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Reading Comprehension


Reading comprehension is NOT a dipshidiots strong suit.

IT basically told them there isn’t going to be an epic pub wedding but they can’t seem to grasp this.


Yeah I would compare my upcoming nuptials with being called a monkey wouldn’t you? Oh wait we are talking about IT and her narcissistic attention seeking me me personality disorder so yeah she would.

What kind of person keeps screen caps of her hate mail? The kind that wants to have a pity party of one for herself. Seriously. GET OVER IT.


Kristen has it ten times worse than this wanna be diva but isn’t it funny we don’t see her crying boo hoo about it in every interview.


If getting their wedding dreams dashed wasn’t enough bad news for the dipshidiots they then got this bit of news…

La Biennale di Venezia 2nd – 12 Sept 2015
Star-studded Venice line-up announced

Live reporting by Mark Save & Tim Masters, 10.29am 29th July 2015 UK Time. (BBC News/Live/Entertainment-Arts)
Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Eddie Redmayne and Leonardo DiCaprio are all expected to attend the Venice Film Festival, which has just unveiled its 72nd line-up.
As previously announced, true-life disaster epic Everest – which stars Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley and Robin Wright – will open the festival on 2 September.
It will be joined by Eddie Redmayne’s The Danish Girl, a true story in which the British Oscar-winner plays one of the first recipients of sex reassignment surgery.
Another highlight is Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight, the true story of how the Boston Globe revealed a massive cover-up of the child molestation scandal within the local Catholic archdiocese.
It stars Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Michael Keaton, in his first role since his Oscar-nominated performance in Birdman.
Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt all star in Martin Scorcese’s short film The Audition; while Kristen Stewart appears in futuristic love story Equals.
Her former Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson will be seen in historical drama Childhood of a Leader; and Anthony Hopkins stars in Daniel Alfredson’s Go With Me.

Rob and Kristen will be there on the same day September 5th.Woo Hoo!


I’m looking forward to all the meltdowns on that day from the dipshidiots and all the self induced panic from so called fans that will be jumping ship if things don’t happen the way they want. The PRstens are hoping for a miracle appearance by IT on the red carpet even though she has a concert that same day. Hey she could take her favorite train! That’ll get her there in time!


Her broom could her get there in time too.


 This news sent the dipshidiots into photo shop frenzy and Rob suddenly racked up some serious frequent flyer miles!


There were so many I couldn’t possibly go over them all but here’s a couple of my favs…


Rob and his missing cheek. Message to the dipshidiots. When you get ready for your photo shop efforts of IT visiting Rob on set remember to make sure Rob has all his body parts before you post your fails.



I rolled on the floor with laughter over this one. Supposedly that’s IT graciously holding her phone out far enough for someone to get a good pic of her face timing with Rob.


The dipshidiots chocked on a lot of shit and swallowed it buying into this load of crap.


I’m going to make a challenge to everybody. Take a picture of someone from behind and then have them bring up a picture of Rob on their phone. Take a picture and post all over twitter that they just face timed with Rob.And then sit back and see how many tabs are willing to pay you money for your story.


Reading Comprehension wasn’t the dipshidiots friend  where Kristen was concerned either. They tried desperately to say Kristen announced she was gay in the Nylon interview. NO she did not but nice try.


They also got excited and peed their pants with glee over the journalist  saying Kristen had two dogs.


I guess the dipshidiots failed math in school. She and her husband Rob have 3 dogs.


Love how Kristen gave it back to Nylon at the 3:14  mark in the newest Suzie carversation.

At 1:04 Kristen talks about how she loves going to London and getting English chips. Been to London recently a lot lately have you Kristen?


If things weren’t going bad enough for the dipshidiots we got the American Ultra premiere!


Kristen in her bare feet again. Hey it’s her thing and it’s cute.


And look who escorted her! Taylor! Too cute! I love how they are such good friends. Yes,friends dipshidiots. Nothing else. How can they be anything else. She’s gay remember? Funny  tho now that Kristen has promo the tabs suddenly have her and Alicia on the outs. Kinda painted themselves in a corner with nowhere to go. They had to have some excuse for suddenly having her go straight again. And the dipshidiots lapped it up.



