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Brilliant Disguise

Brilliant Disguise. It’s what Rob and Kristen are doing right now. And enjoying every second of the dipshidiots and the tabs buying into it.


Rob hadn’t been seen since July 22nd and the dipshidiots were getting a little anxious.And you know what happens when they get anxious right?

Some serious photo shop fail.


Rob on July 31st supposedly in London. What the hell is wrong with his face by his nose?

MOkZzCto (2)

Another photo shop fail for the dipshidiots. Gee what a surprise.



Rob and Tom supposedly on August 1st. Notice Rob’s lack of beard.It’s going to come back to burn the dipshidiots in their photo shopping asses.


Wait a minute that picture of Rob looks familiar.


It’s from October 2012.

Nice try dipshidiots.



This is supposedly a picture of Rob from August 2nd in London. He miraculously sprouted big time abs from one day to the next. Damn he’s good! (Or badly photo shopped).He suddenly sprouted a beard again in 24 hrs too. Miracle grow to the rescue!


And of course the dipshidiots bought into both of them. Hilarious! You know Rob and his wife are sitting back laughing their asses off at their desperate attempts.



Rob on August 4th in Belfast with Charlie Hunnam doing prep for LCOZ.


Oh the stories those traveling sun glasses could tell!


“PSST Come here! You want the scoop?”

This story gets better because the Save Rob Now idiots had to scramble for an excuse why drug addicted Rob was on the set of a movie. They came up with a doozy. He had to go to Belfast for a drug test. They don’t have drug tests in London or L.A. Didn’t you know that?


He has three movies lined up back to back. LCOZ,Good Time, and The Trap.Oh but wait didn’t the Save Rob Now idiots swear to the heavens that Rob wasn’t in The Trap anymore?


Their bullshit is loosing steam by the hour as Rob lines up more movies. So much for his drug addiction keeping him from getting roles.


James Woods is suing an anonymous person on twitter for saying he is a crack addict.

james wood 2

Read Article Here

We can only hope it happens to the Save Rob Now idiots too. Come on Rob! I want to see their faces when you do!


Hopeless and the other dipshidiots have a different scenario. He was racing back to London to spend time with IT before he starts filming. Trust if he was anywhere near attention seeking IT there would be pap pics. Oh wait maybe he had to race back for the epic pub wedding that is never happening.


The trolls over at Rotten Pineapple life got very nervous  when someone said Rob was spotted at the airport headed to L.A.
Blogger cullensgypsy said…
My daughter who works for the airlines just told me Rob
Was spotted at the airport headed to LA.

August 5, 2015 at 8:38 PM
Blogger live guest said…
I don’t think he would leave London since it is so close for him to start filming LCOZ unless he had to be there for business.

August 5, 2015 at 11:23 PM
Blogger jessica_kr said…
@culensgypsy whelp! if your story is true, i sincerely hope your daughter keeps her job 🙂 giving info out like that is really fucking dangerous. not only for the person she is talking about, but also for her.

August 6, 2015 at 4:35 AM
Blogger cullensgypsy said…
Don’t worry Jessica_kr my daughter is high up enough in the airline industry to keep her job and not worry about anything. All she did was make a comment about a person flying to LA, who by the way never uses their real name. It’s not like she is spreading it all over – she just let’s me know what is going on when she can.
August 6, 2015 at 7:55 AM

So in a matter of days he’s been in Belfast, London and L.A. He’s definitely trying to keep us guessing. Like I said doing a Brilliant Disguise. And succeeding.

With Rob nowhere near It she had to come up with something on her own to get herself some attention.


According to the dipshidiots IT is wearing her wedding dress to the hair dressers. Yeah that’s something you see everyday lol. Even the tabs were dumb enough to pick up on this. Really? You think a dress that looks like it’s been munched on by moths is her wedding dress? Are you really that blind and gullible?

'You've got me all wrong, baby.  I don't want to touch your sweater...I want to eat it.'
‘You’ve got me all wrong, baby. I don’t want to touch your sweater…I want to eat it.’

