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Google Translator

Ladies I now have us set up with google translate. It took me a while because I had to put in each link for each country on a page here on the blog. If you click on the google translate button or the page link at the top of the blog it will take you to that page and then click on the country link you want to translate too. It will bring you right back to the site in the language you choose. A lot better than having you linked to other site and having to type in this sites name. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Google Translator

  1. Hello ladies. this will be my first time on this one I didn’t know until I read on the other one Rob’s red socks and red nose day site that where I found about this site, it’s one of HKN new Google Translator and so I came and here I am. I just hope it goes through I have in the past couldn’t post a couple of my comments so I hope I do this time as well.
    Well I will soon see I am going now so this good bye talk to you all tomorrow it is 12:50 am, that’s is IN, Eastern time, our time zone.
    I love you all, and HKN, RK&SP and SP2 or JB don’t know Love Mae.


  2. Hi HKN and all my Havens friends! Sorry I wasn’t here because I wasn’t feeling well. I was so sore on my shoulders I couldn’t even lift up my arms. And I wasn’t here yesterday too because of working last night. I didn’t get off til 12:30am. And didn’t get home til about 1am. Last night I was shaking, hurting, and I felt limb. I was in a lot of pain last night and today. So right I am taking care of myself right now. Forgive me for not being here. I love RK and all my Havens friends here. I support you and RK always. You all have done a great job on your blog and the comments. Great job ladies. Hugs! Well I am going to bed. Keep up the the good work HKN Havens. Keep me posted. Love you all and RK! Night!


  3. Hello, this is my first time posting I am very excited. I am a fan of both Rob and Kristen but specilly of Kristen. I just want to say thank you for a wonderful job your doing.


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