This is what Kristen thinks of the dipshidiots and their fantasies.

Kristen also has a new mini film coming in December for Chanel starring as Coco Chanel!

Kristen Stewart to Star in Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Film

Karl Lagerfeld Kristen Stewart Chanel Movie

AUGUST 21, 2015 | 02:22PM PT

Kristen Stewart, Chanel’s newest campaign model, will star in a film directed by designer Karl Lagerfeld for the French fashion house’s upcoming show.

The story, conceived by Lagerfeld, offers a fictional, behind-the-scenes look at a biopic in the making about founder Gabrielle Chanel, WWD reports.

Stewart portrays an actress impersonating the designer as a young woman. Geraldine Chaplin, who has played Chanel in previous Lagerfeld films, is in the movie as well. Lagerfeld filmed the project last month in two days at director Luc Besson’s Paris studio.

Lagerfeld said Stewart “played it really, really mean.” “You only see her in tests and she’s complaining about everything,” he told WWD. “She’s mean with the director; mean with the producer.”

Lagerfeld also came up with the dialogue, costumes and casting. “They make so many movies about Chanel, why can’t I make one?” he said.

Lagerfeld is the head designer and creative director of Chanel, Italian house Fendi and his own label.

Stewart has shot her last few feature films in France. She recently became the first American actor to win a Cesar (France’s Oscar equivalent) for Olivier Assayas’ “Sils Maria.” She will also star in the director’s next project, “Personal Shopper” — a Paris-set, English-language ghost story in the fashion underworld.

The Métiers d’Arts show, where the Chanel movie debuts, will take place on Dec. 1 in Rome.

 CM8jIh2WsAALigoSalvador Dali and Coco Chanel. Life imitating art?


And to close this out..

Kristen on set of new Woody Allen movie!



CM-rB2TW8AAWgdVDoesn’t she look fantastic?

giphy (1)

That’s about it. See ya next time!



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  1. i was looking at pics of kristen on fiercebitchstew and there are out takes from harpers bazaar Australia ….there is one picture that she is in sitting in a recliner with her cap turned backwards and her head is tilted like she is hiding the person sitting behind her…this person looks to be pulling the brim of his hat low on his forehead but thse long fingers look like Rob’s …..see what you guys think…….

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  2. Because I do not drive at night near our local theater, I asked my son to accompany me so he could drive back at dark. He said he wanted to see Straight oUT OF Compton. So, we made a date. AU started at 7:20. His movie 8:30. He got so into Au until he said since it’s a holiday, let me finish watching this movie —please!!! We watched it together. He LOVED IT!!! Saw his movie later. I was so happy he liked AU.


  3. In reviewing some of the threats to not only R and K, other actors and politicians, they are working on legislation meaning federal government to get up to date on internet threats that go from death to violence in general. The political pundants know they have to update the laws of the land, but as we all know it takes way to much time. So, individuals in the public have to protect themselves until laws catch up to the hackers, deviants, sessed, etc. IMO, it is taking too long for laws to be changed to help those now so ones like R and K must be diligent. It does not help that companies are not helpful because they are hiding behind old laws that were never meant for today’s internet where people become someone else and hide behind programs that allow them to stalk, harass, and threaten people in the public eye whether a movie star, a wealthy socialite, or a politician or just regular people. The point being, in the past, something bad would happen before laws had changed to stop current “bad individuals” from getting through loopholes in the legal system. For example, K and R know that if they bring a lawsuit that it will only serve to bring attention to their personal life that much more. They choose offensive to prepare as much as possible to be safe. If we want to help everyone, write to your congressional people, tell them how bad the internet threats are to everyone with no one having any real recourse to stop it. James Woods is leading the way with a lawsuit for slander, yet the perpetrator(s) are hiding behind a wall of a company or more than one company. This is a case to watch since it affects us all. Unfortunately, we see reactionary changes to our laws because something terrible happens in real life. Lets hope they change the internet laws before someone truly pays the worst price. Now if I could get these computer theifs to stop calling me. I would be happy, but they chage numbers every time so how can you stop even that minor annoying crap. Right now, we can’t and this all needs to change, as always IMO.

