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And The Stupidity Award Goes To…


The stupidity going on in this fandom right now is astounding. There is so much of it we need to give an award to the stupid of the week.



Kristen’s mother Jules Mann-Stewart. She has, through no fault of her own been thrust in the middle of bull shit fandom drama twice this week.

Your first nominee for stupidity of the week  is …

Sharon Feinstein and the Mirror UK. Feinstein claims to have had an interview with Kristen’s mom where she talks about Kristen and Alicia Cargile being a couple. The dipshidiots exploded their over active ovaries over this. They want so badly to believe that Kristen is gay that they bought everything this woman fed to them hook, line and sinker. Why do they want to believe Kristen is gay so badly? Because they somehow believe this negates the fact she has been in a romantic relationship with Rob for six years and is married to him with two children.

But wait this gets even more ridiculous.

Us Weekly the paragon of journalistic truth turned on one of it’s own. Us Weekly claims to have a statement from Jules stating that she said nothing about her daughters personal life.


I call bull on this. I don’t believe Jules went to Us Weekly about anything. People who believe that she has, have been judging her for supposedly doing so. And we know she actually did how exactly? We don’t. My opinion is if she wanted to do this she would do it through a statement from Ruth, not Us weekly.

 Sharon Feinstein the bull shiter wasn’t going to take this denial supposedly from Jules lying down. She claimed the interview is on tape and stands by every word she printed.


We got some more background on this upstanding journalist with such integrity. (Thank you to Chiburkie for bringing this to our attention! 🙂 )


So it looks like this woman likes to write up articles with quotes from people she has never even spoken too! Gee do you think this could be the case with Jules too? I’d bet on it.

And lastly she never came up with the tapes.


Did you really think she would?



The dipshidiots excuse for this not turning out the way they hoped? Ruth paid Sharon Feinstein not to upload the tapes.


I have heard that Jules hasn’t talked to Sharon Feinstein or Us Weekly. Period. End Of Story. Believe what you want.

Your second nominee for stupidity is…

The PrStens.

The PrStens are a bitter bunch of Kristen haters who got more than a little worried over Mine and Mama Nails recent posts announcing Jelly Beans birth.


They couldn’t attack on here like they used to be able to do on the old blog so they decided to go another route. They actually had the audacity to go to Jules instagram and post their concern for her daughter over Mine and Mama Nails latest blog posts.



These are the same people that attack Jule’s daughter Kristen on a daily basis. And yet they had the gall to go to her Instagram and pretend to care about anything to do with her daughter. They hoped somehow they would get a response from her. They claim the bullshit article from stupidity nominee one above  was her response to them. No she did not and never will respond to them. She knows exactly what their true intentions are. And they have nothing to do with concern for her daughter.


Your third nominee for stupidity is…

The dipshidiots trying to place Rob anywhere but L.A. They tried to place him in Portugal, London, and then London again. ( They forgot to do their homework on the last one. IT wasn’t in London. She was in Denmark.)They got burned every time by pics of Rob definitely still in L.A. When they couldn’t place him somewhere other than L.A they used the old he is only in L.A for work excuse.


Going to birthday parties and taking dogs for a walk is work. Didn’t you know that?


Our fourth nominee for stupidity is…

Anyone that is stupid enough to believe the wedding plans. Let’s see. The epic pub wedding is in August.. Oh hold up Wait. September has been mentioned too just to save their asses when nothing happens in August. Hold up a minute, it’s now been changed until the end of the year. The reception will now include mashed potatoes and sausage. There will also be a camping trip stag party for Rob.



 And our last nominee for stupidity is…

IT fans thinking T. E Lawrence is Arab and attacking Rob.




T. E. Lawrence was born in Wales. Thanks for making yourselves look like the idiots you are.

Are you laughing your ass off at all this yet? I guess we made the dipshidiots really nervous with our news. So much so they reached a new level of stupidity and desperation.


So let’s do a poll.

And after wading through all the bull shit let’s end this with some goodies!

Queen Of The Desert looks awsome!

