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This Aint My First Time At The Rodeo

Where do I start?


My last post sent the dipshidiots into quite a tizzy. Getting called out on their actions didn’t go over very well with a few of them.


Let’s start with tarot card lady Angbella27. She tried to take me down on YouTube but it didn’t have the effect she hoped for. The Robsessed and the Flower Brigade turned on her and it was hilarious to read the YouTube comments.


According to her I’m not Debbie from Ohio anymore. Now I’m a mystery woman from New Jersey who is schizophrenic and has multiple personalities. Did you know that Angbella27 is a psychiatric specialist?


According to her YouTube video she is. A psychiatric specialist would know that schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are two different things.

Difference Between Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder


I wish I could show you her mental meltdown but she didn’t have the guts to leave it up. ALL her videos have been deleted including her attacks on Rob during her so called readings.


Of course Hopeless had to put her two cents in on this situation and it was pretty funny to watch.



Yep. The infamous son-in-law lawyer has gotten involved. He’s helping recommend a lawyer to Angbella27 according to Hopeless.


What exactly does she need a lawyer for? I dare either of them to show me where I threatened Angbella27 or her children. I simply called her out on her atrocious behavior in using them to get to meet Kristen.


Kind of like the dipshidiots claiming there are racist remarks in this post where IT was called out on her poor me behavior.


I’m going to challenge the dipshidiots to show me exactly where there is a racist remark in that post. Come on

I dare you.

Suzy Cucumber Double Dog Dare


No racist remark here either.


 Now if all this didn’t have you rolling on the floor with laughter I give you the PrStens and their attempt to take me down. They reported me to WordPress and this was the response they got back…



Whatever happened to the troll from PrSten that was going to expose me and have a blog about it ?


I’ll make sure and hold my breath waiting for her big reveal.


They can keep trying this crap but it gets them nowhere.They have no chance in hell of making me go anywhere. Many have tried and failed. Like the title of this post says…


With Rob away filming IT had no way of getting attention except to release a new interview. Did you know that IT is a shy homebody earth mother?


Uhm NO. we have plenty of pictures that say otherwise.


I have been informed that it is not Imogene that IT is riding in this pic but her longtime room mate instead. Either way that’s no shy earth mother.



A very recent picture of  IT and her still room mate looking cozy. Funny how according to the dipshidiots Rob is her room mate now.


Not unless he has suddenly gone blonde and female.


According to IT in her interview she played table tennis with Prince. How exactly do you play table tennis in the dark? SEVERAL people tweeted that yes it was dark. Table tennis NO.Tonsil hockey YES.



Old/New picture from July 7th. NOT the 5th or any other date the dipshidiots try to invent. Why does it bother them so much that is from July 7th?


Because his wife was in Paris on July 7th and the dipshidiots became frantic and pulled their hair out over that possibility.



According to the dipshidiots that’s IT’s backside on the left. Funny tho how we got the picture on the right at the same time. And no tag saying it is IT. Trust me if it was her she would be tagged. She’s desperate for attention.

One more laugh for the road.


Pinning their hopes and prayers on the holiday . What are they going to do when it doesn’t happen then either?


And to close this out…



Rob and Kristen on the sets of their films.Hard working professionals!



And these two are being well taken care of and spoiled rotten!


I’m betting the dipshidiots  are gnashing their teeth about right now.


And I’ll see you next time!




703 thoughts on “This Aint My First Time At The Rodeo

  1. On a lighter note. It seems Kristen is to play Bridget Sullivan the Irish domestic housekeeper of Lizzie Borden. I can’t wait to see if she has the Irish accent.


  2. Can we all just have a fricken group hug and move onward? We have had many extras this week stirring pots, I am hearing, take a deep breath, exhale and lets please just hug it out and move forward. MN has a neat thing about what your wolf name would be- I am “Beautiful Wolf” yeah I like it lol.

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  3. Andreana, Don’t you dare leave. I love your comments and sense of humor. Some of us are too serious and your fun is what we need. Don’t let anyone drive you away!!!!! If HKN found you offensive, you would be deleted . And whose blog is this????


