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This Post brought To You By….

This post is brought to you by…

The trolls who thought there would be a meltdown over the Go Gala.


There was no meltdown. A lot of laughing at IT’s expense but no meltdown.


This post is brought to you by…


Rob pulling up his pants. It always happens!


This post is  brought to you by …

IT embarrassing Rob again at a public function. And in front of children this time.

She just couldn’t help herself. Couldn’t keep her hands from her crotch. The dipshidiots excuse for this? She was simulating being tied up with a rope. And this has to do with her grabbing her crotch how again?


This post is brought to you by IT getting called out again.

This is seriously just wacked. What the hell is wrong with this woman?




And Again.




This post is brought to you by…

NOT Rob.



Damn he gets around lol!


NOT Rob either. But it is IT’s roomate.


Aw come on! It’s funny and you know it!



She looks a lot cozier  with this NOT Rob than the real thing doesn’t she. The dipshidiots are blind so they therefore can’t see the the difference.


This post is brought to you by…

Rob smiling at a woman he’s posing with on the red carpet means he’s madly in love with them according to the dipshidiots.


Does Reese Witherspoon’s husband know about this?


This post brought to you by…

The dipshidiots meltdown over Rob’s friend Katy Perry sitting with Rob at The Go Gala.


They insisted this wasn’t Katy. A NOT Katy perhaps?


Why were they so worried about Katy if they are so sure of his relationship with IT? (answer: there is no relationship with IT.)

This post is brought to you by…

The Go campaign called IT Rob’s fiance so it must be true.


“The Go Charities do not make official statements or announcements regarding celebrities associated with our philanthropic organization.”

I think the dipshidiots are pretending this statement doesn’t exist. Doesn’t fit too well with their fantasty.

Regurgitating tabloid headlines for attention to a failed campaign is pathetic. Glad those backers helped them save face at the last minute.  Keep having those prayer circles dipshidiots for the wedding that’s never going to happen.


This post is brought to you by…

Sharing is caring. But not with IT.


No it’s not the same jacket. But nice try.

Sharing is caring is done with his wife Kristen.


No the hat is not blue dipshidiots.


Just give it up losers. Isn’t it the cutest the way they share things? Adorable love thing.


This post is brought to you by…

The dipshdiots lapping up the bull shit. Let them. We know what the deal is.


Yep it sure is.

Thank you Arleen ( smooches!) for the Snoopy idea! I couldn’t figure out how to get your video on here 😦


And to end this Peace and Prayers to all those in Paris!






807 thoughts on “This Post brought To You By….

  1. Kristen looks AMAZING! AMAZING! I’m looking at all the pictures and the film and all I see is beauty, talent, and class. She completely takes my breath away. So much so that I’m not even a little ruffled by the tired irrelevance of the other noise. Nothing, absolutely nothing… Not the tabs, not the trolls, not the idiot ignorant ‘sessed.
    Nothing could deny nor negate nor tarnish the absolute beauty, talent, and class that embodies Kristen Stewart!

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  2. Hi to all my HKN Havens friends! Sorry for being MIA over the weekend and two days. Now I am back. I just need time for myself due to health and personal issues. Shoulders still hurts and it feels like it’s on fire. Personal issues is martial problems. Lets say marriage is not perfect. Thanks all of you for being there for me.
    Andreana and Fishy, I am happy that you two work it out. I love you both.
    HKN, again I agree with you. I need to catch up here. I have missed you all here. Can you all fill me in? When it comes to personal issues I have attend to shut myself down from the world I meant everything. I hope you all still with me. Well I better check on my dinner. It’s pasta Fagoli night. It’s good for the cold weather.


    1. Did anyone think that kristen looks thin and tired in some of the pics?
      the leather outfit is perfect on her !….that’s all kristen ,,,, just like her personality LEATHER AND LACE…….TOUGH AND SWEET…boyish and beautifully feminine.. she is a contrast and a contridiction…..that is why we love Her!!!