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602 thoughts on “And The Stupidity Award Goes To…

  1. Ha HKN thank you for deleting my 11:00 am post I posted today.
    The ladies were getting a little upset with for just asking a question I wasn’t even talking about my illness or anything like that they get me wrong I just wanted to fit in like the rest of the ladies here were I can have a friendly conversation with the rest of them I’m not even talking about my sickness and I don’t need your help in the area and yes to your answer MsGlinda I do have a Therapist and her name is Fran she has LCSW the staff Therapist from CMHC so there you go ladies but she not my friend so I don’t need your help just wanted to feel like I free to speak my mind just like you all do. So if you all are afraid to talk to me all because I have illness well sorry that can’t be helped you just like the ones in school and all the others, I lost friends because they didn’t understand my illness was afraid to talk to me afraid they might get what I have they would tell me to stay away from them so you see I am alone but that’s OK I’ll be alright been this way for 5 yrs. so I guess I can keep it up. So you don’t have worry about ne and I won’t worry about you but will be here to support Robert and Kristen and HKN, MN so that’s will be all I won’t bother you all any more and I know that’s what you won’t so you have it you got your wish. Oh I know I will be hearing fro you and I know it’s not going to be good but you know what that’s OK I guess I can like you all but I don’t have to like OK sorry for any convince or pain, stress I may have caused I promise it will not happen again and this time I mean so thanks for everything I know where you all stand now and that is together and support each other and I am OK with really I am. Well good bye nice knowing you so this is good bye won’t talk to you’re all any more just read posts now if when Lydia C comes one and asks how my dad is doing and myself I will respond to her since she maybe my friend and that’s OK to well that’s it for me will check in to see how Robert and Kristen are doing and their two little girls I will always love and adore, support them both so good bye Mae F.


    1. I don’t know who you really are Mae. Some call you a stalker, some are kinder to you.
      Me: I mostly lurk. Unsure but always respectful. But, this post made me feel bad for you. I hope you find someplace that makes you happy. I have nothing but respect for HKN for giving you a place to share your thoughts and a sense of belonging.


  2. Smack, I read where there are some places that call in the paparazzi to locations where RK are eating or drinking for payback. RK learned about this and never returned, so I doubt if RK visit that parking area often again. Rob mentioned that he has learned to go places where the owners keep the photo journalists and demands for private photos eliminated so RK can just relax. There are some places that just collect the smart phones, etc. before you are seated. These are high end clubs and restaurants that have party rooms and customized service or private bars. I think the new airplane service with reserved cars and separated arrival/departure flights from Delta is extraordinary. Almost like a private plane availability. Hopefully it will allow much more comfortable flights and arrivals. Frankly, I think those two can slip off whenever they want to, with or without a cover-up hat or wig or glasses. I do think they fly so much that staying in one place is like a gift they enjoy.


  3. Very peacefully and civil chat=nice. My humble added opinion might be: a.Brimstone’s 2 part shoot might be a conflict with LCOZ Aug.shoot + any press obligations for Life which is scheduled 4 release Aug. Right?? It seems such a tangled scheduling mess,to.drop the small role might be better 2 manage the jumble . Rob and Kristen both mentioned,rely on nothing until.the camera start rolling


  4. Hi again HKN. Sorry but you can delete both of my posts I’ll would appreciate it don’t what no trouble and/or offend anyone with my posts I know this ain’t the place to make friends and/or talk about my issues this place is for Robert and Kristen, I mean RK blog not my issues and trouble and this is your blog not mine and HKN I won’t cause any more chaos. I did wrong by talking about my illness last yr. that was my mistake, and didn’t even get into my physical problems.
    now because I am lonely that maybe I should go and volunteer don’t you know I wish I could that would get my out of my house but what they don’t know that I have never said anything about now you know HKN I’m not able to walk any more I verily can get around my place I have home health aids that help me out and I can verily us my hands I have severe arthritis in knees and my back and as well as my fingers so I can’t not get out and having a mental illness on top of everything else but I didn’t won’t to say anything but now everyone knows so I don’t know if I should be here what do you think HKN and anyone else thinks should I don’t have anything else to do but watch TV I can’t even go to church where I could probably find at least one friend but I can’t sorry every body don’t mean to be a bitch I bet that’s what all must feel about me well I don’t what should do should I leave or what, what do you think HKN and the Haven ladies, and don’t worry I’m not feeling sorry for myself I know it’s me and my problem not yours so I won’t bring up any more things about me or complain about myself I may not post but will read you’re all’s posts now if Lydia ask about me and my dad then I will respond to hers so you see I won’t ask anything else and that’s a promise ok! Well HKN please don’t forget to delete my two posts ok and thank you will good bye Mae F.