Notice her lesbian mention under the picture.


She must of been thinking of Imogen when she said that.Tee Hee.


 The dipshidiots are hoping IT will have plenty of time to visit Rob on set. Hey maybe she could take a train. We know how much she loves trains.


And one last photo shopped picture that is so bad only the blind can’t see it’s photo shopped.Well blind or Hopeless.


I kid you not. They actually thought they could pass this off as real. First off next time try putting Rob’s head on a body that at least looks like his.Hell that doesn’t even look like IT. Nope not her. She not looking at the camera for attention. Definitely not her.


One more thing.When we accused the dipshidiots of photo shopping some gifs awhile back they claimed it wasn’t true because it couldn’t be done.


tumblr_m3mjdlg9hR1qdv921o2_250Okay. Whatever you say.


Now that we’ve covered the antics of the desperate dipshidiots let’s move on to Rob’s wife Kristen.



Well now we know what happened to her cat. Sweet of her to leave him with her Dad.



Juliette Lewis is the best!


Kristen and Jesse Eisenberg did a funny hysterical interview where they switched cards and ask the others questions.

Watch Funny Or Die Video Here

Here’s some of the highlights…







Trust me watch the interview. You won’t be disappointed!

Beautiful Kristen Photo Shoot Pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s about it for this time. But before I go I have one more thing to say.

There was some infighting going on in here recently. I am not taking sides. BOTH were in the wrong. Like I have said before. There are many different personalities on here. A room full of women with very strong opinions. And sometimes cat fights ensue. It’s inevitable.


One poster was attacked when she posted some medical problems here and we suddenly had a hundred Dr. Welby’s in here judging her. ( Giving away my age there. Ask your mom or grand mom who he is).


This is inexcusable. We don’t know all the circumstances and if someone comes on here looking for some reassurance from friends we shouldn’t be attacking them or judging them. Leave that kind of behavior to the dipshidiots. They are experts at it. I want every one to gather around and give each other a group hug and put this behind us.



See Ya Later!jacketwavegif


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  1. I wish i could explain my self better, my inglish is very bad, but Rob and Kristen are my love since 2008 am a 52 year olld grandmom and i know how to read body lenguish, and i knew from the start,the passion and love for one another,beside they are friends partners,he was Kristen first manly grownup love,am old i know heheheheheh,my mind never doubt about them, and i love your posts.


  2. What a great post HKN! Thank you for explaining a lot of the recent stories and thank you Mama Nails for explaining that twitter account. There are some places we can all easily skip, the ones who are written to hurt Rob or Kristen are spin-offs from tabloids are just plain trash. I think every couple has occasional problems, and should be left alone to work them out. Rob said the same thing two or three years ago. If you love someone , you want to work things out. I daily pray for peace, but also pray for everyone’s safety. Hoping you all have a good weekend, and hoping everyone who has been visiting the US is fine! Merle, I hope you are safe from those fires! Susie p.s. I just heard that having a few drinks daily is able to help you live longer and eating very little meat, but more veggies and beans. Also, taking naps are good for you. Loma Linda, CA has the people who live the longest in the US, this is called a blue city. They live until 100’s because of this lifestyle.


  3. Headlines are everywhere about celebrities under the category of entertainment. Victims of one of the latest tabloid attacks, are Ben and Jen Affleck. I mention this because Rob and Kristen themselves have been, and still are the fodder of these same attacks by the tabloids. They have been talking about this, and fighting their garbage for years. Now another celebrity couple falls victim to the tabloids and their “sources”. Just as no one knew the authentic truth of Rob and Kristen, no one knows the truth about the circumstances surrounding the Affleck’s. As Ben and Jen and their three children are going through a really tough time, but now the two of them have decided to come together to fight accusations from their nanny via a tabloid explosion. This is what they collectively have to say….. “You shouldn’t be able to hide behind ‘blind sources’ and attempt to destroy families going through a difficult time It’s like story time in kindergarten. It’s shameful and desperate.” We’ve heard similar comments from Rob and Kristen over the years. Quotes in these rags, followed by phrases such as “sources close to”, “a representative of”, a Hollywood insider”, “many sources”, “sources close to the couple”, to name a few, are what tabloids use in an effort to prove their credibility. These trick phrases, and I call them trick phrases. because they’re designed to fool people into believing they represent an increment of authenticity in their polluted twisted stories, all with the intent to entice people to read their nonsense, and keep coming back for more. Even well known news sites seem to be abandoning the rules of journalism and are falling prey to this “knew form of entertainment”. It would be hard to even imagine living your life with the tabloids as your background music. We wouldn’t want that for ourselves. Destroying a reputation, a career, or a relationship, for money, should not be a profession let alone online entertainment.