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  4. What a great picture of the quiet, studious Rob, in costume and in character! The recent pictures of Rob and those beautiful eyes are very good. I am getting excited about seeing all the new movies and hope everyone is able to see them. I am convinced the tabs are turning things around slowly so they do not look really stupid. Eventually you can bet Kristen will be caught dating Rob! Rob of course will have another blonde bombshell he is supposed to be hooked up with. Of course it could be his British rep or Mother, two sisters, or Suzie, who are all blonde. But because Kristen is married to Rob with two possibly blonde baby girls, I vote for his own beautiful ladies. And, I refuse to allow the negative nonsense to affect my common sense. Mostly , I think we all believe exactly what we want to think, I think you are given a god given right to use your own brain, and have to learn to discern the real from the unreal. Rob and Kristen Pattinson and family are real, beautiful, and actually doing what they want to. They are living their own life, their own way. Have a good week and a safe one! Susie

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    1. Morning Sue, I hate the way the tabloids make up their own story about the 2 of them. I was looking for reviews on their movies and it’s a shame you have to see all the BS, to find them. But yeah I agree with you, the tabloids are looking for a way out of him and T. If just seeing the headlines on other couples over the years it starts with the postponing the wedding, then they are growing apart, or they want time to sort out their feelings, and then the tabloids have them broken up. Well from what I seen last night they are at step 2, it won’t be long until they are done for good. Have a good day.


  5. Just getting ready to get off the computer and go to bed. I decided to look at the headlines under Kristen and Rob’s names. Boy one actually says he avoided the Venice film festival because he didn’t want to run into Kristen. Then you get The wedding is off the agenda. Then I went to Kristen’s and E has one that says about her being barefoot on the red carpet, like she hasn’t been doing it for years, or that it is a crime. I’ll bet that story was written by a man. I have to say that Rob and Kristen has to have the thickest skin in the world to read that shit, everyday and not want to shout from the rooftops leave me F–k alone, you lying S-O-Bs. If it were me I would were a shirt out everyday with a great big Middle finger on the front and back both. I know promoting their movies is important but I sure wouldn’t give interviews to those who have printed these lies about them. I sure they have a say on it. I mean I’ll bet they could say I will talk to this paper or show but not if they send so and so. Sooner or later they would get the message, that their lies they choose to post on line or tell on there shows are hurting them. I read somewhere that people changed there headline about the red carpet, from when they first posted it. I guess it said that Kristen and Nick walked it, the revised one just had Kristen’s name in it. Wonder who made them change it.
    Rant over, I know I shouldn’t look if I don’t want to be pissed but, I was wondering if they were talking about the reviews from the movies at the festivals or not. I wasn’t on and didn’t read or see any of them, only what some were saying on twitter. Which most say they were all good.
    Well good night and have a good week.


    1. sorry but RK don’t read that shit tabloid article about them. You the one who keep read bs. You know heartless People mags, E!,other gossip site write BS about them but you keep read them and then complain about it. You should ignore it. RK have said a lot of time tabloid make people stupid.


      1. You know what, Rob has said he reads that shit, read his interviews. Besides if you don’t think they know what is being said about them in the tabs, then you don’t know anything at all. My mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Well I just wanted to get that off my chest, and I have always felt this was a safe place to do that. Every time I have something to say about something I have seen you attack me, and call me stupid. Just like the last time I had seen something on twitter and you were the first to come and attack me. Less learned. I won’t rant here anymore, I just may not comment at all again.


  6. Nataly it is my understanding that you were removed from Robsten Angels for not following the rules. They gave you a warning for not following this rule and then you did it again. They are one of the few places of peace in this fandom and I appreciate their efforts to keep it that way.

