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Fist City


Does this look like a happy man to you?

According to the dipshidiots it is. Despite multiple people saying otherwise the dipshidiots are still insisting that everything is rosy between Rob and IT.


A happy man doesn’t storm off leaving his petulant supposed fiance in the taxi. And what on earth did IT do to piss off this gentle peaceful man? It takes a lot to get him to this point and IT has done it twice now.


Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs reportedly clashed with two rows in as many days as they were heard swearing at each other in the back of a taxi.


The couple – who looked relaxed when they attended the MOBO Awards together on Wednesday – appeared tense the following night as a source claimed they were overheard arguing after a night out.

According to The Sun, an insider said: “Twigs flung the door open and they started screaming at each other.



“Rob was livid and said, ‘Why the f***ing hell were you waiting there? You knew where I was.’ “

The apparent argument comes after claims the pair also bickered while Robert went to support his fiancée at the MOBO Awards, although the evening reportedly ended in tense rows.

Hopeless has informed me multiple times that the Mirror is a reliable source. At least they were when they were feeding her the engagement crap. Right Hopeless?


And to use the dipshidiots own words, why would the taxi driver and people at the restaurant lie? For what reason?



Once again IT is hugging the car door instead of her supposed fiance.


Guess that epic reunion the dipshidiots were hoping for didn’t turn out how they envisioned.


And what happens when things don’t turn out the way they hope?


Yep and when they are desperate sightings of the happy couple pop up everywhere.


And if things weren’t’ bad enough for the dipshidiots they suddenly got worse.


Rob’s beautiful wife is in London!


Is this Rob in the pic? I think it’s too blurry to tell but it’s fun watching the dipshidiots squirm at the possibility.


Now of course the dipshidiots had to come up with an excuse for this and right quick! Did you know Personal Shopper has added filming to include London?


charles gilbert

Funny how Charles Gillibert isn’t aware of this change. Prague is next.

Let’s make a bet on how fast the dipshidiots have Rob leaving London. In 3,2,1…


And no he won’t be going on vacation to L.A. He will be going to his home. Where he lives with his wife and children.


The dipshidiots better get that prayer circle going because the odds of them getting anything good from the Go gala is dwindling rapidly.


Maybe begging might help.


 The dipshidiots were also making a big deal out of Kristen giving the paps her middle finger salute.


What is she supposed to do when they yell their stupidity at her? Stand there and take it? Tell them like it is Kristen! Every time!


They are also wetting their pants over Kristen supposedly coming out in the very near future to some British gay magazine.

No. She is not coming out anywhere. Know why? She is not gay or bi.

But of course they keep desperately trying. And who is her latest hook up according to the tabs and dipshidiots?


Suzie. Unfortunately for the tabs and the dipshidiots once again they didn’t do their homework. Just like Alicia and Lynne she has a longtime significant other. And it’s not Kristen.


His name is Jack and they have been together for quite a while.


And are STILL together.

And to close this out. We had a bunch of nervous trolls invade us for a couple of days. It’s what happens when things don’t go the way they hoped. It’s their way of calming their fears. Ignore them the best you can.


They know what’s coming and it isn’t that epic pub wedding they were pinning their hopes and prayer circles on. It’s pretty apparent by the recent activities that Rob and IT are anything but a happy couple. It’s time they face that fact.

The IT pity train doesn’t stop here. Try Pineapple Life or The Data Lounge Loons.



 And one more thing. Do NOT blame Rob for IT’s failure to hold up her end of the bargain. He is doing what is necessary. Nothing more and nothing less. The good thing is he has about reached his limit as far as the creature is concerned.


That’s about it. Just put smile on your face knowing that this may have finally started.


Maybe. Let’s hope. Forget it. It is going to happen!


See ya!



675 thoughts on “Fist City

  1. Did you all hear that at the go-gala they got 10.000 dollars donated in Rob’s name from his true fans I’m so proud for him Lizzie how are doing just saying hello and all the others that’s going through their treatment my prays is with youall to talk later

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  2. I just wanted to say you ladies rock! thanks to you all ,for everything you do in defending the true love of R/K. The whole world knows it exists they just don’t want to admit that it does. …..To you brave ladies who are fighting or have beaten Cancer you are true hero’s you are in my thoughts and prayers. Lzzie I’m sorry for your loss.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Taxx my icon is about the same color as yours. Are you saying mines ugly? 😦 And my eyes are almost the same color. :(. Just kidding I’m not offended. Thick skin.


      2. Sorry ladies……got to keep my purple passion. Taxx, There’s not much difference between yours baby blue, and Cindy’s Sea mist. . You have baby blue. Does the name help? 🙂 Smack wouldn’t trade her cute little pooch I’m sure.


  3. Morning.
    Hi Hannah…..Just saw your comment saying hello.
    I am doing well but busy.
    How are you? Hoping all is well with you

    Didn’t get to see Kristen filming the WAP project, although they were filming in Central Park. I am looking forward to the movie though, very much so.

    Hello to all here.

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  4. No wonder there have been so many sightings of Rob in London while he had his beard. Just look at HKN’s tweets and there are several pictures of “Beard Man” “Not Rob”. A lot of tweets have said they think they just saw Rob. Well, now we know. They hang out to fool people into thinking it’s Rob. Clever Rob.