  4. FYI FOR THOSE THAT lurk or don’t actually follow Bronze on Twitter… SHE has not claimed any insider info regarding RK…nor anything specific in regards to VFF…just her feeling that it’s time. She’s even said she’ll leave if she wrong. Though personally I don’t think that’s necessary since many of us feels it’s time…even when we can know logically that ONLY RK can decide when it’s time!

    Many of us are ready to celebrate WITH THEM and not just for them.

    Don’t know about her blocking practices. But I do know That she looks at followers and she looks at who they follow and what they are posting.

    Like me, there are certain deal breakers in regards to what we want to see on out TLs. Not making any judgements in regards to anyone here…

    But I keep twitter TL as part of myhappyRKworld so I’ve been known to unfollow though not necessarily block ppl that tweet things that do not uplift that philosophy. Posts that include anyone that is irrelevant I do not want to see on my TL and will take the necessary steps to avoid seeing these posts.

    ppl that overly participate in the vile and destructive twitter practice known as the “fav or retweet” where you retweet the person/thing your support and fav the person/thing you don’t. This is so junior high and revolts me. And I’ll admit that I’ve been known to block ppl that posted this shit in regards to the singer! OFC I support Kristen! I don’t need to retweet that garbage to prove my bona fides as a Kristen fan, personally it makes ppl look petty and judgmental imo

    Frequent postings of pap pix from ppl that will call these photos “candids” as if this justifies posting pix that we all know pisses both Kristen and Rob off. There are legit reasons to use these pix on occasion. But rest assured they are PAP pix always. These are not voluntary pix that Kristen or Rob said..sure go ahead..take our pic…

    Frankly if you are making assertions about one or the others sobriety based on pix I would be offended. I know from personal experience that a pic taken at just the right moment can be highly misleading. There’s no way IN HELL that anyone can judge someone’s level of sobriety or inebriation solely based on a picture! Blood is really the only way to determine this.

    FYI…this is the exact tactic that SRN uses. They look at the most unflattering pix of Rob and they use these to make claims about him that are utterly FALSE AND LIBELOUS! I think it’s disgusting that ANYONE would make these judgements about Rob or Kristen and yes!!! The other side has done the same thing to Kristen.

    For me…I don’t block willy nilly but if I see that a followers is following SRN it’s automatic block…if they are following other users that have been known to send me harassing tweets…they are blocked. To me if you follow a harasser whether they harass me or Rob, or Kristen you are endorsing the behavior.

    So…I don’t know what bronze looks at when deciding who to follow/block on Twitter but this gives you an idea of what I look for. Twitter can be such a cesspool if I allow my experience there to go there for me to put up with BS!

    To be honest there are only two reasons I remain on Twitter…one I have met some RK fans that kick fucking ass!

    Two info is posted to Twitter first…that it.

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    1. I so agree MN, I don’t follow anyone who brings BS, and the ones that I do follow if they start retweeting BS, I mute who ever they are retweeting. And if it they start saying nasty things about either one of them I just block them. I had to block 2 last week who I thought didn’t have a problem with either one of them, but it turns out they had been making these comments for some time I had just never seen them. When your busy for most of the day, and only have time to look every now and then you tend to miss things I haven’t seen any pics of Rob looking drunk or high in quite some time. There is only one pic that I seen and I’ve already mentioned that one.