      1. Andreana – I thought she looked very think in the face and she looked tired. She was a little under the weather before she got there, but she looked amazing!


      2. Andrea I thought I read where she was battling a sore throat and stuff. Maybe it’s just a flu bug. She needs a rest. She’s been going non stop.


      3. Yes she did!!! Its fascinating but people drool over Rob’s profile but damn – Kristen’s is amazing too. She is just beautiful – but almost delicate looking. No comparison at all.


  3. Smack,
    I guess we were wrong about the earring. I don’t think we needed to be humiliated in front of all our friends like that. I should be use to it by now. Oh well, better not to converse, lurkers don’t get treated that way. Have a good evening.


  4. I have a standard rule if thumb when viewing pix without the aid of high tech equip, which I don’t own.

    If I feel the need to pull out a magnifying glass to “see” something it’s likely NOT there!

    Not to mention that when dealing with photo fuckery…which is what’s being discussed there are ALWAYS artifacts left behind that can show up in the strangest places. #fuckery = unintended consequences

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  5. My grandfather use to say If government could figure out how to do it, they’d tax us for the oxygen we breath. They have finally figured it out and they’re not going to let go of this idea easily.

    I think it would take a sudden onset of an ice age to change their minds…No. Wait. They’d blame the ice age on Global warming. So we’re damned either way. Because it’s a new never ending source of revenue.

    What bank wouldn’t loan money to build infrastructure on taxable air.

    Getting crazy here I know. But that’s how crazy I think this whole debate is. Of course that’s just my opinion, and not necessarily right.
    Of course there’s is just an unproven theory too.

    I always thought oxygen IN carbon dioxide OUT. Carbon dioxide makes plants grow which create more oxygen, and may be why the past decades have been increasingly high in yield.

    I guess I better stop now, before I bore everybody and you all start skipping me for a little quiet.

    Anyway by for now folks…Hannah

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Hannah. I agree with everything you just said. Sometimes carbon dioxide is pumped into greenhouses to increase plant growth. It’s not a pollutant! This isn’t the place for this kind of debate, but I feel compelled to respond when folks insist that only their viewpoint can possibly be correct.


  6. It’s kristen day, why comes Rob with T in public.
    These are moments that I do not understand and do not know what should I think. Simply unfair….What is still right…
    What I wrote down because Photoshopped it probably was not, it came still a picture with both.
    Good night all!


    1. Manips, BS, and more BS….not only the “execution” but the timing. Let the people these were made for enjoy their garbage. A babypic seen by quite a few scared the bejeezus out of them. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s deserved….

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      1. Yes I agree that the accidental baby pic is what set all of this off for the sessed. It’s their response to the fact quite a few people saw that photo and they don’t have a leg to stand on.


    2. Sanni I believe there is no way Rob would ever take the spotlight away from Kristens big day. What you see is not real. Whenever the haters get nervous about RK they come out with more BS manips and fake sightings. They got nervous on thanksgiving so they rushed to the Internet with fake sightings and lies then knowing today is Kristens big day they swarmed online to try and put a damper on anything Kristen. It’s their MO. Rob would never do anything to take away from Kristens day just as he has never done that in the past and likewise Kristen doesn’t do anything to take away from Rob’s days to shine. Try not to take the crazy sessed serious because they don’t do anything but lie.

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      1. No Smack I haven’t seen any of the sessed photo fantasies today. Was it in one of those? I only saw the one fanpic with the flight attendant.


      2. Smack,
        You have such good eyes. Sorry, I’m a little disappointed that he did that. I saw it after you mentioned it. He doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would get one. Oh well.


      3. I’m not seeing it — is it just a bad photo maybe??? I can’t believe he would do something like that when he has roles coming up – but who knows…..


      4. I don’t think he does but that’s just me.. He didn’t have an earring in the pic this morning so I just don’t see him with a earring.