    1. Hey Mae, just a little advice, but since you seem to handle the Internet thing, maybe you could find blogs and forums for ill people or lonely people. I mean I’m sure it exists. There are blogs about everything. You could talk with people who are like you, share your feelings with them and feel less isolated.
      And another advice. I think by coming here, focusing on Rob and Kristen, and only them, would help you to distract your attention. I mean when I’m sad or have issues in my life, watching Rob or Kristen’s movies and talk with all the ladies helps me to focus on something else. Maybe you could try that.


  5. Does it ever seem that RK are darned if they do and darned if they don’t? And honestly everybody has an opinion! They need to catch a break here because nobody, Rob, Kristen, or anybody else like the Director and producer are responsible for any wrong. People have to change their minds occasionally mostly due to previous agreements and time. There just isn’t anything other to chew on by the press and public, so the dogs are chewing on Rob or/and Kristen as usual. Stupidity at the middle making lots of money off the hater groups. There is nothing new under the sun here. Just a higher degree of ignorance. Those knowing nothing of what they speak tend to shout louder, digging bigger holes to fall in.


    1. I agree with you Sue. I’m sure if Rob left to film the movie, some fans would say he’s such a bad father. He dropped the movie, it means his career is falling appart. The man can’t win. People are overly invested. I’m sure Rob is less upset than some fans are.
      I saw something on the Internet today. “Spending time with children is more important thanspending money on them” I’m sure that’s Rob’s motto.


    2. I agree Sue – so many people have their own opinions and agendas. And god forbid you go against them. I like the peace and quiet, for the most part, that we have here. I saw a posting somewhere below the pic of Rob and the parking attendant giving the location and address of the parking garage. How crazy is that. Talk about stalking.


  6. MAUR214, I lost a wonderful buddy two weeks ago, his name was Charles, and he was my favorite cousin. He was unapologetically gay and a wonderful actor. He died of a massive stroke after a heart attack at 80, our family tends to live longer. He would have been so happy for all those people who are declared legal and truly members of a free society. I am not gay but I found myself tearing up for so many that deserve to be recognized equal in this country. I am happy for your daughter! I am happy for Kristen’s and Rob’s great friends! And, more especially I am happy for the young man who fought bravely for the right to call his husband legally a husband indeed. This equality will right many wrongs that have been actually cruel to families. Who cares about wedding cakes! Somehow great happenings are giving us the truth that love makes everyone equal. God bless us all. God loves us all! Susie

    Liked by 2 people

  7. HKN would please delete my post at 8:19, I would appreciate it I will not say anything to the ladies again and I mean that HKN I hope you don’t jump me to so please delete my post thank you! Mae F.


  8. Dear Mae,I do take into consideration your illnesses. You have said you have a caseworker and new doctor. I don’t recall if you have a therapist to talk to. You are lonely. Your medical team may have some suggestions about volunteer work, hours can be as few or as many as you like. You can talk and interact with people. Being isolated makes people focus on themselves, when talking to other people one finds out there are many troubled people out there. I know you are a true RK fan , Please continue coming here for information about RK and sharing your thoughts about RK. I do hope you can feel better,


  9. This is to Sue, Julie, Fishyone2 and Janie. Well said on your responses to Mae. Mae needs a lot more help than anyone can give her here. All of you were truthful and respectful. I admire that. I would try to take up for her when the trolls would ridicule her. It is futile, trolls will be trolls. I have come to realize that I have exhausted my abilities to help but do have empathy for her problems. I will send her a short note. Take care ladies.