  4. Dear Haven, I do understand exactly how some feel insulted by extreme criticism, as you lose commenters this way and this is one way to slowly close a blog by the critics. Having two or three attack another person on an open blog is the kind of hen house thinking that reduced another blog to a very few. I do not like abuse and there are all kinds of abuse so I would ask that you good people not act as though we need another group that has a better than thou attitude. Reminding you all we are all very different from many countries and religions. We will not always agree and we are sent AGGRAVATORS from other blogs to stir things up. Being polite and kinder is really necessary here and everywhere, actually. It is understandable for HKN and many commenters here to be protective of RK and their family. It is normal. I think no matter what is said here, it will not be appreciated by hater groups. Please be aware of what you are saying to the people of this blog, we are all very important here, we are all respectful of the Pattinson and Stewart family. Once you start judging each other for items you dislike, you put yourself as a judge. I think we can and should be better to our Haven members. I cannot sit in judgment of anyone specifically but would simply expect a great deal more patience with those you do not agree with. You should know I see a cardiac specialist and I have Lupus, I have had two heart failures and my better angels are telling me to stop preaching. I am off the soapbox ladies, you can now jump on me again, I am leaving. Take care Cindy, I understand how ANDREANNA feels, not many people are steadily attacked daily by judges, as this post is for entertainment ladies, not for witch hunts. I think the Diva would be applauding the ladies that sit in judgment. I think this is still a blog to discuss RK, but maybe not. Don’t forget , sometimes life comes back to bite you in the ass.


  5. HKN
    Ok I’m leaving.. Way to many church ladies here for my taste… It’s been great fun with you over the years … You really gave em hell on gossip cop ! Good luck I’m always going to be a r/k fan. Love those two… See ya down the road! Lol

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    1. Andrea,
      I wish you wouldn’t leave. I took things really personally at one time and left for a few days then I decided hell, no one is going to push me out. I came back and have tried real hard to be less vocal. This is HKN’s blog and I think if she didn’t like what you have said she would let you know. Take a breather if you want to but don’t leave. You have a right to say what you want. Maybe we should be more tolerant and less judgemental. JMO

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    2. I hope that it will continue here is a place where each R / K proponents may say his opinion without being attacked.
      I have other words for T (only in the head) Kristen will already many years, contact with spitefulness
      I hope Andrea you change your mind and remain 🙂


    3. Andreana you’ve not done or said anything wrong here. Your thoughts and feelings are yours to post as you please. If someone doesn’t like what you write then they don’t need to read it – simple as that. I’ve always found your comments funny. And to be honest we all have a name for the diva wantabe. Some are just more colorful than others. I’m not offended by anything posted here not even from the haters. If someone is offended by your words then all they need to do is skip over it. If HKN thought you were a problem she would have said something by now as you have been here a long time. I hope you reconsider leaving.

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      1. Andreana – I agree – don’t leave. I am not a church lady but a person who lives with positivity and cannot tolerate the justification of bashing another woman because she is not liked. It just fuels all the attacks we get on this blog from outside posters. They use those comments to say “see – HKN’s blog is xxxx or xxx”. We don’t know her and it benefits nobody to be rude. I will step away – please stay here where its apparent your name calling is acceptable. fishyone2


  6. In my last comment I was speaking my thoughts from my point of view. It was never intended as criticism of other people’s points of view in any way.

    If I offended anyone I’m sorry.

    I use to be one of the first to rise to defense because of sessed comments. After a while I realized every time I did that it just put me in a bad mood. But that’s just me.

    I believe everyone of us is entitled to their own point of view and that they should feel free in expressing it.

    I’m really intrigued by the plot line of Personal Shopper and can’t wait to see it. I’m also looking forward to seeing Rob’s performance in LIFE and The Lost City of Z.

    I also liked MN’s comment on how alike Rob and Kristen are in facial expressions. One picks up little things like that in long relationships.

    It’s just one of the many things about Rob and Kristen that keeps me believing in their continuing relationship and family life.

    Peace people and have a good day tomorrow.

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  7. Congrats on a million hits. You rock H K N. Cannot wait till your next post. as for it who cares. Rob has showed us he no longer wants to be seen with her. Besides didn’t the tabs say the engagement is off?


      1. Rob is supposed to shoot Good Time in NYC in November. The exact dates have not been reported to my knowledge. The “sci-fi” movie, High Life is supposed to begin in January according to Production Weekly reports.


  8. Kristen is to Star in another movie Lizzie Borden. Per MNS. I loved Christina Ricci when she played Lizzie Borden in the television series.


    1. Kristen is going to play the Irish maid. There’s a side story about her, but it would be great to see that role built up a little to include the side story. Kristen should be speaking with an Irish accent. I think that’s an interesting choice of characters.


  9. Cindy, I completely agree with your last post, every word. I think Kristen is really darling on that bike and I hope she didn’t hit the dirt. I really hope she can rest for awhile with her husband and babies this week because she has to be weary from work and jetting around. All that stuff gets old quick. HKN CONGRATULATIONS ON ONE MILLION HITS! I think Kristen is happy as a clam and we shouldn’t read too much into her movie shots, Kristen is one of the best actresses around, she might be supposed to be having a difficult day working for a crab. Hillary Clinton was on the Late Show and she repeated the criticism of men/women about women and she made her point that women need equal pay for equal work, etc. There are people trying to remove the orange orangutan from Sat. Night Live this weekend because he insults everyone. He is your equal opportunity insulter, and becoming unpopular with women. I wonder why? The Donald is definitely different.


