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Welcome To The Circus


Welcome to the Circus! We have desperate dipshidiot clowns, hopeless sideshow freaks, and crazy contortionists all for your entertainment pleasure!

 First up are the desperate dipshidiot clowns!


image (4)

This is a picture of Rob and his mother Claire in Manchester. The desperate clowns noticed the lanyard around Claire’s neck and jumped to the conclusion that it was a backstage pass to It’s concert. Really? I’ve been to a few concerts before and I don’t remember them giving you your backstage pass before hand. Don’t you usually pick them up  when you get to the concert? Yeah that. And why doesn’t Rob have a backstage pass?

But wait the clowns got even more desperate.

image (5)

According to the dipshidiot clowns this is a suddenly tattooed Rob at IT’s concert backstage. But it gets even better. Did you know you can see Claire’s pants in that pic?


Seriously. Open your eyes. If you have the guts. There is no proof what so ever that Claire was anywhere near IT or her concert.

image (1)

Rob and his parents having lunch. According to the clowns IT’s father or stepdad (it all depends which clown is running their mouth as to which one it is) joined them. Claire is wearing her much loved lanyard too I guess since this is from the same day. Maybe she’s afraid of losing it. Again there is no proof what so ever that IT’s father or stepdad was there. Nada. Nothing.



The desperate clowns wet their pants with glee when this pic showed up. They look so romantic don’t they? (Insert sarcasm).




Did you know that Rob walks on air? He also has extra hands. And cars are allowed to park on sidewalks. Just some of his many talents along with miracle grow and tattoos that suddenly appear and disappear. Now why did the paps feel the need to manipulate these pictures? Was he not co operating and giving them the romantic engaged couple shots they were hoping for? Yep that about says it doesn’t it.


And now get ready it’s time for Hopeless and the other side show freaks!



Rob in London on the 22nd. He looks so thrilled doesn’t he?According to the sideshow freaks IT was there too.


Uhm trust me if IT was there we would have about a hundred pics of the moment. Guess no one there thought of getting a pic of attention seeking IT.


The sideshow freaks say you can see IT’s hair in these pictures. Somewhere. Guess she’s waiting until the last minute to go to Japan. Maybe going to catch the train an hr before her concert? Sounds about right doesn’t it?




Some major photo shop fail from the sideshow freaks.


 Hopeless the leader of the sideshow freaks isn’t holding out hope for an August wedding anymore. She already has her excuse made up for it not happening. They are waiting until the holidays. What is sideshow freak Hopeless going to do when it doesn’t happen then either?


Rob is already married. Get used to it.

Speaking of side show freaks we have our very own group of them who like to invade this blog with their nasty smell. They have no lives and sit at their computers 24/7 posting on a blog they don’t even like. They have attacked Bunny over and over again. Gee I wonder why she scares them so much. They think spending their entire day on this blog is going to make us disappear somehow? IN THEIR DREAMS.


And our final act of the evening is the contortionists.


They try to twist and turn things into something that doesn’t even exist. But when they get caught at it they deny everything.

The contortionists have their own blog where they claim that Rob and Kristen post as Common and Kommon. Oh and they have actually talked to Rob and Kristen.


 They can twist and contort it anyway they want. The fact is they have NOT talked to Rob and Kristen. They do not love their site. They aren’t even aware of it.  Their time is spent with their two adorable daughters, not posting or loving  fan blogs. Bet they get a giggle out of those that say they do.



Rob interviewed Jamie Bell for Interview magazine.


PATTINSON: Let’s not talk about any of your work. Let’s only talk about your personal life. Your crack usage. Who are you fucking? Okay? What’s your earliest memory?

Rest Of Interview Here

 Do you think the Saverobnow sideshow freaks will take the hint from Rob. Somehow I doubt it.


 And that is about it for this time. Let’s close the show with some cutness that will irritate the clowns, sideshow freaks, and contortionists I’m sure…


I can imagine Cole, Bear, and Bernie like this. Can’t you?


Ladies keep up the good work handing the trolls. And Bunny you are the best!




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  1. Angel, peace,double standard or whoever you’re posting as today. Yes she did say “Who told you I was getting married?” Reading comprehension. Grasp it.