    2. MN you mentioned folks who follow nasties. But what if you are ignorant of the good,the bad or the ugly? I still cannot recognized bad folks well especially if they follow me. I hate guilt by association when your ignorant of the perps. I asked Medusa once to send me a safe list
      She kindly did. I just now followed BH and getting an education on the slander on Rob. Pretty hideous libel. So what do ordinary folks do, if anything?


      1. You do have a point. However if you are on Twitter on a regular basis and you start following an account and you consistently see an account tweeting out libelous information and YET CONTINUE to follow that account imo you are endorsing what they are saying.

        If you follow an account that harasses opening on their TL other Twitter users on a regular basis you are endorsing that behavior.

        I admit that there are ppl that jump the gun and expect everyone to know all the ins and outs of the fandom and all the players involved and that is not possible. For instance you can’t possibly be held responsible for what ppl say in DMs if you never are privy to those DMs..and there are many that are very good at being two/faced.

        I have two accounts on Twitter that are deal breakers for me…SRN & buffybites2013. If you follow either you WILL be blocked. Other than that I don’t any other issues. There’s another “big” fandom name on Twitter that I don’t respect, trust and think to be a huge snake in the grass but she’s got a huge following and ppl follow her and I just don’t care. I kinda think if you can’t see what’s in front of you I’m not here to police Twitter for you. I have enough to deal with on my own.

        Let me add that your Twitter account just like my blog is your space on the Internet to do as you wish. BUT with that said it doesn’t mean that I as a fellow Twitter account holder or tumblr blogger or even RK fandom member is required to follow another user.

        Just as it’s your right to do as you wish and see what you want to see on these platforms and frankly follow who you want to follow. It’s is my right to do or say what I want on these platforms on MY account. Hope that makes sense.

        As for the other blogger you mentioned. Since she threatened my life in one of her last posts a year ago I’ve not much use for her and her “wisdom” or her foul mouth. And if you think I’m kidding I’m not. My law enforcement colleagues saw the post and reported the threat to the police here in Raleigh as a precaution…they considered it a credible threat though thought it unlikely that she would follow through.

        If many of you are unaware you likely did not get to the end of her rant and unlike many that cry wolf at threats they recieve due to their involvement in this fandom I know this is part and parcels and boohooing about it is just away to garner sympathy and attention. [see comment about big “fandom” account above…notorious for boohooing] And it was the first and last death threat I’ve ever received to my knowledge.

        I don’t need sympathy…I put myself in this position and if I ever truly thought something might happen to me I’d take myself out of this situation. Not to mention at the time the last thing the police wanted me to do is draw more attention to myself by discussing it. A few ppl knew and they made more of a deal about it than I did. Though it was disconcerting a part of me was amused by it all. It also proved that I was right in my assertions regarding that blogger all along. And I certainly don’t need anymore attention I’m perfectly happy with where I stand in the fandom…lol

        This is just another example of be careful who you trust, they are not always who they claim to be. Too many have been found to be playing both sides of the fandom. It’s easy enough to have multiple accounts under multiple names. I’ve met many a ppl via this fandom that I have eventually parted ways with because ultimately they were not who they represented themselves to be. It’s very easy to do online. You can “be” anyone you want ppl to think you are.

        I personally have a hard time keeping up with my blog/Twitter and my secondary blog that I invariably will post RK stuff on by accident. Lol. So it’s a good thing I don’t want to play games cause I’d suck at it.

        If you really want to know who to trust the best way is to look at the ppl you have chosen to trust and see who THEY follow. This is open information on Twitter. And many bloggers like myself have blog rolls listing the tumblr accounts we follow.


  5. Hey chis B I used to be on bronzes twitter but was blocked .Was on their briefly the other day when she opened for a short time. I have friends that she didn’t kick off so she tells me if something is brewing. I hope her inside source is correct in saying that sept 5th is going to be like cannes 12. When we see that then we will know all are worries and fears and totally crappy year is worth it.