    1. I wish people would remember that Kristen is acting on set. She is supposed to be playing a bad, insomniac, so it stands to reason she may look angry or tired, right? I noticed a bit of makeup shadow under her eyes. There were so many comments about the circles under her eyes. She’s on set acting. She’s not going to look like a Chanel ad in this movie. She’s so cute on the motorcycle and she’s had a lot of it the last couple of days, but she’s also the consummate actress who gets the job done. Personally, I think there are too many set shots.. Save some mystery and imagination for the actual movie.


  10. Ladies, Hkn

    Taxx, hey girl. I applaud your attempt to educate some of our younger posters about the pit falls of posting online. Certainly everyone should be aware that what you put on line is forever. There are always those who would take your words, your image, etc… and exploit you just for kicks. It’s unfortunate but that is world we live in. To everyone be aware and respect yourself on social media. Everyone is accountable!!

    While respecting myself I thought of something that Susan Sontag, a female women’s activist and writer, one of the founders of the Female Liberation Movement, said and I will paraphrase. When a women finds their voice, say what you mean and mean what you say. Stand up never silent about who you are and what you believe. That’s my mantra. I am also thinking of what H. Clinton said yesterday. “Some people believe that when a women speaks out she is shouting”. Meaning if a woman stands up and speaks out on any issue her words are too often minimized by: she must be on her period, she hates men, or she’s angry. Sometimes spoken by men but too often spoken by woman about other women. When I post here as well as any other blog, I say what I mean and mean what I say. Sometimes I try to inject humor but always to stand for something. To stand for what I believe. I refuse to be afraid of school yard antics. The haters are pulling out all the stops to instill fear. “Haha, we’re going to steal and repost your shit” Fuck them. Stand up for what you believe.

    As to comments being tossed out about the name t beaver. It obvious to me that Andreanna use of that name is light hearted and not meant to be harmful or hurtful to anyone.I always took it as Andreanna injecting some humor into her post I totally get it! She is always so up-beat. You tend to read her post with a smile. Mountain out of mole hill. Just sayin

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    1. Sookie you must be kin to me some how lol. You quoted something I used to say almost exactly “I say what I mean and mean what I say”. Every so often we all need a reminder about internet usage protocols.

      I am confused about one thing though that is being discussed about a charity event. I am wondering out loud, does it really matter who is involved if it is for the benefit of a charity. If there is any issues I am fairly certain that the charity planners got it covered and will not let anyone make a mockery out of an event. As someone pointed out, these charity events are planned many months or even a year or longer for all the pieces to come together for these events. Just saying that does it matter who or when its for charity regardless of how any one feels about a specific individual regardless of who they may be at the time. If they make money for a charity and abide by the charity by-laws, then is it really an issue? IMO, it doesn’t matter to me provided they can make money for said charity and if they don’t they will not be back. All organizations have guidelines that must be followed otherwise they will not represent said charity and that is all on that matters for me. I suspect others feel more, but is it worth it? Great day to all.


  11. Congratulations to the first 1 million hits. To the nearest million.
    Beautifully in between times images of Kristen to obtain. Not every day
    However it would be better they would let Kristen and the crew working alone.
    beautiful evening all


  12. Dear Haven, Why are we bothered by trolls? Well this post has had very heavy traffic forever by women primarily that absolutely hate Kristen or Rob, but definitely Rob and Kristen married and living together for how long? Going on seven or eight years. Yep, they are good at fooling tabloids and the public with regard to their real life and most intelligent life out there appreciate their insistence on the quiet life. But let’s face it, tabloids destroy lots of relationships, and just like Kristen and Rob detest the paparazzi, we detest the two-bit trolls that play stupid games of creating lies and drama then calling it racism. I think that RK will continue to fly under the radar as long as they have to, and I somehow feel that Rob would be the one to not want an embarrassment at any child enrichment charity. As my dear old Mom used to say, there is a fly in the ointment! But again, this is talk about the Charity Go-Go, any harm done will only reflect on the person doing harm. Shock and Awe will stop at the door or be hauled out with people laughing at the person who is a problem. If someone abuses a children’s charity affair, they will find themselves to be blackballed from almost everything they want to do. So by paying so much attention to a continuous bunch of selfish women who love to hate and lie to rattle everyone’s day, you are making their day! I think you should use Kristen’s favorite words, f—-, f—-, f—, and I think most of us have been trashed here, by the way, so taking our names and playing stupid games is old hat. I would not live in fear about what is said, just avoid being childish and crude like the trolls. HKN can easily remove that trash.