  7. I noticed her wearing the locket in the film and at the fashion show. There is no way someone is going to wear it if it really didn’t mean something to her. I know without a doubt Rob got her that necklace and she loves him so much she can’t bare not to wear it. Symbol of her love for him and his love for her. I know I get sappy when I think about those two.

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      1. Looks like there wasn’t anything under it. Also one of the Kardashian girls modeled that outfit in the show and she didn’t have anything on with it either, although she had a hook right in the center.


      2. It looks like there is nothing underneath. No chance of her falling out. Who knows what they did to keep it stable. Reminded me of her red dress at Cannes. Hot!


  8. I am looking forward to the first images of Kristen from Rome.
    Is it right Rob was at the airport on the fan image? Rome ….? !
    And then to a great photoshoped image with T. The head is placed on a too large upper body especially too wide and thick. And the jacket rather a men’s jacket. The Sessed try again. Added head and hand. Failed!

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      1. She looks gorgeous! Love her hair and love the jacket she is wearing. I also love how she always, always, always wears her lock necklace. You would think she would be decked out in Chanel jewelry. It must be very important to her.

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  9. I just read that in Brazil Racist messages on Facebook are turned into billboards near each writer’s home after they are traced through geo tagging. Interesting.


  10. Yesterday was such a great day here and I want to just send another group message to Andreana. Thank you my friend – thank you for being honest and true to who you are – for challenging me – for being fierce in your beliefs and for being kind. I feel just an affinity to you right now in that we were able to come together even in the midst of some chaos and – as everyone has said here – hugged it out. I have a deep respect for you and look forward to bantering down the road. YOU have made this a good day!!!

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    1. Fishy girl you were a pretty formidable opponent… You gave me a run for the money! LOL. I’m glad that we bonded I like you much better as a friend!
      Hopeless wouldn’t stand a chance if we double teamed her!😱!


  11. What a wonderful way to start December. Peace and quiet and all of us respecting each other and just being friends with each other. I love being here and chatting with all of you. Today should be wonderful and its Kristens day. It cant be 12:30 soon enough

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    1. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie and show today. Sending out positive thoughts that it will be a great success while ignoring all the funny business on the side lines. It’s amazing how Google goes for quantity not quality in the info they get from “erroneous sources”, and how they have no problem proudly displaying a barrage of lies in it’s search engines to merely bait viewers. Fortunately it has no affect on anyone with a brain.

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      1. musetab…I just now saw your post so it’s too late to tell you if I had known where it was being shown, which I do not. I don’t know the channel. My impression was that it was live and started at 12:30.

        MN has some great photos of Kristen. I love her with long hair.

        I agree with you ladies reasoning about her wearing only her own jewelry. Out of all that must have been available for her to wear she kept the necklace we all think Rob gave her. To me that says a lot.

        As Sonny and Cher said long ago in their song, to me her actions say clearer than words, “It’s you babe.”

        Talk to you ladies later…Hannah.


  12. good Morning,
    The first pictures of kristen / Chanel already there. She looks fabulous. It’s nice to see that Cj at dinner was. Suzie also in Rome, seems as if Rob has currently with grandparents Daddy Time
    Respect how long Rob Mia may be.
    All a nice 1 December and Advent season. Hugs
    P.S. My wish a fan picture of both together at Christmas 🙂