    1. Thank you. I share your concerns very deeply that she needs more than we can give her. This is a casual place for fun chatter – it can’t be someone’s only lifeline. That is too much to ask of people who are just friendly to each other over a blog. I know she will get angry but she needs a person in her life who is real and can be there for her – we just can’t be those people. I hope she thinks about this and continues to post without all the baggage.


  10. Hello again all true fans of Robert & Kristen. I like what i’ve been seeing for a while now. Fans helping our favorite couple in Los Angeles.


  11. Hello! Personally I think Kristen is teasing, she may have on her wedding ring and the glove, which is also a rocker thing(remember Michael Jackson?) and this could also be a new /old style. I also noticed the sweater/jacket which is half on and half off, a Rob thing who mimed(copied) Kristen with their black and white jacket hinting. Kristen does this again, giggle, with a jacket in a photo shoot! What a hoot! If you really look at the smile on Rob in the doggy park shoot with friends and his jacket and compare Kristen’s smile in new shoot, I think it says it all. I am probably way off but I think Kristen took the pictures at the doggy park! Historic opinions from Supreme Court you all, such an amazing week! Lots of happy people today! God bless America!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sue, Good observation. I think you’re right about the jacket. She’s playing with the media. That checked jacket in the park goes back to 2008, and I have a pic of Kristen wearing it. There were more people in that park then were in the picture. That’s a fact. She’s sticking to only putting out professional photos. It was interesting that Juliette Lewis (her friend) did an interview. She’s being choosy about what she’s doing. Unfortunately, these rabid people are attacking Rob like the plague. They will say anything. They think he’s in London and didn’t even correlate that a certain person is somewhere in Belgium or the Netherlands. No matter how the Brimstone thing is explained they are like talking to a vacuum or a wall. I’m glad Rob is MIA for now. Hope he’s taking care and focusing on himself and what he needs.


  12. Hi to all my HKN Havens! I am in La now. Having a great time with my family. Especially my two nieces! Anything new?


  13. good Morning
    a beautiful new image of Kristen from the photo shoot (today?)
    She looked great, a little angry face for the photographer of this image

    We should stop to discuss the resignation of Rob and Mia.
    I can well imagine that both are out for personal reasons, lack of time. Perhaps both can in winter the film not continue.
    HKN said Rob does something great or something similar

    Nola – find it also interesting that Scott the photo now post

    All a nice day. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Nola Girl, Hey there! I really love some of those early pictures, they are very dear! Hope you are handling this heat ok, I had to head home early yesterday, it was 101 degrees before lunchtime. I am not a hothouse plant, I am a little African Violet, I need my AC on full with many, many fans on! I think Brimstone was moved back too many times and Rob ran out of time before August filming. Also, he loves babies! Yeah! Susie


    1. Hey my dear friend –
      I’m gonna wait until August to complain about the heat. After this winter, I decided if I have to choose, I’ll take Summer! Little Bella hates being left at home while I’m running errands, but you can’t have it all…

      Take care of yourself in this heat and keep Sugar Lump hydrated (and you too)!



  15. Mae, You should know that most of the time we simply post without replying to everyone. Sometimes we reply to specifics but not always and so please stop complaining. Everyone is not replied to all the time. Most of the posts really are open responses to a photo or a new bit of information. We do not revolve around any one person here except HKN or RK. The main thing is this post is for fun and information. This is a post to talk RK, and most try to keep the Haven a happy place where you are removed from negative twitter. We all have our good days and our bad days, just realize we all have problems too. OK? I know you are on heavy medication, many people are so try to calm down and realize that this is a large group of posters and many never post because of shyness so we rarely hear from everyone but we appreciate all our Haven friends and acquaintances. Have a good night! Susie

    Liked by 4 people

  16. Hey all – been busy but lurking the last several days.

    Very interesting repost from Kellan Lutz on Scott’s Twitter account – a photo from that fabulous pre or post Twilight photo shoot. In this particular pic, R&K are wearing the same shoes. Wonder why this photo at this time?

    Loved the punk-themed photoshoot snaps with Kristen & Adir!!!!!!

    What are the odds Rob & Kris get pictures taken with the same dude???