  2. Evening ladies, I see you’ve had a fun day around here today. Glad I’ve been busy all day, well really for the last couple of days.
    I have to say who ever this Ivy, is she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box now is she. I have to say I raise 3 daughters on my own, with very little child support from their father. I was raise by a working mother, who work her whole life. She was born in 1926, she told me she starting working at 15 house cleaning and babysitting. My mom had 8 kids, and she didn’t stay at home with any of us. Oh my grandmother also worked, my grandparents had a farm, and so she worked on that as did her parents. Working women didn’t just come about in the last 50 yrs. Oh yes my great Aunt was a school teacher too. I’ll have you know Ivy, I come from a long line of strong women, and I think that Kristen does too. Look at her mother she came here from another country, I don’t really know much about her, but she gave her children everything they needed when growing up. I think that K & R have a plan in place and a great support system behind them. Anyway enough about this.
    Did you all see the Jen A, and Justin T, got married in secret. Wow a Hollywood couple able to keep it out of the tabloids. I guess secrets can be kept in Hollywood, would have guessed.
    Have a good peaceful evening ladies.

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  3. GGLINK and CORY, your comments were really so right on the mark ! What do you call a high school student that finishes HS and graduates in 3 years and enters college at 15 years old to graduate at 17 from college with a BE, only to marry at 18, is that a drop-out? I had a family and continued college by computer and became a bookkeeper, and so many people continue by computer tech degrees, etc. These nincompoops that elect to try to find something, just anything wrong with Kristen only show their own lack of knowledge. Skilled technical schools have made educated graduates into busy employed and happy people quickly. Anyone can advance from there. I would imagine at some point Kristen may direct, produce, film and might have a film school like so many other actors have done. She has been quoted as saying she would like to complete college when time permits. But she and Rob have no problems earning massive salaries and working busily away on several films , so school may come when her children are older. Rob seems like a patient sort who might consider teaching or producing again at some point. He is very professional and good with people, so he will probably direct film at some time. But right now, I think they are rather busy in the private and professional life. I am 72, but courses are available to me to finish my masters.

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    1. Right on Sue. I totally believe, they are both very bright and focused couple. In their time and their way they will do what is right for them. Remember Jody Foster, went back to school and graduated with high honors. She too was a busy child actor to become a fine actress, director, and scholar, in her time. K’s buddy Dakota is now busy with her education. K and R, are success dawning on the horizon. Let no troll tell you otherwise

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  4. If we believe what we say we believe as truth, that”K and R are 1 unit with their lovely baba’s in tow, then any discussion about T with R is irrelevant and anti-truth. I do not intend to give time to a lie,nor will I insult her,if she indeed is irrelevant. To me she is a women,trying to gain traction in a difficult industry. K and R, are in some manner involved in that process. She in return, is a vital smokescreen for our couple to protect their privacy and protect what is theirs. I support and applaud this caper,it works.
    What I wish we would focus on a bit more, is how cleverly R and K have taken a well deserved,well crafted swipe at the media for their insensitive,invasive swipes at their personal lives. I see it with other actors as well. J Anniston comes to mind. It is disgusting with no viable recourse. Both R and K have attacked it recently in a clever and pro-active way through their recent interviews. You can almost taste their unity in this sarcastic rebuttal. Now that was refreshing. I heard myself yelling GO GET’UM.

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    1. The problem is that it’s known that T f**cked up and made things more complicated. I have no issue with Alicia for instance who has given a cover to Kristen but didn’t mock her or Rob. She didn’t use them for her own publicity. She didn’t mess up with their plans.
      I’m sorry I don’t like when people insult Twigs but I feel how fake she is. Nobody will convince me to like her or to respect her.

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      1. Dorothee, not sure if you’re comment was a general comment or in response to my comment. If to my comments, so I am not misunderstood. By no means did I wish to insinuate I respect her,which I don”t. Respect is earned in my book. No, I don’t respect her, I ignore her. If she dissed R, I would say she would be the fool, that bit the hand that assisted her.

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      2. Cory, don’t worry, I was replying to your post then got away from it to talk about my opinion on the whole situation. But Your post is very good. I was just adding my two-cents.


  5. Truth told

    Do you think Rob’s family will have her naked in the tub picture framed and added to thier photo album…..?
    She is soooooo cute with her beaver teeth …. Isn’t she?

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    1. Not a fan ofTwigs but I think the comments about her appearance are uncalled for. It’s immature and adds nothing to the R/K conversation on this board. We are better than that.