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    1. I just wrote that Kristen had recently beautiful beautiful dress, and that there is no longer my home. And then they remove my account. I asked if there anything you can say about Robert, Kristen and their personal issues ( relationships ) ? If not, please tell me. There, I know you can not.


  7. Apparently the ‘sessed have been busy writing fan fic for OK magazine to come here and harass us. Since Twigs herself shot down any wedding rumors, the ‘sessed went to the next best thing-Kristen and Alicia are secretly married. I almost fell out of my chair doubled up with laughter over that one. Of course GC swooped in like a white knight to debunk the story and go on to say Kristen’s not married to anyone. Little does he and the other rags know that Kristen is indeed married to Rob and they have two beautiful baby girls. It’s not a good time to be a member of the ‘sessed and their own queen Twigs turned on them. Tsk, tsk. LOL!

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    1. Morning all, after the weekend and holiday Monday, hope all enjoed the goodies we got. That being said, I tooled around the net about this very subject of K and R. The death threats to K have been going on since 2008 and have gotten worse with time. K remarked that with twitter someone is going to say where she is and someone will kill her. This basically came from K in my own words. So, knowing how she feels it makes sense at what they do to keep them all safe. There are too many predators on the net, remember Jodie Foster’s stalker who tried to kill Pres. Reagan. This tells us how serious the threats actually are to them but especially to K. This is why we also imo should try to keep in check speculation as to where they might be specifically and I think most everyone on here tries to do this for this reason. As always this is my opinion. Please just use Tax is how I have always used.


  8. Cindy, The business of Kristen being threatened is a daily thing I understood, which is why she is guarded all the time and they(RK) take measures to keep little Mama safe, with the girls. I read two years ago they have two groups of protection working 24/7 plus friends and family. Elvis Presley’s family owns one of these protection services. And, the personal assistants of RK do daily threat assessments. I would imagine these people know who what and why about threats. I worry more about their jet travel to and from places because of the nut cases out there that down planes. It is probably why we never know exactly where RK are, or their family, which is very wise. I think they own a private plane but that’s JMO. There is always somebody with Rob or Kristen, they are never alone, not really. Susie


  9. Mama has a pic posted atSRWN…Karl Lagerfield with a quote about class…. Hey T beaver. , you readin that? Yes …that’s what I’m talking about! Dry humping BFF… NO CLASS…. However you can study up on the red carpet pics of the movie Equals,,,,, that is what class looks like….see the girl with the beauty ful green eyes? …..Classy!


  10. I am furious been removed from my account Robsten Angels, after 8 years! Now I can not even register in there, well, I hope that here is my new home 🙂


    1. Hi nataly blueforever here maybe you could ask fe why you were removed . She reads hkn so post a message or I can ask her. I’m surprised because they have little to no posters now.


  11. I just read some rather disturbing info on Twitter. Yes I know not everything said there is true but this was posted by a pretty loyal RK fan. Seems there have been threats to do bodily harm to Kristens finger. I’m assuming the haters and sessed are referring to the VFF photo where she has that middle finger salute up. How can anyone possibly want to be followers of people that are this deranged. Or how anyone could believe anything these sessed haters tell them is even more mind boggling. Wanting to cut off her finger and do what with it? Send it to her family or her spouse or children? How can Twitter not act on this threat. I’m sure over the years Kristen and Rob have had to deal with lots of crazy threats. But I think this is going to far. The person making the threat is right there for Twitter to see and to be reported to the proper authorities. So Twitter react it’s the right thing to do.


      1. Yes I can fully agree and understand why they keep everything so private and ninja the way they do. I am more happy that it has all worked for them. And their plan on how to protect her during her pregnancy was brilliant. Had the haters and sessed in la la land for the duration and now that it’s done they are in hell trying to pick up the pieces.

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    1. It is truly disturbing what you commented on Cindy and what is more disturbing is that with the anonimity of twitterm these individuals will never be caught or held accountable for their words.