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  13. Seeing the pictures of Kristen while filming I can tell she’s a bit irritated that the paps are taking photos of her. No doubt waiting for her to mess up. Too bad they can’t keep them away.


    1. After looking at the pics again Janie I have to agree with you. There were 2 videos at the bottom of yesterdays pics and she didnt look too happy while filming the scenes riding the scooter. Lets hope things calm down and she can start to enjoy herself.


      1. Kristen looks in a good mood to me. I think the irritated part is for her character in the movie. Maureen works for a bitch and hates her job. It’s important to have this in mind. Yesterday I saw people saying Kristen looked tried. But the fans who were lucky to meet her at night reported that Kristen is supposed to look exhausted and bad for the role. I think Kristen looks really happy.

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    2. Or Janie she was filming and supposed to look irritated, we can’t tell any of that since they are filming scenes. The pics I saw she was smiling and intent with in and out of traffic. The production people could be putting out pics which in the long runs cuts down on costs to promote a movie. We have definitely seen creative promotions of movies since Twilight. There seems to be a movement in the movie industry overall to maximize profits while minimizing specific costs. I think we are seeing this change right in front of us. They take an “Indie” movie, leak pics, get people talking about it on boards, interest rises in that project while costs to actually promote it go down. I F C seems to be using this process. Some have pointed out that they hope IFC who has bought several of K and R movies, the question has always been, will they promote R or K for an awards run. They have not done it yet but I could be wrong. Just putting it out there that basically we don’t have the whole story on these pics being released to public. Are they to promote the movie by the production company or since filming was going on, was it actually a pap picture or not. As always IMO.


      1. DorotheeRC – That’s the drawback to all of these on set pictures. Kristen is supposed to look bad, and she’s an insomniac, so she should probably look tired as well. I’ve heard mention of her looking tired. Well, then she’s doing her job. I also noted shadow makeup under her eyes. She’s acting on set, it’s not real, it’s her role. Just something to keep in mind when looking at all the set pictures.


  14. Just saying. Rob and t are both interested in music I see their paths crossing at one time or another in the future. We need to get over it. Rob and Kristen happily married with 2 sweet little girls.


    1. I don’t think We’ll see them together for now, at least not as long as the truth won’t be revealed. Anybody with eyes and more important a brain can see that Rob has maintained a distance for 5 months. He has done everything possible to cut the link. When things will be clear then maybe We’ll see them at the same place.
      Now very personally, I think I’d love to see Rob at the same event as Twigs and totally ignoring her.

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      1. DorotheeRC – I agree. Whatever he does he’s not doing it without thinking about it. It’s aggravating that the charity is becoming a background for this ploy. Behind the scenes you have her camp sending their wishes in that they’ll appear together, and badgering GoGo as to whether he’ll show up at all and to the point where they’ve said they’ll update that info this week. No pressure. It’ll be handled the way he decides to handle it.


      2. Dorothee,
        Yes, it is true Rob has kept his distance from her for over 5 months we do have eyes. I just think their paths may cross in the future. We don’t know what he would do. All is assumption everyone has an opinion.


  15. Kristen looks like she is having a ball driving that scooter in the new shoot yesterday. I can’t keep the time difference straight so it could be today as they are ahead of us. Anyway, she looks like its fun to be driving around Paris on a scooter. “Personal Shopper”, looks interesting so hopefully she gets a kick out of it while working. We are getting a lot of rain so hope we don’t end up like SC with flooding.
    Have a great day, maybe the trolls will go somewhere else today. They have been here a lot recently. We did have full moon Monday which does bring out some unusual people. Hopefully, that slows down.
    I think R is filming sooner than we think for his “Good Times”, I can’t prove it either but they have changed schedules before or posted other timeframes to minimize fans who show up. I am not sure there is anything on R recently as I have been on the go as I do again today. Have a great day today all. Enjoy the good stuff ignore the bad or whatever floats the boat.


  16. Dear Ladies, The best way to react is to just ask HKN to remove the trash, and not forget to spray Lysol after haters come to just mess with you. As HKN has said this is all to bring drama and attention to her, as she would otherwise get very little from a disgusted public. I doubt if Rob or Kristen know or even care at all. She is unimportant and very forgettable. Anything said here at Haven is misrepresented so patrolling Haven is not really making any difference for those who are berating what is said, who said it, etc. In fact those who are busy being judgmental of anything said here should know they are also being judged. Kristen and Rob believe that basically people are going to express how they feel and that this is fine with them. We all need to just stop allowing trolls to affect us. Just laugh it off and talk about the RK family. I somehow feel that RK can and just laugh and blow off the assholes. They have a beautiful life together and very little bothers them with regard to the ignorant jealous haters who really do not know anything.