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  13. Dear Haven Friends, Thank you everyone for helping to make this the best ever place to come to say hello, and hope every is all good. Taking the time to say I am sorry, and forgive is the best way to grow . I am blessed to have friends from all kinds of folks, I am very fond of my American Indian friends, so many varieties and very spiritual love of the planet and our animals in the wild. My friend Nancy has bred wolves in the natural ways and they are wonderful . Nancy has had a difficult life and her children and her wolves are very close. Wolves tend to mate for the long term and are good parents. Honestly I think we need to not make assumptions about man’s contribution to weather climate change and getting political or bringing in religion is another game changer. I am very vocal and most of us are, but we need to agree to just disagree on some subjects, and not try for that last word, because something is causing the end of the frozen icepacks, and it is not my Grandma’s hot cooking stove. Also, creating a safe harbor for everyone to relate to others might help. Some of the sweetest, kindest families I have ever known were black, in South Carolina, and some Mormon families in Washington, Utah, who cook like angels. We need to remember also we touch and speak to the world . TAXX , I lost my brother, husband, daughter and last male Boston Terrier sweetheart in a period of 9 weeks in 2006. It was a period in my life when I just stopped feeling for a bit, and RA raised its ugly head. My family, my friends and the Lord carried me back to normal after about seven years of punishment I directed to myself. All I can say is, enjoy every single day of life, it is a gift from God, and hug the babies whenever you can. And, we will respect others so much better when we respect ourselves. I love Aretha Franklin’s song, Respect Yourself, at least I think that is her song. She is famous for RESPECT, the song. So hoping and praying for your husband ANDREANNA. and FISHY, you are a special gal and we all feel more like family today. I am in love with New Orleans, LA and hope our buddy NOLA Girl, you are fine and dandy. I am also praying at night for you TAXX, and your Mama. Have not been able to find my recipe for pecan pie, I cook from scratch, but I will post Cynthia’s recipe, my daughter I lost in 2006, it is the best one. She was a great cook and her sons miss her greatly. Have to go, my pain medication is kicking in, hope all will sleep good tonight. Susie

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  14. Thank you, all of you, working it out. Andreana, I am grateful that your husband is going to be ok. CMC or Novant? They are both good hospitals. My brother from another family as I call him had a quadruple bypass 2009 at CMC. Having a spouse that sick can be so painful, more than you realize. I hope he progresses and gets better each day. Thank you for sharing, we can help ease some pain just listening.
    Thank you for making the effort to bring this back to the “classy” people I know us to be, I am proud of you. Thank you. I hope and pray that we all stay healthy and keep this place a great place to come to and shate our thoughts on our favorite couple.

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  15. Definitelly, I love the beautiful ladies of this site, women with class. but I confess, that enjoy your sarcasm with Tl, becouse I feel the same


    1. Stargazer
      My husband is an environmental Engineer.. when he was in college at Virginia Tech one of his professors told them that one day we would pay for water in bottles and it would cost more than a soft drink.. they all laughed and didn’t believe it….. hmmmm

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      1. Andreana small world, I started out at VA Tech, lived up there a long time until I moved down where am now. I am a bit North of you. We realized this a long time ago just slipped by with so much going on.


      2. Oh yeah every time I see a whatever bottle more expensive than soda my blood boils. Is like that makes no sense but is what it is :/


    2. The RKians and the anti-RKians are kind of parallel to the opposing sides of the climate debate. Both sides have their websites and their proponents. It’s hard to find accurate, unbiased data and the media can’t be trusted. The establishment wants to maintain control and keep the flow of money coming in. Look at both sides carefully and decide for yourselves.

      Since you referred to two websites I will mention two sites with good information: no tricks zone and whats up with that

      But, we are better off if we keep our conversation to RK.

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      1. I only trust people who have education and the background in science; and even experts in their field can be bought. Loud mouth internet gurus who know everything I avoid. I listen carefully and make up my own mind.

        The documentary Little Ice Age, Big Chill is; good as are discussions about the Maunder Minimum.

        I read voraciously on whatever interests me and so far I have only suspicion regarding the carbon footprint tax.

        Such ideas sounds like a good way to charge us for the air we breath. If Yelowstone ever erupts this whole discussion will be moot anyway. That’s just my opinion.

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      2. I happen to live an hour and a half from Yellowstone; it’s a beautiful place!

        Of course these are “denier” sources; your sources are “alarmist” sources. That’s the whole point of looking carefully at both sides of an issue before having an informed opinion. I certainly “deny” that humans can change the climate.