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    1. I didn’t know I was blocked, until I tried to favor one of her tweets. I guess someone I follow must retweet her tweets. Oh well like I said I don’t ever think I’ve met her so no skin off my back. I think we will know whatever she knows soon enough. Thanks anyway, I was just wondering what I had done to be blocked.


  6. Just got home from seeing AU and let me tell you Kristen is amazing in it along with Jessie! They have such great chemistry on screen and many times I found myself with tears in my eyes. Kristen just continues to amaze me, she can do so much, from being a shy innocent girl to a fierce bad ass! I just truly love her and I know that Rob is so very proud to call her his love, wife, mother of his children and of course as he has said before one of the best actresses! I cannot wait for Venice, I hope we get something wonderful from them . Those who are trying to degrade Rob are fools! If they believe he will never work or whatever it is the SRN says needs to definitely be shut down! I hope they do get eliminated! No one like that deserves to speak about someone they know nothing about! Anyway have a fabulous night ladies!

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  7. American Ultra is a hit! With all the stuff happening out there from the Stock market to Trump stumping, North Korea and train scare in speed trains in Europe, we need movies that take you away and actually entertain you! This movie hits all the way from beginning to end. Just please talk about the great movies Childhood is coming up. I do not do twitter but I can report that lots of people have been injured on it, and Rob and Kristen are fine, do not allow the tabs to control their life and both are happy, healthy, and have a fine family. There will always be people out there that want to injure good people, please just ignore them, they are called losers. The Pattinson’s are winners, definitely.


  8. I know I’m fairly new here and most of you don’t know me. If you are also on Twitter I’d like to ask you to show your support to Rob by reporting the SaveRobNow account. You can report even if you have it blocked. This account continues to spread libel against Rob and we all know what they say it is not true and it’s not deserved. This account has been reported over and over again but is still allowed to go on. It needs to be suspended. So if you are so inclined, please help. Thanks so much. HKN, if you feel this comment is out of line, please delete. I will understand.


    1. I agree suemas SRN are nasty vile people. I blocked them from my account . No one should be able to defame peoples lives like that. Bronze has been a big advocate of getting rid of srn. Hopefilly their time on twitter will be ending soon.Every rob and k supporter should be for getting rid of this twitter account.

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      1. Hi maur, are you friends with Bronze? She has me blocked and I don’t know why. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything to her, here or anywhere. And you know I’ve never said anything bad about Rob or Kristen. Well except I said one time he looked drunk when he was leaving a club with Twigs, and I said that was probably the only way he could stand to be near her for long periods of time. That was last year, when they went to that gay club the first time.


      2. I agree that anyone who can should block and report. That account is also unkind to Kristen, although much worse when it comes to Rob. It needs to go.


    2. suemas1 if I had a Twitter account I would report them as many times as it would let me. I do hope you all are successful in at least getting them suspended and ultimately closed down.


  9. I just got back from seeing AU. Kristen is Bad Ass in this movie. I was on the edge of my seat and tense the whole time. It’s love, comedy, violence and Action packed all rolled into one movie. I loved this movie. She and Jesse are such a good match. And since we all know she was pregnant with SP you can see her in the beginning of the movie. So cool. I hope everyone gets a chance to see Kristen. She can do anything,

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    1. Just saw it too. When I got to the theater I was the only one in there. By the time the movie started it was half full. For a Friday early afternoon I was impressed by the turnout. Movie was action packed, very funny, love and violence all rolled into one. So glad I saw it when I did.

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      1. There were maybe 12 people in the theatre but it was first movie of the day. Hopefully by word of mouth people will go see it. They’ll get their money’s worth. I’m going again next week. I know I’ll like it even more then.


    2. Saw AU this morning. It was action packed, it was clever, and Kristen and Jesse were a good team. I heard that Kristen boarded the plane to leave as soon as filming was finished and without removing her face makeup to make her flight. She washed her face in the bathroom and only then was it mentioned the attendants were relieved to see her come out having washed her face. Hope you all enjoy the movie. I did.