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  17. I don’t know who put that information out there that T was going to performing at the Go Go Gala, but I look at there page and no where on there is her name mentioned. I looked at her page and she has no up coming performances. This just the sessed trying to cause trouble again, and some of you are falling for it. That is all I’m going to say about it. Besides isn’t Rob suppose to be filming in London at that time.

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    1. What’s really sad is how the sessed haters will and are taking this opportunity to spam the campaign with nonsense which shows their lack of integrity. The campaign is actually a good one for helping children which is something Rob believes in and supports. But that will be lost in the ignorant ranting of the haters. I seriously doubt a one of them will actually donate a dime but will donate their time to causing controversy for them. I’m very surprised at their selection for this event as she promotes sexual acts some to the extreme and this should be about the kids. She was added last minute so I don’t think Rob had planned this for her nor did he have anything to do with it. I personally don’t believe her motives are sincere. I don’t hate her but I hate the message she relays and to relay that to children who are hurting and hungry and abused is tasteless. Hopefully the campaign will get a clue and insist she tone it down. The reaction otherwise will be negative given the venue.


      1. Cindy – I agree. First fans notifying the charity that her biggest wish is to sing with the recycled orchestra. Sending wishes in saying they want to see them together and further baggering as to whether he’ll be there. This is how they work behind the scenes. This is not about the charity with them it’s about some sorted reunion. I hope the campaign reigns it in and stays on point for the kids. It’s always about her being the center of attention. This is not the venue for that.


    2. Christine – It is on her twitter page that she’s supposed to perform on Nov. 12th. for the GoGo charity. Personally I don’t care. All the hype about him being there is generated by her fans and them sending inquiries or hounding the charity. They’re not visible on this page but it doesn’t mean they aren’t stirring things up elsewhere, and it’s something no one has control over. What will be will be. I thought Rob is supposed to film Good Time in NY. Apparently they may change the date. If they can begin earlier, maybe they’re considering Christmas while working on the schedule. Regardless, he’s going to be one busy guy the next few months or so. Hope all is going well with the new little baby!


  18. Here’s my two cents: 1. Everything anyone posts online anywhere can be found by anyone including future employers especially for younger folks. 2. Please be aware that what you write can come back to bite you. This is a public forum visited frequently and reposted from all of the time. If you do not want family, friends or possibly employers reading stuff that can be reposted in part or misrepresented in numerous ways then please consider what you write on any blog or anywhere on the Internet, it can be located and reposted and not in the way you may have originally written it. 3. I have seen many things written from here reposted to other places and not always in a nice manner. 4. If you do not want family to read something you wrote years later especially children or grandchildren, then I caution all as to what you write online because people can be nasty and pick stuff apart for their sick selves or general meaness, but they can make anyone sound terrible. Additionally, just be aware that what any of us writes any where regardless of what program, anyone can find what you think you have protected, but you do not have stuff protected at all on the Internet. The main point being, post with care for yourselves and family.
    I had permission to post an email to see where it lead. Sadly, friend forgot about one account, these unknown folks decided that they should teach me a lesson, however it was someone else that that posted a private picture from an IG account just to prove they were superior. However, they were not aware how they opened themselves up by posting a picture of a private account. Many have been contacted already to remove it. So imagine how Robert or Kristen feel every single day that they see this kind of abuse.
    Point being, there are people with very little substance in their lives that they harass anyone that they feel like for that day. Taxx loaned me her info but forgot about her IG. I generally go by just taxx2015 so it was easy to do but I have had to fix it. So, watch what you do. I had the right to use that email but those folks who helped themselves to an innocent person who was curious to see how bad the trolls had really gotten, we know now. So those of you who posted that pic, you know who you are so you can delete it or twitter and anyone else involved might find out that being that full of hate that you deem so many here to have, POT meet KETTLE.
    no need to ask me about this since it is being handled by various places. Good night and be well.


  19. Ladies,

    One thing I am proud of about myself is that I am very opened minded and I try hard to see various sides of a situation. Some of us here at the Haven seem to think that if we don’t feed the beast the breast will leave us alone. We won’t be berated in their blog. We won’t be called names. According to them we are all racist although there has never been a racist remark made on this blog about the Diva. What’s the provocations for that? We are harassed and bullied because of what we believe folks about R/K. I don’t see an end to the hatefulness that is deposited here on a regular basis unless we are willing to stop believing. The hatred was here long before the Diva. It will be here long after she is gone Yes, it all defies logic.