        For example, the No Tricks Zone is a German website (in English); check out the section called, “100+ Papers – Sun Drives Climate”. These are links to peer-reviewed, published, scientific papers. Both this website and the What’s Up With That website are full of excellent information.

        Look on youtube for presentations by John Christi (head of NASA’s weather satellite program, state climatologist for Alabama, and former IPCC lead author), Patrick Moore (founder of Greenpeace), Don Easterbrook (studies how glaciers respond to climate), Bob Carter (geologist who studies climate throughout the geological time span), Timothy Ball (climatologist), Roy Spencer (weather satellite team leader for NASA), and more.

        It’s important to be informed about both points of view.


      3. For example, the No Tricks Zone is a German website (in English); check out the section called, “100+ Papers – Sun Drives Climate”. These are links to peer-reviewed, published, scientific papers. Both this website and the What’s Up With That website are full of excellent information.

        ” …2,258 articles, written by a total of 9,136 authors. (Download the chart above here.) Only one article, by a single author in the Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, rejected man-made global warming. I discuss that article here.”'_views_on_climate_change


      4. Hi Deb, I hesitated to say anything, this is an RK hangout, but in brief: John Christy relies on heavily adjusted satellite data sets, a fact that isn’t known as widely as it should be. And Greenpeace issued a public statement disavowing Patrick Moore, who left the organization decades ago, and criticizes his pro-corporate interests, including genetic engineering. I’ll stop with those two names you gave, but I’m on the side of the vast no. of concerned scientists you call “alarmists.” I have done my research, both sides, and that’s where I land.

        It was nice to see Kristen having fun in Rome, and she and Karl really do seem like pals after so much collaborating.

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    3. Stargazer
      I am not a republican or democrat but I can tell you that every time republicans are in office (pres) business for environmental issues drop.My husband primarily deals wth cleaning industrial water. He is working now on a problem in St. Louis they are having issues with leachate in a large landfill there . Those things poison the groundwater… When republicans are in control water and air emissions permits for cleanup drop way down. They relax standards for these types of pollution. There business suffers. A lot of the repub candidates do not think that global warming is truth. I am not starting a political argument..


      1. ITA and I agree we shouldn’t talk politics too much here. But is always good to answer to people that want to sell us their version of the truth or else people believe they are right.

        Back to topic:
        Loved the movie and Kristen was wonderful as usual.


  16. My last two comments didn’t go where they were suppose to. I don’t know if that’s an oops on my part or if the board is messing up because of so much activity. I guess what I had to say isn’t that important anyway. Bye for now.


  17. I have friends who are forever discussing climate change. A couple of them think the sun and it’s wobble as it orbits the sun has more to do
    with climate change than anything else. Plus the fact of the increase in volcano gases has much more impact than most people think. Alexander thinks we are more likely to have a little ice age than a hotter climate as snows in the Sahara and the middle East last winter seems to support.

    I’m no expert but that’s my overheard two cents worth.

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  18. I’m very proud of you guys for hugging it out 😀
    This shows the trolls how to act mature and gracious maybe they will learn a thing or two from classy ladies such as yourselves ❤

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    1. Thanks for the well wishes for my husband… It was shocking but he survived because CharlotteNC has a great hospital and they had him back quickly and put stents in his heart … I would like to keep him around a while longer… Thank god for sending us intelligent skilled doctors!… So he is going to be fine… Already lost 13 pounds low sodium diet… Everything has sodium it’s crazy…. No wonder Americans have so much heart disease…

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    2. Totally agree Stargazer😆. There is more that binds us then the dubious world of opinion. We’re 1 of the groups who sees through the BS, and RK smokescreen. If you stand for the truth the is easy. We have eyes that actually see, instead of believing what we are fed to see. That is way more important. Well done Fishy and Andreana. Shine up our armour,cause I’m sure Hopeless, is wirling around spinning delusion, and spewing her brand of neurosis 😝