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      1. Movie fan
        No offense intended ,but you may be better than that but I am not. I make no pretense…. I say exactly what I think and I always will, Not to be rude……. but monitor yourself not me please,,,,,, being called immature is not an issue for me, , I have zero respect for Tbeaver and I have no reason to be phony about it. Thanks Andreana

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      1. Smack707
        I would be mighty proud to have a picture of one of my daughter-in-laws posing nude in a bath tub framed on my mantle,,,,,and to know they posted it over the Internet would be the bomb! CLASSY!

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  6. Just to settle the debate about Kristen’s schooling…she did drop out of school at 13. She then began a non-traditional home schooling program through the age of 19. It was not a college prep program, but she did receive her high school diploma.
    Ultimately, a person needs to choose the educational plan that suits them best as an individual and regardless of celebrity status!


      1. Exactly….kristen never dropped out of school she along with her parents made the choice to home school…I think it’s obvious that Kristen is educated and well read. If college degrees are for future income I think that has been covered quite nicely.


  7. Don’t you know how proud Rob must be of Kristen? Seeing her all glamorous on the front pages of all the magazines. Kristen never talking bad about anyone all her peers love her. Kristen being very professional when she works. Rob is one lucky man to have a wife who looks good in no matter what she wears. Don’t you know those two little girls are beautiful babies? With parents like Kristen and Rob how can they not be?
    Oh, and lets not forget about the Cesar award she won!

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  8. To certain trolls: play up false drug rumors and if your IP here matches IPs for some of the libelous tweets and posts from a certain Twitter acct and elsewhere, you may get the special (legal) attention you crave.

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    1. well, wake up loser, you are the slowest of them all. We didn’t ask you here and your opinion is not wanted or needed. Maybe you are just covering up your own problems. And don’t worry, wherever you escaped from is willing to take you back. Let the door hit you on the way out.


    2. Wake up loser
      thanks for stopping by hater … Your day pass from Hell has expired!… Please don’t feel that you need to return.


  9. Hello ladies that chopped pic was so funny . I wonder where rob bulked up overnite. I have an excellent video for you to watch. It was made by reborninoktober Its a duran duran video Liberty with robs dior video. Very good! Very hot. It’s on youtube. Let me no if you liked it . I’ve watched about 5 times already.


    1. Speak for yourself, dear. And YOU just referred to her as “it,” I would never do that or spread that idea anywhere as you just did. You’re fretting about what others think and say—why don’t you find some likeminded friends and you’ll be happier!


    2. Robs already married and happily at that. And that is the crux of your fixation on a made up fantasy of him and a pub wedding. You and your crazy stalker fiends can’t stand that he and Kristen are married and happy with each other. And um no the laughing stock of the Internet are you sessed haters and trolls. Y’all are made fun of constantly. So give it up. Your singer that I’m sure you don’t really like is in a relationship with her longtime girlfriend. Get over it you’ll feel better.

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    3. They are desperate to have anything out there to keep up with their fairytale of a pub wedding and romance. They’ve had zip, zilch, nada for months now so they are desperate as evidenced by their latest attempt at putting 2 people together that won’t happen. He’s truly not her type. But don’t worry as soon as they figure out they were once again wrong they will seek out Robs next fling. Too bad he’s already married and can’t help them out.

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      1. you are so right Cindy. They are desperate people because you are right, they haven’t had anything in months and they are loosing their minds and need to find something to make it go away. Unfortunately, it is usually here.


    4. Keep telling yourself that hater whatever helps you sleep at night but hon your version is a fairytale based on manipulation and lies. And when it all comes tumbling down on you don’t forget we told you so. This fandom does not need to lie or make up pics nor do we need all of the reassurance you seem to require. It is what it is. Honestly it’s because of crazies like you that RK don’t live a public life for all to see. What part of that don’t you get…


    5. There are plenty of reasons why people don’t like Twigs, truth be told. It has nothing to do with her race. She is often late to her concerts for up to two hours for no reason. She cancels concerts for no reason. She knocks people’s cameras out of their hands when they try to take pictures. She stops concerts because people are talking due to not understanding a word she sings. All this can be confirmed by people AT her concerts. Of course, you’ll deny it because you think she is a perfect angel who can do no wrong. The reality is she is far from it. In fact, she refers to her betters as hamsters on wheels. That’s absolute disrespect for truly talented singers. Rob doesn’t date immature, disrespectful, and attention-seeking women. For you to think he does shows you don’t know the real him. You don’t want to. You want to control every move he makes. You see him as a plaything. It won’t be long before you and your crazy robsessed friends hook him up with a ‘new’ woman. You’re so desperate to prove he isn’t with Kristen that you put him with any woman he is near, even if she is already in a relationship. That is absolute disrespect for this young man. Last but not least, I will credit Twigs for one thing. She doesn’t like you and your crazy robsessed friends. How’s that for your idol?