    Mn, makes no observations about the Diva and does not allow anyone to post comments on her blog. Yet the beast still wants to take her down because of what she believes. Feed the beast or don’t feed it ,things will be the same. It’s the nature of the beast.

    As for the event planned with the charity. We all know that events like this are planned many months in advance not yesterday. What is most telling is that Rob seems to have decided months ago prior to May 2015 to be exact,.that he would not be seen in public with her. That’s no accident. Rob has flipped the script he is going in a different direction. So she is at the function. so what! Maybe he will still remember her name. keep up. So obvious! just sayin

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  20. HKN
    This is you blog last time I looked…..I am being criticised for refering to it as T beaver …..I am told its offensive by a few folks here…. I will stop if you have a problem with it …but if you do not I will continue to refer to her as beaver……

    As for the critics……… police yourselves please and I will do the same.. in other words weed your own gardens not mine….its getting old….I do not tell you what to think or say….please extend the same courtesy… others who may not think as you do.


    1. Andreana as long as you realize that everything you say online is here forever where the whole world can see including your children (if you have kids). So, this is just to remind all of you, what you say on here is in the public domain forever. So, if a future employer wants to see what you do on the Internet, they can find anything you do. For example, A very close friend who changed jobs a few years back had no online presence for this very reason and that was a part of their interview investigation. This person was hired with flying colors because of no presence online. Employers can fire you for stuff you put on the Internet if it is deemed inappropriate or offensive to others or their policies, they can fire you depending on the state or they use it against you to fire you. So, as I have said before, you say what you want and you own it online forever. As long as each and every one of you on here knows this and is okay with what you write knowing that it will always be here, then do as you will knowing full well that others including future family or family to be will read what you share, then write whatever the heck you want. You now have full disclosure of what you do on here can follow you. If you are good with what you do, then just remember you OWN what write. That is the last time that I will remind anyone.


      1. Taxx
        I am aware of all of the pitfalls of posting on line…. I am not looking for a job I have been employed as an xray technologist for 30+ years….my employment is based on the merit of my expertise and not what I do in my past time…… so that’s not an issue …. also surprise my name is not Andreana…. .soooo I am not concerned with referring to this vulgar girl as T-beaver and will continue to do so…I only make remarks about her when I read here that she is seemingly around Rob. I read here that some of you read her twitter accounts dnd some seem to know every city she performs in…. if she is truly irrelevant here why monitor her every move…I get all information about her right here…Ido not use twitter facebook or instagram… I am not laying blame but I do think that might be a tad unwarrented critism here. my term t beaver refers to her buck teeth…. there are much worse things said ….. I think everyone should police themselves and not the other posters…..I come here to keep up with R and K… not T- beaver….. HKN refers to her as ” it” is that less offensive? I feel singled out… the way HKN …I would use it but you took it first lol…. so sorry girls but if I have something to say about it I will use tbeaver…..the trolls have been coming here since way before that girl ever showed up on the scene…. they come here because they hate Kristen Stewart….no other reason….


      2. The name you call her is rude and for a woman your age, I am appalled. The fact that you can justify it is embarrassing. Someone on here said it was obvious you were joking – but I guess you just confirmed that’s not true. I do not want to be associated with a person who thinks its ok to be be rude like that – and thinks its funny. Goodbye.


    2. Andreana,

      You say “weed your own gardens not mine”, yet you want to shut down anyone criticizing you calling T a “beaver”. Hypocritical much?


      1. Sage
        I’m not quite sure I understand why you think that is hyprocrisy … my point was that I do not criticise your post or others post and I have not verbally spanked anyone over a name ……I do not need to be called down for what I say ….Iwas called out and I answered……my point …. if you don’t like my post skip it…you don’t have to read it…but Tbeaver will still be what Call her….. nuff said


      2. Sage
        Weed your own garden not mine ..its a good way to live…I will not criticise you for your opinion ever…so will you not extend the same courtesy?….do you enjoy verbal spankings? I do not…. but I will never tuck my tail and run…I will continue to refer to her my way.. and I don’t have to answer to you or anyone else who gets their undies in a bundle over it…. that is what I was saying ….if you find that hypocritical its ok with me.


  21. This is my thoughts on recent news concerning T (the Diva.

    If we all truly think of Rob and Kristen as together then anything to do with ‘her’ is irrelevant.

    Her singing at a charity event is irrelevant. The fact that this is one of Rob’s favorite charities is also irrelevant and possibly a coincidence.