    1. I agree. And also there have been so many fake/trollish sightings by people who just wants to be relevent on SM or to promote whatever they have to promote. And I think that while people were looking after beardy Rob for weeks, he shaved several weeks ago when he wrapped TLCOZ. So he was able to hide in NYC first then in Paris.


      1. It’s kind of ridiculous to some extent. Read where even some of the anti RK people are admitting a lot of the sightings were of the bearded not Rob. I was just reading the tweets that were going on and on about how HKN, Bunny and now Buddaimond are saying bad things about the campaign. The complainer sounded like a baby you know the ones that always tattle tale and it’s never their fault. Whenever things don’t go their way they immediately focus in on HKN and Bunny. Can’t tell you how many tweets I’ve seen where they claim HKN Bunny Mn and a few others are the same person. In the end though the truth always finds its way. It’s why I never get upset anymore because I know if I wait the real truth comes out.

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      2. Very on point.Time always tells the truth.
        The trolls who keep saying HKN, MN, Bunny and Smart Lurker are the same person are scared that so many people have the same info. If HKN was the one to claim RK are married, with two kids, they would laugh their asses of. The fact that several individuals, who don’t know each other, living in different places, have the same info make it look too true and real for them. That being said, even If the haters want us to be blind followers, I thought RK were married before any confirmation. I just follow people who happen to see what I see but I don’t have any leader.

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  5. I have now found the rest of my little groupies so I am deleting that email address so my color tab will change so I am giving everyone a heads up. That brown tab will change but it will still say taxx2015, just a different email. I had to move this up since Tillie let everyone know how they were doing their invasions of this”public” blog. I have already set it up but no one saw it when I changed emails for here. So last time you see this brown pattern. Be back in a few with new one.


  6. Welcome Tillie, thanks for the information. Sorry about misreading comments by Lurking and Gay Gem, so many people have been here with similar names to HKN and previously DIDY. Someone duped me. At any time we see new posts that are duped of posters here. It is a game of gaining entry. Have to leave to go to hospital for new stress test. Tired of tests. Attack of the bathtub sort of reminded me of attack in the shower at my house TAXX. Do you have safety handles? Andy put four heavy duty handles in our shower and all over the bathroom, they saved my butt when I collapsed and was hospitalized in 2012 from kidney failure, I did not suspect a darn thing but I was in bad shape. Jacqueline saved her Mom by calling EMSA. Hoping you are ok. Got to go get daughter for her colon treatment, Susie

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I sincerely appreciate your apology as most people don’t ever take the time and effort to do that. I too am sorry if I said anything to offend you. We all have those days where we just lose track of things a bit. I think most of us were very upset by the horrific events in Paris which distracted us and led to saying things we normally would not have. Thanks again for your words.


  7. Dear Lizzie D, I just read your comment on the 25th, I am so sorry you lost Mama. My daughter is very afraid of losing me at night, it is how my Dad passed also. We are all sad about France, have been spending time with friends who lost family there. It is just never easy but time brings sweet memories, and having good friends helps so much. I am sorry to have gotten upset over the past week, I find talking or seeing tabloid trash wasteful really just depressing. I do not doubt RK at all, I guess I must seem strange, but I just never need to see all the pictures made to cause drama or give it any concern. I apologize to anyone who was slammed, I just watch where the comments come from and have doubt with multi-named commenters. So many have been copied and Hopeless is still out there beating on the door. HKN is the only person who has authentic ways of trailing these sick people. I do feel we have said enough about a disgusting event. Enough of all of it. It is over. Susie

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    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your kind words. It was very peaceful to lose Mom that way, we feel very thankful. She had congestive heart failure and also a large squamish cell cancer on her chest. We are thankful that the cancer wound didn’t give her too much pain. Her breathing got worse gradually and we were expecting it any day. Doesn’t make it easier.


  8. Good morning to all my HKN Havens friends! Sorry I wasn’t here much over the weekend. Because of still mourning of Paris, having been under alot of stress lately, and having other of issues of my own. Work, I still have two jobs. I am grateful I still have two jobs. Sizzlers, Alot of the workers there included me have been getting short hours lately because they hired more people from Dunkin Donuts because Dunkin Donuts where I live have closed down. I don’t know why. I have been working at Sizzlers for 1 years and 6months as a dishwasher for that long. Pretty soon I don’t know when I am going to retire from Sizzlers or get a third job thinking about applying at Sam’s Club. I am 41 years old. Alot of the workers at Sizzlers are college kids. They have working on their own dreams. Me I am worried about losing that job. I don’t want to lose that job. I love working there. I love hearing about their dreams and they are friendly. It made me feel like family there. Soon they give us back our hours. But in the mean time I am hanging. Other issues is my health. My both shoulders have been killing me lately like a shooting pain. I am going to see an orthopedic about it. It feels like my whole breaking down on me. I don’t know if that is what part age over 40 feels like. I am also having tummy problems. The doctors don’t know what cause. That is all I can tell you. Enough about me. How is everyone here?
    Tillie, Welcome to HKN Haven’s blog.
    HKN, Great job! Hugs!
    As for everyone, I hope you all have a great day! I have things to do today. Like real live. I always believe in you all here. Hugs! I am still here. I still support HKN Havens! Keep me posted. Love you all and RK! Later.


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