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    6. Love how because SHE has not seen RK that means they haven’t seen each other LOL. As for the rest, all of it is regurgitated old tabloid crap. Engagement ring? Who confirmed that? ***crickets***

      Very entertaining post – they just keep spitting up the same rumors over and over…..that won’t make them come true. Except for when T gave R a little peck at the club, there is not a single picture of them kissing. I rest my case.


    7. Truth be told
      I call her it because dirtbag, slut dog ,pooch face, skanky HO, fame whore, beaver teeth. Monkey face, and stripper ….well that’s not nice…. So ” it” works fine… I actually have a few more names but people would say that I was mean,, I can’t have that now ,,,,,can I?


  10. DOROTHEE DC, You are a wonderful defender of Kristen and are so right! I love the way SASHMARIE and our Haven takes care of the stupidity of haters that never changes, as in you can’t fix stupid! Kristen is really amazingly brilliant and her acting is instinctively always right, easily understood and felt by so many people, especially the young who love her so much. I think those t-shirts are her way of loving her friends and they send a message too! I often wonder where RK are and actually think they do lots together they just want to enjoy knowing that nobody has photos of. I really can understand why it means so much not to be photographed, it is their time together. Thank you ladies, thank you HKN for removing rubbish quickly. Susie


      1. Hey Karlie! Don’t worry about me. My nights are awesome. Actually I know enough about sex to know when someone is attracted to someone. That’s probably why I can see with my own eyes that Kristen is not with Alicia or Rob with Twigs. That’s why I can see Twigs is way more fascinated by her red-head girlfriend than by Rob. That’s maybe all that sex you don’t do that make you unable to see what a real couple looks like.

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  11. Hi, HKN and ladies of the Haven! RL and work have been kicking my butt, so I’m only able to pass through today. I first wanted to thank HKN for her response several weeks ago about IP address captures. Hope(less) sure gets around! I couldn’t imagine having that kind of free time on my hands, let alone such deep-seeded bitterness to want to visit somewhere I am not wanted over and over again. Thank you, HKN, for keeping her out/deleting her quickly so that I and other posters here don’t have to read her tripe or see it for very long. It is greatly appreciated!

    On a different vein, has anyone here taken more than a passing glance at the recent photos of Kristen and Alicia? If so, am I alone in realizing how closely they are beginning to resemble each other, especially if one just gets a quick look? They have always seemed to have a similar taste in wardrobe. Couple that with their similar height and frame, Kristen’s cropped hair, and Alicia seeming to have lost some weight recently, it makes me wonder if Alicia has perhaps been helping Kristen run some interference lately. I know it’s been mentioned before that they are cousins or have a familial connection. Lately, imho, it seems to be very much in evidence by their appearances and makes me wonder how the two have used that to Kristen’s advantage.

    Anyways, I’m out again. Hope that everyone is well and has a great weekend!

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    1. Hi HKN. Interesting how Kristen’s good friend Suzie wore a Manchester festival teeshirt in her latest carversation! A souvenir from friends?


    2. hkn Thank you for keeping the likes of “Hopeless”/trolls from spewing their hatefulness here! You are much appreciated with your handy delete button!


    3. Lol! The funny thing is Rob has already started filming and Twiggy is in Northern America. But no sign of Rob near her.
      I definitely had confirmation that in Manchester, Rob met with the festival planners to “thank them” for adding Twigs at the 2015 edition of the festival. Rob signed the contract in March. Remember when Rob was seen in Manchester with Twigs earlier This year? That was for that. So because Rob was in England, he went to Manchester. He met businessmen and…didn’t attend the concert. He had a dinner in a restaurant with his family then he went to meet the festival team a last time after the show, backstage. Then he left. Rob barely said “Hi” to Twigs. They don’t even try to aknowledge each other.
      This comes from a guy who worked as an extra for the festival (he worked as an assistant of the stage manager). He tweeted about Rob not attending the show and went private after being attacked by the trolls. I went to him privately. He’s not really into Rob and has no reason to lie. He said Twigs was nice. He didn’t know they were supposed to be a couple. He doesn’t like gossip, tabloids and pop culture. He heard about it by working on the festival, because his “colleagues” did talk a lot. And his boss, the stage manager, said they had to organize things so Twigs and Rob could avoid each other as much as possible. It was tense but finally things went quite well. Rob left as quickly as he came. The guy also received threats by women claiming being Rob’s fan. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and has a new Twitter.

