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Reading Comprehension


Reading comprehension is NOT a dipshidiots strong suit.

IT basically told them there isn’t going to be an epic pub wedding but they can’t seem to grasp this. Continue reading “Reading Comprehension”

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Brilliant Disguise

Brilliant Disguise. It’s what Rob and Kristen are doing right now. And enjoying every second of the dipshidiots and the tabs buying into it.


Rob hadn’t been seen since July 22nd and the dipshidiots were getting a little anxious.And you know what happens when they get anxious right?

Some serious photo shop fail.


Rob on July 31st supposedly in London. What the hell is wrong with his face by his nose?

MOkZzCto (2)

Another photo shop fail for the dipshidiots. Gee what a surprise.



Rob and Tom supposedly on August 1st. Notice Rob’s lack of beard.It’s going to come back to burn the dipshidiots in their photo shopping asses.


Wait a minute that picture of Rob looks familiar.


It’s from October 2012.

Nice try dipshidiots.



This is supposedly a picture of Rob from August 2nd in London. He miraculously sprouted big time abs from one day to the next. Damn he’s good! (Or badly photo shopped).He suddenly sprouted a beard again in 24 hrs too. Miracle grow to the rescue!


And of course the dipshidiots bought into both of them. Hilarious! You know Rob and his wife are sitting back laughing their asses off at their desperate attempts.



Rob on August 4th in Belfast with Charlie Hunnam doing prep for LCOZ.


Oh the stories those traveling sun glasses could tell!


“PSST Come here! You want the scoop?”

This story gets better because the Save Rob Now idiots had to scramble for an excuse why drug addicted Rob was on the set of a movie. They came up with a doozy. He had to go to Belfast for a drug test. They don’t have drug tests in London or L.A. Didn’t you know that?


He has three movies lined up back to back. LCOZ,Good Time, and The Trap.Oh but wait didn’t the Save Rob Now idiots swear to the heavens that Rob wasn’t in The Trap anymore?


Their bullshit is loosing steam by the hour as Rob lines up more movies. So much for his drug addiction keeping him from getting roles.


James Woods is suing an anonymous person on twitter for saying he is a crack addict.

james wood 2

Read Article Here

We can only hope it happens to the Save Rob Now idiots too. Come on Rob! I want to see their faces when you do!


Hopeless and the other dipshidiots have a different scenario. He was racing back to London to spend time with IT before he starts filming. Trust if he was anywhere near attention seeking IT there would be pap pics. Oh wait maybe he had to race back for the epic pub wedding that is never happening.


The trolls over at Rotten Pineapple life got very nervous  when someone said Rob was spotted at the airport headed to L.A.
Blogger cullensgypsy said…
My daughter who works for the airlines just told me Rob
Was spotted at the airport headed to LA.

August 5, 2015 at 8:38 PM
Blogger live guest said…
I don’t think he would leave London since it is so close for him to start filming LCOZ unless he had to be there for business.

August 5, 2015 at 11:23 PM
Blogger jessica_kr said…
@culensgypsy whelp! if your story is true, i sincerely hope your daughter keeps her job 🙂 giving info out like that is really fucking dangerous. not only for the person she is talking about, but also for her.

August 6, 2015 at 4:35 AM
Blogger cullensgypsy said…
Don’t worry Jessica_kr my daughter is high up enough in the airline industry to keep her job and not worry about anything. All she did was make a comment about a person flying to LA, who by the way never uses their real name. It’s not like she is spreading it all over – she just let’s me know what is going on when she can.
August 6, 2015 at 7:55 AM

So in a matter of days he’s been in Belfast, London and L.A. He’s definitely trying to keep us guessing. Like I said doing a Brilliant Disguise. And succeeding.

With Rob nowhere near It she had to come up with something on her own to get herself some attention.


According to the dipshidiots IT is wearing her wedding dress to the hair dressers. Yeah that’s something you see everyday lol. Even the tabs were dumb enough to pick up on this. Really? You think a dress that looks like it’s been munched on by moths is her wedding dress? Are you really that blind and gullible?

'You've got me all wrong, baby.  I don't want to touch your sweater...I want to eat it.'
‘You’ve got me all wrong, baby. I don’t want to touch your sweater…I want to eat it.’

Notice her lesbian mention under the picture.


She must of been thinking of Imogen when she said that.Tee Hee.


 The dipshidiots are hoping IT will have plenty of time to visit Rob on set. Hey maybe she could take a train. We know how much she loves trains.


And one last photo shopped picture that is so bad only the blind can’t see it’s photo shopped.Well blind or Hopeless.


I kid you not. They actually thought they could pass this off as real. First off next time try putting Rob’s head on a body that at least looks like his.Hell that doesn’t even look like IT. Nope not her. She not looking at the camera for attention. Definitely not her.


One more thing.When we accused the dipshidiots of photo shopping some gifs awhile back they claimed it wasn’t true because it couldn’t be done.


tumblr_m3mjdlg9hR1qdv921o2_250Okay. Whatever you say.


Now that we’ve covered the antics of the desperate dipshidiots let’s move on to Rob’s wife Kristen.



Well now we know what happened to her cat. Sweet of her to leave him with her Dad.



Juliette Lewis is the best!


Kristen and Jesse Eisenberg did a funny hysterical interview where they switched cards and ask the others questions.

Watch Funny Or Die Video Here

Here’s some of the highlights…







Trust me watch the interview. You won’t be disappointed!

Beautiful Kristen Photo Shoot Pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s about it for this time. But before I go I have one more thing to say.

There was some infighting going on in here recently. I am not taking sides. BOTH were in the wrong. Like I have said before. There are many different personalities on here. A room full of women with very strong opinions. And sometimes cat fights ensue. It’s inevitable.


One poster was attacked when she posted some medical problems here and we suddenly had a hundred Dr. Welby’s in here judging her. ( Giving away my age there. Ask your mom or grand mom who he is).


This is inexcusable. We don’t know all the circumstances and if someone comes on here looking for some reassurance from friends we shouldn’t be attacking them or judging them. Leave that kind of behavior to the dipshidiots. They are experts at it. I want every one to gather around and give each other a group hug and put this behind us.



See Ya Later!jacketwavegif