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  19. Eek fishy
    I understand completely and apologize … No more fighting … We are here for the same purpose. No more Tbeaver . You are right … I should never have started calling her that… Please let’s move foward and end WW3 that we had ….😟Andreana

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  20. Chloe/Taxx/Merle – thank you for the kind words. It helps because right now, I’m not getting joy here and that is not right. So – extending the olive branch and apologizing to Andreana for my critiquing of her comments and for not letting it go. It was wrong and honestly, its my issue if a post bothers me – should not be hers. I’ll agree to let it go and hope that she can likewise apologize for her part in this. Your attacks on me were very hurtful and I hope you can understand that we just do not talk to each other that way here.

    Thanks ladies for making me pause and reassess. I would miss so many people here.

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    1. Fishy
      Scroll down girlfriend …. Lol… I just finished my apology post to you … Who knew … I think I was first though…lol… Truly though… I am sorry … No need for either of to go … We both love R\K and this is the place to express that… ✌️Forgive?

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      1. Oh god fishy one … I am sorry … I have a terrible case of foot in mouth disease. My humor can be crude.. I reallly dislike that girl. But you are right to make fun of a physical deformity is just wrong. I have no filter so what pops in my head pops out. … I will probably never say nice things about her but I will not ….. Call her beaver any longer… Andreana…..ok I am never this nice I’m making myself nauseous… Lol


      2. 100%. I think we will develop a new respect for each other. And on another note, I saw your post about your husband and I truly want to extend my best wishes to both of you. I lost my mom last year and even a virtual hug from a stranger means a lot. I hope he mends quickly.

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  21. I think tomorrow I’m going to go buy American Ultra to add to my collection of R&K movies. Then I can watch it a million times just like I watch all of their other movies. ❤️❤️


    1. Cindy Will American Ultra be available to purchase tomorrow?
      Does anyone know when the DVD for Life will be available for purchase? According to Box Office Mojo, the movie Life will have limited release in the US only 12 cinemas on December 4. Life will be shown at San Diego, CA, Tucson, AZ, Denver, CO, Ft Lauderdale, FL. It will be available on TV via On Demand. This is one movie I am anxious to see. I was a big fan of James Dean…


      1. Merle I thought American Ultra came out on DVD today. I know it’s on PPV tv already. I will check to make sure about it being in stores.


      2. Merle…I bought mine last night at Walmart I watched it, then watched it again. I enjoyed more the second time. You’ll see what I mean.


      3. Merle, American Ultra is already out I order it the other day. When will Life be on TV, if anyone knows. Why are they doing that to this movie too? Seems like they either don’t open or they are going to On Demand. I get that they are indies, but I thought Life was a big movie.


      4. I also thought LIFE was going to be a big movie. People were talking about it maybe being Rob’s chance at an Oscar. A lot of good movies are being released this way. Movies I buy are just as likely to be indies as blockbusters. So who knows what the motives are for what goes on behind the scenes in marketing a movie?

        For one thing indies are cheaper to make (no green screens and special effects) so they stand less chance of huge losses. Some box office movies that flop lose tens of millions.
        Maybe indies are becoming the smart investment; small loss but also maybe huge gains. Remember the first Twilight was an indie. People are still ordering The Saga. My daughter who is a picker for Amazon said so.

        It is very popular around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. All those kids home to amuse plus it’s given in gifts.
        Lionsgate is marketing a new collection this year. It’s suppose to have every shot and behind the scenes stuff ever recorded about the making of the Saga. Doubtless many will buy it. If I didn’t already have so much Twilight stuff I probably would buy it. After all as I like to say, “Twilight wasn’t just movies. It was an experience.”

        Have a good evening ladies and …peace.


      5. I received my American Ultra DVD today from Amazon. It might be available in stores like Target and Walmart too– but for sure can be ordered online. Usually the DVD comes out a few months after the movie is released in the theaters– anywhere from two to six months (or more) after the theater release.