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      1. You refer to the contract covering the festival only, right? People might confuse that with the overall “project.” Some of what you write here I’ve heard another way, and of course it fits with what Bunny has said in general and about the festival in particular. Just saying I know you are always careful with facts, Dorothee. Thanks a lot for posting.


      2. Dorothee thanks for sharing this info with us. It certainly puts everything into perspective doesn’t it. I cringed reading how quickly the troll hating sessed were to attack that guy. And Sanni she’s just referring to the one contract for the festival not the one that I believe is over at this point since he’s been no where near her for months.


  12. I read this and had to share from Kirsten Dunst:
    “What people expect of an actor is totally ridiculous,” she tells me now. “It’s unfair that an artist is expected to speak really well in public and have skin tough enough to withstand sometimes really hurtful criticism, but also, in order to do the job, be really sensitive and in touch with their feelings. So all you can do is be yourself—just be who the hell you are.”

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  13. First of All Kristen is Very Well Educated She Graduated with Honors she graduated on the same day that they filmed Bella Graduating
    High School in Eclipse. She went to public school for elementary and Jr. high. High school she got Home schooled she would work and go to school when she was on set of Twilight she had her own personal tutor. So for you to sit there and say Kristen is uneducated you might want to check your facts Before spewing off Straight Bullshit!
    That is all have a wonderful Day Ladies 🙂

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    1. I totally agree my Sasha,Kristen did graduate from high school with high honors and she was home schooled since about 7th grade when her acting roles started to increase and it was better for her to have a tudor while on set working and she is an avid reader and way smart she is one of the smartest women I’ve seen to come out of hollywood lately but also balances her work and husband plus 2 gorgeous daughters now and I am a very proud fan of her and Rob both!

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    2. Well said Sash to many ppl talk 💩when they know nothing.They are so full of hate for Kristen that they will stoop to any low point.Kristen is a very intelligent young woman,wife and mother.She is amazingly humble and so down to earth.Who ever has met Kristen has loved her because she hasnt let fame or money change who she is.Kristen Stewart is a wonderful beautiful person that has become a role model for many young ppl out there.#Dont be anything else but yourself .#in the words of Kristen Stewart *i cant be anyone but myself*.If anything the hate thats thrown at her and her husband#Robert Pattinson has made them both a very powerful and stronger married couple with two daughters .jmo


  14. Dear Ivy, I could simply tell you to STFU and GFY but since You’re so proud to be educated, I’ll try to get to your level. Obviously you were born around 1910 considering you basically think women should stay home to take care of her children and that working mothers are necessarily selfishwomen who don’t raise their kids. Thanks God, Kristen was born in 1990 and she knows that as a mother, there’s something more important than spending time in the kitchen cooking for the family or cleaning the house, it’s being a role model and giving the example. She has two little girls who will witness that working hard and being ambitious pay and that they can do whatever they want and not feeling limited because they’re girls. They will learn they deserve to find someone who supports them. Kristen was raised by a strong and independent woman and because of that she knowe that she can find a balance between work and family.
    Yes someday the Pattinson-Stewart family will have to deal with school but for now, the eldest is around 15 months and the little one is 2 months, so both Rob and Kristen can have their kids on set. Later, it will be during holidays and weekends. My point wasn’t that hard to understand, was it?
    And Kristen didn’t drop school. She was homeschool. And she’s not uneducated. Her fav books are The Stranger, by Albert Camus, On the road by Kerouak and At the East of Eden. She reads a lot. Plus as a former child actor, she learnt things that kids don’t. Jodie Foster, in the Panic Room DVD, says Kristen (who was 11 years old back then) was a “total wise ass, older than her years.” Not the definition of an uneducated person.

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    1. I agree. I know a few home schooled adults and kids that are way smarter intellectually than those in public schools. As a matter of fact some that have actually graduated public schools did so and still can’t read or pen a full sentence.