    3. Janie, Smack, Muse I am so jealous of you three!!! I am heading out for a mini vacay so will see it next week….
      MN said something about Karl directing Kristen for a mini film???

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      1. I really think Karl sees so much potential in Kristen that he’s really gone out of his way to promote her with Sils of Maria, now this mini film, and maybe he’s involved in The Personal Shopper too. They definitely have a great working relationship.


    4. Darn it we didn’t get to go today as something else came up so now I guess we’ll shoot for Sunday or Monday. I have read many many great reviews about it.


  10. So happy the first critics like American Ultra, everyone seems excited about it. Hoping Kristen is encouraged to do more comedy! Sam Smith is one of the nicest people to come from GB, his voice is just plain beautiful. I would love to hear Adele and Sam sing together. The special for Amy Winehouse was truly beautiful-on the song-“Make you feel my love” with Adele and Bruno Mars, on different songs. Kristen is just a gorgeous lady, inside and out, and her husband , a sweet and beautiful soul, sees that every day. What a wonderful time for them! They are very strong and caring people. I respect people who hold friendships close to their heart like they do! So happy their new movies are getting more attention, the kind they deserve. Have a peaceful, happy day.


    1. Isabella Thank you for the link to the DB review of AU! Another great review of Kristen and Jesse performance as stoners! Interesting how critics have high expectations from Kristen in her upcoming movies. Knowing how passionate she is about coming into character, she will slay them!


  11. Janie Sam Smith is one of my fav singer and of course, the other Brit, Ed Sheeran and there is One Direction!! Did SS mention the surgery on his vocal cords? I will be taking my 2 daughters and gd who just turn 21 to see Britney Spears… can’t wait!
    I will see AU the first of next week when the crowd dies down.
    I love all of Kristen’s promo outfit. She was stunning with Jimmy Fallon, beautiful with Kelly and Michael, natural beauty on the Today Show, and gorgeous for the premiere! She was articulate, happy, and all smiles….


    1. Merle,
      No, he didn’t mention surgery but explained how he came about writing some of his songs. He had a sell out concert and it ended up being a standup concert. Everyone so excited to be there. He put on a great concert. Crowd was wild. I really enjoyed it.


      1. Janie going to BS concert is for my gd. I am not a fan of her music and got an offer for 2 free tickets so why not! It’ll be good to have “girl time” with my daughters and gd.


    2. Ive always lie SS. The sound of his voice singing seems to make me feel the songs so much so that I feel like his heart is breaking. He just has a great style of singing.


  12. Janie I love Sam Smith such an awesome voice. Can’t wait to see au .I also can’t wait for the venice film festival in September. I hope we have fireworks and epicness iit’s been a rough year.

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  13. I went to see Sam Smith in concert on Monday night. He has a fabulous voice. Love those Brit boys! Going to see AU in the morning. Can’t wait.


  14. Dear Haven, I am planning to see AU this weekend , counting all my nickels and dimes ahead of time. We love buttered popcorn and pop so got to save for that good stuff. Nachos are good. I think all the negative nannies are left-overs from when Lisa Marie Presley’s grand-daughter was pictured with R and the idiots did not print she a was good friend of Kristen’s, still is a very much supportive friend of RK. And, that redhead in Rob’s red truck was so very much Kristen Stewart ! So many phony baloney girlfriends, so many false stories, with the big joke on the trolls being the gay client who tooted her own horn too much she became just plain sad. Which is basically the way to react to the daily shit that is left to just mess with us for fun. The sick one has to comment because she is just plain stupid and sad. So on they go to find a new girlfriend for Rob.

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  15. Morning all, I have a question. I was wondering if anyone seen any pics of Alicia at the premiere? or the after party. I’m asking because I seen some one post a very hateful comment about Kristen and Taylor and having him there to cover the fact that she was there. I know I didn’t see any pics of her there, and I know we haven’t seen any pics of them together for a couple of months now.