      1. Wow Smack I don’t really understand all the ins and out of Twitter as I don’t have an account. But I surely thought they’d have some way of tracing the creeps. At least we know there’s no way they’d ever be allowed to get that close to her so I’m pretty sure she’s safe. But a threat is a threat and I just would like for them to be flagged at least.


      2. i would have thought they could too Cindy, but I have a friend who found out the hard way that its pretty hard to do if the other person doesnt want to get caught


    1. Tv girl
      I agree …I don’t understand the harsh ctiticism of her dress or makeup…. I think this is one of her best looks ever,,, !😒. My fav of all time was the black lace jumpsuit… This dress is right under that 2nd place ,,,,


      1. This is not harsh criticsm but an opinion. Like based on personal taste. I thought Kristen looked better earlier at the press conference. And my fav look is the red dress at Cannes for the Cosmopolis screening.


    2. I agree. She looked otherworldly in that dress and I thought the makeup suited that. Of course, her smiles and happiness were ever present and kept the look from being too cold or theatrical I think.


      1. Forgot the red dress! eek! 😳 …also stunning! I also loved in the short flirty yellow dress that she wore during BD promo…. I digress…”.harsh “was harsh wording…excuse please….😉


  12. DOROTHEE, I think that the make-up was also supposed to be dated back in the 50’s, but you are right, the dress looked a little stiff and uncomfortable along with the 5-6 inch heels that were big for her , they looked huge but I bet she went for a hot tub after walking in spikes. She looked older in that make-up, but beautiful.


    1. Kristen looks beautiful no matter what. I just think I prefer a more natural look. Also she looks better on the vids than on the pics. But let’s talk about what matters, I can’t wait to see Equals.


  13. Tilley, please email me at, I have read through some things that you wrote about. I would like to speak privately. This is a email that I use until I get to know folks, I have some questions for you that I do not need to bother the Haven with here. Thanks.


  14. Happy Labor Day! it is a hot tamale of a day here, starting out in the 80’s. I think you are right Cindy, the quiet can only mean a contrived new Irish lassie to promote as new lady for Rob. But, the truth is I would imagine Kristen is hovering over her babies and Rob, because I think she takes good care of them all! Seems those two, RK, are always in motion, and I believe they have to take a bit of family time when they can. I never believe the travel advice tags because I think the public spin is what RK want the public to know. By the way I was watching a outdoor rock concert filmed in England , and Florence and the Machine was just amazing! It was night at the 2015 concert at GLASTENBERRY, so I taped it. Then something horrible happened, I had T who was not announced to be on, and she wore no big girl panties under a see through white dress. Good grief Charlie Brown, she did not have on little pouty girl panties in front of a huge outdoor audience. Her act has improved, her microphone was up loud, her costume is still Las Vegas gay sex porn, as in cheap and she is up for the shock value. Her performance with five men was earlier in the day during a rainstorm. Well, I did hope for lightning and thunder, but no luck there. I wondered if I could remove just that part from the DVR, hopefully I can. Well I sure could have lived without that. I copied all the musicians from the beginning and some of the singers and groups from a concert in Rio and Malta were amazing PALLADIA is really an interesting concept to present good concerts. Everyone have a great day and be sure to wear sun protection! Hamburgers, chicken and hot dog day! BBQ! Susie


  15. I have to be honest, I like Kristen’s look for the press conference and photocall better that the look for the red carpet. The dress was beautiful but I hate the make-up except the lipstick. I really missed Jillian.
    I’m also very surprised with the first reviews for Equals like after the press screening there was a lot of praising from the press and on Twitter. Then the day after, there was a lot of attacks. People either love Equale or hate it. There’s no in-between.

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    1. You know, I liked the dress. I didn’t care for the apron like fabric on top of it. But it did convey a fifties look. Ironically , lol, equals isn’t a fifties film. Life is though.


      1. There’s a picture from the RC that is in black and white that for me shows how glamorous she is and showed more of that 50’s style.


      2. Yes the dress was pretty. The make-up was too pale. Now, that being said it’s very subjective and has nothing to do with Kristen. I’m more interested in her movies than in her look.