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      1. I agree with you. Former homeschooled people tend to be more independent intellectually and were more allowed to think by themselves than some people who graduated public schools(and I think it’s the same in every country) and tend to be stereotyped and “brainwashed”. Like our friend Ivy finally 😉

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  15. Ivy, you sound like an uneducated and misinformed sack of judge mental shit. Here in the United States, it’s illegal to drop out of school prior to the 10th grade which is high school. Kristen never dropped out, or else her parents would’ve been in serious trouble and don’t you think that little tidbit would be everywhere by now? Everyone knows she was homeschooled and got her high school diploma at 19. She finished what was required and still went on the last two years while making movies to get her high school diploma. If you’re going to try and be a smart ass, try actually sounding smart.

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      1. You’re right how could I expect someone wasting their time trolling a blog they don’t agree with to be knowledgable.


    1. It amazes me how blind anyone who bashes K’s intellect is—it’s obvious how smart she and Rob both are and that’s commented on all the time by people who actually know them. Only an ignoramus thinks conventional schooling = smart or is the only path to education. But that troll hates them both, she’s just bitter about her own life.

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  16. good Morning,
    Great promo material from Kristen and Jesse. I look forward to more.
    It is pathetic that these Trolls never stop with these grisly photoshopped pictures (These are always funnier and worse)
    Especially why put the always this woman with pure. It’s hard to comprehend that it is finished.
    I am happy about Rob and Kristen personal privacy especially with the two children.
    But due to the trolls a ´´little´´ obvious fireworks. I hope it comes!

    Is Rob really back to London? I would understand because Rob and Kristen together there have a house.

    All a nice day. Hugs 🙂


  17. Andreana, I love the Poldark Series. Aiden Turner , wow! I read some of the books many years ago. My friend and I watched the first PBS series . We were very young. I have not read the Outlander books, nor have I watched the TV series. One crazy fandom is enough for me! Worse photo shop pic I have ever seen. If the non believers know they are phtoshopped , how does that help their cause?? smh

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  18. That pic is in a tabloid so it wasn’t taken today it was taken when she was in Manchester for her festival Very badddd photo shopping…………


    1. What struck me was it looked as if she was entering in some contest. I hope if she did they laugh at it all the way to the trash can. Maybe it was a contest to see who could make the worst photo-shopped pic. Oh and I agree I wonder too who they were covering up in the pic. She must not have seen the fan pic from this morning with how bushy his beard is now.

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  19. Ellen, I suggest you post your cat’s contact info—a Russian fan site and a coupla “sessed” blogs will be calling with assignments.


  20. Jennifer are you really serious? His head looks tiny compared to the body! Not to mention how stupid the photoshop is of the hands! Please get a grip! It reminds me of when Michael Keaton was in Beetlejuice and there was a guy whose head was smaller on a big body! I mean I know Rob has been working out but he still is no body builder!


  21. seriously Jennifer – look at his arms!!! Then look at the pic from Saturday night when he was standing outside the bar. It looks like he put on about 50lbs of muscle since then. Try again


    1. That’s such a bad job of photoshopping that I’m certain even Stevie Wonder could do better. What idiot stalker sessed haters won’t do to continue their fantasy.


    2. ROFL …..whoever created that picture must truly believe that the girls here are as stupid as she most clearly is……. that is the worst photoshopping I have ever seen…. wow! rob has been hitting the gym…. hard……lol……maybe he just has inflatable arms….! Ha haha haha I am embarassed for the creator of that picture……..ROFL


    3. Dorothee – not too sure about the pub but this one is so stupid.
      Ellen – I agree about how bad it is. But what amazes me is whoever did it thought it would pass muster


    4. Just wondering if Rob saw a cockroach or something in his food because those hands and gesture make him look scared. Also you can clearly see where the head was photoshopped onto that body and his body has no legs but hers do. Even if he had dark pants on as big as that body is there would be some legs to go with it. Just saying.


    5. Smack – He has no neck. What is he doing with his hands? Clapping. She’s not even looking at what he’s doing. If someone is sitting next to you and doing that with their hands you’re going to glance at them to see what their doing.


  22. I am still laughing my behind off ! Mama nail put one humiliating smack down one very unlucky troll
    …….shear genious !!! I loved the interview with kristen andJesse……..also genious!
    Hey girls anybody watching Poldark? OMG. I am crushing big time on Aiden Turner!! Holy mother of god what a speciman!