    1. Christine the haters are always going to hate. How in the world would they know anything about the personal life of Kristen, Taylor or even Alicia. They don’t and the fact that their fairytale has come to an end is killing them so they are grasping at straws as usual. Taylor has been friends with RK since Twilight. He was even in on the friends trip to London. Just ignore the idiots with their lies. Their desperation is showing.


      1. I didn’t see very many pics of the after party, and I really didn’t look at all of the Red Carpet ones either. I did see CJ and his friend standing at the end of the carpet. I guess waiting to go in. I don’t ever really remember any of them going to one of her movie premieres, Other than Suzie going to the COSM, with her. At least you never see them on the red carpet.


      2. Christine – the 500 + pics on kristen stewart fans I looked thru, Alicia wasnt in one of them. Not the premier or after party. Also, since Taylor was there I think thats why CJ was primarily there. They mentioned during coachella that CJ was Taylors BG.

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      3. Smack I didn’t see her either. The obsessed haters just grasping at straws as usual. Interesting though about CJ and him being Taylor’s BG. I didn’t know that. I just figured they were buddies after being Krstens friend all of these years.

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    2. Christine ever since Feinstein’s crappy article that was supposed to be an interview with K’s mom, that K’s mom stated she never said that garbage Feinstein wrote, I think K was pissed and stopped releasing any picks of herself or A just to stop the chatter. I saw one pic of K and A but am sure it was old because of the length of K’s hair. K wanted this line of chatter to just stop because it is a lie and always has been. K and A have been friends for years. K gave the tp’s a royal f u and finally the narrative is changing. No pics no story. IMO.


  16. So AU starts tonight here for me but I don’t think I’ll see it tonight. We will probably go tomorrow afternoon. I’m really excited to see it. I usually wait until there are no big crowds but I just can’t wait to see Kristen in this movie so I’ll make the sacrifice for the queen. Yippee….as I dance around excitedly.


  17. Good morning ladies I was sitting here thinking of rk and taylor and how good friends they are. I always wished taylor would someday write a book about twilight and the rk connection. Think it would be a best seller.

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    1. Always a good friend or friends surrounding her. Tay.,Tom, CJ, or her lady mob. All there to protect K from haters,paps etc. I like it = loving your friend

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      1. I found it refreshing to see Taylor out with his friend, Kristen. I also remember that Taylor was around while R was out of the country. The friends protect them from the nut jobs out there. All the premiere pics were great, even HBG was dressed rather dapper.

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  18. HKN, DDT IS A TROLL, PLEASE CLEAN HER UP. Why is it when Kristen has a fabulous night with great reviews we have a troll knocking around her relatives here, and Bunny has been attacked by the same assholes on a regular basis. She is busy teaching school and supervising, and crude little haters like this very boring troll crawl around and need strong pesticide HKN. She is a roach, a jealous ugly bug.


  19. Guys I need to ask since I am still pretty new on posting maybe I am missing something. Why are some of you always so ready to pounce on folks, especially newbies? How do you recognize a jumper,or troll, whatever, so easily? Obvious trolls give themselves away, but sometimes I totally do not understand. When I first surfaced, I was greeted a bit harshly as well. My difference, I don’t take unwarranted pokes lying down. Maybe you know something I don’t, but isn’t it the job of hkn to decide problems on her blog? I’d hate to think some posters wish to join in, but timid, they fear immediate scrutiny? And toulousaine, since you are very vocal, and you choose to answer, remember, I am not the enemy, and my message is a question not a confrontation. thanks