    In my view the only relevance that she has ever had is what tabloids and her fans give her. I refuse to do anything to help that along. Talking bad about her, slurring her name is just her cup of tea. Little jewels she shares with tabloids in her pr slumps as her poor pitiful me sessions.

    What we say about her is tabloid fodder. Abusive talk about her is tabloid gold.

    Sorry. I refuse to play their game.

    As far as I’m concerned Rob and Kristen are fine and together until they SAY otherwise.

    And the Diva? She a mediocre singer catering to fans who get a kick out of public sex as entertainment; which I am not one of and thus cannot appreciate such fare.

    Enough said from me I guess. Everyone have a good night.

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    1. Ladies – I don’t personally feel the diva is relevant. It is a fact that whenever a troll has come here, when they’re backed into a corner, or someone says something they don’t like, they play the race card, as does the diva. It has become a huge defense mechanism that they’ve found effective if they can get people to engage. By not engaging, they don’t get what they originally came here for, which is a fight putting everyone here on the defensive, and for what? We don’t gain anything from them being here. They leave, we’re depleted, and eager to get back to normal. It’s a futile exchange that goes nowhere. They’re goal is to tear people down. That’s not our goal. They’re what Rob referred to as the “basement demons” who want to spew hate, and tear people down. They know full well what our position is, they don’t agree, so they come thinking they can say something to change our minds and they can’t, so the fighting begins. If we’re engaging with them on their level of name calling etc.,we’re no better than they are and no one wins. Everyone is upset for nothing. Their mission is to degrade, attack beliefs, encourage a fight, name calling, and to defend the diva because they know we are not her fans. So what does it change? Nothing. Personally, I wouldn’t give them a chance, I’d just remove them. After a while I don’t think they’d bother coming. I guess it’s up to HKN. I don’t know that she’s given anyone on this board the authority to monitor what people post here, or tell them what they can and can’t do, so as it stands it’s HKN’s board and her call.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Ladies,

    Ok I’m just going to throw this out there. I don’t want to offend anyone although I probably will. I have been chewing on something I continue to see here in the post. What I see is that some of us feel the need to police and censor what is being said. That’s Hkn’s job isn’t it? Yet I have not read where she recommend that we STFU about the Diva. In fact HKN made a couple of observations about the Diva in her last post. Should she also stop?

    What is really going on? Sure the sesses don’t want anything out there except the media’s narrative. I am seeing comments like rude, vile concerning some post. If someone comments on something that is observed that’s out there for the world to see, then that should not be offensive. As for myself if I observe some instance or behavior where the Diva was way way outside the norm, is it rude or vile to point that out.? For instance, if the Diva spread her legs on stage as part of her performance as some of you have said. If you post about it as your true observation, that has nothing to do with her ethic identify, it doesn’t make anyone a racist. but it has everything to do with flipping the narrative the media has developed surrounding her. That’s my motivation. Is it vile that you post about it (she is a public figure) OR is her behavior vile, that she spreads her legs on stage? According to the media the Diva is the second coming, “the best thing to happen to Rob”, she is so shy? Sorry, I cannot allow that to stand without commenting.

    The media has spent the last year raving and building the Diva up. At the same time the media has spent seven years attempting to make Kristen a spectacle versus a talented actress. For me it’s about the media’s narrative, I merely use the diva to make my point. I won’t stop! Just sayin

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    1. Sookie I kind of feel that way also. I just put her in an irrelevant category and keep her there. I am not offended in any way by some of the names she is called on here. I think the persona she put out there comes with the territory. But I just don’t care about her and it’s definitely not because of her skin color. And I saw how badly Kristen was and is treated by the media and the sessed to this day. And I also agree that HKN is the ruler of this place and if she wants things differently then she’ll let us know. She has called out the diva many a time and has her own special name for her. I also don’t give a hoot about what the crazy haters say or think about what I believe nor does anything they ever post here reap them any rewards but does show the world how stupid they are and HKN dumps them as soon as she can.


    2. Really is my first time here, and thankful with you guys for denfend to Kristen. Persnaly I feel tired, very tired and furious by the treatment of media with Kristen. No matter me if the diva is hated, critized; no matter me, if the karma is a damn bitch. Kristen has received hate, cruelty and persecution of media, for more of 3 years. Why is so important the life sexual of Kristen? Why are no published the phothos of the diva with her girlfriend?
      I feel furious, when I´m working, turn on my mobile phone, go to google y Pum!! any damn gossip site, talking shit of Kristen¡¡¡But as is the persecution, the same is her defense. I invite to get up you voice of protest,in any site, in any media, with very class, by treatment of Kristen