        The more popular the movie is at the box office, the longer it takes for the DVD release. I remember waiting months (six months or more) for Twilight Saga DVD’s. They wanted to get as much bank as possible from theater goers before putting it out on DVD. Hopefully Life will come out soon after the limited theater release. I live in the boonies, so seeing it in a theater is not an option. I have been waiting forever (it seems) for AU. Now I just have to schedule time to watch!!


  22. It breaks my heart to see in fighting, we are better than this, everyone is better than this. Holidays bring out the best and worst in many plus real life dishes out crap too.
    I feel in my heart that K and R know what they are doing and we should have some faith in that rather than blasting each other. Can we give it a rest for a bit? I hate pulling this card, but I will if it gets every one to take a breath.
    I just had to put to sleep my 13 year old deaf Australian Shepard, he blew a hind leg ACL joint which if he were a hearing animal we might have saved him. He is over the Rainbow Bridge now. I am sick at heart. My Mom has cancer and surgery in January that at her age she likely won’t survive. So, the one happy place I just wanted to come spend a little time, what do I find, in fighting. So please for a bit stop, stop fighting and remember the good things. Remember why you like coming here. Why you believe what you do and just reflect. Is this too much to ask? I guess you will show me if you can stop fighting at least today.

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      1. Thank you MissBailey1, it has been a horrible day. He was a 75 pound way out of standards, deaf boy with blue eyes. His mother had long lankey legs and his father had a big barrel body, he got both. Your normal Aussie is 45 pounds, he was 75 and not overweight. Thank you for your kind words and virtual hugs.


      2. Hi Taxx, no way to answer you so I did it like this.
        Wow, he was a big boy! And blue eyes, that’s beautiful. You’re vey welcome for the hugs, wish I had something profound to say but I don’t. Hope everything works out with your mom. Mine’s very sick also. Not cancer but she is dying, none the less. I feel your pain. I will be keeping you in my thoughts, as I can relate, somewhat. Hugs Suzie


    1. Taxx
      I am sad for the loss of your precious 13 old Shepard… We had to put our 15 year Old English Sheepdog to sleep with his bad hips and his failing eye sight. We have his ashes and plan to spread them at Blue Lakes. His favorite camping site.
      Your mom will be included in my prayers.


      1. Thanks Merle, Bo didn’t know how to slow down. We put out barriers to slow him down last year for that reason. He would go around rather than jumping off the patio. We did everything we could to keep him safe. He would walk behind when he sprained a leg so we always knew when he tried to hide injuries. He was highly intelligent and was sign languaged trained from the beginning.


    2. Tax
      I am sorry for what you are going thru.. My own husband had an Heart attack last week. I am sorry for losing my temper but it was provoked and not the first time and by the same person. In all the years I have been a fan I have never been criticized by another R|K fan… As HKN stated we should not go at each other here. I am truly sorry if my fued upset so many people.. But I responded and lost my temper . … Not an excuse but my reason. I will avoid those posts from now on and if it happens again I will do my best to ignore it .. So sorry


    3. Taxx- Thank you for reminding me of what is really important. I sure hope things start looking up again for you very soon. In spite of all the downers recently in your life, you are one of the most positive people here. I just love that about you!


    4. My heart goes out to you, losing a companion is one of life’s most difficult times, very sorry, he sounded wonderful…my daughter had a Samoyed that was sign language trained as well. Dogs are wonderful creatures.


  23. HKN – is there a way you can delete all my posts? As long as its ok for another poster to tell me to F off, why be here? If I want verbal abuse, I’ll look for it somewhere else – this was a fun place until now.


    1. bfishy don’t go…I am not taking by this comment but I enjoy both you and Andreana being here not when you two are bickering but your love and support to Rob and Kristen. Please, let’s call a truce and let there be peace among us at the Haven.