    1. Coryo I can’t speak for everyone else so I’m just going to tell you how I know. I have been on this blog as a poster for a good while and lurked forever before then. On the old blog we had nightly visits from a hand full of troublemakers and they have followed us here. There’s one particular one that is so psycho she pretends to be many posters talking to herself. I can always recognize her as I’m sure some of the others can as well. And they are trying everything they can to come here and disrupt and cause arguments. It’s their MO. Some are obvious they aren’t RK supporters while others hide who they are but their meanings and how they state things give them away. I try to just ignore until HKN can banish them but sometimes their type of crazy requires some rebuttal. There are some regulars here that recognize them very quickly and can figure out they are not fans so I’m actually glad for that. I can’t be very specific about any particular troll or sessed but I do recognize one when I see them. I don’t think the regulars mean to jump on posters that are new nor do they want to keep them away. We all just want the sessed crazy trolls to stay out. None of us care what they have to say nor has anyone ever gone to the dark side because of anything the sessed trolls have said. It’s just tiresome to hear and see the stupid lies they post every chance they get. Hopefully someof the regulars will give you a better idea in regards to your question. Like I said this is just how I see me. I’ve seen you post here before and I hope I never attacked you. Sorry if I did but hopefully you can see how skeptical some of us are with new posters.


      1. Thank you Cindy for your clear and kind explanation. I will.defer to your experienced eval. I guess I have a lot to learn.


    2. Coryo don’t feel bad, I still feel like I get the stink eye and I came from the other site and finally started commenting. I introduced myself as well and 2 were welcoming. So welcome from another long time lurker now poster, they will warm up in time when they believe you are not a troll or sessed or whatever. Check out MN’S site too. Her site is posted at the end of HKN’s site with others who she reads as well. Take care.


  20. To the Poster below DDT,,,,,,,sounds a lot like HopeLESS… To this nasty little troll ,,, if you were correct in what you write I would like to tell you that no one here gives a shit ….if you know the identity of Bunny or HKN….so the fuck what? NO ONE HERE GIVES A RATS ASS! Can you put it to bed now? Stop coming here screaming about Debbie whoever … Makes no difference to anyone,! You are a PEST! 😤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kristen look looked Be u ti ful at the premier,,,,, makeup hair dress and shoes ,,,,all perfection,,,,and Taylor as her escort! A+ all the way!


      1. Yes I thought she looked great and also very very happy. It was sweet seeing her friend Taylor there supporting her. I also heard that the lunatics are saying he’s her new BF. After I stopped laughing at that I thought to myself now how could that be when all along they claimed she was gay. Everything the crazies out there claim is as always wrong and going down the toilet every day. I’m so happy for Kristens big success last night and I’ve read such rave reviews on AU so far.


  21. Well ladies the tabs are start turning now its has rob go cold feet and saying could k be the cause Just a matter of time before the money train for t ends.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. No surprise there. Once it became apparent that the summer “pub wedding” wasn’t going to take place and t’s own admission that there wasn’t ever a wedding taking place, the inevitable breakup stories will start showing up. I doubt Rob or Kristen will loose any sleep over these stories. In the meantime they’ve both got great projects they’re working on as well as two daughters to raise. I’m so happy for their family.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rob said that if people want to believe the mags let them. They’ll find out it’s a lie when it doesn’t happen. Well, it didn’t happen. Instead of acknowledging it was a lie, they lie again and say it’s postponed. It is only a matter of time. I guess she still feels she needs Rob’s celebrity for credibility, or she’d be using just her own name. Kristen looking so happy is a sign that something has changed and she and Rob both having movies at the Venice Festival is a credit to them professionally plus they have a great family. The only thing they don’t have is an end to all the lies in the press, and maybe there’s a way to absolve those fairly soon. Can’t wait to see AU although it will be the 21st before that will happen in our state.

        Liked by 3 people

  22. I’m not a fan of her outfit and the make-up was too heavy for my taste. But Kristen looked stunning because that’s her true beauty and personality that shine through whatever she wears. Her smile was everything. Rob probably felt like the luckiest guy.

    Liked by 4 people

  23. fashun,
    You have never posted here before and then when you do you criticize the way she looks. Who cares what you think? In my book you are a mean troll. Kristen looked beautiful last night. Maybe you’re just a little jealous?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Janie – you are so right. Again, she looked so carefree with the weight of the world off her shoulders. Did I notice an additional bodyguard for Kristen? He sure seemed like he was needed


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