever going to follow their script. We may be offended for a day. However, nobody else gives a shit. They have achieved nothing!

    As for Kristen and Rob, this is the way I think it went down. Kristen and Rob were having a nice evening at their hotel in Paris, dinner and a couple of bottles of wine. Nick ranged Rob telling him to check out the net. He tells him there is a battle royal going on the net over pics of him. Rob says who gives a fuck? Kristen says no babe, lets see what them mutherfucka (s) are saying. Rob gets the tablet, they click click. Rob drops tablet and turns various shares of red. Kristen picks up the tablet and burst into belly aching laughter. Kristen asked what is going on with your teeth? Kristen informs him that he over dosed on hard drugs. Rob says damn, did I survive? They look at each other and they both fall out with laughter. That is what they thought of the big reveal.

    Ya’ll, Rob and Kristen are too entrenched as Hollywood actors. Bitches are well known for their bitchery, they got no sway. What we are witnessing are the side effects of butt hurt. Kristen’s ring regardless of the milestone it represents worn on the proper finger was crushing and the cause of extra painful butt hurt. They know deep in their hearts it is no accessory. And it’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

    Yea, where is Kristen? Somewhere with Rob laughing at the crazy bitches. Especially the one who wishes she had a dick. Just sayin

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