    As for the Brimstone – no biggie…

    Stay cool Havenites 😘

    Liked by 5 people

  17. Hi all you Haven Ladies. I only have one thing to say about this movie brimstone all talk about why he out or left, I have one conclusion and that is FAMILY that’s what I really think it is to spend more time with his three lovely ladies that is in his life and that is more important to him.
    Now that’s a real man after my heart to be with his family see Robert loves his wife and his two little angels. So lets go at that or at least be positive and think positive. Now I got that out of the way, I would like to ask you ladies a question, why are you not talk to me I feel like you all are ignoring me do you all like me at all I would like to be friends with everyone on here as of right now I seem to have only one friend here that does talk to me even asks how my dad is doing and how I’m doing I would like to have more friends I want to be friends with you lovely ladies you are all I have could we all friends I mean would you be my friend I am your friend so please tell me what you think and get back to and let me ok. I am not a troll just thought I would let you all know I am not one those trolls and I really think you all know that, and that I love Robert and Kristen and always will and will always support them and I do believe in these two know matter what anyone thinks of me I love and adore them and their two baby girls to and I also believe in HKN and MN and this blog and I love them both just like I love all of you on here Well that all I have for tonight it is 11:12 pm here in IN that’s IN Eastern time so goodnight talk to you all tomorrow I love you all and HKN, and RK and the two Little ones to hugs to all Mae F.


    1. I personally feel you doth protest a little much about not being a troll.

      Beyond that, I find the push for friendship both needy and off-putting. You do understand the difference between friendly and friends, right? People can be friendly to each other on a blog, that doesn’t make them friends. My friends know me personally, well, and have for a length of time. My friends are not anonymous posters I know next to nothing about. So, I would not consider you a friend, nor would I wish you to consider me one. Friends are people you share experiences with, not just someone to chat with.


      1. Totally agree with you!!! I can be friendly with people here because we share a viewpoint, but I don’t necessarily consider you my friends as I’ve never met you. I am glad there are many people on here that understand this is a blog for chatting – but we can’t come here for personal validation. I very much question the validity of those posts because its the same “I’m so stupid and don’t get it – so I’m going to leave and never talk to anyone again” – then its “why don’t you respond to all of my posts?”. I will not be doing that – I’ve cut back on my posts as its so calm here now – yes!!!


    2. Mae,
      You seem like a nice person. You say you are confused and don’t understand things. I find you are neither. I think you are lonely and would like to have friends. Maybe you should volunteer somewhere to make friends. Here we aren’t that type of friend. We post annd answer posts from time to time. We just like dscussing R/K. You are welcome to post like everyone else. Your ranting is annoying. If you read the posts not everyone gets answered. We don’t need to be answewed everytime we post. Just post if you want. If you don’t get answered don’t take it personally. Have a good day.


  18. I really appreciate this Haven. I feel like it is becoming the place to relax and say what you feel without hateful responses. But I think that very defined negative posts are going to show you all that sometimes you are not exactly sure who you are talking to, so just pay attention to the drama llamas. I think you are all are great! Susie


  19. Sue – I agree with you. This blog isnt the place to bring the drama. This place has always been a place for us to come and comment on all things rk without the fear of being thrown under the bus. I just love all the friendships I have hopefully made with you, dorothee, janie and cindy, to name a few, and all the rest of you. It was a good day when I found this site and I found like minded people who felt the way I did. Dont you think so?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aww shucks Smack thanks for the friendship as well. This blog is great as I like all of the discussions and information everyone shares. And now that the haters and trolls are being kept out its even better.


  20. Requesting just one thing, please do not be one of those who read the toilet papers and bring it here to repeat. That shit is supposed to upset and cause drama so do not come here to help the shit eaters along, or I will believe you are from the toilet papers. When you say no drama, to me that means you intend to cause drama. Although I refuse to read the refuse that is out there, it is only because I do not like to make the rich assholes richer or become stupid as Rob warned about. Take you drama to the possessed . Rob also said that lazy people read the rags because they want news made up fresh for them and not have to think for themselves, look it up, he really said this a long time ago, after he realized what these rags were doing to him and Kristen. There is someone here from a gossip rag, before long she will show herself, she always does. She was revealed on DIDY some time ago. Until then, I almost have to think that it is a good idea to post carefully. This is a great blog, and has many nice posters, I am glad HKN has better control here. You all have a good evening and do not believe the typical BS, if it sounds messed up, it probably is made up to cause DRAMA. Because happy people do not sell gossip magazines. And, to me, Rob and Kristen look happy. I think RK really do expect this blog to use their common sense, and stop letting the idiots affect what you think and bring negative thinking to Haven. I think that RK would expect anyone to avoid haters who bring in bad news from the hot press in HWL. I am off my soapbox, and apologize for the rant. I am just super tired of gossip from the haters. Susie