    2. I agree dorothee the makeup was to harsh and I hated the shoulders design on the dress and not Kris’s color. But loved the other outfits. For myself can’t wait to see equals


      1. Really? I thought everything was flawless – hair, makeup, dress, shoes. Its Chanel couture so it will be a bit cutting edge – but I thought it was perfection on her. The silver color was stunning against her pale skin, dark hair and green eyes. This is probably one of my favorites on her :).

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  16. Good morning ladies of the Haven,

    Thx Christine for bring that pic over. It nicely confirms Kristen w/out Ruth. That can only mean one thing in my book. The two are headed in different directions. Ruth likely back to LA. And Kristen, well you know. Let’s just try to help them keep that on the down low.

    Geez louise where the hell are the sesses. Not a peep. Although Rob had his cuteness in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the Electric Picnic Festival was in Dublin,Republic of Ireland,(many miles apart) I fully expected the sesses to throw down with massive bs to prove the rag mags wrong. Looks like they just accepted it. It must be extremely hurtful to have your idols just completely burst all your fantasy bubbles in one swoop. Haaaaaaaahaaaaahaaaahaaaahaaahaaaahaaaaha
    I mean that shit is everywhere not just in the toids. All over the world!! Haaaaahaaaahaa I noticed an article in a Belfast paper. lol

    They deserve every bit of it. The chickens have come home to roost. Just sayin

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    1. Lol Sookie the sessed haters are most likely all gathered in a dungeon someplace plotting their next Rob hookup. They are hoping with all of them in one place there will be enough live brain cells to figure their next fairytale. And the rest of them are still in mourning over being duped by the sessed again. Will they learn from this? Probably not.


      1. Somehow for those who really believe Rob is/was with T, they must feel a certain relief to see the wedding is not happening so Rob can stay single. For the others, they’re waiting for the next girl. But I can’t help but have a thought for Buffy, Rose, IHeart, and many weak followers who threw Rob and Kristen in the towel to eat the Twigs shit and are probably being like “WTF is happening?” Lol


      2. Yes that’s so true. I even read on an RK Twitter this morning a guy was at her concert and said if anyone found a pair of pants they were probably his because she bored them right off of him. He didn’t even stay he went in search of someone else to watch. So without Rob she seems to not be holding her own. And now the haters whole dream is being dismantled piece by piece. But in the end it worked out for RK the way they needed it to.


    2. I’d like to flip the bird to all those people who threw RK under the bus to eat up the RT crap on both hands, Dorothee. They deserve it. They have attacked everyone who believes RK are still together without mercy or remorse. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

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  17. good Morning,
    is leaving again. No airport pictures. As with the arrive no leave images from where they came. If in the following hours, appear no images we know where she is to go back. After Rob and the children to Ireland. How I wish I were a fly on the wall, Dad and the two little girls alone 😉 Okay perhaps was one of the aunts present.
    It’s anyway strange that Kristens standard HBG’s not on site were

    I’m curious of and Rob secret projects.
    A theme which I want to briefly mention, I’ve been waiting for the last evening to say now 100% this is all over. Rob and T in the same town and nothing. Finished and end! She has one gig next week then there is nothing, for a new CD release strange.
    These thoughts I wanted to tell.

    All a great Monday. Hugs 🙂


    1. FYI Someone I know clicked on this link & got a virus from clicking on it. So…..Be careful……as I was warned sometime ago….that viruses are attached to pics that get posted of R or K.


    2. Wasn’t that woman someone who she worked with on Equals? Looks like the woman the did a lot of the fun activities with K, Nic and CJ. Someone mentioned she had worked with K on another film and they were good friends.


  18. was not caring about t the sooner she is gone the better. Just wondering if r was seen. Working on a theory for this mess which I feel is over. Thank God! Just was wondering if this whole relationship was a trick to the paps maybe a well planned gotcha by rk. Stranger things have happened. In the twilonger I just sent the girl speaking of a project or projects k couldn’t talk about . Basically the same thing rob said in the interview he is working on projects he can’t talk about because they may not work out. T would certainly be a project plus lets rk dabble in the music business.