  23. Hello Haven! Really time to ignore seriously deranged trolls. RK are busy with movies, babies and friends. Nick is the guy who makes arrangements and RK have lots of charities they donate to. My personal opinion is that this is a way to have her face in front of the audience, and we hope she does not do her regular roll on the floor, but attempts a genuine song that is presentable. I wish Adele would appear, she is a really wonderful singer and is coming to the states soon, will be on some talk shows this week. Adele is as real as can be and has worked hard to become famous, on her own. I guess I just love the real thing, and she really is. I have a hard time relating to artificiality and pretense, and the no longer center of the stage Diva is only wanting the tabloids to talk about her. And she loves the fact that some people will be outraged she will perform there, she wants to shock and dramatize her appearance because she gets attention this way. Who really cares? I don’t, because she is what business people call an also run. I do wish her well and hope just like a lot of also-runs, she disappears into the horizon. And, she will eventually do that, whereas Adele who works hard to be the best, and Kristen, who works equally hard, along with Rob, who is an excellent actor and working to make a great movie, will continue on perfecting their gifts and have long and successful careers. JMO. Time to just not react to the dingbats who like to slam bang the neighborhood! Susie


  24. Just stop. Take your tabloid gossip somewhere else because that’s all it is. You can cling to that illusion all you want but its sad that you feel the need to pollute this blog with that garbage. Just stop.


      1. Muse – HKN’s position is that T is not relevant and the tabloid stories of her and Rob together are lies. I’m well aware this is her site and if she does not want us supporting her POV that R and K are together, I’m sure she will tell us. I’m surprised you would be against my comment to that poster. Oh well.


      2. Bfishy – It’s my position also that the tabloid stories about her and Rob are lies. She is not relevant. I guess I’ll have to check to see where the misunderstanding is, but there’s no misunderstanding on my part about how I feel about her that’s for sure.We’re on the same page as far as I know. I haven’t seen HKN post anything about this issue. That’s all.


  25. Who really cares about the diva. I dont. Rude words about her are beneath us and will just start trouble. We should be looking at the first days pics of shooting for Kristen. She looks like she is having a great time with it all. Hope the pics keep coming.

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    1. Smack – I agree. We’re not following her, so what do we care what’s she’s doing. What we say doesn’t stop her from doing what she’s doing. It doesn’t change anything. I tend to feel she gets enough PR without us giving her any. If a troll comes here, why can’t HKN just remove them as she’s familiar with whose a troll and who isn’t by seeing their post first? It’s HKN’s site. It’s really her call.


      1. Janie and Smack – Kristen looks so cute. The helmet is almost as big as she is. 🙂 She had a little experience on a motorcycle in New Moon. A scooter not near as threatening.


      2. K did not actually drive motorcycle in Twilight, it was mounted on a cart, she did her part acting as if she were driving when she was not. I suspect they did not want to take that chance of her getting hurt on a real motorcycle. It looks like a scooter for her new movie and they are a little safer. Hey Muse looks like we are on same page lol.

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      3. Smack,
        You are right it is a scooter. I thought I read somewhere that Rob bought her a mini motorcycle or scooter when they were Filming in Canada? If she drove it she has experience. Her Mom and Dad also rode bikes. I’m sure she’s familiar with them but maybe it’s been a while before she’s ridden one. JMO


    1. I’m writing this again cause for some reason my comment did show up to you but you are right Rob did buy Kristen two mini motorcycles for her 21st Birthday.

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  26. Some of you guys insecurities give me whiplash why can’t you just be happy and pay attention to the positive things then instead of negative I don’t get it one The Go Campaign is Not Rob’s Charity Yes He Supports it but shoot I support a whole bunch of charities and donate but that does not mean it’s my charity. If you didn’t know T did a interview recently where she said she wanted to sing with the kids who make instruments out of recycling. Then someone told the go campaign and then boom she is now singing there cause guess who is also performing this year The Recycled Orchestra. So Chill Out Take A Breather Will Rob Show up Who knows but if he does The Freak outs have got to stop be firm in what you believe in because when you are nothing the haters can say will change how you feel. Keep fighting the good fight and Stay Positive Don’t let someone else take away what makes you Happy because their life is lacking happiness. !! From One RK Fan To Another xo

    Liked by 13 people

    1. Sashmarie – Confidently stated and spot on. That’s how I understand it happened as well. Rob supports a lot of charities. Any ulterior motive will hopefully positively for the charity. Rob has Good Time that will begin shooting on Nov. 17th. It’s a very busy time and he’ll no doubt do what he feels he needs to do. So much is going well with all the great opportunities and movies they are making. It’s a very exciting time. Happiness is a choice, and it’s an inside job. No one can take it away from you unless you allow it. Onward and upward.


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