    2. —Bfishy, I am sorry that others feel that it’s okay to treat you so horribly. I agree with you! After reading all of the horrific responses to you this weekend, I think I would have been in tears. This is suppose to be a place of love and support. Not a place to tear each other to shreds! I will be very sorry to see you go… so please don’t!!!! Then the person who has said all of these awful things wins, and personally I don’t want to see that. Please think about it. You have my full support.
      Chloe M.


    3. Fishy
      I apologize to you for things I said. I do have a temper and as ugly as it is I lost it. I would ask that you just skip my post as I do not enjoy the judge mental tone of your posts directed at me. So if we can agree to disagree , I will respect you and please respect me. . . It does not matter if you like my comments or hate them . I do not need to know.


      1. Agreed – and apologies. I don’t know why those particular comments bother me so much and I need to not be so thin-skinned. Could be my own growing up with a horrible overbite………..the pictures are awful. So thank you and again, sorry. I think down the road we will be able to communicate better. We are both strong and opinionated women – I guess that is not such a bad thing.


  24. You know, mentioning Rob and Kristen’s stale Google news. One of the articles up for fan enjoyment is titled Rob and Kristen’s cutest moments.

    I haven’t seen a Rob’s cutest moments with T. But my personal favorite would probably be that screaming match they had.

    Can’t wait til LIFE comes out on DVD since I want to buy it. I think it’s going to be his best since The Rover which I already have.

    By for a while ladies. Catch you all later.


  25. Dear ANDREANNA, I had a rumble in the house at about 3 a.m. and thought, gosh did Sugar jump up and down that hard? It was a tremor? Whoa, we are digging for oil north of here and they supposedly stopped. I think we are causing our own weather problems. It warmed up all the way to 40 degrees! I hope the tabloids have an earthquake of the printers soon, making printing lies impossible. Everybody stay well, we are getting into the silly season of shopping, flu, colds, etc. I had four hours of good sleep last night, I love my electric blanket in 20-30 degree weather. I really doubt if I have ever seen crazier people on Mama Nail’s this morning. Honestly Mama, you have good talents in putting these hateful people in the potty, where they came from. HKN, some of these strange trolls have serious issues like lack of intelligence. Very odd people need to stay off social media, they are anti-social. I appreciate so much not seeing a certain person’s name also , and I believe that is why we have HKN HAVEN, ANDREANNA. There are a lot of people who feel the same way. ROB AND KRISTEN PATTINSON HAVE TWO DAUGHTERS, and they have kept their life as private as is possible for two very high profile parents. They have a great family and friends who help protect them and the family. Susie


    1. Susie you may be right about us creating climate change in our world. Our California governor, Jerry Brown, along with other VIPs from my state are heading to Paris for The 2015 Paris Climate Conference on climate change. At the Paris conference, the state will propose to reduce carbon dioxide by 40% world wide by 2030.
      BTW, our morning temp has been 27 to 29 degrees!
      It is cold here here too!


      1. Good morning, ladies! Please consider the thought that man-made climate change is not real. When they say “the science is settled” it’s not true. My PhD hubby studies river systems, ancient and modern. Therefore, he also studies how climate effects those rivers and landforms. There are many scientists like my husband who do not think the evidence shows that man can change climate.

        Science doesn’t work by “consensus” and new data should always be looked at carefully. Politics always distorts scientific research because of competition for funding. Even when it comes to climate science, remember that the news media is not trustworthy, and neither are politicians. Surely, as RK fans, we have learned to look at the data carefully.

        Wouldn’t it be better to leave politics out of a blog like this because RK fans are intelligent people and have different opinions. Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Very well said deb 57. What’s great about this place is I know we all have different stances on politics, religion, education, finance etc and I don’t usually discuss my beliefs on any of it because in my experience it only leads to further arguments. And I agree the common thread here is RK.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. deb57…I wrote a reply to your climate change post. Many of the people I talk to agree with your husband and have evidence to back what they say up.

        The reply to your comment is up higher on the page as it did not go where I meant for it too right after your comment.

        Liked by 1 person

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