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Rob’s Socks,Red Nose Day,And The Ridiculously Stupid And Funny

Rob’s Socks


The Robsessed lost their marbles over Rob’s new pair of socks.

rplifenyc1 (2)

One of them went on a rampage about how Rob has gone all Hollywood  because he may have spent $35 dollars on a pair of socks. First off do these look like the kind of socks a man would buy for himself?


His wife Kristen maybe but himself no. It couldn’t afford those socks.


Red Nose Day

 Rob participated in Red Nose Day on NBC and it was hilarious!

Seth never ever let Rob drive your car lol!



Ridiculously Stupid And Funny

Let’s cover ridiculously stupid first.With friends like thvtandroidx IT doesn’t need enemies.


A close friend of FKA Twigs got in to a feud with multiple Twlight fans and Robsten supporters on social media, he goes by the name of “Thxtandroidx.” He attacked and cyberbullied fans on a Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Instagram page, and went in to a rant in the comment section of a “Robsten” meme. Twigs’s friend “Android” commented, “Shame. Lol. They broke up. Your Instagram is shit. You’re a sad low live with no love life clinging on to the ex relationship of two people that don’t even know you exist.”
The war of words between FKA Twigs’s friend and Robsten fans escalated and he even told one of them to “go commit suicide,” and bragged that he was also friends with Robert Pattinson and had spent more time with him than his fans ever would. The heated argument took a turn for the worse when Twigs’ pal began slamming Kristen Stewart and called out her sexuality – which her fans did not take too kindly to. Twigs’s friend ranted that Kristen “is a lesbian now and has moved on.”

This is a perfect example of an idiot. I guarantee you he is no friend of Rob’s. Only in his dreams. He also ranted about how Kristen likes girls….


Oops. Looks like his friend IT likes girls quite a bit too. Go figure.


These are the high class friends of IT, seeking attention by playing April Fool’s jokes that tabs and dipshidiots take as fact, uploading video to the internet of a private outing (I’m sure their new friend Rob appreciated that), and then the upstanding thvtandroidx who  can dish it out but deletes as soon as he gets back what he deserves.

Telling someone to commit suicide shows what a classless,worthless, piece of crap he is.Tvhtandroidx if you can’t take the heat keep your mouth shut. Or run like a coward like you just did.


          Gossip cop provided us with some ridiculously funny. Comedy gold.

An insider tells Gossip Cop the prenup “isn’t just about money, it’s about both of them agreeing to different aspects about how they live their lives… a blueprint for their future.” Our source adds, “It would cover things, like if Robert would take a break from projects while [FKA Twigs] is on a tour [to take care of kids, for example]… It’s so that they both are one the same page and to protect both of them… It’s basically a guide to avoid future problems… for a better marriage, not divorce.”

I think Gossip Cop needs to take a reality time out and do some research as to what a prenup is.


A prenuptial agreement (“prenup” for short) is a written contract created by two people before they are married. A prenup typically lists all of the property each person owns (as well as any debts) and specifies what each person’s property rights will be after the marriage.

A prenup is for property and assets not who is going to take care of any kids while the other is working.Hey nice try and thanks for the laugh.


There is a ridiculously stupid and funny story going around the tabs.

IT is threatening Kristen and telling her not to mention Rob in her interviews anymore.


Have you picked yourself up off the floor from laughing yet?


It has no say in what Rob’s wife Kristen talks about in an interview. I would like to be a fly on the wall if she even attempted to tell Kristen what to do.


There was a terrific new article about Rob…


Rest of article here

Kellan Lutz defended Kristen in a new interview in Elle…


I actually just wrote a piece for about howpeople are afraid to love Kristen Stewart because of her public persona, but if you look at her work in Still Alice…

I wanted that role of the brother so bad...

Did you?

Brilliant script. Everyone killed it. I mean, what a great movie. I read the script and I was like, ‘I want this.’ I even hit Kristen up and was like, ‘Put in a good word!’ But, regarding Kristen, you know, I’m proud of her for being herself. Times have changed now—there’s a lot of invasion of privacy and a lot of ruined moments. What [the paparazzi] take, capture, and release is often taken as a reflection of who that person is.

Thank you Kellan!


Worked on me Kellan!


There were seventy some pictures of Rob by himself supposedly out to lunch with IT. Only two of IT. None of them at lunch together.


adjective: gullible
easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.
“an attempt to persuade a gullible public to spend their money”
synonyms: credulous, naive, overtrusting, overtrustful, easily deceived, easily taken in, exploitable, dupable, impressionable, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwary, ingenuous, innocent, inexperienced, unworldly, green; informalwet behind the ears, born yesterday
“he was a swindler who preyed on gullible elderly widows”

You know what the thing is if they are that gullible let them wallow in it.



Ladies that’s about it for the first post. Hope you enjoy our new home!