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  23. I believe that dates, locations and details regarding Kristen and Rob future movies will be kept as secret as possible, certainly to avoid stalkers (fans and paparazzi), and they’ll be able to have their chidren on set with them. Kristen grew up on movie sets because her mom and her dad took her with them. And I guess that’s the way she wants to do now with her own family. And Rob probably wants that too.


    1. Dorothee RC, I bet you are on the money with R and K having their kids on set. K has often said how much she loved being there with either parent while growing up and being on set kept her grounded while growing up. I believe imo that they want their kids to have that as well. Very valid point and since they want there lives kept off rags it also makes it easier to have the kids on site. Great point.

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      1. Wow Ivy – you must have a very sad and unfulfilled life if the best way you can spend your time is to verbally bully people you don’t know. That is one of the most judgemental posts I’ve seen on here. Its funny, because the ONLY people who make derogatory comments like this (towards Kristen and her parents now) are people who have NEVER and will NEVER know her. If you talk to people in the industry, they have nothing but praise for her as a person, her dedication, work ethic, intelligence, sincerity, honesty and kindness. Same with Rob. Its only when bitter, sullen nobodies like you think that there sh*tty lives need an ego boost that we see comments like this. We get it – you have no friends or family to care about, probably a dead end job and little education. Its sad – but you can make choices to change that. It should start with not being a bully on the internet towards people you don’t know anything about. Try it – perhaps you will become a kinder person. Unfortunately, a heartless soul like yours is hard to change.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Wow Ivy, I go to bed and wake to this vitriol. Thanks bfishy 2, I too have read many people’s accounts who actually know them from working with them. Ivy do not think that bully tactic with me will work. I am not afraid to defend my own views. So its obvious you have a bug up your rear for Kristen. Let me clue you in, she doesn’t care, nor does she know you and I do not give a crap about your opinion either. You hit and run and that says something about you as well. Bfishy 2, I think you have it right all along, Ivy just wow.


      3. I noticed yesterday that when no one spoke directly to the trolls, they began talking to each other, hoping some one would take their bait. Just a thought….


      4. Ivy..envy…your life must be very very sad and bitter..well whatever…I am sure Kristen Stewart a millions time better than YOU..trash? Garbage? Blackest soul? Maybe that’s your heart and soul was…uneducated?..damn..this amazing women(Kristen Stewart) got everything.. friends ,fans and family’s and money..she’s a millionaire …for goodness sake..and you envy ivy..what you got?!!


      5. Now that I am more awake, thanks to all of you who gave Ivy an education last night or east coast morning.
        Thanks for that. It just makes no sense to me to be so ugly. I will say it again, I have been here a long time, just didn’t comment. I wrote to hkn personally before I started commenting when she changed her site over to wordpress. I did the same with MN and Didy when she still blogged. I may be new to all of you, not to the bloggers.


  24. Thanks to the fact I love this blog and the ladies here I am really enjoying the video of Jesse and Kristen, the happy face of bearded Rob on a jet and the HKN bloggers. So nice to just enjoy the post and comments about RK. I really think we all have physical problems and sometimes it is ok to tell us about them. But I am glad your visit to have a router-rooter visit is over and done Christine. Not fun. I am kind of sure Kristen and Rob hang out quite a bit DOROTHEE, and when SWATH was being made, Kristen said she fell in love with the English countryside, loved walking there, that the old country was truly lovely. Remembering that her Mom was from Australia, I believe she loves Australia too. Apparently there are family there still, or were. I am very weak, going back to Doctor KRIS tomorrow. My doctor and his wife are from India and he is tiny, his boys are over six feet, so I tease him about it. He always says he stretched them at night. I think about how tiny Kristen is, and her parents are tall and skinny. She may be like a grandparent or other close family member in size. You just never know how big or small a child will be, it is always a surprise. My tiny Cynthia grew to six foot, my big baby Jacqueline is only 5 foot, three inches. Children are really so amazing, I envy Rob and Kristen. Going back to bed, Susie


    1. Hello Sue. Well I’ve seen pics of both Kristen’s parents when they were young and both Jules and John were skinny when they were young. Jules was as tiny as Kristen. And actualité, Kristen is not that little in size. She’s as tall as me, around 1m65, which is normal for a woman. But she’s so thin that she looks petite.


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