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  21. Since nobody really knows the reason Rob opted out, what is so funny is RK know and nobody else does–in other words, you all are just guessing. The line of least resistance is that he has a movie starting in a month, in August and it could be two in two months are too many! The obsessed are just depressed so they digress and then regress! I still think if I were Rob looking at this movie changing actors, being moved back, wanting more time with his babies and wife is possibly correct. I am tickled that Dakota is now part of this movie! I’ll bet RK go to see this movie or are sent a personal cut. Susie


  22. There has been no leaked information on Brimstone about a love scene. Everything you are hearing or reading is hearsay. I don’t think we’ll ever know why Rob is no longer part of the movie. If he wanted us to know he would have made an announcement.


  23. Dorothea RC why do you think that i read something on a sessed article and repeated it here. Why are you always on the defense when Icomment something. I know they are friends. Rob as well as Kris have said before if there is no chemistry between the two actors you can’t make the scenes look real. Dakota is rob’s best friend and Dakota is his gf.


    1. I don’t think you read something somewhere. I was bringing that here because I thought you and others didn’t know and I was making fun of them, not of you. I don’t think that Dakota has anything to do with Rob’s decision. And I think that their friendship would be a plus to play a love story, especially If They like and trust each other. The fact that Dakota is Kristen’s friend and Jamie’s GF would probably make it relax and friendly. But again I don’t even think there’s a sex scene in this movie that looks more like a western-action movie.


  24. I think rob new he was turning down the part for a while. I think rob left the part and this other guy from thorns really wanted the part and he will get a chance. The role was small and I think his ladies at home took priorities over everything especially the newest pattinson only being a few weeks old.Iwould think its quite hectic at the pattinson home right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. And I think that this movie was maybe supposed to be filming earlier this year or later, at a time that fitted with Rob’s schedule. After all there is or was another period of filming next fall and maybe that was for Rob and the producers decided for money reasons to film everything in a row.


  25. No drama ladies I have read some of the comments from here on Rob and Brimestone. With Dakota taking Mia place was not there supposed to be a love interest between Rob and Mia in the picture. May be Rob couldn’t see himself as a love interest with Dakota, because of her being friends with Kris and Dakota being Jamie gf and his friend. Could it be he stepped down? And gave another actor his part.


    1. Carol – I agree with you – I think it would have been quite awkward for Rob. I really think that the actor that took his place was the directors first choice and since he is now available they probably just replaced him. Not nice but understandable. Or he could have stepped down when Dakota came on board to keep the strain off of his relationship. It probably was for the best anyway.


      1. I saw the Sesseds said that too. That Rob dropped Brimstone out because there was a sex scene between his character and Mia’s but there’s nothing in the script that indicates that. I think it’s another Sesseds fantasy who love drooling over Rob’s sex scenes and who need an actual reason for him to drop the film out because the truth is that they’re scared of the possibility that he did for personal reasons, which means being home with his daughters. As for the possibility of Rob and Dakota being awkward in a sex scene together, I think They would laugh about it and would trust each other because they’re friends.
        I think Rob’s priorities have changed, it was a supportive role anyway, the schedule and Mia leaving the project could have been the ultimate reason to move on. And to finish, I think that it’s highly possible Rob proposed Dakota to replace Mia.

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    2. There’s also the possibility the director changed things up and all parties agreed. These are all professionals and this is their livelihood so I don’t think there’s anything secretive about it. This happens all the time. But I really don’t think it’s any biggie about Brimstone changes. I happen to be a Kit fan and a Dakota fan so I’ll stilL be seeing the movie when it comes out.


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