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  1. Hi Haven ladies. Lydia I’m going to ask you a question, and to HKN, Sue M do you think I am a troll that someone on here says I am and all because I have few email accounts, I will explain myself then you judge me if you agree with Rhiannon C she telling people I am the troll all because I have different names, but they all are the same names I go by for example like maehave, hovismae62, Mae Floyd, glorimae101, floydmae101, now this one floydmae101 is my Google account
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    So do I sound like a troll, please tell me and then explain it to me all this name are all in the same those are the ones I use for my accounts.
    I don’t hurt anyone or say anything that would put Haven down or RK I love them and I support them, I have not said anything to hurt them neither yes I do ask question at time, and that is so I can understand what is being said, and some of this people know I easily get confuse and I at times do misunderstanding things, and my comprehension is not so good, I have slow learning disability, I always have been all my life even school I been in Special Ed every since I was in third grade and NO I am not saying this to have you to feel sorry for me you can get that right out of your heads right now, I just wanted you to know why I have these Issue and problem with understanding and confusing a lot and that’s why I ask a lot of question at times.
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  2. Hi Haven ladies. I love peace and quiet we are having, no trolls just fantastic thank you HKN for keeping the trolls out, I know one or so may get through but don’t because you delete the no good bitches that they are. Sorry but that’s how a feel that’s my opinion of them, they are so stupid and a morons. I saw a pic of Robert at lax airport I guess he was leaving to start filming, did any of you see the same thing do anyone of you know if is a new pic of him or an old one it look like a new one I did not see any dates so I was just wondering did you see the same thing. I don’t know the right date of Robs movie so I was just asking does anyone know when the filming starts. Well that’s it for now talk with you all later maybe I love each one of you, and HKN, I love RK&SP1&SP2 as well hugs to you all Mae F.


  3. Good evening ladies. I would where is everyone, but this is the weekend and I did hear some of you say you are busy on the weekend.
    I miss seeing and hearing you’re all’s comments on here, I hope to here from some of you at least a couple 2 or 3 at least I hope so.
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  4. Hi good morning everyone. I see there hasn’t been no more response since the 11th of June, am I going to be the first to respond oh well.
    Hi Lydia how are you and your family doing, my dad okay but not able to stand or walk no longer, it’s sad but he did ask to see me and that’s the first time he has ask for me, at first I thought there was something wrong because of one of the stiff/nurse called me at home it’s the way she sounded it scared me to death at first, than my sister- law said that there was nothing to worry about, and that they shouldn’t talk to me the way they did. See I live so far away and I’m all by myself, my brother and sister-law said when they went to see my dad he would start saying he what’s to die, I guess he is in pain, hurting some what in a bad way. Well I need to go not been feeling very well at all, the Dr. said my blood pressure was very high and are really worried about me because there is strokes in my family and heart-attacks my mom died in her sleep with a heart-attack, because diabetes runs in my family and that’s what she died of you know they didn’t find her until two days later at her home laying in her bed with the Bible open up where she was reading it before she died. Well that’s enough of that, I have to go I really feeling bad and very funny I mean really sick.
    So I will talk to you later on today way later I love you and the rest of the ladies I do hope you think of me as friend and that goes for the rest of you ladies, because I think of you all as my friend.
    Well good bye love and hugs to all, and to HKN, RK7SP1&SP2 Mae F.


  5. goodmorning ladies everything is beautiful I enjoy reading all the comments they are so good did you read all those nasty comments that they sending to mamma nail I love her to death she really do tell them like it is hi mae flyod hows your dad and you doing girl I was so upset for all the shit they wrote about Kristen on GOSSIP COP I answered some of them just happy to be here thank you HKN LOVE YOU AND MAMMA NAILS TO DEATH LETS US ALL STAND TOGETHER FOR ROB AND KRIS I Love them both I have her camp-x-ray movie on my IPAD I really love it shes so good in it love you gays have to go now I’m at work getting ready to retire I’m going to still keep in touch have a good day talk to you later bye


  6. Hi Like I said before it was just a question nothing more it’s plain and simple just ask a question it not know big deal. That wasn’t even answer to my question. OH! never mind I wait until one of my friends on here she If I ask a question that my question will be answered so that’s all I was doing, so don’t get so bent out shape it’s nothing.
    I will quit asking question I guess, since I wont get no answers sorry HKN if I offended you or anyone here, I don’t need trouble started here I’m sorry and yes I know I been told I apologize to much and not being sincere and that is wrong because I do mean ever word I say.
    I wont any more question I will keep my opinion to my self for now on Ok HKN, don’t wont trouble here, it has been so quite and peaceful and that’s what I like just everyone else here wants, that last time I ask you to forgive a silly stupid question I will never ask it again.
    Well I said my peace I am done for tonight talk you all tomorrow so this goodnight love and hugs to all and HKN, and to RK&P1&SP2 sincerely your peace to all Mae F.


    1. I didn’t answer your first question because I don’t know if they’re cousins or not. I was addressing your second paragraph.