    1. Of course Twigs was a trick for the paps as Well as a cover during a pregnancy for an actress who was under the public eyes but not willing to let it known for safety reason. If Rob’s ambition was only to promote the singer, he had many other options like just standing there or introduce her. Haven’t you noticed he was playing a role every single time he was seen with her. Until the Met Gala. At some point I was even wondering If RK weren’t directing and producing a movie on celebrity culture, tabloid industry and paparazzi behaviors. Rob said he was a fan of Joakin Phoenix and that man made something similar. Like for months, he created a character who had his name and did everything to shock people. The media reported everything. Then at the end, he introduced his project and said:”you didn’t expect it to be true, did you?”.

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      1. I’m not sure as to why he mentioned the projects he’s working on. It becomes the topic of discussion that he didn’t want to discuss in the first place. WA was filming in NY for 4 days beginning on the 17th I thought. Hope they can all have a nice few days together. TIFF begins soon and Equals will be there as well. I heard that the US is bidding on Equals. These festivals are for unusual films such as COAL which may not be for everyone but it has a unique and adventurous nature. Scott Walker did the orchestral score and it got great reviews. Its truly a busy time for R&K. I can’t wait to see both of these films. They sound very different and very interesting.


  19. Kristen was stunning on the red carpet…..not many women could wear that dress like she did ….lit was perfect on her …beaUtiful!
    Why doesn’t Kirsten’s stylist get a clue… The shoes she puts that girl in look like mid evil torture devices … Highest of heels with narrow pointed toes…. When you are standing on the balls of your feet your toes need some room,,,,, there are tons of beautiful shoes that she could wear that would be more comfortable…. I dnt blame her for taking them off…. ! Good grief!

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    1. Kristen looked like a movie star on the Red Carpet. Chanel doing satin and lace in Italy was genius. They loved it. The little black shorts and top that Chanel made for Kristen was comfortable and appropriate. I thought she looked great. I agree with Dorothee that Jillian Dempsey does a great job with Kristen’s makeup. Why mess with a good thing, unless she wasn’t available. Jillian shops the drug stores to find jewels that are long lasting and underrated. Always a good idea. Equals was well represented. Again….Kristen was beautiful, elegant and looked amazing! Good for her!


    1. Aww that was sweet. And I am so curious about the future projects that she and Rob won’t speak about yet. I wonder if they are going to go into producing something as their next career step. I’m sure they would be great at it.


    2. maur That is so interesting that both are working on secret projects. There are rumors that Rob is putting an album together and in addition to the PR business, learning about the music business. We all know Rob first love is music and he sang in Twilight, The Rover and Life (?).


  20. any reports of t concert . Any sightings? They said there were some weird requests from the bands. Some one even requested a twilight poster. Wonder if that could be t.


  21. Such a wonderful weekend for Rob and Kristen who looked fabulous and so happy! Congratulations to Rob and Kristen, I loved both your interviews, and I think Rob gets the award for most creative place to give a proper British acceptance speech! I imagine there was a lot of things happening just then! Loving Kristen’s dress and spikes! And yes we can see Rob really is still filming, looking good! Happy days!


  22. After seeing all of the pics of our girl Kristen I am always amazed at just how beautiful she is. All that glamour she emits and yet so down to earth when she just has to take her shoes off. Can’t say as I blame her on that one though because I wouldn’t be able to handle those either. But the shoes were nice. Love that silver and red combo. And Robs acceptance speech short and to the point. And whoever said it here about why the bathroom may be right because I’m sure the rest of his trailer might have just had “things” he didn’t want others to see because of his determination to keep his privacy. All in all a great VFF.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Musetcb, that is ab-sol-freak-en- lutely believable. It would fit his ball busting sense of humor. Him and his Rising Star award, in the toilet con templating.his diminishing career a Hohohoheehee moment. Keeping any reference to his children and wife (pics etc) or clothes, both are very plausible .I didn’t even see a rubber ducked in plain site.


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