      1. Hi Janie sorry I didn’t mean anything about that it’s just I can’t stand it just burn me up when the media, tabloids and none fans that don’t give a rats ass about Kristen. I sorry for bringing up the subject it will never happen again. Again I apologize I will not bring that issue any more, that was a little stupid of me I just get so upset, but as I have said many times before I have a hard time understanding and get confuses, I always been that way even in school. Well I got to go now I get to play Bingo today when we win we get a ten dollar gift card we play Bingo at our apartment complex they come the nursing home and come here they feed us lunch and then we all play.
        well got a go talk to all later love to all and I love RK&SP1&SP2 sincerely yours Mae F.


  7. Hello again. Thought I would drop a line, I have a question and that’s all is Alicia, Kristen’s cousin and her assistant, I was asking because I thought I heard someone mention that she is, now I don’t know, I don’t know much except what I told and/or heard, so please don’t you all jump me all at once like I said it’s just a question I’m asking.
    I just wondering why they keep on assenting that Kristen and Alicia are lesbian now I myself that, that’s not true not so ever but people like the damn tabloids, the media and the not fans and all the other sites, why do they keep saying it, it burns me up why don’t leave Kristen alone she happy with Robert and now two daughters she had with Robert and they are married so what gives can someone please tell me why people are so stupid and a idiot.. Please don’t get upset with or jump all over me I just asked a question and that’s all. Well that’s all I wanted talk to you later you are have a good night love you all, and I do love RK.
    I am a RK fan forever and that’s a fact you can take that to the bank to.
    Well good night love Mae F.


    1. Alicia is not part of the equation and it doesn’t need to be addressed on this blog. Why worry about what other people think if you believe Rob and Kristen are together with 2 beautuful little girls? Let it go. JMO


    2. Mae, Rob and Kristen give NOTHING in words about their private lives aside from dog mentions but they do play with the paparazzi, who they both loathe and have said so many times. They also use them for their own benefit, to distract. It takes almost nothing— Kristen holding Alicia’s hand or hugging her—for a ridiculous story to start rolling, even though K’s behavior is no different, generally a lot tamer, from many female stars being affectionate with their women friends (I think A is her cousin also). Rob has altered his “show” since things got uglier, and we simply haven’t seen him or Kristen in a while…no mystery why. So the tabs and idiots are just recycling, they need their fix.


      1. I agree with you! Kristen and Rob have done nothing but play with paps. It takes nothing. Kristen holding Alicia’s hand (it doesn’t matter If they’re cousins or not, Kristen is not gay no matter what) and Rob holding Twigs hands (she’s gay and has a girlfriend who follows her around). What They probably didn’t know is that Twigs and her friends would mess with them.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m pretty stoked about Kristen getting nominated for Teen Choice Award 2015 For Still Alice. So glad I decided to become a part of this outstanding blog.


  9. Good evening. I don’t have anything to complain about because I am happy and in peace now, just to know that my two favorite couple has had another baby girl now Robert and Kristen both have princesses and I think in time they will have boy next time, Rob is following in his parents footsteps well they his two sisters and then himself so that just maybe the way it’s going to be for them I really think they he will have a son and Kristen is going to give him a son wait and see.
    Well that’s my thought on it that’s my opinion, my wish and hope for them I wish them peace, and love, RK just keep right on loving each other and don’t pay no damn attention to the media, tabloids, or the mag’s, or those damn paz neither, you just on with your lives and be happy together and just love on another, and Rob keep on with your protecting you family, Kristen and your two daughters. I am really proud of you both. Well that’s all I have so good bye talk to you ladies later love you all, hugs to all and to HKN,MN yours truly Mae F.


  10. Funny haters think if Rob is a new Dad he’s spending way too much time away from home. Seriously? Newborns sleep and eat. What is he suppose to do? Honestly, these people are showing their stupidy by making statements like that. People it’s 2015 for God’s sake!!


    1. They pulled this se crap after SP was born! These have to be infant or ppl with infantile maturing making these comments!

      They also think he and Kristen must leave the kids by themselves when they travel for work.

      Guess they don’t know that babies can fly and they are very welcome on movie sets!


    2. You’re right, but that’s also because people believe everything, including dates for the pics. There was a perfect example the day before yesterday. Three sets of pics supposedly taken that day. Paps pics with Rob with a grey sweater, a baseball cap, short hair and shaven beard. Then fan pics with Rob wearing a grey shirt, a red beanie, with longer hair and beard. And a pic with D’Angelo. Rob with a white T, a bomber jacket, a brown beanie and Rob with an even longer beard and hair. Those pics could let think Rob spent the day out when actually those photos can’t be from the same day. We had other paps pics that only show Rob driving, by day (well someone needs to buy food and diapers) but they could be older too. Then what did we have? Pics of Rob at a party with the Vogue lady. My guts tell me Kristen was taking the pic and I suspect that party could have been business related for Rob and maybe Kristen too. And finally two pics of Rob going to Chateau Marmont. It could have been weeks ago and maybe Kristen was waiting inside. No matter when it was, two grocery runs and a party or two is not what I call being always out. Actually Rob has spent more time with his children that most fathers with a regular job do. The same with Kristen.

      Liked by 1 person

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